As Israelis bury their dead, scenes from London…..

As Israeli families were still burying their dead after yesterday’s murders anti-Israel activists arrived at the Israeli Embassy in London to show support for the Palestinian terrorists that carried out the atrocity.

They repeatedly called for Israel’s destruction and after they started to surround me I was told by the police, under threat of arrest, to stop filming (clip 1 below).

From the clips you get a sense of the vileness of the crowd that had gathered. I also seem to have acquired a rather unattractive stalker (clip 4).

But the most sickening sight was that of the Neturei Karta, who passed me as I was walking back to get the train, en route to the Israeli Embassy to join in. Even the day after eight of their fellow Jews were murdered the “Rabbis” couldn’t lay low.

And this just an hour before the beginning of Shabbat.

Neturei Karta on way to Israeli Embassy.

Neturei Karta on way to Israeli Embassy.

Israeli Embassy, London, under guard.

Israeli Embassy, London, under guard.


clip 1: Stopped from filming under threat of arrest.

clip 2: Intimidation by an anti-Israel activist.

clip 3: Calling for Israel’s destruction.

clip 4: The Stalker.

clip 5: Calling for Israel’s destruction again.

clip 6: And calling for Israel’s destruction again.

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  1. Well, done Richard. You have so much stamina standing up to this nasty bunch.

  2. Richard I admire you without reservation

    How is that in London? They must have gotten a permit for the demonstration in order to have so many policemen there.

    The policeman who forbade you to film looked frightened to me and I was also when that guy (in the other clip) started initially yelling that you are Israeli. But here is the question: could you file a complaint against the policeman?

    When the Norvegians had that terrible massacre recently people brought flowers to the embassy in Berlin. Have they ever done something like that when Israelis had been hit?

    Amazing how many women there are at it.

    • richardmillett

      Thanks Michael and Silke. The police didn’t even know about it, but there are always police near the israeli embassy anyway. I wouldn’t file a complaint against them. They were scared after the recent riots. But these demonstrations should be banned just like they are now trying to ban protests by other groups in this country.

      • The police do not have to be informed of such demos if they are held on public land.

      • thanks Sharon

        I think that’s a bit different in Germany, there they have to be announced but as of which size I do not know

      • “The police do not have to be informed of such demos if they are held on public land.”

        Not true, if it’s likely to lead to a breach of the peace.

        “I wouldn’t file a complaint against them.”

        I would in a microsecond.

    • Silke,
      what a BRILLIANT idea!!!!!

      We can all send flowers to the Israeli embassy in our respective countries to show support for the hideous suffering of Israelis via terrorists.!

      (It’s not really part of Jewish law to kill flowers for the dead, but it’s a nice thing to do…)

  3. Good Work Richard ,
    Thanks for getting the film of this vile behaviour – maximum respect for You for having the Courage & decency to face this mob of cowards .
    I spot at least one of the Anti-AHAVA extremists amongst them .

  4. Well done Richard and especially on a Friday night. Sorry I could not be there with you and that there was no organised opposition to these people. I was at a similar demo in Whitehall with Martin and a couple of others on a Saturday 2 or 3 months ago and we were moved on by the police, because the antis had a licence, and we didn’t.

    I think in reality, the police didn’t want to have to protect us 4, against several hundred across the road whose demo was about to come to an end and who may have been happy to rough up a few zionists, especially as we were 10 metres from the gates of Downing Street.

    • richardmillett

      Yes, i remember you going to that one. With tonight’s one they didn’t have a licence and the police were not informed which is why there were no pens or barriers up. If there were then i could have stayed, but it was turning into a free-for-all so i can understand why they asked me to stop filming. No one wants to test out the crazed mind of anti-Semitic protesters.

      • “they didn’t have a licence”

        They should have been arrested. There never is an SPG when you need one.

  5. They shout “”palestine! Justice!” a few days after Hamas/Al Qaeda terrorists murdered 8 Jews and injured many others. They demonstrate in the name of justice for a people who are as I write bombarding Israeli towns and schools with Grad missiles whilst innocent citizens are living in air raid shelters and yet they say nothing about the Jews who are the victims of these crimes. But they claim justice so that’s okay, that’s a fine sentiment that they hold justice as their friend, director and guiding light. Justice, that ill-conceived word used to evoke sentiments of caring and victimhood.

    Read about justice in “Memories After My Death”, the posthumous autobiography of Tommy Lapid:

    “…Human history is littered with more crimes committed in the name of justice than any other excuse. A sense of divine justice was the oil that stoked the flames of the Inquisition. A sense of racial justice was the oil that stoked the flames of fascism. A sense of social justice was the oil that stoked the flames of communism. Justice is the biggest criminal in the history of nations, because in the name of justice it is permissable to do what is impermissable in the name of mercy and kindness and charity….”

    Richard you are trumps again recording for posterity the bias and race hate of the protestors and the police who stand guard over them.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Another Grad this morning at Be’ersheva when all citizens were forced to take shelter yet again!

  6. Michael Plosker

    Richard, I think that policeman was despicable in threatening you with arrest whist seriously outnumbered by a Zionist hating camera weilding mob. But even worse are Neturei Karta who really are the lowest of the low.
    Well done and thank you for yet another informative blog.

  7. I wish the Jewish comunity could organise itself as quickly as this detritus. They really are scum.

  8. NK use the Arabs and their supporters to bring about the end of secular Zionist israel in order that the messiah can return . What they don’t tell them is that the prophesy also requires that the land is cleared of all its inhabitants and their chattel so that only the religious Jews are there to welcome the messiah
    On the other side the ummah and their zombie supporters need their ” good Jews ” on side to use as propaganda tools . In reality and when the time is right , they would kill these yahuds in a heartbeat and without a moments hesitation .
    It’s really quite hilarious seeing these two heinous strands of evil embracing eachother . Like two parasitic entities . They sustain each others needs
    As my grand mother used to say

  9. Israelinurse

    Isn’t it interesting to observe the parallels between this incident and the wider situation?

    Just as the international community makes demands of Israel to put up with situations they themselves would never entertain (would HMG tolerate such a demonstration if it were British motorists being murdered at random on the M4?), so the far outnumbered Richard is held by the police to different standards to those considered appropriate for the anti-Israel gang.

    And so a lone Israel supporter, quietly filming away, becomes ‘the problem’, whilst the people on the other side taking pictures and the crowds shouting genocide-supporting chants are not.

    What a wonderful display of cowardice there on the part of the British police, inspired by double standards and the bigotry of low expectations which taint so much of the commentary and policy on all things to do with Israel, both at the macro and micro levels.

    • The policeman was scared and probably rightfully so.

      In Germany the police is known to have dealt in similar fashion with people who dared to show the Israeli flag while a “rightful” demonstration showing Hisbollah flags also marched through the streets.

      When that video of young Daniel from Los Angeles popped up I have marvelled all over the blogosphere about the kind of respect the police over there obviously has and I’ve said over and over again that no German policeman would have been able to wield that kind of authority.

      Now Richard has demonstrated that the UK has dis-empowered its police the same way we have.

      Let’s hope that the recent riots initiate a swinging back of the pendulum to more authority for the police.

      (I don’t want the dictatorial police of my youth back but the overfriendly keep the peace at the cost of the weaker party one is gone too far in the other direction.)

      • richardmillett

        Interesting comparison, Silke. Thanks.

      • Sharon Klaff

        It is a sad statement of today’s PC and H&S culture. The police here are no longer protected by the police force. Each policeman is responsible for his own actions and can be taken to court by anyone who claims abuse. We see that with the death of that newspaper vendor in the student riots when he seemed to have been caught up in the affray. The policeman involved is being prosecuted for murder as though he were a common criminal who set out to kill a man he did not know. I was told this by the MET when I made enquiries about how we need to involve the police in our own demos.

        So in fact any of us can take the relevant police officer to court for threatning arrest in a situation when we were simply using our lawful right to demonstrate and record.

      • In the USA, Silke, Richard’s right to film would be enshrined under the First Amendment, a wonderful embodiment of freedom that this country has sold out on.

    • Sharon Klaff

      You are so right! Fantastically put. Others who find excuse for the police are being a little PC about what is happening. I have suffered the same bias from the police at the Ahava demos having been threated with an official warning if I continued to stand on a particular spot on the pavement. The implication was that I was causing the rabble rousers to react when in fact they had followed me to that spot. Another member of our group was likewise threatened by a policeman outside the Embassy demo on 15th May when a large group of Musilms and fellow Jew haters assembled weliding Hamas flags emblazonned with a gun and calling for the return of Khyber to the deaf ears of a troop of police even after we explained to them what the call for Khyber actually meant. This week two guys were sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for enticing a riot even though nobody turned up for their bash. In a true statement of bias, nobody was arrested on 15th May 2011 for calling for the extermination of the Jews, but like Richard, our friend was threated to be arrested if he didn’t stop taking photos. So you see a pattern emerging of a biased police force. We must not excuse them, but rather hold them to account. We need to document these incdents and take the portfolio to Parliament.

    • “Stopped from filming under threat of arrest”

      Under what law, exactly?
      Britain has become an Islamist-appeasing fascist country.

      I wish I had the courage to turn up, film away, and then sue them for threatening behaviour and unlawful arrest.

  10. To be fair to the police , it is easier to clear one Richard millett then a hundred or so Palestinian activists . Richard placed himself in a very dangerous scenario and I’m surprised one of the terror supporters did not try to take a swing at him . The police would have been mindful of his own safety .
    Today they are going after Hatton Garden and what they believe to be ” blood diamonds from israel ” which goes towards the IDF . Most of the traders in Hatton Garden are non Jewish . Those that are are Orthodox and all deal with multi source diamonds . Israel does not produce diamonds . Merely cuts and polishes . The bds have swept all into their web of hate . They choose to demonstrate on Saturday because Jews will not be there and it could be perceived as antisemitic . According to one foul character , Alex Seymour who previously posted his concerns that should Ahava move to Golders Green any protest could be perceived as anti semitic Semitic .
    Well guess what Seymour . It is !

    • Sharon Klaff

      That policeman was not telling Richard to move on for his own protection. He was clearly threatening to arrest Richard after what seemed to be complaints from the demonstrators that he was photographing them and placing his photos of them on his blog.

      So no Harvey, let us not be “fair”. Let us stand up for our equal rights in what as of today is still a democracy. German Jews were “fair” when their rights started to be eroded and we all know what happened next. We are too cowered at the closing of Ahava as a result of these Jew haters and we are too understanding of a biased police force. Several of us have beenlikewise threatened by the police and that is not fair.

      • “Let us stand up for our equal rights in what as of today is still a democracy. ”

        Surely you jest.

  11. What a bunch of ugly losers and non-entities these people are. They are the emissaries of Thanatos.

  12. Jonathan Hoffman

    I can only echo the comments above.

    This is truly a ‘world turned upside down’: a world where these numbskulls vilify Israel for pursuing those who murdered its citizens and where a photographer is threatened for taking pictures of the mob urging genocide with impunity.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Quite! But it’s a bit mild to call it a world turned upside down. It is a world combatting “never again”, repeating history, a history in which a sophisticated educated mass urges genocide of Jews using the ill educated mob to do its bidding to the deaf ears of politicians and the media.

      I fear for our future as never before. We believed that if we had a nation state we would be protected, but that nation state is now being threatened as the Jew to the same deaf ears of the Jew haters.

  13. Interesting to actually see what the people look like that would love to see, thousands of innocent women and children and their fathers and husbands murdered, and I thought the nazis were bad people. Well these folks are just as bad. Even if they were correct about who is right, just think about what they are wanting to witness, “the mind boggles !

  14. You shouldn’t have acknowledged that it was “fair warning”. He was violating your Human Rights.

    Furthermore, the police sometimes cooperate with TV programs (e.g. “Road Wars,” “Police, Camera, Action” and “Cops with Cameras”) when they are filmed in action. In many of those cases, people being arrested get angry with the cameraman. On ALL those occasions, the police tell the arrestee/suspect that “he has the right to film.” They NEVER tell the cameraman to stop filming. Why should this be any different?

    You should have stood your ground. You would probably have been arrested, but could have sued the police, who would then think twice next time. This way, the thugs who tried to intimidate you will think that they can get away with it again.

    Another idea: it is possible to get concealed cameras in pens and watches. Maybe get one of these as a SECOND camera and then stop filming with the main camera when challenged and then capture their “real” thoughts (e.g. on “Jews”) when they think they are not being filmed.

    • I always rejoice when I read people who weren’t there tell people who were there what they “should have done”.

      Being as surprised as Richard probably was I probably would have resorted to irony also, which is what I rely on if a situation moves beyond bizarre.

      And “knowing” Richard the way I do I guess he also felt compassion for the stressed beyond his means policeman.

      I am all for attacking “the police” and for understanding the individual policeman. They get accusations from the other side galore. Maybe taking the side of the individual actively turns him into an ally.

      If I were a policeman and should feel helpless because devoid of authority to discipline that screaming mob of lunatics I might start feeling very sympathetic to anybody willing to understand my personal untenable situation.

      • richardmillett

        Especially with the riots still fresh in their minds i wasn’t going to argue with them. They were unprepared for the rally as they were given no notice.

  15. @Sharon. I’m afraid you’re right . History repeats itself when no learning takes place. In the case of the Jews, it is doing just that, with Israel as the inevitable focus and flashpoint. Just looking at the facts of the situation, only a miracle of major proportions will save Israel from destruction. A nuclear holocaust in the region is very probable unless a huge shift occurs, and that seems unlikely. Iran will have nuclear warheads very soon and the Arab countries around Israel are slowly but surely deposing their westernised dictators and heading towards a collaborative deranged out-of- control Islamic jihad against the Jews. This has happened before several times, but this time it it will go nuclear. The Muslim/Arab genocidal campaign against the Jews is unstoppable…that is a fact.
    I saw a documentary recently called ‘Farewell Israel’ by Joel Gilbert. It is a long and compelling account of the history and nature of Islam and the story of Israel. It is very pessimistic but unflinching in its understanding and perception of the force of Islam and its war on the Jews and Israel. I recommend it but you may not agree with its conclusions. The tragedy is that it is not possible for the Jews to live in peace and unthreatened in their historic homeland. This is a fact.

    • I don’t agree – all kinds of things may happen. For example it takes a lot of orderliness to keep a military in good fighting shape. And lots of Sunnis and/or Sunni states won’t like Persian hegemony, neither will a lot of them opt for a renewal of Ottoman hegemony.

      What is needed is discarding the current Zeitgeist that regards divide and rule as heinous. Go for it, I’d say and let them concentrate on eachother and establish Israel as the one quiet spot in all of the Middle East just like Switzerland was in Europe amongst the slaughters of the 20th century.

      The future is by definition unknowable, all kinds of things may happen and one scenario is as plausible as another. Take the demographic threat everybody seems to believe in. Why does nobody reflect on whether states who keep their populations down to numbers they really have uses for will not have an advantage over others with huge numbers of unemployed and unemployable youths (and elders?).

      I could go on like that for ages. IMHO Israel is doing fine and I sincerely hope she will be good at keeping her neighbours at eachother’s throats without getting caught at it in too obvious a manner.

      And I wish the world snaps out of its romantic moods pretty soon and goes back to accepting a bigger dose of reality instead of accepting all kinds of soothsaying about the future as provable truths.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Check out this blog:

      Israel is strong and has the capability to destroy Iran’s nuclear facility. Stuxnet did a great job in setting them back and I believe they have much more up their sleeves.

      • Israel must take out Iran’s nuclear installations before it is too late. But then there are all the other Arab countries hell bent on destroying the Jewish state and killing or enslaving everyone in it. It doesn’t look good.

  16. Richard – yeshar koach! I know it was a Friday evening, but I’m sure a better job could be done to get people along to demonstrate. I couldn’t even “share” your FB notification of the new demo today. The social revolution in Tel Aviv aroused a crowd of 250,000 mainly through FB – I’m sure that many more can be involved and motivated.

  17. Silke: Israel is not ‘doing fine’. The status quo is totally unacceptable. Who wants to live under siege, in fear every day of being killed? Have you read the news lately?

    This is what Israel is up against. I don’t know which mosque this is, but <I witnessed a similar rant at Friday prayers in Al Aqsa mosque, Jerusalem.

    • roger
      I am not saying Israel is doing fine – I have nothing to judge that by one way or another.

      I just remember the newsreels I was shown in my early teens or even before when I was shown Israelis who lived on their land against all odds tilling their fields under sniper fire, rifle at the ready while they were digging away.

      It seemed a situation of admirable but hopeless heroism back then but look what they have built out of it.

      All I am saying is that yes we, all of us, must wake up to the fact that the Muslim scare is back. But they were stopped innumerable times before. And I for one don’t think that handing over all the southern coast of North Africa to them is going to bide sunshine for us. Thus, since I always look for selfish reasons, finding them to be the most reliable, we must look out for politicians who are waking up from the pipe dream of PC and call things what they are.

      While this goes on I am sincerely hoping that we will somehow manage to keep those of our personal relationships with muslims non-discriminatory but for that first of all they must learn to stop yelling Islamophobia or lack-of-respect whenever a generalisation is said. After all Brits talk about German behaviour without emphasising each time that not all Germans were Nazis.

      And so you not think me blue-eyed. I have recently noticed that even the most moderate muslims who are feted through the media as the people we can do business with only talk about “respect” never do they talk about them according equal rights to minorities. Probably they can’t without fearing for their life but we should start nailing that “minor” difference.

      Ask them wherever you get them in public to name guilty ones by name in unmistakeable terms and make them promise equal rights in societies dominated by them for minorities.

      The decline of Jewish and Christian communities in “their” lands should be a story always at the forefront when we listen to their arguments.

      And now I stop but let me conclude with: Where is the muslim outcry for the scandal of Gilad Shalit being held incommunicado from the Red Cross?

  18. How can they be so nonchalant about chanting ‘from the river to the sea’ especially after the recent attacks? Utterly disgusting and shameless. I admire what you’re doing Richard, I wouldn’t have the energy to constantly turn out and watch this madness!

  19. attilathecricketer

    Israelis have now killed more Palestinians and Egyptians by my calculation that Israelis died in this latest incident. As per normal. Killing Egyptians (if they have) seems incredibly dumb at time when Egyptian politics is still in flux.
    Having said that good on you for taking on that mob who are advocating something far worse.

    • Of course people will use this as an example of Israel being disproportionate however one must consider just how many people organized attacks such as this can kill. If we here in the UK were living under the constant threat of organized Mumbai style terrorist attacks, I’d want me government to come down hard on those responsible and let’s be honest, Palestinians would gladly kill thousands upon thousands of Israelis if they had the capacity to do so, just because they don’t, doesn’t mean that Israel has to tickle them in response to their aggression. Also how many of these Palestinians killed have actually been terrorists? It is sad that a little boy was killed in an air-strike however.

    • Sharon Klaff

      The BBC and its reporter Jeremy Bowen are not the best friend of Israel. Listen to his report as to how the Egyptians were killed on Thursday in Southern Israel. You will see that the palestinians were killed in crossfire between them and the Egyptians and one suicide wearing terrorist exploded near the Egyptians and so they were killed as well. Let’s not compare how many either side have killed, but rather question why people are killed at all. There is no doubt that there would be no killings if the terrorists were to stop raiding Israel and killings its citizens thus forcing Israel to defend itself.

      So let Israel’s accusers understand what actually takes place and stop listening to the propganda. This incident proves how lies circulate and become truth simply because Jew haters wish it so.

    • “Israelis have now killed more Palestinians and Egyptians by my calculation that Israelis died in this latest incident. ”

      And this stupid comparison is relevant because … ?

  20. Meanwhile
    There is now a Facebook page titled
    No one in gaza wants Ken o Keefe , DM and co
    It’s a must read and demonstrates a maxim of mine that where evil is espoused against the Jewish people , it’s rarely the case that it ends there . How deliciously appropriate that this reprobate is exposed for what he is by his own fellow haters . It’s good to see them tearing each other apart .
    I’m reminded of a scene from the exorcist where the elderly priest / archaeologist on a dig in Egypt uncovers a minature statue of a demonic diety . At that precise moment a dust storm erupts and a pack of wild dogs tear each other apart .
    Anyway that’s enough of the colourful imagery . I could never compete with silke for brilliantly imaginative writing and English isn’t even her first language !

  21. Ibrahim Muhammed

    Richard, they were protesting at your countries killing of 22 human beings and still your country is bombing Gaza as im typing this message to you. Innocents are dying at the hands of your country and yet you seem to act as if Israel are the good guys in all this. Your wrong my friend. If rockets are landing on Israeli soil theres a reason for it and you know it, so please don’t bend the facts to suit your agenda.

  22. Ibrahim Muhammed

    And in addition to my comments above, how do you pro-Zionists stand when it comes to the 5 Egyptian policemen that your country murdered? Are they terrorists too just like the children in Gaza?

    • Dear IM: you might want to check on those Egyptian dead. The terrorists might have killed them with their planted mines. But in any case, not preventing a terror attack is not the best way to be a soldier.

  23. bored of this

    You guys are sick, always wanting to play the victim and villyfying peaceful protestors who are calling for the end of wars, before even more blood is shed on both sides. Can you please grow up you are embarassing the children

  24. Looking at the first clip from the comfort of my West Bank sofa, I’m pretty sure that the policeman wasn’t going to arrest Richard at that moment. He said, “If you do not stop, I will consider arresting you…” – it sounds to me that there would have been at least another warning.

    That having been said, in my opinion, Richard were 100% correct in agreeing to turn off his camera. I also suspect that in suggesting that he should have refused, David Kessler proves that he is a far better author than he is activist.
    There was zilch to be gained by opening a “second front” and attempting to single-handedly take on, not only a mob of angry anti-Semites, but also the Metropolitan police. There was nothing left to film at that moment other than a nervous looking copper, and seeing Richard Millett dragged off to by the old Bill would have caused that rabble to cheer and feel that they had won. So, what was to be gained?

    Every time I see these clips I admire Richard more and more. He is not only an outstanding writer, but a brave and remarkable Jew. In my opinion he is often far too brave and I hope he takes precautions.

    Finally, how cool is it that all that fuming throng read this blog? Do you think that lady knows me too? If any are reading this, let me wish you a great week and many, many more years of demonstrating against the old “Zionist entity”.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Richard is truly amazing – a one man activist who acts as well as writes. There is no suggestion that he should not have heeded the police warning. The suggestion is that the policeman really should not have warned him for using his democratic right to record events on the street. I think though they had to stop that black haired woman wearing the kaffiyeh from chasing after Richard – she seems to be head over heels…!!

    • Daniel
      my grasp of geography being notoriously bad I dare to ask, where is your West-Bank sofa actually located? Samaria or Judea or some still differently named region?


  25. Well played Richard.
    What astonishes me about all of this is how blatant the calls are for Palestine “from the river to the sea”. And yet the world hears these calls as ending the ‘siege of Gaza’ or the ‘occupation’ of the West Bank.

  26. Hi Sharon,

    My comment was directed against David Kessler’s:

    “You should have stood your ground. You would probably have been arrested, but could have sued the police…”

    • Sharon Klaff

      Understood. Its too easy to say should have. We all should have and then maybe if…!! On the ground things are different though and decisions are made not only on words but on what the air feels like! Nevertheless the police are out of order in their constant singling out of our activists for threats.

      • Ibrahim Muhammed

        The Police were simply doing their job which was to stop it getting out of hand. Innocents had been murdered in Gaza from an Israeli air assault without any evidence given that Gaza was the source of the terrorists attacks in Israel, therefore the peaceful peace loving protesters were angry at the actions of Israel. Richard was just trying to wind them up with his constant flashing of his camera and so the Police has to stop him before tempers flared.

  27. Ibrahim Muhammed

    “As Israeli families were still burying their dead after yesterday’s murders anti-Israel activists arrived at the Israeli Embassy in London to show support for the Palestinian terrorists that carried out the atrocity”

    That sentence is just so wrong and you know it Richard.

  28. Israelinurse

    Ibrahim – if there are no terror attacks or rocket fire on Israelis, there will be no bombings in Gaza. It’s that simple; the choice is entirely in Hamas’ hands.

    Of course, the opposite is not true, and that is precisely the problem.

    By the way, you forgot to point out that a considerable number of those killed in Gaza were the leadership of the organisation which sent the terrorists to attack Israeli civilians last Thursday.

    And yes, Israel of course regrets the deaths of the Egyptian policemen, but it would probably be a good idea for you do two things before commenting on that subject. The first would be to wait until the exact circumstances of the policemen’s deaths are clarified. The second is to examine the role of Egypt in failing to prevent the Salafist take-over of Sinai over the past 7 years or so: a failure which allowed this incident to take place.

    • Ibrahim Muhammed

      If Israel stopped treating Gaza like a prison camp, the rockets wouldnt be fired into Israel. Israel are not the innocents here. Palestianians live in some of the worst conditions on this earth today and Israel are often killing or imprisoning children for minor offences like stone throwing! Israel is the aggressor and needs to learn from its own history.

  29. Hi Ibrahim
    Don’t cross our border in order to kill our citizens and then we will not retaliate . Meanwhile you should concern yourself with the murder and mayhem committed against your own citizens by your own leaders .

    • Ibrahim Muhammed

      I give up on you people, your just blinded by your love to the Jewish state instead of your love for your fellow human being.

      Can I please ask you, Western media doesnt seem to be reporting who exactly died in the attack on Israel on Thursday. I saw reports of children being amongst those killed, is this true?

  30. If I don’t get into it with “Ibrahim Muhammed”, it’s because the guy’s an Arab like I’m a member of the Polish royal family.

    “I give up on you people” – Sounds more like my dearly deceased grandma Lilly than an Ibrahim. I’d be happy to trace his IP, Richard. I’m betting he’s nearer to Golders Green than the West Bank. At the risk of sounding anti-Semitic, I smell a Jewish kid winding you guys up.

    • I rather suspected that “Ibrahim Muhammed” is somebody from Bridlington? in disguise?

      BTW the initials for “Ibrahim Muhammed” are IM. IM is a German abbreviation for Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (inofficial cooperator/employee). His employer being infamous the Stasi (Staatssicherheit = state security) i.e. the former East German Spy agency.

      What made me think of that in connection with him?

      I just heard in a podcast that the current Iranian Supreme Leader was devoted to Communism in his formative years and I am into trying to build an image in my mind of the survival of that ideology in current block-headed or worse Muslims.

  31. Miss Ruby Akhtar

    Every era has its privilege and its pain. I hardly think there is one person in this WORLD who has not been affected, if even just emotionally, from terror. That is the pain of this generation. The privilege lies in the opportunity to remove this pain, to refuse to stand it, and to prevent it from happening again. This might sound like a tall order, a formidable challenge. And it is. But it is an order that, for the sake of our very lives and the lives of our children, we must fulfill, a challenge we must rise to and a battle we must win. The alternative is not only unattractive, it is unthinkable.

    I am an immigrant. A Pakistani. A BRITISH. I am proud to be an immigrant in the knowledge of what immigrants have contributed and how they have enriched societies they have joined. We provide fresh eyes to see old problems in a new light, innovations to find solutions, and ambition to secure success not only for ourselves or our families but in the societies we have been honored to join. Those who make blanket negative statements about immigrants should learn from these lessons, and to take to heart the tragic errors of ignorance and bias that categorized past decades.

    At the same time, as with native-born citizens, we cannot blindly tolerate the activities of certain immigrants and be afraid to speak out against dangerous ideologies out of fear of being branded as racist or intolerant. Despising someone for their religion or country of origin is prejudice. Caution taken when faced with immigrants with hazardous association is sanity. We should continue to embrace immigrants, but should do so with both eyes open. Attention must be paid.

    It is said that those who ignore the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them. But today, it isn’t the lessons of the remote past that provide a stern warning, but the patterns that are easily spotted in several parts of the world at the same time. It as if they are sounding alarms all at once and we are still sleeping. It is high time we woke up from our collective slumber.

    Pakistan is just one microcosm of a general phenomenon that is playing out all over the world. Make no mistake, President Asif Ali Zardari and former Pakistan President and former head of the Pakistan Army, Pervez Musharraf have confessed that terrorist groups had been “deliberately created and nurtured” by past governments “as a policy to achieve some short-term tactical objectives”.

    After having an influx of Afghan rebels in the fallout of the Soviet-Afghan War in the 1980s, yesterday’s Mujaheddin are today’s terrorists. These Mujaheddin were armed by “friendly” Intelligence Agencies, including the CIA to serve what was expected to be a constructive purpose, to prevent yet another domino to fall under Soviet control. Decades after the cold war, the mujahideens are still armed and are creating terrorist organizations. Christians are regularly prevented from working, assaulted and threatened. Anyone who doesn’t conform to their extreme version of Islam is taking his life into his hands. Yet, we hear very little of this persecution and terror, which was created under what should have been the watchful eye of the West which cradled this snake to its bosom. From the summer of 2007 to late 2009, more than 5,500 people were killed in suicide and other attacks on civilians. And aside from murder, persecution is rife and constant. Many of those persecuted are religious minorities, many are Christians who are barred not only from worshipping, but daily living. Threats are their constant companions and their sleep is fitful, their lives are precarious at best.

    Israel has come under fire not just from terror but from the world press with heavy criticism over some of its actions. But it cannot be denied that we are all involved in the same struggle, and events in Israel can serve as a a lesson and a warning about what is happening in the West.

    Some in the West applauded Israel when it expelled 8,000 of its citizens from Gaza in 2005. Others criticized Israel for not having done enough. As was the case with the Afghan immigrants who moved into Pakistan, Hamas and other terror organizations found the perfect playground in Gaza which the Israelis left vacant. There is even talk of funding Hamas, as the West nurtured the radicals in Pakistan, and inviting them to sit down and make peace with Israel, a democracy whose efforts at national defense have been labeled as persecution and efforts to protect its borders has earned it the status of a near pariah state. We can see what concessions, from giving away land to offering fake legitimacy to terror organizations, does. It only rewards terror. And once again, the West is cradling a snake to its bosom.

    As a Briton, I remember the morning when nearly a thousand people who believed they were embarking on a mere routine travel to work were greeted with explosion, blood, pain and horror dealt by the numerous explosions of terrorists bombs on the subway and the bus. This was the infamous 7/7, July 7th 2005, when five young terrorists, age 30 and under, brought their radical ideas to a logical conclusion in the murder of innocent civilians. Four of them were Pakistani. They were the children of immigrants, born into a land that had treated them with equal protection under the law, where they were raised, fed and educated. But this did not shield them from the lure of a murderous ideology that created in their minds myths of twisted heroism. They were not mad, they were behaving with cool logic and adhering to the dictates of their radical ideas. We must cease with the delusion that this is a somehow justifiable reaction to oppression. It isn’t justifiable. Not in Pakistan. Not in Afghanistan. Not in Lebanon. Not in Israel. And not in our own countries.

    We must cease believing that there can be meaningful negotiation with terrorist organizations, or tolerance of ideologies based on wanton murder of thousands on European soil or any other soil. The Talmud says, “Those who are compassionate to the cruel will eventually become cruel to the compassionate.” We must cease to act with a false compassion that blinds us from reality and morality. And we must be alert to the development of terrorist organizations wherever they are. To fail to see such a development might be excused as negligence. But to nurture the influx and growth of radicals with fatal ideologies is more than benign negligence. It would earn us the dishonor of having been accomplices to their crimes.

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  33. Richard, just want to know, whne “stalker” went down on her knees, how did you continue filming?

  34. Ibrahim Muhammed

    Israeli soldiers have murdered children from the air. Cowardly acts by government trained and US equiped soldiers. Who are the real terrorists again?

  35. Richard, I admire your courage in going out there to face those protestors on your own. I know I wouldn’t have had the guts, certainly not alone.

    I have a bit of sympathy for the policeman – the riots were probably still fresh in his mind and he no doubt didn’t fancy scraping you off the pavement. Of course threatening you with arrest was a bit extreme. He could have just asked you to move on.

    As for your stalker, she completely gives me the creeps. That weird fixed smile… shiver…

  36. richardmillett

    Thanks. The reason she’s stalking me is that i have a photo of her on my blog with a sticker across her forehead with “Morris is a racist” written on it. She wrote me an email kindly asking me to remove that photo. The photo is on here:

  37. OT
    The IDF has lots of new posts up on the current attacks on Israel, one of them probably the best at the scene report of a soldier who got caught up in the action near Eilat at least to military-matters-ignorant-me.

  38. How absolutely spiffing to note the return of the esteemed Israel Medad (Winky to his friends and Winkie to his really good friends) to this most excellent blog. To those readers unacquainted with the gentleman, he is a resident of Samaria and the director of educational resources at the Begin Center in Jerusalem. Medad also famously twisted this writer’s right arm behind his back in 1978 when I was 17-years-old and quite drunk on Glenfiddich.

    Medad is also a renowned journalist and author, verily a mind of important information regarding the history of the Zionist movement. If you need to know which brand of cigarettes Ze’ev Jabotinski smoked, Israel is your man – was it Mesaksudi?

    On an early page there was some discussion regarding the origin of the nickname Winkie and several theories were postulated. Medad himself has claimed that it is unconnected to its current colloquial usage and we have no reason to doubt this.

    • I am absolutley thrilled (that’s pronounced with 4 Rs and 5 Ls) that my honorable colleague from the south-east has lauded me although I see it was his neck I should have been wringing. In any case, as humble as I am not, I salute his English, his admiration, his proficiency and his general all-around good self. Now, where were those Arabs we were combatting?

    • You forgot to mention that he is also the star in one of Elder of Ziyon’s videos on Israelis living in Judea and Samaria. In that video he struck me as being of a rather patriarchal bend therefore him deserving the nick-name Winky confuses me.

      What does he have in common with a house-elf and to make matters worse one addicted to Butterbeer? (Never mind Rowling’s claim that house-elf have a gender. I don’t buy that and if so then it most likely is male.)

      As to winkie Google offers so many choices but the Urban Dictionary one seems the most likely to me. But to make a connection to a female butterbeer addicted elf is probably even beyond me.

      Glennfiddich – sweet sweet memories – I was introduced to it once upon a time on a lovely sunday afternoon by a most charming Scot. That happened at a time when the existence of Scottish malt was vigorously denied by all those claiming Whisky-connoisseruship.

      • I bought my Glenfiddich returning from Israel and consumed it with friends at a Betar leadership weekend at the David Eder Farm. There was much merriment, singing and dancing mainly, until an angry Yisrael Medad stormed in and decided that enough was enough. I do not recall what I did to warrant having my arm twisted, but I’m sure it was fully justified.

        We were not a bad bunch. The overwhelming majority immigrated to Israel, served in the IDF and brought up our children here.

        Regarding the whiskey, I believe that most connoisseurs regard it as a rather mediocre single malt, though for my primitive settler’s palate it’s just fine.

        In Silke’s characteristically teasing manner she offers her readers no indication as to what happened on that lovely sunday afternoon with her most charming Scot after, their bottle was drunk.Neither are we told whether under that kilt there was an “urban winkie”.

      • To satisfy your curiosity that most charming Scot had a most charming Scottish accent but alas no kilt and since it was the early seventies what happened after was what you would expect to happen in the early seventies when the sexual revolution was about to gather steam.

        And of course we hadn’t consumed the whole bottle before sundown and dinner and the subsequent “liberation” took place, we were smarter than that back then.

      • True to form the lovely Silke’s response is understated and modest whilst leaving little to the imagination.

        It’s strange how just hearing word 70s causes wholly pleasurable chemical changes to occur within one that no other decade can. I thought this was because I was then in my teens, but I now suspect that Silke, who is a year or two older, just experienced a quite similar sensation whilst briefly reliving that charming afternoon with her celebrated kiltless Scott.

        Now I’m going out on a limb and because of my expertise of both the era and the lady in question am going to speculate that Silke does not recall the gentleman in question’s full name (Scotty doesn’t count). Am I mistaken?

      • How right you are Daniel!

        Yes I don’t remember his name and if so I wouldn’t tell. (And since I am not into diary keeping or photo taking there is close to zero chance that he has left a paper trail.)

        But from him I first heard a Scottish accent and to this day hearing it or Glenfiddich mentioned makes me feel all happy and carefree and the world is mine.

        But assuming that you’d want to know why it was a pretty short-lived thing? His assignment to Germany was rather short and not to the city where I lived and worked. Thus there was no chance of lasting attachment getting established with the inevitable follow-up pain, and so there is just the memory of soap-bubble like bliss.

  39. Hey Ibrahim,

    A thousand apologies! Judging by your failure to adhere to the CVC rule, I’m beginning to think that you may be who you claim.

    While your comment is well taken, I would respectfully make a few points:
    1. Israeli soldiers are unconnected to air attacks. If anything we are talking about Israeli pilots.
    2. Why do condemn our soldiers for being “government trained”. Who in your mind should be training them?
    3.What was the purpose of the final word “again”?

    Are you, by any chance, a relative of Gamil Elias – the renowned Palestinian international camel dung merchant?

  40. Richard
    The stalker obviously has the ” hots ” for you .
    I think you may have missed an opportunity to help her ” come into the light from her wilderness years ” .

    • Thanks, have you heard of this guy?

      His verdict on Greek sculptures is quite proverbial in German
      “noble simplicity and quiet grandeur” (edle Einfalt und stille Größe)
      According to this it is a name Germans and Jews shared and it seems to have been more common towards the east.

      • Yes, but since there’s another, SS Obergruppenfuhrer Winckelmann, Hungary’s SS Commander, I’ll just stick with Winkie.

      • Yes, apparently he was quite notorious for his cruel handtwisting practices towards Undergruppenfuhrer SS officers who had drunk too much schnaps….Hey!….Just a moment.

      • and in the Nazis’ hyperbolic admiration for ancient Greece the two are linked.

        For example I grew up with endless chatter about Nofretete’s nose being Greek and that having a Greek nose gave one automatic entitlement to (Aryan) nobleness. Never mind that they knew perfectly well that she was Egyptian. She lacks that inward bend at the bridge and that apparently makes her being of desirable blood.

        Come to think of it which I never did, it being one of the many many confusing “facts” I grew up with. This thing about her nose was probably Nazi-propaganda trying to obscure her Egyptian heritage and make popular admiration for her PC.

        Did anybody ever tell the Mufti?

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  42. Daniel Marks

    “I wish I had the courage”
    Yup Yoni/Leah. Courage has never been a notable characteristic of yordim. Greed – always, loud mouths – often, but courage – as rare as hen’s teeth.

    • but Daniel Yoni/Leah has the courage to know exactly what he/she would have done had she been there instead of the in real life very courageous Richard. Surely one has to give him/her credit for that.

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  44. Since when has knowledge of one’s own lack of courage required courage?

    I suppose that Y/L could be praised for his/her self awareness were it not for the fact that he/she seems quite confused regarding his/her name and gender. It’s ironic how someone can be so opinionated regarding the whole world, but so unclear as to the most basic questions, such as; “Who am I?”, “What am I?”

    Anyyhow, I’ve been told not to dwell on this rather curious matter, but rather to show pity, and I am determined to do my best.

  45. Sharon Klaff

    I guess this piece is exhausted now that the usual chat/gossip has entered the frey!

    • Why do I indulge?

      Because in times like these when danger seems to come from everywhere I find it important to remember myself and hopefully others that there was and hopefully still is life and while I offer my own anecdotes I envisage Daniel on his Judean couch watching the coals in the grill on his terrace getting into perfect condition.

      • No grilling today. We’re having the house painted and a splendid job Elyahu and Yehudah,two gentlemen of Ethiopian origin are making of it.

        I am on my Judean recliner, however, and I do, as is so often the case, find myself in agreement with Silke. It is in these troubled times that our responsibility is to demonstrate splendid normalcy, and what could be more normal than hearing a friend recount her indiscretions of yesterdecade.

        I recall a Friday morning at the beginning of the first intifada, stationed in the merciless Rafiah waiting for our cousins to leave their mosques that the lucky ones among us might be afforded weekend leave. Still a calm sunny day, one of the younger non-commissioned made the suggestion that we may go around in a circle each recounting his “first time”. There were more than a dozen of us and my turn had not been reached when a very young Palestinian “activist” appeared from an alleyway and hurled a stone that hit my leg. Up until that point, though hundreds of stones had been tossed in my direction, none had made contact. I prided myself in this fact and had boasted my invincibility to all who would lend an ear.

        The stone didn’t hurt much, but my pride was shattered like…well, like Silke’s spent Scotsman. I left the game and gave chase. Two comrades in arms followed me, doubtlessly more to protect this writer from his own folly than anything else. Needless to say, the 7-year-old ran a lot faster than I and knew the alleys far better and within moments his flight was successful.

        Over the years the story acquired a life of its own the lad grew and became a full sized terrorist and later a threesome of freedom fighters. I also grew in stature in the later versions of the tale sometimes single-handedly catching all three men, sometimes eliminating them like Rambo. There came a time years later when sitting on a bus on the way to reserves I chanced to hear two young soldiers telling the story. Neither had they been in our unit when it had transpired, nor had they any idea that they were sitting so close to a real live hero.

        Yes, Sharon, my beloved. Which greater victory can there be for the Zionist revolution than Israeli soldiers sitting in the land of their ancestors, smoking cheap cigarettes and recounting their “first times” with fitting embellishment? What more lethal weapon can this blog wield against our foes than the story of Silke, a bottle of whiskey and her never forgotten nameless Scotsman?

      • Daniel

        having just finished George MacDonald Fraser’s “Quartered Safe out of here” I find your story telling skill very much in his class and wish you’d put anecdotes like the above into a book as unapologetic as his.

        (He got later deployed to the Middle East and I sincerely hope that I will not one day stumble on views of his about the situation there which spoil the esteem I have for him currently.)

  46. It’s partly that, Sharon, and partly the fact that there are few intelligent anti-Zionists around on this blog to present any kind of intellectual challenge, while slagging them off in their absence is hardly cricket.

    Where are the Gerts? Where are the Tonys? Where is that inscrutable Arabian gentleman whose name eludes me?

    Whatever happened to the heroes?

  47. kol hakavod, man.. this protest is downright bizarre. The world is upside-down. Good on your for standing your ground.

  48. These morons want Britain to be destroyed as well.

  49. Hannah Sealey

    The people who are demonstrating and calling for her destruction, obviously do not know the first thing about Israel. I have lived in the Middle East for eight years in the past, amongst both the Jewish people and the Palestinian Arabs and I love both. The demonstrators are just following propaganda.

    • You may love both but there is only one of them who is calling for the annihilation of the other.

      The demonstrators are adult responsible beings. They know and understand what they are demanding.

      They are demanding the destruction of fellow human beings.

      I believe they mean what they say.

      So when it comes to loving both I’ll do so on an individual basis, when it comes to public announcements I am strictly partisan.

    • Yup, I’m also a little skeptical of people who love everyone. Sometimes we have guests for dinner who rave about and love just about everything we serve them from soup to nuts. Either I’m the best cook in the world and they’re the worst, or their love, like my cooking, should be taken with a pinch of salt.

      I know that any mention of the holocaust causes some amongst us to cringe and groan, however, I would still make the obvious point that the Nazis who carried posters saying, “The Jews are our Misfortune” – mild stuff in comparison with what Richard photoed – probably also didn’t know “the first thing” about us, so what? Does that somehow justify their actions?

      Likewise “Just following propaganda” is a no less absurd defense. Pretty much every hate crime since the beginning of time was committed by someone inspired by somebody else’s propaganda.

      If you lived for so many years amongst Palestinians and love them, I am surprised that you are unwilling to afford them a modicum of respect and take them at their word, as you would any Westerner, rather than deciding in a somewhat condescending way, on their behalf, what they really mean. I may not love every Palestinian, but I do respect them as being no less intelligent than myself and no less capable of distinguishing between right and wrong, good and bad. I am an Israeli. A man or even a child who holds up a poster that says “Destroy Israel” is not calling for the destruction of her mountains or trees, he wants to kill me, my family and my nation. There have been many like him over the centuries and I am strong and unafraid, but I do not love him.

  50. It’s too bad that Israel’s enemies don’t take some time to study history of the Mid-East.
    Their ignorance is aggravating.

  51. From time immemorial the Jew has tried to improve life for the Arab.
    It’s the propaganda of the Muslim “clerics” and the Arab’s own hostility that has prevented this from happening.

    The struggle for Jewish freedom and equality goes on, as it always has.

  52. This bunch of misfits and Numpties seem to have jumped the gun Quds Day is tomorow

  53. thankyou for having the courage to film this mob , & bring it to our attention, the way our government sidles up to the very peoplewho would happily slaughter them is unbelievable , the same goes for all the non muslims who were protesting against ISRAEL , hang your heads in shame , while they are still on your shoulders , & wake up to the threat in our own country , it doesn’t come from ISRAEL , but from islam !!!!!