Toulouse: It wasn’t supposed to end like this.

Mohamed Merah was supposed to have been shot dead at the scene of the crime last Monday in Toulouse when he killed three Jewish children and a Rabbi. If that had happened then the media and our political classes could have written it all off as the act of an extremist who probably hated French Muslim soldiers and Jews.

Monday evening’s BBC Newsnight was reporting that the gunman had a facial tattoo, as did, conveniently, one of three local French paratroopers recently dismissed for giving Nazi salutes. Then the programme heard from Pinchas Goldschmidt, President of the Conference of European Rabbis (see interview below).

Goldschmidt, himself, seemed to be under no illusions that this was the work of someone influenced by the hostile political climate in France over the way French Muslims slaughter their meat, the Minaret issue in Switzerland and the attempt to ban Halal and Kosher meat in Holland. This, Goldschmidt said, “creates an atmosphere of intolerance”.

But Merah went on living just long enough to give the real reasons for his actions outside a Jewish school, and it is the only thing out of all this that we can be grateful for. Merah said he acted to avenge the deaths of Palestinian children killed by Israel. For that he went to Ozar Hatorah school in Toulouse to specifically seek out Jews to murder.

But do the Toulouse killings really surprise those who attend anti-Israel events in the UK where the hatred of anyone who supports Israel is palpable?

No other country brings out such hatred and this can only be because of one thing: Israel is Jewish, successful and strong.

Parts of the British media, political class and British public seem so frighteningly bent on indoctrinating others against Israel and, just like those who indoctrinated Merah, their emotive weapon of choice against Israel is dead or “tortured” Palestinian children.

Many small acts of this type of indoctrination take place every day in the UK alone.

Here are just three examples:

A few hours after Monday’s killings Richard Burden MP was already retweeting an unsubstantiated report called Bound, Blindfolded and Convicted: Children held in military detention detailing the percentage of Palestinian children allegedly strip searched, threatened and humiliated etc. while in Israeli custody.

War Horse author Michael Morpurgo used the high profile Richard Dimbleby lecture of 2011 to describe Israel as shooting Palestinian children “like a video game”.

An anti-Israel activist (see photo above) used to flaunt his carefully preserved photograph of dead Palestinian children to passers-by outside the Ahava shop in Covent Garden.

There are so many more examples of these indoctrinating acts and imagine them multiplied thousands of times across Europe; each declaring loudly that Israel targets children.

Each act on its own is non-actionable in terms of incitement but together the lies contribute to a culture of hatred of Israel and Jews making it easier to explain the actions by Merah outside a Jewish school in Toulouse.

Those, whether in the UK or across Europe, who have used this form of indocrination have, in their own small way, the blood of Miriam Monsonego, Jonathan Sandler and his two young sons, Gabriel and Arieh, on their hands.

When you add to this the relentless pursuit of Israel by some British churches, the allowing of the annual Israeli Apartheid Week at our universities where Jews are compared to Nazis and the demonisation of Israel and Jews by some of our MPs it is a wonder that what happened outside a Jewish school in Toulouse hasn’t happened here yet.

Newsnight interview with Pinchas Goldschmidt on Monday 19th March 2012:

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    • I felt the author missed the point and missed an opportunity to make a much more relevant point. Yes, British Jewish children are the targets of petty antisemitic slurs and attacks almost daily, but that is nothing new. When I was a schoolgirl in the 70s I encountered the same prejudice every day when passing a non-Jewish school on the way to my Jewish grammar school. However what has changed is the threat from Islamism. THAT is the reason Jewish schools and synagogues have armed guards, bullet-proof glass and encoded entries. This threat is relatively new – we didn’t need armed guards and bullet-proof glass in the 70s but we do now in the 2000s. The author never mentioned this threat from Islamism at all.

      • richardmillett

        Yes you’re right anne. Islamists wouldn’t think twice about setting a synagogue on fire and watching us all die within.

  1. attilathecricketer

    Far too early to leap on quite such a bandwagon yet. You may yet find Mr Merah was merely nuts instead of being an organised terrorist. He also did kill a couple of Muslims as well so if there is political thinking in this it is anti-western as well as anti-Israel.

    • Sharon Klaff

      You really do not understand. The Muslim soldiers were killed because they were Muslims serving in a French army and are considered traitors to Islam, apostates. The Jewish kids and the Rabbi were killed because they are Kufars. So lets not beat about the bush. There is a link here and that is the murderer’s allegiance to Islam, carrying out the diktats against those that shame Islam and those that will not embrace it. And yes it can happen here – in fact it has happened here – 26 July 1994 the Israeli Embassy was bombed by an Islamic terrorist car bomb. Bombs exploded simultaneously at the Finchley offices of the Zionist Fed. I know as my daughter was in the building at the time and I can tell you it is not a very pleasant experience. Again on 7 July 2005, 52 people were killed in the underground bombing, including a school friend of my daughter. The only reason the incidents are not more numerous is because the British security services are a little better at the job than the French.

      • richardmillett

        Oh yes, Shlomo Argov, the Israeli Ambassador, was left disabled for life, poor guy. How could I forget that.

      • Sharon Klaff

        Yes, I forgot that Richard!

      • attilathecricketer

        Not arguing it won’t happen here. Expect it will. Just reminding Rich that just as those who plumped for the right wing fascist theory were wrong and look foolish now it may be that we don’t the have full picture as yet. Anti-western is perhaps too broad brush a term but was meant to encompass foreign policy and domestic policy issues like civil partnerships and integration.

      • Sharon Klaff

        Anti-western has only one connotation and that is to be against the way the West has evolved to arrive at a governance in which religion and state are separate and there is freedom of thought, speach and movement. Details of specific policy function within that framework. So foreign policy, partnerships etc are a direct consequence of the Western way. Should that force that is anti-Western succeed in replacing the Western way with a governance that is imposed on the people, like the Sharia, then all policies become a nonsense as discussion about them will cease and the freedoms of the Western way will be eradicated. So this is a single point of focus: do we in the Wast safeguard our way for us and the likeminded, or do we embrace a multiculturalism that will almost certainly result in a the establishment of replacement theory in which democracy in all it’s meaning is replaced with a certain dictatorship. I know where I stand on this. Do you?

      • “The only reason the incidents are not more numerous is because the British security services are a little better at the job than the French.”

        Well, I certainly hope they are better at the job (although they certainly screwed up over the July 7th bombings), but I would urge British Jews not to rely on others for their safety. “Put not thy trust in princes.”
        Jews need to organise and ensure their own safety. If that means armed guards, so be it.
        הבא להורגך השכם להורגו

      • Sharon Klaff

        Spoke too soon. I read today that this Islamic murderer had connections with fellow Islamic murderers in the UK and this was known to the UK security force.

    • ‘You may yet find Mr Merah was merely nuts instead of being an organised terrorist.’

      As opposed to an ‘unorganized terrorist’?

      I don’t think being able to hate apostate Muslims or those you regard as traitors to Islam is incompatible with hating Jews.

  2. Attila
    He killed the soldiers because in his eyes they were apostates and worse than mere non believers . Their crime was to integrate and as soldiers had been called upon to defend the Republic . If it was just about being anti western, he could have killed anyone . He didn’t . He killed apostates and Jews because this is what he has been commanded to do . I’m sure he would have eventually targeted Homosexuals . Again that is what he has been commanded to do .

  3. Sharon Klaff

    And of course there is Michael Billington of the Guardian who wrote a critique of Lloyd Newson’s theatre work on at the National, “Can we talk about this?” L

    The play is based around dance movement, the narrative focusing on interviews and real news events. It questions whether PC attitudes have eroded freedom of speech. It starts with the Rushdie death threats and goes on to the include the Danish Cartoon scandal, Theo Van Gogh’s death, forced marriage, the Bradford head teacher who lost his job because he criticized multiculturalism and more.

    This is without doubt the most important, powerful theatre to be staged in London in many a year. It is what theatre ought to be about – brave, forthright, questioning, groundbreaking. Yet Billington found it to be otherwise. He focuses on one scene in which a cast member appears from within the audience and throws some stones on stage shouting “this is Islamophobic”. As a regular at demos my first thought was OMG – they have infiltrated here too – I had seen one aged pro Palestinian wearing the obligatory tourist scarf from the Old City with the Hamas badge emblazoned on it dozing in the foyer, – but that thought was momentary, as it was clearly part of the play.

    Billington however, failed to realize this (until later when someone pointed it out to him) and espouses that as we all know about these issues, journalism works and is free. He fails to understand though that what we know is that Theo van Gogh is dead because he spoke out, that Kurt Westergaard’s house was blown up in an attempt to kill him because he drew a cartoon of Mohammed, that Hirsi Ali, Wilders and any number of other outspoken critics of Islam live under security guard 24/7, that John Cunliffe (of Postman Pat fame) being told that times are different now and almost arrested for musing what the reaction would be if he placed his scarf around his head when he saw a veiled woman passing still veiled through security at an airport. He fails to notice that most people are fearful to express their views, just as were those who were silently critical of Apartheid in South Africa, afraid to speak out loud in public, keeping their thoughts to themselves.

    And as for journalism working, it falters across the finishing line. Example the first writings of the Toulous killings – neo Nazis they wrote – seemed obvious as both Jews and Muslims were killed. Surely its not too much to expect journalists to have just a little knowledge and a small fraction of an ability to analyse before they write! And if they did, the world would not be facing the appeasement of another imminent genocide.

  4. Shameful! Rabbi Goldschmidt should be shamed for this embarrassing analysis and for doing such disservice to his community.

    • How stupid does Goldschmidt look ……..

      • Sharon Klaff

        Shameful yes and stupid yes, but this is indicative of “Can we talk about this?”. The majority of people have to find any reason for an Islamic terrorist attack other than the Islamic terrorist attack as their freedom has been eroded by Islamic terrorist attacks and even more effectively silenced by Islamic terrorist threats of attack.

  5. I totally agree with you about incitement against Israel.

    I don’t understand this paragraph though:

    “Mohamed Merah was supposed to have been shot dead at the scene of the crime last Monday in Toulouse when he killed three Jewish children and a Rabbi. If that had happened then the media and our political classes could have written it all off as the act of a far right extremist who just hated Muslims and Jews.”

    Do you mean that if Merah would have been killed at the scene of the crime then the media would have conspired to pretend the crime had not been committed by a Muslim? Are you suggesting that there is a shadowy Islamic conspiracy ruling the media? If so, you might want to tell the many newspapers who scaremonger against Muslims every day.

    • richardmillett

      Badly worded paragraph but that wasn’t my intention. I meant to say that there would have been wild speculation but his true motives for all the killings might never have been discovered.

      I believe Merah would have simply been written off as someone who hated Jews and hated Muslims serving in Afghanistan. I was just trying to highlight the incitement aspect really. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Can you point me to those many newspapers that scaremonger against Muslims every day? Perhaps some specific scaremongering articles and journalists would also be helpful. Many thanks in anticipation.

      • A whistleblowing UK journalist lifted the lid on it a few years ago, proving that he and his colleagues were specifically ordered to hatemonger and twist about Muslims.

        I don’t go around gathering links on demand. It’s not a lap-dancing club, it’s a blog.

      • Sharon Klaff

        I follow the subject very closely indeed and have done so for more than 20 years. I am not a journalist nor whistleblowing, but I like to think that I have put a bit of truth about in my time. I have scoured my notes and memory and I cannot recall any whistleblowing journalist lifting the lid off any specific orders to hatemonger and twist about Muslims, but as a mere mortal I am fallable and could have missed it. I do read and participate in blogs and find them to be a wealth of information, not least this one that certainly lifted the lid off the hatemongering and twisting about Jews.

        I do not frequent lap dancing clubs so I have no idea what transpires in such establishments. I am sure though that they have nothing to do with hate mongering, lifting lids or twisting about Muslims, even though I would guess a lot of twisting does take place.

        Unless this whistleblowing journalist and his/her revelations are a secret, I would appreciate more information so that I can update my knowledge. I do not wish to put you to a lot of trouble so perhaps you could simply provide a name, a date or even who gave the orders or where they were published/aired – just a pointer so I can Google and get the rest? I would really be most grateful if you would make one exception and send me something to go on. As you have dangled the carrot it only seems right that you allow me to taste it. If you do not wish to provide this information on a public forum perhaps you can ask Richard to forward it privately.

        Once again many thanks in anticipation.

      • Sharon Klaff

        Just to clarify: I have followed the subject as an activist for more than 20 years, but I benefit from a lifelong study and involvement as being intrinsic to my education.

      • Sharon Klaff

        Is this guy one of those ordered to hate monger and twist about Islam? Remember these are the people who killed a few Americans for burning a few old books!

  6. Steve from Raleigh

    It’s rather difficult to point to places where there are no longer any Jews and say here’s an example where no antisemitic violence occurs. At least with a straight face you can’t. So when, in a major city where perhaps 7,000 Jewish families in total reside, out of a population of several hundred thousand or more. when the victims of mass murder are Jews, it’s never ‘they just happened to be Jews’. It you can really say that then you can’t possibly believe that any violence against any minority, be they gay, foreign, female, handicapped, Bahai, or whatnot even exists. And color me cynical but I would guess that most of the ‘progressives’ discounting violence against Jews, saying there’s no such thing, would be the first to jump up and down and scream when a black Lesbian vegan Buddhist in a wheelchair is knocked down and beaten BECAUSE it’s a hate crime.

  7. There’s an understandable reflex that many of us share, myself included, to forever attempt to steer conversations in directions where we feel more comfortable and at home.

    The rabbi appeared to be under the impression that he was there to talk about Jewish dietary laws and I suspect that had that have been the topic that he was questioned about, his replies would have sounded more relevant.

  8. Daniel – Shavuah Tov.
    I realise you’re inclined to defend the man because he’s a Rabbi – we learn to respect Rabbis. I heard him on France 24, he may well be a talmid chacham, but the man clearly lacks ‘seichel’. This is not something you can learn, it’s a gift from heaven that you are born with or not. He simply jumped to conclusion like most of the media, but they have an agenda, but I would have expected better from a Rabbi. He spoke prematurely and should have had the seichel to wait a day or two, as things unfold.

    PS. For those who don’t have Yiddish, except for a few common pejoratives; I would like to elaborate a little on the word ‘seichel’. Modern Hebrew speakers will simply say it means ‘common sense’ and leave it at that, but there is a lot more to it in ‘mamelushen’. Back in the shtetl it meant, native good sense, horse sense, judgment, intuition and more, all rolled into one.

    You don’t have to be a rabbi to realise the far-right was not behind this atrocity, I said so all along to my wife Michele. It made no seichel, when did the Neo-Nazis last single out a Jew for murder? I’m not saying this to defend them, heaven forbid, but you only ned to look at statistics. Furthermore, whether it is the National Front in France or English Defence League here, they realise its the Moslems who are the threat to their culture. They don’t generally target Jews today. The danger to us is from the Islamo-fascists.

  9. The above post should have ended “Islamo-fascists and their anti- Jewish far-left supporters”.

  10. Indeed Rubin. You will be accused of being an Islamophobe, mainly by those who wish to cow you into silence.

  11. Sharon Klaff

    Yes it is a very strange combination Fascists and left wingers. Somehow they have managed paradoxically to unite in their joint hatred of Jews, each believing they will succeeds over the other at the end of times to bring in their own international Socialist/Islamic imperialistc agenda. However, my bet is that the socialists will lose out. These rather facile self-appointed intelligentsia and left wing pundits need to pay attention to the wake up call – it takes me back to Lloyd Newson’s “Can we talk about this” that I wrote about above, the erosion of our liberty and freedom by the increasingly repressive PC attitude to the fascists who utilise our freedoms to implement their agenda.

  12. There are no more Churchill’s or Thatcher’s in Britain any more – just Galloway’s, Booth’s, Tonge’s, and Short’s.

  13. One could add quite a few more quislings and wets to this tally – God help Britain…

  14. The only thing that can still save this country is the formation of a respectable patriotic party with a widespread following. The way things look at present, I’d rather put my money on the Gauls than the Britons. They don’t have the mettle of their grandfathers who stood alone against the might of Nazi Germany until America came to our aid, after Pearl Harbour.

  15. Blacklisted Dictator

    OyVa Goy,
    Are we to assume that some bizarre form of “Islamophobia” is riife in the UK press? If so, I hadn’t noticed it.
    Now is the time for you to set the record straight. if you are unable to do so, kindly retract.

  16. And here’s the thought experiment for those who believe that the press is awash with an unmerited obsession with Muslims and Islam.

    Imagine that thousands of orthodox Jews started calling for the forcible imposition of Torah laws on Britain. Imagine that they marched violently through the streets of the country, intimidating passers by and putting up leaflets saying that gays should be executed, women forced to dress modestly and pornography banned. Imagine that in synagogues up and down the land, foreign extreme rabbis called for the goyim to be shunned, reviled or killed. Imagine that among these were some who conspired to commit acts of terror against their fellow Brits and that some actually succeeded. Imagine further that there was support among say 15-20% of British Jews for these extremists and that they were able to quote from religious texts to justify such vile and violent behaviour.

    Ask yourself if the press would start producing undercover documentaries about the Jewish jihad, the Jewish terror threat, the fanaticism within Judaism. If the answer is no, then it is clear that the press has an unhealthy anti Islamic obsession and should be slammed accordingly. But if the answer is yes, then it is clear that the over concentration on Islamic terror reflects in no small way the current terror threat and radicalisation from sections of the Muslim community. That doesn’t justify some of the headlines we see, nor does it entitle us to infer that most Muslims are caught up in this radicalism. But it does put a different gloss on Islamophobia.

  17. Islamophobia does not appear in my 8th Edition of the Oxford Concise. It can only be a term invented by Moslem apologists to describe unjustified fear of Islam and Moslems. The same Oxford Concise describes the word ‘phobia’ as an abnormal and morbid fear of something. There is nothing imaginary about Moslem violence and intimidation in this country or anywhere – it is real.
    Who hasn’t seen the clip recently of that plucky little English girl confronting Moslem extremists on the streets of Luton, with women clad in black from top to bottom, screaming “UK go to hell!” Yet only too happy to live here in social housing with incomes to match the multiple wives and children.

  18. Agreed Rubin, It is a highly politicised term which is designed to silence criticisms (many justified) of Islam. There is indeed nothing irrational in the belief that Islam is incompatible with many of the values we cherish in the secular West.

    • Sharon Klaff

      I have a phobia about Islam – I don’t want to live as a woman under Islamic law, just like that plucky little girl doesn’t want to change into a Muslim.

  19. Sharon Klaff

    Just a thought – the Jew hater in the picture holding the crumpled pice of supposed dead children is directly responsible for inciting the death of the children in Toulouse. I hope he is able to live with himself as if I were him I would want to die with shame and remorse.

  20. Sharon: You know that Irish Jew-hater; he always held up that doctored atrocity picture of children, like that UN viper who posted a fake picture. Our friend with the Welsh Dragon was fond of countering the Irish git with “There are no Catholics in Gaza!”

  21. A sad day for British politics (and for anyone who isn’t a Muslim): Galloway is back in Parliament. And I didn’t even know he was standing!

    Bradford West. What a surprise. And the c*nt is hailing it as “The Bradford Spring” . . . when all it shows is how disillusioned/stupid/traitorous (take your pick) British Muslims are.

  22. Sorry, “for anyone who isn’t a Muslim” . . . or Gert!

    • Sharon Klaff

      There is only one word for this and I can’t write it here. Time to go somewhere else where people are sane!

  23. To the people of Bradford West
    Take a photo or screen shot of your newly elected MP so you can remember what he looks like. At least till the next election .