Battle of Brent Street.

Posing for daddy.

Posing for daddy.

Last night 50 Palestine Solidarity Campaign protesters marched through Brent Street in Hendon, an area of London where many British Jews and Israelis live, before congregating outside a hotel where Israel’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman was due to speak.

The protesters spent the evening calling for Israel’s destruction, while being met with chants aimed back at them of “Fascist scum, off our streets” by the 100 or so pro-Israel supporters who had come out on a lovely summer’s evening to see what all the fuss was about (the main pro-Israel gathering had been arranged by the British Israel Coalition).

Hendon rarely witnesses such excitement but had a fascist group wanted to march through an area of London while calling for the destruction of a country from where another minority group living in England originates there’s a good chance they wouldn’t have been allowed to.

Some PSC protesters couldn’t resist bringing their very young children along for an indoctrination session. One father tried to get his young son and daughter to pose in front of the “Jews are in exile” sign paraded by the Neturei Karta (see photo above). Such an evening’s entertainment is cheaper than taking them to the cinema, I guess.

Finally, the PSC protesters were given a police escort back to Hendon Central station as you can see in this clip where one protester, the kid in the black top, is articulating himself in the aggressive manner one has come to expect. If anyone can lip read please let me know what he is saying ( I know it isn’t pretty.

Also, at about 2 minutes in another PSC protester gives a salute. Does anyone know its origins? Thanks.

Here are some more photos:

Who's going to shoot first, me or him?

Who’s going to shoot first, me or him?

Not a pretty sight. At least tuck your shirt in!

Not a pretty sight. At least tuck your shirt in!

Am Yisrael Chai.

Am Yisrael Chai.

Yup, it's all the Jews fault as usual, obviously.

Yup, it’s all the Jews fault as usual, obviously.

Daddy lines up his children for that mantlepiece shot.

Daddy lines up his children for that mantlepiece shot.

Oh dear, son looking pretty disinterested.

Oh dear, son looking pretty disinterested.

Yea, man.

Yea, man.

More Am Yisrael.

More Am Yisrael.

And more...

And more…

I didn't realise these were taking place in Israel in 2013, so thanks!

I didn’t realise these were taking place in Israel in 2013, so thanks!

You mean free the Palestinians from their Hamas thugs.

You mean free the Palestinians from their Hamas thugs.

What is it about Israel being a Jewish state that brings him here?

What is it about Israel being a Jewish state that brings him here?

Saying evening prayers in front of those that despise you. Beautiful.

Saying evening prayers in front of those that despise you. Beautiful.

82 responses to “Battle of Brent Street.

  1. All in all looks like a big success Richard. Could that be because Jonny Hoff didn’t organise it ? And at least you were well in the clear. A street is undoubtedly a public place.

  2. Richard have you ever considered channelling your energies to something positive ? Like working for a solution ? Or is that self promotion light ? Richard how do you rate yourself as a sewlf promotionist relative to Jonny Hoff ?

  3. Richard in all your coverage of the Ahava thing there is hardly any shots of EDL mates. Do you have a very discriminating camera ?

  4. JCWmoderator

    You seem to have missed the point, as seen in your photos, about the charedim demonstrating with the Arabs …

    Avraham Reiss – Jerusalem

  5. I know the sun was shining for a change but it’s a very dark situation indeed. Showing that such things are happening is important because many Jews in UK still haven’t haven’t woken up to the phenomena of anti Semitism -they were not directly affected by the Holocaust. Most are happy to keep quiet and hope it will all blow over – Sound familiar? .

  6. Nice one, Richard. And enter melchett mike’s “Shavuous Caption Competition” here . . .

  7. rich keeps hinting at powers of darkness – here is a report about what is tolerated in the German city of Cologne –

    Read it and then decide who the powers of darkness are

    Sue me!
    Veröffentlicht am Mai 23, 2012
    For many years now there is an installation in front of the cathedral in Cologne that is called a “message of hate” by almost every party in the Cologne Council and by the mayor of Cologne. Only the extreme left party Die Linke and the extreme right party NPD support the “message of hate”. The homepage of the NPD in the german town Duren says:

  8. no one can be forced to do anything in life ….like the Jews went to the Nazi gas chambers with a skip and a jump…
    Mike go to bed we know you are there, we love you. What more can we say.

    • richardmillett

      Rich, you make it sound like they knew they were gas chambers. Had they known do you think they’d have gone in?

  9. What a shame the police were there…

  10. Rubin Katz


    Can you please once and for all do something about this revolting creature for insulting the memory of the Six-Million in this manner. It is very offensive to those who survived.

    How can you put up with his insults.

    • Rubin before you comment on what people say say do you not think you should take the trouble to read it properly ?

  11. Sharon Klaff

    If you are referring to the guy who raised his fist, arm bent at right angles, i would guess that is the sign of “Black Power” from the days of Angela Davis, Carmichael etc.

  12. Richard given that you like Dan so much what is THIS

    Name: Richard Millett on Nov 5, 2011

  13. Rich, I’m from the good old U.S.A. and so I don’t know what you’re talking about, and couldn’t be happier about it.

  14. Sharon, If you watch a bit longer you’ll see a man to the right of the screen give the Nazi solute.
    My favorite pic is the one with the young woman holding a sign saying “Zionist spokesmen do not represent world jewry” as if she does.
    The guy in the pic holding the “free Palestine” sign looks a bit like Pat Condell. Maybe he’s infiltrating.
    “Jews for Justice for Palestinians” be careful what you wish for.
    The guy in the black t-shirt in the video sounded like he was saying something like “used to be like you, I was a coward” as far as I can tell.

  15. Sharon, my apologies. After a second look the guy I was referring to seems to have been just waving to someone. I guess the shot of the guy giving the black power solute is the one Richard was referring to.

  16. I find the “Jews are in exile by divine decree” sign interesting. Like most lies it has an element of truth. Jews WERE for centuries in exile by divine decree (though “Allah” is an imposter and not the true God who made that decree.) But, BY DIVINE DECREE, the land became Israel, the ancient Promised Land, again in 1948 and many have returned from exile in spite of numerous attempts to destroy and drive them out again.

    None of the shouting, posturing, propaganda or mud (and bomb) slinging against Israel and the Jews can alter that. As God said through the prophet Isaiah, Israel and the Jews are His witnesses – whether anyone (including the Jews!) like it or not.

    An atheist is said to have demanded just ONE proof for the existence of God. The answer “The Jews”!

  17. Sharon Klaff

    Jeff, yes I had the same thought until I realised that he was simply either waving or gesticulating. I think it’s the Black Power thing, but then Richard should know where that came from, so not sure.

    I wish I could have been there to see the usual rot on Jewish turf. They must have felt quite cowered. Certainly the “controller in chief” seemed in a hurry to get himself and is cohorts back to the tube! I hope he understands what it feels like to be on the ” other side”!!

  18. Sharon Klaff

    By the way Rubin, for sure you don’t have to read anything you choose not to before you comment! Sometimes you just know when someone sprouts rubbish without having to actually read the stuff.

  19. danielmarks

    Truly excellent coverage Richard. It’s remarkable how I can sit in my garden in the Judean Hills and experience a demonstration in Hendon. I truly feel like a deckchair Anglo-Jew.

    Once again I take issue only with your comments about the presence of children. While I would love all my haters to beat their swords into plowshares, or in the case of Gert just get a job, I recognize that neither of these are likely to happen in the near future. Furthermore, I suspect that even if we ever do make peace with the Fatah or Hamas, it will not satisfy the Jew-haters of this world who will either be forced to join the new rejectionist camp or to find a new cause through which to give vent to their ancient animosities.

    In the meantime the battle of ideas will continue, call it a clash of civilizations, call it what you will. Nothing is more natural than for both sides to wish to pass their values and ideals on to the next generation and no setting is more suitable than a demonstration in Hendon.

    I can categorically reject all their meaningless banners and chants without denying their right to them in a country that allows freedom of expression. Just as they have a right to bellow the idiocies, so do their young. And before someone argues that it’s not fair to have children demonstrating for a cause about which they understand nothing, the exact same could be said of their parents. Look at both Gert and Rich – two fully grown adults one who thinks Jaffa is in the West Bank and the other who can’t tell a turnip from a doughnut and thinks they were both the president of the US. They’re both pig ignorant, but are entitled to their opinions or even to demonstrate against Israel, if only they could get up off those lazy asses.

    So I say, if ignoramuses like Rich or Gert are entitled to shout, “Free, free, Palestine” or pose with a smiling Hassid, then so are their young ones, and the best of British luck to them all!

    • hi Daniel
      here’s what I found last night towards the end of Chapter 9 of Saki’s When William Came:

      (Gräfin von Tolb) … And now I must really be going. I am not a Berliner and late hours don’t suit my way of life.”

      Do you think Saki had the Countess referring to doughnuts?

      (BTW having imbibed about 2/3 of the story I am sure Agatha Christie would have said about Saki “he is not kind”. As best I know even by the standards of the time his venom against Jews is extraordinary and obviously very confusing. Also I am not sure why he keeps mixing Charlemagne and the Hohenzollerns. For one no pope ever anointed the Kaiser of the time or is he trying to obscure that both reigning families were quite related to eachother?)

      PS: You shouldn’t be so harsh on Gert. If one wants to perfect one’s technique of twiddling one’s thumbs one tends to be very busy. And as to investigating him, first he publishes everything in his blog begging the world to take notice and when somebody of a charitable mindset finally does, he cries “I’m a victim”. It must be a tough life, when you have to get through the day with the help of such a split-minded brain.

    • oops I forgot

      with all this freedom of speech thing, I’m getting doubtful when they start demanding action that must lead to bodily harm. And if some of their TV-programs that I have seen are genuine then they definitely teach their children that doing bodily harm aka being destructive is honourable.

      As you can guess I have met some who had been indoctrinated in their early teens into considering killing and dying a thing worth striving for (men like women who are 10 years younger than they are ;-). To me it always seemed that they had it toughest to snap out of it and get some hold on their sanity back. Maybe the younger you are when your trust and your integrity get betrayed the deeper the injury is.

      Therefore IMHO it is child abuse – children should be taught to build not to destroy for destruction’s sake.

    • “Look at both Gert and Rich – two fully grown adults one who thinks Jaffa is in the West Bank and the other who can’t tell a turnip from a doughnut and thinks they were both the president of the US”

      .Listen, you twisted f@ck, if you’re gonna lie, try and do it convincingly. Nowhere have I ever claimed Jaffa was part of the West Bank.

  20. Sharon Klaff

    Is it not pathetic that they bring their children at such a young age for hands on training how to be a Jew hater! Surely “Save the Children” under the patronage of our own Princess Anne should be saving these children from such child abuse!

  21. danielmarks

    Nonsense Sharon, the streets are the safest place for those kids. What do you think awaits them at home? It’s certainly not Rubin’s bubba’s chicken soup.

    There’s no better way to escape your “female circumcision” for another week than to ask Dad to take you to the anti-Jewish demo in Hendon. Why do you think she’s giving the old victory salute?

  22. Ouch Daniel that hurt. Still I suppose that not knowing the difference between a turnip and a doughnut is pretty harmless, and totally harmless if you don’t eat either. Certainly harmless relative to someone who hears voices in his head and takes it to be God telling him that he has as yet only secured a small percentage of the land promised to him.

    Jeff, don’t worry about being from the good ole USA, someone has to be. And your happiness at not knowing what I am talking about is not misplaced. Those that need to know, know.

    Richard ? What is this ?

    Name: Richard Millett on Nov 5, 2011

    • richardmillett

      You haven’t posted the link so I can’t see what you’re referring to.

    • Rich,
      “Jeff, don’t worry about being from the good ole USA,…” Don’t worry, I’m not. “… someone has to be….” Wrong again. No one has to be. It’s completely voluntary, i.e., a free country. And we’re here always, to save you from yourselves.

  23. ruttytutty

    Oh my goodness, I’ve been away so long that I’m completely out of it. Where’s Gert? Is that Rich person the new Gert? From the short comments here he is presenting some similar traits namely the gluttony for punishment syndrome and the “pull the Jew’s beard” impulse despite the fact that Richard has no beard and nor does he choose to have any hair on his head (choose being the operative word, right Richard?).

    Fortunately with the wonderful modern world of technology at our disposal today, it makes for a safe habitat for the internet trolls to metaphorically speaking; pull the Jew’s beard at a safe and cowardly distance whilst enjoying the cheap thrill of nourishing their Jew hating soul.

    The last time I’d popped in here there was Gerts friend, the Palestinian dude hanging about explaining the fringe benefits of camel dung…what was his name…? Ibrahim or something. Is he still about?

    And hello Silke and Daniel. I trust all is well and dandy with you two. 😉

    • hello ruttytutty

      glad to hear from you – Gerd and the Camel Dung guy pop up around here once in a while – But when compared to Gerd the Camel Dung guy strikes me as a real charmer which makes me think if all us non-habitating (is that a word?) Israel would leave Israelis a free hand as to how to deal with matters things might be heavenly by now. All their Gerd-think-alikes could become the calf-with-two-heads like curiosities they are and bathe their egos regularly in that kind of fame while the sane majority could strike deals with Gamil? whose thinking I suspect is sound when it comes to economics or as we Germans would say knows on which side of the bread the butter is spread.

      That new guy “rich” is not much fun, first he seems to like to hang out at his pub more thoroughly than is good for him and then he likes to pose as “Ia am an enigmatic deep one” as if he had been schooled by some German philosophers. Most vexing for me however is his habit of asking me a stupid question, I give him a polite and comprehensive and unambiguous answer and very courteously ask him to answer the same question from me. Do you know what happens? He shuts up, chickens out, dodges, goes off to the pub.

      He’s just trying to make trouble for troubles sake. But he has one merit, he got us talking about turnips and thus Daniel offered some of his kitchen “secrets”. Just reading about them was delicious.

      How are you doing?

    • ‘Gamil Elias’ was Daniel Mark’s creation.

      He even sent me an email, pretending to be the non-existent ‘Gamil Elias’, some twenty minutes after I told him his regular email address had been added to the spam list.

      This is the guy who claims others have too much time on their hands! Night and day he spends here, fighting windmills…

      • coincidence is proof with our dear Bridlingtonian – no wonder employers stay clear of him

      • Edith Parker

        Hello Gert,

        That is quite a serious accusation. What evidence do you have?

      • Evidence isn’t Gert’s Forte and never has been why else would he support enthusiastically (on his scarcely ever frequented blog) inventions by Mondoweiss & Co.

  24. Seeing psc and other assorted Jew haters defiling the streets of Hendon , makes me realise how appalling it must be for ordinary Muslims when the EDL attempt to march through predominantly Muslim neighbourhoods . This is no different . . Fascists and antisemites such as the psc should have been turned away at Hendon central . The EDL were eventually banned from gathering and protesting in Tower Hamlets . The same red card should have been shown to the PSc .
    The reason why it wasn’t was two fold .
    Jews are a soft touch and there was never any danger of a confrontation getting out of control . This was never the case in Tower Hamlets where a riot would have taken place .
    Secondly , it begs the question whether our leading Zionist and Jewish community organisations even thought to ask the police to place a banning order on a psc demo bearing in mind the sensitive nature of the area .
    Our parents prevented Mosleys black shirts from marching through the East End .
    The miscreants who discovered Hendon on Tuesday are synonymous with the Black Shirts of Cable Street . Fascists and antisemites all !
    I hope the pavements were hosed down afterwards to remove every vestige of this abomination that defiled the streets that evening . .

  25. lol Harvey way too late. Have we made your day yet ?

  26. Jonny the GUN

    Absolutely Right On Harvey, you are on the money!!! They should not have been allowed to march thru Brent St. I am utterly gob smacked at the lack of direction the part of the Jewish community leaders.

    Rich you are a total tosser and you should go and live in Gaza my friend. Keep your opinion to yourself you little internet midget troll!

    Richard Millet great article Kol Hakavod 🙂

  27. Jonny the GUN

    They should not have been allowed to walk down Brent St. full stop. The fact they did is just plain and simply wrong!

  28. Terrific coverage Richard – wish I could have been there, but will be there next week outside the Globe Theatre.

    Rubin – re Rich. Trolls need response to get their kicks – don’t feed the troll.

  29. JCWmoderator

    I sit in my home in Jerusalem and read with growing amazement about “the Battle of Brent Street”. While here in Israel we are mostly focussed on the piddling little problem of where the Iranian Nuclear Development project will eventually lead us, it appears that Hendon Jewry is fighting Judaism’s chief battle for survival as exile Jews.

    One can’t help recalling the mid-1930’s in Nazi Germany, where intelligent and successful Jews were obstinately maintaining “it will pass”, “it will soon be over”, while other irresponsible Jews were struggling out in what was then Palestine to build a State that would eventually serve as a place of refuge for what remained of the German-Jewish (and other European-Jewish) “intelligentsia”.

    Hendon Jews: you are playing with kaki!

    Take a few steps back, look around you, at where you are, at what you expect to be the attitude of Christians towards Jews in 5-10 years time in the UK (and elsewhere).

    Daniel Marks may “truly feel like a deckchair Anglo-Jew” (sic), but most Israelis see these incidents as a blindness similar to that which enfolded European Jewry pior to WWII.

    Its time to wake up and smell the coffee!

  30. Avrahim I am sure Jerusalem nut houses are not devoid of coffee

  31. JCWmoderator

    Rich – that’s exactly the kind of answer German Jews gave back in circa 1935.

  32. huh ?

  33. Rubin Katz


    To be tolerant, does not mean one has to tolerate the intolerable. It embarrasses me at times to see that cocky individual address you in the way he does. Rich is the only blight on your excellent blog, with his sarcastic one-liners that rub people up the wrong way.

    This is the second time he’s been downright offensive using Holocaust metaphors in a frivolous manner. The cad clearly has a problem with Israel, Jews and the Holocaust which I’m naturally sensitive about. Beware of an anti-Semite’s motives using Holocaust trope. Richard, it is high time you put the lid on on this insolent parasite.

    I feel I must sign off until your blog reverts to some measure of restraint….

    • danielmarks


      As you know the number of survivors still alive dwindles year by year and day by day. Of those still with us very few are as clear, lucid and remarkable as Rubin Katz. This blog is truly privileged to have him comment on it and I am justifiably proud to consider him a friend.

      Then we have Rich. He himself would be the first to admit that he an ignorant self-hating piece of fetal matter worth slightly less than what I saw a Russian lady picking up from behind her dog this morning and putting in a plastic bag. His only contributions to the dialogue of this important blog is worn out anti-Semitic clichés and childish attempts to anger his betters – which is pretty much everyone else Gamil included.

      I believe that his attempts to cheapen and trivialize the memory of 6,000,000 murdered Jews are obscene and should not be tolerated. If I haven’t the moral stature to make such a judgment, then Rubin surely has. How tragic it would be to lose such a voice of such exceptional stature, because we are not prepared to tell that a moron to show a little respect. This is not an issue of freedom of expression as he has nothing to say anyway. It is a simple question of choosing between good and bad.

      • You haven’t got any moral stature because you keep LYING.

        Nor were there any attempts at ‘cheapening or trivialising the memory of the 6,000,000’. Another lie.

        Most reputable sourcestoday put the number at 5,400,000, BTW. Go froth at the mouth a bit now.

      • Happy Eternal Nakba “rich”!

  34. danielmarks

    Hi JCWmoderator,

    I don’t disagree with what you are saying (though I believe that assimilation and a negative birthrate are more dire threats) but I do take exception to your line of argument. Basically, you say that there will be a holocaust and if anyone disagrees you answer with, “That’s just what the Jews said in Germany.”

    It’s quite seductive reasoning, however, the same idea can be used to prove almost anything. I could offer you insurance against being butchered and if you refuse, tell you that that’s just what Jack the Ripper’s victims said or a special stick to defend yourself against elephants and if you won’t buy it explain that that was what Joseph Merrick’s mum said. I’m not sure that the fact that something happened to someone who had thought it wouldn’t necessarily means that it will happen to everyone else.

    Once again, I’m not saying that your conclusion is wrong, it may well be correct. I’m just not sure that you’ve proved your case yet.

  35. JCWmoderator

    Daniel Marks, you wouldn’t make a very good fish, because you snap at the first bait placed (plaiced?) in front of you.

    When drawing the analogy with Nazi Germany, I specifically and very intentionally stopped short of prophecying another holocaust. (I keep my prohecies for the stock market, where I do very well, thank you!) I don’t believe for a moment that there will be another holocaust.

    I did however intend to say that the situation for Diaspora Jews will worsen over the years. My point being that the struggle to maintain a comfortable Diaspora surrounding, over the years, will become an uphill and a losing battle. And that, as in the thirties, the eyes of Anglo-Jewry – a weak Jewry at that – are again closed.

    To quote Tony Blair, to a Jewish delegation: “there are 3.5 million Muslims in Britain, and 330,000 Jews – what do you expect me to do?”

    • danielmarks

      I guess I misunderstood you and apologize. You wrote:

      “One can’t help recalling the mid-1930′s in Nazi Germany, where intelligent and successful Jews were obstinately maintaining “it will pass”, “it will soon be over”

      What does the pronoun “it” refer to?

  36. Now now boys you are both pretty

  37. As to rich I agree with Rubin and Daniel, but if you Richard should for whatever reason decide to allow that rich with a capital R to go on spouting his venomous nonsense I suggest that since he claims to be so knowledgeable on borders that we ask him to enlighten us on the situation as depicted in this map.

    The inserted one in the top right corner makes my head swim but I am sure that an expert as non-capital rich will have made it all clear within a minute.

    • Edith Parker

      I suggest that Rich should apologize for his insensitive comments, which have clearly caused some people a great deal of pain, and this unpleasant incident be laid to rest?

  38. JCWmoderator

    ““One can’t help recalling the mid-1930′s in Nazi Germany, where intelligent and successful Jews were obstinately maintaining “it will pass”, “it will soon be over”
    What does the pronoun “it” refer to?”

    “it” referred to German-Jewry’s belief that the h!tler regime would soon be over, which was why they didn’t get out when they could.

    And it was soon over – but at what a price!

    But I say again – I can’t see another holocaust. But as the goyim well know (they’ve had 2K years to practice) there are other ways to handle the Jews …

    • Daniel Marks

      It appears that we have little to argue about and I refuse to debate what kind of fish I am.

      Therefore, let me send my regards to your son and grandson and wish three generations of moderators and all our readers a peaceful Sabbath and a happy Pentecost and let’s go easy on that cheese cake.

  39. Richard, kol hakoved to you and Jonathan Hoffman once again for standing up for Israel! All I would say is: although the imbecilic anti-Israel Jews may drive us meshugga, don’t forget that the real enemies are the Islamists and fascists who would actually like to kill us. Reserve your strongest attacks for them.

  40. Richard, I am gutted that again you didn’t let me know the team were playing at home so I missed this gig. Will be at Globe on Monday around 6pm onwards. When are you going, cityca?

  41. Richard, I had a question about this very situation and you have already blogged on it!

    Not that I wish you to encounter more hate-filled cretins than you already do, but are you aware of this particular HFC?

  42. Hayek of the JNF who was unelected is responsible for all this. Without
    him and his ego Brent Street could have been spared all the trouble

  43. But without all this trouble Richard would be bereft of opportunities for self promotion.

  44. Well that wasn’t very nice was it.

    • Sharon Klaff

      How do you expect nice when you are an insufferable nurd with an inflated ego of your own worth. You are a nothing deserving only of contempt. It’s time Richard told you to get lost. You leave a skunk trail on this blog that nobody wants to endure. So go home and lock your front door behind you.

  45. From the River to the Sea,
    Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be.

  46. How gratifying that Gertie was able to take off so much time from his otherwise taxing schedule to carve out multiple comments. Would I be completely off the mark to hazard a guess that the very excellent Gala Bingo Hall of Bridlington has once again downsized its staff? Might that account for the “knock at the door – number 4” comments that I see on this page?

    I am, however, shocked that Gert chooses to revive the Jaffa Humous fiasco of 2010 and as I really can’t be bothered to analyze his ignorance once again, I shall leave a relevant link that our readers might reread and decide for themselves:

    I have no intentions of haggling over numbers of Holocaust victims with the likes of Gert – the scum that he is. These are matters for serious historians.

    Finally, as far as the character of Gamil is concerned, I believe that as in other matters; a policy of constructive anbiguity would be the best course.

  47. Brian Goldfarb

    Bit late getting to this, but if memory serves (tv coverage of the 1968 Mexico Olympics), the black power salute was a straight arm clenched fist salute – I’m not sure whether it was supposed to be the left or the right arm – perhaps it depends on whether one is left- or right-handed. The clenched fist salute, with the arm bent at the elbow, was always supposed to be a “power to the people” salute – that is, a trade union/workers salute.

    Bit out of context among the PSC faithful. who appear to neither properly left-wing, workers nor pro-trade union. The Palestinian trade union federation certainly wouldn’t want to know them.

  48. Gamil Elias

    The camel is very strong and if will shoot him he will not stop to walk like the bullet is a flie. But if you make a suddenly shock at him with the plastic bags or balloons he maybe will die soon.

    • Gamil

      recipes for camel stew I’m asking for or which parts of camel are good for grill parties – where is the website teaching the camel lover how to eat the beast? – How are you ever going to make it into the European market without such promotion? And you have such a strong incentive for Europeans to switch to camel. Lawrence of Arabia is said to have lived on it during his campaigns and there is no more romantic figure for a westerner than that fighter against the Ottomans or for the Brits (have your pick!)

      Make camel meat the new must have for the European foodie and you become so rich that you can snub all the world including the Israelis and build yourself a mansion wherever you like and staff it with even more than 72 “raisins”.

  49. Have just heard about the disruption to the Habima performance last night on the news. The so called airport style security didn’t seem good enough then.
    Certainly the pre performance counterdemo was great- for once the pro Israel orgs got their act together and there was a good crowd (despite it being 2nd day Shavuot). Our Christian friends of a rainbow of ethnicities were there. There was Israeli music over public address system and when a British woman of African heritage draped in a huge British flag and Israeli flag began to dance in the street, a number of us women joyously joined in and kept it going for the duration.

    By contrast, the anti Israel people were a straggle, and didn’t have any public address system. I struck up a reasonable conversation with a young woman in a hijab and was getting along fine with her, but the monomaniacal Jewish Israel haters in their picket couldn’t stand this and kept screeching their interjections. They are so patronising and patriarchal to her they can’t bear not to be in control of her conversation.

    • danielmarks

      Well done to all the pro-Israel demonstrators and “boo!” to all the others.

      There were a two paradoxes about the story worth pointing out once more.

      Firstly, Habima is the absolute darling of the Israeli Left and most Rightists would be only too happy to see their government funding taken away. In such an event they’d no longer be obliged to perform occasionally over the Green Line and the pro-Palestinians would have nothing to argue about.

      Secondly, I bet they thought that they’d show how enlightened they were by putting on what is basically an anti-Semitic play. Without analyzing it too deeply the Merchant of Venice is generally seen as an example of how Shakespeare could have written am anti-Semitic play even though there were no Jews in Britain at the time.

      So we have right-wing lovers of Israel demonstrating for the right of a left-wing theater to put on an anti-Semitic play and Palestine lovers trying to stop them from doing so.

      “But love is blind, and lovers cannot see The pretty follies that themselves commit.” – the Merchant of Venice

      • Daniel

        I remember the brouhaha about performing Brecht’s Caucasian Circle in Ariel which had me baffled no end. Why would a presumably anti-“settlement” theatre refuse to perform a piece that, as I understood it, is giving the message that one should give up what one loves? Wouldn’t that have been a prime occasion to convince the “settlers” of the error of their ways i.e. wanting to stay where they like it? (OK Salomon votes for the giving-up woman but if I were a lefty I’d find it easy to make Salomon a Palestinian. Maybe your lefty theatres should take some lessons on how to construe messages from German Regietheater. I am sure they’d only be too glad to help.)

        Sorry it is German, but it is a thank-you to the magnaminous Turkish ruler who, which is by now forgotten by audience and actors alike, before had threatened his captive Konstanze with rape and worse. Now he is beatified.

        Never will I forget your benevolence;
        For ever shall I sing your praises.
        In every place, at every time
        I shall proclaim you great and noble.

  50. Here is a po faced account of the disruption in the theatre.

    “I have never felt quite so intimidated, tense and uncomfortable at the
    behaviour of people around me as I did tonight at the Globe,and it was the aggressive interventions of the non-protesters rather than the protests themselves that prompted most of these feelings. ”

    This critic has clearly led a very sheltered life, which definitely does not
    include trying to challenge the Israel hating platform at a SOAS meeting. Let him walk in Richard Millet’s shoes awhile.