Campaign for Truth takes case against Palestinian state to 10 Downing Street.

Sharon, of Campaign for Truth, hands in file to Number 10.

Sharon, of Campaign for Truth, hands in file to Number 10.

The last time I wrote about the organisation Campaign for Truth they were out campaigning on the streets of Golders Green, but yesterday they took their case against a declaration of a Palestinian state at the United Nations to 10 Downing Street.

After C4T activists had handed out leaflets explaining what Hamas stands for to passers-by the Campaign for Truth team made their way to the Prime Minister’s residence where they were able to hand in a file explaining the current situation in which Hamas, an internationally listed terror organisation dedicated to Israel’s destruction and the killing of Jews, is in a unity government with Fatah and, therefore, should the UN declare a Palestinian state Hamas will, in effect, be running it:

The letter handed in for David Cameron reads:

“It is well known that your government together with the Israeli government and many other democratic governments have accepted the right of the Palestinian people to statehood. However, the fact is that this vote is on a single issue – recognition of the Palestinian state as applied for, with an administration as it is. A Palestinian state would be dominated by Hamas. Hamas is dedicated to preaching and committing genocide. We, the British people, have a duty to prevent genocide. The British people have a moral responsibility to reject a Hamas-Fatah regime that will form the administration of a premature Palestinian state, a state steeped in Hamas ideology.”

It seems that when the UN vote comes about Cameron could do worse than take a leaf out of his mentor’s Margaret Thatcher’s 1990 statement on Europe taking ever more powers from Britain when she famously declared “No, no, no.”

Photos from yesterday:

Roy, Benjamin and Sharon of C4T on Downing Street.

Roy, Benjamin and Sharon of C4T on Downing Street.

Campaign for Truth team hands in letter and document to Number 10.

Campaign for Truth team hands in letter and document to Number 10.

Going through security.

Going through security.

Coming back after visiting Number 10.

Coming back after visiting Number 10.

Explaining Israel's case to a passer-by.

Explaining Israel's case to a passer-by.

Campaigning opposite Number 10 as "Monty" looks on.

Campaigning opposite Number 10 as "Monty" looks on.

A call to activism.

A call to activism.

C4T team in front of the cameras yesterday.

C4T team in front of the cameras yesterday.

Some activists listening to Benjamin of C4T speak.

Some activists listening to Benjamin of C4T speak.

65 responses to “Campaign for Truth takes case against Palestinian state to 10 Downing Street.

  1. Once again great job Richard!

  2. Well done guys!

    I was especially impressed at your ability to explain Israel’s case to passers-by and I wish somebody would explain it to me.

    1. Is the creation of a Palestinian state in Israel’s interest or not?

    I know my opinion, it would be a tragedy. What is Israel’s opinion?

    2. Do we negotiate with terrorists or not?

    I know my opinion. What is Israel’s?

    3. Is the Palestinian Authority more or less dangerous than the Hamas?

    I know my opinion. Give me a straight-talking Hamas fanatic over a slimy corrupt “moderate” with a Western suit and day. What is Israel’s opinion?

    4. Are Judea and Samaria part of historic Israel? Are they a bargaining chip? Or are they a bit of both?

    I know my opinion. What is Israel’s?

    5. Is Israel a Jewish State with a democratic system of government? Or are we a democratic state that happens to be Jewish?

    I know my opinion. What is Israel’s?

    When I think about it, it’s quite strange. I know the Palestinian case, I know the American case too. I have no idea what our case is. Next time one of you are here, could you explain it to me?

  3. Wow what a huge turnout, even the guy at the door & copper looked embarrassed for you

    • richardmillett

      Oh dear, Mostly. Get a grip, will you. As Sharon said 6 was the max allowed up to the door of number 10. It’s called “security” something that you would prefer Israel to go without so your beloved Hamas can attack its citizens.

      • It doesn’t seem as if there were 6 people in total. I would imagine pictures of the event would show the max number of people attending, I count 4. Still lots of placards giving the impression there were more people. It’s tough getting people to defend oppression & occupation.

      • richardmillett

        What are you talking about, Mostly? You are incomprehensible, but thanks for reading the blog anyway.

    • Mostly Jew-hater, do you have any idea how clueless and pathetic you are?

  4. Mostly hopeless
    Petitions to downing street are for all manner of reasons not least security , invariably undertaken by just a few people rather than a larger delegation . In any case , unlike your PSC comrades , it tends to be quality over quantity .

    • Quite Harvey, no indoctrinated ignoramuses were there. Just good friends with a very certain knowledge of geo-politics and the repercussions of governments who make the wrong decisions.

      We see it in Libya right now where the UK became involved for what they thought were altruistic reasons. NATO bombed the h-ll out of that country saying they were supporting a democratic uprising so that the people of Libya could elect a government. What they got was a group of thugs murdering Qaddafi in the same way he killed during the years that our government was his best friend.

      So what the UK, in the name of NATO, has done is worse than replacing like with like – they have helped create another Islamic state!! So the North/South continent Bat Y’or writes about with the Mediterranean as an internal lake is well on its way to being established and whilst Europe is withering away like a cancer patient hanging on to every last breath!

      So yes, there are some like Campaign for Truth that is making a sterling effort to bring some information to the PM that he obviously does not have, to help him make an informed decision to vote NO to another Islamic state called Palestine!

      Ignoramuses like mostly harmless could not possibly understand this – its too complicated. Much easier to hoist a flag that is not his own and stomp around spreading information he has not studied or checked for truth and reality for lack of another club to enroll with!

      • richardmillett

        I don’t think it being an Islamic state is the problem, there is a Jewish state afterall. It’s a problem if it is an Islamist state. I don’t see what the major difference might be between the old autocratic regimes and the new Islamist ones.

      • Richard

        Islamic = a monotheistic religion based on the word of God as revealed to Muhammad during the 7th century
        Islamist = someone who follows Islam very strictly

        It is only westerners who define Islamic as apposed to Islamist as two different entities. One is the religion the other how it is practiced. Islam is non reformist as it is Allah’s word handed to Mohammed who is his messenger. If you read the Koran it starts out exactly like the Jewish religion – naturally it would as Mohammed pilfered it from the Jews when they denied his request to be recognised as a profit. There is then the rule of abrogation which means that what comes after supersedes what came before. So when Mohammed added to the scriptures that the Jews must be sought out from behind every bush etc (as is written in the Hamas charter as well) then that edict overtakes any peaceful message about Jews that might have come before.

        Muslims see no distinction as there is one Koran, Hadith etc and it is non reformist. No doubt there are some Muslims like Jews and Christians, who do not practice their religion very closely. That does not mean that a state based in Islam will not be totalitarian, autocratic and be ruled by sharia law as was announced in Libya this weekend. The one Jewish state is governed by Jewish law, but Jewish law is not autocratic – it is in fact democratic. Remember, Israel was the first country to banish capitol punishment only a few years after gaining independence – I think around 1952 when it was facing onslaught from all its neighbours, some 10-12 years before the UK and Europe. The USA has still not banished it and It is certainly not banned in Islamic states – we only have to witness how they disposed of Qaddafi unlike the Americans who at least allowed Saddam Hussein his day in court.

        Please point me in the direction of one Islamic state that is not totalitarian, with no rights for women, gays, Jews and Christians.

  5. 30-40 activists is a great turnout – no riff raff to contend with. Security only allows up to 6 people to go through the fenced off and highly policed barriers right up to the door – so the three presenters were accompanied by a member of the press, photographer and video recorder. The rest had to stay across the road at Richmond Terrace.

    The so called wall in Israel is not the only place in the world that is fenced off and requires a passport for entry – like the Erez crossing, Downing street too has such a crossing right here in the UK that says Israel’s “wall” is offensive!!

    The thing is that in Israel all of the people are protected against terrorists – in the UK it is the Prime Minister who is protected by such a barrier as immigration allows all sorts like Saleh to sneak in without scrutiny!

    The number 10 policeman actually was very friendly and appreciated our message!!

  6. BTW -are you aware that Hamas is also banned in Jordan!!

  7. Roberta Moore

    Sharon, was that you? Wonderful work motek!!! Very proud of you and your team! This is what I call active work. Very well done!! I have shared this article as well. 🙂
    Btw, I have tons of work on Palestinian terrorism, and if you want it I can send it to you. Maybe you can use it next time. We are always using it. It’s very comprehensive and includes the History of Israel too.

  8. With the boys! They are simply great – so devoted ad focused!


    Jewish Rights to Palestine Are Guaranteed by International Law.

  10. attilathecricketer

    Questions – were the campaign for truth arguing against recognition before the new unity govt? Why will Hamas dominate (at least in West Bank) the new pact?
    Nice to see a peaceful and reasonable protest.

    • Before the pact there was no application for recognition so the matter did not arise in its current status. The reconciliation agreement in May of this year was part of the preparation for the application of a contiguous Palestinian state recognised by the greater world.

      Contiguous = adjoining, touching, attached, connecting

      This means that Gaza and the West Bank are one Palestinian state somehow physically connected – nobody has yet described how this can work, they simply say contiguous as though somehow a peace deal or UN recognition will create this conjoined state, conjoined not only physically but with a kind of coalition government comprised of Hamas and Fatah. Obama uses this word and Abbas used it in his speech to GA at the UN last month.

      A connection could be made by:
      a link road, a tunnel, a corridor through Israel like East and West Germany had in Berlin. However it is made, it means that Israel will be giving up sovereign soil to accommodate this link so that she will in fact be cut in two and hence even more vulnerable via this additional front line from which terrorists can operate.

      With this added vulnerability and Hamas as the largest part of the regime that would govern such a state, Israel faces total annihilation. Hamas is designated a terrorist organisation in many countries not least the UK. The UK of course has a veto at the UN and could simply veto this application based on this fact. It seems ludicrous that our government is considering voting for a Palestinian state in which Hamas will be part of the governing regime when that organisation is considered a terrorist organisation in the UK! Convoluted – well yes it is, but then the government thinking is convoluted!!

      So the answer is that Campaign for Truth that is focusing on bringing the truth about Hamas to the attention of the BBC who do not refer to Hamas as terrorist has now, as a matter of urgency embraced this project as it is imminent.

      International relationships with Hamas. I have taken the facts below from Wikipedia:
      Australia -The military wing of Hamas, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, is listed as a terrorist organization.
      Canada – Lists Hamas as a terrorist group in the Canadian Criminal Code.
      European Union – Hamas has been included in the black list of EU-designated terrorists groups since 2003
      Israel – The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that “Hamas maintains a terrorist infrastructure in Gaza and the West Bank, and acts to carry out terrorist attacks in the territories and Israel.”
      Japan – Stated in 2005 that it had frozen the assets of “terrorist organizations, including… Hamas.”
      Jordan – Banned Hamas in 1999
      Norway – Norway was the first Western country to recognize the 2007 Palestinian government consisting of both Hamas and Fatah, and Norwegian officials have met with Hamas representatives on several occasions. “We know that the USA and the EU have legal obligations since they have Hamas on their terrorist list. We must be able to take an independent decision about contact,” Norwegian foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre responded to a 2006 United States’ attempt to dissuade Norwegian contact with Hamas.
      Russia – Russia does not designate Hamas a terrorist organisation, and held direct talks with Hamas in 2006, after Hamas won the Palestine elections, stating that it did so to press Hamas to reject violence and recognise Israel. An Israeli official has said that Russia will reduce its ties to Hamas.
      Switzerland – Switzerland does not forbid any organizations except Al Qaida. Swiss officials have regular contacts with Hamas representatives as the de-facto authority of the Gaza strip. The Swiss Federal Council has condemned the “terrorist attacks” committed by the Hamas against Israel.
      Turkey – The Turkish government met with Hamas leaders in February 2006, after the organization’s victory in the Palestinian elections. In 2010, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan described Hamas as “resistance fighters who are struggling to defend their land.”
      United Kingdom – Hamas as a whole was designated a terrorist organization by the UK Government in 2003 with no distinction made between its military and non-military wings
      United States – Lists Hamas as a “Foreign Terrorist Organization”

      • May I also suggest you to include Hizb-ut-tahrir in this list?
        These people are pulling over about 5,000 people at a time to their conferences. They are the quiet operating branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in this country. They have been banned in Germany now but not yet here.
        They are behind most if not all of the Islamic organizations which operate freely here, including Islamic “charities”, IFE, etc.

      • richardmillett

        Can we now please stop this. I cannot follow all of this and I fear being sued for comments I know not to be definitely true. I am sorry but this is hard for me to moderate and could get me into a lot of trouble. Please understand. Thanks.

  11. Roberta Moore


    [I don’t think it being an Islamic state is the problem, there is a Jewish state afterall.]

    There is ONE Jewish State which comprises many NON-JEWS in that State, including a million Muslims who wish the destruction of such State.
    In comparison, there are 47 Islamic States in the world with majorities of Muslim populations. All by conquests not democratically elected. It is a HUGE problem actually. A massive one. Muslims have also started to invade Europe and are slowly transforming whole cities into Islamic enclaves and ghettos. Many parts of the UK even are literally in their hands, and even the Police does not dare enter those areas.

    Is this NORMAL to you?

    [It’s a problem if it is an Islamist state. I don’t see what the major difference might be between the old autocratic regimes and the new Islamist ones.]

    There is no moderate or radical Islam, there is only Islam. Islam when applied as a political ideology (which is what is happening now in many countries) is Islamist. They have no separation of religion and State. To Muslims the Caliphate must incorporate Religion + State.
    It is when your own private affairs become public affairs and are regulated by the State. The repression of human beings under sharia is total. You lose your own right to govern your own life and it becomes therefore a matter for the State.

    They believe in Dar al-harb (Land of Chaos, where Islam does not dominate) and Dar al-Islam (Land of peace, where Islam and Sharia law dominate). They believe that ONLY with Islam there will be peace. Of course Sharia law will play a huge part on this. Chopping hands of people, stoning “adulterous” women, and those who have been raped as well….

    If only you knew Islam as we do… if ONLY…..

  12. Poor old Roberta. She so enjoys to scare herself with racist fantasies that she can’t work out why the rest of the world is not as scared as she is.

    If only she could stop telling herself scary made-up stories….if ONLY…

    • Poor Georgette, she seems confused as to the differences between race and religion. Perhaps Georgette should speak to the people who actually live in sharia ridden countries to understand what fear truly is. And perhaps she should educate herself on the atrocities these people face day in and day out in their “so-called beautiful world” such as Yemen, Somalia, The Congo, Sudan, Pakistan, Muslim occupied Kashmir, etc…

  13. Well Georgette, you should be scared. perhaps Raphael Israeli, an academic expert in these matters will convince you to learn some more:

  14. Yawn. We can quote experts and counter-experts at each other all day.

    I think for myself – and I know fatuous scaremongering when I see it.

    Be scared if that’s what you enjoy. There’s a beautiful real world out there just waiting for you to rejoin it.

    • richardmillett

      Exactly. You are being ridiculous, Roberta, and highly offensive to the many Muslims who have absolutely nothing to do with your claims, so please refrain from them.

      • How am I being ridiculous? Are you seriously attempting to deny that what I am saying is true??
        How am I being “highly offensive” to Muslims? And what claims are you talking about, Richard?
        Islam is NOT above criticism. This is the same thing they tried to do with our friend Geert Wilders but he WON the case against him.

        I am NOT attacking Muslims who “have nothing to do with my claims” because I made no claims which affect Muslims on a personal basis.

        So please would you mind explaining what you mean?

    • Georgette, you can have your own opinions, but you cannot have your own facts. It’s fine if you want to be a dhimmi and pay Jizya to your Muslim masters.

      Hadeeth Sahih Muslim (19:4294) –
      “If they refuse to accept Islam, demand from them the Jizya. If they agree to pay, accept it from them and hold off your hands. If they refuse to pay the tax, seek Allah’s help and fight them”.

  15. Daniel
    We are not trying to put Israel’s case, whatever that might be. We are trying to expose the threat of Hamas, not only to Israel but to Jews across the world and ultimately to how we live in a Western civilization. Some in our group accept the inevitability of a Palestinian state. I don’t believe this will ever happen, but that’s not our aim. The world needs to understand about the true aspirations of Hamas, they then have to see the link with MAD and Iran and hopefully come to their senses.

    Since I was small child in the Betar growing up under the influence of Jabotinsky who was a friend of my Father, I have had a sense that Israel will always be there as the state of the Jews. Even before the 6 day war during our discussions at camp etc I was the one who was always positive about this fact. And for me it is a fact no matter what kind of government is in power as we the Jewish people have right on our side. My simple belief is that right will always triumph over evil – in literature The Lord of the Rings spells it out – the struggle to always know the right way (not right as in left but as in correct/moral etc). I am sure you have read Raphael Israeli in the J/post as above.

  16. Richard

    you mention that you might be sued for things we say in comments on your blog.

    Could you, whenever you find the time, give a short guideline on the legal framework for it? i.e. where the UK considers the limits of “free speech” to be or some such thing.

    • Yes that would be helpful.

    • richardmillett

      What’s free speech, Silke? No such thing in the UK. Such speech can be very costly.

      • So you just give up and let evil and lies prevail?
        Are you more afraid of lawyers than of those who want to kill us? Wow!

      • as best I know or can guess Richard is not making his living from being a political activist but is living a very ordinary life to secure the rent remains affordable.

        His needs to keep his income base secure is to be respected.

        i.e. to mock Richard because he isn’t willing to risk financial or reputation ruin to acquire a knight on a white horse or lone cowboy image is beyond the pale.

  17. I recall how Churchill was denigrated by his colleagues, peers and detractors throughout the early years of his political career. We now know that he, the single mind, was right and all the others were wrong. In those times of course his opponents could quote any number of “experts” but what was that worth when his fear of what was to come was allowed to happen because people told him “Be scared if that’s what you enjoy. There’s a beautiful real world out there just waiting for you to rejoin it.” while Hitler amassed his strength not least through pacts with our leaders.

    Throughout history it is only because the few stood out to be counted (and abused) that democracy has been able to flower. We now face again a time when democracy is under threat. We cannot be flippant or personal about it. We have to make sure it does not die. Libya will never be the democracy NATO thought it was liberating. Neither will Tunisia or Egypt or any other of those states taking part in this Arab Spring. There is a reason and if we don’t take that into account, if we hide behind sensibilities of not wanting to offend, we will not have our democratic freedoms for much longer.

    So whilst we all wish to enjoy this beautiful world, that does not mean we have to be profligate with our future sustainability. There is a place for being both serious about protecting who we are and enjoying this beautiful world and that should not offend those whose belief systems are different to ours or who think differently. Hopefully this leads to debate and learning and perhaps all of us arriving at the same point which is to live our lives free of threat, free of always lowering our beliefs as others shout out loud that we offend them lest we don’t embrace their mores or culture or belief system.

    Jews throughout the ages have absorbed insult, vile attack and attempts at total eradication, not least the forced closure in this century of the first Jewish owned shop in the West since the 1930’s. Lets not forget that despite this we as Jews never shout out threats of annihilation of our detractors because we feel offended.

    There is a real and present danger out there so lets not fight amongst ourselves, but hear each other, read what we haven’t learned yet and move forward together to keep our beautiful world safe for all.

    Raphael Israeli is not just some expert – he is a consummate expert worthy of attention. Its taken even him many years to write about MAD.

    • Sharon,

      Wonderfully said! I do hope others read your post over and over again, principally this part:

      “Libya will never be the democracy NATO thought it was liberating. Neither will Tunisia or Egypt or any other of those states taking part in this Arab Spring. There is a reason and if we don’t take that into account, if we hide behind sensibilities of not wanting to offend, we will not have our democratic freedoms for much longer. ”

      This is already happening to my friends. One person was jailed for 4 months for burning the evil Quran (worse than Mein Kampf). But the Muslims were not jailed for even 1 hour for burning our poppies or our flags, not to mention our books too.

    • while skimming headlines yesterday I seem to have noticed that when talking about the Arab Spring states the MSM are about to replace the word democracy by capitalism like in once they’ll have embraced the capitalistic system democracy is sure to follow in no time whatsoever.

      (haven’t they said that about China once upon a time also?)

      • These states are already capitalist in its ugliest form. Those with connections are stinking wealthy and the rest starve! How would that lead to democracy?

        People have to read and understand what is happening here – its no good simply following the MSM without checking what they are saying and on what basis. Gosh, information is in our homes at the push of a button. It doesn’t take a trip to the library to get informed!

  18. Silke,
    I also work full time and don’t make a living from political activism. I don’t even get paid for that, and never got funding.
    I make speeches, attend conferences, lecture and educate people, as well as put my face out there in the middle of the lions’ den, thus risking my life. Besides, my details were spread all over the internet by our enemies too.
    I should be the one to be afraid, no? But I am not.
    One cannot be sued for telling the truth. I can back up everything I say with evidence from their own books.

    • some have jobs that are compatible to such doings others don’t.

      Mine wouldn’t have been and I was just a clerk.

      • Trust me.. my job is definitely not compatible with what I am doing. My luck is that my peers know I am right 😉

  19. Dear Sharon. It was nice seeing you outside No 10.
    You are a girl after my heart. I knew we shared the same views but I didn’t know we also share the same background, both followers of the “Wolf”. The only thing that divides us; coming from SA you must be of Litvak stock, whereas I’m a Pollak! I promise you not to re-ignite the war between Chassidim and Misnagdim.
    To get to the point: as this is now history, I can divulge it. Early in 1947, as a “Child of the Holocaust” living in London in a hostel, I made contact with an emissary from Etzel in a West End street, with the intention of joining their ranks. After he was more than satisfied with my background and credentials; he enquired about my age and I told him I was seventeen! (I was actually sixteen) He replied that if I feel the same way a year from now, when I’m eighteen, we could meet again in the same spot, using the same channels….
    By the way, as a form of identification, I was to carry a copy of the Daily Herald, folded in my left-hand pocket with the title showing, and someone would approach me. Incidentally, the Herald was a Socialist daily, how ironic, our best supporters were once on the Left! Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Chazak V’eematz.

    my age

  20. Roberta Moore.
    To corroborate what you say, I saw on France 24, not BBC I dare say, that a young Egyptian got 3 years for saying something about Islam on Twitter or Facebook that the Junta didn’t approve of. This is the new face of the newly-liberated, democratic Arab Spring!

    • Roberta Moore

      Shalom Rubin!

      Yes, and there are many more situations like these.
      This Arab spring is nothing more than the Muslim brotherhood extending its claws into these people’s countries.

      As an example look at Muammar Gaddafi’s contribution to the people of Libya:

      1. All the newly weds people of Libya used to get about 50,000 dollars from Government to lead a very happy life.

      2. Home is the basic right of every citizen of Libya.

      3. There was no electricity bill in Libiya. Electricity is free.

      4. No interest loan for the people of Libya according to Law. Gaddafi was against interest since interest is forbidden in Islam.

      5. Gaddafi has increased the literacy rate from 25% to 83%. Education expenses in Government universities are free in Libya.

      6. Medical expenses in Government hospitals was free in Libya.

      7. The price of the patrol was 0.14 cents in Libya. Yes we all know Libya has got good petroleum resources. But the price seems to be too low. Isn’t it?

      8. When Libyan citizen buys a car, Government used to subsidized 50% of the price of the car. 50%? sounds great!

      9. A huge bread used to cost only 15 cents in Libya.

      10. The GDP per capita of Libya is very high. Over 15,000 us dollars. Purchasing power was very high compare to the GDP.

      11. The economy of Libya was improving rapidly. In 2010 it had 10% growth. It has not external debts. It also has the reserves amount of 150+ billion dollars.

      12. Unemployment fees were given from the government until the person finds a Job.

      13. A Libyan mother used to get 5000 us dollars for giving birth a child.

      Now with the Muslim brotherhood taking over, these people will lose all this and be under sharia.
      Gaddafi screamed from the top of his lungs when Nato INVADED Libya saying: “What do you think you are doing? Do you think you are helping democratic rebels? You fools! I do not want my country to become an Islamist country under shariah and this is exactly what you are doing!”

      And he was right if anything. He might have been a dictator and a bad guy to some, but his country was a lot better off than it will be now. And WHO helped the Islamists get power? WE DID!!!
      Just like WE helped the Taliban in Afghanistan!

      Our government is marked by one bad decision after another. Is this simply ignorance or deliberate? Makes one wonder….

  21. “………In a recent poll of Palestinian opinion – conducted by theleading Democratic Party pollster Stanley Greenberg, in conjunction with the Palestinian Centre for Public Opinion and sponsored by the Israel Project – only 34 per cent said they would accept a permanent Palestinian state alongside Israel; 66 per cent said the goal should be the annihilation of Israel; and 73 per cent agreed with a quote from the Hamas charter on the need to kill all Jews.

    Yet to many Jews, let alone those in the non-Jewish world, the reason for the continuation of the Middle East impasse is the settlements policy of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Go figure.”

    This is the reality. I am sure that moderate Muslims would never be offended by the reporting of facts from polls that reflect the view of the majority. If they are offended they ought to join us to ensure that those within Islam who create the offense are educated to understand reality and truth. And they should join us in revealing the truth that the BBC fails to reveal so that our leaders too can become wisened as to facts on the ground to at least vote no to this application at the UN for a Palestinian state with its current leadership. We would welcome their support.

  22. Shalom to you too, Roberta.
    I’m a fairly “new boy on the blog” so I don’t really know who is who.

    Thank you for informing us about the largesse that Gaddafi heaped on his people. To it I would add, though no niggardly terrorist himself, he did keep Al Qaeda out of Libya and he had the good sense not to mess with Israel.
    There is another vital ‘perk’ that he deprived the frustrated Libyan male of; he banned polygamy! If only for that the cad deserved to lose his head…! But not to worry, the rabble that passes for the interim administration lost no time in re-introducing it, including a stricter form of Shariya. Perhaps not quite chopping off limbs, not yet, and burying women alive in the sand up to their necks, a la Iran, Saudi Arabia and others. But given time, Insh Allah…

    Most of the so called rebels in Libya were not fighting for freedom at all, but for Islam. Every volley was followed by the triumphant cry, Allahu Akhbar!

  23. Roberta Moore

    Richard, why are 3 of my comments “pending moderation” (In this topic and the others) when there is absolutely nothing at all offensive in it, but truth?
    I am really really concerned that you are trying to silence my / our criticism of Islam, which let’s face it, is the real reason why anti-Semitism has grown so much, so quickly and so powerfully in all Islamic countries and in Europe.

  24. Dear Roberta. I did say I am a new boy on the ‘blog’ and didn’t know who is who. Looking up some earlier posts I came across your ‘pedigree’. I don’t have a problem with that, so long as you love Israel, which you obviously do. Without Israel we have no future as a nation. Had there been a Jewish country just a few years earlier the Holocaust would not have happened and my family would have lived.

    I reached these shores as a boy of 14 almost 66 years ago which became my adoptive country when the country of my birth (Poland) spurned me. I have endeavoured to repay my debt to Britain which gave me the opportunity to make a success of my life. However, I no longer recognise it as the same place that first offered me asylum from Polish anti-Jewish hostility. The once proud British nation who stood alone against Hitler, has been cowed into submission and as a result, has lost its confidence and pride, to be replaced by football, beer and TV soaps. They even felt it neccessary to do away with Brittannia as the symbol on its coins.

    Though I could never join your ranks with my background, I appreciate that the only salvation for this country is a respectable patriotic party with a leader like Girt Wilders, for instance, that would enjoy wide-ranging appeal and not just skinheads. Who knows, it could even help to breathe new life into the Conservative Party. Labour is a lost cause, though I used to vote for them when they had leaders like Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan.

    • Roberta Moore

      Dear Rubin,

      I don’t have a pedigree, I am a mongrel really, and I love Israel and my people very much indeed. I totally agree with you that without Israel we have no nation, but it seems some of our own people disagree with this, which is a very sad thing indeed.

      You are also so right about Britain and I feel your pain in your words. I am sorry to hear it as well. I cannot even imagine what it was like for you or for those escaping their own countries from the holocaust.
      We don’t have a Geert Wilders here yet but many like-minded people are now joining the UKIP, A couple of our people have joined the UKIP as well.

      I consider myself lucky that my family did not suffer in the holocaust. They were in Turkey and Lebanon in those days so they moved to Brazil and Argentina, as well as Israel afterwards, missing the war completely baruch ha’shem!

  25. Richard, I’d also like to know why some of Roberta’s comments have been pulled. I don’t agree with a lot of her opinions, but her facts seem accurate and I haven’t seen anything libelous.

  26. “In an article published October 24 on the reformist website Aafaq, liberal journalist and writer Mansour Al-Hadj writes about the skewed picture of the Holocaust he received as a child growing up in Saudi Arabia, mainly due to the school curricula which failed to present this event as an atrocity, and which encouraged – and in fact still encourages – enmity against the Jews and other non-Muslims….. ”

    “As a child in the Saudi Arab kingdom, I often heard about the Holocaust that befell the Jews at the hands of the Nazi regime in Germany during World War II. However, most of what I heard was that the Jews exaggerated the number of victims, that they used the Holocaust to arouse the world’s pity, and that they indisputably deserved their fate….”

    “[Our attitude] can be explained by the fact that the authors of the Saudi curricula intentionally neglected [to teach us] that Hitler’s incineration of the Jews is considered a crime. [After all], in principle, there is no difference between what the Messenger of Islam did to the Banu Qurayza tribe and what the Muslims are planning to do to the Jews at the End of Days, in [that final] battle they await. It can also be explained by the fact that Saudi Arabia repeatedly refuses the demand of the American State Department to include the Holocaust in its curricula, which continues to incite to violence and hatred against non-Muslims in general and the Jews in particular…..

    The enmity between us and the Jews will under no circumstances cease until one of two things [happens]: either they join our religion and become Muslims, or we abandon our religion, God forbid… Once we realize the essence of this conflict, and that this enmity cannot cease, we understand how much those who say the conflict can be settled are misleading [us]. (p. 91)'”.”


    Kasim Hafeez is an ex Jew hater – he is also a Muslim.

    This is now the second Muslim I have found who would not be offended by the Truth. The Truth should never offend anyone, so if some Muslims are offended by what they read then they need to checkout why in their own hearts, or maybe in Waterstones book store as did Kasim Hafeez!

    Kasim, thank you for your honesty and frankness.

  28. Hello Sharon.

    Very intersting piece. But perhaps it ought to be explained here that the Banu Quraiza were a Hebrew tribe, the last of several in the Arabian Peninsula who had been decimated over a period of time by the followers of Islam. The Banu Quraiza were too powerful for Mohammed to defeat, so he negotiated a long term Hudna (truce), with the aim of preparing and ultimately defeat them. When he was good and ready he broke the hudna and treacherously put them to the sword to a man, carrying off the women.

    This tactic is used to this day when Moslems refer to a hudna, they give Mohammed as an example and obligation to prepare for war by stealth. Arafat liked to give the Banu Quraiza as an example and often spoke of a hudna with Israel as outlined by the Prophet how to defeat their foe, but only to Arab audiences.

  29. So what about these new negotiations that Israel is seemingly prepared to enter into with the PA on “borders” then? What value will that have? Surely Bibi knows this duplicity?

  30. Dear Roberta.

    Did not refer to your family of course, I did put pedigree in quotes. Though it appears you come from illustrious lineage. I was of course referring to your past association with the EDL. I still don’t hold it against you, or anyone wishing to defend his country and culture from those dark forces. As for anti-Semitism, it doesn’t scare me anymore – today, we have Israel! In fact I’m off there next week for an extended holiday, and were it not for our grandkids in London we would be living there now. One of the things we intend to do this time of the year is visit the North and observe the migrating birds on their way to Africa. Even these two-winged creatures have the good sense to stop over in Israel! I also intend to look up Daniel Marks, that is if he gives me a contact number, to come and crack that bottle of Judaean wine together that he promised. And he can come and spend a day at the seaside in Herzliya and no need to be concerned; though no tzaddik, we do keep a kosher home. Poor chap, must be parched living in that Judean Desert all the time, still it’s written one feels closer to God in the wilderness. I also owe him an apology for using that ‘K’ word, when I saw red due to the combination of a misunderstanding and my pidgin English. Lehitraot.

    • richardmillett

      Dear Rubin and Tony
      I am sorry to say that this blog has had certain rhetoric on it that I do not approve of.

      The EDL are not to be condoned in the slightest. It is an organisation that aims to make British Muslims feel uneasy and unwelcome via their incessant attacks on Islam.

      I cannot do this anymore on this blog. If you wish to carry on the conversation elsewhere then fine but no more EDL on this blog. I have tried to be patient when Roberta comments but it isn’t long before it gets to the bottom line of “Islam is taking over the world”.

      When she has suggested that there have been, quite rightly, strong objections. But there are only so many times one can object. There have also been suggestions of disruption of meetings which i cannot abide. We do not to disruptions and threats like anti-Israel activists do.

      If someone suggested that Judasim was taking over the world we would be offended and demand an apology.

      I am sorry but if you wish to speak to Roberta then can you please do it on email or set up another blog. This blog is not a mouthpiece for anti-Islam views.

      In addition there have been certain comments which have been potentially defamatory. It is too much to leave myself open to claims against me. I cannot sit and check every single comment.

      I hope you understand but I cannot have Roberta on this blog anymore.

    • Dear Rubin,

      I would be delighted. My phone number in Israel is 052-6671444 and my mail is I have no idea to which “K” word you refer, but rest assured that the matter is long forgotten.

      The wine is already chilling and there well be banana cake!.

  31. Your Blogg, so you can exclude who you want. Roberta is right though, Islam’s core aim is to convert every living person to their faith and that sure sounds like world domination to me.

    • richardmillett

      Yes, well everyone thinks they are right and that gets no one anywhere. At all the anti-Israel meetings I go to the audiences think they are right that Zionism is a racist, expansionist ideology. You can have this argument till the cows come home. I simply believe that both these positions are highly offensive. Offence is not a reason to ban someone I know but this view is being repeatedly expressed on this blog and there is nothing more to add.

  32. Dear Richard

    I did not mean I condone the EDL, though I can well understand why some ENGLISH people (not Jews) would want to join their ranks, in view of the the current climate in their land. If one cannot say this, then you are in effect trying to stifle free speech. As a Jew and a survivor, I know better than most what scapegoating and intolerance can lead to. It is our enemies who are guilty of this more than anyone else. They are busy dreaming of the next Holocaust, if only the world would not be so myopic, but this could have something to do with the fact that Israelis are Jews. We have all seen the posters on the streets of London, was anything done about it?

    Roberta’s comments are very interesting and informative. We will miss her, I feel you would be removing some of the ‘zing’ from this excellent Blog. What if she tried to be more careful in the future, would you give her another chance? I understand your concern Richard. Are there any legal minds here that could throw some light on where to draw the line between free speech and defamation.

    Shabbat Shalom to all.

    PS Daniel, I’m not referring to Kapo del Monte.


    All in one archive! Good on Tom Gross: