Former Jerusalem Post chief closes successful ZF conference.

Yesterday was the Zionist Federation‘s Israel Advocacy Training Conference where activists learnt skills and discussed the situation both here and in Israel.

After giving a session on blogging I went to Jonathan Hoffman and Keith Fraser’s How to make the most of limited knowledge session, where they performed a mock Press TV show with Jonathan playing an under pressure pro-Israel guest and Keith doing a hilarious impression of Ken Livingstone before transmogrifying into a ranting Islamist who accused the Zionists of, inter alia, “stealing our land”.

Jonathan answered the Islamist’s rants well but, as ever, the much harder questions came from the audience. Some blamed “the settlements” for angering the Palestinians while others were concerned that Israel used white phosphorus during Operation Cast Lead.

Jonathan answered that there were no “settlements” in 1929 when Jews were massacred in Hebron by Arabs and that the use of white phosporus is legal; it being used by Britain and America also.

I then went to see the impressive Lior Student who gave her session Powerful and Persuasive Presentations three times during the conference. She had some sound advice including never to scratch your nose or face when presenting as this is associated with lying; we have itching cells around our nose which are activated when we tell a porky.

In between sessions there was ample time to chat and shed crocodile tears about the anti-Israel lobby’s infighting over the anti-Jewish writings of Gilad Atzmon; the Palestine Solidarity Campaign is trying to distance itself from Atzmon while anti-Israel activist Lauren Booth has accused the PSC on her blog of being willing accomplices of the friends of Zionism.

It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of people. The more Israel’s enemies continue to tear themselves apart the better.

Few give a better analysis of the current situation in Israel than David Horovitz, who edited the Jerusalem Post for seven years, and he closed the conference with another highly informative talk.

He highlighted how narrow Israel is; go north, he said, from Tel Aviv and turn left near the West Bank town of Tulkarem and it is a mere 15 minute drive across Israel to the coast.

He said no one had predicted the Arab Spring and no one could predict how it will end and that even some of Israel’s military hierarchy had, until recently, been urging Israel to negotiate peace with Syria’s Assad in return for handing back the Golan Heights as this would have weakened Iran.

However, in hindsight, with the Arab Spring in full flow handing back the strategically crucial Golan could have had dangerous consequences for Israel should Islamists accede to power in Syria, which illustrates the problem Israel has in knowing who it can negotiate with.

On the Palestinian front Horovitz quoted last year’s front page Time headline Why Israel Doesn’t Care About Peace, which he said was ridiculous considering that Israelis put their children on the front line.

He said if you exclude the one-state solutionists on the extreme left and those on the extreme right who think Israel should annex Judea and Samaria there is a middle ground of at least 60% of Israelis who desire a two-state solution.

He said that in 1999 the electorate threw out Netanyahu in favour of Ehud Barak after three years of relative calm on the terrorism front in the hope of a peace deal with Arafat, but Israelis eventually blamed Arafat for wrecking the prospects for peace.

And while he felt that Abbas is more moderate than Arafat Horovitz found it disturbing that Abbas’ Palestinian statehood speech at the UN highlighted Muslim and Christian claims to the Holy Land while denying Jewish ones.

Then Horovitz turned to Iran. He called Ehud Barak, Israel’s defence minister, a “maverick” and he reckoned that the Stuxnet computer virus attack on Iran’s nuclear programme and the assassination of crucial Iranian scientists had Barak’s fingerprints on them.

He said that taking out Iran’s nuclear sites would be much harder than the 1981 attack on Osirak in Iraq (has Iran ever thanked Israel for that?), especially as the Iraqis used to turn their radars off when they went for dinner, which is why Israel attacked in the early evening.

But he warned that should Israel need to attack Iran’s nuclear sites to beware western hypocrisy as politicians will condemn Israel, like they did in 1981, while being secretly relieved.

On hearing about Osirak President Raegan responded “boys will be boys” before being forced into an explicit condemnation of Israel.

Not wishing to end downbeat Horovitz mentioned Israel’s successful economy evidenced by its ever-strengthening Shekel as well as its recent Nobel Prize for Chemistry, the third such prize in seven years.

And, finally, he said it is accepted by most of the political establishment on both the left and right in America that President Obama will get re-elected, and while this might not seem good for Israel Obama has vetoed anti-Israel resolutions at the UN and America has not reneged on its military commitments.

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  1. You’re sooooo ‘not-a-Zionist’ when you tag along to those Britzio thingies, in the capacity of an ‘independent’ journalist, naturellement! 😉

  2. I know I am not an expert, but I think BO will fail drastically at the next election as the world will be a very different place in a years time when the EU will have collapsed with the Euro relegated to history.

  3. Gert
    You really don’t get it . Richard is just the latest inductee into the secretive ‘ Mishna Star Council ‘. A small but powerful group of ‘zionists ‘ whose mission it is to convert everyone to Israeli houmous through the power of the media or as in Richards case the ether . You have no idea what you are up against .

    • Houmous? Houmous?

      All I’ve been told up to now is that Falafel is THE issue.

      Show mercy, don’t change the battle fields without prior extensive indoctrination. Please! thank you!

  4. What about the Jewish bankers conspiracy? Where can I get some of that action?

    • I’d advise to try by applying for a job (dusting the offices is best, followed by operating their photo-copying machines) at one of those oil country sovereign funds and try to pick up as much grape vine as possible until I’d have an image of where and how to infiltrate best.

  5. Shoiree Shoiree Daniel . You cannot run before you can walk . First you nick their national dishes , then their black and white Kaffirs and turn them blue . Once you’ve cut your teeth there , you are ready to take on the banking system .
    Oops forgot the Stalinists down at the psc politburo don’t do irony . Have a bad feeling this comment is already on their websites .

  6. I am glad Jonathan Hoffman was there to fly the flag for the true Zionism of Harav Hagadol Meir Kahane, Zt”l Hy”d.

  7. Hevroni
    I think Jonathan would have been flying the flag along with all those who share in the love of the modern day miracle which is Eretz Israel and who could blame him . Except of course for the assorted bunch of obsessive ne’er do wells and borderline sociopaths which make up the dark side .

  8. Harvey, no one could blame him. But what is especially heartening that in these dark ages when the Israeli Army has to defend the Palestinians on our land, Jonathan is there to stand up for the true Zionism and Ahavat Yisrael of Harav Hagadol Meir Kahane, Zt”l Hy”d. Ken Yirbu those like him and like you.

  9. Jonathan Hoffman

    Hevroni = Bruce Levy or Tony Greenstein

    The reference to Kahane is a pathetic attempt to smear me.

    Being smeared by Arch-Renegade Jews is a badge of honour.