Mulled wine and Israel-hate down at the Natural History Museum.

Yasser Arafat would have been proud.

Yasser Arafat would have been proud.

With Ahava having closed down those who devote their lives to Israel’s destruction needed somewhere else to vent their hate. Their slime led from Ahava to the Natural History Museum where Veolia is sponsoring an exhibition.

Veolia is helping to build a modern transport network in Jerusalem, which is helping both Israelis and Palestinians to move more easily around the city, but instead the anti-Israel activists fed the usual lies to museum-goers about Veolia being in breach of international law.

As ever they were led by Salim Alam, who is present at virtually every anti-Israel happening in London these days (in contrast to PSC chief Sarah Colborne who is rarely seen).

Here he is trying to force me to stop filming yesterday’s protest:

It was almost a replay of last Christmas when he threatened to knock the camera out of my hand and which earned him a trip to the nearby police station:

He doesn’t like being filmed, but is quick to film. And here’s someone else who doesn’t like being filmed for some reason:

Did I miss a change in the law to the effect that no one can film political protests now? Have the Taliban taken over?

The anti-Israel activists lined up outside the entrance to the museum to hand out anti-Israel leaflets before cracking open the mulled wine and singing defaced Christmas carols which accused Israel of, inter alia, apartheid, settler violence and stealing land and water:

This one is about Ahava:

More photos from yesterday:

Salim Alam displays anti-Veolia literature (pro-Israel leaflet in background).

Salim Alam displays anti-Veolia literature (pro-Israel leaflet in background).

Handing out anti-Israel leaflets at museum door.

Handing out anti-Israel leaflets at museum door.

Drinking mulled wine which they refused to share with us. "Bah, humbug!"

Drinking mulled wine which they refused to share with us. "Bah, humbug!"

The mulled wine begins to take its toll.

The mulled wine begins to take its toll.

Showing commitment to the cause: $55 in Vietnam.

Showing commitment to the cause: $55 in Vietnam.

Nice keffiyeh, shame about the hat.

Nice keffiyeh, shame about the hat.

Tuning up for the carols.

Tuning up for the carols.

The singing begins. Don't call us, we'll call you.

The singing begins. Don't call us, we'll call you.

51 responses to “Mulled wine and Israel-hate down at the Natural History Museum.

  1. Interesting that there was hardly a crowd with this nasty guy, suggesting there isn’t much support. I remember trecking down from North Wales to join the group outside the London theatre where they were doing a play in support of the USA Rachael. Our group had photos displayed showing the
    ‘other’ Rachaels, those murdered by suicide bombers in Israel. I reckon we outnumbered to pro-group by ten to one. I would certainly support a counter demo if this nasty group try another demo to push their hate campaign

  2. Kol ha kavod for going Richard, but I just don’t see the point of it. If you go on your own, you seem to be a mad person and thus do more harm than good.
    I’m part of a small group of Israel advocates (based in a NW London shul) and I’m trying to network with a few similar groups. One of our aims is to have a database of about 100 activists across London, who would be willing to attend counter demonstrations, at short notice if need be. This would, we anticipate, give us a turnout of 20 or so educated activists and give a credible reaction. Our main aim is to be proactive, reaching out to non-Jews and educating the uninvolved, before they can be corrupted by hate.
    We would welcome any help, guidance, cooperation or participation you or anyone else would care to give.

    • richardmillett

      No, there were about 10 pro israel activists there also some of whom are in the photos.

    • I once again commend Richard’s incredible dedication to “the cause” as well as Tony’s excellent initiative. If there is anything that anyone here can do to help, we are all ready and willing.

  3. Tony Jacobs- There is every point- When these “Blinkered” ideologists hit the streets they must be faced.
    In Manchester every Saturday a group of these “One Cell” brained people used to turn out in front of M&S with the usual rants- It took many months of barracking by the few who turned out, even some more religious who walked to town – but eventually they disappeared.

  4. Chazak v’amatz!!! Here’s a little inspiration from sunny San Diego, California, where a where a happy, smiling, singing bunch of pro-Israeli demonstrators stood down an ugly, screaming mob of pro-Pals–who in the end had no answer and did not know what to do with themselves. We made all the local news reports, too.

  5. SO interested as to why they were drinking mulled wine and singing carols . Could it be something to do with Christmas? Isn’t this the birthday of a very famous Jew/Israeli???? Has anyone asked them/told them even?

    • Now in the UK many churches hold carol services celebrating Jesus son of Allah – total replacement theology!

  6. Alcohol and keffiyehs. Anglican meets Palestinian Christian and Muslim, but anti-Jewish, nationalism. Interesting.

  7. These people are deluded. They are so hate-filled they couldn’t think straight if they tried. Imagine having nothing better to do than stand outside the NHM in London on a crisp winter’s day trying to spread such ignorant propaganda – how pathetic can they be!

    Here is an amazing article written by one of the Palestinians these people say they are fighting for:

    BTW – Note the Palestinian flag shoes – so stupid is the woman that she doesn’t understand the insult she shows Arabs by stomping on an image of their flag.

  8. I am so glad that Jonathan Hoffman was there to put forward the views of his mentor HaRav HaGadol Meir Kahane, Zt”L Hy”D. Only he can lead British Jews to the realisation that getting of the non-Jews in Israel and their Theobald Jew helpers will make sure that Eretz Yisrael remains strong and Mashiach Tzidkaenu will come.

  9. Jonathan Hoffman

    The above is an attempt to smear me – ‘Hevroni Asli’ is the moniker of arch-Renegade Jew Bruce Levy.

  10. He’s barmy and he’s trying to smear you, but are you sure it’s Bruce Levy?

    He seems to have a few crumbs of superficial Jewish knowledge, which as far as I know, is a few crumbs more than Levy.

  11. Jonathan Hoffman

    Possibly Greenstein

  12. Greenstein , levy , fink . It’s all the same . Clones of each other . Very creepy ! There is nothing to differentiate . It’s easiest just to call them all Greenstein . They all have issues in their lives which has caused them to demonstrate such obsessive hate .
    Take Greenstein for instance . A recent blog of his speaks of the recent death of his father , a Rabbi who ministered to a number of small congregations in the north . Greenstein acknowledges that he went off the rails at an early age . Drugs , squats , left him estranged from his father who he only saw a few times during his final years . Indeed Greensteins daughter never met her grandfather only going to his funeral .
    It doesn’t take a psychologist to recognize that Greenstein was a failure in his fathers eyes perhaps even sitting Shiva for him for all we know . Greensteins way of getting back at his father may well have been his increasingly obsessive hatred of Israel . Greensteins quasi obituary to his father also reads like a Mea Culpa of sorts . I almost felt a scintilla of sympathy for the Nebach . Ok just kidding !
    Anyway check out his blog and don’t forget to your box of hankies .

  13. Harvey,

    Thanks, I read the obituary and without disagreeing with anything you said, thought it was quite well written. Neither was it moving, nor do I think was it meant to be.

    May Tony and his family be comforted among the others who mourn for Zion and Jerusalem.

  14. Those our nice traditional words Daniel but somehow I don’t think they apply to Greenstein . He does not mourn Zion or Jerusalem only the fact they both exist as the Jewish renaissance .

    • Someone like Greenstein has enough to face with the history he writes of without us taking away his right to mourn. Its always pathetic when people cannot make peace with their parents before they die. The pain of such a loss is difficult to deal with let alone to have to carry the guilt of being a negligent sprog! So leave the man to mourn his failure in peace.

    • Hi Harvey,

      Our perspectives are different and I suspect this might be connected to where we are, in many different senses.

      I first came across Tony on this excellent blog more than a year ago when discussing the Ahava demonstrations. While I have no doubt that he, like you, sees himself as a terrible enemy of Israel affecting untold harm upon us, to me he is just another one of those dogs howling at the moon. As I wrote in an earlier comment, such hounds might keep the neighbors up, but their actual effect on the moon is negligible at best.

      Therefore, because I feel strong and confident and all the Gerts and Tonys with their blogs aren’t really harming me one iota, I’ll allow myself to look past the daft slogans and comments and ponder the person himself.

      Without having much evidence, I do tend to think many of your observations regarding Tony’s estranged relationship with his late father may be correct. However, I see this as a reason for sorrow rather than glee, a sorrow which should offer all of us important life lessons regarding the raising of our own children and relations with our parents. Perhaps the most universal lesson is that these tragedies are often self-perpetuating.

      In the Ten Commandments we are told to honor our father and mother in order that our days “might be multiplied”. On the face of it it’s hard to understand how honoring my parents will cause us longevity, surely if it helps anyone, it’s them that benefit from our honor.

      However, I contend that children watch their parents and learn from them. A son who cuts himself off from his father should not be surprised if his son does the same to him, for wholly different reasons. When that wretched old man begs his son for love, how often will the son remind his father who taught him to behave in such a way? On the other hand he who honors, respects and loves his parents is giving his children the best lesson in life as to how to behave towards him when he is old and weak. Perhaps that is why his days “..will be multiplied..”

      Tony’s father was fortunate enough to live to 99 and I believe that for one day we can put our disagreements aside and wish him and his family similarly long lives.

      Fear not. Tomorrow we’ll tear all those anti-Zionists to shreds, as usual.

  15. Listening in to their Xmas song rendering made me wish there were still blasphemy laws. I love Xmas songs even though I don’t qualify as a Christian any longer.

    If not blasphemy laws is there no intellectual property rights any longer on those songs?

    • Silke,

      I agree completely. I must admit that I had tried to rewrite the lyrics of the Twelve Days of Christmas for use in future pre-festival demos, but stopped after deciding that this was somewhat sacrilegious and doubted whether I’d be pleased were a goy to do the same to one of my prayers.

      Seasonal greetings!

      • and mind you for me it isn’t prayer at all it is just cherished cultural heritage announcing the end of the dark season promising the days to become longer once again. But since that wouldn’t carry weight with many people mercenary pagan me appealed to Christians and/or the law for support.

  16. Laws cannot cater for the ugliness and lack of inner light of these hideous people. Its no good trying to take them to task as the only maker they have to meet is their own self and my goodness that is punishment enough.

  17. Hi Daniel
    Our perspectives are only slightly dissimilar . You have the advantage of living in Israel and the closest you come to an understanding of the visceral hate expressed by these people is what you read about on the web . It’s true to say the community here is by and large pleasantly unaware of the forces beavering at chipping away at Eretz Israel . They are obsessive and dedicated and organised .. and while this single minded intent is indeed a sickness of the mind (howling at the moon as you put it ) don’t underestimate their ability to hurt Israel.
    Where we do differ is on the subject of the “wayward son of Israel “bit and that as such we should comfort him in his grief .
    I feel no such compunction . Greenstein is an enemy . He conspires with Israels enemies to bring about its end . He knows that this can only be done through continuing misery and eventual existential war with the death of perhaps millions . He is however a theoretical Marxist . The means of accomplishing the task are of no concern to him just the end product . Somewhat like Stalin or PolPot in their murder of tens of millions in order to arrive at the society they had in mind .
    While my sympathies go to his family and in memory to his late father as a true son of Israel , there is no amnesty for Greenstein as far as I’m concerned .Lashon Horrah is not invoked as he is beyond the pale . Perhaps in biblical terms a descendant of Esau.
    Show me the child and I will show you the man . Greenstein became the man he is when he rejected his father and his religion in his early teens . He would have tormented his father with the life he chose hence his fathers rejection of him . He now vents his poisonous bile in the only way he knows how and that is at Israel . It is cathartic for him to so do .
    I agree your ability to look beyond the person his wicked deeds and to still include him in your prayers makes you the more wiser and spiritual person . I live in the here and now .
    No amnesty , no pity and no comforting . To hell with him .

  18. Hi Harvey,

    I have never claimed to have superior wisdom or spirituality for the simple reason that to do so would be to lie, which I try not to do. I am just another old Jew, like yourself, like Richard, like Tony Greenstein. I have my weaknesses and my strengths. I am sometimes right and often wrong.

    I am not oblivious to the dangers facing the Jewish People both in Israel and in exile. Experts, more knowledgeable than I, have analyzed them thoroughly so I shall not bore you. In my opinion the greatest external dangers facing Israel are Iranian armament and the possibility of the creation of a Palestinian state, while internally there are threats relating to the nature of the State of Israel or simply put, whether she should be a “Jewish State” or a “State of the Jews”.

    Those of you still in exile are challenged by problems of assimilation, late marriage, low Jewish birth rates, increasing ignorance regarding Judaism of all parts of Anglo-Jewry except perhaps the Ultra-Orthodox. I’m not convinced that the growing UK anti-Semitism is a problem of comparable proportions, but perhaps I am wrong.

    I was brought up in London and fully understand need for the centrality of the State of Israel to the Jewish identity of British Jews, especially those who are unaffiliated to the Jewish world in most other ways. What better example than the fact that many UK Jewish charities rely for funding on money that is skimmed off the Israel donations of Anglo-Jews. Sadly, British Jewry has few collective achievements to boast about since the time of Oliver Cromwell and their vicarious pride in those of Israel is wholly understandable.

    Therefore, I think it’s wonderful that you guys demonstrate for Israel and confront her foes on and off line, but don’t go losing any sleep if in the end the LSE manages to pass another silly resolution or the SOAS calls for an academic boycott and you were unable to prevent it. It’s okay, we’ll survive, and the very fact that Anglo-Jews are getting together is, and always was, the most important goal of the struggle.

    Outside of Brighton and this blog, very few people even know that Tony Greenstein exists and unless you can show me otherwise I know of no harm that he has caused the State of Israel.

    Finally, regarding his Marxism, I support his conclusions 100%. Apparently he disagrees with the “Two State Solution” and the creation of a Palestinian State, preferring instead to wait for the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat in the whole Middle East brought about by the uprising of all Jewish and Arab workers together. And that, my friend, is a plan that I can live with.

  19. Daniel
    Your last comment was very special on every level especially the last paragraph . A very gentle rebuke of the eternal theoretical Marxist . Like the Cheshire cat , an irrelevance gradually fading away until only his sneer was left . Reminds me of the Life of Brian sketch . He’s really just a naughty boy !
    Great to have your contributions on this site !

  20. Please Daniel go on re writing the 12 days of Christmas. It is not a religious song at all , just a bit of fun and i would love to see what you make of it!

  21. Apologies in advance to any Carol singers, and anyone else is welcome to add in the last five days.

    On the first day of Christmas
    My true love gave to me
    A Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree. (see Hamas’s charter article 7, also Hadith)

    On the second day of Christmas
    My true love gave to me
    A two State Solution! And a Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree

    On the third day of Christmas
    My true love gave to me
    Three French condemnations, Two State Solution
    And a Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree

    On the fourth day of Christmas
    My true love gave to me
    Four falling dictators, three French condemnations, Two State Solution
    And a Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree

    On the fifth day of Christmas
    My true love gave to me
    Five golden Kaddafi pistols, four falling dictators, three French condemnations, Two State Solution.
    And a Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree

    On the sixth day of Christmas
    My true love gave to me
    Six Syrians -a-raping, five golden Kaddafi pistols, four falling dictators, three French condemnations, Two State Solution.
    And a Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree

    On the seventh day of Christmas
    My true love gave to me
    Seven flotillas-floating, six Syrians-a-raping, five golden Kaddafi pistols, four falling dictators, three French condemnations, Two State Solution.
    And a Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree.

    Seasonal greetings,

    • Daniel
      Great words now lets have the music! Just don’t sing it at X-mas time outside the NHM!

    • Suggestions in need of improvement and I suggest for days 10, 11 and 12 we come up with some pretty smart exorcisms.

      On the eigth day of Christmas
      My true love gave to me
      eight atom bombs under design, Seven flotillas-floating, six Syrians-a-raping, five golden Kaddafi pistols, four falling dictators, three French condemnations, Two State Solution.
      And a Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree.

      On the ninth day of Christmas
      My true love gave to me
      nine shining rocket beauties, eight atom bombs under design, Seven flotillas-floating, six Syrians-a-raping, five golden Kaddafi pistols, four falling dictators, three French condemnations, Two State Solution.
      And a Jew hiding behind a Gharkad tree.

  22. A bunch of maggotty looking losers.

    • Hi hunter
      I presume you are referring to Richards photos of course . I’m surprised his camera phone is in one piece having to store that pile of excrement . Talking of excrement , shouldn’t someone tell the guy with the PA flag shoes he’s probably been walking in all sorts of nasties during the day . That’s good enough for me !
      Over at the bds website , the appratchniks have really gone to town on a revisionist take on Saturdays events . Goldstein or is that Greenstein is alive and well down at politburo headquarters.
      Then again that’s what reactionaries are good for specially Trots .
      I was having a pleasant chat with a young French Canadian couple , when the fat one as Jonathan calls him decided to rudely interrupt . Not only that , but he tried to engage in excrutiatingly bad school boy french (u) . The girl explained in perfect English that she supported Israel and that she was unwilling to listen to him . The look on his face was priceless as he went off with his tail between his legs . Totally 24 carat busted . I just wish Id taken a photo .

      • I am laughing my head of at your use of “tail between his legs” –

        the German for tail stands for an exclusively male somewhat elongated fleshy protrusion and isn’t open to interpretation when used in connection with a human.

        That’s just to give you an idea of how my inner eye sees them walking or rather hobbling along each time you talk about the “thing” being between their legs.

  23. Jonathan Hoffman

    Teehee! The Israel traducers have just put their video up. they try to suggest we argued with the NH Museum security staff – what a lie – the truth is that the NH Museum security staff clearly detest the Israel-haters who are trying to stop people attending the NH Museum photography exhibition.

  24. Hi Silke
    You’re very naughty . I thought somebody might take it the wrong way but I never guessed it would be you ! I think it refers to a pet dog which has been scolded ( told off not burnt ) and slinks away t**l between its legs

    • Harvey

      I have been an “office gal” all my working life long – don’t tempt me to tell you all we notice (and comment on) about (detested) men’s best part.

      And of course I know that you Brits only imagine dogs when you use the expression, what else … it is just that when I think in images my inner translator switches on also.

  25. Had to read that twice . Is it the men that are detested or their best part . Anyway my lips are sealed and my legs are crossed .
    Now we must return to Richards excellent blog !
    A number of tourists asked me what they were singing about . When I answered that they had adulterated traditional Christmas carols effectively making a mockery of them , the tourists were utterly disgusted . As were several of the museum security guards who had called for their team leader . He stated that should any one of them attempt to stage the protest inside the museum , police would be called at once . In fact the matronly lady with the blue rinse hair do was told to move well clear of the museum entrance in order to hawk her ‘snake oil’. ( bet youre unable to translate that Silke ) . One of the guards who was evidently a devout Christian personally expressed his revulsion at having his beliefs and traditions trashed .
    Maybe we should change our strategy and let them make more enemies with their pathetic fortnightly panto .
    On a separate note , it’s great to see the psc tearing themselves apart . There’s been a purge of those who are bringing the organisation into disrepute because of their support for antisemites and holocaust deniers . Not that their motives are honorable of course . Their concern is only how the perception of antisemitism affects their cause . The ever fragrant ‘ Booth among others is outraged at the decline in standards and is leading the fightback .
    Somehow I think we are in for some healthy ‘blood letting ‘in the new year . Watch this space .

    • Why on earth would one discuss and/or (verbally) dissect/speculate upon man’s most precious part, if the man is a nice guy? The privacy of nice people is sacrosanct. If one talks about them then either in adulating tones (oh he is so sweet) or with motherly concern (he takes it all so much to heart).

      “snake oil” isn’t that American, aren’t we Europeans all too well brought up to do “snake oiling” at all? It seems I have to sleep on that one and hope for a revelation during wake-up time.

      (polite translation of snake oil would be AllHeilMittel which translates literally into Heal-All-Remedy, but that won’t do. Then there is WunderMittel = Miracle Remedy. Maybe I find something with Rudolf Steiner and his Anthroposophists. Office lore won’t do for that one because in that surrounding snake oils of all shapes and colours have to be discussed with respect and gullibility.)

  26. If there is one sight more pathetic than a smug middle-class white British student wearing a keffiyeh, it’s a smug middle-aged middle-class white British git wearing one.

  27. Silke, we have had this discussion of ‘tail between the legs’ before. Don’t pretend you don’t know.

    • Proof how hard it is to come up with new stuff once one has reached a certain age let alone remember all.

      Ah to have access to the certainties of youth again when we felt so sure we could never become as boring as our elders were.

      • In defense of an old friend, I believe that I could cite recent anecdotal evidence, involving a Scot and a bottle of single malt Scotch, pointing to the fact that Silke can be quite absent minded regarding what has been ‘between the legs’.