“The Cold War on British Muslims”: It’s those rich Jews again!

Last night's audience.

Last night's audience.

Last night I went to the House of Commons where about 200 people packed into Committee Room 14 for the presentation of a report by Spinwatch, co-written by Tom Mills (University of Strathclyde doctoral student), Tom Griffin (Spinwatch contributor) and Dr. David Miller (Professor of Sociology at University of Strathclyde), called The Cold War on British Muslims: An examination of Policy Exchange and The Centre for Social Cohesion. You can read it here.

The event was sponsored by Middle East Monitor and The Cordoba Foundation.

Spinwatch presents itself as an “organisation which monitors the role of lobbying, public relations and spin in contemporary society”.

The evening started out as a critique of the disproportionate influence on Conservative Party policy by the think-tanks Policy Exchange and the Centre for Social Cohesion, but by the end the inescapable innuendo was that rich Jewish businessmen mainly concerned with Israel were funding them and, thereby, influencing governmental foreign policy.

The general theses of Spinwatch‘s 64-page report are:

1. PE and CSC have successfully widened the definition of Islamism in Britain to include potentially all Muslims and, therefore, Muslims engaged in any type of political activity are potentially under surveillance by MI5. This undermines civil liberties and is a distraction from effective counter-terrorism policies. It is similar to the Cold War counter-subversion surveillance of Communists in Britain.

2. PE and CSC declare that Islam itself is a threat to Western culture. They have mixed concerns about Jihad-inspired terrorism with more complex issues like “immigration to Europe from predominantly Muslim countries” (P.17).

3. CSC condoned the rise of far-right groups like the EDL because of their counter-jihad leanings and CSC is even ideologically aligned with them. The report questions “how the CSC could produce a meaningful critique of the EDL, without a serious reflection of its own role in the British debate about Islam” (P.31).

Last night David Miller was critical of CSC’s disproportionate influence on the government’s new Prevent strategy, which, inter alia, asks university lecturers to keep an eye out for radicalised students. Miller mentioned many of the publications in which Spinwatch has been featured including The Times, The Observer, The Guardian and last night’s Evening Standard.

So what’s all the fuss about?

These are competing think-tanks, with some making their case more strongly. Ironically, there was a two-page spread in yesterday’s Evening Standard criticising Prevent.

A clue to the fuss comes in the introduction to the report where it states that the report:

describes…the networks of money and power in which they  are embedded.” (P.9)

And parts 3 and 5 of the report are dedicated to an investigation of the donors of CSC and PE respectively. It seems to be an A to Z of rich Jewish businessmen. For example:

“Thatcherite businessman” Stanley Kalms, owner of Currys, Dixons, The Link and PC World made grants to “a number of conservative and Zionist organisations like the Anglo-Israel Association…and the Centre for Social Justice”. (P.33)

“Multi-millionaire property investor” David Lewis funds the “Israel-Diaspora Trust an organisation founded by the late Rabbi Sydney Brichto, a passionate supporter of Israel and scourge of its critics inside and outside the UK Jewish community”. (P.33)

Bernard Lewis Family Charitable Trust which is “controlled by the hugely wealthy Lewis family best known as the owners of the River Island clothing stores.” (P.34)

Phillips and Rubens Charitable trust which contributes to the UJIA. (P.34)

Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust which has also funded the Israel-Diaspora Trust and the Anglo-Israel Association. (P.50)

There are many more examples in the report.

So after the presentation it was no surprise that during the Q&A someone in the audience declared:

“If they want to take out the terrorists they should take out Israel because there was no problem before Israel”. (listen below)

Jonathan Hoffman asked who funds the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Middle East Monitor, especially as the PSC has such close links with the Trades Union Congress, but Miller just replied that none of these organisations are as powerful as the Conservative Party.

And to leave us in no doubt as to the real agenda of the evening the final speaker was Anas Altikriti, the President of the Cordoba Foundation, who told us that:

“The crux of the problem is what is going on in the Middle East and what is going on in Israel. That’s the common thread….The issue is Israel.” (listen below)

This event was similar to one in Parliament last year when ex-MP Martin Linton spoke of “the long tentacles of Israel in this country who are funding election campaigns” and Gerald Kaufman MP said that “Just as Lord Ashcroft owns one part of the Conservative Party, right-wing Jewish millionaires own the other part”.

Miller’s claim that the Conservative Party is more powerful than the Trades Union Congress is laughable. Yes, it might be at the moment, but the trade unions virtually voted in Ed Miliband as leader of the Labour Party, so he could well be the next Prime Minister. So the PSC could soon be close to influencing government policy!

But then again the Spinwatch report seems obsessed with where Jewish finance and power lies. Don’t hold your breathe for a report by them on PSC and MEMO funding.

And all this in Parliament, once again giving anti-Semitic innuendo a sort of credibility.


“Let them take out Israel” in House of Commons 11th Oct. (From about 1 min 25 secs.)

Anas Altikriti – “The crux of the problem is Israel” at Commons 11th October (From about 4 mins 10 secs.)

38 responses to ““The Cold War on British Muslims”: It’s those rich Jews again!

  1. The very name Cordoba foundation is a give away and is redolent of Islamic supremacist irredentism. The desire to reclaim Al-Andaluz and the Mezquita in Cordoba is central to the project of establishing a global caliphate. The problem is not rich Jews and Israel but Islamofascism. You should have asked them why they use the name Cordoba, reminding them that it is a Spanish Christian city, and that the great Jewish philosopher Maimonides was a second class citizen there during the Arab Muslim occupation..a dhimmi…who was oppressed and had to pay tribute tax….jizya…until he left to seek more liberty.

    • According to Sherwin Nuland’s Maimonides biography and I think Wikipedia it was even worse. Maimonides family as many others was forced to flee and live “undercover” while he was still a child and later in Fes he had to pose as a muslim in order to be able to study and escaped death because he was found out only due to a friend’s testimony.

      Cordoba was for a time a good place to be by the standards of the time but that ended with the regime that forced Maimonides into exile and remained so until the reconquista finally succeeded which alas again didn’t behave the way it should have

  2. Makes me sick. Richard, I don’t know how you and Jonathan can sit through such hate fests and yet remain sane. Hats off to both of you.

    Cordoba is their sign of power for if they can recreate this then they think they will rule the world and these stupid Western sycophants don’t realise they’ll be first down the hatch.

    • another weird aspect of Cordoba is that in Sicily there was a time when the religions got along and the society thrived and the king apparently liked Arabic culture quite a bit.

      If anybody has ever heard of them having a Palermo initiative I’d be interested to hear about it.

      but ooops the king at the time was a Christian Norman.

      • The Sicilian Mafia have much in common with the Arab Islamofascists. Protection/tribute money, extortion, racketeering, plundering, domination and submission of women as second calss citizens,contract killers, code of honour, code of silence. I assume this came about as a result of the Arab occupation of Sicily.

  3. Richard and Jonathan – you deserve medals. Thank you for your work on behalf of us all.

  4. “If they want to take out the terrorists they should take out Israel because there was no problem before Israel”

    Yeah, what about Kashmir? Mindanao? The Moluccas? Assam? Gujarat? Xinjiang? Chechnya? Dagestan? Pattani? The list could go on forever, but you get the picture…

  5. attilathecricketer

    1) Rich Jewish folk funding lobby groups efforts to support Israel – a) not surprising or wrong b) does provide evidence that the Jewish community’s wealth does play a role in influencing govt policy. However solution is not to complain about a worldwide conspiracy it is to get Palestinian diaspora to fund lobby groups to put their point better in London and Washington.
    2) Trade Union Congress is not powerful – the Tory party is far more influential and will, unfortunately, win in the upcoming battle.
    3) Can’t see anything wrong with the general theses of the report as you outline them – although I am more likely to agree with the lobby groups attitude to Islamification than Spinwatch’s.

    • richardmillett

      There are wealthy Muslims too who fund lobby groups but no one is obsessed with them like they are with jews. Actually, I slightly missed the point, which was the accusation that rich jews are inciting islamophobia.

      • Ever since the “Crisis” (economic) broke I have been very alert to finding any explanations as to what all that money from Muslim countries’ sovereign funds and/or oil millionaires is doing in this global casino.

        The only thing I came across was from Matt Taibbi giving it a bit of a try but that was it. As best I remember they are active in hedge funds and keep their participation so low that it evades reporting or some such thing.

        Ain’t it strange that I get “informed” about Goldman Sachs wherever I look but not about Saudi money?

  6. Richard
    The audio links don’t work. How else can I access them?

  7. attilathecricketer

    Just been to see The Debt – what’s the opinion about that movie? I thought it was well acted, a little short of action and not politically biased.
    Goldman Sachs money is mentioned more because it is seen as being more relevant to UK national situation. So it is not strange. Would be good to have more transparency as to how Arab oil money is used.

    • Gold pens, Merc’s, Mansions, designer clothes, diamonds, women of a certain type, eagle shooting in Pakistan, French Reviera……

  8. So the world is full of anti-semites, ooh what a suprise.

  9. attilathecricketer, there are 22 Arab countries ( many more Muslim countries), billions of pounds of oil money controlled by despotic/feudal regimes and over a million Muslim CITIZENS of the UK, but you’re not worried about them. But the 300,000 British Jews, who have been in the UK for generations and have a strong liberal democratic tradition, the one Jewish nation that has no oil wealth and the Jewish founded companies (that are worth far less than the Arab oil reserves) that are all under the jurisdiction of democratic governments, they are a problem to you?
    George Orwell wrote that most English were anti-semites and most would rather die than admit it. What’s your opinion?

  10. Hi Tony,

    Allow me to answer on attilathecricketer’s behalf. Orwell also writes:

    “To attempt to counter them with facts and statistics is useless, and may sometimes be worse than useless. As the last of the above-quoted remarks shows, people can remain anti-Semitic, or at least anti-Jewish, while being fully aware that their outlook is indefensible. If you dislike somebody, you dislike him and there is an end of it: your feelings are not made any better by a recital of his virtues.”

    • Thanks Michael, I didn’t know that there was more to Orwell’s quote. He was a very clever and intellectually honest man. It’s a shame there aren’t many more like him. But just because I didn’t have the academic knowledge, doesn’t mean that I didn’t understand the concept.

      Tony Jacobs | October 13, 2011 at 11:03 pm | Reply
      So the world is full of anti-Semites, ooh what a surprise.

      Sorry about the sarcasm in the above comment, but sometimes I’m overwhelmed by a few moments of despair.
      Then I remember what the Jews (either by Gods will or incredible and innumerable twists of fate), have given to the world and what the fate of the haters has been and I am inspired to continue the struggle.
      Justice, justice shalt thou pursue. Deut. 16:20
      I will bless those who bless you (Israel), and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you. Genesis 12:3

    • This is a link to the piece and I even have it in a book. Thanks!


  11. So let’s try to stop another Arab country being established. Join us on Sunday 23rd October 2011 outside Downing Street at 1pm

  12. In these hard times when my government has stupidly decided to release almost three hundred murderers into the world, while being blessed by western leaders for the “brave decision”, I feel the only ray of light is Daniel’s momentous decision to put up his picture on the blog.
    Even though the red shirt was probably a mistake unlike Bibi Netanyahu’s irresponible decision Daniel’s is really a “brave decision”.

    • If I were Obama I’d rejoice day and night about all this lashing out at Netanyahu.

      Finally finally I could hope to get rid of that guy who stole so much of the lamplight from me during his speech in congress

  13. Good on you Sharon!

    A story is told of a Yiddishe match-maker who approaches a Jew and offers him a wonderful girl for his son. “The only problem is that she’s the daughter of the Czar.”

    The man is shocked, “But she’s not Jewish!” “Well, that’s true, but she’s very beautiful and very kind.”
    “But her father is an antisemite!” Well. that’s true as well, but he has lots of money and a beautiful house.”
    After much persuasion and coercion the father is finally placated and agrees to the match. “Excellent,” replies the match-maker,”now I only have to convince the Czar!”

    The problem is, Sharon, that after you’ve convinced 10 Downing Street, somebody will have to have a word with our idiotic leadership, and if you think Goldman’s comment above is moronic, just listen to those buffoons.

    Shabbat shalom and love to Dave, Samantha, Nancy and Florence.

  14. I don’t think Sharon mentioned that my comment was moronic, but maybe I missed something.

    • Yes, you missed the word “if”.

      • I didn’t miss the word “if” and I don’t think it is moronic. I am just pleased that I did not have t make the decision. My 8 year old grand son is heart-sore for Shalit and wears the T-shirt, but he questions that one life is worth 1000 prisoners. I can’t question that as I am not in that position either as a mother of the kidnapped soldier or as keeper of the state’s security. I only hope now that Bibi gets tough before another soldier is kidnapped and the circus starts all over again.

      • I meant that Goldman had missed the word “if” – never mind.

        Shabbat shalom

      • Yes I understood that! Shabbat Shalom.

  15. The comment was made by yours truly at 6:50 a.m Israel time, when I suspect Michael Goldman was still quite horizontal, playing with Little Mikey, and wondering whether to get up for shul or not.

    We all love Orwell too, though I personally consider Animal Farm to be far better than 1984. I know that in holding this opinion I am, as usual, in a splendid minority.

    I guess from your picture you’re currently serving in the IDF. Hope you’re having a ball – watch your back! Now they’re releasing Gilad Shalit the Hamas has already refused to commit themselves to not kidnap any more soldiers. They also said today that they will use all means to bring about the release of the rest of their terrorists. Say what you want about those bastards, but they are honest.

    Good luck and G-d’s speed!

  16. The CSC is horrific and divisive – one of the most ironically-named organisations ever.

    Not that that justifies any of what was said about Jewish people, organisations etc at that horrible-sounding meeting.

  17. Largely due to the early 20th century works of British historians – we have been fed a steady stream of disinformation on how tolerant the Moors were in Spain.

    • Quite. Tolerant so long as the Dhimmies behaved themselves and paid the Jizya like all good second class citizens in any Apartheid situation. (It seems the Boers learned well from the “Moors” aka Muslims.) Also so long as these intellectually and artistically superior second class citizens allowed the Islamic usurpers to pilfer their artworks and written theses to pass them off as “Moor” initiatives, discoveries and creations. Funny how it takes 1000 years for Dhimmies to wise up. I hope they realise in a modern world they don’t have 10 years!!