Mavi Marmara’s Ken O’Keefe compares Jews to Nazis: The Footage.

Tonge stays silent at Middlesex University after O'Keefe's horrendous attack on Jews.

Tonge stays silent at Middlesex University after O'Keefe's horrendous attack on Jews.

Here is the footage from last Thursday’s anti-Israel event at Middlesex University in Hendon, which I blogged about here, when Ken O’Keefe compared Jews to Nazis. Proof, if it was ever needed, that these events are held more out of spite against Jews than out of any concern for the Palestinians.

The event was sponsored by Interpal whose website asks you to “donate” or “sponsor” in order to “join in our efforts to help Palestinians in need”. If only.

Equally disturbing is that Jenny Tonge, a British Parliamentarian, sat on the panel next to O’Keefe all night and stayed silent after O’Keefe’s attack on Jews and his accusation later on when he blamed Israel for 9/11.

There has also been a deafening silence from Middlesex University. No doubt they will explain it all away as “freedom of speech”.

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  1. If this is not ‘Incitement’ then there is no justice for Jews in the UK

  2. I take it this has been sent to the police .
    He needs to be arrested and deported .
    What are we doing about it ?

  3. This disgusting lying propagandist o’keefe is a disgrace.
    Sacks of charah such as him don’t give a damn about the fabricated entity of common garden type Arabs conveniently (for them) referred to as “Palestinians”.
    If he did, he would be seeking to speak and act out against the very real apartheid regimes that populate the Muddle East, such as Lebanon and Jordan, where these so called “Palestinians” are excluded from so many professions, where they are excluded from many health and social housing rights and where many of them are kept languishing in refugee camps, and of course denied citizenship of their host countries.
    The Arab citizens of Israel have rights that are the envy of the Arab world. They are afforded equal rights across the board, and are represented in every facet of Israeli life- the arts, sport, law, Knesset, to name but a few.
    And whilst in practice things may not be perfect, nor is it perfect in any nation in this world!
    The same cannot be said for any of the Muslim states, where the demands of Islam oppress their women, their dissenters, their gay populace, to name but a few.
    This o’keefe idiot is a common and tired out little anti Semite.
    BDS has nothing to do with improving the status of the fabricated entity of Arabs.
    It is solely in existence to demonise Israel, to spread lies about Israel and to cent it’s inherent anti semitism.
    And for those of you here who want to spout off how being anti Zionist is not to be anti Semitic, BULLSHIT.
    To criticise Israeli policy is not, in and of itself, anti Semitic,
    However, when the criticism is in the form of propaganda and lies, and serves to deny the right of one race to self determination whilst championing the rights of another GROUP of Arabs to their self determination, THAT IS most definitely anti semitism.
    BDS is an abject failure.
    Israel’s economy remains strong and is flourishing.
    And her democratic nature, for ALL of Israel’s citizens marks her as a shining example!
    Why doesn’t this o’keefe idiot protest against the very real apartheid and war crimes being carried out daily across the Muslim middle east??
    Well, that’s an easy one to answer.
    He’s an anti Semite.
    A Jew hating sack of dross.

  4. Really they should close this second rate higher educational establishment down. It is an insult to the Jews of Barnet.
    Tong’s track record is well known but her problem is that she is blind and deaf and Clegg boy should have told her how to behave but like her he suffers from the same disease.
    O’Keefe should be prosecuted but Middx Uni need to make a complaint or an individual under the Public \Order Act! How come the CST is so silent – must be busy recording statistics!

  5. O’Keefe is a fake. Even many anti-Israel campaigners are distancing themselves from him.

    He gave an interview to Haaretz a few years ago in which he gave away what this is really all about. In short, he wants to be a hero. First he became a US Marine to be a hero, but had a run-in with a superior and it all went wrong. So he left, burnt his US passport and became a fanatical anti-Israel activist. But the ‘hero’ need never left him. He recalls the first time he went to Gaza and the reception he got. “There was excitement like we had just won the World Cup. Tens of thousands of people were there. For one day there was total euphoria. They looked at us like we were heroes.”

    Well done on documenting his latest outburst, Richard.

  6. Ilana Fine Bar-Hai

    It is hard to believe that such events occur, no major outcry follows and it is not only in England. I believe that not only should the Jewish people of these communities should attend in large numbers and protest against the lies and propoganda ,but so should the general public. O’Keefe is a liar, a inciter of hatred and ought be sued for slander. His type disgust me.

  7. @ Ilana Fine Bar-Hai

    For a nonentity like O’Keefe to call Jews Nazis, is the worst possible insult. It is an affront to my immediate family who died in the Shoah and to the remnant that’s still alive, as well as first and second generation survivors and indeed Jews worldwide.

    Ilana, I wouldn’t bank on many British Jews to stand up and be counted. They have become apathetic and lacking in pride, like the British people at large. They are but a shadow of the nation that stood alone against Hitler.

    I belong to a generation who would not have tolerated this – not after Auschwitz. A few young toughs, like the ’43 Group’ made up largely of Jewish ex-service men, would not have hesitated to go in and give this scum a bloody nose! Unless we get organised and take to the streets in numbers, no one will take any notice and things will only get worse – there is no shortage of O’Keefes…

  8. Ilana Fine Bar-Hai

    @Rubin Latz
    Extremely distressing to hear! My FIL is a survivor of death camps, death marches and he was the only one in his family left. I totally agree with you. We should not be so politically correct and nice. On facebook, on their ynet page, the antisemitism is open and many Uk and others (…) do not even hesitate to deny the holocaust and call me and others kikes and hooked nosed and no matter how many times we report this abuse, the comments remain. It is sick.

  9. Yes, there is no shortage of O’Keefes, but I fear that you may not find too many 43s. I just don’t see the Anglo-Jews who are going to take to the streets. I think that your very kind calling them apathetic, scared to death of those O’Keefes is more like it.

    Neither do I call them cowards. I’m sure that were I to I live in a basically hostile environment surrounded by many people who neither like me or want me there, I’d be scared of my own shadow too.

    “As for those of you who are left, I will make their hearts so fearful in the lands of their enemies that the sound of a windblown leaf will put them to flight. They will run as though fleeing from the sword, and they will fall, even though no one is pursuing them.”

    • Daniel Marks, Ruben Katz and Ilana Fine Bar-Hai, I couldn’t agree more with you all if I tried.
      But whilst there seems to be an unfortunate apathy amongst British Jews, there must surely be those who aren’t.
      I’m one of those.
      I’m proudly Jewish, and proud to be a Zionist.
      Regrettably for me, I don’t live in Israel but Israel certainly lives in me.
      I’m a regular on certain sites, some on Facebook such as ynet and the hatred there is disgusting.
      And so is facebooks policy too.
      Anyhow, I digress.
      I would certainly be far more than willing to take a stand against this Jew hatred that permeates the higher education establishments in this country, as well as on the streets and seemingly, at all levels of British life.
      It sickens me to my core to see Israel demonised and attacked by these scumbags, as they clearly don’t care a damn for the Arabs, they care only about venting their anti semitism.
      I’m relatively young, professional, but over and above that, I’m passionate about our homeland, Israel and I would welcome any advice or such like as to how to increase the Jewish stand against these monsters!

      • Hi Steve,

        The first thing I’d say is, don’t lose any sleep regarding the damage that the O’Keefes of this world are doing to Israel. As I’m sure you know, we are a confident vibrant democracy. We are strong morally, militarily, economically, and in every other imaginable way. Barmy anti-Semites making speeches or passing silly resolutions have about as much effect on Jewish existence as dogs howling at the moon. I’m not burying my head in the sand, I’m taking a very cold realistic look as someone who has lived both In Israel and the UK and has some understanding of both societies.

        I was at reunion of those left from the Kinder Transport yesterday and I saw them there with their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. One had more than 100 descendants including a great-great-grandson. They include a Rosh Yeshiva and a high ranking IDF officer.

        That is what you can do Steve. Have children and teach them to be proud Jews and Zionists. Tell them that every Jew should forever walk with two small pieces of paper, one in each pocket. On one piece he should write, “I am but dust and ashes” but on the other he should write, “For me the world was created”.

      • Erev tov Daniel.
        Thanks for your message 🙂
        I realise that those hateful idiots are insignificant, but the ignorants amongst us listen to them and believe them.
        That’s what gripes me is that they ate give a platform from which they spew their hatred.
        I have 2 kids, both of whom go to a Jewish school, and both of whom have grown up with a dad who is extremely pro Israel.
        For me, I need to do more.
        I’ll figure a way.
        In the meantime, send my best to Israel!

      • @Steve WInston

        While I agree with everything Daniel said in reply to your request for advice, I would like to add one more. I’m sure you’ve heard it from others, but I have to say, maybe the time has come to shake off the dust of the Diaspora and come home – to Israel.

      • Steve Winston

        Shimona, I couldn’t agree with you more.
        Im 41, not exactly over the hill, yet..
        But I have 2 parents, and I couldn’t possibly leave them and they are not of the mindset to uproot and make aliyah.
        There’s other complications too:(.
        BUT, never say never!
        And I’m about to enrol on an Ulpan like course to regain my Ivrit.
        Step by step…
        Israel is very much with me always.
        Yet it’s not enough….
        Am Yisrael Chai!

      • I agree with shimona 100% and wrote on this page that I deeply regret Steve’s decision to remain in exile.

        Believe me if I had a way of forcibly, in the most undemocratic way imaginable, dragging every British Jew back home in chains of iron, I’d do it without a moment’s hesitation. He would curse me, but his children and grandchildren would be eternally in my debt.

        However, I can’t. Though I may have influenced one or two people when I was much younger – today I seem totally incapable of doing anything of the sort. Without mentioning names I know some people here who are waiting for their parents in order to make aliyah while some are waiting for their grandchildren to grow up. Truly, it breaks my heart.

        Therefore, it is only my realization that many Jews will stay in exile for the foreseeable future that caused me to recommend strengthening Jewish education, especially that of small children in. Jewish education has always been the achilles heel of Anglo Jewry, which to the best of my knowledge has been unable to produce one notable Torah scholar since ever. When I was a child few Jewish kids went to Jewish schools, most parents preferring to entrust their Jewish education to Sunday classes, which were so lousy that by the age of 14, and though extraordinarily ignorant, I was already a teacher!

        The Jewish schools were marginally better, though their best staff members were usually the non-Jewish history, mathematics and physics teachers while the Jewish education teachers always seemed to be a terrible set of misfits.

        Anyway, all this was long ago and I’m forever hearing how much things Jewish education has improved. If assimilation figures are an accurate indicator, this optimism may be premature, but here’s hoping.

  10. Ilana Fine Bar-Hai

    Good for you Steve WInston! The world needs many more like you.

  11. sackcloth and ashes

    I have reported Ken O’Keefe and Jenny Tonge to the Met for their comments. I have stated that they have committed a hate crime as defined by the 1986 Public Order Act and the 2006 Racial and Religious Hatred Act.

  12. O’Keefe is the UK Breivik hellbent on being remembered for something. He rants and raves, embellishes and entices, all based on nothing more than his own false bravado. Interpal somehow fools the Charity Commission that it does good works whilst supporting him and other ragbag followers like Tonge and Karmi. They are all deluded and seek fame at any cost. The LibDems who are part of the government of this country need to take stock of Tonge’s antics and kick her out. They’ll certainly pay he price should this Breivik type character explode when he fails to be famous for anything else.

  13. Well done ‘sackcloth and ashes’. I wish you luck with it, I’m not too hopeful but don’t let that deter you. Why don’t the great Jewish legal minds take up the cudgels and deal with this endemic disease, on a pro-bono basis?

    All the laws are there in place, the problem is they are not applied where Jew-haters, disguised as anti-Zionists are concerned. To the contrary, a judge in Brighton congratulated the offenders, who pleaded guilty, for their lofty aims in taking the law into their own hands by thrashing a British-owned plant, causing hundreds of thousands of poundsworth of damage to the company for supposedly supplying Israel.

    It is also heartening to see there are still the likes of Steve Winston about. My health deteriorated in recent months. Prior to that I used to go with my wife to the counter-demos in front of Ahava, the Commons, Downing Street or wherever we were needed, together with all those who contribute to Richard’s blog, including Sharon Klaff, Harvey, Phillip with his Welsh Dragon all the way from Merthyr, Emma, Martin Sugarman and others. Not forgetting those that cannot be with us physically, like Daniel Marks and Silke, but who do a stirling job from a distance.

    Daniel may be right in what he says, and as an Israeli he feels confident, but the situation is uncomfortable for people who live here.

    I began agitating for Jewish and Zionist causes back in 1946, as a 14-year-old boy, together with my pals from my hostel – all newly arrived from Poland, narrowly escaping the Nazi ovens. We would go to heckle and jeer Oswald Mosley, Jeffrey Hamm and their blackshirts, closely protected by the police. This was intolerable after Auschwitz. We threw rotten vegetables at them, picked from the gutter in Ridley Road market. The ’43 Group’ were right there with us and a tough lot they were too! Oh, how are the mighty fallen…

  14. I hope the MET take it more seriously than the local police. These people break the law with impunity and the police don’t arrest them or if they do as Rubin says they are let off. I like the idea of lobbing vrot veges at them, but we are scrutinised and often barred from their meetings that are guarded by the institutionally racist police who these days don’t care if Jews are abused! Rubin, I fear we are witnessing the beginnings of a new Nazi era in which Jews are becoming a dispensable commodity.

    I just want to say again that without people like Richard and Jonathan who spur us all on there wouldn’t even be us to stand up and hold them to account.

  15. Richard

    something bothers me about your website, its extremely slow to load – are some Geeks after you? It’s been like that for about a week now.

    Do others experience the same?

    I use Safari.

    • richardmillett

      Hmm, not sure. How slow? I find cifwatch and elderofziyon slow to load sometimes also.

      • extremely slow showing me that Safari loading iicon for ages and yes it does that at EoZ also but not as extreme as it does here. I read CifWatch on e-mails but don’t go there to comment – no quality judgment strictly for there is only so much time reasons.

      • Silke – this blog is not particularly slow on my PC iPad or iPhone

      • thanks then maybe only Safari is hit by whatever it is – maybe I should overcome my reluctance to download an alternative browser.

  16. Hi Steven and Rubin,

    Yes, it’s truly ironic. These barmy propagandists claim to be anti-Israel not anti-Jewish, but the only people they seem to be upsetting are Jews living abroad, while over here nobody even knows that they exist.

    Like I said, please don’t lose any sleep on our behalves because some pig-ignorant tattooed loud-mouth calls for the “destruction of Israel”. Incidentally we’re in good company. He called for the destruction of the USA and its “empire” too and I don’t see all the American ex-pats getting hot and bothered. In every generation terrible people try to wipe out the Jewish people, but Ken O’Keefe hardly even seems to qualify.


    The Jewish community of the UK has many challenges; intermarriage, ageing, low birthrates, ignorance, apathy, etc and about 1,000 Anglo Jews are lost to these curses each year. I believe that if you have chosen to live there, which I deeply regret, it is these problems that you ought to be addressing. They are far more acute than Israel’s hasbara needs and your ability to make a difference is much greater. I know that starting a weekly Jewish study group or visiting the old or needy Jews of the UK is less sexy than debating Arabs or demonstrating, but it is on your doing just such activities that the existence of your community depends.

    It is wonderful that you send your kids to a Jewish school. Nothing has protected us more throughout 2,000 years of terrible exile than little boys and girls learning Torah. Remind your children that it is for their sake that the earth continues to go round Because of them that the world was created.

    • O’Keefe also called for the destruction of the British Empire. I was unaware that my former country still had an “empire” – but it just goes to show the level of his ignorance.

      • Jennifer Tonge has a background in “family planning” and other “women’s services”, i.e. she attracted to destruction. What else do people expect her to bring to bear when it comes to Israel? The reason she is so aggravated by the place is because it is so full of life.Take it as a compliment.

      • aparatchik

        there is nothing wrong with birth control unless of course you want to go back to the times where the higher echelons knew how to keep pregnancies down while the poor were damned to give birth to child after child while being unable to provide for them adequately and to put insult to injury get labelled as creating progeny that wasn’t as valuable as that of the higher classes.

        That is the history of non-family-planning and one should always keep it in mind. In Germany last year a guy named Sarrazin had a huge bestseller who again – of course for strictly better learning chances and chances of inheriting intelligence only – thought that it was better for the country if academically educated women contributed more offspring instead of the uneducated having too many of them.

        Even with somebody as deluded as Tonge it is conceivable that, when it comes to family planning she is of sound mind.

      • There are ways and means of making a family and like everything in life, some are better than others. However, if one of those means involves killing someone who has already come into existence then it crosses the border. Also, if your sickness is that you hate life/growth in general and children in particular, then a job advising people to use contraceptives would be an attractive career option. If you are not ready or able to have children, then don’t have sex. Sex with contraception is destructive too as people who screw but have no fruit end up hating each other in the long run.

  17. mostly harmless

    Ken O’Keefe has officially joined the likes of Melanie Phillips, Daniel Pipes, Pamela Geller & Tony Robinson in blaming all from a certain religion for the crimes of a few.

    However unlike many who post here I am only to happy too condemn them all.

  18. Jenny Tonge has gone. Well done RM!

  19. Wow Richard- it confirms my faith that intrepid people like you can and do make a difference. Kol Hakavod!

  20. Good riddance to this hateful woman.
    That o’keefe thug needs to be prosecuted for incitement of hatred.
    Upon seeing the post from S&A, i too reported those momzers.
    Thanks S&A.
    And THANKS to Richard – fantastic blog!

  21. First of all, I’d like to echo Steve’s sentiments. It will be interesting to see whether the old bat finally got the push from Cleggie or the ‘Jewish-Zionist cabal’ made it impossible for her to carry on. Methinks though, she will never give up bad-mouthing Jews until she croaks her last.

    @ mostly harmless.
    Whilst I’m pleased to see you condemn Ken O’Keefe; how can you compare this low-life with the likes of Melanie Phillips?
    You talk about ‘Crimes of a few – A FEW? You must believe in cloud-cuckoo-land or you are one of their apologists. It may be harmless to you, but just take a look at the world around you. There is nothing but violence and strife wherever Arabs/Moslems share a land with another people or religion. Be that in the Mid-East, North Africa, Asia and now spilling over into Western Europe. Melanie, who you condemn, in her latest article quotes from William Shawcrosse’s recent book (he is the son of Sir Hartley Shawcross, prosecutor at the Nuremberg Trials).
    And I quote ….”those who have taken up with a terrifying ferocity where the Nazis left off, Al Qaeda and its Islamist associates who, as Shawcross notes, share with the Nazis a totalitarian mindset with Jew-hatred at its core, and waging world war to establish, not a Thousand-Year-Reich, but a global Islamic caliphate”.

    And please don’t try to deny it, the Islamists themselves crow about it…

    • Steve Winston

      @ Rubin Katz.
      I couldn’t possibly have said it better.
      G-d bless you.
      Am Yisrael Chai!

  22. sackcloth and ashes

    The sad thing is that while these crypto-Nazis and haters indulge in their sick fantasies, the people of Homs are on the verge of experiencing a ghastly massacre. But there’s no Mavi Marmara for them:

    • Steve Winston

      Their hatred blinds them to the fact that rather than championing the rights of the so called “Palestinians”, all that they are doing is driving the prospect of a real and meaningful peace further away.
      Mind you, much like the likes of abbARSE and those hamARSE momzers, the likes of okeefe arent interested in peace.
      They are driven solely by their hatred of Jews which they attempt to cloak in what they call anti Zionism.
      Much like the so called “Palestinian” leaders, their main goal is to destroy the Jewish state.
      They care as much for the so called “Palestinians” as the Arabs in the Middle East do…
      The worrying thing is that they are spewing this vile filth to young impressionable students across the globe.
      And we all know that students love to fight for a cause….

  23. I feel terribly out of touch, so much so that I had to google Jenny Tonge to find out who she is and then read up about her in order that I could share the jubilation.

    Anyway, now I know I say good riddance to that hateful creature!

    It usually happens the other way, that someone I had never heard of dies and then I discover what a wonderful human being he/she had been and how empty the world will be without him/her.

    • richardmillett

      Yes sorry. It all stemmed from the film I took of her last week.

    • It’s a pity she couldn’t also be stripped of her barony and kicked out of the House of Lords, where she’s still free to spew her poison.

      @Daniel, what a coincidence! I also used to teach in cheder/ Sunday school, though I was a bit older – fifteen. It didn’t last long – I just couldn’t enforce any kind of discipline ;-(

      • I never bothered with discipline. Many years ago I went to an in job training session on the subject (here in Israel) and another teacher told me that I have no right to express an opinion on the subject as I never have discipline problems, so understand nothing about the subject.

        My philosophy has always been to be worse behaved than any of my pupils and that usually does the trick….Aah! It’s Shabbat.

        Shabbat shalom

        PS Regarding stripping the lady, just make sure it’s only her title. She looks like she’s seen better days.


      • Sharon Klaff

        Yuk – anything else stripped would be unbearable!

      • Steve Winston

        Enough on the subject of stripping that Tonge creature.
        I have a nice Shabbat meal to look forward to.
        I don’t want those images in my mind when eating….
        Shabbat shalom le’kulam.

  24. @ sackcloth and ashes.

    Of course there will be no Avi Marmara in support of the Syrian victims or any of the other injustices in this world – it’s all about the Jews…!

  25. Richrd, I’ve had a lot to say recently, but more importantly, I failed to congratulate you.

    I don’t always get the JC but in view of the great news, I will pop out for a copy this evening – where I live you can get it the night before. I’m not too enamoured with the JC lately. Though I’ve had many of my letters published over the years, I’ve not been too successful lately and have given up a while ago. I can only put it down to my effort being too ‘schmaltzy’ for them and not parochial enough. When I showed a friend a letter I considered rather good, that brought to light interesting wartime information. This was rejected in favour of one or two mediocre letters on the same subject. She replied, I know why, yours is too ‘Jewish’…!

  26. Steve Winston

    4 rockets just fired into Ashkelon.
    Just heard from a friend of mine who lives there.
    Very rainy and do those psychotic hate filled bastards take advantage as they know Iron Dome doesn’t work as effectively in that weather…
    Yeah, these people really want peace.
    They only want PIECE.
    Piece by piece.

  27. “It all stemmed from the film I took of her last week.”
    your vital contribution acknowledged by Guido, and also Martin Bright in the JC- the credit richly earned.

  28. Well done Richard ! Actually bloody fantastic considering they were watching you like a hawk . Students , security Psc goons and yet you managed to record the critical moments and took down an enemy of the Jewish people
    Kol Hakovod . !
    Simply amazing !

  29. Jihad-Jenny, Creeping Jenny (plant with long tentacles), take your pick, may have been brought low by Richard, et al. But I wager her Lashing Tongue will not keep still for long.

    Richard is referred to in the Jewish press as a ‘right-wing activist’, I know this is the last thing he would want to call himself. Richard merely does what is right.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Rubin – Forked Tonge more like it – goes with the tail and the spear and red glare! However, she still retains her title and remains as part of the lawmaking upper House in this country. Now to get that removed from her – it is certainly my next project. Why, because she not only supports Hamas, but she fraternizes with Haniyeh whom she praised as having at last had a full 4 pages about himself in the Inde. She has also sat on the same podium as him. Now as you know Hamas is a banned organisation int his country. How can a person who has a vote in the upper House and have an influence on our laws and then break those laws by fraternizing with the enemy?

      BTW – as you say Richard is not “right-wing” like all of us he does not wear a wing. He is simply correct.

  30. I know it’s been said before but I always wanted to utter the immortal words ” it’s all gone Peter Tong for Jenny Tonge .
    Heh wadda you know – I said it !

  31. Okay, I have now read up on the matter and it’s damn impressive. I’m very proud indeed to know Richard – right-wing activist or not.

    I am right-wing, always have been, probably always will be. This does not apply to my social outlook, which is in many ways “left” and regarding economics I’m neither right nor left, just a complete ignoramus – but regarding Israeli foreign policy I’m definitely right-wing.

    I’m not proud of this fact, as I think a person should take pride in his actions, not his views, but neither am I ashamed of it. I believe that on the whole the Israeli right wing has been proven to have been more accurate and realistic in their understanding of the nature of the Arab-Israeli Conflict than our detractors, and therefore the courses of action that we have suggested in the past 40 years have been less harmful than theirs. Of course, we are not heavenly angels and we haven’t been right on every matter.

    All in all, I think the expression “right-wing activist” is not a wholly inaccurate characterization of the author of this excellent blog and I would suggest to him that this is nothing to be ashamed of, indeed, there are many far worse banners that he might be carrying.

    • Instead of giving us your views perhaps you can devote your talents to writing to the Media, Jewish and non Jewish to further our cause. Don’t be afraid, they won’t put you behind bars yet.

      • I have written to the Maale Adumim local newspaper a number of times regarding assorted issues of the day – mainly local matters that have national implications.

        I also occasionally host foreign journalists, academics and politicians. The German government is kind enough to pay me Euros to argue with them – frankly, I’d gladly be doing it for free!

        However, I consider this excellent blog to also be “Media” and while I’m not sure about the “to further our cause” bit, much less the existence of those “talents”, I do enjoy exchanging ideas and learning both from its author and from the many regular commentators.

        Finally, I have no idea to whom you allude with your kind reassurance that “they” won’t put me behind bars, but I am grateful and encouraged all the same.

      • Foreign reporters here in Israel don’t read Maale Adumim newspapers they read the “respected” Ha’aretz or the other English rag the Post with all it’s spelling mistakes and lefti reporters, whilst their staffers translate the Ivrit papers – only selected items.
        I thought you lived in the UK as such I was referring to the UK based media

  32. Richard did you hear this on Today? The listen again is not up yet.
    Listen to her characteristic disingenuous attempt to sound so very sweet and reasonable, divorced from the vicious atmosphere of the meeting which only watching your videos can convey. When asked if she applauded O’ Keefe she mumbled evasively: I.. don’t.. think I did .. Maybe a little clap at the end, as one does .. but anyway O’ Keefe is a brave man and has done brave things.

    Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Tonge has resigned after provoking an outcry by saying that Israel “is not going to be there forever in its present form”. She explains why she is standing by her remarks, while Conservative MP Robert Halfon explains why it was right that she stepped down.

  33. Steve Winston

    Daniel, as I said previously, I don’t disagree with you.
    Drop me an email,

  34. @Steve WInston
    Perhaps if you make aliyah, your parents will decide to follow you – and their grandchildren. Because, the longer you wait, the more obstacles are likely to arise.
    @Daniel Marks “Regarding stripping the lady,…”
    I assume you are using the term “lady” in its technical sense only ie. the fact that she has a peerage.

  35. Calm down. Try to LISTEN. The speaker did not compare Jews to Nazis as the headline implies. He compared the Nazi regime with the Jewish state’s policies towards Palestinians and he compared ‘good Germans’ who failed to stop the Nazis in their tracks with the ‘good Jews’ who oppose the Jewish state’s policies towards Palestinians. Something else entirely. This hysterical posturing by Zionists is as silly as it is misinformed and one-sided. The Israeli government’s policies are discriminatory, they are oppressive, they are racist towards their own Arabs (citizens but not nationals under Israeli law) and towards Palestinians in the territories. That’s the point, and it’s one Zionists won’t even contemplate, and try their best to drown out any other point of view but their own blind, hate-fuelled invective against anyone who doesn’t go along with their point of view. The speaker said nothing that was anti-semitic. Listen again!

    • Sharon Klaff

      Addicavamso – A person who uses the word Zionist in the way you do has obviously been subjected to the propaganda about Jews and Israel that is at the root of the problems in the Middle East, spurred on by naive receptive university students. Example: a youngster at the one sided “debate” applauding the Jew hate diatribe asked “what’s a Zionist” nevertheless agreeing that they should all be slaughtered. There is no doubt that what was said was racist, provocative and caused several who came to hear both sides of what proved to be a one sided debate to feel scared for their lives. If you were a Jew in that audience it felt more violent and frightening than growing up in apartheid South Africa. So yes I certainly listened to every word, syllable, intonation and rabble rousing invective and I shook in my boots with fear for my safety, but also for the future of the UK that anybody with any kind of brain, let alone a university education could applaud so loudly at the words of a person who presents as O’Keefe does. That a peer of the realm could share a podium with such a snake oil salesman and a woman who feels that living in Golders Green gives her carte blanche to define what is a Jew in a venomous way, explains the rapid decline of the morals and ethics in this country. It is shocking that such undemocratic race hate feats are sanctioned on our campuses, indoctrinating our youth rather than educating them. Israel will survive all this, but wil the UK!