BBC’s Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen updates profile after biased Tweeting.

Soon after my BBCWatch article about Jeremy Bowen forwarding to his 21,000 Twitter followers anti-Israel activist Joseph Dana’s one-sided narrative about the Israeli police using tear gas and stun grenades on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Bowen updated his Twitter profile (Hat tip IsraelitKan).

The profile for @BowenBBC now reads “BBC Middle East Editor. Retweets aren’t endorsements.” instead of “BBC Middle East Editor.”

Let’s hope Bowen doesn’t think that extra sentence gives him carte blanche to retweet anti-Israel propaganda at leisure.

Go to BBCWatch to see Bowen’s Twitter profile change in full technicolour, and more.

A tiny success but maybe the first step of a long journey to try to make the BBC more objective in the way it reports Israel’s attempts to defend its citizens. One day the BBC might even refer to “the terrorist group Hamas whose Charter calls for the murder of Jews everywhere”, instead of merely “the militants Hamas”.

Meanwhile, the launch of BBCWatch, including my article, was neatly picked up by Jewish News One, the world’s first Jewish-interest news channel in English. Click below to view video:

Jewish News One

18 responses to “BBC’s Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen updates profile after biased Tweeting.

  1. Is it because of his retweet of Dana”s propaganda, or because the Greta Berlin Nazi retweet.

  2. So Richard’s managed to help clarify that re-tweets aren’t endorsements.
    Something that most people already knew.
    Moving on.

  3. Hi Baruch,

    I gather that you are an Israeli Left-winger, so I wondered if you could confirm a feeling that I’ve increasingly been having of late.

    It seems to me that for the first time since creation of the Zionist Movement that the Israeli Left wing have all but abandoned the most fundamental tenets of democracy, namely attempting to convince the electorate of the right of their ways. It seems that you guys pretty much gave up hope on the Israeli elections, choosing instead to hope to persuade the US administration to pressurize Israel in order that they can then tell the Israeli electorate, “You can’t argue with the US.”

    If that doesn’t work the next plan is to try to give the “occupation” a bad name abroad by spreading the kind of trashy videos that you cheerfully put up, in order that you can tell us that the “occupation” gives us a bad name abroad. To that end you are prepared to adopt as allies those who seek to put IDF officers on trial and prevent our leaders (ironically mainly Left-wingers) from flying to Europe for fear of being arrested. You happily lend support and indirectly take funding from those wishing to destroy Israel altogether. This is hardly surprising as there are no Israelis or and few Jews left wishing to pay for you hate fests.

    Baruch, we are holding elections in a few months and that is your real opportunity to stop wasting everyone’s time, but to put your ideology and plans to the Israeli electorate. If you are right, explain why, in Hebrew and the Israeli People will follow you.

    However, if you are once again rejected by the overwhelming majority of Israeli voters, you may do well to stop and ask yourselves why. Perhaps the old anti-Settler anti-Religious message of hate and despair card has been played just one time too many. Perhaps it’s time for you to tell us what you’ve built in the past three decades not just what you want to tear down or give away.

    The Israeli Left having grown fat and middle-aged and lazy has sadly discovered since the late 70s that destruction, criticism and hatred are much easier than building and growing, but apparently the former just don’t win elections. So what’s you plan?

    • But Daniel don’t you know that it is the task of the enlightened few to educate the masses towards their salvation?

      We, the members of the great unwashed are kept in brain-washed bondage by the likes of you, prevented from thinking for ourselves and see through schemes of the non-super-left which are to our own disadvantage.

      The problem with this “the masses are dumb and in need of education by us” is that all the little chats I had with other members of the non-academic middle and even edges of society over the summer in my favourite beach hang-out convinced me that the ability of “normal” people to think for themselves is as sound as it always was.

      It probably takes real hardship of the kind of Scylla and Charybdis (rock and a hard place?) to make “us” willing to listen to and believe in and adopt the world view of plain BS.

      There is one communist mantra which I found to my astonishment is taught in management courses (at least it was still in this century) and that says: “things have to get worse before they can become better”. Those who had been taught that and swallowed the nonsense made for lousy bosses btw.

      But that doesn’t keep the Baruchs of this world to keep operating with that command in mind.

      I haven’t looked at his videos – I have looked at some very carefully and found each and every one a highly manipulating thingy down to the abuse it claimed to be showing. I am not interested in them. IMHO the members of the IDF operating in that hostile environment have every right to show nerves every now and then and I trust their leadership to deal with any misbehaviour that may have occurred to the best interest of your state AND the soldier.

      Have there ever been any investigations/trials of misbehaving Palestinian members of the police force? Or is it beyond conceivable that any of them might misbehave ever?

  4. Retweeting Danas’s stupid propaganda and botched works is endorsing it. Tonge does that, Greta Berlin does that, Bowen does that.
    For example, when one knows Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, retweeting and idiot who says it is Tel Aviv in ENDORSING (making publicity on) a stupidity.

  5. When Tonge ‘retweeted’ the idiotic accusation, requesting an inquiry on this baseless accusation, about IDF organ harvesting in Haiti, Nick Clegg found that it was endorsment and called it wrong, ill-advised.
    When Greta Berlin retweeted the Nazi-like idiocy of her friends, she pretended that she was in a hurry and didn’t have time to check the video (but the text itself was clearly of a Nazi nature). Of course “Free-Gaza-but-not-from-Hamas” had nothing to say about that mistake, just finding excuses to Berlin. But it was wrong (self admission by Berlin herself). So she knows that retweeting IS also endorsment.
    It is exactly as if you signed as a warrantor for someone else. You endorse that person, gave to the other party your word, your credibility. And that is something the BBC should not do without checking.
    Bowen was wrong, and should be ashamed of his unprofessional behaviour.

  6. Silke,

    There was a Socialist Zionist thinker who in 1977 on hearing that the Labor Party had lost the elections explained that “With all due respect to the will of the nation, if that is there will, we are not prepared to respect it.”

    I have no idea whether this problem exists in other counties, but here we have many elements in our Left who see democracy as useful, but only if they are in the majority. Some of our worst mistakes (including the Oslo Accords) were passed in the Knesset with votes paid for by Japanese cars and jobs for the boys, but we were told that a democracy means the right of a majority, any majority to decide.

    However, today when it appears that the Israeli People reject all the nonsense that Baruch and his buddies are selling, we hear a new tune. Suddenly democracy means “more than just majority rule” suddenly we must beware of a “dictatorship of a majority”. Our high court is called upon to overrule decisions made by a democratically elected government.

    Why do you think that organizations like Shalom Achshav or Bezelem aren’t running in the election? They know that they have almost no support among the Israeli public, so they’ll forever prefer to wait until we have chosen a government and then try to undermine it abroad. They persuade well-meaning US Jews to criticize Israel with the idiotic types of YouTube clips that Baruch put up and then tell us that we’re losing our friends abroad. They persuade European bodies to boycott products from “over the Green Line” and then explain that the settlements are bad for Israel’s economy. Those of them left who still serve in the IDF exaggerate stories of the type that any soldier in any army around the world could tell in order to make us into monsters and then they tell us back home of the bad name Israel has.

    Unfortunately for them, the Israeli electorate has matured a lot since the days that Rabin could buy votes with promises of loan US guarantees or could persuade poor people that the settlers or Haredim were taking all their money – fortunately for Israel.

    • Daniel

      just to console you – I keep hearing complaints from really well educated people with a professional career to prove it that the calling in of our supreme court in order to void hard fought out government negotiation compromises has grown out of proportion. The same complaints I keep reading from the US. It seems that any construction to keep power in check tends to eventually get more power than intended or wished for at its creation. I hope that mankind one day will find a solution to the problem.

      and while I am at it in order to distress you: since the Kafka-case was decided I have heard this and concluded that even the best educated lose it when Israelis are involved. Sorry there is no transcript but in it the presumably eminent Kafka-scholar (Herausgeber means he is in charge of Kafaka’s collected works) claims that Israel treats Holocaust survivors with less consideration than Germany does …

      and where’s the connection of the two? For me it proves that the constant drip drip of the Baruchs of this world bear fruit in the most unexpected and unsuspected quarters.

      [audio src="" /]

      this is the teaser I was provided with in iTunes

      Max Brod Nachlass bleibt in Israel – Kafka-Herausgeber H.G. Koch im Gespräch (roughly: Marx Brod’s NachLass-literally left behind-will stay in Israel – talk with Kafka editor H.G. Koch

      In one respect I am happy when majority rule is disregarded and that is when it comes to the death penalty – humans are way too error prone to be trusted with something that final.

  7. ‘Palestinians’ and so-called ‘left-wingers’ (their actions prove that they are antisemitic right-wingers) cutting olive trees in order to blame settlers:
    They have probably been frustrated supporters of conspiracy theories for too long so they had to create a real one.

    And on the other hand, we have the example set by some demonic settlers:,7340,L-4292704,00.html

    Both these event were totally ignored by the BBC, showing that they are interested only in one side of the coin, the one that demonises Israelis and beatifies ‘Palestinians’. No article from Dana ibn Ramallah, no retweet from Bowen ibn Beeb!

  8. profile now changed again to remove additional by-line. Simply says BBC editor again.


    “Ramallah: Palestinian labourers working in Israel are at a high risk of sexual harassment by Israeli women, according to a recent field study conducted by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. The study found that 77 per cent of the Palestinian labourers in Israel had been subject to sexual harassment by Israeli women…”

  10. Moreover, many of them admit that they work in Israel in order to have sex. They hang around clubs, go to massage parlors and try to take advantage of Jewish women, especially Russians who are judged to be “easy.” Some workers are married; most are single, but both categories will try to get laid. Many of them use their time in Israel to act out their fantasies.

    What ‘sexually repressed Palestinians’ need is sex eduxcation at the UNRWA schools… Ooops that would be as unwelcome as Holocaust education.

  11. I think, when serving in the IDF, I was once briefly harassed by two or three female Israeli soldiers, but that was when I was much younger.

    Oh for those days!

    • Your fault! You were wearing immodest clothes, at the time!

    • back in those glorious early 70s I had a colleague who seemed to have “it” in super-female quantities. If, however, she glanced at or spoke to men who were keen on sincere partnerships with women and would never dream of whistling after one of “us” in summer clothes walking down a street these men tended to get outraged by the idea that she might take them for one of “those” Daniel just seems to have confessed to having been.

      But they not only resisted successfully but also coped with the emotional damage all by themselves and none ever complained of any lasting aftereffects from having been looked at and spoken to as if they were one of the more common kind.

      By the way that colleague was always very modestly dressed, wore no make-up, sported a perm and a hair dye gone wrong – none of the guys who competed in finding reasons to go to her office could explain what made her such a welcome and sought after “harassment” to him.

      Oh and on top of it all she was an extremely competent, diligent, reliable hard worker.

      Why oh why are humans so hard to classify?