War on Want at Russell Tribunal: “More direct action coming.”

Rafeef Ziadeh, Asa Winstanley, John Hilary, Joseph Dana, Frank Barat at Amnesty.

Rafeef Ziadeh, Asa Winstanley, John Hilary, Joseph Dana, Frank Barat at Amnesty.

War on Want’s John Hilary spoke of more direct action against firms complicit in Israel’s “breaches of international law”. He was on a panel at Amnesty International on thursday night for the launch of a book about last year’s London session of the Russell Tribunal.

In response to a question from Eva Jaciewicz, a member of the Polish Palestine Solidarity Campaign and who last year daubed “Free Gaza and Palestine” at the Warsaw Ghetto, about the possibility of occupying the workplaces of companies doing business with Israel Hilary endorsed the targeting of security company G4S, especially in light of its security role in next year’s London Olympics.

Here’s a short audio of the discussion. Frank Barat speaks first followed by Rafeef Ziadeh and Hilary:

Audio: Barat, Ziadeh, Hilary at Amnesty on G4S.

Hilary also spoke about anti-Israel activists going into shoe shops and trying on Caterpillar boots and then staging anti-Israel protests. Staff were unable to ask them to leave while they were wearing the boots.

Here’s the relevant clip which includes a short discussion on whether Hamas was invited to the Russell Tribunal:

Frank Barat, who coordinated the London RTOP, had initially started off the evening telling us how clearly international law is on the side of the Palestinians and how little Israel can do about this.

He said the word “Apartheid” scared Israel and its supporters, especially when people like Desmond Tutu are saying what is happening on the West Bank is far worse than what happened in apartheid South Africa.

This, Barat thought, was a good way to attack RTOP’s detractors and he reiterated RTOP’s call for:

1. Israel to dismantle its system of Apartheid.
2. All states to consider putting pressure on Israel to do this including severing diplomatic relations.
3. The prosecutor of the ICC to accept jurisdiction over Palestine.
4. Global civil society to replicate the spirit of solidarity that contributed to the end of apartheid South Africa and to support BDS.

There were only 43 people in the audience at Amnesty; not a good sign of global solidarity.

Asa Winstanley, who edited the book briefly ran us through its content and Rafeef Ziadeh, a Canadian Palestinian “refugee” now living in the UK, called the “Nakba” an “ongoing process” and reiterated the BDS movement’s call for Israel to:

1. End the occupation of all Arab lands.
2. Create equality for Palestinians everywhere, including in Israel.
3. Allow Palestinian “refugees” to return to their homes in Israel.

She said she couldn’t believe that Israel could consider someone like her to be such a threat.

Joseph Dana, an American Jewish blogger with +972 Magazine and living in Ramallah, referred to the Palestinians in Bil’in, where he covers the weekly protests, as offering “Ghandian-like unarmed resistance” and he encouraged the use of Twitter and Facebook to combat the Jerusalem Post, Associated Press and Thomas Friedman, who is calling for the Palestinians to adopt non-violent resistance while, according to Dana, he is ignoring just that.

Dana predicted that there will be a “new unarmed Intifada” and he holds every Israeli responsible for Israel’s “transgressions” and spoke of the non-violent protests in Bil’in as being what “drives Israelis insane”. He said:

“Artists don’t come to Israel anymore. Israeli society wants to be considered a normal western country…The boycott pinpoints that issue of normality and says ‘no, you are not a normal society. You have to be held accountable for the transgressions that you are committing on a regular basis. Even if you are not directly committing them you are part of the society that’s doing that.'”

If that’s true then Dana, who lives in Ramallah, is indirectly accountable for the massacre of five members of the Fogel family by a Palestinian, including three month old Hadas who was decapitated while she slept.

Here’s the relevant clip:


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  1. Silly self-important people with nothing better to do in their lives that hold meetings and pass decrees nobody listens to!


  2. Jonathan Hoffman

    Amnesty London has been hijacked by one employee in order to pursue a personal vendetta against Israel:



    I have written many times of my incredulity that War On Want has not been found by the Charity Commission to be in breach of its CC9 obligation to tell the truth.


  3. I love your blog Richard, but everytime I read one of your posts I throw up. On the upside, I’m thoroughly detoxed.
    The collective derangement on show here is truly nauseating and, most importantly, utterly intractable. It is futile even trying to reason with these hate filled lunatics……and I mean futile. The best anyone can do, and you are valiant in this respect, is record their vile outpourings for the world to see.
    I am eagerly awaiting to encounter one of those young clueless beyond-gullible twats who canvass on the street for AI. He or she will wish they hadn’t approached me.

  4. The Russell Tribunal flopped miserably in South Africa, due to a superb media show by the S A Zionist Federation, the S A Union of Jewish Students, Fairplay, The S A Jewish Board of Deputies and others, including the S A Z F Media Team who flooded the newspapers with letters. Well done to all involved for highlighting this Kangaroo Court for what it is. It was an attempt to have an Inquisition, not a Tribunal.

  5. I note that in the excellent “War on Want at Russell Tribunal: “More direct action coming.” page the panelists were given plastic jugs of tap water, this being in contrast to the bottles of soda water to which the speakers on the “+972 Magazine’s Joseph Dana wows the Palestine Society at SOAS” were treated.

    On the “Why is a liberal blog continuing to publish a defender of a homophobic hate preacher?” the preacher received a small bottle of mineral water while in the “Yachad debates “Is the Two State Solution Dead?” plastic cups of tap water had to suffice. It appears the critics of Israel who did best were on the “Halloween horror for Israel as Yachad appears on campus.” where the min-skirted Hannah Weisfeld and her fellow panelists received large bottles of mineral water together with disposable paper cups.

    Does anyone know how this works and how these prestigious organizations that host Middle-East Leftist commentators determine how they are to drink their water? And, whatever happened to real drinks?

    • Daniel

      that is really a revelation: plastic cups and disposable paper cups.

      Any decent street party in Germany has long switched to real glasses for which a recoverable amount has to be deposited.

      I’ve always believed that all these groups are topa at least when it comes to “green”-wise issues, but no, even there they are a disappointment. Next they’ll be showing off their mink coats during their meetings.

      Life is full of disappointments.

  6. Hi Silke,

    I am a long time collector of mugs. I always purchase them in pairs and then me and the old trouble and strife christen them with a hot chocolate or a milky coffee.

    I began the hobby as a wee lad and I believe I still have one or two from the early 70s. Unfortunately, they do seem break almost as quickly as I buy them.

    My Talmudic learning partner, Yosse Sa-Nes thinks I have a screw loose and says as much every time I acquire new mugs and proudly display them, but that has never stopped him making good use of them – milk and two saccharine.

    I believe that it is important for a man to have a hobby and I have many – Talmud, chess, cooking, writing, Biblical interpretation, debating Germans (not you) and collecting mugs too. I enjoy crossing swords with anti-Zionists on this excellent blog, and if I can do so with a stylish warm drink in hand – what more could I ask for?

    • I sincerely hope your choice of drinking vessels is PC by green standards and I hope even more sincerely that your way of “disposing” of them is still not too severely frowned upon.

  7. There’s not much else to observe about them – well done Daniel for finding a talking point!!

  8. Thanks Sharon and shongalolla on the lowdown on how RTOP fared in SA. It is some consolation. Got any links?.

    • Russell Kangaroo is a good one – on FaceBook.
      Also look at MEDIA TEAM ISRAEL INTERNATIONAL on Face Book.
      We all need to ‘be on the same page’

  9. Here’s the story. Look Sharon, they had many kangaroos compared to your one which we put on the steps of the Law Society in London.


  10. What do they mean by direct action? I say they’re cowards unless and until they strap on a bomb and detonate for peace and freedom or whatever addle headed concepts they hold dear.

  11. Oh these sad impotents, taking out their frustrations on Israel. John Hilary is such a transparent fake.

  12. Check out our page on FaceBook
    Russell the Kangaroo
    to illustrate our campaign

  13. another question that must be asked of these tools

    why is it that during the fights against apartheid south africa, that israel was never brought up as another apartheid state

    why was israel only called an apartheid state…after the second intifada?

  14. Interesting they cited Desmond Tutu, as Tutu is a man who has also railed about Jewish conspiracies in America, who says he wants Israel to ‘bite the dust’, and who suggests that Holocaust survivors pray for the Nazis.

    Exactly the sort of cranky old racist that Hilary’s War On Want loves.


    • As a South African let me explain that Tutu is a S African icon and we have given up trying to make him or anyone else understand the truth about Israel When Tutu was a guest in Israel and was taken to Yad Vashem – he prayed for the souls of the Nazis. He has called Jews “An odd people” and hosts of other disgusting comments have been made. However as I said.. we leave him alone cos it’\s akin to crucifying a teddy bear. He is ‘untouchable’ 😦

      • everyday i pray that carter and tutu join gahndi in that special place in hell

      • Tutu has the air of a crazy about him – BEWARE!!

      • Did you do the kangaroo stunt in the UK before S Africa did it?

      • Of course Tutu is a crazy idiot. Everyone with half a brain can see that.

        Teddy bear? More like a plague-carrying rat, as far as I can see.

      • shongalolla
        Yes we took it along last year in London – Richard has photos to attach to this blog. He and I were chatting about it being a kangaroo court before we went to try and get into the London farce in November 2010 and I suddenly realised that in my house there sits a very large kangaroo (on the children’s bed) so I suggested to Richard that we take it along and he enthusiastically agreed. I stuffed it into a large carrier bag so it could not be identified should we get a seat and off we toddled. Needless to say Richard was recognised and we were evicted from the premises! So we placed Skippy on the steps of the Law Courts and took photos – the security guard was a nice young South African who took his time to get rid of us as I still recall a very nice Afrikaans vocabulary!!

      • Thanks Sharon.. what a clever idea it was. It sure worked well in S Africa, and I am hoping that New York will follow suit.
        P.S. Did you get Skippy back??

  15. Here’s a quote from an interview Ilan Pappe, the Israeli revisionist historian, gave to a Belgian newspaper:
    ”Indeed the struggle is about ideology, not about facts. Who knows what facts are? We try to convince as many people as we can tha our interpretation of the facts is the correct one, and we do it because of ideological reasons, not because we are truth seekers”

    As Robin Shepherd has observed in response to these words, the agenda comes before the facts.

  16. Ilan pappe is a known liar. He forged his thesis…

    • And plenty of other stuff besides. He ‘teaches’ at that nest of vipers, Exeter, funded by … Arab oil money.

  17. Some clips of the Rafeef Ziadah:

    This is what you brave people are fighting against.

    • richardmillett

      She’s great especially considering she’s a “refugee”.

    • what a dreary insufferable nitwit this woman is! A suitable case for treatment indeed. OCVD……Obsessive Compulsive Victimology Disorder. ‘We teach life’ she says. ROFLMAO. That’s rich, coming from the death cult itself. I suppose Mohammed was a hippie, teaching peace and love to all men. Fair is foul and foul is fair. The fakestinians have perfected moral inversion and projection into a fine art. They are the masters of mendacity and deceit. Truly deranged.
      Notice the fawning responses from the audience…..pandering to their favourite victims and underdogs…they who can do no wrong. Ah yes…the racism and soft bigotry of low expectations. The perfect relationship…self pitying faux victims snuggling up with patronising faux humanitarians.

  18. Shongalolla, both Sharon K and I are from SA. My 3 HP posts on the London Russel Tribunal are now linked on the Russel Kangaroo facebook page. There is also this link from the facebook page about the student who was thrown out of the tribunal for asking awkward questions about Hamas. You can read in my HP post how I was excluded from the London hearing. That’s how inclusive and democratic they are. Richard can identify even better with this student’s experience – many times over! Richard, note that Mr Just has charged them with assault. There is also an excellent link to ngo monitor resource on Russel, including all the EU funding.


  19. Kol hakavod to you centipede! (shongalolla). The SA Jewish community and the Jewish students can teach the Brits a thing or two with this masterly campaign.
    It smartly walked the line between giving it too much publicityon the one hand, and on the other, still firmly refuting and making sure the Russel name was indelibly linked in the media and ridiculed with the kangaroo image. Here in the UK, I sent out a call to activists to come forward with kangaroos, and only Sharon K came up with the goods, in the form of Skippy!

    Aside from Richard and a couple of others, there is nothing in the way of smart strategising from the BOD here, still less of using social media smartly. Up till now, it has been left to doughty individuals like Richard and Jonathan H. Stand with US in the UK is still finding its feet, and will hopefully use your campaign as a case study.

  20. They are actually frauds as “tribunal” has implications of judicial authority and they use this term as though they have that authority. It is probably a criminal offence to hold a tribunal as though it is linked to some judiciary when in fact it is simply a bunch of propagandists with a race hate agenda who exclude anybody from attending who might be able to give balance to their very biased opinions.

    As amie says we were barred from attending the London circus together with Richard and so we placed our kangaroo on the steps of the Law Society, the venue they hired to give weight for their fraudulent use of the term “tribunal”. They didn’t even disguise the fact that they took no “evidence” from the “accused” – like a dictatorship, they heard their own narrative repeated over and over again from different propagandists and then arrived at a decision. Great work done by the “judges” and “QC’s” who took part! Real legal eagles swooping on their prey!!

    Their smugness equals their race hate!

  21. I sent an e-mail to rob@vivapalestina.org concerning these events…


    The response was predictable – complete silence.

    As for ‘international law’, the next time one of these anti-Semitic pigsh*t mentions ‘international law’, call their bluff and ask ‘which international law is Israel violating?’

    Post the result here for me, and send me an e-mail to let me know.

    I’ll tear their claims to ribbons.

  22. Hi Leah,

    Could you please go to the other page and chat with Dubitante?
    I have tried reason, logic and even simple parables, but to no avail. I believe your robust writing style may be just what he needs.

  23. Just came across this expose re the truth about Palestinians!

    Click to access palestinians.pdf