IPO disruptor Jonathan Rosenhead: “Israel National Theatre at The Globe is next target.”

Professor Jonathan Rosenhead: Next target is Habima at the Globe in May.

Professor Jonathan Rosenhead: Next target is Habima at the Globe in May.

LSE Professor Jonathan Rosenhead, Chair of the British Committee for the Universities of Palestine (BRICUP), who helped to disrupt the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert at the Royal Albert Hall on 1st September 2011, has said that the performance by the National Theatre of Israel (or Habima) of The Merchant of Venice at the Globe Theatre on 28th and 29th May will be the next target for anti-Israel activists.

He said that they had purchased 45 tickets (see from 4 mins. 7 secs. in following clip) for the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra’s disrupted concert and he boasted about the BBC taking the concert off air.

He was speaking on Friday at King’s College London about the academic and cultural boycott of Israel. KCL is one of the organisations conducting research with Ahava through an EU-funded project called Nanoretox and activists are, once again, claiming, without any substantiation, that Ahava is based on an illegal settlement.

Last April four activists were found guilty of aggravated trespass for their efforts in disrupting business at the Ahava store in Covent Garden. District Judge Ian Baker found that Ahava was “trading lawfully” and gave Gwendolen Wilkinson, Matthew Richardson, Jessica Nero and Christoper Osmond 18 month conditional discharges and ordered them to pay £250 costs each.

When questioned further Rosenhead admitted to being one of the disruptors of the IPO and he welcomed any prosecution that might follow seeing it as an opportunity to publicise their cause.

But he threatened that Habima will be next:

“They have made themselves a target, and they will be one. Various things are afoot to try and make sure, to pressure The Globe in the first instance, because if The Globe withdraws the invitation then that’s no problem.”(see clip from 6 mins 25 secs.):

I had initially gone to KCL to hear Omar Barghouti speak. Barghouti is a member of the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC) and holds degrees from Columbia University and…..Tel Aviv University.

He compares himself to Nelson Mandela who, he says, studied in an apartheid South Africa university, when he was asked how can can claim to be part of a boycott movement while having studied in the country, Israel, he is supposed to be boycotting!

The parallel with Mandela fails on every level, but specifically because Barghouti is neither Israeli nor Palestinian having been born in Qatar and having grown up in Egypt, whereas Mandela is South African!

I was hoping to show footage of Barghouti making the usual racist comparisons of Israel to Nazi Germany and apartheid South Afica (the man really knows how to demean peoples’ past sufferings), but, once again, I was stopped from filming under threat of being removed by security.

I should have a right to film a public meeting, especially where there is racist rhetoric and where others are filming. Barghouti ordered that I stop filming as did the Chair of the event, Maha Rezeq. But both have no connections to KCL! Rezeq called my filming “unethical” on the basis that the footage will be available online.

But their’s will be edited, cleaned up footage. Barghouti compared the boycott of Israel to the boycott of Nazi Germany and compared Israeli Arabs who don’t boycott Israel (for example, those who might stay in Israeli hotels or use Israeli airlines) as being equivalent to Kapos. He called El Al a racist airline:

“The most important aspect that Palestinian citizens of Israel are involved in in terms of the BDS campaign is not to allow themselves or their institutions to be used as figleaves. Quite often Israel uses some Uncle Toms and (Aunt) Jemimas, whatever you want to call them, which exist in every society. I mean in every society you have people who wish to profit from self-interest rather than principle. It’s not a Palestinian phenomenon, it’s an international phenomenon. Some Jewish victims during the Holocaust were serving the Nazi victimisers. So in every sociey you get a small minority that betrays their own”.

In the clip below Rosenhead said he withdrew his consent for me to film him. I only stopped filming when Mehdi Beyati, a student at KCL, got up to call security. Beyati’s behaviour would be expected in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Gaza, but isn’t becoming in a British University:

Here Beyati reads and analyses KCL’s response to the call to stop KCL collaborating with Ahava:

24 responses to “IPO disruptor Jonathan Rosenhead: “Israel National Theatre at The Globe is next target.”

  1. Jonathan Hoffman

    Vigilantes will be on hand both outside and inside The Globe to perform Citizens’ Arrests on known troublemakers – including Rosenhead – likely to commit Aggravated Trespass

  2. I visited Ahava HQ at the Dead Sea and it is surrounded by uninhabited arid desert. If it were not there, nothing would be there. And certainly not any ‘palestinians’, who are quite happy with their smart phones, Mercs and shops just up the road in Jericho.

    • Been there as well. Ahava actually is the only enterprise that provides work for local people at same pay for same job. We interviewed some of the workers and they are very happy with their status of employment and mingling with their work colleagues, both Arabs and Jews alike – in fact there are also many Russians working there as well. As you say Roger without Ahava there would simply be desert and dust.

  3. Richard – since you are constantly being harassed when you try to film – perhaps you should purchase one of those “spy cameras” disguised as something else. My brother got one for only 35 quid.

  4. Is admission of intent to commit a crime not unlawful? This man has given notice that he has picked his target, acquired the tools and some accomplices and stated in an open meeting exactly what his intentions are. This is not unlike announcing in a public meeting that a gun has been purchased and accomplices harnessed with the intent to murder someone on a specific day.

    • It’s not the admission itself, but the conspiracy to commit a crime, which is a serious crime even if the conspiracy is to commit a fairly minor offence.

  5. Empress Trudy

    Is there a way to keep a few bouncers around to forcefully eject each and every one of them? Just toss them headfirst into the gutter?

  6. The Palestinians are the Nazis.
    UNESCO says won’t fund Palestinian magazine praising Hitler
    Yitzhak Benhorin Published: 12.23.11,

  7. Jonathan Rosenhead is silent on the genocidal aims of the Palestinians.
    PA Religious Official Publicly Calls for Genocide of Jews
    PA’s principal religious leader presents the killing of Jews by Muslims as a religious Islamic goal.
    Elad Benari

  8. I was furious that Guy’s Dental School, where I qualified, was incorporated into Kings College London. Now I shall DEMAND reassurances that KCL divorces itself from this nasty little man and his evil, anti-Semitic followers. I remember some years ago an attempt was made to have a similar meeting in Guys, but I objected and I understand the meeting was cancelled. I just wish I’d been there, because you would have been able to film security ejecting an 80 years old man! Now THAT would have looked good on U-tube.

  9. Out of the 700,000 Jews forced from the Arab countries, I know of only one Jew who tried to return to the Arab country he was forced from.
    That was David Gerbi who was thrown out by Libya in the late 60s.
    After Gaddafi was overthrown last October, Gerbi tried to return to Libya to live there.
    You can read this article to see what happened. But ofcourse lets not talk about Arab aparthied.
    Remember, where only talking about 1 Jew living there.

    Following calls for deportation, Gerbi to return to Rome
    Angry protesters gather in Tripoli to demand deportation of Libyan Jew David Gerbi, who has been trying to reopen a sealed synagogue.

    A few hundred angry protesters gathered in central Tripoli on the eve of Yom Kippur on Friday, calling for the deportation of a Libyan Jew who has been trying to reopen a synagogue sealed since ousted Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi expelled the country’s Jewish community in 1967.
    The protesters carried signs reading, “There is no place for the Jews in Libya,” and “We don’t have a place for Zionism.”

  10. The news is awash with Islamist atrocities the world over: no day passes without bloodshed committed by the radical Muslims.
    Islam is a pure, totalitarian fascist ideology encompassing stoning, genital mutilating, honor killing and the list is endless.
    Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia… those are the true satanic places: Israel is a peaceful oasis by comparison.

  11. Rosenhead has been silent about the links of LSE (the university where he is a Professor) with Gaddafi’s son. And silent about atrocities in Iran, Syria, China ….

    He singles out Israel

    That makes him a hypocrite.

  12. So the cream of Anglo Jewry shall mobilize to protect the right of a Left-wing Israeli theater company to perform an anti-Semitic, albeit Shakespearean, play without being interrupted by Left-wing anti-Semitic demonstrators.

    Surely, efforts deserving of a worthier cause!?

  13. I wrote “That makes him an antisemitic hypocrite”

    You have deleted the word “antisemitic”


    Singling out Israel IS “antisemitic”

    • richardmillett

      Yes, but I don’t want to have to prove it to a judge and lose and pay out damages and costs.

  14. attilathecricketer

    Is it just a two day run? How much for a ticket and will it have theatre version of subtitles)? Let them protest for 10 mins, get expelled by ordinary security and go back to watching the play – they will get less coverage.
    Letting LSE blokes talk on hallowed turf – what is my old uni coming to?
    Explain more about the KCL – Ahava project.

    • richardmillett

      Are you serious? You would be happy to see that in a theatre? And it won’t be a one off protest. It will be repeated the whole way through. Apparently the Ahava project has been going a few years anyway and is drawing to a close anyway.

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  16. As we all know, it is nothing to do with land or so-called deprived Arabs or whatever: it is aimed at removing Jews from the land of Israel and then killing them and us. Arab leaders have admitted as such and that they have no intention of allowing a Jewish state to survive next to a mozlem one.

  17. The settlements are legal ( e.g. http://www.mythsandfacts.org/) since all 51 nations of the League of Nations unanimously voted for the ‘Palestine trust’ called “sacred trust of civilisation”, starting with the words: “Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and to the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country”. This trust makes it clear that only Jews have been given national rights in Palestine (the same League is the source of legality of present-day Arab countries!) and “no Palestine territory shall be ceded or leased to, or in any way placed under the control of the Government of any foreign Power” since it was reserved for the Jewish people (article 5). The trust explictly calls ‘to encourage close settlement by Jews on the land’ (article 4). The charter of the UN (article 80) enshrines in perpetuity national rights given to nations by the League of Nations; this is how South West Africa became Namibia of today, and similarly the Jewish rights in Palestine too are still valid today. Those rights were later “postponed”, “witheld” in Eastern Palestine (Jordan of today). Thus four fifths of Palestine is already an Arab state, even though it was destined originally in San Remo and by the League for the Jewish state. Note too that all Arabs documents (e.g. the manisfesto of the Baath party in Iraq and Syria, of Hamas and PLO..) state that the Arabs are one nation (which indeed they are historically, linguistically, cuturally), so they deserve one state only even by their own logic (as is indeed mentioned in “The Feisal-Weizmann Agreement of 1919” that agreed to divide the Ottoman empire to an “Arab state” and “Palestine” for the Jews) but anomalously they have already 22 states!. Palestine is a geographic area, and the only sovereign state that ever existed in Palestine is the Jewish state.

    Note too that until 1948 there were many “legal” Jewish settlements in Western Palestine which were beyond the ‘Green Line” (even in Syria, Golan Heights, Trans-Jordan, Gaza!) but they all disappeared as a result of Arab aggression in 1948 and before. Also, and independently, it is customary that land arrived at by defensive war is not returned to the aggressor (this is why, for example, Belgium still has German land from WWI); Israel returned to Judea and Samaria in 1967 as a result of a defensive war after it was attacked from these territories. That the settlements are legal in international law, and that Israel has the right to declare sovereignty in all of Western Palestine is supported by the greatest names of international law, e.g. Prof Eugene V. Rostow (Dean of Law in Yale University, the best law school in the US; Alistair Cooke from ‘letter from America’ described him (see BBC archive) as the greatest jurist of the 20th century), Prof. Julius Stone who has written all the basic textbooks in international law (see his book, 1981 “Israel and Palestine”), Steven Schwebel (ex-chairman of International Court of Justice, ICJ), Profs sir Elihu and Hersch Lauterpacht,…