Photos and footage from last night’s anti-Israel and pro-Israel demonstrations in London.

Supporting Israel outside the Israeli Embassy last night.

Supporting Israel outside the Israeli Embassy last night.

Last night one thousand anti-Israel protesters swarmed towards the Israeli Embassy in London after Israel had begun its legal (in international law) defensive operations against the hundreds of Hamas rockets being fired at Israel from Gaza. Not a word was spoken by them against Hamas despite the horrors Hamas inflicts on both Israelis and Gazans. A nasty atmosphere was heightened by dozens of young women and men with their faces half-covered. Were they Occupy protesters looking for a new cause now that movement is defunct? (see photo below)

If only the Stop The War Coalition and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign would mobilise such numbers to protest the brutalities taking place in Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Bahrain, Lebanon and Turkey, but there seems to be a general apathy towards murder and oppression in those places. It’s only the Jewish state rightly defending itself (with the full support of America and Britain) that really brings the protesters out onto the streets of London. Chants included “No Justice No Peace, Israel Out the Middle East”, “Zionism, You Will Pay” and “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will be Free”, as you can hear:

The words aren’t about settlements, Jerusalem or, even, the Palestinians, but simply call for the total destruction of the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, 400 Israel supporters, mobilised by the Zionist Federation and the British Israel Coalition, called for peace and sang “Long Live Israel”, “Am Yisrael Chai” and the British and Israeli national anthems.

Wishing you a Shabbat shalom and/or a peaceful weekend, especially for the people of Israel and Gaza (excluding Hamas).

More photos from last night:

The sinister Occupy look.

The sinister Occupy look.

Goldsmiths must be proud of you wanting to destroy Israel.

Goldsmiths must be proud of you wanting to destroy Israel.

It's that simple, really.

It’s that simple, really.

It's getting late as both sides begin to flag.

It’s getting late as both sides begin to flag.

Taunting the pro-Israelis from across the road.

Taunting the pro-Israelis from across the road.

The pro-Israelis wave back.

The pro-Israelis wave back.

65 responses to “Photos and footage from last night’s anti-Israel and pro-Israel demonstrations in London.

  1. david goldstein

    ”Israel wants peace. Not terror.” OK cool. Then do something about it and cut the crap. Drop the denial and the massive blind spot and end the occupation.

    By the way, nice chicks.

    • I wish Goldstein would dare to tell those “nice chicks” that he calls them “nice chicks” and I’d happily join their crowd to make him understand that the old Maenad spirit is alive and kicking.

    • blind spot….You must be wearing dark shades that is causing your confusion. What Occupation? Eretz Yisrael was given by Hashem to his people, if you read your koran better next time you might see it says that there as well! And don’t come back with a lazy answer b y saying where does it say that, open it read it and you will find the truth!

      End of conversation!

    • Israel *is* the occupation. The whole of it. The Jew haters among the Arabs want to destroy the entire country. Gaza itself is not occupied and see what they make of it. The same situation will not be permitted in Judea/Samaria.

    • Israel is not occupying anything. Get your facts right……..

  2. No, *you* cut the crap and your narcissistic self-righteous posturing. Go preach your idiotic BS to Hamas-cum-Salafist gangsters. Warning: You won´t come back alive.

  3. Well done to all the wonderful supporters of Israel Who came out to support Israel & her brave people – You are all brilliant !

  4. Ian, well said. Wonderful supporters!

  5. It’s a great pity that we all have to be back on the streets under such circumstances. We pray for our soldiers to come home safely and we hope that the haphazard rockets sent into Israel by genocidal Hamas will not kill or harm anyone. TG Israel is strong and the IDF knows what they have to do. All the rubbish some people write is really of no consequence as nobody who matters actually pays them any attention. They can shout and barrage as much as they like, silly people with nothing better to do than spew ignorant garbage. I took a walk through their side of the pen. What a bunch of losers, no future of their own so they tag on to others to spew their vile hatred about issues they knew nothing about before breakfast.

  6. Speaking as a Zionist and a proud Israeli American….

    The occupation of the West Bank, the settlements, and the blockade of Gaza has to go. There is no excuse for using white phosphorus on civilians.


    Besides the usual suspects (i.e. Arab countries), there are protests taking place right now in the US, Australia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, and as you are already aware, the UK.

    The most rational criticism seems to be emanating from South Korea. No surprise there, considering they don’t have a history of antisemitism.

    • Really ? Protests are supposed to express the majority’s feelings? I had no news of Obama taking sides with the Hamas, by the way. Quite the opposite is true.

    • hasn’t interpreting something Hebrew become a fashion in South Korea? Maybe some misunderstanding occurred there and as we say:

      one swallow doesn’t make a summer and nutters are always eager to prove their screaming prowess when they see a camera approaching.

      B ut when it comes to Dan I am glad he has found his vocation, rating of protests around the world on a rationality scale.

  8. Since hamass has been elected by the people of gaza, the actions of hamass reflect the will of the people.

    As long as hamass continues its jihad, as long has hamass uses civilians as human shields, as long as gaza commits crimes against humanity, Israel will respond to eliminate the fascist government of gaza.

    Just as national socialist fascist germany was crushed, so will islamofascist gaza.

    • So far, none except the usual antisemitic dictatorships have expressed any support to Hamas. This will come when the body count in Gaza will raise, independantly of real civilian casualties, as usual.
      Just wait for the terrestrial part of the operation.

    • TGIAI
      to think through your analogy

      if you eliminate Hamas you create a power vacuum which has to be filled. In Germany it was filled by the victors occupying the country and handpicking for example the writers of its new “Charta” (Grundgesetz)

      I see two possible scenarios, both need miracles to happen: either Hamas realises that from cooperating with Israel it might have a chance of getting White House audiences just like Fatah does. The other one a more sane competitor to Hamas knee-caps his way to power.

  9. By the way, the people of Gaza voted democratically in their majority for the Hamas. in 2006. Why should they complain about what they get now and why should we wish them peace, except on general principles, just because peace is better than war?
    They wanted war. They continuously made war to Israel since 2006. They got it, for the second time.

  10. By the way, reports on Syria killings went mute since the Israeli started their anti-terror operations on Gaza. It seems that three times as many Arabs civilians die in Syria every day. But as antisemites cannot blame Israel for it, who really cares about them? Even if there is not one terrorist among them.

  11. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    “Israel wants peace. It’s that simple really.”

    If Israel wanted peace, it would end the siege of Gaza and the occupation of the West Bank. It’s that simple really.

    • HAHAHA! Gaza is under siege? Since when the besieged received electricity and food from the enemy?
      “West Bank” (meaning Judea Samaria) is even more ridiculous.

    • Judea and Samaria are not occupied any more than the English are occupying Golders Green

      • Under international law, it is. Do you want Israel to absorb another 4 million Palestinians? This alone would make it half Jewish and half Arab, and that’s not even counting the refugees. And in turn, this will give Israel the choice of being an apartheid state or a non-Jewish state.

        My guess would be you don’t want either of those things, and neither do I. So you have to get out of there. Seriously. You need to give the Palestinians SOMETHING they can call a country. You can’t have all of it!

      • You confuse international law with the politicised UNGA. This is ridiculous. Judea Samaria is Jewish territory, occupied by ‘Palestinians’. That’s why agreements will have to be found to avoid destruction of the Jewish state. Get real, Dick!

      • The ‘Palestinians’ actually have a country. It was ALREADY taken from Jews and is three times the size of Israel, Gaza and Judea Samaria included.
        It is called Jordan.

      • International Law?????

        Please be specific and not only quote your favourite paragraph but links to all the relevant literature on it and better even the court sentences that clarify it (the paragraph or paragraphs) and don’t give me the wording is unambiguous – the law doesn’t know such a thing

      • Your bikering is unwelcome. You have the references. Find them, I’m not your servant.

      • And by “get out of there” I mean get out of the West Bank. Israel behind the Green Line is legally our country, and so it must be.

      • You mean something that you have absolutely no authority to claim. And no one believes you are an Israeli, Dick!
        Judea Samaria belongs legally to Jews as per San Remo agreements (the Saudi King accepted Syria in exchange, then some Saudis were awarded Jordan, a first violation of San Remo by the British).

    • princess brainless! there’s no siege of Gaza and no occupation of Judea and Samaria. the former gets its power and other essentials courtesy of Israel; the latter are part of Israel (read your bible for confirmation).

      • You should better mention the San Remo Agreements 1920 rather than the Bible, which has absolutely no value in international law.

      • sorry, Jose – wrong on that one

        I’d bet pretty much all I have on that the Bible has had and still has a huge impact on all that we call law

        Who denies the impact of the Bible advocates for a life without a past

      • Please allow words to reach the brain before you react to them. The Bible is no authority AT ALL as far as the international law is concerned, otherwise we would still be stoning the adulterous women. So thank God it is not.
        As I said, the San Remo Agreements of 1920, with the validation of the 1917 Balfour declaration and the British Mandate are the main sources of the claims of Israel on Judea Samaria.

      • The koran also has no authority outside the muslim world.

    • theoriginalJAPINO,

      Your islamofascists want to be able to kill JAPINO like you. Do you think that islalmofascists would care to inquire whether you are a Zionist or an Uncle Tom?

      Islamofascist murder of Jews occurred BEFORE you were born, before 1948, in 1936.

      Plus islamofascists are killing Arabs in Syria, yet dumb JAPINO think that history only began after they were born.

  12. Let’s be clear: Gaza is the clear aggressor. Even Europe had to admit it this time. Therefore, all what happens in this war that is not a war crime by Israel is notoriously Hamas’ responsibility, INCLUDING civilian casualties in Gaza.
    Read Geneva conventions for more information.
    Therefore, no need protesting against Israeli ‘aggression’, no one would believe such idiocy now.

  13. I think Colonel Kemp can prepare a remake of his address for the next UN attack that will inevitably come:

  14. It was good to see their foam flecked rabble being pinned down by the police as they tried to get in among our people .
    No concerns that hundreds of rockets have been fired into Israel in the last few weeks and which generated Israels response . The Russians tolerated far less when they levelled Grozny and killed tens of thousands .

    That’s something Israel would never do , yet it’s targeted by this scum simply for pursuing the right of all sovereign nations to defend their citizens .

  15. @ The one masquerading for a princess, or more likely an ugly duckling!

    “If Hamas seeks peace, let them ditch their murderous charter and stop their rockets – its really that simple.”

  16. My eldest son Amichai was supposed to spend Shabbat with his wife and baby son in Bet Jala, which is an Arab town in area B. Amichai is involved in trying to further dialogue between us and the Palestinian People.

    I had tried to persuade him not to take his family with him even before the operation began, but once it started I became far more adamant. Firstly, I thought he could have become a target for terrorists or just any nutter and would have to rely on the PA for his security. Second, it seemed almost unpatriotic at a time like this to be talking with the enemy, but my main point was that there could be no dialogue anyway.

    It is difficult enough to carry out honest discourse at the best of times without an exchange of ideas being replaced by slogans. Even when the guns are quiet nobody is listening to each other and everyone is shouting, so how will it be when the canons are sounding too? Apparently, somebody else thought so too and (thank G-d) the weekend was cancelled.

    Today is not a day for serious discussion and this blog has deteriorated into a slanging match. Perhaps, now is a better time for prayer.

  17. @ Jose.
    Whilst I approve of your zeal as far as Zionism goes; I can see you are no great believer in the Bible. Like it or not, it was the Torah that sustained the Jewish nation throughout their blood-soaked history and kept them together as a people. Their struggles and suffering centred round their religious beliefs. Their attachment to Zion and the land stems from the Bible and it was this that subsequently led to modern Zionism and the formation of the state.

    Herzl, as an assimilated Jew, was prepared to settle for Uganda as a safe haven, but was overruled. The suffering teeming masses of the Pale of Settlement yearned for Zion and it was their hardy sons and daughters who first went out to till the land. The Uganda experiment would not have worked any more than Birobidjan did. I admit the early Zionist pioneers were not religiously observant, but they were inspired by the writings of the Prophets who had trodden the same ground, and past glories and struggles for freedom fired their imagination.

    You put it all down to the Balfour Declaration, San Remo, the League of Nations, the UN and all that. Fine, that is their Magna Carta, but this alone would not secured the land in !948 or in any of the subsequent wars. Had the Arabs ever got the upper hand , not even a Jewish dog would have been spared.

    Lastly, we have evolved since biblical times. Unlike the Arabs, we no longer practice polygamy and so on. And by the way, we never stoned adulteresses, according to the sages; it was there as a deterrent. And if we did; that was more than 2,000 years ago; the English only gave up burning women at the stake about 300 years ago.

    • Yep! I’m an atheist… So what? I was speaking of international law, ie “right”. You answer on “might” ie that no one would have lifted a finger if Israel has been destroyed in 1948 (or anytime after that). What is the point? Both views are fine with me. One does not negate the other. But Judea Samaria belongs to Jews by right and not just by might.

    • The Jews were in Israel thousands of years before the mohammed came on the scene.

    • An altogether excellent comment Rubin. To those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Mr Katz, be assured that he is hardly a religious zealot.

      • Again, even if the comment was good in itself it missed my point that the Bible is no authority as far as international law is concerned, and we are all very happy about that. Doesn’t change a bit the fact that right is one thing and might is quite different. For sure, had might not sufficed in 1948, right would not have been of much help to Jews. Still one is not the other and when the question is “to whom these lands LEGALLY belong”, you cannot answer “it’s ours because we are the strongest” or “it’s ours because God gave it to us”.
        Just making that point here for those who believe in one or the other version.

      • Yes, Jose. There appears to be a depth and breadth to your ignorance that had heretofore gone unnoticed by many.

        You may believe that “..the Bible is no authority as far as international law is concerned”, but I’m sure that even you’ll concede that it includes much common sense.

        Proverbs 17:28 is as good an example as any.

      • Of course, due to your limitations, you don’t understand the statement. Go to an international court of law and tell them it is your right to do anything because the Bible tells you so and the law says the contrary. They’ll laugh at you in the best case.
        Now, you can try to overcome your limitations. Just try harder.

  18. david goldstein

    For a change Jose is right. Telling the world that the land is yours because God gave it to you is laughable and will not hold water in a rational post-Enlightenment world. And yet, that is the core psychotic belief in Israel, and it is a form of idolatry to sacralise the land in such a way.

    • Well, in that case I guess that I’ll have to say that one of the nice things about being a sovereign state is that we don’t have to try and convince some “post-Enlightened” bloke called david that the land is ours.

      The discussion as to our rights over all the Land of Israel or parts of it and whether to realize these rights partially or fully is mainly one held by those who believe in the historical destiny of the People of Israel and, no less importantly have a stake in the outcome of such discussion.

      Naturally, we are also forever attentive to the opinions and advice of our friends – Jews and Gentiles alike.

      • “Naturally, we are also forever attentive to the opinions and advice of our friends – Jews and Gentiles alike.”

        No you’re not. Obviously. Not Dick’s opinion of course, but reasonable opiniions that tell you that you live in a pluri-religious world and that your beliefs are only yours while the law must apply to all.
        Judea Samaria belongs to Jews, that is the international law. It will have very certainly to be shared (with whom, that is another story) to reach an agreement. But in law, it belongs to the Jews.
        The rest is religious belief, thus totally unimportant.

    • Of course you are wrong, Dick, in that there is no psychotic belief in Israel about Judea Samaria. Psychotic would be those who believe it is God-given in the synagogue and don’t believe it outside of the synagogue. I have yet to meet such a psycho.
      No, there is a minority like Marks who believe in the God-given crap and those who believe international law is the base of right. Fortunately, in the case of Judea Samaria, the two coincide.
      And Arabs are the worst land sacralisers on earth. Once ONE Muslim put a foot on a land, it becoms Muslim land for all eternity. Colonialists, religious nuts in the extreme form.

      • david goldstein

        Muslims have been there for 1500 years. That exceeds the time Jews spent there between 1000 BC and 70 AD…a perios interrupted by the babylonian exile and various occupations. Only a handful remained during the so-called Diaspora…and they really don’t count. So in terms of claims according to time lived on the land, the Muslims win hands down. And the European Ashkenazi Jews who started immigrating in the late 19th century and who went on to found the Zionist entity, are most probably descendants of converts anyway, and therefore have no biological or historical connection to the Levant. Settler Dan, for example, and Rubin ‘I’m 105% Jew’ Katz, are not semites from the Levant, and are therefore interlopers colonising someone else’s territory. Whoever is the dominant occupier has the land. That’s the history. First it was the Cannanites. Then the invading Israelites. Then a whole series of powers. Right now it’s the Zionist squatters. Soon it will be the Arabs again.

      • daoud, Jews were in Israel for 3,000 years. They never left.

        The Islamist invaders occupied Israel as Islamist invaders invaded India.

        Jews also lived in Iraq, Yemen. Jews have always lived in the Middle East. For a fool like you to ignore basic history reflects on your ignorance.

        BTW daoud, If you are honestly are against brutal occupations, you must end your own brutal occupation of Native American land. Where will you emigrate to?

  19. Here’s my image (hope it will come up) just to prove what Daniel said, that I’m hardly a religious zealot, though I am 105% Jewish! You cannot entirely separate the Jew from his religion, as much as one tries to distance himself from it. And Israel would have never come into being were it not for that. It is also a way of life that gives one a sense of belonging. We observe the dietary laws and when eating out we stick to fish or vegetarian. Shabbat is to us is a welcome day of rest, but we do break the sanctity of the day if it means supporting Israel. I consider that God’s work; where would we be today without Israel? I don’t know about you Jose, but I would still be walking around with my head down, living as a secret Jew in Warsaw with an assumed name. I was armed with a certificate of baptism, except that I was not the boy who had been baptized. My sister and I managed to conceal our Jewish origin that even had the Gestapo duped, especially me, as a boy. After the liberation, we thought of carrying on as we were, thereby avoiding the Jewish stigma, but we could never forget where we came from and decided that having suffered as Jews, we would remain Jews.

    Should anyone be after a riveting and inspiring read, you could invest into my wartime memoir ‘Gone to Pitchipoi’ (an imaginary far-off place in ghetto jargon). It was published last month and is available on Amazon at $65. I’m not very happy about the steep price, but Academic Studies Press don’t do paperbacks and insist the book warrants the price.

    • We have our local religious zealots and on the other side the local troll. Just one or two usually. I guess sometimes the main one invites another from the JC flock.
      Ad far as I’m concerned, I could not see any trace of bigotry in your discourse. Just one point: one can remain a Jew and be an atheist. “Jew” has two dictionary meanings: someonne who is a member of an ethnic group regardless of religion (usually Judaism or none), and someone practicing Judaism. Don’t mix the two, They won’t anyway.