British Minister wishes to treat settlers like Dead Men Walking.

Alan Duncan MP, 2nd from right, in the British Embassy in the UAE recently.

Alan Duncan MP, 2nd from right, in the British Embassy in the UAE recently.

Is this Conservative government turning into one of the most anti-Israel in recent memory?

Alan Duncan MP, the Minister in charge of Britain’s international aid budget, recently visited the “Occupied Palestinian Territories”, as the Department for International Development, calls them.

He has produced this video of his visit which ranks alongside David Cameron’s “Gaza is a prison” camp jibe. Feel free to watch with sick-bag in hand:

He calls the wall a “land grab” and complains that:

“It hasn’t just gone along the lines of the proper Israeli boundary, it has taken in land which properly belongs to Palestine. So that’s not a security wall, that’s a perimeter wall trying to annex land that doesn’t belong to Israel.”

He delivers these lines with all the spite of a seasoned British anti-Israel activist, not a considered government minister.

Irrespective of the rights and wrongs of the settlements, if the wall was situated on the “proper Israeli boundary”, as Duncan calls it, the settlers would be immediately exposed to the risk of having their sloats slit by the likes of Hakim Awad who murdered Udi and Ruthie Fogel and their three young children in their beds.

Does Mr Duncan really believe that all Israeli settlers should be dead men walking, for that is how he treats them?

Meanwhile, the distance of the wall from the “Israeli boundary” reduces the opportunities for suicide bombers to blow up Israeli restaurants, buses and discos and for Palestinian terrorists to snipe at Israeli civilians.

This also reduces the need for retaliatory attacks on Palestinian terrorist targets and, therefore, war.

As JFK said, “A wall is a hell of a lot better than a war”.

And as I understand it Israel’s eastern border is not a “proper Israeli boundary”, but merely an armistice line from 1949. Nothing has been agreed so, as it stands, Israel is not in breach of any law by positioning the fence where it has, subject to the decisions of Israel’s Supreme Court on its route.

As the short video progresses we see Duncan complain about the long queues of Palestinians waiting to go through security checks before going into Israel to work. Does he really expect Israel to let them through without stringent security checks?

He continues to express his hatred for the settlers when he accuses them of stealing water from the Palestinians. Finally, we come to the scene with which no anti-Israel video would be complete; that of a Palestinian baby.

Here Duncan talks of a “financial crisis”, but Page 23 of the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2011 shows that the Palestinians received the second most amount of aid for any country between 2000 to 2009 at US$7.2bn, which is second only to Sudan at US$8.9bn.

While, ElderofZiyon shows that, on a per capita basis, this figure far outstips any other country, including Sudan, by a mile.

Duncan should ask why there is still a “financial crisis” when the Palestinians receive such huge amounts of financial assistance. Where has all the money gone?

Duncan’s pre-Parliamentary career was as an oil trader where he made millions.

And his website states describes him thus:

“A respected voice on the Middle East within the party, Alan continues to travel extensively in the region.”

Considering he doesn’t know the difference between an armistice line and a border and doesn’t seem to have too much of a problem with settlers having their throats slit, “respected” is not a word I word use to decribe our Minister of State for International Development.

And being the Arabist he is, one should question whether he should be in charge of an international department in the first place.


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  1. If anyone challenges him will he respond with an ‘.A. A. F. O. I. ‘ Statement ?

  2. Biodegradable


    The next video up is this:

  3. Biodegradable

    By the way, you have to view the video I just linked to at YouTube in order to see the comments.

    Uploaded by mrbeanish on 1 Sep 2009

    Alan Duncan. The most humble and one of the most gorgeous men ive ever seen. just wish he was gay!

  4. Good source (no pun intended) that Israel doesn’t steal Palestinians’ water:

  5. Israel’s eastern border is the Jordan River as agreed to in 1994.

  6. An interesting blog. In case I missed it, what is your source for the ‘dead men walking’ quote? I presume it is a quote…

  7. I came here fully expecting Alan Duncan having said something incendiary about settlers being ‘dead men walking’ (a reasonable expectation) from the title, but no, it seems Millet wants to break The Daily Hate Mail’s record for deceptive titles.

    Israel of course doesn’t receive any financial assistance, oh no, only about USD 150 Billion in total since 1948, a mere pittance…

    • That figure is grossly inaccurate as Israel receives loan guarantees and not aid. The PA gets money given to them on a no repayment basis. However, either way you would need to take a look at what Israel has done with its loan guarantees and what the PA has done with its free gift of aid money taken directly out of your taxes – you will find Israel to be a highly developed first world country whilst the PA leaders including the now deceased Arafat, holding vast financial reserves in their own private bank accounts whilst their citizens starve in slums that are maintained as a stick with which to beat Israel. In fact you do not even need to travel to Israel to see how that country maintains your health and financial status – almost all medication given to you by the NHS is produced by Israel, that tiny persecuted country that is the biggest innovator of technology next to Silicone Valley in the USA. Yes even the technology used to extract the oil that bulges Duncan’s pockets is produced in Israel. Alan Duncan is a member of the camal brigade that is slickly oiled by Arab crude!

      • Brilliantly put Sharon (and your later comment about security-queues too). I have to say “Bravo! Sock it to ’em!”

  8. Richard Tebboth

    If there is to be a 2 state solution the new Palestinian state will have to have defined borders. The present map with settlements and military control areas looks like a Gruyere cross section and is highly reminiscent of apartheid era land allocations in S Africa.
    Continuing settlement expansion and outpost developments make the establlshment of a viable Palestiinian state increasingly problematic.
    So if no Palestinian state, a one state solution?

    • If Israel can have 20% arab population, then an Arab-ruled state in Judea and Samaria (God forbid) can surely have a 20% Jewish population. They wouldn’t want to be accused of racism or apartheid, after all.

  9. Lesley Klaff

    Alan Duncan was “done” for fiddling his parliamentary expenses (although he escaped criminal liability) so he’s a fine one to point the finger at others for theft (the allegation that Israel is stealing Palestinian land and water).

    Judging from this video, Duncan has a very strong animus towards Israel. His comments and tone are reducible to “those Israeli Jews and their evil inclination!” It’s a sad day for us all if his voice on the Middle East is respected within the Conservative party.

  10. Richard Tebboth

    PS Did you see the proposal from Abbas that NATO be invited to maintain security in the Palestinian state?
    Echoes of Tom Clancey from ‘The Sumof all Fears’ written in 1991

  11. “Israel of course doesn’t receive any financial assistance, oh no, only about USD 150 Billion in total since 1948, a mere pittance…”

    We’re talking about “humanitarian aid”, not “financial assistance”, nice straw man too, you might want to reread the article carefully.

  12. To describe Alan Duncan as a ‘respected voice’ is a colourful interpretation of the truth and reality. He is just as objectionable when he talks about politics in the UK, and this is one of the reasons why–and-have-to-survive-on-rations.html

    • It is well known that the Foreign Aid portfolio is given to those who are on their way out and the standing government has not yet quite decided how to get rid of them. Alan Duncan has turned out to a bit of a dissappointment and since he knows he is probabaly about to be jettisonned, he is using our taxes to tour the Arab world to secure his future!! Now lets ask about land grabs and water theft!!

  13. Richard Tebboth

    Tangaroa: ‘Israel’s eastern border is the Jordan River as agreed to in 1994’.
    Not quite: the way it reads is that Jordan’s western border is the Jordan River.
    “This line is the administrative boundary between Jordan and the territory which came under Israeli military government control in 1967. Any treatment of this line shall be without prejudice to the status of that territory.”

  14. I have little time for Alan Duncan and his hypocrisy over the expenses scandal. It seems like he is also a typical nasty Arabist. But if he made such an incendiary comment about settlers that is a different order altogether. Oh and Gert – it’s ‘Millett’, but hey, you play with the facts as and when it suits you so no surprises there….

    Jeremy (Obsession) Havardi

  15. Though again, I would be interested in the source for that quote, if it was one.

  16. Good – a much needed correction because the implication (with those words in quotes) was that those incendiary words were his own. Fine blog as usual and looking forward to the article on Lush in The Jewish News.

  17. “…………As the short video progresses we see Duncan complain about the long queues of Palestinians waiting to go through security checks before going into Israel to work…….”

    Now I wonder when last I was in such a line waiting, not to get work in a foreign land, but simply to take my well earned holiday? Where is the outrage at the time stolen and fear instilled by the Islamic terrorists who have enforced a three hour check in process every time we need to travel? Where is the outrage that we cannot walk through our check points with a bottle of water in hand to quench that three hour thirst as we wait to be searched, prodded and poked because of those Islamic terrorists who enforced the building of that seperation barrier Alan Duncan so hates and refers to as a land grab? Why do we allow this biased hate riddle midget to represent us abroad? Why don’t we demand that he first attend to the seperation barrier in Belfast, somewhat closer to home, or the one in Cyprus that has been there a darned lot longer than the barrier that has all but stopped Islamic terrorists from Jenin and Tulkarim freely entering Israel to kill youngsters in bars and restaurants. Indeed why did he not comment on the Grad missile that was fired out of Gaza toward Be’ersheva whilst he was in the region? Did the explosion dumb his tongue!

  18. Truthfully, I can see where the man is coming from. Israel’s argument at the moment is very weak and were I a goy living in the UK I might reach quite similar conclusions to those of Alan Duncan.

    Even many Israeli government spokesmen seem to be adopting the line that we might have a “historical” or worse still “Biblical” right to Judea and Samaria, but we’re prepared to give them away in exchange for peace. We thus become comparable to the clichéd lady who has already agreed to sleep with a stranger for a million, but is insulted by the thought of doing so for a fiver, “What do you think I am?” “We’ve already agreed as to what you are. Now we’re haggling about the price.”

    Likewise, Israel has already fundamentally acknowledged that Judea and Samaria are to be a Palestinian state, now we’re just “Jewing” over the price. It looks like we’re just looking for excuses. We say we have security needs, but we keep changing them, so how serious can they be? We say that the Hamas is too extreme so they bring us Abu Mazen and Fayyad.

    Into all of that comes a guy who probably isn’t crazy about Jews anyway and he looks at the healthy well fed Israeli soldiers on the one hand and the poor vulnerable Palestinian children on the other. Who would you choose?

    I’m not saying that the guy’s an angel or that he has no ulterior motives, but I am saying that we are responsible for a lot of this. We’ve been lying for too long, because we think everyone would laugh at us if we say that Israel belongs to us and always has. We are ashamed of our heritage, so we pay ten-fold when Arabs use those same claims and we’re standing there like idiots rambling on about bogus security needs. No Arab has ever claimed that they need “Palestine” for security or strategic reasons, they just say it’s theirs. They’ve said it so many times that it’s become almost an unchallengeable axiom for any serious discussion…..almost.

    It’s not too late to repair. I don’t know Alan Duncan, but he looks like an honest goy. Why not try telling him the truth and seeing what happens?

    • Daniel
      recently in another context I have been made aware how important the choice of words is.

      What would you advise me to use?
      Judea and Samaria?
      and Gaza?

      and what would be my best arguments, if I wanted others to adapt that habit?

      I once got into an argument over it but found I couldn’t come up with any good rational reasons for it other than that West-Bank and Occupied Territories somehow sound too made-up.

    • Truthfully, I can see where the man is coming from. Israel’s argument at the moment is very weak and were I a goy living in the UK I might reach quite similar conclusions to those of Alan Duncan.

      More deranged drivel from a man who cannot let a day pass without giving succour to antisemites. What utter pondscum.

  19. If the wall is a “land grab ” why on earth build it more or less on the 67 borders . A real land grab would entail building a wall much further east , in fact right up to the Jordanian border encompassing all of the west bank .

  20. Richard Tebboth

    Harvey: you are advocating the one state solution.
    This implies a significant change in the demographics.
    What the additional population be accorded the same rights of citizenship in the expanded Israel as accorded to Israeli arabs today?

  21. Is anything known about Hamas’ reaction to Mr. Duncan’s singling out Mr. Fayyad?

    Wasn’t Fayyad the great hindrance to the love-feast between Abbas and Haniyeh coming into full flower?

    PS: something terrible is going on in the Sinai.
    is blogging live.

  22. It is amazing that government does not have the pulse of the people. The London riots last week came as a surprise to an unprepared government. Now matters at the Egyptian border come as a surprise to the world that continues as usual to headline Israel’s repsonse in Gaza ahead the attack by Al Qaeda on Israeli soil that has killed about 30 and wounded many more. One wonders why we send ministers to foreign countries to assess how we spend our foreign aid if they are unable to sense and feel the pulse of a situation. This man Duncan was in the area not long before today’s events in Sinai. Anyone who has half a brain would have been aware of this possibility since the beginning of the year following the ousting of Mubarak. Duncan was there and yet his only comments were on how Israel land grabs and thieves water from the poor “palestinians”. Did he suss out what was going on in those territories his government has agreed to back in their UN bid for independence? No, his nose only smells the Jew whom he despises and that hatred clouds what little judgement he might have. What now will the world do prior to this UN vote? Will they back it and risk their own demise for they are sure to fall if Israel does, or will they come to their collective senses beforehand and block the move? If they block the move as all sane people hope they will, are they prepared for the fallout? Probably not, but thankfully Israel is and it is for certain the IDF will come down on any violence with a firm hand, risking again international condemnation. But who cares what these half blind idiots think when they can’t even understand what brought kids out onto the streets in the UK to smash and loot at will!

  23. Richard tebboth From yesterday
    Unfortunately you don’t do irony . Maybe it was too subtle .
    Let me go a little slower for you
    Israel haters scream the wall is a land grab – despite the fact that it only came about as a last ditch means to prevent homicidal maniacs crossing an open border in order to wreak carnage on the streets of israel .
    What I’m saying is that if is as you say a land grab , why on earth make it such a measley grab by building it on the 67 cease fire lines instead of building it as far east as possible . In fact right up to the Jordan river.
    I have engaged with many proponents of the “land grab ” theory . I’ve not yet had an answer to this childishly simple fact .
    It looks like you too have failed your exams . The truth always wins out over mendacity and deceit in the end .

    The terminology Judea and Samaria have been used for about 3,000 years excluding a brief period between 1948-1967 when Jordan illegally annexed these areas and renamed them the West Bank (of the Jordan River).

    Unfortunately, as the Israeli Left fell madly in love with the idea of “painful concessions” and determined to give these areas away to any Arab who would take it, Jordan, then the PLO, now the Fatah/Hamas many carried on using this incorrect terminology. Often ignorant of and divorced from their Jewish roots they consciously or subconsciously sought to do the same to the Land of Israel.

    • thanks Daniel

      Shabbot Shalom

      the only good news I had since things happened once again is that a German MP spoke of Israel as “our partner”. I hope he means it and has some influence.

  25. Yoni\Leah

    Once again I have no doubt that you are not twisting my words. You genuinely don’t understand what I have written. I know English is not your mother tongue, but give it another go. Read the whole comment and see what you understand. You may want to start by checking out what “knowing where (somebody) is coming from” means.

    I for my part after hearing of another Jewish victim in Be’er Sheva a few minutes ago have no intention of allowing you to drag me down into your gutter tonight. Understand nothing but understand this. Today is not the day, tonight is not the night.