Zionists back to Manchester!

I was up at 5am on Sunday morning to catch the 5.45am coach to Manchester for The Big Tent For Israel conference along with another 17 hardy souls and so an early Saturday night was in order, although we were bemused that the half-way stop at Corley services lasted a full 45 minutes, possibly in line with EU regulations, as we could all have done with an extra 45 minutes in bed.

Once on the coach tiredness quickly subsided as anecdotes were exchanged about past battles against London’s anti-Zionist movement and plans discussed about possible future action.

We pulled in to Manchester at about 10.15am and once through registration were eventually seated in time for the sharp 10.50am start where we heard from Ivan Lewis MP, Israeli Ambassador Daniel Taub and Mick Davis, who seemed to be speaking on a videolink from somewhere much warmer than Manchester!

Sessions were arranged in five spheres that the Reut Report recognised as being the main areas in which Israel tends to suffer delegitimisation in the UK: Politics, Media, Academia, the Trade Unions, Churches.

Lewis, a “son of Manchester”, reminded us that Manchester was where Zionism came of age with CP Scott, owner of the Manchester Guardian, befriending Chaim Weizman and introducing him to British statesmen, which eventually led to the Balfour Declaration. Scott’s Guardian even editorially supported the idea of the Jewish Legion, the brainchild of Jabotinsky. How times have changed!

Daniel Taub was adamant that it is Israel’s existence that is under attack. If it was just about “occupation” then why, he asked, were Israel’s pull-outs from south Lebanon and Gaza followed by a constant barrage of rocket attacks on Israel from those places.

He told us about when he went to speak at a British university and was met by a front row of anti-Israel activists who immediately stood up and unfurled anti-Israel slogans in front of him. So he went to his computer and showed them a youtube clip of a Palestinian gunman attempting to cross a street. Knowing he would be immediately targetted when he stepped out the gunman grabbed a Palestinian boy and held him as he crossed before discarding the boy on the other side. Taub asked which Palestinian those activists were supporting; the boy or the gunman?

After that I went to hear Jonny Paul (Jerusalem Post), another “son of Manchester”, Adam Levick (CifWatch), Marcus Sheff (Israel Project), yet another “son of Manchester”, and Michael Weiss (Henry Jackson Society) speak about Media Delegitimisation: Fact or Paranoia?

Sheff told us that Israel’s PR has improved from where it used to be, although that seemed to be from a very low wrung of the ladder, while Jonny Paul spoke about The Independent’s cartoon by Dave Brown of Ariel Sharon eating a baby, The New Statesman‘s 2002 front page of a Star of David piercing the Union Jack flag to illustrate a story about Britain’s “Zionist lobby” with the title “A Kosher conspiracy?” and of The Independent‘s false front page story by Robert Fisk that Israel may have used depleted Uranium weapons in the 2006 Lebanon War.

I was flattered to have been asked to chair the panel on Countering Delegitimisation: Strategy and Tactics alongside Jonathan Hoffman, Adam Levick and Richard Gold (engageonline).

I had just been to hear Lorna Fitzsimons (BICOM) speak at Every Jew is an Ambassador for Israel, why don’t we use them?, where I disagreed with quite a bit of what she said, although the passion with which she delivers her words was a brilliant lesson in oratory.

She asked who in the audience had written a letter to their local newspaper about Israel, or phoned in to a radio station, or had met with their MP. Few in the audience had done any of this and people were asked to pledge that they would.

I ripped up my prepared speech and decided to speak about how few pro-Israel letters get published and when they do they get published alongside letters extolling the supposed virtues of a one-state solution or Hamas.

At least with blogging everything you write gets published in addition to the important fact that the internet has now become one of the main battle-lines of attack against Israel.

I explained that I thought that the title of our panel discussion should really have been Countering anti-Semitism: Strategy and Tactics as I have lost count of the number of times I have heard Jews, not Israel or Zionism, be the object of degradation and derision at many of the anti-Israel meetings I have been to.

Some of the examples I gave were of anti-Israel commentator Khaled Amaryeh calling someone a “kike” on my blog, of a woman called Jane Green telling me outside a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting she had just attended that any Jews that did die in the Holocaust probably died after having had their foreskins chopped off, of trade union rep. Steve Hedley’s racist accusation at an anti-Israel RMT event that I was one of the Chosen People and of academic Ghada Karmi’s statement at a conference at SOAS that:

“The Zionist project would never have succeeded without Western complicity. Criminals might want to rob you, kill you, rape your daughters but normally they do not get away with it. Israel’s total impunity is so unusual today. The only way to reverse this is on the basis of rights and justice; that is the right of return of the refugees and the dispossessed and the exiles back to their homeland. If that were to happen we know very well that that would be the end of a Jewish state in our region.”

I also displayed the falsified slide shown at an anti-Israel meeting at Amnesty International of a young Palestinian boy having had a tattoo of a Star of David, allegedly, carved into his forearm by an Israeli soldier using a piece of broken glass. The Star was too small and too perfect to have been created that way and the plaster doesn’t even fit over the supposed wound!

Look at the Star and the plaster.

Look at the Star and the plaster.

Jonathan, Adam and Richard spoke very well and after that I went to listen to Stuart Palmer (Cohav) give another Social Media Workshop before the final session brought together some Rapporteurs to tell us about some of the events that people had been unable to go to seeing as many sessions clashed.

It was good to meet other bloggers, like Ray Cook, who had been lured out from behind their computers for the day, but I was astonished by the huge turnout with numbers reaching at least 500, possibly as many as 650.

But then that’s Manchester for you; hardcore Zionist through and through.

Oh, and Titanics kosher smoked salmon sandwiches on sale were just to die for!

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  1. Once again thank you Richard. Unfortunately I was unable to attend. However, I read Daniel Taub’s speech and feel encouraged that at last someone is saying out loud what I have been writing about for many years.

    I have lived amongst you
    all three Gemini’s and I
    six of us in all plus one
    back to before it was then
    that the tablets of my soul
    dissolved in your
    river of blood;
    I have learned to know you
    my three twins and I
    each one of us confused
    in our knowledge leaving
    little to reveal of you
    that shows the inside
    turning out;
    you dined well at my table
    you twelve men and him
    sipping the fruits of my vine
    as you leaned to the left
    your right hand feeding
    the crowds from my plate
    through the night;
    you painted a vilified vision
    of me and my guests
    on the wall of your dome
    crusading your version
    to the east and the west
    passing over my door with the
    angel of death;
    you hijacked the ancient gift
    that was mine to share
    and I watched as I moved
    from here to there leaving
    behind the roots of my
    family tree in your
    foreign land;
    I have turned my cheek from you
    as I pass through your space
    with my twins in tow
    my ashes scattered round
    the shrubs of your land
    a beauty too modest to
    earn your respect;
    you closed your heart to my fears
    palms cupped round your eyes
    as you recited out loud my
    poem to your friends
    veiled as your own creation
    your choir singing that tune
    of Halleluiah;
    I have listened to your chorus
    peeling my father’s tongue
    through the darkest valley
    in the shadow of death
    denying my passage as
    I travel en route to my
    rightful home;
    I have existed as I am
    all my Zodiacs and I
    back to before it was then
    that the notion you assumed
    yours to bestow upon me
    the inalienable right
    that is mine.

    SDK 27th April 2002

    Really I am saying that they stole my religion and my history as though it were theirs to have and then they condemn me as not being a nation or a civilisation worthy of existence right down to trying to exterminate me. The buried ashes that beautify “their land” is really the contribution I have made wherever I have settled as well as hitting home that my ashes literally have fertilised their soil. Throughout the ages I simply accepted my role as Jew (Ghetto mentality) and followed orders, leaving whenever they expelled me and dutifully walking into the gas chambers. I have watched this hypocrisy and experienced this hatred as I have wondered from place to place listening to their inflated vision of themselves, denigrating me as a figure of hatred and all this while I have to listen to them discuss whether or not I have the right to exist as a nation in my own homeland. I am saying that I was around as a proud nation long before they assumed the right to make pronouncements on my very being. This is about a world that seems to feel it is their duty to get involved in my affairs as some sort of father figure telling me and in fact ordering me to accept their notion of how and where I should exist, or if I should exist at all!

  2. I was there- It was and I am usually very critical , one “Get together” where there was harmony regarding the subject matter- The questions were all old hat but the determination to change the past lethargic attitude of Jews to wards standing up for Israel was very noticeable.
    My take is simple-
    I have come to the conclusion that peace and recognition of, not Palestine but Israel by the Muslim world is but a dream. As long as any part of the Middle East is not Islamic then it will never be accepted- The peace with Egypt is now brittle and the people, right back to Sadat never acknowledged it hence his assassination. The people of Jordan have never really been in favour of recognising Israel as a Jewish state. The charters and covenants of the Jihadi groups all call for Israel’s demise. So we have to convince our politicians of this fact. I have no doubt that they are fully aware of this Islamic attitude. However the question is how dose one persuade them to admit it.?

    • Thank goodness people appear to be coming to their senses! Its about time. I sincerely hope this is not yet another talking shop speaking to fellow supporters who had a great bash and are now back home carrying on usual, like the BICOM bash in the summer organised to split attendance on the same day as the Islamic Jew hate fest outside the Embassy.

      Times are grave indeed and unless action is taken to get the West to support itself the world is doomed. It is not simply about Israel and the Middle East or Jew hatred. I don’t actually care one jot if someone has the energy to hate me simply because I am a Jew. That’s their problem. I do care that non Jewish Western leaders and their electorate seem to be living in a nihilistic nightmare and that thier behaviour will drag us all down with them. They seem to think that if they condone this “religion of peace” and convince themselves it only really applies to the Jews whom they would rather be rid of anyway, then they can allow Israel to be the fall guy and all will be well with them. They don’t understand that they are part of the problem and unless they re-embrace their own culture and belief system enthusiastically, if they choose to be secular instead, in the hope that Islam will pass the by, then it is not only Israel that will pass on, but the very democracies Western civilisation is based in.

      It is our (the Jews) task now to convince Western leaders what is happening – what Sharia law actually means – that it cannot be embraced into Western culture as it is like a cnacer that will engulf it and destroy it. Western law is NOT compatible with Sharia law! This is our task – we need to make sure that people understand what is at stake for them. We Jews have survived and will continue to survive well beyond any other civilisation and that is what irks the Sharia pushers! Its time they understood what it is that has allowed us to survive and embrace that instead of their hatred!

  3. Fantastic that Jonathan was there. I have huge respect for this great man as a devoted follower of the late, great Rabbi Meir Kahane. He knows how to deal with those defeatist, self-hating leftist liberal Jews and the non-Jews in Israel. Kahane Chai

  4. Asil
    I think you took a wrong turn coming here .
    Try MPAC . You will like it much better there and will be among’ brothers ‘.

  5. Fitzsimons is all fur-coat and no knickers. She certainly has passion (so would I if I was on her salary), but she doesn’t really say anything. Likewise with Bicom, they don’t really do anything! Instead she and Bicom is part of the establishment organisations which didn’t really want this conference to go ahead as it wasn’t them behind it. What bizarre questions she asked! Writing letters is so passe. Get with the programme Bicom.

    • Indeed, Roy, we must follow Jonathan and the teachings of Rabbi Meir Kahane, Zt”l Hy”D, and ignore the goyim and their helpers self-hating defeatist two-digit IQ Jews.

    • I was one of the early BICOM trainees when it was run by an enthusiastic group of young graduates. They trained us well how to write letters, how to lobby MP’s etc and they sent out each week a template of issues that had occurred with facts to use in our letter writing. They didn’t look for publicity and held a low public profile. Alas their success was soon grasped by the rich elite who took over, kicked them out and created the vast organisation that is now a corporate image of those who fit its bill. It has become a useless talking shop. It is not even certain that anybody takes its analyses seriously – probably more deleted than ingested! For the leader of such an organisation to recommend letter writing as a tool in today’s internet climate is evidence of the archaic tools used by this group.

    • Spot on Roy, Bicom are useless and what is this letter writing all about! The organisation is untouchable, protected by the community establishment and their research is safe and average, begs the question – who is their target audience?

  6. Trying to defend Israel against lies and slander is like trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube. Perhaps a new approach to divert attention away from what people believe are Israel’s evil actions is needed.

    Instead let’s inform ourselves and tell the world of Israel’s achievements and positve contributions to the world which make it a much better place for all of us.. A.weekly newsletter of Israel’s good news is available at http://www.verygoodnewsisrael.blogspot.com Subscribe to the newsletter by email at michael.goodnewsisrael@gmail.com.( no addresses of subsribers disclosed) and pass this information on.

  7. Let’s tell the world what they will lose if they do not take care of themselves rather than spreading propaganda against Israel and Jews. Look into their own back yard as it is being infiltrated at an alarming rate. One only needs to look across the UK to see how many once full churches have been turned into residential accommodation or pubs! They say charity begins at home and the western world would do well to take heed of that!

    Intelligent people know what Israel has achieved – the problem is they accuse Israel of that achievement at the expense of the impoverished Arabs without thinking why Arabs in Egypt or elsewhere are also impoverished.

  8. “He knows how to deal with those defeatist, self-hating leftist liberal Jews…”

    I have no doubt that whoever is hiding behind the unlikely no de plume Hebroni Asli will join me in reminding ourselves that even a Jew who seems to hate him or herself, must never be hated back.

    We are commanded to love him or her as we love ourselves. I do not agree with much of Kahana’s platform, but I heard him speak on several occasions and can attest to the fact that his message was never one of hate to his Jewish brothers and sisters.

    May his memory be a blessing and may the Lord avenge his blood.

  9. IT’S NOT ABOUT LAND! It’s about the fact that the hostile nations surrounding Israel hate Jews and do not want ANY Jewish presence AT ALL in the Middle East ! – and what’s this Arab propaganda term” Occupied Territories” crap??
    Jews were living on this land 1500 years before Mohammad was born.

    Plus, there were Jews living in this land before Arabs kicked them out in the 20s through 40s. Jerusalem which people now call East Jerusalem had a Jewish majority before the Arabs kicked them out in 48.

    Also, why does the left not refer to Jordan as Occupied Palestine? That was the original arab partition of the land. Why are the Hashemites in charge? They were brought there from Arabia?

  10. Richard you should tell people more about the Arab lobby.
    If anyone wants to know why all these countries vote with the Arabs at the U.N, its cause the rich Arab countries buy them off.
    You wont be hearing the Guardian or Robert Fisk talk about this.

    Sunday, November 27, 2011
    The UAE offered $50 million to Palau to vote against Israel at UN
    Ynet (print edition, Hebrew) reports:

    “The Arabs offered us $50 million under one condition: that we stop our support for Israel and our votes in their favor at the UN. We told them: ‘Forget it. We will not vote against Israel for anything in the world’ ” – So said the president of Palau, one of the Pacific Island states, Johnson Toribiong.

    Last night the President concluded a week-long state visit to Israel along with the two other Pacific state leaders: the president of Vanuatu, Iolu Johnson Abil, and the speaker of the parliament of Tonga, Lord Lasike.
    The article goes on the say that the UAE offered $50 million over five years to Palau, and another $50 million afterwards, to secure their vote against Israel.

    Palau along with Vanuatu and other Pacific microstates have traditionally supported Israel at the UN.

  11. If you really want to see what a liar Khalid Amaryeh is, read this

    Khalid wrote this article in 2004.
    Israel ‘fabricated’ child-bomber story
    As you can see the article was written on Al Jazeera, which shows how they will lie about anything.

    This was about a 14 year old Palestinian teenager who was caught with bombs strapped to his body and sent to die to kill Israelis.

    Khalid tries to say Israel was behind this.
    Even though its well known Palestinians strap bombs on their children for 72 virgins.

    Here is what a liar Khalid is.

    Sent To Die (March, 2004)

    If you needed more evidence of Islam’s vile and heinous nature, the cover story from the March 25, 2004 edition NY Daily News certainly obliged. For $22.00 and the promise of 72 virgins in Allah’s paradise, a mildly retarded Palestinian boy was coerced into becoming a human bomb by Islamic clerics. Compelling young children to do their dying for them seems to have become a favorite tactic of the Islamic fundamentalists in control of Yasser Arafat’s political party called Fatah.

    Islamic Imams and warlords are cowards, hiding behind little boys. They corrupt, coerce, and recruit children with promises of perverted rewards, while they themselves remain in the comfort and safety of their mosques and madrasas. No doubt they know Muhammad’s dogma is fraudulent and morally bankrupt and that Islam is simply a means to wealth and power.

    They promised the boy $22 and 72 virgins
    By DEBORAH BLACHOR in Jerusalem and CORKY SIEMASZKO in New York

    A Palestinian boy bomber who was given $22 and promised 72 virgins in paradise was forced at gunpoint by Israeli soldiers to strip and remove the explosives strapped to his body.

    “Do I have to take my clothes off here?” Hussam Abdu, 14, asked as soldiers yelled orders from behind barricades at a West Bankcheckpoint.

    The soldiers insisted.

    “He panicked, lifted his hands and a tragedy was prevented because he did not manage to detonate the explosive,” said Lt. Col. Guy, commander of the paratrooper unit.

    It was around 3 p.m. when Abdu walked up, wearing an oversized red jacket. The soldiers were suspicious and ordered him to raise the jacket, revealing a gray vest packed with explosives.

    “We could see that there was something on under his jacket,” said one of the paratroopers.

    They ordered Abdu to take off his clothes, one item at a time – a suspenseful striptease caught on camera.

    When Abdu had stripped down to his underpants, the soldiers used a yellow, remote-controlled robot to deliver a pair of scissors to cut off the vest.

    “Lift your right hand and reach out to grab the scissors with the left,” one yelled.

    The frightened boy did as he was told, and after struggling with the scissors he was free of his deadly payload.

    “He said he didn’t want to die,” said another soldier who was at the checkpoint. “He didn’t want to blow up.”

    Abdu was bundled in a green hooded parka and rushed off to safety while the vest was taken away and safely detonated.

    The boy later told investigators that Tanzim- a militant group affiliated with Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s Fatah movement – told him that the only way he would ever have sex was to blow himself up.

    They also promised to give 100 shekels to his mother, who is ill. The boy said he wanted to be “a hero.”

    “This is another example of the atrocious tendency of the Palestinians to sacrifice their own children for the purpose of attacking innocent Israelis,” said government spokesman David Baker.

    Abdu’s neighbors in Nablus said the boy belonged to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, a militant group.

    His family, however, said Abdu was no terrorist.

    Israeli soldiers are increasingly on the lookout for kiddie bombers.

    They recently caught a 10-year-old Palestinian boy carrying explosives through the same roadblock. But unlike Abdu, Abdallah Quran apparently did not know the package he was paid $1 to carry was explosives. Both boys are students at the same school.

  12. Khalid Amaryeh admits he’s the Nazi and his goal is extermination against Israel.
    Here is what he wrote.

    Israel is simply a cancer upon humanity. If you don’t eradicate it, it will eradicate you. This is the harsh fact the people of the Middle East must come to terms with, hopefully before it is too late.

  13. Ghada Karmi whose stopping your people from going back to Saudi Arabia, where they call came from.
    Palestinians train their people to slit the throats of three month old Jewish babies
    or blow up pizzerias, buses and disco’s full of civilians which is all part of Arab culture.

  14. I like Khalid and as raving Jew-haters go, think he’s a good bloke. I have alerted him to the fact that he is under discussion on this excellent blog, so that he may have the right of response:


    “Hi Khalid,

    Sorry I haven’t been in touch, I’ve been a bit busy at work.

    I thought you ought to know that you’re being attacked at Richard Millett’s blog and there’s nobody there to give your point of view.

    If I were you, I’d be getting myself over there double-quick to sort them all out.

    All the best


  15. Richard, shouldn’t Zionists go to Israel rather than Manchester?

    • richardmillett

      Well that’s up to the individual person and depends on their personal circumstances doesn’t it? Some may not be able to for various reasons. You were able to so good for you.

      • Well, they can’t be real Zionists unless they live in Eretz Yisrael. Jews have no place in the diaspora, which has shown how much it hates and corrupts us. Personal circumstances is merely an excuse for not doing what every Zionist must do

      • richardmillett

        I don’t think it’s that bad! You’re crazy! And nothing corrupts anyone; you can only be corrupted if you choose to be. Are you for real?

    • You’re right Hevroni, but you’re also new, so I should tell you that aliyah is a bit taboo here.

      Also, a lot of the regular contributors are goyim, albeit excellent ones, and Silke is a Shiksa, so aliyah is out of the question for them anyway.

      • Aliyah is not a taboo here. Many of us would love to make Aliyah and indeed encourage our children to do so. Life is not always black and white – sometimes you need to cut some slack to those who for whatever reason did not/could not make our lives in Israel. Not making Aliyah though does not mean that we who live in the Diaspora are not committed to Israel, that it is not our first love and that we are not committed to doing what what we can to ensure its survival. Indeed many people in the Diaspora make great contributions to Israel. The world needs more than foot soldiers.

  16. It corrupts Jews and turns them into goyische clones who follow goyische laws. It has shown how much it hates us by the Inquisitions, expulsions, pogroms, Holocaust and now the delegitimisation campaign against our one and only Jewish state (which won’t really be a Jewish state until all the goyim and self-hating Jews are gone from there and the Sanhedrin is reintroduced). In the meatime, we have a state for the Jewish people and all Jews who care about Zion must move there.

    • @Hevroni – you sound a little dictatorial! Also your use of words that denigrate others is not really very nice. If you write in English why throw in those words that died with my grandmother!

    • “It corrupts Jews and turns them into goyische clones who follow goyische laws”

      You are just a disgusting little racist, aren’t you?

      • HaRav Kahane, Zt”L Hy”D, was not racist when noted correctly that Jews should live as strong Jews, not weak little goyische clones. He and his British follower Jonathan Hoffman are absolutely clear on this.

      • Hevroni,

        Are you by any chance someone who doesn’t like Jonathan Hoffman too much, and who is trying to give him a bad name by associating him with Rabbi Meir Kahana?

        I am not a follower of the man and don’t overly like all of his supporters, but they are not generally cowards and I can’t remember them hiding behind pen names.

      • “HaRav Kahane, Zt”L Hy”D, was not racist when noted correctly that Jews should live as strong Jews, not weak little goyische clones. ”

        First part is correct: nothing racist in saying that Jews should live as strong Jews. I agree entirely.
        Second part is racist. It may have escaped your hate-filled mind that non-Jews are also human beings.

  17. Of course, Daniel, there are perhaps Lamed-Vav (hopefully more among our Evangelical friends) Tzaddikim, and no doubt Silke is one of them. But they are a minority, a mere grain of sand on the great beach of anti-Jewish hatred.

    • Due to some experiments I made I suspect that my kind is more than a mere “grain of sand” but that nobody has as yet figured out how to get to them past the constant barrage from the MSM and other sources.

      And no I am not blaming Israel of Hasbara mistakes. The government newsletters which are publicly available and which I could subscribe to without being asked any nosy questions tell exactly the story I tried out on my co-patriots in casual talks but which are contradicted by all “experts”.

      For example the normal citizen is subjected to a barrage of Israel-slander while his/her normal common sense is more than willing and apparently even eager to side with the Israelis. In the Marmara case it sufficed that I told them that those on board had sown the reling to pieces. “Normal” people hate vandalism and side with the victims of vandalism but get told by everybody that occasional cases should be generously overlooked and the perpetrators should get rehabilitation by social workers instead of getting held liable.

      Now how to find a path/the side angle to get to the “normals” with that other angle of the news that makes them side with the people of Sderot as being their kind of people. Answering lies with truths is necessary and makes the convinced feel good but creating a feeling of solidarity is much more effective in creating partisanship.

  18. Besides the fact that your metaphor was a knee in the groin of understandable English, surely anti-Jewish hatred is a double negative, referring to the possession of all those qualities we seek in a decent goy.

  19. @Hevroni – Wow – your ego is bigger than your hat. My Judaism teaches me to lose that ego as it will take over and be destructive. Stop making judgments on others. That is certainly not learned from Jewish studies!

  20. Am I the only one who’s pretty sure that “Hevroni Asli” is a Jew-hating $#@ who’s posting bigotry to try to paint this blog as inhabited by bigots?

    • “Am I the only one who’s pretty sure that “Hevroni Asli” is a Jew-hating $#@ who’s posting bigotry to try to paint this blog as inhabited by bigots?”

      Although it’s still just possible that he is a Jew – a Jewish bigot, to be precise.

  21. @cba – no you’re probably right! He’s too “religious” to believe in Israel before the Return!

  22. Thank G-D for Jews like Jonathan H and the late Rav Meir Kahane, Zt”l, Hy”D. They both realise that the only way forward is to deal with the majority of non-Jews who hate us and the goysche clones, the self-hating, double digit IQ, defeatist Jews who want us real Zionists destroyed.

  23. Richard – it was great to meet you and listen to you. You may find me coming out from behind my computer a lot more in the future.

  24. Hevroni is Jewish, in my opinion. My guess is that he is genuine.

    There are few gentiles or even assimilated Jews that are familiar with concepts such as those those he has used, particularly Hy”D.

  25. Hevroni is a self-hating, pro-Pal Jewish troll. Asli means ‘original’ in Arabic. In other words he identifies with the ‘indigenous’ Arabs
    thanks for your interesting, report Richard

  26. Hevroni is not genuine, we should not give him/her the oxygen of publicity by responding to him. In fact Richard I would not allow him/her to post, yes he/she will probably return under a different pseudo but then will be able to see him/her in reality and the agenda he/she is pushing.

  27. Bataween, if I were self-hating and pro-Palestinian, wouldn’t you think that I would call myself Khalili Asli? Khalil being the Arabic name for Hebron. Asli, if you don’t know, has passed into Israeli slang. I thought you might be aware of that.

    • Hevroni,

      Besides the usual abuse, etc, do you actually have any thoughts you’d like to share with us?

      • First I have been reading bataween’s blog for a long long time now. When in doubt I trust her.

        Second I am a bit confused. Daniel tells us that a Jew must love all Jews. He reprimanded me once when I lashed out at Gideon Levy saying if I remember correctly that Levy at least lived in Israel which entitled him to some kind of special consideration (I happen to agree with such a view)

        Hevroni or whoever lashes out at all Jews who don’t share his mind, he publishes a view that might scare supporters more PC than I am or new readers away more effectively than any dubitante could ever hope to achieve.

  28. What abuse, Daniel? I was merely saying that the likes of Jonathan H and his mentor Harav Meir Kahane, Zt”l Hy”D, would know how to deal with the anti-Semitic anti-Zionists, among whom, unfortunately, we find many self-hating Jews. It’s a shandeh that those kind of Jews have so much innfluence especially in Israel, where they run the court system and the media. But one day, achi, one day…

    • “self-hating defeatist two-digit IQ Jews…”- I’d call that abuse.

      But there’s something a little unconvincing about the fact that you have appeared on this blog, but seem to say nothing of substance. It’s as if the only thing that you know about Kahanists is that they support Rabbi Kahana.

  29. Interesting to hear that you disagreed with everything that Lorna Fitzsimons of BICOM said. I’m still waiting for a response to two letters I’ve sent to her at BICOM asking why they are employing an anti-Zionist ‘Israeli’ to write material for them and spread revisionist lies (identical to what any PSC speaker would spout) at meetings where Jews assumed they were going to hear Israel’s side of the story. Details here:


    As I called the article: What hope for Israel if this is one of its ‘advocates’?
    And what hope for Israel is BICOM can’t see the problem.

    • BICOM only ‘appear’ to be balanced so they can harp on about how they allow ‘dissenting’ voices. This will help them in the long run by showing how ‘reasonable’ they are. Hasbara at it’s best.

      • And yet another brainless invocation of the Hebrew word ‘hasbara’ as a swear-word, just as your disgusting lot use ‘Zionist’.

  30. Golly, Edgar – that’s really shocking.

    (and Hevroni Asli is about as ‘asli’ as Co-op hummous)

  31. Shocking stuff, but nothing surprises me about Bicom. It is probably a blend of ignorance and naivety, Fitzsimons probably thinks that he’s an Israeli so he’s ok!

  32. Well, I phoned them. They promised to email me back. They haven’t. No surprise there.

  33. Friday was a sad day as I received tragic news that a student of mine was killed in a fire. I teach, among other places, in a boarding school (Yeshiva High School). I’ve been there almost 20 years. Thursday at 4:00am Oded woke up to discover that the caravan in which he was sleeping was on fire. He woke up his two friends and saved their lives, but then discovered he was trapped.


    Oded was a good pupil, but about the age of 16 decided he couldn’t study anymore and stopped coming to classes. Instead he would organize yeshiva events, repair things, help in the kitchen, etc. I asked him what he’d do about his matriculation and we worked out a deal whereby he took upon himself certain obligations and I excused his absences. He kept his word and passed the exams with decent grades.

    He was an incredibly sweet boy and used to impersonate me. When I needed something I’d call him and tell him I was coming to his room to get it, but he’d beat me to it. The night of his death we had chatted and I’d asked him if he was dating yet – he said he wasn’t.

    People often ask why G-d always takes the best people and I suppose it’s because he also needs angels to set up the microphone for him and organize the lights of his heavenly stage. I also guess they’re more likely to be the ones who rescue their friends even as they feel the flames eating into their flesh, and wait for them to be safe before thinking about themselves.

    • richardmillett

      I’m so sorry. Poor Oded and his family. I wish them a long life.
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    • it says that his friends went back in to rescue him and managed to get his body out – not to take anything away from your pupil but me thinks that that testifies to 3 exceptionally fine young men.

    • So sorry Daniel. Wish a long life to all his loved ones.

      It sounds as though you gave him a purpose and that is truly a mitzvah – to encourage people to find the best in themselves is the art of a teacher. And so he showed that he was indeed a good student when he bravely saved his friends.

      May God be with him as he finds peace and may you too find peace in time.

  34. Okay, Richard. I think a new page is needed. We need something to argue about!

  35. Tell me about yourself Hevroni. Where do you live? What do you do?