Protests outside Arts Depot against anti-Israel actor Miriam Margolyes.

Engaging a theatre-goer outside Arts Depot on Saturday night.

Engaging a theatre-goer outside Arts Depot on Saturday night.

Early Saturday evening a small group of pro-Israel activists stood outside Arts Depot in Finchley, north London handing out leaflets to people going into see Miriam Margolyes’ show Dickens’ Women.

The activists explained to them that Margolyes had signed a letter to The Guardian that asked The Globe to withdraw its invitation to Habima (The National Theatre of Israel) to give two performances of The Merchant of Venice as one of its 37 Shakespeare plays in 37 languages season.

The letter was silent on performances to be given by theatre companies from China, Russia, The Palestinian territories, Zimbabwe, Pakistan, Turkey etc. despite human rights atrocities in those places.

Only Israel was the subject of the letter on the ground that Habima had performed in a settlement and the letter ignorantly claimed that settlements are illegal. The letter concluded “We ask the Globe to withdraw the invitation so that the festival is not complicit with human rights violations and the illegal colonisation of occupied land.”

As it happens Habima went ahead with their shows in front of sold-out audiences on both nights in sharp contrast to the two shows given by the Palestinian theatre company who found that those who claim to be their friends aren’t.

The pro-Israel activists handed out over 100 leaflets outside Arts Depot. Most theatre-goers were happy to receive a leaflet and many came out to ask for one. Most didn’t know about Margolyes shameful politics of calling for boycotts of fellow actors and they agreed that she was wrong.

But some theatre-goers were, nevertheless, over-protective of Margolyes like the man in this clip who went for Jonathan Hoffman:

Margolyes is on a world tour so feel free to peacefully inform theatre-goers about her vile politics. Margolyes should count herself lucky that no one ever targeted her for a boycott over Britain’s involvement in Iraq.

Click here for the rest of her schedule in the UK and America.

I understand there will be another peaceful gathering outside Arts Depot on Sunday 24th June at 1.30pm for Margolyes’ 2.30pm performance. Please join.

Margolyes was fresh from Friday night’s appearance on The Graham Norton show on the BBC when she turned to and said that she was “fascinated” to meet him because he’s black!

Here it is, folks. Get ready to cringe:

ISRAELLYCOOL has blogged the protest under the headline “The Zionist Empire Strikes Back”.

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  1. I saw her ‘performance’ on the Graham Norton Show. She showed her ignorance, her morals (lack of) when happily recounting how she ‘helped’ a soldier mastibate. I am not surprised considering her sexual preference, but I cringe knowing she purports to be a Jewess. Like that other ‘jew-hater’ Kaufman, she is the worst aspect of our religion.

  2. What an odious, repulsive creature that woman is. Kol hakavod to you and Jonathan for your sterling work in exposing her loathsome hypocrisy.

  3. “Early Saturday evening a small group of pro-Israel activists …”

    How small Richard ?

  4. The guy who assaulted me was a vile Nazi. What the clip does not show was him telling me “You bring it on yourselves because you do not mix with others”

  5. Miriam Margolyes –

    – Appeared in the antisemitic play “Seven Jewish Children” in Australia and as a result was dropped from Jewish Care fundraiser event

    – Tried to stop the appearance of Israel’s National Theatre Company Habima at the Globe Theatre in London last month

    – Made an antisemitic comparison of the treatment of Jews during the Holocaust and the current conditions for residents of Gaza (Andrew Marr Show, BBC TV, 2010)

    – Supported the Enough! Anti-Israel rally in London in 2007

    – Has said “The people who run Israel now can look at Arabs and see vermin, and that is what the Nazis did”

  6. Interesting point at which the clip was cut short Richard, as the policewoman is approaching Hoffie. What happened next ?

    • Hoffie, Millett and Garfield now counts as a ‘protest’?

      • Perhaps the Jew baiters are not aware that this event took place on the Sabbath thereby precluding many who would have protested from turning up to protest. Same tactics adopted by the Blind Dumb Sickos who picketed Ahava only on a Sabbath same tactics outside M&S in Manchester.

      • richardmillett

        It’s ok, Norman, we didn’t publicise it yesterday. There was another protest there today also although I couldn’t go. We made our point and left. No need to disrupt her performance like the culture fascists who did the same to IPO and Habima.

    • I get it. When it’s publicised you get four and without publicity you get two.

      • richardmillett

        Rich, numbers are irrelevant. Effectiveness was very good on both occasions. More to follow.

  7. “Most didn’t know about Margolyes shameful politics of calling for boycotts of fellow actors and they agreed that she was wrong.”

    You presumably have some video or audio evidence of this Richard ?

  8. “The guy who assaulted me was a vile Nazi. What the clip does not show was him telling me “You bring it on yourselves because you do not mix with others”

    Not supported by the video evidence .

    • Am I to conclude that what witnesses say, is to be disregarded from now on, unless there is video to support it?

      It sure is gonna be a wonderful new world.

      Richard, this rich is really too stupid.

  9. But thanks for the material….o)

  10. Sharon Klaff

    Well done again guys. Sorry though Richard that again you have little rich intruding. I can’t participate as long as he can post here.

    • But Sharon you just did participate.

    • Well done again guys. Sorry though Richard that again you have little rich intruding. I can’t participate as long as he can post here.

      Well, Miss ‘Greater Israel and Jordan’, in that case he really fulfils a purpose here.

  11. Well done Jonathan and Richard . It was a most productive evening . We handed out close to 150 leaflets informing theatre goers of the side to Margoyles . She plays up to her perceived character as a mildly eccentric elderly dowager to perfection for public consumption . Behind that facade is a nasty ,vindictive calculating persona who sought the exclusion and banning of her fellow thespians in an act of sheer hypocrisy and cultural fascism .
    Theatre goers were unaware of Margoyles background and most were concerned to hear of her support for a radical organisation that repeatedly interrupted the Habimah performance as happened last year at the Proms IPO concert .
    Margoyles and any other of her ilk should realise that their uninformed , partial and bellicose statements will not go unchallenged .
    While we chose not to adopt the same gutter methods as that of the Psc , we nevertheless engaged with the audience as they entered .
    Margoyles would have been well aware of our protest and that she should not expect to get away with total impunity .
    The best was reserved to last , when I handed a flyer to an elderly lady who informed me she was Margoyles cousin . She said she knew all about her cousin , supported Israel and that the family was ashamed of their errant daughter . I asked her why she was attending to which she replied ‘ because she s still my family ‘
    Perhaps a little understanding , balance and genuine concern for both Israeli and Palestinian would not go amiss from Margoyles .
    Certainly behaving like a cultural fascist is not the way forward !

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if her only reason for being anti Israel is to rebel against her family!! She’s shallow and nasty enough!!

  12. Don’t worry about him Sharon . Ignore him . He craves the oxygen of our responses to sustain him .

  13. Do I take it that there was the two of you and Richard did a bit of carefully selective filming ? It is amazing the number of words Harvey employs to talk up the loony fringes endless stream of disasters..

    I imagine Margoyles

    ” He craves the oxygen……”

    That is hilarious given the lengths you two oafs go to to get a lil attention.

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  15. ISRAELLYCOOL has blogged the protest under the headline “The Zionist Empire Strikes Back”.

    Yes I saw that. Hilarious. Two lunatics from the extreme idiot fringe of the ZF that the sane community won’t be seen dead alongside and a man with a camera. Do try to be slightly less ridiculous Richard.

  16. Fiona Gayther

    What an ignorant old cow! Has she been living under a rock all these years (and she has obviously lived for MANY years)!

  17. Janet Clifford

    Well done for showing 150 people (so far) what this pseudo Jewish crackpot is really all about. As for rich I suspect he has other alias’s that the trolls usually have.

  18. “Well done for showing 150 people (so far) ……..”

    Janet you do know there are fairies at the bottom of your garden ?

  19. sidney sands

    To see this anti semitic Jewess, spouting her vindictive message, giving our enemies delight, sickens me, and anything we can do to show her for the wicked foolish women she is,where ever she performs should be done,

  20. This blog is turning into a mini version of Fox News: they too create their own altercations so they can report on them.

    Sadly the content too is as interesting as watching paint dry.

  21. Someone should notify Jewdas of this, erm… ‘protest’!

  22. Janet the troll “rich” comments as “rrz/rich armbach on the JC blog site he is as odious there as he is here.

  23. I still want to know what happened after the video clip was cut just as the policewoman was approaching Hoffie.

    • richardmillett

      You’re boring, Rich. Why would anything have happened? Jonathan was almost attacked for no reason whatsoever apart from anti-Semitism. But as ever you conspiracy theorist brain is working overtime.

  24. I’ve gotta say that this operation didn’t cost us much, Hoffie was more than reasonably priced to set up this mini-spectacle for us. Always a delight doing business with you, Jonathan!

  25. Richard I trust you will leave the troll in his ignorance.

  26. The other outstanding question is did Margoyles leave the stage as commanded ?

  27. Well done to all those who turned up this afternoon to register their protest against the bigot and cultural fascist Miriam Margoyles .
    It would have registered with a good number of otherwise uninformed theatre goers and make her understand that protest and boycott is a double edged sword . She should take note that we did not behave in the same manner as her psc compatriots ie thugs .

  28. Janet Clifford

    Norman I did recognize the ‘rich ‘ style and also Gert they have only one mantra and have nothing positive to add to any discussion. Personal relationships aren’t that great either.

  29. Let everyone be aware the Blind Dumb Sicko who trolls here as Gert has a “Boycott Israel” icon on his website.

    • Let everyone be aware the Blind Dumb Sicko who trolls here as Gert has a “Boycott Israel” icon on his website.

      For me to troll (i.e. disrupt Internet debate) there would have to be debate first. If it was up to settler-types like Norm, there would only be allowed some cackling, purring noises of approval and admiration in the direction of Millett and Co.

      PS: did you miss the other banner?

      • The Blind Dumb Sicko anti-Semite attempts further engagement like all trolls his lack of intelligence precludes any kind of debate.
        He asks questions expecting an answer who cares what else he posts on his site I have seen enough to know he hates Jews.

      • Norman

        if you want to have a deeper understanding of Gert Meyers yearning for importance read this – all of it are choice bits – I just copied a few appetizers – the first one of course explains, while Daniel drives him as mad as he does – no minor writer let alone a cut-and-paster can tolerate a superior one – I wonder whether he is still between jobs and I also wonder, why he only mentions self-employments. Wasn’t he at one time gainfully employed with an outfit that had more than a handful of employees?

        Interview with Blogger Gert Meyers

        I believe I do even though in many respects I write fewer wholly original texts now than before. Much of my blogposts today are commentary on pieces written by other. This approach allows me to address a wider array of topics without spending exhaustive amounts of time penning whole essays.

        But continuous growth in writing style, vocabulary and grammar is important to improve one’s way of self-expression and hopefully to the appreciation from the readership will continue to reflect that.
        Firstly Israel and Palestine: having spent so much time exploring the conflict, reading about it, writing about it and debating it, I feel frustrated never having witnessed it with my own eyes. Only a prolonged stay would satisfy my curiosity though.
        What are your future plans?

        I’ve no concrete future plans right now but hope my blogging efforts will contribute something towards peace, in particular for the dispossessed in Palestine but also in other regions of the world.

    • Norman
      the one thing that still interests me about Gert is the website he has where he tries to get into touch with Pyro Enthusiasts.

      I can’t find the Pyro-Enthusiasts any longer, instead it is now – in my understanding the 7/7 bombers were certainly part of a pyrotechnical community. Is Gert aiming at finding people willing to be advised by him as to how to do a “better” job or is this maybe a hoax and he is in reality an undercover agent of UK’s inland security authorities.

      If the latter is true, then maybe his shenanigans around here are his way of covering his tracks.

      Only kidding Gert I know you are a genuine Jew Hater.

      Serving the Chemical and Pyrotechical Communities…

  30. And then there’s this:

    Belchin’ Melchett at his vilest…

    • Yes Gert a real classic huh ?

      • How come this is allowed to stand at the JC???

      • Janet Clifford

        I really don’t understand what you trolls get out of lurking on these sites just to snipe. Never seen anything positive or helpful even remotely pro Israel but only personal insults coupled with expletives and irrelevant nonsense. As for learning rich one needs an open mind with an ability to absorb information you have neither.

  31. In all seriousness what amazes me most about all this is that Harvey seems to think Margoyles or any one else would be afraid of or even discomforted by the juvenile antics of a handful of renegade loonies on the extreme fringe of the ZF that the sane community gives the widest possible berth too. ( or maybe he doesn’t think that )

    This isn’t to defend Margoyles but merely to point out the total irrelevance of this parochial London inter cult squabble and its ebbs and flows.

    • richardmillett

      So irrelevant that you cannot stop posting 30 comments every day, Rich! If we are so irrelevant go somewhere else.

  32. More Classic Melchie, here. A dear friend of Daniel, apparently…

    • He is a real charmer isn’t he ? Just the man you hoped your daughter or sister would bring home to tea.

      • You can take the British Zionist out of Albion but you can’t take the Little Ingelander out the Britraeli. Rarely have I come across a ‘man’ who boasts about his sexual exploits like Mikey. You do wonder what kind of woman would be interested in such a creep. The ‘last one on Earth’ isn’t even likely to say anything other than, ‘get your mitts off me!’

  33. Janet:

    […] never seen anything positive or helpful even remotely pro Israel […]

    Give me a reason why I should do that?

    Nice tanks, BTW!

  34. Blind Dumb Sicko still hasn’t got it no one other than the other sicko cares what he thinks or writes – obviously lacks the intelligence to know when he’s outstayed his welcome.

  35. Janet Clifford

    You mean that Miriam can object to Habima approving disrupting and spoiling the performances but should not be subjected to the distribution of leaflets?

    Nice rockets and terrorists BTW!

  36. Richard…..when are you going to remove the odious Gentile-baiting Norman Cohen with his inflammatory and disgusting insults like ‘Blind Dumb Sicko’. Don’t you see that his mindless contributions make him the current racist and troll-in-residence, not Rich, myself or Gert.
    As for Margoyles, she’s an insufferable mediocrity and best ignored. But to refer to her ‘pseudo-Jewishness’ is just more solipsistic and inverted racist venom. Her mother is Jewish so she is a Jew, like it or not.

    • Janet Clifford

      What does she ever do remotely Jewish other than identify herself as one to justify her odious views? Hitler did not make the distinction you have just made and for disgusting insults suggest you refer to those made by your fellow trolls before pointing a finger at Norman.

    • Roger:

      There’s no real race-baiting in Norm’s insults, as far as I’m concerned. No reference to my Gentileness is implied. Insulting one person from an ethnicity or religion cannot constitute racism, unless explicit reference to that ethnicity or religion.

    • “As for Margoyles, she’s an insufferable mediocrity”

      But that is the game Roger. It is a parochial sand pit squabble between insufferable mediocrities. You didn’t really think it was about Israel did you ? They seek each other out and are obsessed with the ebbs and flows of this childish inter cult series of spats. And they try to persuade themselves and us that Israel’s prospects ebb and flow along with it.

      • Janet Clifford

        Norman we have work to do and I would advise you to ignore the trolls they are all losers living messed up lives. We should not dignify their pathetic nonsense by trying to engage in reasoned debate they are not capable of either – reason or debate. I have investigated rich and empty vessel and sound just about sums him up.

  37. roger I see calling for the destruction of Israel is ok but calling the person calling for such a Blind Dumb Sicko (BDS) is not ok? The odious Gert calls for a boycott of Israel. Do you support that too or do you consider one should waste time engaging with someone who wants to see the dismantling of the State of the Jewish people. Who is the troll? Why should I treat someone who openly calls for the destruction of my country with any kind of respect if he openly treats me and mine with disrespect? Why am I bothering to enage with you anyway?

    • Normidiot:

      roger I see calling for the destruction of Israel is ok

      Except: I don’t do that. Israel will eventually, through its own stubbornness, have to award equal rights to those are currently occupied, if it wants to keep holding on to the territory it occupies. That’s a simple fact.

      It would take a string of invalid syllogisms to equate that with ‘calling for the destruction of Israel’.

  38. roger: this is ok? Hoffie had a piece of paper thrown at him for behaving like the arsehole he is.
    As I said Blind Dumb Sicko.

  39. The troll writes again. Calling for a boycott of country is tantamount to calling for its destruction by means of economic warfare or short of that blackmailing it to surrender its independence of action and cowtow to the blackmailers. But a BDS would not have the intelligence to understand the conseqences of its actions.

  40. One thing I like about the’s good value for no money. ”The guy who assaulted me was a vile Nazi.”….ha ha the comic absurdity of the day. Thanks.
    Did he show you his Party membership card and then hop back into his German version of the Tardis and zip back pronto to early 40s Berlin to rejoin his buddies?
    I’m now waiting for some bright spark to also dishonour the dead and keep up the worn-out Holocaust references by calling Margoyles a Kapo.

  41. Normidiot:

    Calling for a boycott of country is tantamount to calling for its destruction by means of economic warfare or short of that blackmailing it to surrender its independence of action and cowtow to the blackmailers.

    Aaaahhh… ‘tantamount’, what an expensive word can’t do for your fake position, eh?

    Tell me, did a similar campaign against the SA Apartheid regime ‘call for the destruction’ of that country? Did it result in the destruction of that country?

    What you should do is actually read the BDS manifesto. You’d be better armed for arguing against it. Right now you’re clueless and don’t get any further than spewing standard Zio- paranoia, combined with boring accusations of racism that no one takes seriously anymore.

  42. you see roger that old canard of equating Israel with South Africa. But not much more than I would expect from a BDS like you.
    BTW until Gert indicated he was not Jewish I had no idea he was not. If I had known I might have wondered what so exercised his mind about the Jews having a State of their own that he has devoted a whole blog site to posting any old dirt he can dig up about my country when there are so many oppressive regimes in the world including many others in the Middle East which may actually have benfitted from the close scrutiny he has exclusively reserved for Israel. That’s right I am questioning his motives.

    • you see roger that old canard of equating Israel with South Africa.

      Learn to read: where did he do that?

    • […] he can dig up about my country when there are so many oppressive regimes in the world including many others in the Middle East which may actually have benfitted from the close scrutiny he has exclusively reserved for Israel.

      Is that an admission of guilt, Norm? ‘We’re bad but there’s worse!’ kind of thing? Classic Ziobot.

  43. You see that’s the problem with equating Israel with South Africa. South Africa was ruled by a white minority which did not accord its citizens equal rights. Mandela did not want to destroy South Africa he wanted political change whereas Hamas Hezbollah Iran et al want – the end of Israel and calling for a boycott of Israel just supports their aims – they just love useful idiots like Gert rich and roger.

    • Listen Norman. And listen good. I support Israel. My beef is with the inherent racist and religious supremacism, chauvinism, elitism, separatism and exclusivism of Talmudic Orthodox Judaism….also known as Jewish fundamentalism. This is not irrelevant as there is no clear separation of religion and state in Israel. Like many Israelis, I am concerned about this. It may well be that I care about Israel more than you do with your myopic and crude nationalism.

  44. The troll now tries a pathetic insult but of course dodges the issue. What is his motive?

  45. Norman and Janet
    Don’t respond . Let it go .

  46. roger since you haven’t a clue what true Torah Judaism is I won’t insult you by lecturing you here. Secondly point to an example of my “myopic and crude nationalism”.
    And the troll (Gert) should maybe read what I wrote.I didn’t say many “other” oppressive regimes in the world simply because Israel is not an oppressive regime which requires scrutiny.So what could the troll’s motives be?

    • There’s a big difference between Torah Judaism and Talmudic Judaism. Orthodox Judaism as it stands today, is the latter.

  47. The troll should not worry his head I have known all along.

  48. Your opinion roger? Perhaps you would like to explain the difference to us since you are obviously an expert.

    • Ok Norm you’ve asked for it.

      The Torah She Bichtav (written Torah….. the authentic simple Judaism of Mosaic law). The Torah Shebeal Peh is the Oral Law of the Elders which was transmitted over generations and therefore unreliable and suspect. It was challenged by Christ ….as well as the corruption and hypocrisy of the rabbis who depended on it…..and he was removed. By around 200AD this oral law was put down in writing as the Talmud and commented on by various rabbis throughout the centuries. This latter is the basis of Orthodox Judaism…..a mountain of accretions, cunning and devious dispensations, modifications, and spurious interpretations of the written Torah, not to mention the insertion of rampant anti-gentile racism and Christophobia that dates back to the first two centuries after Christ, long before the phenomenon of Christian antisemitism and in fact the cause of it.
      My point is that Orthodox Judaism today has little to do with the Torah and more to do with the Talmud and its pernicious teachings. It is not good for Israel.
      The true Jews…..meaning those who adhere faithfully to the Torah, by-passing the Talmud and later Halakhic additions…..are the Karaites, the messianic Jews and real Christians. I say true Jews because religion is the only commonality amongst the Jewish people. It is the only thing that Ethiopean, Yemenite, Polish, British and Chinese Jews share. The rest is ethnocentrism and racial self-worship. As I said, this is the last thing Israel needs.

      • richardmillett

        Racial worship? What the hell are you on about? What utter rubbish.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

      • Daniel Marks

        Hi Roger,

        I’m sorry I’ve been away celebrating our youngest son’s barmitzvah. The party is next Monday. Oh…I forgot bar mitzvah’s are Oral Law, so I guess you don’t agree with them.

        So I’m guessing Roger that you’d be in favor of:

        1. “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” in its literal sense and if someone inadvertently or intentionally blinds another, he should be blinded.
        2. Stoning a son who refuses to listens to his parents and eats and drinks a lot.
        3. Stoning a priest’s daughter who has sex outside of marriage.
        4. Genocide against Amalek.
        5. Executing those who break the shabbat.

        These are just a few examples of what happens when the written law is taken literally without the oral tradition to teach us how to apply general principles to specific circumstances.

        Regarding Jesus I think you’ll find that his arguments were often exactly the opposite. For example his curing a man of the Sabbath and saying that the Sabbath was made for man etc was a classic example of the oral tradition that taught that almost all laws, including Shabbat, could be set aside to save a life. He would never have found that idea in the simple meaning of the Torah.

        On an unrelated note, someone called me old last week on this blog and I warned of the dangers of a society that sees being old as an insult rather than respecting the aged:

      • Richard… I’ve been looking into what the rabbis have said and still say about themselves, their own ‘people’ and gentiles. And I am appalled. I mean truly appalled. I have also been discussing with religious Jews in Israel and how they perceive themselves and what they call the world of the Goyim. My conclusion is that Orthodox Judaism is an ideology of racial self-worship,in spite of the fact that there is no Jewish race.
        Let me remind you that the first line of the morning prayer for a Jew is thanking God for not making him a gentile. Can you imagine if a Christian said this prayer every morning, thanking God he was not a Jew. How would you feel about that? The 12th line of the Amidah midday prayer is a curse on the Christians. Orthodox Jews curse the Christians when passing a Christian cemetery or church. Back in 2008 Orthodox Jews, spurred on by the mayor of Jerusalem burnt hundreds of New Testaments in public. Did you protest about that crass intolerance and hatred on your blog? You are not protesting about any of this theocratic and ethocentric insanity which threatens to turn Israel from a partial theocracy to an all-out one.

      • richardmillett

        All liturgy has awful statements but it isn’t necessarily adhered to.
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      • Daniel: I take your point about disregarding the more …er..unsavoury elements of the Torah. I guess somewhere along the line, humanity, compassion and forgiveness triumphed. But I wouldn’t attribute that to the Talmud. Maybe Jesus had more influence than you think.

        But I remain confused. Isn’t the Torah regarded as the word of God to observant Jews?

      • Richard: It is adhered to by the Orthodox. And introjected by many others. Not long ago, I was told I had ‘the soul of a goy’ and I was in ‘deep pig shit’ and a ‘sexually abused Christian’ by a semi-observant halakha adhering Israeli Jew. I don’t know how much you know about Judaism and how much time you’ve spent with religious Jews in Israel but you seem quite naive about the darker aspects of your own faith. Judaism is not as morally squeaky clean as you think. It shares the same deficiencies as the other two monotheistic faiths.
        The question ‘what is a Jew’ is fascinating.
        Elie Wiesel said that anyone who thinks of and sees himself as a Jew, is one.
        I would like to see the Jewish ‘people’ free themselves of the rabbis once and for all. A second emancipation. Half the Israelis have already done this.
        I could declare myself a Jew tomorrow if I wanted to, without the authorisation of the rabbinate with their halakhic matriarchal lineage rule which has nothing to do with the Torah.

      • richardmillett

        Why are you so worried about all this, Roger? I’m sorry you were abused but that was by one person! Don’t damn us all on the basis of one person. And if you are desperate to become Jewish then convert.
        Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  49. Amazing

  50. if I remember correctly Paula Fredriksen claims that Paul already found it necessary to speak out in order to keep Christians from hunting down Jews.

    Now as best I know Paul was a contemporary of Jesus, then how come?

    Ah well if roger says so, it is like that.

    Roger, do you live in Israel?

    • Don’t forget Paul was a Jew who persecuted Christians until his road to Damascus turnaround. Jewish Christophobia predates Christian antisemitism.
      No I don’t live in Israel. Is that important?

  51. Daniel no one said ” old ” was a pejorative term. Being old isn’t a crime but being born old is sad. I think being born old is what you were accused of.

  52. Daniel do you live in Israel ?

  53. But welcome back Daniel I have missed hearing you tell us about the voices in your head that you take to be God telling you that everything and more is yours.We do of course appreciate your willingness to negotiate over Pluto.

  54. Silke ask Daniel if he lives in Israel like you asked Roger.. He refuses to answer anyone else but I am sure you will be able to swing it.

  55. huh huh

  56. why do you ask Silke?

    So she can categorise you, Roger. Place of residency, pimpled or not, blond or not, French or not, Jewish or not, etc, soooo many boxes to be ticked. Then she can pass her value judgment. By a peculiar form of astrology…

  57. Schatz, do you live on Pluto?