Anti-Israel activists in London: “Slaughter in Syria? What slaughter?”

Outside the Natural History Museum today.

Outside the Natural History Museum today.

Anti-Israel activists in London didn’t seem to have a care in the world today about Bashar Assad’s continued slaughter of his own people in the cities of Homs, Aleppo and Damascus.

Instead, they urged people queuing for the Natural History Museum to boycott an exhibition sponsored by Veolia because it does business with Israel.

They could have joined Syrian opposition activists outside the Syrian Embassy or Amnesty’s Mass Rally in Trafalgar Square for Syria, Egypt and the wider Middle East, but, instead, they handed out leaflets which falsely claimed that:

1. Veolia placed job adverts for the Jerusalem Light Railway which were racist being “deliberately designed to stop Palestinian citizens of Israel from applying”.
2. Veolia operates buses to “illegal” Israeli settlements on the West Bank and that “Palestinians are often stopped from using the buses that Veolia runs”.
3. “Veolia takes waste and rubbish from Israel and illegal Settlements and dumps this on stolen Palestinian land in the West Bank.”

The leaflet concludes by asking you to tell the Natural History Museum that you disagree with Veolia being the sponsor of the Exhibition and to “ask the museum to drop Veolia”.

Well, luckily, the Natural History Museum hasn’t capitulated to the lies and the Veolia Environment Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition is set to run until 11th March 2012. Judging by the long queues it’s a must-see.

Although there were some 20 anti-Israel activists there were about 10 pro-Israel counter-demonstrators to give some balance to the proceedings, including Phillip who brilliantly drove down from Wales to add his support.

Things did almost kick-off as one anti-Israel activist spent the two hours intent on making his presence known, including this incident when he accosted Jonathan Hoffman until being ushered away by museum security:

The final counter-demos. against the Israel-haters outside the Natural History Museum are due to take place on Feb. 25th and March 10th, if you can make it. Until then please tweet your approval of the exhibition @NHM_London

In the meantime, if you are an anti-Israel activist this is for you. It’s a clip (thanks Daniel Marks) of one of Bashar Assad’s tanks looking for more innocent Syrian civilians to slaughter. Just in case you hadn’t heard:

And more photos from today outside the Natural History Museum:

Why so ashamed?

Why so ashamed?

Handing out lies to museum goers.

Handing out lies to museum goers.

Sadly, reading the lies.

Sadly, reading the lies.

Phillip from Wales, placard in hand, shows his support for Israel.

Phillip from Wales, placard in hand, shows his support for Israel.

Two Israel-haters show their love for each other.

Two Israel-haters show their love for each other.

Still ashamed.

Still ashamed.

53 responses to “Anti-Israel activists in London: “Slaughter in Syria? What slaughter?”

  1. Richard you are doing a great job.Congrats

  2. In any case I’ve written to my local RSPCA to inform them that I cannot support their good work anymore, ever since blood has started being spilled on the streets of Syria. I feel one has to be thoroughly principled about that. The next letter will be to the pro-Zionists, as it’s only fair they too cease all activity until the Syrian conundrum is solved satisfactorily…

  3. Gert
    I hear you are on the next flotilla to Syria . It s probably for the best if you make it one way .

  4. Shocker!

    “We heart Israel” crowd finds new fig leaf to cover up Zionist colonialism and human rights abuses with: Syria! Willing to exploit suffering of Palestinians by means of suffering of other Arabs!

  5. Richard
    The real shocker is the fact that Gert doesn’t actually give a flying fcuk about the Palestinians either . His agenda , like the rest of the wretched scum bags who were there is Israel and its very existence . They would be happy to see the death of hundreds of thousands if not millions in order to see their theoretical maximalist position come to fruition.If it was down to them they would ne right up there screaming rejection of anything which vaguely resembled compromise and peace . I know that because their River to the Sea ditty is hard wired into their pea sized brains . Each one of them has their own separate agenda but one thing for sure is that it’s very far from being an egalitarian gesture of humanitarian conscience that motivates them .Apart from the fact that it gives them something to look forward to each week . Ssomething to brighten up their sad mundane lives , the inescapable fact is that most have an unhealthy dislike of Jews . That’s not paranoia , that’s by their own admission.
    The psc EGM which took place recently in order to take a vote on the appeal of a leading member against his expulsion for being an antisemite and holocaust denier found that 20% voted against his expulsion . No one will ever know the real figure who think that way but don’t wish to suffer the same fate .
    But here’s the good news . Despite their best endeavors , they have failed to reach a critical mass and more importantly they lack any semblance of political power . The nearest thing they had was Galloway and he was considered beyond the pale even by the far left labourites and ended up a one trick pony .
    These people will continue their pantomine season , pulling some Israeli products off shelves and singing ditties in order to gain their 15 mins of fame ( how else could a third rate diva such as the execrable Fink get to sing at the proms ).
    Without political power these numpties are simply a bunch of determined oddballs who we give too much time to but because of our support and love of Israel causes us to respond .
    The reality is they signify not a humanitarian cause , but an amalgamation of red Green alliance whose underlying motive is a visceral hatred of Jews and the fact they have their own state :

  6. Here I must disagree with the author of this excellent blog, who I admire so. As I wrote in an earlier comment, I have seen no convincing evidence that Gert gives a hoot about the Palestinians any more than the German propagandists of the 1930s were genuinely concerned with the plight of the Deutschstämmige population that was living in then Czechoslovakia.

    Be assured that were if Israel killing the Syrian civilians Gert’s entire blog would be devoted to the matter. That is what makes him a Jew-hater rather than an Arab-lover.

    If any further proof of his contempt and derision for Arab lives is needed, one only has to read his depraved reference to the “Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” which he sarcastically compares with those who care about the terrible slaughter taking place in Syria at this moment. This is the anti-Semite is its purest most undiluted sense of the term – hatred and fear of Jews and disdain and scorn towards Arabs.

    • You’re right, you’re right, you’re right, you’re right,you’re right, you’re right, you’re right………..

  7. Your blog is superb – whatever happens I will stand with you. Take care

    • Agreed Richard. We are with you all the way

    • Phil from the valleys ?
      Really nice to see you again . The fact that you travel all that distance in order to stand with us for a couple of hours is simply awesome and truly appreciated !

  8. Daniel
    On this we agree 100% ( my comment above )
    The psc / bds is riddled with antisemites who have found a very comfortable warm repository in which they can collectively express that hate under the guise of antizionism . I came up against one such creature in court . I was subjected to the most appalling hateful description of my actual appearance which was as close to a Der Sturmer caricature of the ‘Eternal Jew ‘ as you could get . The woman was not just lying , she was experiencing the lie as her febrile imagination ran out of control .
    In the end her evidence was so at odds with the CCTV footage that she condemned herself . She had her coterie of supporters in court , prepared to overlook this womans vile racist antisemitism simply because she was a stalwart of the Palestinian cause . It would probably have been the case even if she had murdered someone . That is the depth of blind hatred these organisations have sunk to in their hatred of Israel and Jews .
    The so called Jewish activists , Greenstein Levy who produce the Jewish card only to assist the cause are on borrowed time .
    The Atzmons , Booths , Greens , Hardyments are the real face of the movement biding their time . It’s reminiscent of Hitlers 1923 Munich putsch which failed . Same with the above bunch who are licking their wounds this time but will be back with a vengeance next opportunity .
    Greenstein et al are dinosaurs , relics of a movement who have served their purpose .
    Harrys Place has brilliantly exposed the fault line . We don’t need to do anything except sit back and watch how the schism evolves into a splitting off of the different factions – Greensteins brown shirts and the more virulent strain of the holocaust denying Atzmon black shirt storm troopers who are already beating at the door .

  9. “If Carlsberg did ‘scraping the barrel’…”

    Your whole spiel (in close harmony with the rest of the lowest rungs of the Zionist blogosphere) is ‘we’re bad but they’re worse’. It’s a clear admission of guilt, of course.

    Funnily enough, I do read some quality Zionist publications and they never make the argument that what happens elsewhere somehow nullifies Israeli wrongdoing. Only Millett, EoZ and that sort of nincompoopery makes that kind of argument: literally trying to hide Israel’s crimes behind other crimes.

    It’s rather rich reading this stuff on a blog that is 110 % dedicated to Israel, written by a guy who calls himself ‘not-a-Zionist’. Phwoaoarrr!

    Garfield, howzit hanging with the fascists from the EDL, mate?

    Daniel: yyaaawwn…

    • Gert
      Care to put a name and address to that defamation . I’m itching to pursue a claim for libel .

      • Harvey

        if you click on his name you get to his blog and from there to his profile and either on the site for the pyro-enthusiasts or the translation service he offers you find his company registration complete with address.

        Also if you check through his first blog posts when he was still into finding clientele for his advice on developing others’s web-presence there is the company registration paper somewhere.

    • Gert, if you cannot see right from wrong then perhaps this Muslim telling how they would kill off the Jews might open your sticky eyes:

  10. As a Jew and an Israeli I am appalled and disgusted by the barbaric acts that are taking place just a couple of hundred kilometers from my home, but which I am totally powerless to prevent or in any way affect.

    I have always avoided comparing any modern humanitarian tragedy, however horrendous, to the holocaust and I shall not do so today, but the only parallel I would draw is that all human beings alive today and Jews in particular, will one day have to explain to their grandchildren where they were and what they were doing during the days and weeks and months that the throats of angelic Syrian babies were slit by two-legged monsters who breathed the same air as they.

    Let no fool imagine that the suffering of our neighbors is in any way in Israeli or Jewish interests. If one day we are to meet the true representatives of the Syrian people – not their murderers – at the negotiating table, we must come on that day with clean hands.

    This is my opinion alone, but I believe that if the free world continues to ignore the plight of the Syrian masses, Israel should consider the imposition of a no-fly zone over parts of our Northern neighbor, similar to that imposed by Western powers who in so doing protected their Libyan oil interests. Surely the blood and tears of the innocent are no less precious than petrol.

    Regarding Gert’s obscene attempts to find the funny side of this, the greatest man-made humanitarian tragedy so far this century, I can only hope that all decent Arab spokesmen, as much as any of them know of his sad existence, disown him.

    I call upon Gamil Elias a proud son of the Palestinian People to be the first to do so.

  11. Silke
    Thank you for that very useful input . Maybe Gert will kindly reaffirm his assertion regarding my alledged association with EDL and include his full name and contactable address so that there can be no misunderstanding between us and those reading this blog . .

  12. One last pressing matter: since as Hamas now also look relatively angelic with respect to Assad and his cronies, will that group now also be down graded from Israel’s public enemy No1? 😉

    Gamil Elias is in all likelihood a fake, concocted by Daniel or one of his friends.

    • Gert
      Daniels provision of your name and address came and went and although screen saved , as I understand it you need to reconfirm your allegation regarding the EDL together with your full name and address .
      So either put up or shut up because I’m up for throwing some money at it – matey !

  13. What a gift Gert has to find the funny side of the suffering of others.

    As the Syrian government, that he refuses to even mention let alone condemn on his blog, uses innocent civilians as human tank-shields, he just giggles away. What a gift!

  14. Gert is instructed by me to ignore the Syrian internal hooliganisms and continue to focus about the Palestinian struggle. That is a Syrian internal matter.

    They’re are rumours that it is the Mossad, CIA etc that are behind the Syrian riots also.

    All the best,

    • So Gert is an indoctrinated groupie with no mind of his own, no consciousness of right and wrong, no empathy for those poor people being murdered and raped and tortured? And as a brainwashed idiot with mush between his ears he ignores the evidence of even the Arab League and buys instead hook line and sinker the rubbish you instil in him Gamil Elias. Even the evidence of all the happenings across north Africa in the last year cannot persuade him that this has nothing to do with Israel. He is so weak willed that he is unable to read a little for himself, but needs someone to instli him with a putrid vision of the world in which the genocide of Jews supersedes the well being and even survival of others. This behaviour says only one thing, that he has bought into the idea of the Mahdi and the chaos that essentially must precede the arrival of the 12th Imam and the implementation of Islam as the world caliphate. Poor Gert for being the useful idiot for he hasn’t grasped his own fate once he has served his purpose.

  15. Richard
    I dont appreciate this hit n run douchebag Gert writing defamatory remarks about me . He’s too much of a chicken shit to put his full name and address alongside .
    I realise he generates a few extra hits but how about removing the SOB . He pollutes an otherwise excellent blog .

  16. Gamil
    I hope you’re not paying Gert to be your own personal sock puppet . We don’t want social security sniffing round him with a view to stopping his benefits .

    • Well Harvey, actually we do want them sniffing around and stopping his social security. A person who has the time and whit to write so much drivel could surely be put to bet use in some form of paid employment – digging weeds maybe?

      • I am most worried about his attempts to do business with the “pyro-enthusiasts”.

        It suggests to me that he may be offering advice/how-to-instructions that shouldn’t be public.

        As best I remember when I googled him long ago, he has useful (to them) professional knowledge.

        That his website doesn’t look as if it is doing brisk business doesn’t mean that contacts once established occur aside from it.

  17. I would simply walk around advertising that fact. Hold up a big banner stating “We don’t care about the Syrian slaughter as long as one Jew lives in the mideast”. I bet there’d be little if any reaction at all from the BDS’rs

  18. Harvey,

    I do hope that Gert will not be removed from this excellent blog. In my opinion, he gives anti-Semitism a bad name and should be permitted to continue to do so.

    I have no ax to grind, in fact I was banned from Gert’s empty blog long ago; but as a Jew, a Zionist and a West Bank settler, I sincerely believe that characters like that being able to disseminate their views in the manner he does are among the best thing hasbara tools we have.


    Because I disagree categorically with everything you say, I shall defend with my life your right to say it. Do not be downhearted or dismayed, keep up the good work!


    • oh Daniel you lucky one – you have at least for some time been allowed to comment on Gert’s blog.

      I was told by him in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t even let me register (not that I’d trust him with my contact data, geek that he is, he might find out things I’d prefer him to not know)

  19. Hey Gamil,

    Gert is so bad that if I were you I’d check out the possibility that he isn’t a double-agent working for the old Zionist entity.

    If Gert is taking two salaries (from you and us) and the dole as well, he may turn out not to be as stupid as he appears.

    Check it out!

  20. “They could have joined Syrian opposition activists outside the Syrian Embassy or Amnesty’s Mass Rally in Trafalgar Square for Syria, Egypt and the wider Middle East….”

    True, but so could you. So could any of us.

    Did we? No.

    • richardmillett

      I do and have done but not Syria, not yet. I have been to Iranian opposition demos. and to one against al-Bashir’s regime in Sudan, before the recent partition. I would probably have gone on Saturday too if not for this.

      • Understood. But puts you in exactly the same boat as them, re your opening accusation.

      • richardmillett

        How does it? I can’t be in two places at once. Had they postponed their protest outside the NHM I’d probably have gone to Trafalgar Square.

      • Oh jeez, I don’t really know where to start with this.

        If you can’t see that you were guilty of the exact thing you accused them of, then you can’t see it. Let’s just leave it!

      • richardmillett

        If you are accusing me of being a hypocrite could you at least explain how I have failed to answer that point?

    • @OvVaGoy you miss the point entirely in two ways. The first is to bestow your collective guilt on all of us who did not attend a protest at Trafalgar Square to shout against the Syrian tyranny in public, as though we can be judged against your standards. Not true. Thank goodness that at last count we all still have the freedom to choose our own avenue for protest and each person who stands up in whatever way he/she thinks befits their cause is to be admired, not least Richard, who is out there at every opportunity to bring to all of us what is taking place on the ground – that’s his role in this very mad world. The second is that Richard had to choose between going to Trafalgar Square or going somewhere else to report the goings on of those who shout loudest against Israel whilst they support Hamas with its genocidal charter instead of protesting against the real tyranny that is Syria. If they had done their job and taken their protest to Trafalgar Square instead then there is no doubt Richard would have been there. Its a bit feeble to try and elicit an apology from a real trouper like Richard who puts himself on the line time and again to keep live this constant and deepening approaching genocide whilst governments and journalists across the globe ignore it.

  21. In my opinion the only demonstrations that “we” should attend are those calling for an end to the murder of innocent Syrian civilians.

    Supporting the Syrian opposition or calling for them to replace the current dictator is frankly none of “our” business. The opposition, if they gain power, will in all likelihood be just as cruel and murderous as Assad and will soon be doing to his tribes what he did to theirs. It goes without saying that they’ll be just as anti-Israel too.

    All we should do as human beings is to call for an end to the blood-letting, no more – no less.

    • Quite right too Daniel. We can have no effect on who they have to rule them, but we have to draw attention tot he killings in the hope it will stop.

  22. Richard is Jewish? right? and thus anti-semitism is something that concerns him on a very personal level.

    How many Richard saw there were “Palestine and/or Islam”-affiliated in a comparable way?

  23. Why aren’t the BDS muppets boycotting Syrian products? Oh, I forgot it is because those naughty Zionists spend all day killing Palestinians:Sorry, I am getting muddled in my own age. Obviously, it is all the fault of Israel. Indeed my car keeps stalling:Israel’s fault. My window in my lounge is broken:Israels fault. I am overweight:Israels fault. Naughty Zionists………

    I am going to burn my Blackberry and destroy my intel pentium powered computer in disgust! Also no more generic medication made in Israel, even if it does save my patients lives. And I will never fly on a plane that uses software developed by those evil Zionists again!

    Final point:How dare those evil Zionists go and rescue sick and injured children in Haitai? Obviously, it was because they caused the problem in the first place!

    • Pretorius, it seems you understand the workings of the Islamophied Leftist’s mind. And that must also be the fault of those vile Zionists.

    • Pretoria – Andries I presume? The reason they don’t boycott Syrian is because Syria doesn’t produce any as they’re too busy killing off anybody who can.