British Muslim Initiative calls for Israel’s destruction, Inshallah!

Neturei Karta pose under a photo of Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah in London today.

Neturei Karta pose under a photo of Hezbollah's Hassan Nasrallah in London today.

Mohammed Kozbar of the British Muslim Initiative today threatened Israel with destruction should it again take defensive action against the Hamas rockets still being fired into Israel from Gaza when he spoke on the streets of London outside the Israeli Embassy today.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaign had called the protest to mark the three year anniversary of the start of Operation Cast Lead, Israel’s defensive war against Hamas. Kozbar said:

“Our message to them is don’t repeat the same mistake again. This time will be the end of Israel, Inshallah”.

Here he is:

Other people spoke after Kozbar but I was told by a Constable Lines that I would be arrested for a public order offence if I continued to film close up as I was, apparently, “winding them up”. I might have been “in their faces” with my camera but then how is one supposed to film a political protest where there’s noisy traffic!

There is freedom of speech in London but no freedom to film that free speech!

Anyway, “From the River to the Sea Palestine will be Free” was a constant chant of the 300 strong mob and the Neturei Karta turned up to huge cheers and posed under a photo of Hassan Nasrallah, he of “Jews are descended from pigs and apes” and “if every Jew gathered in Israel it would be easier than going after them worldwide” fame:

Surely, the Neturei Karta must get paid by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign to be so supportive of an anti-Semite like Nasrallah.

But then, maybe, if ever Nasrallah’s Jew-killing dream comes to fruition he might spare the Neturei Karta and then claim to the world that he can’t be an anti-Semite as he let them live.

This is the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s tactic when it employs the services of the Neturei Karta. It would be fascinating to know how much the PSC pays them.

There was a small pro-Israel turnout of about 50, which was good considering the lure of the Brent Cross sales, Limmud and Eilat, but that was enough for the anti-Israel mob to direct their aggression at. There was one huge sign opposite them which read “Israel has the right to protect itself against terror”, which didn’t go down too well.

One of the questions the pro-Israel posse kept posing to the Israel-haters was “Where’s the church in Gaza?” But answer came there none.

What I really don’t get is if you burn a poppy in the UK you will be guilty of “threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour” but it is, apparently, absolutely fine to call for Israel to be destroyed like Kozbar did today and like many signs did in Trafalgar Square in the summer.

But such incitement will be allowed to continue until a British Jew or an Israeli resident or tourist is eventually attacked and killed (G-d forbid) on the streets of the UK.

More from today:

This was well-positioned directly opposite the anti-Israel protest.

This was well-positioned directly opposite the anti-Israel protest.

Watching the pro-Israel demo. across the road.

Watching the pro-Israel demo. across the road.

Israel-hating priest Stephen Sizer.

Israel-hating priest Stephen Sizer.

78 responses to “British Muslim Initiative calls for Israel’s destruction, Inshallah!

  1. here’s how the IDF memorized 3 years since Cast Lead

    and here is the menorah Sderot made out of the debris,7340,L-4167403,00.html

  2. So the Neturei Karta morons seam quite comfortable standing in such close proximity to the woman protesters.Or at least as comfortable as one can be decked out in 19th century pantomime costume

  3. Jonathan Hoffman

    Neturei Karta were never better shown for the scum they are than by the leaflet they put out after the murder of Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife in the Mumbai terrorist massacre in November 2008. NK’s leaflet expressed support for the murder, stating that Chabad was rightfully punished for its relations with “the filthy, deplorable traitors – the cursed Zionists that are your friends.”)

    Filthy scum. Traitors used to be shot …..

    • Holtzberg is the family name of my father’s mother! Most of them were killed by the Nazis but I guess this is one who “made it” only to be killed by the Nazi inheritors!

  4. Jonathan Hoffman

    Excellent post by the Rev Nick Howard today on Harrys Place – he all but calls Sizer an antisemite.

  5. Hi Richard
    Missed you today – I must have been across the road. I didn’t have a chance to chat to Tony either – too busy keeping an eye on those who very clearly call for the death of all Jews in the comfort of knowing that our very biased police will do nothing to stop them. Of course the police find it more important to stop people like you from recording the hatred and death calls spewed out by these hateful people.

    I must say normal UK citizens watched with me from across the road and they were nauseated that these people could come here to the UK and abuse the freedom given them by our civil society. One particular “liberal” Marxist as he called himself, with a “deep knowledge of Middle East affairs” was incredulous to learn of the genocidal charter of Hamas that calls for death of all Jews, the “legitimate” body that rules over all who live in Gaza and since this week the PLO as well and who will be the leadership should the UN recognize a Palestinian state without negotiation and agreement with Israel. (I guess his theses were overseen by university professors like Nicola Pratt! You too can sign the petition to dismiss her here:

    and you just have to read this programme to see what rubbish we taxpayers sponsor:

    Also see the company Pratt keeps:
    Talk at London Conference 26th June 2011. Dr Nazreen Nawaz – Hizb ut Tahrir Britain. Other speakers were Dr. Nicola Pratt (Associate Professor, International Politics of the Middle East, Warwick University) and Tasneem Al-Zeer (social networking activist and supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood)

    A very nice young camera man filming today who happened to know one of the leaders of the motley bunch calling for destruction of Israel was quite flummoxed to learn that there is a very clear understandable view from the blue side of the road. He left with promising himself that he had a lot of reading to do to clear his head of the indoctrination of his “friend”.

    • Brian Goldfarb

      Sorry, but to sign the petition to dismiss Nicola Pratt is to fall into the trap set by the BDS mob: it plays their game for them. They can claim that whatever we say about them, we then do the same as them. I personally boycotted apartheid South Africa: for nearly 30 years, from Sharpeville to the release of Mandela, I bought no SA goods (not knowingly, anyway). However, I refused (and would still do so) to demand that others must do the same: that’s up to them. Should Warwick decide that she has violated her terms of employment and should be disciplined, that’s up to them. Not us.

      Freedom is indivisible, and an attack on academic freedom anywhere (such as at Warwick University, by outsiders) is a breach of academic freedom everywhere.

      • Brian, all I have to say to you is Rubbish. Unless we stand up against those who discriminate against Jews and demand they are accountable for their racist behaviour we will all land up in the gas ovens yet again. Warwick university as been infested with neo Nazi Jew hatred since my daughter was there over 20 years ago where she was repeatedly treated with sig heil greetings in the union bar having been almost been killed by that Muslim placed bomb at the London Israeli Embassy round that time. It seems matters have only got worse since then so that lecturers, MPs, and indeed any other persons who so desire can with impunity discriminate, use hate speach, support genocidal terrorists, so long as the target is Jewish. So bravo to you for not eating Outspan oranges. Don’t sign the
        petition if you don’t wish to, but please spare us the liberal clap trap!

      • Sharon, that’s not liberal claptrap, that’s pinko, commie, pseudo-intellectual, long haired, drippy hippy, pointy headed geek, bleeding heart liberal claptrap.

        And that’s putting it mildly.

      • Tony, great adjectives!! These bleeding heart liberal “adjectivists” (I can’t write out all your lovely descriptive words) don’t unerstand a thing. Firstly their knowledge is thin. Apartheid SA, as bad as it was, never called for genocide as does the very core of Islamic terrorist groups like Hamas whose charter actually explains how the exploitation of the so called Palestinians is to be used as a means to
        realising the day of judgment. That day will come when all Jews and Chistians are eradicated with the world then basking in the glory of the international caliphate. Imperialism? I thought liberals were also anti Imperialism.

      • I learned that description from a friend of mine, a New York infantrty officer. It was a parody of a Redneck.

      • The liberals do hate imperialism……, unless there are a few dead jews thrown in to sweeten the pot.

      • Brian Goldfarb

        Isn’t it wonderful. I express a view as to the wrongness of calling for a boycott of others, and/or the disciplining of an academic (who sounds thoroughly unpleasant) because this would justify those whom we would oppose (the BDS mob), and I am accused of all sorts of offences against humanity by people who know nothing about me, but presume that they have some sort of god-given right to mount an attack on my character and my (unknown by them) beliefs. I would guess that I was attacking fascists while you two were still in swaddling clothes, if you were actually born at the time. I would also guess that I was politically active on the left far sooner and for far longer than you two. I don’t, however, believe that this gives me a right to to insult you two or to denigrate your beliefs.

        You can believe what you will – and you will, oh how you will – but you have no right to tell me what I believe or should believe, or how I should act, and this is even more an imperative when I happen to digress from you in detail.

        If you really want to support the right of Israel to exist in peace and security, then the last thing you should do is attack your allies. Your intemperance actually makes you sound just like the people who sincerely wish Israel harm. Indeed, you sound just like Nick Cohen’s “progressives”.

        Frankly, with friends like you two, freedom, including the academic freedom of Israeli universities needs no enemies.

      • Brian Goldfarb

        Further to this comment of mine, I notice that the BDS supporters are never prepared to boycott their own computers, mobile phones, or drugs developed in Israel, only that which might be developed in the future (and then, you can bet they’ll find a reason why the ban doesn’t mean
        an them). So, I bet neither of you are UK academics, and certainly not at the U of Warwick. This makes it exceptionally easy to demand the disciplining, boycotting or dismissal of a Warwick academic.

        It’s odd that the academics commenting over at engage (those, that is, in support of Israel) never demand the sanctioning of anti-Israel academics, etc. I wonder why? Perhaps it’s because unlike those here attacking me, they understand only too well the importance of academic freedom.

        And if you are convinced that Nicola Pratt’s offence is so rank, why aren’t you demanding a boycott of China, Zimbabwe, etc? I wonder why such soft targets are so easy for you to attack and vilify?

      • Brian
        The world is a complex place with many misdemeanors and hideous crimes being committed every second. So whilst I agree with you about China and Zimbabwe, my focus is on my people, for if we don’t survive then we cannot help others. So the imminent problem for Jews is the proposed Genocide of the entire Jewish nation by those groups like Hamas who harbour hatred and perniciousness in their very ideologies. Lets take care of first things first then we can be in a position to spend our energies lobbying for others. However, we do have in the world an organisation that was created to take care of these very issues and it does not. This is why I have also been campaigning to get rid of the UN and replace it with a new group comprised only of those who adhere to the true principles of justice and human rights, principles of democracy based in the Judeo-Christian ethic that have been hijacked and inverted to suit the sound bite propaganda of people like Pratt, who are day by day educating the young to believe in the replacement theory spread by the propaganda machine of those who despise our Western value system. The reason she needs to go is not because of her views, but because she is clearly too stupid to understand the big issue of the day which is the drive to create an international caliphate based in an ideology that is diametrically opposed to how we in the West, including Israel, wish to live. She is not a true educator but an impostor who is spreading propaganda. And there are many like her in our educational system. You simply need to look at the text books used in our schools. People like her are part of the process of indoctrination of the young and it needs to stop.

      • Brian Goldfarb

        All well and good, but that doesn’t excuse your and Tony Jacobs rubbishing of what is a highly conventional left-liberal and, indeed, strong democratic socialist position, along with arrogant dismissal of me in particular. Disagree that this is the way to proceed by all means, but you should have started with your last post, not finished with it. I’m not sure that the way ahead is the way you suggest, if only because I feel (and it is a political position, just as yours is, not a factual statement) that it threatens to justify the actions of those we are fighting.

        But it is a question of tactics, even strategy, not of disagreement over ends.

  6. As always the irony of LGBT appearing shoulder to shoulder with the supporters of gay hating Hamas is nauseating.

  7. Interesting that Kozbar thinks that, if an operation similar to Cast Lead ever happens again, there will be ‘millions’ against Israel. Cast Lead went on long enough for other countries to get involved, but they didn’t (at least not directly). What makes him think they would be keen to do so in future, especially with uprisings in their own countries to contend with? And it’s too bad such support as he claims would be forthcoming hasn’t been shown to his fellow refugees by Arab countries. Even Abbas has said that Palestinian refugees wouldn’t be welcome in a future Palestinian state. So, if you’re another Arab country, it’s OK to fight Israel, as long as it’s not inconvenient and doesn’t involve taking in your brothers and sisters? Palestinians spent years being kicked from country to country by their ‘friends’ in the Middle East.

  8. I was at the counter demo and managed to bring some friends this time. What a wasted oppertunity. They had placards with clear messages: Lift the seige of Gaza (every uncommitted person knows that is a good thing, Israel is starving Palestinian children) and End the War. We, for the most part, chanted in Ivrit ( which for passers by meant nothing, but was probably interpreted as ‘murder Arab babies’ and waved Israeli flags. Clearly we were against ending the brutal seige and for perpetuating war.

    Next time I go to a reactive event like this, I’ll bring my own leaflets and banners.
    Support Hamas-No equal rights for women.
    Support Hamas- Stone gays to death.
    Support Hamas- Slaughter all Jews everywhere (Article 7 of Hamas charter).
    Lift the seige of Gaza- support more rockets on Israeli schools and hospitals.

    But more importantly, I want to take the fight to them. I want to pick where, when and what and let them react. It’s going to get loud, rude and ruffle a few feathers. It may even make people think that Jews are loud and pushy, but it’s going to get us noticed. Anyone willing to go to the limits of legality in order to make the hate mongers uncomfortable is welcome.

    • Hi Tony – I’m with you! Sent you a text message today – take a look.

    • Jonathan Hoffman

      “We, for the most part, chanted in Ivrit”

      Not true. Eg we shouted several times “Where’s the gays in Gaza?”; “Where’s the Jews in Gaza?”; “Where’s the church in Gaza?”

      Our demo was in Kensington High Street – where was yours?

      • If you thinks there’s no gays in Gaza you’s very much mistaken.

        The only difference is that for them safe sex means a helmet and a bullet proof vest as well.

  9. Richard, Good to meet up with you again and to further admire your courage when using your camera to record close up the ravings of the PSC and their fellow travellers.

    Mind boggling to see the Naturei Karta and the LGBT groups standing in support of people who would be the first to put them both to death. They are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

    Kol hakavod to you and Jonathan – I truly do salute your indefatigability, (as the pimp of fascists once said to Saddam).

  10. “It would be fascinating to know how much the PSC pays them.”

    Woah – very dodgy accusation to make, surely?

    Great post, though. I echo Jonathan Hoffman’s encouragement that people go and read Rev Nick Howard’s stunning post about Rev Stephen Sizer

  11. Well done, as ever, to all those who fought the good fight!

    I hope this won’t be taken interference in the internal affairs of Anglo Jewry, but I agree with Tony 100% about taking the fight to them.

    I’m not sure that Neturei Karte are receiving Arab funding as when I tried to click on the site they advertise on their banners, it seems to be for sale. Perhaps, some enterprising Zionist might think of purchasing it and decorating it with lovely Arabic ladies (nudge, nudge, wink, wink!).

    It did cross my mind to gather a few neighbors and friends together and wreak a terrible revenge by calling for the immediate destruction of the UK, but then I was reminded that two wrongs don’t make a right and my Auntie Lynne, who still lives in the old country, might be less than amused if this were to come to fruition. She already has troubles with her knees.

    My next thought was to withholding my patronage from British imports, but there aren’t many of them anyway, and I’m already boycotting Scotch after some incident in a Scottish library last year and I’m sick and tired of Bourbon.

    I did consider Richard’s suggestion of burning poppies, but they are hard to find anyway, I’ve always been a World War One buff and why should I blame the brave lads who adorned the King’s colors in the Great War because of the actions of their barmy ancestors?

    Finally, I have decided to stop drinking my tea with milk. I normally preferred mint tea anyway, but from now on I’ll be drinking it on principle and I won’t go near PG Tips for love or money (though my wife probably will). I’m truly sorry that I have been forced to such extreme measures, however, maybe some of those protesters should have thought things through a bit more before raising the terrible banners!

  12. C’mon Richard that was irony!

    On the one hand you have a few hundred Arabs and general loons threatening to destroy the State of Israel and on the other hand you have me planning a terrible vengeance by wreaking havoc and annihilation in the UK by not drinking tea with milk.

    To be clear, I know that you weren’t really advocating the burning of poppies and nor was I seriously contemplating following such “advice”.

    If you have to explain a joke – it’s not a joke..

    • richardmillett

      I knew you were joking actually, and found it amusing but also imagine someone, like Amnesty International, alighted on that comment and chose to use it against me, as they did once. So I need to clarify.

  13. Richard
    You get a warning not to film or else they charge you with a public order offence, the reason being that you are ‘ winding them up . Since when is filming an event considered winding up . Also the term ‘ winding up ‘ often involves a follow through ie if you didnt stop they would do something about it .
    The police should have been throwing the book at them not you .
    Of course the answer is that there was one of you cooly and calmly filming whereas the police had several hundred frothing jihadis to contend with . There was no contest on who had to give way .
    Second the comments regarding the madness of the gay support for Gaza when homosexuality there is punishable by death .
    As for Neturei , they’ve been sanctioned by haredi communities which means no burial rights . Also somebody should mention to the psc that in order for the messiah to return the land must be cleared of all Goyim and their chattel . The Arabs remove the Zionists and then Hashem removes the Arabs and messiach can return . But I guess Nk forgot to mention that part of the arrangement at the demo yesterday . Still I doubt whether they will be around for long given Hamas pronouncements on Jews . They deserve each other .

  14. we shouted several times “Where’s the gays in Gaza?”; “Where’s the Jews in Gaza?” – Hoffman

    Hardly anything to boast about. Whatever happened to the plural form of the verb be? Surely, “Where are the gays..” or even “Where’re the Jews..” would have been more correct.

  15. Jonathan, I was at YOUR demonstration and although I admire your courage in fighting the hatemongers (and make every attempt to turn up and support you), I don’t always agree with your tactics.
    We are not there to antagonise a couple of hundred hate consumed radicals, any more than we are there for our own self aggrandisement. We are there to make a point and defend Israel in the eyes of the great uncommitted majority. Every chant in Ivrit risks alienating us a little and does not help even one iota. How much Arabic did you hear from the other side of the road?
    The rest of my post still stands.
    Further, as a Jew, an Israeli citizen and a British Zionist, I make no secret that I intend to use your protests as an opportunity to network with fellow activists and advance our common goals in any law abiding way I see fit, just as I take it upon myself to thank our Christian friends for their support. If you don’t like it, I expect you to tell me so and as reasonable people I’m sure we’ll work it out amiably.

    • Jonathan Hoffman

      Well we gave out fliers to the ‘uncommitted majority” and did interviews.

      And yes we are there to show the other side that they do not have it all their own way on the streets.

      “How much Arabic did you hear from the other side of the road?- – Plenty

      “Further, as a Jew, an Israeli citizen and a British Zionist, I make no secret that I intend to use your protests as an opportunity to network with fellow activists”

      You can not only do this ‘as a Jew’ but do it ‘as a one-armed priapic Chinaman’ as far as I am concerned – networking is certainly permitted (as long as you keep your clothes on).

  16. You see, here I agree with Jonathan.

    As a Jew, an Israeli citizen, an occasional chess player, a cook, a terrible driver, a teacher and a former gaber I’ve always believed that antagonizing the other guy is the main purpose of these discussions. Get them to lose their tempers and begin cursing you and various male and female sexual organs and you’ve already won.

    Years ago we had tremendous fun at Hyde Park after an Arabian gentleman had confused petrol for patrol and spoke about petroling our streets. The whole argument became a lesson in diction. On other occasions we’d ask them to rephrase statements that they were hardly able to phrase in the first place or to define their terms such as democracy and freedom. Then their whole speech would evolve into a boring debate about semantics and if they tried to return to their prepared speech, we’d accuse them of avoiding the point.

    My point is that one side rarely wins or loses one of these arguments, so one’s main aim is to alienate the other guy and if he loses his temper, your work is already done. Oh…one last tip. When they get really angry, try to calm them down. Nothing is more infuriating than that.

  17. The police were clearly biased in favour of the muslims and the leftards. The frothing anti-semites were allowed to shout “terrorist” and “fascists” at the jews. As soon as one supporter of Israel shouted something at the muslims in Arabic, two policemen grabbed him and pulled him away, threatening to arrest him. They could not know what he had shouted (last year we had to teach the police what the flag of Hizbollah was, and why the flag of an organisation adjudged a terrorist organisation in Britain should not be flown outside the Israeli embassy). At one of the Ahava demonstrations one of the coppers limiting what I could say about Hamas admitted she had never heard of them. So, the police bias is obvious. Calling jews “fascists” is OK. Calling islamic fanatics anything is not permissible (even if what is said is incomprehensible to the police).

    I must say, some on the pro-Israeli side could have been more pro-active in handing out leaflets about the PSC. I saw a little old man handing them out, and went got half from him to hand out at the other side of the crowd. Meanwhile there were plenty others who just stood there chatting amongst themselves. A surprising number of people take those leaflets, and if 300 people get to know the truth that day it is a success. The frothing anti-semites are fully-supported by The Guardian, the BBC and academia. The most positive thing on demos such as that is to get the truth out. I was standing with the Israeli side for the whole afternoon, and I could not hear most of the chants (it’s a noisy street at the best of times) — being gay, I would expect to have noticed such a chant. I’m an ugly-looking man, but with a smile, I could get maybe 1 in 5 passers-by to take a leaflet. Let the frothing anti-semites on the other side of the road show what disgusting animals they are by their behaviour (about 20 or 30 police were needed to push them back into their cage).

  18. My French isn’t good enough to come up with the equivalent for males but if you have a smile people like then I am sure you qualify as JOLIE LAIDE which amongst French is a compliment not to be sneered at.

  19. Who is more mentally disturbed, the Neturei Karta or those LGBT protesters who are standing in solidarity with their would-be executioners, hamas and hezbollah?

  20. @Laura – perhaps the London Fire Brigade union or Haringay Council in support of the PSC both of which were also there – not photographs. The fire brigade particularly bothers me as it may not be too long before they ban their members from attending to fires at premises of known Israeli supporters, or maybe then all Jews! Since they support Hamas with its existential charter that cannot be too fanciful. the problem those non Islamic supporters of Hamas like these two bodies haven’t thought this through. They are really ignorant of the details of what they support being so absorbed in proving their innate Jew hatred by absorbing the propaganda that Israel treats its Arab citizens badly having “stolen” their land regardless of the fact that Arabs are rather late comers in invasion stakes of Israel.

  21. Daniel, I thought you had to be a bad driver in order to become an Israeli citizen. I practiced being bad so well, that now I’m among st the worst in the UK. But I’m still in danger of losing my Israeli citizenship.

    I don’t agree with your tactics Daniel, I ‘m too busy to waste my time in petty point scoring with a bunch of hate filled fanatics. Much better to have a positive effect on the opinions of a few hundred non-committed passers by.

    • Hi Tony,

      Maybe you’re right. I was a teenager at the time.

      However, in these situations you are not making an after dinner speech. The “non-committed passers by” want to see you and the other guy going at it so that they can judge who they think they prefer. His or her is the viewpoint that they will conclude is correct. It’s a boxing match, a game of chess, it’s Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee and whoever is still left standing must be the goodie. It’s irrational, but that is what we’ve been taught to believe. Whoever wins the argument must be right.

      If they wanted to know the facts about the Middle East they’d read a book. If they’ve come to watch you they’ve come to see blood! (metaphorically)

      • I am trying to imagine myself in the role of the passer-by. I’d probably be put off by both yelling parties and feel confused and want to get away.

        Then and there a two-tier-approach would be helpful i.e. somebody with a nice smile singling me out and spinning it to me free of hatred but full of love for his subject. Thereby making me feel important and wanted and more intelligent than the rest of mankind.

        If one on one seems of too little effect for you watch one of those kitchen gimmick salesmen in department stores. The first listener is the hardest to get. If they have one interested one the others start flocking as if there were gold dust to be had for free.

        Do they get the first one from yelling? Not as far as I can tell. To me it seems they switch from yelling to one on one as soon as they manage eye contact with somebody and then they are all honey tongued charm until they have that first one safely anchored and keep concentrating on him until jealousy and curiosity makes the others come.

      • Daniel, we all have our strengths and weaknesses. I’m a better driver, you’re the better Israeli.
        As for tactics, reacting to an anti-Israel demo is not something that I feel is worthwhile, but I won’t abandon those that do. We’re all Jews, even the Nutie Clarta and Jews for Justice for Jew murders, who still have to be protected along with all the other mentally ill and terminally stupid.
        However, I still think we need to size the initiative and chain ourselves to a few door handles, railings or whatever.
        While we are there, we need to influence passers by, who are not there to watch us fighting, but simply passing by. If they see us screaming at eachother, I beleive it establishes a moral equivilence for them. They think we are all as bad as eachother, Arab and Jew forever squabbaling, like kids in a playground. I think that the hatemongers have intentionally and effectively used this tactic to diminish our moral superiority in the minds of the uncommited. Thus our (accidental) misfiring of a rocket at a Palestinian hospital is seen as equal to their (intentional) suicide bombing of an Israeli school bus.
        Please look at Richards photos again. For any passer by, they had a clear, simple message. Stop the War, end the seige. How bad is that? And we were, by inference and implication, fighting to continue the war and the seige. How good is that?

      • Jonathan Hoffman

        “For any passer by, they had a clear, simple message. Stop the War, end the seige …. And we were, by inference and implication, fighting to continue the war and the seige. How good is that?”

        Nonsense. We were shouting “Hamas .. terrorists” and “Shame on you” and “We want peace, you want terror”. On a megaphone.

        I repeat that you must’ve been somewhere else.

      • Jonathan, at times you are as over defensive as I am pompus. I do get where you’re coming from, but we are all on the same side. I criticise to improve, not destroy. Sorry if I offend.

  22. attilathecricketer

    Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year. Sterling if a little histrionic reporting on another protest. Not sure why sales should stop pro-Israel supporters and not anti-Israel supporters.
    Poppy is a key Commonwealth tradition and is sign of peace and it might be a different issue if Israeli flag burnt.

  23. Joe
    Pleased that you made the counter demo . Don’t be too critical . There are ongoing projects for the new year which will rock a few boats on the bad guys side . Regret it’s not possible to say more on an open site .
    Why not join us on the veolia counter demo this Saturday natural history museum
    Exhibition road entrance 12 to 2 pm

  24. Cast lead must have been a great success since the Islamic creeps and their lackeys are always referencing it on the anniversary.

  25. If you added the number of poppy burners to the number of illegals , would it be more or less than the number of Trots Fouling up the pavement on the other side of the road . Closest answer gets a nasrallah cut out In the shape of a darts board .

  26. Bonnie Prince Charlie

    Tony Jacobs is 100% correct. We need to take the fight to them. We need to attack rather than defend. When are we going to organise our demonstration outside the offices of the PLO in West London to highlight the iniquities and atrocities perpetrated on their own citizenry by those who seek to destroy us? It’s time to fight back.

    • Good idea! I’ll join you BPC!

    • BPC, I think that’s a great idea for a protest. There’s a meeting of Campaign for Truth and a local pro Israel group next week and that’s something we should consider, Sharon please try and remind me.

      • Bonnie Prince Charlie

        I’d love to be involved – if circumstances permit – in the planning of the proposed protest. For it to be successful and attract the appropriate media coverage, we need to make sure that we turn up in significant numbers. We also need to clearly define the purpose of the demonstration and we need posters / banners / flyers that clearly present our message(s). We need media spokesmen who can and will stick to the agreed party line / script. This whole demo needs to be slick and professional to make the desired impact. We can’t just rush into it. Our enemies are organised. We need to be organised.

        I’m just sh*t-scared that those communal organisations which have failed us in the past try to hijack it. Sure, we want their support and we want their supporters to turn out; but we don’t want them watering it down because they think we might offend people. They’ve had years to prove that the ‘softly, softly’ approach doesn’t work. We need a new organisation to create and control an active protest movement. We need to make a noise!!!!

        And we should also be thinking about a second demo – outside Westminster Cathedral to protest about the way that the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster (the Pope’s senior representative in England) chose a land dispute involving some 50 ‘Palestinian’ families in Beit Jala (near Bethlehem) as the sole example of the evil which exists in this world in his Christmas address whilst blithely ignoring the murder of Christians by Arabs and Muslims in the Middle-East and elsewhere and the oppression faced by the Christian church in these places. I know that several people – some not Jewish – have written to his Grace, asking him to explain why he chose to ignore the murder of Christians and focus solely on a land dispute in Israel. To date there has been no reply. Perhaps a few hundred supporters of Israel with appropriate banners might encourage him to do so and might encourage the media to question his Grace’s motives.

        I think there are enough people out there who are fed up with simply responding defensively on the streets to the actions of our enemies. It’s high time that we reclaimed the streets and forced them to respond!!!!!

      • Sharon Klaff

        BPC perhaps Richard can send me your email address and we can chat about exactly what you are saying.

      • Sounds like a stupid diversionary tactic, good I mean bad luck. Is this the best ZFUK can come up with. ZFUK zats a good one

      • Dear Mostly Harmless

        If you don’t want to get involved, then don’t.

        Happy New Year.

  27. Bonnie Prince Charlie

    PS Count me in!!!!

  28. No doubt all the Palestinian sympathisers who were there will be similarly protesting outside the Turkish embassy tomorrow after today’s killing by the Turks of 35 Kurdish civilians. Surely it is not only Jews that make them angry….


    • Edgar Davidson | December 29, 2011 at 11:16 pm | Reply

      “No doubt all the Palestinian sympathisers who were there will be similarly protesting outside the Turkish embassy tomorrow after today’s killing by the Turks of 35 Kurdish civilians. Surely it is not only Jews that make them angry….”
      Oh Edgar, surely you know that it is…..

    • Edgar – what time – I’d like to join them!! I didn’t know they cared for humanity!!

  29. What are the chances Neturei Karta will be protesting against Assad which Hizbollah is supporting and everyday Assad is killing 20 Syrian civilians with his police state? I doubt it very much.
    Dont forget, Neturei Karta was on the payroll of Yasser Terrorfat.

  30. I have been watching the happenings in Syria and asking why on earth Obama, harpee Clinton, Sarkozy, Merkel, Milliband, Cameron and a load of other idiots we are foolish enough to elect as our representatives cannot for the life of them see where the actual problems lies. It defies all logic that they should pick on Israel at a time when North Korea has a child despot with his finger on the trigger, Syria is burning alive, Egypt finally has its wish to become an Islamic state, Iran is on the brink of becoming nuclear, the Euro is about to collapse…… and OMG we could go on and on and on with the tragic state of the world. BUT its all Israel’s fault, Israel that supplies the world with 50% of its medications, develops more groundbreaking inventions than anywhere else, is the only country not in the middle of financial collapse and, wait for it – the very Arabs the world is so worried about that it gives them more charity than any other people on earth want to live in Israel not as an Islamic state but as the current Jewish state.

  31. By the way, if you think you have problems with the Ultra-Orthodox nutters, here they’re burning garbage and dressing their children with yellow stars of David and concentration camp pajamas because Israeli women want to sit at the front of Israeli buses.,7340,L-4169412,00.html

    Well, I guess it’s one way to celebrate the new year if you’re not into kissing strangers.

  32. This is a bad call and may boomerang back on certain people. All the people in the Middle East should heed the Johnny Mercer Political Maxim…

    “You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, hold onto the affirmative and don’t mess with Mr.In Between !”

  33. were there any demonstrations against Assad in the UK or is giving moral support for the Syrian people more than what those “freedom lovers” can stomach?

  34. Fascinating that the GLBT mob are there howling for the blood of the only democracy in the middle east that does not stone, hang or discriminate against them. Are they totally mad or just fools. Or course the Islamic hardliners who are the back bone of Hamas and Hisbollah really do love gays to death. These idiots along with the Netura Karta are madder than cut snakes. When the Islamists kill the rest of us for dinner, they will be the dessert poor fools. Of course I want to be a bloody uncomfortable dinner and undigestible. Sort of like the dinner that kills the devourer.

  35. Every week, I’m banished from my settler home by a Palestinian activist for about 5-6 hours. However, when Nayif returns it to me it is much cleaner and tidier than he received it, so the 300 Shekels is money well spent. It’s also about as much as his fellow Arabs living in Syria or Egypt make in a fortnight.

    Nayif doesn’t exactly evict me, but if I stay he draws me into conversations about politics which I try to avoid. This time I nimbly changed the subject to weddings and bringing up children, the latter at least of which I find far more interesting.

    Today Nayif complained that the price of chicken in the Palestinian Authority costs twice as much as in Israel. He cursed the “corrupt” Abu Mazen who won’t let his people buy Israeli chickens. Last week a lorry load of chicken from Israel was seized on the way to Nayif’s butcher and they were all destroyed. I asked him why he doesn’t just buy here, he explained that the whole family buys together and can hardly smuggle 60 kilos of poultry in on his bicycle.

    I tell this story for several reasons. Firstly, I believe Nayif to be the rule rather than the exception as a Palestinian who hates his own politicians, yes even the “moderate” ones, and naively envies our democratic process and leadership. I consoled him telling of Olmert’s corruption and of Katzav’s sordid crimes, but the fact that such men stood and are standing trial seemed to make him all the more jealous.

    Secondly, Nayif is to my mind one of the real faces of the Palestinian tragedy or perhaps the Arab tragedy. Often well meaning hard working people exploited by cynical dictators and offered hatred of us or dreams of 74 virgins as a substitute for decent lives and affordable chickens.

    Lastly, because there is still hope. Nayif once said to me that if he two of us were sitting there at the table instead of our leaders we’d make peace in ten minutes. I’m not that certain as I’m sure I’d be far more intransigent than Bibi, and he’d suddenly find himself under all kinds of unanticipated pressures. But who knows we both have kids of similar ages and he plans to send his oldest daughter to college. Maybe if not us, then them.

    • Sharon Klaff

      I don’t live in Israel but when I visit my family I stay next door to Qalqilya. My family know and befriend/work with many Arabs both Israeli and those who come as a package from Jordan after the ’67 war. Last visit my nephew took me to the border at a town called Salit – that line marked by the kind of rickety barbed wire fence we used to have around our yards in South Africa before there was any violence to warrant electric fences. I confirm Daniel’s comments. The ordinary Arabs who are unlucky enough to find themselves east of that fence have a tough time with their own leaders who ban them from dealing with Israelis who most often will provide goods at a more market rate than they can get from Arabs on their side of the line. The same applies to selling their land. They are banned from selling to Israelis and so they concoct an intricate plan to sell to a third party in Switzerland with a nod and a wink from their rulers whose palms get well greased in the process, only for that company to sell on to any willing buyers. I have met some of these people who live in that section that was once occupied by Jordan, and they hope and pray that the barbed wire will hook them in to the west which is Israel so they can live freely and earn money to educate their children, get health care and the rest of what a democracy offers its citizens. This bunch who target Israel as the pariah state are simply bigots who are using Israel to service their age old hatred of Jews, a hatred so deep seated in their psyche, fed them via their mothers’ milk, that it eats at them forever so that they cannot be free of the anguish they perpetrate on themselves. So they divert it to Jews, whom they call Israel so they cannot be prosecuted and they use those unfortunate victims caught on the wrong side of the barbed wire as their tools without a care in the world what the real effect of this will have on those people whose only desire is to have the same leaders as the Jews!

    • Daniel, that’s the nicest thing I’ve read in ages.

  36. Thank God I'm An Infidel

    Here’s a better chant:

    From the River to the Sea,
    palestine Will Never Be!