Yorkshire teen’s anti-Jewish Twitter rant.

@Mariiam_Ay 's Twitter profile.

@Mariiam_Ay ‘s Twitter profile.

It all started fairly innocuously last night when I noticed this tweet by the above mentioned @Mariiam_Ay :

Her advice to @ThisisPalestine was that his/her tweets should be:

Realising that she had got the wrong end of the stick because @ThisisPalestine is actually a parody account that mocks certain people who support the Palestinian cause I jokingly responded:

Big, big mistake as I found myself on the receiving end of this from her:

When I then suggested to her that she was racist and that she should be ashamed she replied with:


When I then looked further down her tweets I noticed it got worse. Brace yourselves:








Twitter has now suspended her account. She will be back but the deeper concern is where she gets her hatred from. One clue is the #FreePalestine mantra in her profile (top) which is used repeatedly at Palestine Solidarity Campaign anti-Israel rallies and events which can turn to Jew hate like when someone calling herself Jane Green denied the Holocaust after a PSC event she had just attended.

Then there are some of our politicians who are trying to create an increasingly sectarian culture in Britain. Our general, local and Mayoral elections are increasingly setting Muslim against Jew using horrendous anti-Israel and, in some cases, anti-Jewish rhetoric.

Then some of our newspapers spread horrendous lies about Israel as do some trade unions, but I suspect that the hatred carried by @Mariiam_Ay comes from her family. Even recently we saw a young child brought to the stage of a PSC rally in London to shout “Free Palestine”.

More worringly for Jewish students is that this teenager might be going to university soon. I suspect it’s also a worrying sign for British Jews generally.

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  1. “Yorkshire”?! Could be Bridlington Gertie’s bastard love child! If so, he must be very proud…

  2. danielmarks

    Talking of Yorkshire, I’m home with flu again and am watching some old Upstairs Downstairs episodes.

    Actually, I think I like the young lady in question very much. As regular bloggers here know I’ve always had a great respect for the honest anti-Semites who just say what they mean and mean what they say. “Fucking hate Jews” – One can almost forgive the grammatical shortcoming of the sentence, because it’s just so candid and undisguised – in its own way it’s really quite beautiful.

    There is a certain virginity and innocence about Mariam’s hatred of Jews that makes it so becoming. Give her a few months on the net and she’ll learn to say that she’s not an anti-Semite, just a critic of Israel. Give her time and she’ll find some barmy post-Zionist Israeli lecturers or anti-Zionist “rabbis” to prove that there are “many” Jews with similar views. The years will teach her to flaunt her Jewish friends too. But just for now, just for today she’s speaking her mind and letting it all out.

    Yes, I like Mariam very much. She’s my type of gal!

    • in its own way it’s really quite beautiful

      Daniel’s love for pathological antisemites tells us a great deal about his own sick psyche.

  3. Her brothers and sisters return from Radical Mosques with Jew hatred ringing in their ears .
    It’s all around her . She lives in a toxic antisemitic atmosphere and as Daniel so succinctly puts it , she has not yet learnt the art of couching her hatred behind the mask of antizionism . Her naievity will pass . She will be tutored well when she goes to university by those who know and understand the correct phrasing and terminology . She will soon learn what can and cannot be said .
    It cannot be said often enough that psc and such like organisations are at the core institutionally antisemitic .
    EGMs designed to divest themselves of overt antisemites is a sham concocted to clean up their image . They are riddled with the Jane Greens of the world who in a moments anger and frustration temporarily lose their composure and their well rehearsed parrot fashion mantra of anti Zionism . These people are able to go about their primary cause Incognito. . They can share thoughts and experiences with like minded individuals .
    Greenstein and his ilk shout ‘ look we removed an antisemite , whereas in reality almost 20% eligible to vote voted against his expulsion .
    Add those who decided to keep their powder dry and not risk expulsion and you get some idea of the extent of the racist antisemitic nature of this vile concern .
    On a separate note , I seem to remember a recent case of someone tweeting racist comments and is now being prosecuted .
    It’s not enough that she loses her twitter account . Notify the police and let them deal with it . Make an example of her . Such public display of hatred should not go unpunished .

  4. But Daniel did you not tell us that ” some of your best friends are Palestinians” ?

    I guess with your heavily subsidised blood sucking circumstances you are able to be home with flu and watching upstairs downstairs and blogging at the same time. I am envious.

    • with your heavily subsidised blood sucking circumstances

      Straight from the Stuermer. You really are one sicko antisemite.

      • Jonny Hoff I think my mental health will prove more durable than yours . Where is ” Amber ” anyway ? Are Amber and Leah sisters ? Cousins ?

  5. Richard
    Enough is enough . I understand the notion of giving someone sufficient rope etc but the above simply fouls up and derails an otherwise excellent blog . Don’t moderate, get shot of once and for all .

    • richardmillett

      I’m sure Daniel has an interesting answer. By moderating all the time we’d lose some of Daniel’s incredible responses. If he wants me to moderate the comment I will, as I always try to do for most ad hominem attacks when I see them.

      • danielmarks

        Which bit am I supposed to be upset about? The bit about sucking blood?

        My family has the custom of drinking only red wine for sedder night. Jewish law considers it preferable to white wine, but our rabbis gave us permission to use white so that the Gentiles wouldn’t think it was Christian children’s blood.

        That’s the reason my grandfather told me to use red wine. If they want to think I suck blood, it says everything about the perversity of a mind that could have such thoughts, but nothing about my choice in beverages.

        The blood-sucking Jew is a popular antisemitic theme and predates Nazism by many centuries.

        For the record, my drinks of preference are hot chocolate in the winter and local beer in the summer.

        I’d be delighted for the above anti-Semitic comment to remain intact and unedited. As I said earlier, there’s nothing like a bit of good old honest antisemitism.

      • By moderating all the time we’d lose some of Daniel’s incredible responses

        True, for Daniel it’s all about “Me! Me! Me! Look at me, how terribly clever I am, what a great human being, I forgive antisemites because I am such a great and deep soul”.

        But statements about ‘blood-sucking Jews’ are straight from the Nazi songbook. They insult ALL Jews, not just Daniel.

        As such, Richard, you really should remove them and ban the Jew-hating poster.

      • In one of his books Eric Berne http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Berne tells that he was frequently asked/accused why he was so arrogant.

        His answer (paraphrased): I do it because that way my students have more fun/incentive in attacking me.

        And strangely enough here is another one who seems to toe that line (can’t find it online)

        April 25, 2012
        [Public Lecture] Bible as Philosophy? Why the God of Hebrew Scripture Prefers Disobedience
        by Yoram Hazony
        Boston, MA

      • danielmarks

        Different people have different ways of expressing myself, which is natural and obvious, but when you quote me as having said, “I forgive antisemites because I am such a great and deep…” that is just an odious lie invented by a servery limited intellect consumed by infantile envy. Needless to say, I have never said that, nor anything like it, on this blog or anywhere else.

        If you were a real life person, and not just the cyber-creation of a frustrated old (yored) flunkee, I would even be a little angry.

        As it is, I shall just wish you and all our readers a very happy Pessach Sheney and a great week.

    • the cyber-creation of a frustrated old (yored) flunkee

      And this hallucinating, lying, waste of space loser talks about liars and envy … it would be sad if it weren’t so funny.
      I have nothing to envy you for, except possibly your no doubt huge cache of hallucinogenic drugs. But unlike losers like you, I have never felt the need to resort to them.

  6. Such people are passionate and emotional in their hatred and it is this that spreads quickly . We need to be passionate – not in defending Israel against their irrational nonsence- but in promoting Israel positively to those who have not yet succumbed to their strong emotions of hate.. Read free weekly news of Israel’s achievements from Michael Ordman . Pass on the positive news about israel with an equal depth of passion. This emotion can spread too and go towards helping people be amazed at how Israel benefits the world.

  7. Well thank god someone other than me knows that it is ” try to…” , not ” try and…”

  8. Rubin Katz

    I couldn’t believe my eyes, so I showed the apparition to Michelle, who says she has heard of the damsel, she’s the whore from Lahore, a distant relative of the harlot of Jerusalem!

  9. Sharon Klaff

    If a guy was prosecuted for race hate against a black person on Twitter, why not this damsel? Richard get it to the police.

    As for the the scum that recently arrived on this blog, let it go down the drain with the dirty water.

    Wish you well Daniel.

  10. Does anyone know how to report this racist rant to the police?

  11. Please do. I am serious. That idiot was arrested and sentenced for his racist outburst about the footballer who collapsed. This is no different. Someone please do it and see what happens. (Personally I don’t condone being arrested for saying or writing something offensive but in this case I would like to see a comparison.)

  12. Oh dear Daniel, when you can’t deal with an argument dismiss it as anti semitic. I haven’t been intimidated by that little tactic for a long time.

  13. You live a subsidised life on stolen land at vast cost to the Israeli taxpayer. Where I come from we call that blood sucking. Be you a Muslim, a buddhist or a Baptist or a Jew.

  14. Richard you found an anti semitic kid on twitter. Wow. Is that really a profitable use of time ? Are you going to hunt them all down ? You go to meetings at which you know exactly what you are going to hear to record what you know in advance what you are going to record.. Why bother going ? It’s the same record every time. You could write your blogs from the comfort of your arm chair. They are only talking to themselves anyway.
    Think of all the time that would free up for working for a just and sustainable settlement in the near east.

    That wouldn’t have the same self promotion benefits I know. It won’t get you called Redoubtable but it would be ultimately so much more satisfying.

  15. Rubin Katz

    Richard take some advice from an old-timer. Go to bed with a hot toddy!
    R’fuah Shleimah!

  16. Rubin you took the words right off my finger tips. You must be physic. Is Richard Scottish ?

  17. Rubin Katz

    I must be losing my marbles – I meant Daniel not Richard – sorry about that.

  18. danielmarks

    Yup, I’m taking your advice Rubin. Oh, Ariel (youngest) had an accident and might be at the bar mitzvah on crutches. Looking forward to seeing you there either way.

    • Oh Daniel I keep my fingers crossed – all the good wishes I can think of to you and yours.

  19. No prob Rubin. Hanging out with these freaks is bound to eventually lead to ones head getting scrambled. You can get out whenever you want. Pushing it as far as you can is like playing chicken on the M25 or Russian roulette. Fun but dangerous.

    • Tony Jacobs

      rich, are you an alter ego of Joe Millis, cause you sure write like him?

      • Sharon Klaff

        When someone is so offensive and cowardly, particulalry when they refuse to be open about who they are, they really do not deserve a platform to express their rubbish. Tony is probably right, but who cares really. I chose a long time ago not to even read the tripe spewed by this person. It’s a shame that a decent discussion is interrupted this way. Alternative views if sensibly expressed are always welcome, but contrived hatred and accusations based on the dung heap are beyond acceptability. Cowards like this need to be ignored.

  20. rich | May 3, 2012 at 3:14 pm | Reply
    “You live a subsidised life on stolen land at vast cost to the Israeli taxpayer. Where I come from we call that blood sucking. Be you a Muslim, a buddhist or a Baptist or a Jew.”

    Stolen from whom exactly?
    Your big mouth fronts a pea brain.
    Of course, for Islamists, it all belongs to them.
    You might find, (unless you’re an Islamist yourself that is), that very soon your own little patch in the UK will be considered stolen property, and then you won’t have time for your wisecracks because you’ll be too busy fighting for your own bit of “stolen property”.

    Have fun!

  21. danielmarks


    I thank you all for your support, but I have chosen not to directly address this idiot as have Rubin and several others. Furthermore, I would urge you to do the same. He’s an ignorant attention-seeking anti-Semite and his opinions,if they can be called that, are of absolutely no consequence.

    I’m feeling much better today and must prepare my lessons.


  22. Speaking of views Sharon what are your plans for the Arabs in the from the river to the see Israel you are planning ?

  23. Rubin Katz

    I’m breaking my silence only to address my friends. I now have my doubts about the ‘leech’, I think he is masquerading for a Jew. Looking back, there is nothing at all to indicate that he is Jewish, not that it matters, only insofar as to prove the cad is a fraud, as well as a liar. I must say, Silke had him sussed out right from the start.

    We had one of those phoneys on the blog not so long ago, claiming he was in a kibbutz in Israel. Strange, he didn’t sound nor write like an Israeli, and when questioned which kibbutz he belonged to, he answered, Hashomer Hatzair! Rather like the German wartime spy who landed from a parachute in the night. By the morning, dying for a drink, he was surprised to find the village pub closed; he knocked on the door and asked what time they opened…!

    • danielmarks

      Yes, but in this case I think he’s just a harmless anti-Semitic pest. I still believe that if we all ignore him eventually he’ll go away.

      Actually, it had never even crossed my mind that he was Jewish. I didn’t even know that he was making the claim. If he’s Jewish, I’m a Turkish gigolo.

      Shabbat shalom

  24. danielmarks

    Change of Subject

    Okay, a question for all you Jewish lawyers, practicing or otherwise. What is the position regarding the admissibility of evidence gained as a result of eavesdropping in labor tribunals? Don’t worry, I’m not in trouble – yet, but firstborn has to research this question and i suddenly find all my expertise in …welll…whatever..unable to help.


  25. Don’t over exercise yourselves gentlemen. I have got what I wanted. Smile.

  26. Rubin Katz


    Harvey had identified him as Rich Armbach, which meant nothing to me. Except that it’s not exactly your pukkah English name. Then Sharon labelled him Howard Jacobson’s model of an ASHamed Jew; I presumed by this that he was known to some of our people here. He also apparently writes an anti-Jew blog in the JC of all things.

    Perhaps we can now have some Shabbat Menuchah.

  27. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    What I have noticed following this and the last blog is, here, unless someone is a rabid, racist imperialist they cannot possibly be a Jew.

    • danielmarks

      Quite on the contrary young lady. A good Jew can neither be a racist, rabid or otherwise. A bad Jew can be whatever he wants.

      Regarding “imperialist”, I’m not sure to which empire you are alluding. It’s hard to put Israel, which currently occupies less than a quarter of a percent of the Middle East in that category.

      Perhaps fictional princesses are oft to dream of imaginary empires, perhaps it’s time the author of this excellent blog required commentators to write their true names, rather than hiding behind names almost as ludicrous as their opinions. Perhaps it’s time for breakfast.

  28. To judge by her name, the young lady (I use the term in its broadest sense, of course) is clearly of Muslim origin. No doubt she imbibed antisemitism with her mother’s milk.

  29. danielmarks


  30. “Quite on the contrary young lady. A good Jew can neither be a racist, rabid or otherwise.”

    ” Could someone please explain to me what is so despicable about the EDL ? I have looked at their website and have found nothing …….in any way despicable as an Israeli .”

    ” I value every JEWISH ( my emphasis ) life. ”

    And lots more racist crap where they came from.

  31. The only way Daniel Marks can avoid being a racist is to adopt a private language in which racism is redefined to exclude himself. And as we know the concept of a private language is a contradiction. A private language is no language at all.

    I think he is stricken by the Humpty Dumpty syndrome. ” A word means whatever I mean by it .” This was one of the sure signs that Humpty Dumpty was nuts.

  32. Daniel Marks | September 29, 2010 at 5:06 am |
    Ian (or anybody else)

    It seems to have become a given that the EDL are not worthy of being your allies………… Is this some kind of Jewish self hatred that says that any goy who supports us must be mad?

    So you guys seem to focus all your efforts on trying to convince the liberals a left-wingers, who are radically anti-Israel/Semitic because the guys who agree with you aren’t good enough.

  33. Alan Lake’s final solution.

    ” 20 or 30 years time the UK will be fragmented into Islamic enclaves and non Islamic areas. There are people like Rowan Williams, David Cameron and Nick Clegg who we will force into the Islamic enclaves and execute if thet try to sneak out. ”

    Daniel Marks

    ” If they are Nazis they seem like awfully nice Nazis.”

    As he said ” a bad Jew can be anything he wants “

  34. Daniel Marks
    “I still suspect that the correct long-term strategy is to:
    1. Turn every anti-Ahava demonstration into an Israel love fest.
    2. Cooperate with ALL groups interested in supporting Israel, especially those whose presecence is more likely to scare the opposition.”

    He means the EDL

    The poor ignorant racist lamb thinks the EDL support Israel.

  35. Daniel

    WOW on how you managed to propel “rich” into hyperbole.

    Let’s hope that his blood pressure medication will be able to keep the lid on.

  36. Rubin Katz

    The clip below makes a refreshing change from that Whore of Lahore at the start of this blog. http://www.cjnews.com/index.php?q=node/89338

  37. Silke you regard ” Daniel’s ” own words as hyperbole ? Interesting.

    • since I am not a native English speaker I’d be most grateful if you took the trouble to analyse the sentence and explain to me how I created that mis-impression.

      Thank you!

  38. Silke I was mostly concerned for” Daniel” to represent himself fairly in his own words. Particularly in respect of his affection for the EDL, who are as racist as racist gets, who have proven links with Breivik who slaughtered 60 something kids in Norway, plus links with the American Jewish terrorist organisation JTF. Rather than use my words I used ” Daniel’s ” words.

    You can’t say fairer than that can you ?

    I merely gave Daniel the opportunity to present his Islamaphobia in his own words. His affection for the EDL seems to reduce to ….” You hate Muslims, I hate Muslims, let’s get together. ” I realise those are my words but how would you paraphrase it ? It seems that the” Daniel” you lust after so forlonly is, despite his faux sweetness and light , just a common a garden Judeofascist. If you are really desperate maybe you could have a threesome with ” Daniel ” and his fellow Judeofascist and EDL lover Melchitt Mick.

    • Tony Jacobs

      Steady on Rich, or people may think that you’re just a pervy Jew hater in liberal clothing.
      Of course, if anyone should state that you are anti-Jewish, they have immediately lost the argument, as they are facists trying to stifle free speech.
      In the same vein, anyone that defends Arab violence or attacks Jews is a valiant defender of freedom and the struggle for human rights.

    • rich

      first you state that I said something which I didn’t mean to say

      second when asked to explain where I mis-wrote you go into a longish and rather intoxicated seeming rent but don’t answer the question

      THAT’S what I call dodging.

      PS: I confess to “lusting” after meeting Daniel in person and possibly even more so after the as best I know most extraordinary woman who once upon a time had the good sense to marry him.

      Needless to say none of them ever dodged a question I asked.

  39. Tony I know who and what I am. ” People ” thinking what I am affects my life how ? I know who you mean by ” people “. I long ago gave up being blackmailed into representing myself as something else. I am happy to stand and fall by my words. Where my words sometimes ( as in inevitable ) have been chosen carelessly I will explain myself as best I can and apologise for any misunderstanding.

    I have merely pointed out that ” Daniel ” and Melchett Mick have in their VERY OWN WORDS told us what THEY are .

    • Tony Jacobs

      And how’s all that rationalising going to change my opinion of you as a crypto-facist Jew hater, of limited intelligence?

      • Tony I am about as interested in your opinion of me as I am in last Sundays results in the fourth division of the Albanian basketball league. Even less am I interested in changing that opinion.

  40. Tony , Silke .
    If you ignore him , you starve him of the oxygen of recognition he so desperately craves . He feeds off your response . If you fail to respond he will post three , four times in quick succession . He needs this site as much as we don’t need him .

    • thanks for the reminder Harvey and my apologies

      next round I’ll try harder to resist the itch

    • Tony Jacobs

      Yes, but I’m cruel and enjoy baiting the Jew hating ‘human rights’ activist.

  41. danielmarks

    Just the thought of Rich and his inadequate intellect perusing thousands of Daniel Marks comments late into the wee hours in a futile attempt to find a racist remark, an intolerant statement, anything!

    For this purpose he pretty much disappeared for a few days, but came back with slim pickings all the same. He had discovered that I had urged cooperation with the EDL and wished to imply that this meant that I was a racist…hmm!

    What I wrote, and I stand behind, is that in my opinion Israel has two natural allies today in Western public opinion; the American pro-Israel Christian church groups and Republican right on the one hand and the European extreme right on the other.

    In the same way that this does not imply that I have accepted Jesus as my personal savior or adopted a fundamentalist viewpoint regarding Christian abortions, it does not mean that I have expressed any opinion regarding the question of immigration or Christian-Muslim relations in the UK or France. I have consistently and conscientiously avoided expressing views on any of these issues and I do not live in the aforementioned countries and have only the most superficial understanding of their complex predicaments. It would be impertinent and pretentious to claim to know what is best for people who live lives of which I know so little.

    However, I am quite prepared to accept the support of US Christian movements without accepting either the Son or his immaculate conception; I am equally prepared to accept help from European right wing groups without adopting any of their viewpoints in other matters.

    What I write is neither original nor innovative. There are numerous examples in world history of allies having a common interest or foe without agreeing on any other matter. Nobody called Roosevelt a Communist when he supplied the Soviet Union with weaponry and nobody asked Joseph Stalin if he had become an aficionado of British imperialism. I could continue with examples of the French Republic fighting alongside the Russian monarchy in the Great War, but I’m beginning to bore myself. Allies can have shared interests that are not ideologies; it’s a simple as that.

    I would draw the line by saying that an Israeli I would not embrace a potential ally who was anti-Semitic or wished to cause harm to the Jewish community of country in which it operates. Likewise, it goes without saying that receiving help does not imply aiding such allies in unrelated causes. Israel can receive funds from churchgoers without joining the mission. Anglo Jews can accept assistance from unsavory skinheads at pro-Israel demonstrations without shaving their heads or tattooing their arms.

    I am aware that my opinion regarding Anglo Jewry receiving support from the EDL is not popular within the Jewish community itself – here I am referring to real Jews like Richard and his friends and naturally it is their decision, not mine to make.

    Okay, that’s it. This is not a dialogue Rich, because you’re an idiot. Just in case you really didn’t understand and are as stupid as your comments suggest.

  42. Rubin Katz

    To corroborate what Daniel is trying to explain; a good example for it, is the liberal far-left’s alliance with the totalitarian Islamo-fascists, though ideologically they have little in common. The only thing that unites them is their mutual hatred of Israel and the Jews; blaming all the world’s ills on them. This comes straight out of the Nazi, Der Sturmer.

    With my background, I could never support the EDL, but If I were a British or French Gentile, I would have backed them or the Front Nationale, without hesitation, in view of the creeping Islamoization of Europe. They reckon that its already too late as far as the sparsely populated Scandinavian countries are concerned. But if the British and French don’t wake up soon and take steps to defend their countries, they will lose them. And if advocating that one stands up for their country and culture makes me a rabid, racist imperialist, then so be it!

    • Rubin

      yes, it is getting more and more complicated – as much as I know a pretty right German group called pro-NRW (NRW is one of the German states) had a demonstration showing some Muslim-offending posters. Salafists came up and wanted to attack them. Since their demonstration (the rights) was court-approved police protected them and therefore the offended Muslims felt entitled to attack the police with fence poles, stones and knives with pretty severe injuries following.

      Now what does the interior minister of the state of NRW say? He wants the right to show Muslim-offending stuff restricted …

      This gives a much more balanced picture than the one that was presented to me last night in the evening news of our “BBC”, when I first heard of it. According to that one it was all the right-wingers fault and the poor Salafists just couldn’t help themselves … at least that is how I would have gotten the message during my not reading the news decades.


    • danielmarks

      Hi Rubin,

      I completely respect your saying that you could never support the EDL. I would, however make a couple of points:

      Firstly, I was talking about accepting their support or help rather than lending them ours.

      Secondly, though I acknowledge your greater wisdom in these matters, my understanding is that the EDL is not an anti-Semitic or White supremacist organization. It is labeled Islamaphobic by its opponents, but I’ve been called that and far worse for opposing the creation of a Palestinian state. It seems that there are those who will call anyone this pseudo-psychological term at the drop of a hat. “If I can label you a Islamaphobe, your views are irrelevant and so I don’t have to try and deal with them.” In reality to the best of my knowledge there is no such ailment.

      All that having been said, if the EDL were to adopt any type of Nazi ideology, terminology or symbolism, my views would be completely different.

  43. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    Just Google EDL nazi salutes or EDL anti-Semitism or EDL racism

    The point is, the EDL have taken a pro-Israel position for now, because it serves their current purpose….to oppose the Islamisation of Europe. But put a few pints in these neanderthals, and I certainly wouldn’t want to meet any of them in a dark alley in Manchester or Luton.

    You do know how to Google, don’t you? You’ll have to pull your head out of the sand long enough to do so.

    Any man who would accept a hand out from Christians who hope you’ll convert, or the EDL who would turn on them in a heart beat, is a dependent, not a man. Where is your pride? Where is your honor?

    • danielmarks


      You make interesting points and if you identify yourself intelligently I shall relate to them.

  44. The great thing about fascists, including Judeofascists, is if you just keep them talking their true colours always shine through. Thanks for that Daniel.
    And it is typical of your narcissism to think that I would stay up into the wee hours looking for comments by you. I merely am stumbling upon them while engaged on a wider project.

    But do feel free to keep typing.It is interesting that your position is provided that Jews are not immediately on the receiving end of it you don’t find racism to be any kind of a problem.

    What is funny is you think ( or pretend to think ) that the EDL is pro Israel. Doubtless you think there are fairies at the bottom of your garden.

  45. What I found even funnier is ” Daniels” claim that the German government would employ a not very bright Judeofascist Israeli illegal settler that opposes the German policy of two states for two people as an ” expert on the Middle East “. It seems that ” Daniel ” is a bit of a cyber Walter Mitty.

  46. danielmarks

    That’s it Rich. I tried to use simple tools of reason, but they were beyond you. Regarding the German groups, come on Monday at 12:45 to Maale Adumim

    “a delegation will come to Israel which deals with the subject „Israeli Cinema – A Mirror of Society and Politics“.

    “The group is made up of approx. 20 film and culture journalists, cultural managers, artists, policy-makers in the fields of cinema and culture in Germany.
    The group leaders will be Kathrin Willmann, director of the film department of the bpb and Mr. Knut Elstermann, a very well-known film critic [sic] and expert on Israeli film in Germany.”

    Check with them. You see Rich, I’m not an invented cyber-personality spouting infantile ignorance. Welcome to the real world.

    Anyway, that’s it. You managed to provoke me into wasting too much of my valuable time on a non-entity like your excellent self, but that was your only achievement and enough is enough. Please feel free to have the last words or as many as you wish and then crawl back to your sewer. I have another busy day today.

    • Daniel

      good luck for your encounter with the culture people – I wish you’d ask them in case they ululate about the 2-state-“solution” why they as Germans support the creation of another Jew-free area. I mean on the one hand we get excellent info on what we have done in lots and lots of radio programs, not to mention book and TV, so if we want to remain uneducated about it we’d have to make an effort and then define the “never again” so narrow as to restrict it to Israel’s right to exist??????
      To get the two together makes my head swim.

      maybe this info will be useful – especially since it seems to be so lopsided.


      (I find it hard to judge “modern art” without having seen it in reality – what had seemed plain ridiculous got me thinking very nicely when met in a museum.)

      • danielmarks

        Hi Silke,

        Any chance of you coming for Ariel’s barmitzvah?

      • Daniel

        no chance, not this year anyway, but if it should become feasible it’d be my invitation to whatever you suggest that would have to come first.

        I gather barmitzvah is about entry into adult life – may it become a good one.

  47. I am not here to ” achieve” I am here to gather material in respect of a wider project. You have been very helpful to me. Thank you. Actually it is not what I have read that has proved to be the most interesting. It is the sometimes deafening silences.

    How does some Germans coming to Israel to talk about Israeli cinema equate to a not very bright Judeofascist illegal settler that opposes the German policy of two states for two people claiming to be ” employed by the German govt as an expert of the middle east ” ?

    Is that one of the simple tools of reason you referred to above ?

    Anyway you gave Gert plenty of attention why can’t I have some too ? Why are you discriminating against lil ole umble me ?

  48. Daniel
    The EDL are nothing more than a rebranded off shoot of the British National Party . A sort of BNP lite for want of a better description .
    Their focus is on Islamism . My guess it is all Muslims . Scratch beneath the surface a little , and you will find their xenophobia extends to Hindus , Sikhs , blacks and of course Jew hatred .
    Their is a temptation felt by a very few to team up with these people . It comes from a sense of frustration and despair as we regard the hatred and barely concealed antisemitism emanating from the Islamofascist s and their far left / green party supporters . There is a natural desire to grab on to anything which resembles a friend in the struggle against this malignant cancer .
    However ,EDL and all that it stands for and its purported support for Israel and Jews is an illusion and a very dangerous one .
    They work on the premise that the enemy of my enemy is my friend . They are not our friends .
    They play a duplicitous nonsensical game when they turn up at demos with Israeli flags .
    It’s not out of a love of Jews or Israel but the knowledge that such a display further exacerbates the gulf between the two sides , Zionist and antizionism .
    We have many friends within the non Jewish community . Many fine orators such as Douglas Murray Robin Shepherd, Chas etc plus Christian friends of Israel . Fine outstanding individuals , morally and ethically .
    We do not need the likes of the EDL to ‘ defend our corner or speak for us .
    They are fascists and no different from the psc / bds brigade that we stand up to at every opportunity .
    They are not our allies . They are the enemy . Do not allow your frustrations to overrule your judgement .

    • Harvey
      what about the Christians siding with Israel while hoping for the second coming?
      Whose support gets you more votes into the Israel-friendly ballot box (provided there is such a thing in the UK)?

      Currently people in Germany try to bring up a boycott of the European Song contest in Aserbaidschan on the basis that the government seems to be more than a little bit not nice. But what about the info that the country seems (or seemed) to be willing to help Israel against Iran?

      Shall I join the calls for boycott because it would be the decent thing to do?

      (I remind the wanna-be-boycotters of this other side of Aserbaijan)

      guilty if one does guilty if one doesn’t

    • danielmarks

      Hi Harvey,

      I realize that your voice speaks for many Anglo Jews, I suspect a majority. The decision is yours to make, not mine. I was born in London and care for you and all Jews because you are my brothers, but that’s about it. You use words like despair and frustration to characterize my feelings about the plight of those unfortunate Jews still in exile in the UK and you are quite right. To my mind the most tragic side of that exile is that so many of its victims don’t even realize that they are in it.

      Yes, I am very worried about your future and that of your children and grandchildren. I’m worried because of your low birthrate and high assimilation rate, I’m worried because of the ignorance of so many Anglo-Jews. I was sure that “Rich” couldn’t be a Jew because he knows so little, but was assured that there are thousands like that. I am worried because within the Jewish population of the UK 1,000 Jews are lost every year and I’m desperately worried because so many of you aren’t.

      Regarding the threat of the spread of Islam in the UK, I actually see it as being a far more distant threat and regarding the hasbara needs of Israel in the UK I could hardly give a hoot. Some barmy resolution in the SOAS is infinitely less important than a synagogue that no longer has a quorum, a Jewish school that has to fill up its classed with gentiles because there are no Jewish children left or a parent who doesn’t know how to explain to his kids why to be Jewish.

      If you feel that youcan handle the bad guys without the EDL thugs on your side, then good luck to you. I hope you’re right. Incidentally, as you’ll see if you read what I wrote about them, I have no illusions that they are true lovers of Israel. I just think that the thugs you’re up against are more scared of them than they are of you, but as I’ve said many times, it’s your decision.

      Whatever you decide to do, you have my love and support.

  49. Too little too late Harvey

  50. Hi Silke
    You make a very interesting point . I am aware of , and extremely wary of the Christian groups who espouse ‘ the rapture theory ‘ of future Armageddon leading to the return of the Messiah . If I’m not mistaken it requires 250,000 Jews who acknowledge the return of the Christian Messiah in Israel . All other Jews and all nations will be destroyed prior to his return .
    So I do not acknowledge their false premise and false alliance with Jews and Israel although I understand Israelis with an eye to the
    burgeoning tourist industry taking their money and ignoring the crack pot theory .
    After all we have Scientology telling its adherents that we are the descendants of an alien race of reptiles that visited earth 30 million years ago . There will always be crackpots and weak misguided troubled souls who need to have some stability and guidance in their lives .
    I am talking about true Christian friends of Israel of whom there are many , who do not relate to rapture theory but are simply to be taken at face value for their love of Israel and friendship . I do not take this lightly and I do not attach cynical motives . I take the inherent goodness in people at face value and can easily differentiate those with ulterior and sinister motives .
    I hope that goes someway to explaining my thoughts on the different Christian elements that support Israel in one way or another .

    Rich just go away son . You are a bore .

    • Harvey
      to just stick with the most prominent example I know

      if Churchill hadn’t banned his knowledge of Stalin’s ulterior and sinister motives to the back of his mind and managed to even create a convivial atmosphere when talking to him it certainly would have been bad for the UK, at a minimum it would have meant even higher loss of life.

      I think that you living in the UK don’t want an outfit like the EDL close to just as we’d deny to side with ProNRW http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/0,1518,830775,00.html

      However, were I living in Israel the weights would shift very much for me, if I’d see group parading the Israeli flag my basic reaction would be, interesting, hopefully that’s helpful for us.

      Remember that as an Israeli I’d by now be very used to getting called an imperialist, fascist, apartheidist and worse from lots of folks with impeccable humanitarian affiliations.

  51. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    How many idiots can one blog take?

  52. Harvey there are just four certainties in this life. Death, taxes, Jonny Hoff is lying, and I am not boring you. In fact you are begging me for input.


  53. Richard, if you were to take out all the ad hominem attacks from here there wouldn’t be much left. However, reading your archives has made me have more respect for you than I set out with. And I don’t want to be in any way responsible for the deterioration of what was an excellent idea. And you said please. I am a sucker for that. So no more ad hominem from me.

    Does this mean they can’t call me a self hating anti semitic Jew anymore ?

  54. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    ALL Christians believe we’re going to hell….rapture or not. You can’t be that ignorant….unless of course, it serves your purpose.

  55. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    Harvey doesn’t speak for most Anglo Jews. Most of the Anglo Jewish organisations joined against the EDL in the UK some time ago.


    Harvey’s knowledge of the Christian agenda and belief is also faulty to a dangerous degree. There is no Christian love of Israel without the contingency that all Jews will repent and accept Jesus Christ as the son of G-d. Israel and Jews are not beloved by them for any other reason than to cure our error and redeem our souls as God’s chosen people who rejected Jesus some 2000 years ago.

    You all can squirm all you want but nothing….nothing can justify or rationalise teaming up with the racist EDL for any reason. They are anti-Semites.

  56. Hi Silke
    We have a saying
    ” all that glitters is not necessarily gold ‘
    Do not be taken in by members of EDL brandishing Star of David Flags . Their motive is anything but solidarity . They fly the flag for a number of reasons , mainly to provoke the other side but also to create an even deeper hatred of the Zionist / Jewish cause if that was possible .
    It’s a childish game , but because the fascists from the psc / bds are so imbued with irrational hate , they disavow themselves of all logic and rationale in order to convince themselves there is a tie in between Zionists and EDL . They even go as far as proclaiming a link between the EDL and the Zionist Federation whose chief patron is the Chief Rabbi . Just think about the evilness of what they are suggesting .
    But you have to remember we are dealing with an amalgam of Stalinists , Marxists , revolutionaries and the like . They have inherited and mastered the art of propaganda to the point that if they so much as open their mouths you know what comes out is a lie .
    I understand your confusion regarding the illusion of so called supporters holding an Israeli flag . Same goes for an Israeli or for that matter any nationality presented with such a sight .
    But you see , I am on home ground . I better understand the subtleties and nuances of cultural differences and symbolic demonstrations and recognise it to be a sham .
    It would be the same for me in Germany if I was presented with an ‘ optical illusion such as this . It’s simply about understanding ones own culture and what lies beneath this singularly insincere act .

  57. JAP
    Unless something has been lost in translation somewhere from both parties , I think you will find I have a virulent hatred of fascists be they the red /green alliance of islamofacists and the psc far left and that of the EDL / BNP .
    With all due respect , perhaps you should re read my previous comments .
    As for your comment regarding Christian sentiments , perhaps you could provide some empirically definitive statistic for such a sweeping and dare I say , nonsensical statement .

  58. Daniel
    Briefly , we agree on some things and not on others .
    In my teens , when I was old enough to understand , my father told me about the Battle of Cable Street and the part he and his brothers played in it . He mentioned the Communists who were also there to fight against Mosleys black shirts . He mentioned the fact that the reds were not there out of any great love for the Jews , in fact they were as antisemitic as the black shirts . However their priority was to confront Mosley . It just happened that Mosley chose a Jewish area to mark out his territory . The Jewish concerns were incidental . Black shirts and Commies were up for a rumble .
    This is analogous to what you are describing today only substituting EDL for Communists .
    We are not taken in by their so called solidarity .
    We do not need and do not want their ‘ support ‘ under any condition .

    • danielmarks

      Okay Harvey, good luck to you. Cable Street is not a bad example, only at that time there were some pretty tough East End Jewish barrel boys in the East End. I’m not sure that Anglo Jewry is that tough today. Also, the Jews and Communists had the Fascists outnumbered by about twenty to one, so the actual battle was against the police. And for all that they still worked with the Communists.

      Furthermore, I’m reminded of Napoleon’s question, when told that the Pope objected to his regime, “How many battalions has the Pope?”

      In other words, if you’re sure you’ve got the men, and they’ve got the muscles and the motivation, and that you don’t need that EDL scum to help you, then once again I wish you G-d’s speed and all the best!

  59. Is this the same Harvey that thinks the likes of Dan Judelson and Deborah Maccobi are ” a hundred times worse than the EDL ” ? What an embarrassingly transparent pantomime. But way too late Harvey, it is all documented.

  60. All documented, photographed and hard drived bbbaaaayyyybbbbeeeeee

  61. Ahhhh just feel the love! Remember they just hate Zionism not Jews.

  62. Daniel I don’t usually do this for free. But I have grown quite fond of you. Harvey and his fellow raggle taggle gypsies are an extreme lunatic fringe of British Zionism. They are an embarrassment to the vast majority of UK Jews. They have all the motivation in the world . But so far as the muscle and men are concerned……They couldn’t raise enough of either to get my cat off of a mouse it was tormenting.

    Like what was their turnout at Ahava on a sunny Saturday in , say July. Four ? Let’s not even think about a freezing wet day in november.

  63. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    ” Could someone please explain to me what is so despicable about the EDL ? I have looked at their website and have found nothing …….in any way despicable as an Israeli .”

    “In other words, if you’re sure you’ve got the men, and they’ve got the muscles and the motivation, and that you don’t need that EDL scum to help you, then once again I wish you G-d’s speed and all the best!”

    Glad I could help you out.

    Pssst….Rich…..They’re an embarrassment in the US too.

  64. Yeah when did the EDL become scum ? I know a week is a long time in politics. It seems 12 hours is a long time in ” Daniel’s ” cyber persona.

  65. ” Daniel ” you just don’t seem to get it.So far as the community is concerned they are just extremist fruit loops barking at the moon. If they knew you they would take the same view.

    If they took your advice and got on a plane to Israel the sigh of relief would be deafening.

  66. rich is of course Rich Armbach aka RRZ who spews his anti-Israel vomit on the JC website but fortunately had his knees cut from under him when the JC changed their blog terms and so deprived him of his soapbox – on this website I see there is no pretense and he is as much a real Zionist as was the arch terrorist Arafat.

  67. Norman I love the new JC blog terms. In fact I think they are the best thing to happen to the blogosphere since………..well since the ……hang on I will think of something.

    And as a matter of record, and this is just a statement, I am not trying to sell anyone. As a simple matter of fact I am not a self hating Jew. OK I have my downsides but I don’t hate my wife and kids. OK I hate me but not them.

    OK I aim to please. I better come clean. I hate Jews including my wife and kids Happy now ?

    But I digress. ………I think

  68. I forgot to include me

  69. I will go to the pub, I mean bed, happy in the knowledge that ” Daniel ” values my life Fuck you goys.

    • Tony Jacobs

      Rich, how sweet. So glad you feel comfortable enough to let us know how you truly feel.

  70. Michael Goldman

    Hello Again
    Just popped in to see what’s going on and it must be obvious to one and all that we have a new star on board.
    So rich let me give you a belated welcome to Richard’s blog.
    You certainly seem like the kind of man I’d be happy to have round for tea.
    I like your style.
    I would however like to make a teeny little (so small it’s almost insignificant) point , which you should feel free to ignore.
    It’s just that as someone who lives in Israel I don’t really give a Fuck whether some land we captured whilst fighting for our existence is legal under international law or not.
    You can tell me I’m nitpicking (my wife often does) but 64 years of our neighbors telling us that they are going to destroy my country have taken their toll.
    It doesn’t take a genius to look at the way they deal with each other to surmise how they would deal with the Jews living here if they ever got the chance.
    So please forgive me for saying this but if we in any way believe that keeping Judea ,Samaria Jerusalem Tel Aviv or that nasty mole on Netanyahu’s bottom increase our chance of survival then keep them we must.
    Sorry to disappoint but they do so go on about how much they hate Jews and have been doing so long before we captured these areas ( I’m obviously referring to Judea and Samaria and not the mole on Netanyahu’s bottom) that I find it hard to believe that giving away any land will in fact make them want to kill us any less.
    You may call me a coward but as a Jew living in 0.25% of the Middle East and surrounded by fanatical Islamic regimes numbering hundreds of millions who have told us many times what they will do to us given half the chance I prefer to err on the side of caution.
    As for a joint 50% Arab 50% Jewish State.
    You might not have noticed but the Arab Arab states don’t seem to be centers of peace and tranquility .
    A joint 50% Arab 50% Jewish State is simply suicide.
    But please do not misunderstand me.
    I can see where you’re coming from.
    A Jew living in an antisemitic country like England , especially one not known for his bravery, must be pretty scared especially with the rise of Arab power.
    If you ask me it’s a pretty nifty move writing all those anti Israel articles.
    LOOK AT ME you shout I’M A GOOD JEW.
    Well I say Good Luck To You!
    Richard . Maybe you could learn a thing or two from rich and be a little quieter .You know , No need to rock the boat and all that.
     What’s all this ” Thank goodness in Judaism we have the Ten Commandments that tell a man to honour his wife ”
    I’ve searched all Ten over and over but can’t find the one about honoring the wife anywhere.
    If I don’t get an invite soon you’ll need more than crutches to get to Ariel’s Bar Mitzva.
    That’s All For Now

    • Tony Jacobs

      I’m not quite as right wing as you are. I’d be happy to give up some the mole on Netanyahu’s bottom for peace. As long as we can keep the bit nearist Jerusalem, I’d negotiate the rest for peace, or piss as the Arabs spell it.

  71. danielmarks

    For me, it would be too painful a concession.

    Anyway Tony, since you don’t live here you have no right to negotiate my democratically PM’s buttocks or an part of them!

    • Tony Jacobs

      I may (temporarily) be a yored, but he’s our PM. How about I just negotiate my share of a small part of his democratically elected tuchus mole? Maybe in return for my Turkish friend’s acknowledgement of my right to exist.

  72. Rubin Katz

    Just for the record, it was Tovarish Stalin, who came up with the famous line, on being told that the Pope wielded enormous power, to which Uncle Joe retorted: “How many divisions does the Pope have under his command?”

    Anytime Daniel, if there is anything you want to know about the ‘War in the East’, you only have to ask….

  73. you guys drive me nuts -what is this about a mole on Netanyahu’s bottom – Google was unable to tell me, thus you must or curiosity will kill me

    • danielmarks

      Try Google Earth!

      I cheerfully concede that mistake, Well done.

    • Tony Jacobs

      Sorry Silke, it was just a silly joke that (I think) Daniel made and I remarked on. Just a couple of old gits trying to be funny.

  74. Rubin Katz

    @ Tony Jacobs
    It is Shimon Persky, better known as President Peres, who is fond of saying he would be prepared to make painful concessions for a real piss! Israelis in general, have difficulty in pronouncing the ‘ea’ in peace – invariably it comes out as ‘piss’. And the same must be true of their ‘cousins’. Actually, Peres’s pronunciation of the word has improved considerably, as of late. One of his aides must have plucked up the courage to inform him that it is embarrassing and not becoming of a President…!

    • Tony Jacobs

      Refusal to cede land for a real piss shows me that politics is a young man’s game.

  75. Hello Michael

    Ahhh another put em on trains and ship em east of the Jordan merchant. What is it about this site that attracts so many Jewdeo fascists ? It is hardly Richards’s fault. Reasoning might not be his strong point but I have concluded that he is an agreeable enough bloke.

    But Michael if I might make one teeny ( so small it’s almost insignificant) point, which you should feel free to ignore. The world won’t stand for what you have planned. And before you tell me you don’t give a flying fuck what the world thinks let me make another teeny ( so small that it’s almost insignificant ) point, which you can feel free to ignore.Since Israel is the single most dependent country in the world all this we don’t give a fuck posturing is mere hollow hyberbole. Israel, as America’s spoilt, child is so far still being indulged. That the world will eventually run out of patience is inevitable.

  76. And as for the Uk being an anti semitic country, sorry to disappoint you given that you wouldn’t know what to do with yourself without anti semitism., but it is nonsense. Go into any pub and when the beer has flowed a bit and the racist chit starts up, sorry to disappoint you again, but Jews don’t get a mention.

    If the UK was a food label and if anti semitism was listed among the ingredients at all, it would be listed as ” trace “. Richard finds plenty, some real, some imagined. But he is determined to and he knows exactly where to look.

    • Tony Jacobs

      rich, you almost make a good point, but once again your lack of context skews the matter. As a plumber I mix with a lot of ‘working class’ Brits, who are usually-although reservedly-pro Israel and Judeo neutral.
      It’s the educated middle class who are ever more rabidly Jew hating. Twenty five years of concerted anti-Zionist hate mongering at British universities has made anti-Semitism not just acceptable, but popular.
      Oh, it’s not me that is confusing anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism, it’s the Jew hating class that uses the words Jew, Zionist and Israel synonymously.
      Just listen to Ken Livingstone, Jenny Tonge, or any other anti-Zionist human rights campaigner for long enough and the Jew hatred just bubbles up.

  77. Sharon Klaff

    Here it is in action:

    • There you are you see, it’s easy. Sharon includes those who take children to visit a mosque among her anti semites. I bet she is up to 53,453,876 in the UK already.

      Psstt Sharon…You are certifiable, you do know that don’t you ?

  78. Tony that is exactly my point.

    If you did a count of anti semites in the Uk you would include me. I know this because you have said so. And all on the basis of what I have typed here. You can have as many anti semites you want. You want 30 million anti semites in the UK ? No prob. 40 million ? You can have 40 million if you want.

    All you have to do is quit speaking English and adopt a private language. Extend the concept to include as many anti semites as you have decided you are going to have. You can take in the whole population if you want to. No prob. It’s your private language you can do anything you want.

    Except that as I have previously pointed out the idea of a private language is a contradiction. And those that insist on speaking one for long enough eventually get taken away by men in white coats.

    Try this experiment. My daughter and I have actually done this. Go out onto a random street.and stop say 100 people. Ask ” what do you understand by anti semitism ? ” You will get….

    hatred of Jews

    persecution of Jews

    discrimination against Jews

    Or some combination of these. Pretty much what the dictionaries tell us. If your experience is the same as ours, and I bet it would be, Israel would not get a SINGLE mention.

    • richardmillett

      And if you asked them whether anti-Semitism included hatred of the Jewish state then many of them would probably say yes it does.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • Tony Jacobs

      rich, you’re all semantics and no substance. And it’s not my use of language we are discussing, it’s the Jew haters use of it.
      For them, Zionist, Israeli and Jew are synonymous. So when they criticise Israeli Zionists, they mean Jews. Listen to them for long enough and this always becomes clear, no matter how good their socialist, communist, liberal, anti Fascist, human rights campaigning credentials may be. They always start by singling out Israel and Zionism for criticism and end up talking about the Jews. And singling out one nation/people/religion for constant, harsh criticism of their most minor infractions, whilst ignoring (and often condoning) the murderous actions of their neighbours, sure seems like bias to me.

      For example, if one conducted the same anti-Israel campaign against the Papal state and its papist clergy, demonising them and their supporters, calling for the destruction of the state and so on, everyone would know they were anti-Catholic.

      • Tony you keep saying ” they “. Who are ” they ” and how many do they number ?

      • Tony Jacobs

        Do I rich? And yet in your quote, there’s not a single ‘they.’
        But let’s not get tangled up in semantics, for all your love of it. You are they, so you tell me how many you are?

        Do you really believe you’re as stupid as you claim to be?

      • Tony Jacobs

        rich, you keep trying to avoid the questions, why is that? And what is your answer?

      • Tony

        hasn’t “rich” told us already numerous times that he is doing research and that by now he has found on this site all that he needs.

        I think the first time must have been about 5 days ago.

        Not that I am impressed by his posing as a scholar, but if he wants to pose as one shouldn’t he be consistent as any scholar deserving the name would be.

      • Tony Jacobs

        Yes Silke, you are right and I shouldn’t fall for his provocation. But part of me always feels that maybe he is just stupid and will understand if I take the time to explain just once more.

      • Tony in your post you say ” they ” three times, ” them ” twice, and ” their ” once.

        Ok I am being coy, I know who you mean. But how many do you think they number ?

      • danielmarks

        Hi Richard, Sharon, Tony, Silke, Rubin etc

        Am I the only one here who is finding these two idiots “rich” and the princess an incredible bore that are ruining this blog? I’m not advocating censorship, but the discussions have ceased to be based on any kind of topic. I’m either trying to teach the princess second grade reading comprehension, or reading “rich”‘s codswallop, because apparently the JC has banned him.

        Would anyone of us be allowed to write such tripe on one of their anti-Semitic blogs? I believe that they are not even trying to win an argument, but in recognition of their own ignorance prefer to just try to drag the level of discussion here to the gutter.

        I have no solution to recommend, I just wanted to say that I’m feeling quite frustrated.

      • Tony Jacobs

        Here, here. Let’s just ignore them both.

      • Daniel
        but I have benefited because now I know that I may use yesteryear much more broadly than I had guessed up to now


        Actually I find the “princess” more of a nuisance than the apparently suffering terribly from loneliness “rich”. But the “princess” somehow reminds me of these Barbie dolls and those I could never stand because they have longer legs than I.

      • Tony Jacobs

        rich, as I’ve already stated, you are they. So go research.

  79. danielmarks

    I think it’s hard to make a judgment as to whether England is anti-Semitic without a universally agreed upon definition as to what the term means.
    An anti-Semitic country could be:

    a. A country where a large part of the population do not like Jews.

    b. A country where there are a large number of anti-Semitic incidents with the population giving vent to their dislike of Jews.

    c. A country that’s democratically elected government maintains an anti-Semitic policy towards its Jewish population.
    I’m sure there are other possibilities too.

    While I have no doubt that according to definition A England is and has always been anti-Semitic and according to definition C it is not and has probably not been (at least since Cromwell), regarding the second possibility the answer is less clear.

    I think that the various published statistics are meaningless. I recall as a child hearing that the Bnei Brith reported 212 (my random number) anti-Semitic incidents for a given year, an “increase of 3% on last year” or “a fall of 7%”, we all knew of tens, perhaps hundreds of matters that were never reported. I was called a “Jew boy” “Kike” more times than I could remember, but none of those incidents is recorded. My friends, Goldman among them, had similar experiences.

    Secondly, I respectfully take with a pinch of salt anyone who does not wear a skull-cap in the streets of London (not Golders Green) and claims to experience no Jew hatred. It’s the equivalent of a black man painting himself white and then saying he feels no discrimination. It’s not by chance that so many incidents are by synagogues and Jewish institutions – they can’t hate you, if they can’t recognize you.

    Again, unlike Goldman who visits the UK regularly and is in constant contact with friends and family there, I’m pretty cut off and probably know about as much about the UK as you guys do about Israel. Yes, I read the papers and watch TV, and I guess I have the advantage of speaking the language, but how valuable can my judgment be on the matter? It goes without saying that I hope that all the optimists are right.

  80. Sharon Klaff

    I met some of the EDL when they were allowed to support us on demos. I found them to be of diverse backgrounds, international in origin and saying nothing other about Islam than do experts like Walid Shoebat, Nonie Darwish, Robert Spencer, Bernard Lewis, Ayaan Hirsi Ali. It is my view that they are being maligned by the same people who call for Israel to be eradicated, using the same tactics to denigrate them as they use against the Jewish people. EDL has a strong national ideology that expounds nothing other than the retention of the British culture in a democratic environment and they have been linked to the BNP by the very same people who expound replacement ideology that converts Moses to Islam and tells of a meeting he had with the founder of Islam who lived centuries later and some.

    We who seek the truth need to be aware of the difference between reality and propaganda. It is clear that the EDL are victims of propaganda. It’s a pity that those who support Israel and the Jewish people cannot see that.

    • danielmarks

      Yes, I was also a little intrigued at how the voices who claim that there is no anti-Semitism in the UK maintain that the EDL is anti-Semitic. However, the ones who scream about Palestinian blood and Israeli genocide are not.

      It’s always the guys who oppose us that are there with the good advice. Like the anti-Zionists who explain that if we don’t give away lands we’ll lose our Jewish state to demography. Or the ones who run around the planet trying to stir the world up against settlements and then tell us that we have to stop building because the world is against it.

      I wonder what might be an Israel hater’s ulterior motive in telling Anglo Jews not to take help from the EDL….Or is it just my suspicious mind?

      • Sharon Klaff

        You have understood this Daniel. What they do is alienate the mmm against any entity that might prove more of force than they can reckon with. The EDL have a strong message, simply saying don’t mess with who we are as Englishmen, we will not be your Dhimmies. What’s wrong with that? Those who shun the EDL are no less victims of propaganda as those who believe the replacement theory used against Israel in the name of the Jew. Time will show this to be right.

  81. Do people tell Anglo Jews not to take help from the EDL ? Or do they merely draw conclusions about the some that do ?

  82. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    Daniel Marks
    You were quoted by Rich on May 7, 2012:

    rich | May 7, 2012 at 9:07 am | Reply
    “Quite on the contrary young lady. A good Jew can neither be a racist, rabid or otherwise.”

    ” Could someone please explain to me what is so despicable about the EDL ? I have looked at their website and have found nothing …….in any way despicable as an Israeli .”

    And while Rich might have quoted you from the archive, you then had the good sense to post on May 8th this little pearl of wisdom about the EDL:

    danielmarks | May 8, 2012 at 3:00 am | Reply
    Hi Rubin,

    I completely respect your saying that you could never support the EDL. I would, however make a couple of points:

    Firstly, I was talking about accepting their support or help rather than lending them ours.

    Secondly, though I acknowledge your greater wisdom in these matters, my understanding is that the EDL is not an anti-Semitic or White supremacist organization. It is labeled Islamaphobic by its opponents, but I’ve been called that and far worse for opposing the creation of a Palestinian state. It seems that there are those who will call anyone this pseudo-psychological term at the drop of a hat. “If I can label you a Islamaphobe, your views are irrelevant and so I don’t have to try and deal with them.” In reality to the best of my knowledge there is no such ailment.

    All that having been said, if the EDL were to adopt any type of Nazi ideology, terminology or symbolism, my views would be completely different.

    Now, sit down, fool.

  83. danielmarks

    Gosh you’re getting those proverbial knickers in a twist:

    “And while Rich might have quoted you from the archive….”

    It’s okay to just say you were wrong. Yesteryear means years ago, yesterday means a day ago, it’s that simple. There’s nothing to get flustered about.

    We all make a thousand mistakes and typos every day. The lesson is to acknowledge them like an adult and move on, not dig an even deeper hole. Here I misquoted Napoleon last night, Rubin corrected me and I thanked him. Nobody got upset.

    Now look at your silly mistake above. The daft part wasn’t making the mistake, you didn’t notice the date and you thought you could score a little point out of it. The error wasn’t even not bothering to check. The mistake was trying to pursue this silly matter, carrying on arguing an inconsequential point about which you already know you’re wrong.

    “And while Rich might have quoted you from the archive….”

    It just makes you look like a child.

    Anyway all that is your business. For all I know maybe you are a child, in which case the behavior and your infantile, “Now, sit down, fool.” make sense.

    Either way, that’s it. I’m not a psychiatrist, this is an extremely petty discussion and so you’re going to have to figure out all by yourself why you are what you are. Your problems are certainly not the topic of this page and frankly, I’d rather discuss more interesting matters.

  84. You know Daniel needs an updated internet strategy. This having more interesting or more important things to do when busted is such an old and obvious record, kinda circa 1995.

  85. Sharon Klaff

    Some people don’t know the difference between proselytising and taking school kids on an educational trip to a local religious establishment.

  86. Rubin Katz

    @ Sharon, Daniel, Tony Jacobs, et al.

    If you need examples of institutionalised British anti-Semitism, which is more insidious and damaging than your common or garden variety. You need to look no further than the universities, where life has become unbearable for Jewish students. The radical-left professors and lecturers, let alone the authorities, could easily put an end to it, but they won’t.

    What about racist hatred that is spewed out on the streets of our major cities? There are laws in place against this sort of thing but its not applied, as there is a price to be paid. Lies don’t matter, because Jew-baiting is free. Who hasn’t seen the blood-curdling posters calling for another Holocaust? And ‘Israel needs to be eradicated for peace to reign’. Again, it is the police and the authorities who are loathe to take action because there might be consequences… All this is not lost on the Islamo-Fascists and their English ‘lefties for hire’.

    Then there is the left-wing, liberal press. The vile gang of ten Pakistani rapists (one skipped bail) who prayed on about 50 simple north country girls. They are due to be sentenced today. Moslem criminals are always referred to as ‘Asian’ here. This is rather unfair to the law-abiding Hindus, Chinese, etc. But if a Jew commits some misdemeanour who hasn’t an obvious Jewish name, the paper is not slow to mention that the offender is the son of Jewish immigrants. In the case of the Moslem gang rapists, it would not surprise me if the judge comes out with the mitigating circumstances before passing sentence, that this is no crime in their own culture, not where men are concerned! If only we had Shariya here, there would be no problem….!

  87. theoriginaljewishamericanprincess

    I agree. Your pettiness about when that post was made was the turning point of this discussion on the merits or the lack there of, of the EDL. Again, while that post seemingly was dug out by Rich (without the date) and copied by me, your followup comment only served to again show your ignorance about the EDL and then, your further idiocy in continuing to claim the same ignorance 2 years later. Obviously, the date of it doesn’t matter. You’re still the ignorant pretender now that you were 2 years ago. Pull your head out of the sand and get educated before you make some kind of statement or take a position on something as significant as the alignment of our people to such an organisation as the EDL.

    All this bravado and self serving pomposity only proves you are an idiot. Your problems blah blah blah… I’m smarter than you are blah blah blah….I’m older than you are blah blah blah….I’m wiser than you are blah blah blah….who’s the child? ‘

    I can see why using the EDL for their numbers would appeal to you. You have that smarmy, greasy, use anyone for what they can do for you mentality.

  88. Sharon Klaff

    This is the Israel they are trying to destroy through deligitimisation. It will never happen because they cannot break the spirit that makes the nation, be they Jews in Israel or living in the diaspora.


  89. Daniel I wish the JC had told me that I am banned, then I wouldn’t have bothered blogging on there all afternoon. You are right about one thing though, I am not trying to win any kind of an argument. Do try to be less of a cry baby just because you are no longer having everything your own way. It is so demeaning for you and embarrassing for us to watch.

    • rich being disingeuous again. Armbach/RRZ or whatever you call yourself nowadays is peeved because he never got the call from the JC asking him to blog. Maybe it was because the stuff he blogged before then gave even camel dung a bad name or perhaps his brand of Zionism gave even the JC indigestion.
      As it is he hides behind a pseudonym because he thinks that way he can get away with making outrageous statements – I think it just proves that he lacks any kind of moral fibre maybe he would be better off getting po faced in a pub.

  90. I had always imagined that men with 20 years IDF experience were made of sterner stuff.

  91. Rubin Katz

    There is good news today from Israel for a change. Bibi and Shaul Mofaz have reached agreemente that will bring Kadima into the coalition, that the down-in-the-mouth Tzipi was against. This does away with the neccessity of an election this year, as well as creating a broad-based government that can deal more effectively with the threat from Iran.

  92. danielmarks

    Hi Rubin,

    I’m less delighted than most at the extraordinary turn of events. While I was not looking forward to an election campaign and all the junk it usually generates, I was pleased that Kadima would finally get their comeuppance. Now this will be delayed. Mofaz opposes military action in Iran, so I’m not sure that their joining will strengthen those who favor such measures. On the other hand the guy changes his mind with alarming regularity, so by tomorrow (that means the day after today, Princess) he may feel quite differently.

    The thing I dislike about Kadima is that it is a party founded on corruption and opportunism and devoid of any ideology. I disagree with both the Labour Party and Meretz, but at least they have principles. I think many of them are wrong, sometimes even dangerous, but at least they’re there.

    For all those reasons I think it is unfortunate that Kadima and Mofaz in particular have been given a new lease of life rather than being allowed to die a natural (political) death.

    A final point is that I do not think that a government supported by 94/120 Knesset members. In a healthy Western democracy a strong and healthy opposition is of great importance and its job is to offer the electorate a real alternative. Israel has not had a real opposition for three years now and that can’t be good, not even for the Israeli Right.

  93. But Daniel I thought we were essentially an oriental people and Israel was of and in the Middle East. So what is this ” healthy WESTERN democracy” stuff ? You surely don’t mean to imply that Israel is a western cuckoo in the oriental nest ?

    I mean it is terribly confusing to be told that Israel is home and at the same time we are western. Surely those things can’t be true together ?

    • Tony Jacobs

      Israel, Australia, New Zealand, all western democracies. Are you a child, or do you think you are as stupid as you pretend to be?

      • We all know the answer to that one … the silly child doesn’t understand that a Western democracy, which is an idea, can be located physically anywhere.
        No wonder he makes such a dog’s dinner of trying to construe Geneva IV.

    • Tony Jacobs

      Israel is the last lion of Judah, surrounded by invading Arab jackals.

      I mean it is terribly confusing to be told that Israel is home to the Palestinians and at the same time the Palestinians come from Bosnia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. But Jordan is ruled by Hashmite Arabs from Saudi Arabia who have every right to oppress the real Palestinians who lived there before the Hashmites invaded and occupied 76% of what was supposed to be the Jewish homeland. Surely those things can’t be true together ?

  94. Just one more internal contradiction I guess. And as all rational people know the REAL existential threat is not Arab armies, or terrorism or an Iranian bomb but Israel’s internal contradictions. The same kind of contradictions that brought down the Soviet Union and apartheid South Africa. Both were supreme regional powers, the former a world power. They had the advantage over Israel in that their iron fist was based on a degree of military self sufficiency. It did not save them.

    The only thing that can save Israel is an embracing of historic Jewish values. Daniel’s brooding, bitter I AM A JEW victim mentality is a sure road to hell. Permit me to sit that one out. If it is determined to go to hell it is going without me.

  95. Rubin Katz

    Hi Daniel
    I don’t disagree with anything you say, not living there, I don’t know enough about the political shenanigans. But I would have thought that something as important as the strategy on Iran would have been discussed, before coming to an agreement. I didn’t realise Mofaz was soft on Iran.

    If you recall, when Iraqi scuds were raining down on Tel Aviv, many of them landed on the nearby town of Ramat-Gan, where many Iraqi Jews had settled. People at the time said that the Iraqi tyrant was trying to get at his own people! For the same reason, perhaps Mofaz, who was born in Iran, doesn’t want to target his compatriots!

    Seriously though, why waste your time and energy on these worthless people here; one is a facetious swaggerer and the other plainly obnoxious. I leave it to you to decide which is which and who is worse. I wish Richard would put the lid on them both. He pulled the plug on Roberta (was it?) just as I was making my debut here. Pity, I liked the sound of her! She was a girl with beitzim, as the Irish say….

    • danielmarks

      Hi Rubin,

      I signed your petition and may you have much nachas.

      I had an Italian journalist interview me for almost two hours today about Maale Adumim and El Azarria. He was a gentile and probably no lover of Zion, but the guy had intelligence and had come to learn. He’s spent a long time here researching and talking to people much more clever than I, and I’m looking forward to reading his book.

      Otherwise it’s Lag Ba’Omer tonight, so the fires are burning and I’ve finally been able to shave.

      Regards to your lovely lady,


  96. Michael Goldman

    Great stuff rich
    Calling me a Jewdeo fascist was excellent and claiming that our “Israel’s internal contradictions” will be our downfall was a work of genius.
    Keep it up.
    And there is obviously NO ANTISEMITISM IN THE UK !!!

    Never allow the British Jews who care to ever change your strategy.
    Eventually your neighbours will realise that you are OK.
    Remember : Being a good Jew is all about YOUR SURVIVAL.
    You may be called names like:
    “Snide and conniving”,”snake” or “the sort of git who’d sell his mum for two shillings”
    Ignore them all.
    You’ve been called much worse for most of your life.

    Whatever Israel does or is done to Israel remember Israel is always wrong!
    Any British Jew who supports Israel is a traitor and a fool.
    If you follow this advice one fine day your neighbours might almost forget that you are Jewish.

    rich, You are a King among men!

    • danielmarks

      I speak a Yiddish, but a Polish Yiddish.

    • Tony Jacobs

      Michael, do I detect a hint of sarcasm in your posting?

      Great stuff, keep it coming please.

      • danielmarks

        Yes, I believe that Michael’s is a bold new voice that talks to a generation.

        Michael Goldman defies the ancient and outdated conventions of political correctness, grammar, spelling and punctuation and just calls it as he sees it.

        The only point I would make about an otherwise perfect comment is to remind Goldman that the UK has recently gone over to a new metric currency in which the hapless mother in question would be sold for 10p rather than the old two bob that we all remember with such nostalgia.

        Neither was two bob anything to be sneezed of in its day. The venerable Woodthorpe Harrison..
        …vividly recalled taking his lady friend to a matinee performance followed by fish and chips for two Shillings, while still having enough cash in hand to buy his wife a bunch of tulips on his way home.

  97. Sharon Klaff

    The Arabs in J & S were Jordanean when Jordan was in occupation of that section of Israel. Yes Jordan that Apartheid state that only a few weeks ago removed nationality and citizenship from all those people who fell into the trap of identifying themselves as Arab Palestinian. Of course Jewish Palesinians never get a mention!

  98. You see Michael the problem is this………Israel bangs on about its ” security “. And people find themselves buying it. Then they remember the occupation, and think hmmm this doesn’t add up. If its about security what is this colonisation stuff all about ? Why is this ” security ” fence not built on Israeli land or right bank on the frontier ? What is this Israelisation of East Jerusalem all about ? And they call bullshit. You see the occupation calls bullshit on the ” security ” bleating. 99.9999999% recurring of the people you call ” Jew haters ” and ” Israel haters ” are in fact occupation haters. I am proud to wear the tee shirt.

    Interestingly enough the guy that plays Ali G, forgot his name, was saying on the radio this very morning that if there is significent anti semitism in the UK he hasn’t envountered it.

    • richardmillett

      I haven’t seen Ali G at a PSC event.

    • Tony Jacobs

      You see rich, the problem is this………Palestine bangs on about its ” occupation “. And people find themselves buying it. Then they remember the genocidal Jew hatred, and think hmmm this doesn’t add up. If its about occupation what is this ethnic cleansing and genocide stuff all about ? Why is this ” democratic(Jew free) Palestine ” to be built on Israeli land ? What is this Islamisation of Jerusalem (Israel and the west) all about? And they call bullshit. You see the call for world wide genocide of Jews (followed by the destruction of European democracy and re-establishment of the caliphate) calls bullshit on the ” occupation ” (of disputed lands, that were supposed to go to the Jews) bleating. 99.9999999% recurring of the people you call ” Palestine haters ” and ” Islamaphobs ” are in fact genocide haters. I am proud to wear the tee shirt.

  99. In other words if Israel were to do what is expected of all civilised nations and stick to its internationally recognised frontiers, problem solved.

    • richardmillett

      In your dreams. If you’re so concerned about Israel move there, win hearts and minds and get the electorate to vote for you. But you don’t live there, you don’t have to worry, you can play armchair theorist. If Israel does what you want and it doesn’t work out as you predicted, then what? How would you explain the bloodshed then? You’d no doubt blame Israel again. Jewish people have heard it all before, Rich. When they have listened to others like you in the past it hasn’t worked out the way it was meant to. So I think Israelis would say thanks for your advice but no thanks, you don’t live here, you have no vested interest and, as we are a democracy, we let our people decide our future but you are welcome to come to Israel and change their views to match your own so when are you coming?

    • Tony Jacobs

      In other words if Islam were to do what is expected of all civilised nations and negotiate solutions, rather than call for genocidal wars of conquest and destruction, along with all the terrorist murder of children, problem solved.

    • Tony Jacobs

      What Israeli border do Hamas and The Muslim Brotherhood accept?

  100. Sharon Klaff

    Tony, you forgot to remind readers that when Jordan occupied J & S on the West bank of the Jordan River, land they occupied after launching an aggressive war on Israel, no Jews were allowed to live there let alone attend the Jewish Holy sites. The entire region was ethnically cleansed of Jews, some of whom had emanated from a lineage dating back to biblical times, centuries before any pagan Arabs invaded the region. That real Apartheid state Jordan, created by the British as an appeasement to the Hashemite nomads, still does not allow Jews to live east of the Jordan river. Only a couple of weeks ago that phony British created monarchy disenfranchised 80% of its population, the Arab citizens who no longer have land or property rights. 80% of the citizens of Jordan, that real Apartheid state, are now non citizens despite them having been born there through 3 or more generations. They are stateless as a result of the racist policies of the King of Jordan. And to boot, that celubrious POTUS has appointed Turkey, the latest Islamified state, to oversee a proposition for Muslim Brotherhood governance of Jordan once the king is deposed. Such a governance will ensure that the 80% disenfranchised population remains so. And all this while idiots with no clue are attacking Israel for being that last post for western civilisation to the East of Europe. Stupid people who call themselves liberal and “left” betray their own socialist principles by partnering that genocidal, misogynistic, fascist ideology parading as a religion of peace to satiate their hatred of Jews, amongst them the most despicable Jews who hate themselves so much they would kill off their own mothers.

    • Tony Jacobs

      Agreed Sharon. And we both omitted to mention that Jews are still not allowed to own land in Jordan and the penalty for selling land to a Jew is death.

    • Tony Jacobs

      Meanwhile, a single family of Arab squatters, who moved into a Jewish home in 1948 are evicted for the non-payment of even a token rent for 45 years, after a decade of court battles (while numerous other rent paying families are allowed to remain) and ‘human rights’ activists cry racism. Yet thousands of Jews were ethnically cleansed from Hevron, Schem and other areas of Judea and Shomron in the 1920’s Arab riots and no one says a word. And of course, mentioning the 850,000 Jews stripped of citizenship and all assets before being expelled from Arab countries for the crime of being Jews is anti-Arab Islamophobia.
      So as we can see, human rights are not for Jews, who are so much less worthy than Moslems. And that’s not racist right?

  101. Michael Goldman

    Look rich it’s like this
    I have a lot of trouble taking seriously anything written by someone whose advice to me is that if I make my borders indefensible by giving a great big chunk of land to those who have sworn to destroy me and they try to do just that but fail I should keep giving them the land again and again so that they can keep trying.
    How about if I give it to them 50 times.Would you then say .”OK enough is enough.You don’t have to give it up again !”?

    • Tony Jacobs

      Why would you have to offer it 50 times? If you were really serious about peace, you’d be strapping explosive belts to your children and sending them to detonate themselves in Arab schools, hospitals, etc. You Zionists are so warped that you are beyond all reason.
      While you continue to give your bitches (I mean women) rights, you’ll never be accepted by truly civilised nations, who know that the only good homosexual is a well hung (from a tree or lamp post) homosexual.

  102. danielmarks


    Furthermore, in such an event Israel should be required to defend herself using water pistols and stink bombs so that no poor Arab invader gets himself hurt.

    By the way, these areas should be given back straight away, during battle- the moment they are captured. It is unfair and shameful to expect any poor belligerent Arab forces to have to wait until hostilities are over. They might require these areas in order to launch attacks on Israeli civilians or troops, thus if Israel were temporarily in control of these territories, how could they be expected to do so?

    • Daniel, you can’t be serious! Why, the Israeli Police already has “skunk cannons” for dispersing demonstrators. The stench is so awful, people have been known to start vomiting – and it stays in your hair and clothes for hours! How can you possibly suggest that such an inhumane weapon be brought into play against innocent Arabs, who have done nothing but try to kill a few (hundred/thousand) Israeli civilians or troops. Use of such weapons by the Zionist entity will surely be defined as a war crime by the enlightened members of the UN General Assembly. Furthermore, have you not considered that use of water pistols would involve the theft of precious water resources which legitimately belong to the Palestinian people??? I’m surprised that you would even suggest such a thing…

      • Tony Jacobs

        My mirth is blighted by the fact that someone, somewhere (probably a liberal rabbi or other socialist, Jewish educator), is nodding sagely and seriously agreeing with all the above.

  103. I get it. Civilised nations are expected to stay within their internationally recognised frontiers, but Israel is an exception if they find it inconvenient.

    All the above stuff is hypothetical and the hypothesis is ridiculous. A State of Palestine is not going to attack Israel. Any given Israeli is much more likely to commit suicide than be killed by an attack by a State of Palestine. But feel free to spin your security bullshit. You are only talking to yourselves and the incurably anthropologically curious like me.

  104. Michael Goldman

    Of course rich is completely correct.
    “the hypothesis is ridiculous. A State of Palestine is not going to attack Israel”

    Israel is under no threat from its neighbours.
    When they threaten us they are really joking and when they attack us it’s just a continuation of the same joke.
    And even if we were (under threat) why would a Palestinian state ever attack us together with its neighbour states ?
    Haven’t you heard all they want is their own state and everything will be fine.
    That’s why they don’t even recognise our right to exist .
    That’s why the moment the state of Israel was declared all our neighbours attacked us (was it because of a palestinian state?)
    Why don’t you believe that they want to destroy us?
    They’ve been promising our destruction from the moment the Jewish state was declared and haven’t stopped .
    Why do you think they are lying?
    “Civilised nations are expected to stay within their internationally recognised frontiers,”
    Yeah right.
    Which nations are those?
    America and Europe have visited Iraq and Afganistan quite recently Granada not long ago etc etc.
    In fact I think by those standards the only civilized nation left is Luxemberg.

    Everything you write is simply nonsense
    Nations do not stay within their “internationally recognised frontiers”
    Israel does not have “internationally recognised frontiers” .Most of the Middle East (which is all that really matters to us) do not recognise our right to any frontiers.
    The hypothesis that a Palestinian State will attack us supported by other Arab states is quite likely seeing as they’ve done it before and keep promising to do it again.
    You just write anything that comes to into your head and totally ignore facts .

    Please just answer one question rich.

    How come you are so sure that oue Arab neighbours who have been preaching our demise,have tried to make good on their promise at least three times, educate their children to hate us will not try again given half a chance?

  105. Edith Parker

    Hello Rich,

    If we could get you your blog back in the JC, would you go away?

  106. Edith I love the present JC system. It works brilliantly for me. I post there on most days.

    Michael did you ever hear of the ant that tried to move the rubber tree plant ? pssst it was a hopeless enterprise. that it moved the rubber tree plant was a ruse to get people to buy records.

  107. Edith Parker

    Is that a yes? I may be able to arrange it.

  108. Sharon Klaff

    Please Edith, do anything to get rid of the ignorant liittle rant. Someone needs to tell him what a total fool he is. But then he is so thick skinned he wouldn’t believe it even if he was the one telling himself. If he is an example of the output of our universities I think I will ask for a refund. No wonder the UK is on the way down producing graduates like that. So yes please get him to shut the heck up!

    Psst Edith, what makes you think you can pull strings at the JC for this twerp?