Trigger from Only Fools and Horses says “Don’t attack Iran”.

Roger Lloyd Pack - "intellect has rapidly diminished over the years until it reached its current level of hilarious stupidity"

Roger Lloyd Pack - "intellect has rapidly diminished over the years until it reached its current level of hilarious stupidity"

It’s a shame when an actor from one of Britain’s best loved comedies joins with the forces of darkness to come to the defence of one of the world’s most reviled regimes, but such is the fate of Roger Lloyd Pack who played Trigger in the BBC’s Only Fools and Horses.

Lloyd Pack is a seasoned anti-Israel activist and so it is no surprise to find his signature among the usual suspects in a letter to Wednesday’s Guardian supporting Stop The War Coalition’s Don’t Attack Iran Campaign.

Ironically, the BBC website gives the following description of Trigger:

“Although initially a (relatively speaking) sharp-minded villain Trigger’s intellect has rapidly diminished over the years until it reached its current level of hilarious stupidity.”

Who said art doesn’t sometimes mirror life?

The Guardian website even generously links the letter to the Don’t Attack Iran Campaign website. Why take out an expensive ad in a national newspaper, hire an expensive London venue or print millions of leaflets when all you need do nowadays is write a letter to The Guardian who will give you free advertising space if you’re anti-Israel.

The familiarity of these hardcore anti-Israel signatories is positive in as much as it shows how so alone they are in their support for such an oppressive ideology as Iran’s:

Tony Benn,
Jeremy Corbyn MP,
Brian Eno,
Lindsey German,
George Galloway,
Kate Hudson,
Jemima Khan,
Ken Loach,
Roger Lloyd Pack,
Len McCluskey,
John McDonnell MP,
John Pilger,
Michael Rosen,
Jenny Tonge.

You’d have thought that after her forced resignation from her party after wishing away Israel’s existence they might have left Jenny Tonge off for once but, then again, her recent statements that “Israel is not going to be there forever” and “then they will reap what they have sown” ties in nicely with Ahmadinejad’s genocidal desire to wipe Israel off the map.

Some say Ahmadinejad was mistranslated and that he merely wanted to eradicate Zionism.

Let’s forget that Israel and Zionism are not mutually exclusive and gloss over Ahmadinejad’s “mistranslation” and listen to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei who, as reported by Press TV, “described Israel as a cancerous tumor that must be removed”.

It doesn’t get more unambiguous than that and straight from the fool’s and horse’s mouth!

And calling it an attack on Iran is like calling Operation Cast Lead an attack on Gaza or on the Palestinians when, in actual fact, it was a legitimate attack on the terrorist group Hamas in self-defence.

Attacking Iran’s nuclear sites will also be a legitimate act of self-defence unless Iran opens itself up to a full nuclear inspection in accordance with its non-proliferation treaty obligations, something that it has so far proved suspiciously unwilling to do.

And calling itself Stop The War Coalition is as equally disingenuous. Let Them Die Coalition would be far more accurate judging by their calls for non-intervention in Libya and, now, Syria.

The Guardian letter compares the build up to a possible war with Iran to that with Iraq. But Stop The War Coalition’s approach is itself reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement of another evil regime.

Galloway and German say they aren’t pacifists and Galloway has said that World War Two was a just war, but how can he, and we, be so sure he would have called it “just” at the time.

Stop The War Coalition is, basically, an organisation that supports non-intervention against regimes that are anti-American and/or anti-Israel. They were ecstatic when pro-American/pro-Israel Mubarak fell in Egypt but have criticised NATO’s ousting of anti-American/anti-Israel Gaddafi and will no way want Assad to fall with the negative impact that would have on Iran and, ultimately, Hezbollah and Hamas.

The hypocrisy of the signatories to The Guardian letter is fully exposed when Stop The War Coalition feels comfortable standing back watching Libyans and Syrians slaughtered in their droves while defending the vile Iranian regime and staying silent about the continued oppression of Iran’s women, gays, Jews (the 25,000 strong community is limited to one MP), Bahais, Kurds and anyone wanting to live a life in Iran as free as those signatories themselves can do in the west.


40 responses to “Trigger from Only Fools and Horses says “Don’t attack Iran”.

  1. What a sad list of nobodies!!!

  2. Sharon Klaff

    Whew – at last! I was beginning to think you had put your pen aside Richard!

    I always knew there was a reason I hated Only Fools and Horses – never watched more than 3 seconds of one episode – its one of those programmes that makes me so tense when I even hear the introductory music that I have to switch on to Songs of Praise instead! Now I learn that its because the fools are really fools in real life. So it is not surprising that the only thing the fools could write about this week is advocating appeasement of Iran, as though their skins won’t be burned when the nuclear bomb reaches the UK! Interesting that they have had nothing to say about Syria being retained on the UNESCO Human Rights Commission – now that’s news that they are not interested in – perhaps because they cant accuse Jews of carrying out those atrocities!

  3. Daniel Marks

    Hi Richard,

    I’m not sure whether you were being sarcastic in characterizing Mubarak as pro-Israel. If you weren’t, then rest assured that “with friends like that….” Truthfully, he only became a member of the Zionist Federation on anti-Israel blogs after he had fallen. If Assad is defeated, you’ll find the Gerts and Greensteins of this world celebrating that too and saying he was an even worse Israeli ally. If he survives, they’ll claim that the defeated opposition were all Zionist agents. It’s the “waiting for the final whistle before deciding which team you support” syndrome at play again. Just one small example of his love of Israel; in all the years Mubarak was president he never once made it over here for a visit.

    It is true that the Iranians only wanting to “eradicate Zionism”, in fact they’re secretly developing an atomic bomb that only nukes card carrying members of the WZO. Yes, that was sarcasm.

    Finally, I have it on very good authority that the Israeli government was strongly affected by the petition of 15 anti-Semitic UK misfits and this is the main reason for the delay in taking military action. Five more signatures and we might have to close down the state, so please ask them to stop signing.

    Shabbat shalom,

    • Sharon Klaff

      Shabbat shalom Daniel. Let’s hope those additional signatures don’t arrive on Shabbat or you’ll miss the news!

  4. Sharon Klaff

    Interesting that at this conference are victims and observers giving evidence from across the word re atrocities that are taking place in China, Egypt, Syria, Zimbabwe….. None from or about any atrcocities in Israel. Wonder what this ragbag of protesters make of that or will they simply not be deterred from disseminating their propaganda despite the evidence!

  5. Ah, the old Zionist strategy of character assassination. May have worked in the past, but whenever there is a personal attack by the rabid Zionists we know that the person being attacked has spoken out for universal human rights; it is a badge of honour to be vilified by the israeli cheer squad. So, keep it up guys; you show just what type of vindictive bigots support a state that commits war crimes.

    • richardmillett

      And thanks for taking the time to read. I hope you are learning about the hypocrisy of the far left who only claim to care about the Palestinians and about the Jew hating Holocaust deniers Ahmadinejad\Khamenei. Please come back soon.

    In fact, in reality, the only state actually practicing Antisemitism at this time in our human history is Israel, by it’s crimes against the Semitic Palestinians.

    • richardmillett

      Sorry, but where’s the anti-Semitic ploy? Please point it out. Thanks.

      • Richard

        as I understand it, from now on only Arabs aka Semites have ever lived in the area and thus if Jews live there in their own state …

        I give up, I understand, what he is trying to say, but I am incapable of saying it in my own words.

        but the gist is that Israelis are acting anti-semitically when they don’t let the “real semites” have their way

        And that “alas” is what Israelis have done again today and “direct hits were identified” ;-)))))))

  7. Sharon Klaff

    Amazing how their ignorance prevents them from grasping the truth. According to the WSJ:

    ….Israel, in spite of its need to safeguard its borders from terrorists, allows holiday access to Jerusalem’s churches to Christians from both the West Bank and Gaza. In Jerusalem, the number of Arabs—among them Christians—has tripled since the city’s reunification by Israel in 1967…..

  8. Sharon Klaff

    I just received this from a friend. Never heard it on the news! The fools with their horses need to plod off!,7340,L-4200738,00.html

    Southern Israel under fire; at least 4 hurt

    I just came out of the safe room and read this  article in Ha’aretz 
    Israel must not bind itself to Netanyahu’s vulgar rhetoric on Iran

    sent them a talkback which of course they will not publish 

    Vulgar rhetoric?   You all need a shrink!  
    The editors in Ha’aretz  should be ashamed . This country is under an existential threat  and you in your ultimate ignorance, never having read the Koran, never having read the hadith , never having read anything on Shia eschatology proclaim Netanyahu’s historic speech  to be vulgar rhetoric!   I have just come out the mamad after yet another Palestinian Grad rocket attack  to read this obscene article in Ha’aretz .   Feel like throwing up in disgust.    

  9. This guy – Lloyd Pack – also appeared in Fiddler on the Roof. He was the assistant to the priest (“sexton” I think it’s called) who shows Golda in to see the priest when she’s looking for Chava. Nice role for him, considering.

  10. I’m not sure whether you were being sarcastic in characterizing Mubarak as pro-Israel. If you weren’t, then rest assured that “with friends like that….” Truthfully, he only became a member of the Zionist Federation on anti-Israel blogs after he had fallen. If Assad is defeated, you’ll find the Gerts and Greensteins of this world celebrating that too and saying he was an even worse Israeli ally. If he survives, they’ll claim that the defeated opposition were all Zionist agents. It’s the “waiting for the final whistle before deciding which team you support” syndrome at play again. Just one small example of his love of Israel; in all the years Mubarak was president he never once made it over here for a visit.

    Mushbrain strikes again…

    Daniel, if you can’t see that under Mubarak, Egypt was Israel’s most important ally in the region then you’re basically brain dead. Trying to frame this in terms of ‘love’ or ‘he never visited Israel’ is just baloney, in reality Mubarak was ‘Israel’s man in Cairo’. So far little has changed and we’ll have to see what Israel course the new regime will plot. Why do you think the American administrations (Democrat or Repugnic alike) showered Cairo with an annual USD 2 Bln a year, only a billion short of its annual largesse to Israel?

    Those like me who support the Tahrir movement do so ONLY because we believe the Arab world deserves deliverance from the many despotic regimes that blight the region. For the same reason we support unconditionally the overthrow of the Assad regime, despite the fact that it isn’t exactly pro-Tel Aviv/J’sem. Please find me one, just one, ‘anti-Zionist’ site or movement that doesn’t without reservation support democratisation in the region, whether the regimes in question are ‘pro-Israel’ or ‘anti-Israel’. You on the other hand have been making scathing remarks about the Arab spring movements all along.

    The movers and shakers in Israel, unlike mushy-peas-for-brains like you, realise that a democratic Arab world will pose many problems for Israel, which has been friendly with some of the vilest regimes in that region, from the Shah to Mooobarak.

    Do try and engage brain before keyboard for just once. Also, if you’re going to try and insult Tony Greenstein, maybe you should have the courage to do it to his face and on his site (that would be a sight to behold!) Like me Greenstein fully supports the overthrow of Israel’s foe, the Assad regime. You on the other hand enthusiastically support the military occupation of an Arab people and effectively benefit from it, yet have the gall to question other people’s motives for their support for democratisation.

    As regards the Iran situation, I say: go right ahead, ‘bombs away’ and let’s see where it gets you. Unintended consequences, anyone? Any possible parallels with Irak, such as doubtful and at the very least ambiguous ‘intelligence’?

    Richard, connecting being opposed to an attack on Iran with ‘anti-Israelism’ (and worse of course) is low, reflexive, simplistic, reductionist and blow hard. Do you really think there are no people that oppose such a risky proposition for reasons that have little to do with I/P?

    • richardmillett

      Those signatories are supporting Iran because they hate Israel. That’s it. End of.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  11. Sharon Klaff

    Southern Israel is being bombarded with rockets as I write. A friend has been keeping me posted each time a siren goes off. They have spent most of yesterday in the mamad. Skye news reported this am that:
    “at least 12 “Palestinians” have been killed when Israel bombed Gaza – Israel has admitted carrying out bombing raids.”
    Of course no mention of why Israel is bombing, as though there is nothing happening from Gaza. We know what happens because we are interested, but average Joe does not and only knows what the media dishes out. Everyone who works in main stream media is culpable in this crime perpetrated on Israel. 

    • Same impression created by German Der Spiegel

      first item in today’s newsletter:

      headline: Israel kills Palestinian leader

      AFTERWARDS new violence flares.

      The uptick in bombing before that, who cares. If it should me mentioned in the piece it would be buried somewhere in the text.,1518,820472,00.html

      German tagesschau our most trusted TV-news has twisted it to the same tune.

      Maybe Daniel can use the info when next he has to cope with Germans “wanting to learn”.

  12. Hi Richard
    One of your best so far and pleased to see you are diversifying away from the regular reporting of Islamofascist / left wing hate fests . Im of the firm belief that in time these articles ,if carefully archived will come to represent a fascinating historical and educational insight into this appalling coalition . Much the same if someone was able to report on the rise of Hitler and Nazism in the early days following the 1923 attempted putsch .
    Blogs such as HP and yourself shine a constant and exacting light on the dealings of these heinous groups and individuals . These regular exposes as well as being a commentary have made a real difference . They have caused organisations such as the Psc to go into contortions to divest themselves of their embedded antisemites and Holocaust deniers .
    Not because they have developed a sudden bonhomie towards Jews but because of the damage it does to their ” humanitarian ” image.
    Although knocking off a few high profile AS can hardly be classed as a cleansing when the whole movement remains riddled by it .
    Anyway enough for now before my wife discovers I’ve taken time out between Mussaf and kiddush to pen this comment in which case Im toast .
    I just hope Daniel doesn’t pick up on this motze Shabbat and have to say a few Hail Mary full of grace for my unredeemable soul

    • Sharon Klaff

      These blogs bare witness and you are right, when this is all over (hopefully with the new genocide of Jews averted this time despite the idiots written about). As witness the blogs will be evidence to bring the guilty to task, maybe to face trial as they did at Nuremburg. And no I am not exaggerating. What is happening now surpasses the Nazis for violence and potential genocide. Read what my friend writes – below. Israel will arise as the Saint amongst nations for the restraint it has and continues to show in the face of attack after all this ends. What will end it is the eradication of Iran as it is now and a return to secular rule so that Hamas becomes disabled.

  13. Sharon Klaff

    From a friend who lives in the midst of the unreported tirade of rockets from Gaza into Israel:

    Thoughts after 8 grad rockets hit Israel in one night:

    “This whole farce has been going on for too long.  Of course, no other western democracy, let alone communist/theocratic/authoritarian /totalitarian government would have permitted their country being continuously attacked by an encircled,  militarily in orders of magnitude weaker force, since all of the above regimes would have put a stop to the source of rocket fire long, long ago. But of course, Israel always has to be different. It builds safe rooms in every apartment built since the 1990s, it designs Iron Domes to intercept rockets in mid air, it does everything except do what everybody else would have done – retaliate with sufficient strength to discourage any further attacks.  But to do that Israelis would need to sit down and read up on jihad and hudnas and tahdiyas and then present the findings to those in the world who would in their usual hypocrisy dare to object.  They would have to tell the Europeans and the US, the Ashtons and Clintons , the quartets and  shquartets to shut up and take a look at what is going on in Syria.  But will it ever  happen? – probably not.  The only way it will happen is when Israel takes care of the Iranian nuclear sites, only then will it dawn on Hamas that if Israel can do it 1500 km away, it may do it right next door in Gaza.”

  14. Thank G-d that so far it seems that the only people to be killed have been Jihad terrorists on their way to fire rockets at mainland Israel. To be clear I have seen nobody here celebrating their deaths or handing out candies in the streets. How tragic that they devoted their short lives to a cause that so many have tried and failed – to destroy the People of Israel.

    They deserved to die and if that turns them into martyrs in the eyes of the Gerts of this world, then it ought to be a win-win situation, but it’s not. Nothing was predestined, they could have used their engineering skills to build bridges rather than bombs, they could have channeled their love of their God to doing good for their brothers rather than trying to murder.

    Without a doubt, the victims of the 100 or so rockets that were fired at the South of Israel will be the Palestinian people – they always are. They are the victims of their idiotic leadership that leads them from one disaster to the next. They are the victims of their Western supporters who egg them on to make sacrifice after sacrifice in the name of murderous fantasies they have no chance of realizing.

    I call on all the UK supporters of the Palestinian struggle against Israel to stop hiding behind their laptops and to put their money where their mouths are. Stop encouraging Palestinians to kill themselves in a hopeless holy war and have a try at it themselves. I’ll still call them ignorant anti-Semites, but I won’t call them cowards any more.

    • Daniel

      with all the news of today I liked best the one that said that Iron Dome got 90 % of them. That left enough injuries at your side, but given the circumstances it seems still good news to me.

      Of course that will be used against Israel again by the Gerts who’ll argue that when Israelis can protect themselves so well, what are they complaining about.

      If they’d think for a moment though they might imagine what all that money spent there might have accomplished elsewhere.

      What a waste …

  15. Daniel Marks

    Hi Silke,

    To avoid any misunderstanding, when I spoke of the anti-Semites who egg on the unfortunate Palestinians to get themselves killed, I was hardly thinking of Gert. While I enjoy beating up on him as much as everyone else on this excellent blog, he’s hardly a player in the game. He’s an unemployed semi-literate, but wholly ignorant, Bridlington blogger who hasn’t had anyone bothering to comment on any of his tedious cut-and-pasted posts for as long as I can remember. He only continues to exist because we grant him unearned attention and though it was initially fun having a resident punch-bag, I’ve grown quite bored by him of late.

    I do have some German groups coming in the next few months and I may use a few of his postings to illustrate the ignorance and silliness of our “enemies”, but in truth that would be intellectually deceitful as there are some very bright and knowledgeable anti-Israel propagandists, he just doesn’t happen to be one of them.

    Now Tony Greenstein is a wholly different kettle of fish. I may disagree with pretty much everything he says, but the guy knows his stuff and does his homework. He has obvious literary talents and in a different world, with the right opportunities could do Israel’s image abroad some damage. There was another guy called Dubitante a few months ago who seemed to have a pretty obnoxious personality, but again, he appeared to have “read up” and knew a lot. Gert….Well….He’s Gert.

    Oh, on an unrelated note, please G-d I’m going to be a grandfather in September!

    • Sharon Klaff

      Mazaltov Daniel. It’s the best state in the world! And welcome to the club! I am baby sitting two of mine right now whilst the other three are at our house with their sabba!

    • wonderful Daniel wonderful

      and if I may say so, at your age it was about time 😉

      am I right to guess that you look forward to suffering more from worry than the actual parents will? What are your plans as to how many phone calls per day are appropriate?

      keep us posted – nothing better than waiting for a new life and talking about it to lift the gloom.

  16. HARVEY. As a heredetary priest, originating from the tribe of Aharon, brother of Moses, no less; I rather think that a charitable contribution for your transgression would be more appropriate. It would hold you in better stead with the On High, than prayers to the Virgin Mary, recited by Daniel, an un-baptised Jew!

    As for the 15 stooges listed above, I find Jemima Khan the most surprising. Her father Jimmy Goldsmith, must be turning in his grave. I am old enough to look back to the early 50’s when her father, who was related to the Rothchilds, eloped with an heiress, Isobel Patino. She was the daughter of a Bolivian tin-mining billionaire who didn’t approve of playboy Jimmy, saying my family is not in the habit of marrying Jews. To which the reply came ‘my family is not in the habit of marrying Amazon Indians!’ Another version that did the rounds was that Jimmy replied: ‘When your ancestors climbed trees, mine were priests in the great temple in Jerusalem. Something he must have borrowed from Disraeli. When a fellow parliamentarian said something derogatory, referring to his ancestry, he replied, ‘When The Right Honourable Gentleman’s ancestors were primitive savages, mine were priests in the magnificent Temple of Solomon!’

    Jimmy Goldsmith was a bit of a lad, but nonetheless a likeable one, who was proud of his heritage who later became a big tycoon in his own right.

  17. To Daniel and Roxanna: B’Sha’ah Tova.

    Sharon: You remind me of us. We only have two grandkids in London and they keep us fully occupied. The younger one, who is twelve, is into table tennis with Maccabi in a big way. We shlep him around all over town. Tomorrow morning we’re off to eckweldt Harlow for an inter-Shuhl tournament. He has also been chosen to represent Junior Maccabi UK
    in the US in August. His mum Juliette and Michele will follow him to Upstate NY to cheer him on. Jacob hopes to be chosen for the Maccabiyah that will take place in Israel in 2013. But first, he will have his Barmitzvah in July at the Kotel. And I will follow him PG in 2014, at age 83. I never had my first one because of the war. On that day, 10 August 1944 I found myself in the inferno of the Polish uprising in Warsaw which came a year after the Jewish ghetto uprisng.

    • Sharon Klaff

      So Rubin, I am no expert, but I understand that a barmitzvah can be had anytime after the 13th birthday. If that is the case, then you could have a joint barmitzvah with your grandson. What a memory for him if that were possible.
      I have just fed the baby and what a good boy is he – straight back to sleep! His sister is also fast asleep, hence me writing on this blog, as I can’t work here and I didn’t bring a book.

      • Sharon is quite right. One of the differences between say a wedding or circumcision on the one hand and a barmitzvah on the other is that in the former cases, if the groom or the babe do not turn up to their happy celebrations, then one is not married and the other remains uncircumcised. When it comes to a barmitzvah, any Jewish boy who is 13 and a day becomes a man in Jewish law. It’s nice for him to be called up to the Torah or have a modest party, but it is his age rather than the ceremony that cause the change to happen.

        That having been said I think it would be great fun for Ruben to do it with his grandson. As he says, there’s a tradition at the age of 83 (70+13) to have a second barmitzvah as the life of a man is three score and ten, so we add 13 to that.

        I support any decision he makes, as long as it means plenty of alchohol and smoked salmon!

      • Sharon Klaff

        Thanks Daniel for clarifying that.

        I can imagine the emotion of such a joint celebration, a clear message that nothing can destroy the Jewish nation, evidenced by you Rubin as a survivor of that attempted ginal solution and your grandson as the continuum of the Jewish nation. So let us know what it will be. You could of course have your first barmitzvah in July with your grandson and your second on time after the 6 score years + 10 + 13! Wine cannot substitute for the sheer joyous emotion of it all, but as a sign of celebration it is also most welcome.

  18. @ Sharon and Daniel.
    Nice thought, Sharon, but I would not have wanted to take any of the shine away from my charming grandson. Of course, I got an Aliyat Hatorah with a couple of other boys soon after our arrival here, who never had their Barmitzvah. We never read our portion, because we didn’t know how to, though I do today. There was no party and as it was during the post-war austerity period and Ration Book Britain; there was no Schnapps or smoked salmon to be had – I had never even heard of smoked salmon. You call this a Barmitzvah ceremony? Sorry folks, I’m afraid you will have to wait until I’m eighty-three, furthermore, you will have to come up to Jerusalem for it!

    • I’ll make the trip!

      As a child we prayed in a small synagogue and the oldest man there was a certain Mr. Sherwood. Legend had it that he was the owner of a smoked salmon factory. I also concluded that he must be extremely rich, both because my parents were forever telling me of the exorbitant cost of salmon and because he had silver or gold decorations on the collar of his prayer shawl.

      Neither did the celebration (kiddush) disappoint – there was indeed an abundance of smoked salmon, though less than I had imagined there would be. I was also engaged in conversation by a strange lady considerably older than myself, whom my mother later explained was “suffering from nymphomania” – a malady with which I was hitherto unacquainted.

      Today, I imagine living to the ripe old age of 83 is more the rule than the exception, and I anticipate no similar adventures at Rubin’s happy gathering.

      More than four decades ago Mr Sherwood reached the unbelievable ac

  19. Sharon Klaff

    Martin Sherman is very clever. The ignoramuses on the list could do well to read what he writes and take note, even if it is written in the Jerusalem Post, a newspaper they would probably not normally look at. Let’s trust that they can live up to their misnomer of intelligentsia and appraise themselves properly before committing to the idiocies they espouse!

  20. It is one thing for an antisemite to regard WW2 as a just war – the question is would this antisemite and other white “liberals” of his kind have regarded a preemptive strike on Germany as just if it could have prevented millions of deaths?

  21. I wonder whether Trig and the Guardian signatories, not to mention Bridlington Gertie, are celebrating this morning’s massacre of Jewish schoolchildren in Toulouse as one merely of potential Zionists?

    • Sharon Klaff

      I went to collect the grandchildren from school today – security is up with every person being inspected. I guess this bunch of nobodies never experienced anything like it, after all they have already forgotten what their grandfathers died for!