Palestine Solidarity Campaign activist says he wants to kill Israelis.

Protesting for Samer Issawi in Trafalgar Square.

Protesting for Samer Issawi in Trafalgar Square.

Yesterday, in case you missed it, was the 24 hour worldwide mass hunger strike for Samer Issawi. Sympathy hunger strikers collected in Italy, Egypt, America, Gaza and Jerusalem. I popped over to see how the London leg of the hunger strike was going in Trafalgar Square. When I arrived at 6pm there were about 10 demonstrators handing out leaflets which stated:

“Samer Al-Issawi, a Palestinian from occupied Jerusalem is incarcerated without charge. The political prisoner close to death was assaulted while handcuffed by Israeli police in Jerusalem on 18 December. Issawi is held without charge under the notorious administrative detention and is on hunger strike against it. Israel reneged in the Shalit prisoners deal when it rearrested Isawi (sic.) Samer’s brother was murdered in the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre in 1994 by the mass murderer Baruch Goldstein, an American-Israeli Kach settler in occupied Hebron. Don’t let the Israeli state kill Samer.”

Issawi was released as part of the agreement where 1,027 Palestinian prisoners were exchanged for Israel’s Gilad Shalit. Issawi was then rearrested for allegedly defying the terms of his release that required him to remain in Jerusalem.

Issawi was originally sentenced to 30 years in prison in 2001 for shooting at Israeli soldiers entering his village of Isawiya, east Jerusalem. He is a member of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine and he has now been on hunger strike since 1st August from when he has ingested only water and salt.

When I arrived in Trafalgar Square none of those demonstrating for Issawi were on hunger strike. It can’t be easy for some of them to give up their daily visit to the local bistro for a bowl of steamy mushroom soup with baguette and a glass of Merlot.

Some of the demonstrators wanted to chat with me, mostly telling me that I wasn’t welcome and that I wasn’t allowed to take photographs of their demonstration.

I did have a polite discussion with a 23 year old who had just finished studying accountancy. We talked about the history of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Needless to say we disagreed on everything but he did tell me of his future plans.

He wanted to leave his family and head to Pakistan to start up a political party that would “bomb the whole of Israel”.

Here’s a clip of him reiterating his desire to bomb Israel. When I asked him what would happen to all the innocent Israelis if he bombed Israel he replied:

“Whoever is innocent there I will rescue them, so that Benjamin Netanyahu dies and people like you as well.”

This isn’t a surprising sentiment for a Palestine Solidarity Campaign activist as their hate for Israel’s supporters far surpasses any faux concern they claim to have for Palestinians, including Samer Issawi.

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39 responses to “Palestine Solidarity Campaign activist says he wants to kill Israelis.

  1. Surely, he didn’t mean innocent Israelis. He meant Israeli terrorists and murderers who have innocent blood on their hands.


    • Israel defends itself from terror, it doesn’t take part in it. These people are nothing but vile anti-semites.

  2. Maximillian P. Nelson

    It’s impossible to make peace with these animals:
    Umm Osama: Women in Palestine play a great role in raising their children and in encouraging them to wage Jihad for the sake of Allah. This is absolutely the most glorious thing a woman can do. Women play their role and are not inferior to men. When a man goes to wage Jihad, his wife does not say “Don’t go” or try to stop him. She encourages and supports him. She is the one who prepares his equipment, bids him farewell, and welcomes [his Jihad].
    She instills in her children the love of Jihad and martyrdom for the sake of Allah. If every mother were to prevent her son from waging Jihad for the sake of Allah, who would wage Jihad? Who would support Palestine? Palestine is dear to us, and its price is paid with our body remains and our lifeblood.
    Is not Allah’s reward precious? Allah’s reward is Paradise. Paradise requires from us our blood, our body remains, and our efforts for its sake.
    Sister, Jihad is ordained for us. It is our duty to wage Jihad, because either we wage Jihad or…
    Interviewer: We want to die as martyrs.
    Umm Osama: Indeed we do. I am constantly praying: “Allah, make the end of our days be in martyrdom.” I pray for this even for my husband and my children. None of us want to die in our beds. We pray that Allah will grant us Paradise.

  3. I presume the ‘polite 23 year-old’ didn’t give his name?

  4. Could be, if he didn’t add that he wanted to kill bpeople like Mr Millet who, as far as we know, is not exactly a terrorist murderer with blood on his hand.

  5. From the River to the Sea,
    palestine Will Never Be!

  6. Had to chuckle at the ‘huge’ demo.Reminds me of the time I went from Llandudno to take part in the counter demo to the one outside a London theatre showing ‘Requiem for Rachel,’ the idiot USA girl (publically burnt her
    national flag) and was killed by a bulldozer. I reckon there were no more than six, even thought the Muslim community had urged folk to take part.
    These are loud mouthed idiots, who cannot argue sensibly, because they are brain dead.

  7. sidney sands

    I’m really puzeled, where are the demonstrations about the slaughter in Syria, it would seem that it takes 60.000 Syrians to one Palestinian and the demonstration would be for one Palestinian. As for the women who urge their men to Jihad, at least it stops their husbands from beating them and using them for slaves, and the many virgins they get when they die for their cause, obviously the women do not receive this reward, or do they ??????

  8. When they shout ‘Free free Palestine’, we shout back ‘from Hamas tyranny.’ Dries ’em mad.

  9. Their brains have been rotted by hatred. I’ve been earnestly informed that Israel never left Gaza in 2005, there are no Muslims in Israel and there are still about 50,000 Jews in Bagdad.

  10. Noting the sheer hypocracy of Pakistanis who object to the partioning of Palestine to create a Jewish state, Tarek Fatah says the country of his birth is a greater danger to peace than Iran.

  11. Fancy their concern for one terrorist who breaks his parole and gets himself arrested, but not for the poor unfortunates in Syria. Thousands of so called Arab Palestinians have been murdered there as their brethren in Jordan (which is actually the Arab Palestinian territory) will not welcome them in from the cold. Some people’s priorities are mind boggling. They express care and concern, but only when they can stomp on the heads of the Jews, otherwise they don’t give a s–t!

  12. The savage in the video is the same type of savage that bombed London transport on 7/7/05.

  13. Their concern for one man rear rested as he broke his parole whilst hundreds of thousands are being killed in Syria is similar to the billions Arafat left his wife – all that aid money spent on one woman and one child to live in Paris away whilst the entire population is deprived of schools and hospitals. Funny how Israel is are responsible for all this and not the twerps who use these scenarios to vent their hatred of the Joos.

  14. So sorry, my iPad thinks it knows better than I do what I want to write! I had typed “re-arrested” not “rear rested”!!

  15. I thought you meant rear rested, after he’d been in prison for so long.

  16. Well done Richard – back into the lion’s den as usual.

    If there is ever a peace between Israel and the Palestinians, how long, if ever will it take to scrub away the hate that’s been ‘educated’, into generations of Palestinian kids?

    But what about losers like this guy from Pakistan, where they obviously receive a similar education?

    It just goes to prove that whatever Israel does – even if it were to convene a peace with the Palestinians, the hatred of Israel, or more correctly, Jews, would still be rampant elsewhere. If that’s the case, why should Israel strive for the world’s good opinion?

    • cityca, Israel shouldn’t be striving for the world’s good opinion. Israel, Canada and their allies should be lambasting the hypocrisy of the so called democratic West, who kowtow to and support every despotic child butchering dictatorship and condemn Israel for every minor infringement, just to make sure their oil supplies don’t go up by a few cents a barrel.
      I really think that the Western Civilized World is worse than the barbarians they enable.

      • The oil reserves in the Middle East should be Internationalized and the price lowered back to $10 per barrel. Cheap energy should help the World economy.

        The Americans/British/Dutch should operate the oil fields and pay a small stipend $0.10 per barrel, to the petro-potentates.

  17. Oops – should be cityca. , and I’m not even on an iPad 😉

  18. How about Gilad Shalit who was held captive by Hamas for five years!
    We missed a trick by not staging enough demonstrations for his freedom in the propaganda war. Nations sending aid to Gaza should have immediately withheld finances until he was freed. Maybe Israel should have issued a warning that water and electricity supplies to Gaza would be cut off if Gilad was not freed.

    • There should not be any electricity supply to Gaza in the first place. Water is another problem as underground resources overlap boundaries. But there is no reason why it should not be restricted to the minimum required and that payments should be made in time.

    • Do you live in cloud cuckoo land? Who on earth would even have noticed anyone standing at Trafalgar Square demanding the release of Shalit from those terrorist thugs who hold the entire world to ransom? Get real.

  19. As always excellent writing and insight into the mindset of these appalling individuals including the one who wished ill on you .
    You must keep these posts well saved and archived as they will in time be seen as a window into the early stirrings of this most foul and totalitarian mindset which is the red green alliance .

  20. Richard,

    Thank you for this excellent piece. Is that really the intellectual level of British chartered accountants? I believe that many of my classmates who stayed behind in exile pursued that profession. It’s hard to imagine that strange being as one of their colleagues.

    Anyway, tell your mate that the phenomena of charted accountants longing for danger and adventure is hardly new.

    Lion taming, Jew killing; he’ll get over it.

  21. The illogic of demanding that we “Don’t let the Israeli state kill Samer” when his death, if it occurs, will be suicide, is really quite stunning.

    • Just like saying that Israel is killing suicide bombers by forcing them (through despair, of course) to blow themselves up in Israeli malls and bus stations.

    • Samer is aiming for the 72 black eyed virgin boys of Islamist paradise gambit.

    • You are talking about people who are
      a) able to cast Israel as an agressor at all times
      b) calling their own dead and wounded holy martyrs when they are used as involuntary human shields;
      c) cite the failure of Israeli soldiers to rape Arab women as evidence of Israeli racism;
      d) accuse Israel of “pinkwashing” its HR record for providing equal treatment under the law to LGBTs;
      e) deny that Jews were forced to flee for their lives from Syria, Egypt, Iraq and are therefore NOT also refugees…

      and I could go on

      • No, please don’t go on Lynne T, we’ve all heard it before.
        On 23rd January the ZF and Christian Friends of Israel are holding a lobby day in Parliament. Go tell your MP and try and take a few friends with.

    • No Bill, after so many years of Fakastinian crap, I’m no longer stunned by any of it. It’s just more dressed up Jew hatred and I’m inured to it.

  22. Lynne,
    “c) cite the failure of Israeli soldiers to rape Arab women as evidence of Israeli racism;”

    – I’m surprised they don’t use it to prove Israeli impotence!
    Anyway, as long as they spell “Israel” with a capital ‘I’, we don’t have to take them too seriously!

  23. Bibi is the best

    I am sorry:I don’t understand! Hunger strike for freedom? This fakestinian, sorry “Palestinian” IS free. He has been allowed to enter the UK. How much more freedom does he want? If he was Iranian we would never have heard of him. More PSC funded lies and claptrap.

    A quick question, if I may:Has Sarah Colborne been treated yet for her amnesia? I only say this because when she gave an interview on Iranian State Television she forgot she was a gay woman! Sarah paid tribute to Raed Salah, a man who has openly called for lesbians to be stoned to death. I wonder what would happen in an Israeli politician said the same thing? Israel doesn’t pinkwash (what a stupid term). It has the best record on LGBT rites anywhere in the world. I am sure the IDF would rather have a queer who shoots straight than a straight who shoots queer………

    Easiet way to claim asylum in the UK? Claim to be a gay palestinian.

    What a joke.

  24. I accuse the left, socialists, :progressives” of RED-WASHING and GREEN-WASHING the murderous crimes of islamists.

    60,000+ have been killed in Syria. How many protests have been held in Trafalgar Square against the Assad family dictatorship or the “rebels” who indiscriminately kill civilians?

  25. If the 60,000 killed in Syria were all men, and they all died in the Muslem version of “Kidush HaShem”, and each gets 72 virgins, that would require a total of 4,320,000 Arab virgins.

    Where do they get them from?
    Avraham Reiss

  26. … in actual fact we know that’s impossible, and I have it from a reliable source that they all get the same 72 virgins. They just haven’t caught on yet, but for them heaven must be hell!