Brainwashing your daughter the Palestine Solidarity Campaign way.

A Global March to Jerusalem activist yesterday.

A Global March to Jerusalem activist yesterday.

At the PSC’s “Global March to Jerusalem” outside the Israeli Embassy yesterday from 5pm to 7pm a three-year-old girl listened to two hours of hate-filled chanting and sermons before being called to the platform by her mother.

The microphone was thrust under her nose so she could do her own version of “Free Free Palestine”. Who needs preachers of hate when children are so indoctrinated with hate from birth in some British homes (see clip):

The little girl had heard repeated calls for Israel’s destruction and some things said about Jews in Arabic, which I didn’t understand.

She heard Ghada Karmi, who teaches Arab and Islamic Studies at Exeter University, declare “Israel is finished”, “it does not to deserve to continue as a state”, “Jerusalem does not belong to Jews”, “we respect all religions but we do not allow one group to take over this wonderful city” and “we muct act against Israel’s interests” (see clip):

It was Karmi, of course, who recently sat silently by as Ken O’Keefe compared Jews to Nazis. Karmi doesn’t seem to trust Jews to look after Jerusalem, but when the Jordanians controlled Jerusalem from 1949 to 1967 Jews were forbidden to visit it and its Jewish cemeteries were desecrated. Now people of all faiths can freely worship there, as long as your intentions are benign.

The “Global March to Jerusalem” turned out to be nothing more than a couple of hundred indoctrinated Israel haters taunting an empty Israeli Embassy building.

On its newsfeed Iran’s Press TV mocked the paltry turnout of pro-Israel activists and PSC head-honcho Sarah Colborne announced, to cheers, that those activists had left early.

Note to Press TV and Sarah Colborne: Friday night is Shabbat, the holiest and most precious time for Jews. They are with their families. That is why only 20 came and why those that came left early.

Here are Colborne et al aiming their chants towards an empty Israeli embassy building as Shabbat is about to come in. Even Colborne looks embarrassed:

As I walked back to the tube I chatted to some of the protesters.

I asked two teenage girls what they were doing to stand up for their oppressed sisters in Saudi Arabia who are not allowed to show their faces like these girls were doing. They answered that the Saudis treated women with more respect than women over here get. I asked a teenage boy whether he supported suicide bombings inside Israel. He said it was a response to having your land stolen.

With such sentiments you can start to understand where Toulouse Jew murderer Mohamed Merah came from.

More photos from yesterday:

The 2 middle maps are correct but the other 2 are laughable.

The 2 middle maps are correct but the other 2 are laughable.

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  1. Michael Cohen

    From what i can gather the whole thing worldwide was a washout

  2. Like, Michael Cohen, I also wonder what was the TRUE picture of this million people march. I heard nothing on radio today, nor on TV News. What a waste of time for those pathetic morons to taunt an EMPTY building.

  3. If you don’t condemn these Jew haters, you are tacitly condoning them? Shame on the Jews of London.

    • Yisro'el Shalom

      If we’re not part of the solution we are a part of the problem! This must be condemned at a higher scale in the Government but alas, they are too busy throwing Britain down the drain. Why shame on London Jews?

      • Tony Jacobs

        Because only 20 of us could be bothered to turn up out of a community of 200,000. Three of those were Christian Friends of Israel and two more were Israeli tourists who happened to be passing by.

  4. Apparently our neighbors wanted to send a million to march on our borders, but Assad was unsure whether he had left that many alive.

  5. What a disgusting spectacle. These people really are an ill informed and offensive menagerie. The only response to their desire to see the destruction of the State of Israel is a paraphrase of that given to Stroop fifty years after his declaration of a judenrein Warsaw: “You ARE wrong. We ARE here!” Israel and its capital, Jerusalem – the ancient, eternal and indivisible capital of the Jewish people!

  6. Once again, well done Richard. I don’t know how you can continually go to these events, without being sick.

  7. I was at the receiving end of Nazi salutes from these racist scum

  8. Daniel Marks

    Syria wanted to send a million to march on our borders, but nobody knew of Assad had left that many alive.

    • I saw a picture of a Hamas official in uniform beating back the marchers, I haven’t checked why he did it, so all I have is the phantasy that maybe they were afraid, they wouldn’t have any people left to rule over …

      Something like former East Germany which had to build a wall to keep its people in.

  9. Once again Richard The Brave succeeds in bringing to attention the hateful and despicable crowd of Jew-haters that seems to dominate the media nowadays. This would be a good thing if they were portrayed in the right light of course, but in modern society it isn’t about what is right, it’s about what can be brought to the table. Without their raw resources, no one would give them a second glance, but with a population of more than a billion (and a half) and rising, as well as more money than you can shake a stick at, they can pull off these atrocious and asinine rallies without punishment or risk of prosecution. We had arranged to go up to Jerusalem (From Tel Aviv) in the morning, but we are disappointed to find that the large host of asbos (antisocial louts) we were expecting to confront, have mysteriously failed to turn up. This flash in the pan hopefully signals a new era, unfortunately, with the rallies and demonstrations clearly outlined here, we know that this will never happen. A new generation of haters are in the making, seeing that innocent child on the stand, brainwashed into a life of destruction and degradation, made me turn away. I expect this kind of hatred from the lips of the sand-pigs beyond the border, but from the mouth of a young child is just abhorrent. My grandparents have ‘brainwashed’ me too, but into respecting and loving my heritage, not into racial abuse and such hatred. Why create life, just to destroy?

    Alexander (Rubin’s Grandson, Young Zionist, Aged 15)

    • ”My grandparents have ‘brainwashed’ me too, but into respecting and loving my heritage, not into racial abuse and such hatred”



    • ”My grandparents have ‘brainwashed’ me too, but into respecting and loving my heritage, not into racial abuse and such hatred.”



  10. Sharon Klaff

    Child abuse should be reported tot he authorities who should take that child away from its mother for exposing her to such a spectacle. Of course the Jewish child who was passing by cried her eyes out at seeing and sensing such hatred!
    Thank you again Richard

  11. After watching this horrific clip and seeing all those atrocious faces full of hatred, I feel inclined to think that the next time we see this little girl, it will be with a suicide belt around her waist. I can’t fathom out how those pea-brained, miscreants are allowed to pollute London’s street with such hate and lies.

    Jake (Rubin’s other grandson) Age 12 & 3/4. Less loquacious but equally proud young Zionist.

  12. Reminds me of Lauren Booth and her abuse of her children here

  13. Daniel,

    There were left that many but they’re all in Turkey by now.

  14. and while the idiots were having a ball young folks in Israel had to experience this

  15. Richard

    Thanks for this excellent report (couldn’t make the demo as it was Friday). Those demonstrating will no doubt be greatly encouraged that, on the same day, the virulent obsessive Israel hater George Galloway was elected to Parliament after winning the Bradford by-election by campaigning essentially as an Islamist. His first tweet after his victory said “Long live Palestine, Arab dignified”.

    I also note that the demonstrators are still displaying those fraudulent ‘shrinking Palestine’ maps that I previously exposed:

    • Edgar, please don’t think that I’m criticising you or the observant community in any way. This comment is aimed only at the less observant (me included) and those living in the London Jewish heartland of Barnet. I travelled by car and tube from Canons Park and back. Neither journey took more than 40 minutes. I left at 7pm and was home in plenty of time for Shabbat. To the (mostly secular) Jews of London, where were you?

  16. When I forwarded the clip with the young child, i made the comment that the mother should be reported for child abuse, because that’s what it is.

    The marches here in Australia, though being hailed as a huge success by the pro-Palestinian loonies, were fizzlers.

  17. Daniel Marks

    The truth is that we all “brain-wash” our children, or at least we try to. We all teach them what is safe and what is dangerous, what is good and what is bad. The religious among us extend this to what we see as spiritually dangerous and spiritually bad too.

    Before most children really understand the meaning of the word they are brain-washed into Monotheism and recite, “Listen Israel the Lord our G-d, the Lord is one.” The seder night is a long evening of indoctrination in which our children are taught about the good son and the wicked son. They are also taught that in every generation (they) rise against us to destroy us, but the Holy One, Blessed be He, saves us from their hands. We all brain-wash because we are parents and a child is not just a plant to be watered as much as he/she needs food or water it needs values.
    So what is the difference between us and “them”? It is not how we impart our values, but their content. It is not whom we teach, but what we teach them. Do we celebrate life or do we yearn for a glorious death? Is the fighting of wars seen as a glorious realization of manhood or a last resort when all else has failed? Does every human being deserve respect and reverence because he/she was created in the image of Almighty G-d or not? Are women our partners or our slaves? And perhaps most importantly, shall we make sacrifices for our children or shall we make sacrifices of them?

    I know that these words are not popular, because many of us have been “brain-washed” into believing that all belief systems neither inherently equally good or bad. Look at the murders in Toulouse. When we thought the killer was inspired by Neo-Nazism we were all ready to condemn his belief system as evil and depraved. As soon as it turned out he was a radical Muslim, our attitude changed and we focused on the individual rather than his core ideology. A Neo-Nazi doesn’t have to be mad to be a murderer. The fact he has a Swastika already explains everything. However, if that Swastika becomes a crescent then we need some additional reason to explain his behavior, after all Islam is just another of the great world religions, just like Judaism and Christianity, isn’t it.

    • Christianity is a proselytizing religion also …

      if their current non-lethal behaviour will hold up is unknowable for mortals

    • Daniel, I agree with every word of your first paragraph, but I’m hoping that the second was written with a great amount of irony.

  18. How foul. I wouldn’t want to involve my children in any kind of political demonstration (even one I felt sure was benign).

  19. Aw, Daniel, you’ve gone and spoiled (bespoiled?) yourself.

    The traditonal learning method in Judaism was the shakla vatarya שקלא וטריא which is, of course, based on questioning, probing and challenging according to inductive rules and now also the Litvak method (which shifted the focus of Talmud study from textual to conceptual analysis. Rather than analyze the flow of discussion in a particular gemara, it analyzed the conclusion of that gemara, the different positions that arise from that discussion. What are the practical ramifications (nafka minot) of the different positions? What principles underlie them?)

    None of this is brainwashing or indoctrination. Add to that the
    thirteen principles by the first- to second-century teacher, Rabbi Ishmael in the Sifra Midrash:

    1. Kal Vachomer (also known as a fortiori): The inference from the minor to the major: If A is so then A2 is certainly so.
    2. Gezera Shava: An inference by a similar expression used in two different texts. A law found in one text applies also to the other text.
    3. Binyan Av: A conclusion derived from a construction stated in a single verse or from one stated in two verses.
    4. Klal Ufrat: A general statement followed by a statement of a particular instance. Only this particular instance is intended by the general statement.
    5. Prat Ukhlal: A particular statement followed by a general statement. The general statement is intended to include instances other than that in the particular statement.
    6. Klal Ufrat Ukhlal: A general statement followed by a particular statement followed by another general statement. Other instances than those in the particular statement are to be included but only if these are similar to that in the particular statement.
    7. Klal Shehu Tzarih Lifrat: A general statement requires a particular statement for its meaning or a particular statement requires a general statement for its meaning. Here the general and the particular complement one another.
    8. A general statement is followed by a particular statement but something new is mentioned in the particular. This new addition is to be applied to the general statement.
    9. Particular instances of a general rule are treated specifically in details similar to those in the general rule; then only the relaxations, not the severities, of the general rule are to be applied in these instances.
    10. When particular instances of a general rule are treated specifically in details dissimilar to those included in the general rule, then both relaxations and severities are to be applied in those instances.
    11. When a particular instance of a general rule is singled out for completely fresh treatment, the details contained in the general rule must not be applied to this instance unless Scripture does so specifically.
    12. The meaning of a passage can be derived either from its context or from a statement later on in the same passage.
    13. When two verses appear to contradict one another, a third verse can be discovered which reconciles them. In addition to Rabbi Ishmael’s thirteen, other hermeneutical principles are found in the Talmudic literature. For instance, it is generally accepted that the portions of the Torah are not arranged necessarily in chronological order, so that events related in a later passage have taken place before those related in an earlier passage. Another principle is that while there can be additional interpretations of a scriptural verse, the verse does not lose entirely its plain meaning.

    • Daniel Marks

      Hi Winky (Israel Medad)

      You’re right and you’re wrong. Next Friday night please G-d you’ll sit with your settler family and read the Seder Hagada. You’ll once again encounter the ageless four sons. First you’ll meet the wise one and then his antithesis – not the stupid son, but the wicked one.

      The former asks a question that falls within the framework of those that we allow our children to ask. He accepts the thirteen principals of Rabbi Ishmael that you so articulately elucidated and within their context asks, “What are the testimonials, statutes and laws Hashem our G-d commanded you?” He receives a specific answer to his question.

      Then asks the wicked son, “What is this service to you?” Though the difference in their questions is subtle, his father’s Jewish ear immediately tells him that his second son does not accept Rabbi Ishmael or his beloved thirteen principals. His father is told to “blunt his teeth” a metaphor for shutting him up. He answers:

      “Because of that which God did for me when I came out of Egypt. For me and not for him, had he been there, he would not have been redeemed.”

      Have a kosher pessach!

      • Almost my lad. But, actually, the Father figure is using the utmost example of logic: if the son doubts the whole framework, nothing will work. There need be a minimal agreement amongst even just 2 people (and why all the liberal criticism won’t work, a la Beinart and Yahad, not because they & I disagree but because they don’t grasp the the Arabs are outside any discourse frame). The Son there outs himself not from the argument but from the shared experience. That has nothing to do with brainwashing or indoctrination.

        And may your matza break in all the right places.

      • Daniel Marks

        Your excellent comment seems to imply that I was denying the logical basis of the Talmud. Nothing could be further from the truth and I attempt to study it every day for an hour or two.

        The point is that while some lines of Talmudic reasoning run roughly parallel to what the Western layman might call logic, others do not, but are considered legitimate tools of talmudic reasoning only because our sages taught us that these were methods taught to Moses on Sinai. An extreme example might be gematria (or the numeric value of letters) which though not one of the principles that you listed is on rare occasions used as in the case of a nazir, our sages teaching us that an unspecified nezirut is 30 days long on the basis of a gematria.

  20. Richard
    An important point to make clear .
    We were told in no uncertain terms by the police officer in charge of the demo that he wanted us to leave early and not at the same time as the Palestinian demonstrators .
    He voiced real concern for the potential violence that could occur if both sides left together . The inference was quite clear . We were only about 20 individuals and ranged against us were some three to four hundred crazed eyes fanatics some of whom had already tried to get round the police and attack us from the rear .
    The police officer simply wanted us to quietly melt away before the end as it was easier to disperse our few in number . Several demonstrated with the officer asking that the other side left first which was clearly going to be a far more difficult procedure for the police and not on the cards . We had excellent dealings with the police till then so I promised the officer in charge we would disperse without any fuss .
    The scum on the other side can ridicule our departure for all it’s worth . The reality is that within their midst they had so many foaming at the mouth maniacs with utter hatred in their voices and their eyes that the police were concerned for our safety and possibly going on what happened in France the very real possibility of serious injuries to ourselves .
    The people ranged against us were like rabid beasts and would have torn us apart given the chance . We were surrounded and protected by the police and a letter of thanks should go out to them for the professional way they dealt with the situation .

  21. The Zionist “post above was mine . I believe one of my kids changed it being April Fools etc .

    • Harvey, I’m embarrassed that I didn’t think of that. If you’re going to, or have already sent a letter, could you please publish it here, so that others can copy and paste and send it on? Or at least give us the address and contact details. Thanks in advance.

  22. Great report Richard.

    It was a shame we were so woefully unrepresented because it sends out a sign to the haters that the community doesn’t care.

    The police were terrific, keeping the other side firmly away from us, sometimes none too gently. Leaving early as requested by them was just common sense. I have been moved on in a similar and entirely friendly manner by the police in the past for the same reason – they don’t want us to get hurt or their officers in having to protect us.

    There was a good deal of ramping up of emotion by the other side, but then I guess that’s what they are best at – fomenting rage and hate and if it takes a string of lies to do it, they’re even better at that.

  23. My one never to be forgotten moment was the sight of Sharon and Gili lighting the Shabbat candles . I watched this simple act of piety welcoming in the Sabbath, a ritual which has been passed down through the millennia from mother to daughter . A separation of the travails of the working week from the day of rest . A time for prayer , a time for relaxing , and a time for family . To be as one with the family at the Shabbat table when all is different from any other meal of the week .
    Then in one of those seminal moments that produces an instant realization , I looked over at the hatred, lies and distortion of reality emanating from the unspeakable elements on the other side of the Barriers . How great is the divide . All that we are they can never aspire to . Their hatred , jealousy and desire to inflict actual physical harm to us was palpable . They feed off hatred . It is what sustains them . Without us to act as a lightning rod they would be turning on each as now in Syria and across the Middle east and elsewhere .
    Their legacy will be hatred and chaos . That is all they have , all they are and all they will ever be .
    I felt very moved and very proud of the Sharon and Gilis simple act of piety . For one moment i was able to shut out the ugliness of what was happening and reflect on good things surrounded by kindred spirits .
    I should have taken photos but was caught up by the spirit of that sublime moment . I hope Roi managed to record it .

  24. I just watched the video of Ghada Karmi – it beggars belief how in all conscience she can invert the truth about Jerusalem – it’s as if we are living in a parallel but separate universe.

  25. Shirl in Oz

    In Sydney, we in the Jewish community, made the conscious decision not to attend one of these abominable rallies (which were by the way a complete wash out, with hardly any attendees)

    Our reasoning was that by missing shabbos for them, they had won.
    There was some non-Jewish support however

    I have noted on pro-Palestinian pages that they are laughing that they’ve beaten us. I’ve made comment that they haven’t. That our sabbath and the truth prevails and we won’t cave in to their childish antics.
    Besides the fact the low turnout shows what support they don’t have. They were lucky if they had 80 people at the main one. This was the area where last year the BDS actions were rife at a Max Brenner outlet.

  26. I am far from blaming the police

    – in Frankfurt capitalism critics have just beaten up one of them so badly that he is in intensive care –

    but there is something very wrong when the state has to admit (via its dedicated policemen) that it is powerless to protect the minority from the mob.

    Because when all is said and done with that admission goes the right to free speech, it is a toleration of no-go-areas

    • Silke: I highly recommend this book about modern Germany by an American Jew. It’s fascinating.

      • thanks for the recommendation but when it comes to information about our past our BBC equivalent radio does a marvellous job informing us on all possible angles at a perfectly satisfying high standard.

        It is our relation to Israelis where “we” aren’t what I’d want us to be. And I very much doubt that tales of having slept in Hitler’s room no matter how well done and informative will help “us” eliminating that double standard.

        If it had been a report of an Israeli Jew visiting Germany I might be interested.

        Wikipedia says he writes for German quality weekly die Zeit (which most of the time favours the all understanding attitude) and there I found this:

        mit dem diese beiden semitischen Volksgruppen sich in ihrem dunklen Hass aufeinander suhlen.

        roughly: these two semitic groups of people wallow in their dark hatred of eachother.

        thank you no, I’m fed up with that kind of equivalence and as concerns Germany’s darker side, I am a local, I have lived here almost all of my 70 years – I have read Hannah Arendt and Martha Gellert and countless others and still I know more than they do because I have worked as an underling under Germans. When it comes to what I call brown sounds (braune Töne) I dare any Tenenbom to have a better ear for them than I do.

      • well Silke….thanks for the petty, ignorant and small-minded response. There’s nothing like an open mind. Read the book and you’ll see how German you actually are. Last time I recommend anything to you.

      • well if you like writers who trash Israelis I don’t

        if that is German small minded and petty to you be my guest

      • He is Israeli. He was born there.
        You have the typical unbalanced and irrational knee jerk reaction of the fanatical philo-semite.And yes, extremism is a German characteristic.

      • I know that he was born there but he promotes his book as an American Jew and apparently Rowohlt his planned German publisher found something wrong with it which of course can only have the most sinister reasons.

        Extremism is rampant in Germany just like everywhere else.

        There are lots of good reasons for indulging in German-bashing but apparently Tenenbom didn’t manage to hit the nail except of course for you.

        I tend to side with Israel as I tend to side with those who are mobbed – if that makes me a fanatic, that’s fine with me.

        Wasn’t your name roger not so long ago?

  27. as for Shabbat, two things:

    a) in the past, your Neturei Karta people in London attended rallies, were they there?

    b) here in Israel, most (not all) of left-wing assemblies, activities & protests are on the Shabbat.

    • a) They put in an appearance, but left early. As all pro-Israel supporters should have done.

      b) Just as in Israel, the majority of Jews are not observant. If they can shop and attend sports events, they can surely defend themselves and their democratic freedoms.

      • Bonnie Prince Charlie

        The problem we suffer from in London (and the UK is general) is lack of leadership. Where were the executive of the Zionist Federation, of the Board of Deputies, of the Jewish Leadership (???) Council, of London Jewish Forum et al? Why were they not there setting an example?

        Putting aside the fact that this was too close to Shabbos for many people – myself included – why do these people not show up in numbers at these demonstrations to show the world that we care? They are the elected – or in some cases self-appointed – leaders of our community but seem much more comfortable about leading from behind.

        With their ‘nuanced’ approach (Jaime Slavin ; Public Affairs Officer of the BoD), they seem to be totally out of touch with reality and with the vast majority of those who are worried about the survival of the State, who are concerned about the rise in the acceptability of ‘de-Israelisation’ amongst the British public and the media, who are frustrated with the current state of affairs and the lack of positive action, and who are looking for real leadership but not getting it from the traditional sources.

      • Shirl in Oz

        “”The problem we suffer from in London (and the UK is general) is lack of leadership. Where were the executive of the Zionist Federation, of the Board of Deputies, of the Jewish Leadership (???) Council, of London Jewish Forum et al?””

        Join the club, we have the same issues here in Australia. I’m an elected Deputy on the NSW BoD and I am the only person involved in this kind of activity. Last year was a big one in regards to the BDS

        I have no knowledge of the Constitution of the British BoD, but the NSW one makes no mention at all of Israel. It’s all local. Bear in mind this was drafted by Brits back in the 1940s, I bet there is no mention either of Israel in yours.

      • @BPC

        I was there and I am co-VC of ZF

      • Well done Jonathan. I go to many of these events and you and Richard are nearly always there. But as BPC asked, where are the rest of the leadership? Did anyone from the Israeli embassy come? Board of Dippys? Jewish Luncheon Council?

      • @Shirl

        yes the Board’s Constitution does include israel (I am also a Deputy)

        I can’t link to it as depite my nagging it is not on their website…

      • Tony: Embassy staff are not allowed at these events for Security reasons which seems to me to be perfectly justifiable

      • Tony Jacobs

        Yes, I can see the reasoning. They could still help in other ways; organisation, training, PA system, etc.

  28. Over at London bds , Seymour demonstrates his difficulty with numeracy stating there were less than ten of us . I came to the conclusion a long time ago that if you see their lips moving you know it’s a lie .

  29. Remember the song from South Pacific..”You have to be taught” about making sure that young people are taught to hate from an early age. Sadly nothing really changes and no one holds the haters up to derision. That is the real tragedy isn’t it?

  30. “Carl B” who wrote the account on London BDS is trying to get people to believe that the showing the Union Jack flag of the UK means supporting the EDL. What a fuc*ing racist dickhead!

    “Meanwhile, surrounded by even more police on the other side of the street, there were fewer than ten Zionist counter-demonstrators, some holding Israeli flags, who stood in a pen adorned with English and Union Jack banners that were – by fault or design – visually reminiscent of far-right hate groups such as the EDL and BNP.”


    Has anyone told Her Majesty that she’d better take down the flag on the top of Buckingham Palace because it means she supports the EDL/BNP?

  32. I went to London BDS – very interesting to see what’s there. It’s avery useful site for the keen Israel hater – useful links to facts and figures so they can be accessed and spouted whenever needed.

    We could do with one point of contact that could be as easily accessed. I can think of a handful of pro-Israel sites, from the MFA onwards, but it would be so useful if there was just one, supported by all.

    I suppose that’s a bit too much to expect – co-operation between pro-Israel organisations in that way.

    • “facts and figures”?

      Ok so you meant to type “lies”

      There are loads of BDS sites just like there are loads of pro-Israel sites

  33. “The 2 middle maps are correct but the other 2 are laughable”

    No, they are not. Palestine is Jordan is Palestine.

  34. Cityca
    It’s not enough to say bds are anti israel
    The fact is , it needs to be rammed home ad nauseum that bds = racism . Any group that has as its core mission statement Palestine from the river to the sea is essentially demanding the dismantlement of Israel . They deny Jewish people the right to self determination while demanding the same for Palestinians . Denial is racist .
    Bds = racism . Repeat it , post it , reinforce it at every opportunity .

  35. Jonathan are you sure that the Constitution of the BoD includes Israel. I can’t find it and I have been told it doesn’t and there has been talk of changing it.

    I have a copy, which I can send you. You can borrow a copy online, at the National Library in have to join of course. Though I must say it is a useful thing to belong to. I have borrowed books which are not available elsewhere.

    Please send Richard an email and ask him for my personal email address. I’ll tell hm too.

  36. Here’s a good item about the BDS form NGO Monitor

  37. Well done, Richard, for continuing to shine a light into these dark sewers! Keep up the good work!

  38. “He is Israeli. He was born there”

    So what? He is condemned from his own mouth, if he really did write that stupid sentence about the supposed equivalence of ‘these two semitic peoples’ and their ‘equivalent’ hatred of each other.

    • why don’t you just read the book and stop being so ignorant and bigoted. I can’t stand small minded morons who judge what they know nothing about. You should be ashamed of yourself. You haven’t read the guy’s book. so you have no right to an opinion.

      • what a stupid argument it is to say that what else the guy has written doesn’t count, only the book does.

        Do you have more of that kind of third class argument?

      • danielmarks

        Hi bosdike,

        Silke is neither ignorant nor bigoted. Incidentally, were someone to be either of these, I’m not sure that telling them to stop it would be of much help.

        I’m sure that you’ll forgive me for saying that it seems rather infantile on your part to read one book, however great or ghastly, and then to get all huffy that Silke doesn’t want to read it too, to the point of telling her to be ashamed and denying her right to an opinion until she does read it.

        I was, however, amused by your:

        “I can’t stand small minded morons who judge what they know nothing about.”

        I’m guessing that you prefer the other type of “small minded morons” – Furthermore, I suspect there may be one much closer to you than you might have thought.

      • Hi Daniel

        given the latest “poem” by our nobel laureate Günter Grass (published today) I fully understand that German-bashing turns into an irresistible urge.

        I haven’t seen any English translations yet but I am sure that they’ll be available soon.

        The last I remember about Günter Grass was Tom Segev saying in Haaretz that we the Germans exaggerated in our criticism of the great old man and that Israelis could judge him much better. So let’s hope that you’ll be able to dismiss his latest as well. Emmanuel Nahshon from your German embassy however has reacted sharply and IMHO very much to the point in saying roughly that it is a “good” tradition of my kind to bash Jews in connection with Pessach.

  39. “Read the book and you’ll see how German you actually are. ”

    And that is disgusting, hateful and racist.

  40. The interesting question was raised as to the morality of taking one’s children to demonstrations. Sarah AB writes that she would never take her children to a political demonstration. If we exclude the Carnival in Rio, I think it’s accurate to say that all demonstrations are political. A random dictionary definition of the term is: “a manifestation of grievances, support, or protest by public rallies, parades, etc” I might have said that all demonstrations are aimed at bringing about some kind of political change, somewhere, until it occurred to me that some may be aimed at preventing such change. Either way, demonstrations are by their nature political.

    The argument has been chewed over many times; black civil rights leaders were condemned for bringing their young to demonstrations. I believe it was Martin Luther King who explained that nothing was more natural than that children should demonstrate, after all, the demonstrations were for their futures.

    When I was very young my father took me to a support demonstration in support of Israel during or just before the Six Day War. I remember how he explained to me what to answer any journalist who might ask me why I was there. Nothing would be worse, he explained, than a demonstrator telling a live TV camera that he didn’t know why he was there.

    Later as an adolescent, friends and I missed several days of school after attending a three-day vigil for the release of Soviet Jewry. Our headmaster on announcing our expulsion expressed sympathy with the cause, but rationalized that it was not for us as children to be doing the demonstrating. I challenged him as to who should be doing it as there had been no community leaders, no rabbis and no headmasters demonstrating with us, just one homosexual rock star (Tom Robinson popped in) and us children. Miraculously my voice was heard and the expulsion revoked.

    Children attend demonstrations, always have and always will. What better way is there for a parent to pass on the values he believes in to the next generation? In 1993 I went with my children to the Golan Heights to demonstrate our solidarity. We held hands together in a human chain to try to prevent the disastrous withdrawal from Gush Katif. My daughter Dina was arrested many times in the following weeks, we felt worried but very proud.

    Children attend political demonstrations, always have and always will. Just as inevitable are opponents of such demonstrations’ calls to leave the little ones at home and keep them out of politics, thus implying that they care more about the poor exploited kids than their parents do.

    • Couldn’t agree more Mark. I’ve also taken my children on demos to support Israel and free Gilad Shalit.
      But there were no calls to commit genocide, destroy nations, launch wars, etc. In fact, I seem to remember there was a call to end violence, in direct contradiction to all the anti-Israel hatefests I’ve attended.

      • danielmarks

        Hi Tony,

        My sister was stoned. I’m sure that such a statement has a wholly different meaning in London than here, but she was driving home from work and her car was stoned by the sons of Ishmael. The windows broke and as she drove she felt bits of glass hitting her face.

        I asked her if Sara if was scared and she said that she was mainly angry, but she kept her head and drove home. I told her that I was very proud of her.

        I was stoned several times as a reservist during the first intifada, but they usually stood so far away that the stones did little damage. I’ve been on buses that were hit by stones once or twice, but again nobody was hurt. The truth is that there are thousands of unreported attacks like these.

        To balance the picture my new doctor is also a son of Ishmael, he seems excellent and I’m sure he doesn’t throw stones.

      • Tony Jacobs

        I also remember being stoned and worse during the first intifada. My mum was on a tourist bus that had a window smashed as they drove through the disputed areas several years later.

      • Hi Daniel

        I hope that in case your doctor is into surgically removing stones also that he’ll throw them (away).

        But seriously since you consult a doctor from the department of surgery I hope that it will turn out to be nothing but false alarm or something utterly harmless like a cut that requires sewing, resulting from your wielding the barbecue knife a bit too nonchalantly.

        Whatever it is take good care of you

  41. attilathecricketer

    I would have thought Fridays would diminish attendance on both sides! Any interesting being said on Israel in the Republican debates?
    Interesting article on Hapoel Ironi Kiryat Shmona (mouthful to chant surely and I had never heard of) in World Soccer this month. Interesting to note mix of team that was mentioned in the article.

  42. German Nobel prizewinner Gunter Grass has aligned himself with the Iranian tyrants and Holocaust deniers. His outburst against Israel in the form of a pamphlet in prose and during Easter Week, should surprise no one; he has always had a hung-up about Jews which is not surprising, considering his pedigree. He is ex Waffen-SS, no less, and they didn’t come any more ruthless than that; they are war criminals. They were responsible for the mass killings of Jews and Russians in the East as well as the shooting of British and American POW’s in France, and if I’m not mistaken, the Ardentine Cave massacre, and other atrocities. But not this good German who is clever with the pen. ‘Our Gunter’ only obeyed orders and never hurt a fly. He fought the good fight to rid Europe of the Bolsheviks…!

    This coming from an old Nazi is a bit rich, to say the least. Let’s hope these are the last rantings of a fossilized old Nazi; a case of the Dr. Strangelove syndrome coming to the fore, but this time wrapped in an ultra-Left label. How ironic, the danger to us today lies not from the far-Right but from the far-Left who have allied themselves with the Islamo-Fascists. We must not forget that Gunter’s old Nazis stood for National Socialism too!

    • danielmarks

      Yup Rubin,

      How surprised is one supposed to be that a self confessed Nazi writes anti-Semitic poetry?

      There’s an old Aramaic saying that the education we receive as infants stays with us. My brother-in-law’s late father was born in Germany and after the holocaust he refused to ever speak in German again. In his last days, not only did his German return, but he shocked everyone by speaking in fluent Italian. Others who left orthodox Judaism as youths suddenly return in their later years. In many ways we spend much of our lives trying to be different to our parents, only to wake up one morning look in the mirror and see their reflections.

      After all these years Grass writes:

      “Why do I only say now, aged and with my last ink: the atomic power Israel is endangering the already fragile world peace?”

      Here’s hoping that Grass is right about it being his last ink. I have no anger regarding the trash he writes about Israel, but as a former member of the Waffen-SS, may he rot in hell.

  43. There is quite an outcry here in Israel where I am at present, about that blathering old fart who wrote that Israel is an impediment to world peace and is “planning a first nuclear strike against Iran to extinguish the Iranian people”.

    The Jerusalem Post quotes Rolf Hochhuth, the German playwright, addressing Grass, “You remained what you voluntarily became: the SS- man”. An Israeli cartoonist depicts the grisly, contorted face of Grass with the caption: Not everyone who criticizes Israel is an anti-Semite. but all anti-Semites criticize Israel.

    But what best helps to explain the loathing of Israel by some segments of the German population and intellectuals, is what Benjamin Weinthal writes in the JP a comment by the Green Party deputy, Marielouise Beck, “The Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz.” This comment is attributed to an Israeli psychoanalyst who sought to explain the reason for this German post Holocaust anti-Semitism; it helps to allay their pathological guilt complex and shame.

    • Though I like very much what Hochhuth said in this context, especially since he opened that can of worms again whether Grass volunteered for the Waffen-SS (and not just for the Wehrmacht)*), Hochhuth has more than a bit of a record himself – I tried to read that play “Soldiers” but stopped because it is such a vile hate screed (based on David Irving).

      Almost all of our old men are tainted like that and it doesn’t really get better with the younger ones. All that having become decent again is just a very thin veneer.

      *) I very much hope that Grass sues Hochhuth for that remark as he did with another author years ago.

      • Silke,

        The question was raised yesterday on TV as to why we have waited until now to condemn Grass for his participation in the SS. I’m sure you’re right that many old men are tainted, but I feel much less antagonism towards those who are outwardly repentant, or at least shut up and die quietly.

      • Daniel

        as far as Grass is concerned you (Israelis) seem not to have waited until now – I haven’t checked up on the details but it is told that he visited Israel the last time in the early 70s and got pelted with tomatoes.

        And the main problem with Grass very youthful SS-membership is that for decades he has been harassing other people about not complying with his standards of being open about it all. He went after everybody as the saintly on duty.

        The problem as I see it that the tainted old men may be outwardly repentant but still try to prove on the sly that what they participated in had its justifications in pointing fingers “but other did also”. Of course historians have to tell how everybody behaved, but with them there is a sometimes not so obvious sometimes very obvious wish of pushing the “others” to the foreground to proving that “they” made them do “it”.

        Kind of the poor members of the master race were the real victims.

        (I’ve met a fair number of those even younger than Grass who had been boyish believers and never could admit to themselves that they had been had and ill-used. The likes of Grass are all over the place, at least in Germany they are and I’m afraid that they pass it on via being lovable grand-fathers. Come to think of it, Repentance is something I haven’t heard in private life ever.)

    • Sharon Klaff

      you advised I should post my response to Gunther Grass, so here it is – anything has t be better than his trash:

      What makes a man…..

      When a man has a track
      Clickety clack, clickety clack,
      going in one direction so packed,
      the stench of sweat and tears
      pungent, putrid and pestilent,
      excites his swooping SS cheers,
      igniting pyrolytic flames,
      a hazy smokescreen,
      hiding his Tin Drum
      in the recessed folds of his brain,
      the vice like grip grinding
      tightly, fighting blindly,
      close in behind his eyes.
      So the man contorts that track
      Clickety clack, clickety clack
      in the synapse of his memory,
      reflexive fits and jeers
      refusing as they will
      to ease him of his fears,
      fitful memories of hollow cries
      as gas burned bones shovel
      through his hardened heart
      ashes, greying his beard,
      the kaleidoscopic rhythm
      leaving blotches on his tome,
      his last ink drying coldly.

      When the man loses the track
      Clickety clack, clickety clack,
      he aims his quill to victimize
      his prey as their grass roots
      grow through the salty soil
      in the cradle of their birth,
      their seeds rekindled safely
      in canopied fields of dew,
      fostering future generations
      beyond his reach, to grasp
      renewed sustenance,
      now denying the salvation
      of his being forever.

      When a man rages in the dark
      Clickety clack, clickety clack
      with frenzied indignation
      as the fallacy of his glory,
      like Ozymandius, lies
      half buried in the sand
      of existential gore,
      his echoes fade and wither,
      on the passing wings of time
      until he reaches his final location….
      Clickety clack, clickety clack

      Sharon Klaff April 2012

  44. I am not familiar with the tomato-throwing incident that Silke refers to, though I do know that grumpy Gunter visited the Jewish state on at least two occasions. I also know that Israelis are not in the habit of pelting visitors from abroad with tomatoes – so the cantankerous git must have deserved it. Bearing in mind that this was not long after the Six-Day war, when Socialist Israel enjoyed the support of the Left and the Free World, against their autocratic Arab neighbours.

    • Rubin

      I am told that the mood swing re Israel happened after the Six-Day-War. A victorious state stopped being considered as lovable.

      I wasn’t a news reader until some years ago and I worked in corporate Germany for a living so the left for me was labour union and thus I didn’t notice a mood swing in part of the public. The group of young latin-american-german Jews I had hung out with during the 6 day war dispersed soon thereafter, the men had finished their training.

      But maybe it is significant that the attempted bombing by a left group of the Jewish community centre happened already in 1969.

      The tomato-story (during a reading in 1971) is told by Henryk M. Broder and so I assume that it is true.

  45. Silke – in the ongoing controversy about Gunter Grass’s diatribe, and as a German well-wisher, I’m sure you’d be interested to read an excellent article by Sarah Honig, in today’s Jerusalem Post. It is in the ‘Observations’ section, entitled ‘The German robbed Cossack’.