Labour’s Shadow Justice Minister praises Hamas “concessions” at PSC event.

This map, without Israel, took pride of place behind all the speakers.

This map, without Israel, took pride of place behind all the speakers.

Last night the Palestine Solidarity Campaign revealed the horrors of what life would be like for British Jews under Labour. The Jew killing Hamas machine would become regulars to Downing Street.

But, first, a love letter.

At the PSC event about Gaza, held at Conway Hall (which is owned by the South Place Ethical Society), actorvist Leigh Outram read the following from Love Letters to Gaza (see clip 1 below). The boat mentioned is the Audacity of Hope:

Maybe Ms Outram hasn’t visited Auschwitz and seen the gas chambers and the ovens or the pictures of naked Jewish women huddling together in front of a pit before being shot. Maybe she doesn’t know that one million Jewish children died in The Holocaust.

This is the true Holocaust industry, a term coined by Norman Finklestein, where the likes of Ms Outram get paid for minimalising the horrors of Auschwitz by comparing it to Gaza. But Outram set the theme for the evening.

The Love Letter read out by Tracy-Ann Woods (clip 2) described the Palestinians as “hated simply for being who they are” and that read out by Clare Quinn (clip 3) described Israel as “dying”. Ahmed Masoud, who has written for the BBC, compared Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto. Another activist (clip 4) said “no oppression or injustice has ever gone without falling. The apartheid regime ended, the collapse of Nazism…”

Meanwhile, Labour MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Andy Slaughter, the Shadow Justice Minister, sat on stage applauding and when it came to speak everyone stood in front of map of Palestine, where there was no Israel.

Of Hamas Slaughter said (clip 5):

“They recognise a Palestinian state on ’67 borders, which is to effectively recognise the state of Israel. Now I think if that is not enough for the Americans or Israelis then I think we are playing games because those concessions are considerable concessions and they are the right concessions to make.”

This from a potential Justice Minister. Except recognition of a Palestinian state is not recognition of Israel. A small swing from the Conservatives to Labour in 2015 and the Liberal Democrats could ditch the Tories. A Lib/Lab coalition would be the perfect storm for Israel and British Jews with Hamas becoming regular visitors to Number 10.

Slaughter has already met Hamas and the Labour Party offered no comment.

Corbyn (clip 6) finished off the evening calling for some potentially five million Palestinians to be allowed into Israel, effectively turning it into yet another Arab state while taking the benefits of the Israelis’ hard work builing up a successful country.

Michael Deas (clip 7), Palestinian BDS National Committee, attempted to paint Israel as being undemocratic, but he was soon followed by Kika Markham (clip 8), the widow of Corin Redgrave, who read an extract from a role she performed as Haaretz journalist Amira Hass in which Hass talks of Israel in the most despicable terms.

A country that allows Hass and Haaretz to attack it so regularly cannot be anything but democratic. There isn’t something even near the equivalent of Haaretz for the Palestinians and that speaks volumes.


This was on the wall at the PSC's Conway Hall event.

This was on the wall at the PSC’s Conway Hall event.

Toy models displayed in lobby at Conway Hall.

Toy models displayed in lobby at Conway Hall.

Jon McKenna, Tracy-Ann Wood, Leigh Outram, Laura Freeman watching Clare Quinn spew poison about the Jewish state.

Jon McKenna, Tracy-Ann Wood, Leigh Outram, Laura Freeman watching Clare Quinn spew poison about the Jewish state.

Clip 1 – Leigh Outram (compares Auschwitz to Gaza)

Clip 2 – Tracy-Ann Woods (“Palestinians hated for who they are”)

Clip 3 – Clare Quinn (“Israel is dying”)

Clip 4 – Activist (likens Israel to the Nazis)

Clip 5 – Andy Slaughter MP (“Hamas recognises Israel”)

Clip 6 – Jeremy Corbyn MP (“Palestinian refugees” will go to Israel)

Clip 7 – Michael Deas (“Israel is not democratic”)

Clip 8 – Kika Markham (acts as Haaretz’s Amira Hass)

40 responses to “Labour’s Shadow Justice Minister praises Hamas “concessions” at PSC event.

  1. How do you sit through these vermin giving their poisonous, Nazi-dressed-up-as-liberal-left drivel?
    I would have come but you can’t change some people (on both sides).

  2. Jonathan Hoffman

    Amazin Richard – Jihad Jenny and this within three days – you must have a very strong stomach

  3. Goodness Richard – your head must be bursting – this bunch are enough to give you enteritis – how much did you spew when you got home!

    Poetic licence is one thing, but writing rubbish takes the cake! Leigh Outram’s poem is so bad that any self respecting person would be ashamed to show it to their shadow let alone read it out in public. The parsing, rhyming, rhythm is so non existent that It seems this person did not learn much about poetry at school, let alone about history, geography, chemistry and the Judeo-Christian religion upon which the democracy she so enjoys is based.

    Clearly her knowledge of chemistry is nul and void. A holocaust is a sacrificial offering that is consumed entirely by flames – without fire there can be no holocaust. Auschwitz was one of many factories in the Nazi war enterprise created to process dead Jews until none were left in the entire world. It is common knowledge that what transpired in the death camps of Germany is labelled “The Holocaust” as it stands alone as the worst case of criminal cremation in all of history. Those fires that burned the bodies were kept well away from the gas that killed the inmates, as the Nazis were a little cleverer than our poetess who seems not to understand that fire and gas cause combustion. So had there been a “fire to stop the poison gas”, the entire operation would have gone up in smoke, the perpetrators included, so all that enterprise that was designed and built under the noses of people like her who turned the other cheek in the name of anti war and liberal passivism, would have been self defeating for the Nazis. Unless of course she means fire in the sense that there was no “[outrage] to stop the poison gas”. Here she is perfectly right, if this is her intention, as there was no outrage. Churchill was vilified, considered a maverick, an outsider as he alone tried in vain to bring the world to understand what was happening, while left wing luvvies like Outram were holding meetings in Parliament to make peace with Hitler by sacrificing the Jews in the lame hope of world peace.

    And here they are again. The world is once more on a precipice in which Jews are being threatened with Genocide by the very people for whom she stakes her standard. These people have chosen a leadership who have a blueprint to eradicate the world of all infidels, first the Jews and then the Christians (and they are already doing a fine job on the Copts of Egypt) in their drive to build a world caliphate. In case Outram and her friends don’t understand this, the Hamas/Fatah leadership call for the demise not only of Israel (as depicted in the map on the wall of their meeting room – devoid of Israel), but of all Jews, worldwide as this will bring on judgment day, the day that the entire world will embrace them as leaders. What the stupid lady does not know is that she will be in that firing line along with the Jews she so hates!

  4. Careful Richard much exposure and you leave yourself vunerable to P.T.J.J.S.D. (Post-traumatic Jihad Jenny stress disorder)


    Listen to the vitriol from the tongue of this Egyptian cleric Hazem Shuman who says amongst other vile things “These Jews are a cancer in the body of planet earth, getting rid of them is a must”. And he is not the only one. I have posted recently on this blog the Mufti of the PA saying the same, Haniyeh being greeted in Tunis by chants of death to Jews. Yes just me one person finding these references in my search for knowledge. Surely our poetess and her friends are not unaware of this? Surely Clegg, Tonge and the other useful idiots must know what is said. Its clearly available for them to access.

    How can our Parliament allow meetings to take place in which such people are supported? Are we not a democracy that believes in human rights for all, or are Jews not part of the human race? Surely… depressing it is that never again is happening all over again and there are again those amongst us who propagate the never again with impunity!

  6. I’m speechless.

  7. “Last night the Palestine Solidarity Campaign revealed the horrors of what life would be like for British Jews under Labour. The Jew killing Hamas machine would become regulars to Downing Street.”
    You foresee a future that is bleak for British Jews if these scum ever get to power – and they very well might.
    My family realised, over three decades, ago that the only real future for the Jewish People is in the Jewish Homeland, i.e. the State of Israel.
    We’re waiting for you. Why not come HOME now?

  8. Sorry for the typo – should be “over three decades ago,”

  9. Richard
    Every one of these posts which involves you getting up close and personal with this band of fascists should become prescribed viewing for our community leaders ie bod , ZF , Bicom etc . It begs the question , why are they not sitting in the front row next to you making their own observations and conclusions . What the hell are they doing for their money .
    These posts go to the heart of the matter and are simply to important to just be archived .
    Even Greenstein in his most recent blog ,finally acknowledges the fact that the psc is riddled with antisemites and is going to have to fight hard to avoid a putsch at its AGM this weekend . This is not just about Israel but about the Diaspora and how we respond to a perfect storm invoked by the fascists of the left and their Islamist partners in crime .
    All power to you for maintaining your composure night after night in this veritable cesspool of hatemongering

    • Richard’s blog and others like Jonathan Hoffman’s, Melanie Phillip’s and so on are vitally important, not so much because they will change the minds of those they write about, but because that create a platform to open the eyes open the eyes of those who are still blinded by left/right wing, liberalism, anti war sentiment, socialism and so on. It seems that Greenstein is re-positioning himself for his jump into the life raft – we must welcome him with open arms when he makes that leap!

  10. Gosh what a relentless hate fest this one was! Words fail me for a change.

  11. The ‘concession’ by Hamas of being willing to accept a two state solution based on the pre-1967 armistice lines in return for a long term truce (‘Hudna’) has been on the cards for at least four years now. That position was stated very publicly during an interview of Khalid Meshal (Hamas leader) by the New York Times. And that same position had been publicly stated numerous times before that point. It’s common knowledge among those who follow the conflict. As always Slaughter, Cameroon and recently Clueless Clegg are seriously late with their conclusions.

    Ha’aretz also published an article in which Hamas seemed willing to forego military resistance, and to join the non-violent protest movement of Fatah/PLO, when a national unity government is formed.

    These are simple facts.

    From the NYT interview:

    The most important thing is what Hamas is doing and the policies it is adopting today. The world must deal with what Hamas is practicing today. Hamas has accepted the national reconciliation document. It has accepted a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders including East Jerusalem, dismantling settlements, and the right of return based on a long term truce. Hamas has represented a clear political program through a unity government. This is Hamas’s program regardless of the historic documents. Hamas has offered a vision. Therefore, it’s not logical for the international community to get stuck on sentences written 20 years ago. It’s not logical for the international community to judge Hamas based on these sentences and stay silent when Israel destroys and kills our people.

    • Hamas has made no concession but is simply using that well known tool in its scriptures called Taqiyya – which means when they aren’t getting their way they can pretend to be your friend to take down your guard. Really Gert, you really have some reading to do and that does not include the trash you read in the NYT and Haaretz. Try the Hamas Charter for starters – find it at the Avelon Project of Yale University Library – I have sent you the link before, so don’t be lazy, get your nose out of the rags and into some real texts.

      I have also sent links to the speeches of the Hamas leaders from 2010 through to end 2011 in which they make it clear that Jews have no place on this earth, let alone in in Israel. And be sure Gert when the judgment day they so thirst for arrives you will be right in there amongst the Jews even though you may not be circumcised!

      If you can’t find the links, simply look back in Richard’s previous blogs – I can’t spoon feed you forever.

    • Gert, Please direct us to the amended Hamas charter which supersedes their 1988 charter, (coincidentally the same year that Pan Am 103 was bombed), which explicitly accepts a Jewish majority Israel at 1967 borders and where Hamas will cease all hostilities against Israel.

    • Additionally, if Israel were to retreat to pre-Six-Day-War borders, will Hezbullah, PLO, PFLP, Al Qada, Islamic Republic of Iran, the rest of the alphabet soup of Islamist terrorist organizations that plague the entire world, ALSO accept a Jewish majority State of Israel at pre-Six-Day-War borders?

  12. Gert – thanks for making clear that Hamas in no way accepts the idea of PEACE with Israel. “A long term truce” – yes, until they feel strong enough to attack militarily. This has always been the Muslim way. And since that “truce” is to be used to realise the “right of return” to WITHIN Israel’s pre-1967 borders, it is also clear that the final aim is not merely the dismantling of settlements, but the dismantling of Israel. But why do i bother to explain this to you? You, after all, support the dismantling of the Jewish State.

  13. Shimon:

    ”This has always been the Muslim way.”

    The “Muslim way”, eh son? How would you feel if I claimed that colonisation of the WB ‘has always been the Jewish way’? You okay with that?

    ”You, after all, support the dismantling of the Jewish State.”

    Go on, your mouse brain has already run out of arguments, so it begins reflexively spewing out straw men. In short: no, I’m not in favour of dismantling Israel.

    It’s like shooting fish in a barrel in here.

    • Gert, With all your humble patting of yourself on the back you are in danger of dislocating your shoulder, again.

    • Gert – don’t they teach you to read in the wilds of Yorkshire? It’s Shimona (female) not Shimon (son).

      “your mouse brain has already run out of arguments,”
      Those who can, produce coherent arguments. Those who can’t (look in the mirror, Gert) resort to ad hominem insults.

      If by WB you mean the West Bank – settling Judaea and Samaria (the correct name) has indeed been the way of Am Yisrael since the days of Abraham.

  14. TGIAI:

    Israel’ current government is at least as rejectionist as Hamas. I don’t hear you complain about that. How come?

    Do you think building more settlements can lead to peace or Israeli security? Do you think Hamas CAUSED settlement building?

  15. You must think that the British were the aggressors in WW2 because more Germans died in WW2 than British.

  16. From Likud’s 1999 manifesto:

    “The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river. The Palestinians can run their lives freely in the framework of self-rule, but not as an independent and sovereign state. Thus, for example, in matters of foreign affairs, security, immigration and ecology, their activity shall be limited in accordance with imperatives of Israel’s existence, security and national needs.”


    “The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel. The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”

    Real peacemakers, indeed!

    • Gerd, This video is for you.

      Useful Idiots for Palestine – by Pat Condell

      • Infidel:

        Pat Condell is such a successful ‘comedian’ that in my entire extended family and circle of friends there isn’t a single person that has ever heard of him or seen a performance by him!

        I’ve already dealt with this imbecile here.

        Now if you don’t want to read it, then do yourself a favour and watch the PC video below the fold. It’ll show you in fine detail just what a ‘friend of Israel’ Pat really is. That counts for anyone who believes Pat Condell is a Zionist friend.

        Among this fridgemagnet of a brain’s gems are advocating “bulldozing Jerusalem and pushing all the rubble into the sea and sowing salt in the ground so that nothing will grow there for a thousand years”, claiming that “if there was there was any justice in this world, Israel would currently occupy half of Germany… […]” and that “Jerusalem was always an Arab town”… Nice.

        Condell is the sort of ‘know nothing’ that’s popular in the fringes of the Far Right Internet sewers, where people like you Infidel, live.


        One state: as imposed inevitably by Israel’s indefatigable expansionism…

      • Ah Gert

        you really aren’t uptodate – that Jerusalem story by Pat Condell is millenia old he has long long ago changed his mind about it and well reasoned why. If he is so unknown, why do you happen to blog about him?

  17. attilathecricketer

    Come on Rich. A bizarre poem for sure but am not sure it is a denial of Auschwitz happening. The map – well I am sure there are Israelis walking round with maps without a Palestinian state or even a separate authority.
    I don’t want PSC to have an open door to number 10 nor frankly do I want rich pro-Israel lobby groups having one when Tories are in power. I think Hamas recognising 1967 borders would be progress. Corbyn is probably the best MP on local issues and I count myself lucky to have him as mine but I’ve never agreed with his foreign policy.

  18. Gert
    One state or two ?

  19. “Conway Hall is owned by South Place Ethical Society, an educational charity whose aims are the study and dissemination of ethical principles based on humanism and freethought, the cultivation of a rational and humane way of life, and the advancement of research and education in all relevant fields”
    Taken from –

    Should a charity be allowed to host an event which is inciting racial hatred towards Israelis (ie Jews)?

    • richardmillett

      I don’t think you need to add the ie jews actually. It could be race hate against Israelis per se.

  20. Where do they buy the models of IDF machinery? Do you think they play with it when they get home?

    What absolute creeps.

    • They must have spent a fortune commissioning professional model makers to make those.

      That UH-60 helicopter is about 1/18 scale. massive. There is no commercially available kit for an amateur to make. There is a 1/18 toy available, in US Airforce colours (speaking as a geek, I know), that costs about 300 dollars (never mind shipping fees). But it would have to be converted by 100s of hours of work into an Israeli version -a labour of love, or bespoke i.e. bought.

      The grey painted cockpit of the 1/48 or 1/32 F-16I Sufa model suggests a commercially bought mahogany model. They typically cost 100s of dollars, including shipping from the far east. The D-9 model is probably a converted toy

      They must have been commissioned, rented or borrowed from a professional model maker or owner (who would likely be a Tzahal fan!). The former would cost thousands. It looks like the guy asleep is the owner or company rep. in charge of them: ‘You can look, but don’t touch!’ He also looks quite bored. That big black case shows the care with which they have to be transported.

      The spec. sheets in front of the models have clearly been professionally made for the occasion.

      Well, if they have the budget for such things…

      I wonder if they were rented from an Israeli company. They look like models in a Tzahal recruiting centre,

  21. So right Chas – battleships in the bathtub with the Mavi Mamara depth charging Israeli subs and shooting down F18 s .

  22. Interesting map. No Israeli city including those that were established before 1948 apparently exists.

  23. You couldn’t make it up…
    This is just horrible. Richard, I commend you for documenting this. I cannot believe we’re seeing this in our lifetime.

  24. Hi Richard,

    It’s no secret that I haven’t been in the UK for ages and I’m very out of touch. I know that it ought to be obvious to me, but why would the fact that “The Jew killing Hamas machine” becoming regulars to Downing Street” become a “horror of life for British Jews under Labour”? How exactly would it affect the average Anglo-Jew? How many would even know about? How many would care? And, why should they care?

    It was a very silly poem and everything that Sharon wrote about it is correct, but that’s about it. From a personal point of view, I found the poem so silly that I wasn’t even offended. I dare say that had it been late in the evening after a couple of drinks it might even have amused me:

    “It is not now the Nazi state but Israel that blocks the seas.
    It is not Auschwitz that stops the ship that carries hope and messages,”

    Note how the word “seas” struggles to rhyme with “messages”. These are among the two most common word endings in the English language. If one can’t find a word that agrees with seas, it might be time to consider other less artistic ways of attacking the State of Israel.

    Regarding the content of the poem, it’s so barmy, what can one say?

    “The fire part of the western world destroyed the evil of the Nazi state,”

    • richardmillett

      It is a silly poem but one that is going to be recited all over the UK, including in schools and universities. Don’t you find that disturbing at all?
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  25. Do you remember the Seinfeld episode when Jerry is upset that his dentist has converted to Judaism, so he can tell Jewish jokes without being called an anti-Semite? Go to about three minutes into the clip.

    I guess in answer to your question, I’m more disturbed as a lover of poetry, than as a lover of Israel.

    If you need an alternative one to recite all over the UK, I offer this modest creation.

    There was a fellow called Millett
    Who sampled a kosher fried fillet
    Cried Bridlington Gert
    The fish wasn’t hurt
    So why did those Zionists kill it?

  26. That’s good to know Gert . I always find it so refreshing , especially after trawling about in the bds sewers , to find someone honest enough to own up to the one state doctrine . Not that anyone is fooled by any other statement emanating from fascists and antisemites that have burrowed deep into your mendacious cause .
    On the positive side , what you and your fellow Nazis advocate has about as much chance of succeeding as the Arab Spring .

  27. You’d prefer the map to have Palestine wiped from it?
    Hertzl’s dream made real.
    In which case why doesn’t Israel formally annex both Gaza and the West Bank and have done with it?