Jody McIntyre’s dream of setting London alight comes true at last.

Jody McIntyre in One World's anti-Israel Freedom For Palestine video promoted by Lush.

Jody McIntyre in One World's anti-Israel Freedom For Palestine video promoted by Lush.

In January I blogged about Jody McIntyre’s speech at a Palestine Solidarity Campaign event where he said:

“I say this at a time when people across the Arab world are setting alight to themselves in protest against their governments. We must take inspiration from them this year when we set the streets of London alight.”

As you will see in the video clip below these sentiments were applauded by Palestine Solidarity Campaign chief Sarah Colborne, PSC chairman Hugh Lanning and the rapper Lowkey.

Since then McIntyre has been feted by the left-wing media.

He was profiled in The Observer newspaper, invited to blog at The Independent newspaper and has appeared on countless news programmes. In yesterday’s Huffington Post, when asked by Dina Rickman “Do you think Footlocker is the right target?” he replied:

“On a personal level I think Brixton police station would be a better target than footlocker….I find it very difficult to condemn the looting myself. I feel sympathy when small cornershops and people’s homes are damaged but I don’t feel any sympathy for JD sports or M&S”

His high media profile has gained him a following of over 10,000 people on Twitter. Not bad for someone who cut his teeth on political activism outside Ahava in Covent Garden where he advocated for a boycott of Israel.

However, yesterday he was finally sacked by The Independent for tweeting the following:

“Be inspired by the scenes in #tottenham, and rise up in your own neighbourhood. 100 people in every area = the way we can beat the feds.”

His Independent blog page now reads:

“Following his recent tweets and statements on the London riots, The Independent will no longer be taking blogs from Jody McIntyre”.

With London still smoking and livelihoods ruined after a night of rioting and scenes of people jumping from burning buildings you would think he would lay low for a bit but, unrepentant, he tweeted in the early hours of today:

“I would suggest young people hit the streets tomorrow with three central demands.”

One of those demands is for the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister to resign “with immediate effect”.

Not only was McIntyre applauded by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, but he and Lowkey appear in One World’s Freedom for Palestine video, which is being promoted by Lush in the “Ethical Campaigns” section of their website.

Straight after McIntyre’s call for London to be lit up at the PSC event he goes onto say that “Palestine has been occupied since 1948”, which just goes to show the thinking behind the Freedom for Palestine song. It is not about ending “the occupation”, but ending Israel’s existence.

So, “ethical” Lush has shops in Saudi Arabia, where women are not allowed to work or drive, and it is promoting a video in which both McIntyre and Lowkey appear.

Quite incredibly McIntyre has just tweeted the following after taking some criticism:

“I have never supported looting local businesses + starting fires. Not in London, and not anywhere. Nice to have a scapegoat though?”

I also have three demands:

1. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign that applauded McIntyre’s sentiments and which recently hosted Sheikh Raed Salah, who has said that homosexuality is a crime, be shut down with immediate effect.

2. Lush stops promoting the vile Freedom for Palestine song and video.

3. We hear no more from McIntyre until he apologises for his comment calling for London to burn and for not condemning the looting.


Here’s McIntyre at the Palestine Solidarity Campaign event in January calling for the streets of London to be set alight. Sarah Colborne is sat next to him, Hugh Lanning is next and, finally, Lowkey. Watch for them applauding.

Sheikh Raed Salah at a recent Palestine Solidarity Campaign event.

Sheikh Raed Salah at a recent Palestine Solidarity Campaign event.

Lowkey in One World's Freedom for Palestine video promoted by Lush.

Lowkey in One World's Freedom for Palestine video promoted by Lush.


Thanks to cifwatch’s Adam Levick for the help.

80 responses to “Jody McIntyre’s dream of setting London alight comes true at last.

  1. Jonathan Hoffman

    Full marks to Chris Blackhurst for cleaning out the Augean stables at the Indi, even though we have had our differences in the past…..

  2. Michael Plosker

    Yet another brilliant piece of journalism Richard.You are my hero.

  3. Brilliant! Lets bring him down!

  4. Janet Clifford

    Great job Richard you are my hero too.

  5. Anyone able to offer thoughts on whether or not he potentially has committed an act of incitement with those Tweets?


  6. I’m going to be blunt about this Richard and I don’t mind if you pull this comment. If I personally encountered this contemptible McIntyre creature, I wouldn’t wait for or accept any fake apologies but I would… (Roger – you can’t say that! – Richard)

    • I would too, Roger!

      • You too would really chose to spend most of the rest of your life in jail or on the run just so you got rid of Jody?

        You remind me of the feeling all these smart anlysts leave me with when after they have brillantly and in great and competent detail given me all the history and all the players and all the connections of a given situation and then propose their solution which invariably may be OK in theory but in real life is BS.

        And then I ask myself how come all these truly smart and well informed people can’t see that their proposed solution is rubbish? Are they trying to fool me or is there something wrong with their thinking?

        BTW I haven’t read the book but I heard Stéphane Hessel on radio. He had quite a success with a very short book, more like a pamphlet, called “indignez-vous” – It has been translated into German? Maybe it was translated into English also.

        He also names some facts worth mentioning and then comes up with a non-solution proposal.

      • Silke….I was expressing my rage and disgust with this reprehensible low-life passing himself off as a human being. It was a flourish of fancy and it was good to see it there while it lasted. I’m sorry if I might have compromised Richard’s blog by doing so. But McIntyre is worthless. That’s as bad as it gets for anyone on this planet. Enough with the niceties and reasoned discourse. You don’t play nice with the devil…and if you can’t dispense with such entities because it is against the law…and the law is an ass most of the time….you go for good old tried and tested ad-hominem attacks.

    • Threatening a disabled man from the safety of Internet anonymity – tough guy!

      Jody Mc is contemptible too, though.

      • I figure tough is the only way to be in this game. Otherwise, you get eaten alive. People like McIntyre are enemies of freedom and civilisation and should be treated accordingly. He’s a death dealer. A fascist and nothing less. Who cares if he is disabled. Sheikh Yassin, a founder of Hamas and a genocidal murderer was blind and in a wheelchair when the IAF took him out. But he had to go…hell was waiting for him and the devil isn’t patient.His physical status mattered not. Goebbels was a dwarf with a club foot. Hitler was surrounded by mutants…was one himself and was one himself.

  7. Jody McIntyre has proved, beyond any doubt, that he is a self-indulgent and self-important, sanctimonious poseur. Like so many of his ilk, he is a class enemy. He should be thoroughly ashamed of the results of his incitement. I stand with the hard working, decent majority of Londoners. McIntyre you need to grow up!

  8. Michael Plosker

    Poor Jody McIntyre, he can’t stand up for himself!

  9. Why can’t we do this?

    Protesters charged for breaching bail conditions
    Alison Savage
    Updated August 09, 2011 11:44:36

    Pro-Palestinian campaigners Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) say four of their members have been arrested for breaching their bail conditions, set after a protest in Melbourne last month.
    BDS describes itself as a “wide coalition of the largest Palestinian organisations, trade unions, networks and NGOs” and has targeted businesses linked to Israel, urging customers to boycott them.
    Last month, 19 activists were arrested outside a Max Brenner store after allegedly chaining themselves to furniture.
    The group was not to go within 50 metres of the company’s two two CBD stores.
    A spokeswoman for BDS says the four protesters were arrested early this morning.
    Yesterday the Victorian Government has asked the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate the anti-Israeli campaign.

  10. Sharon Klaff

    There had up be such a link. Ta Richard for exposing this half wit.

  11. PLEASE can the police arrest this pondscum for incitement to commit a criminal offence?

  12. I spoke to Jody for about an hour at one of the AHAVA counter-demonstrations – trying to tell him about Israel’s side of the story & why boycotting Israel is wrong .
    Jody is an intelligent young man but like most Anti-Israel people he has been led astray by a completely one-sided & inbalanced Palestinian version of history spread by the extremist groups .
    I hope that Jody will now have a bit of a rethink concerning the need to act responsibly & moderately in expressing views about both Britain & Israel .

    • So, according to you, Jody McIntyre is not ultimately responsible for the hatred he spreads? He is merely one of the sheeple led astray by extremists?

      But you also say that he is intelligent. How does that square with his being led? Surely an intelligent person wouldn’t fall for the BS put out by extemists?

      And as for “a bit of a rethink” about acting responsibly, I shouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.

      • Dear Mitnaged ,
        I didn’t say that He isn’t responsible for his statements & actions – everybody is responsible for themselves . I would have thought that My last sentence about acting responsibly would have underlined that .

        One of the most serious problems with extremism is that it is frequently supported by very clever people ( are You aware of the very high percentage of Nazi Party leaders who were Lawyers & Doctors – some of
        the very worse war criminals had PHD’s ) – it is the challenge of all of us who value Democratic values to counter the often superficially sophisticated arguments of those who are apologists for terrorism & totalitarian ideologies .

        Ultimately this is a battle to win hearts & minds . As someone who campaigns against Anti-Israeli prejudice I understand how difficult it is to persuade Anti-Zionists that there might be another side to the story than the one that they solely hear because of the all pervasive nature of the extremist propaganda . There is no easy quick answer to this – but We have to keep on fighting for our values .

    • He wouldn’t have swallowed the propaganda had he had an ounce of intelligence.
      Pondscum like that, consumed by pathological hatred, don’t have rethinks. They simply blame the Zionists for conspiring against them.

    • Sharon Klaff

      I to have spoken with him and like many of his indoctrinated friends he imbibes this propaganda with glee. If as you say he is intelligent then that makes him Clockwork Orange evil as any intelligent person would know the facts are being distorted to further the Palestinian myth.

  13. @Ian: nothing intelligent about McIntyre. What is your definition of intelligence?

    • Dear Roger & Leah ,
      I have just posted above as part of a argument about the crossover between Intelligence & extremism – many of the worst dictators & killers have been extremely clever – but Intelligence without morality can lead to the most wicked kinds of atrocities .
      The person we are talking about is pefectly capable of intellectual discussions about political matters but I don’t think that He is aware of Israel’s needs for peace & security . This person is quite a young person & he may not have reached the kind of personal maturity to enable him to see a more balanced view of the conflict – but as You rightly point out that might take a good while yet in coming .

      • “The person we are talking about is pefectly capable of intellectual discussions about political matters”

        All he does is regurgitate dumb slogans. Definitely neanderthal.

  14. I agree that he’s intelligent – which makes his biased views and reckless language all the worse.

  15. Richard
    Turn the footage over to the prosecution services . Coupled with his tweets to some 10,000 followers surely they can build a case against this reprobate . Is there a case against Colborne and lowlife for hosting and appearing to condone these remarks or is the link to tenuous to get a result

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  17. Looks Like Mac and Robert Fisk get on like a house on fire!!!

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  19. Israel has always been a friend and supporter of Britain and it is in this spirit of friendship that we express our concerns.

    It goes without saying that we call upon both sides in this conflict to exercise maximum restraint and to come to terms with the undeniable truth that real reconciliation will be attained only at the negotiating table and not in the streets.

    While recognizing the right of the British police and indeed Her Majesty’s government to protect its civilians, it is hard not to feel that disproportionate force has too often been applied. Furthermore, the only way to bring to an end this cycle of violence is to address the genuine grievances of English minorities and their feeling that they are living in a state of economic and social apartheid.

    At this point in time there is no talk of boycotting British imports to Israel, but Israeli holiday makers have been warned of the dangers, particularly in the London and the larger cities.

  20. Sorry Daniel but restraint is for wimps. What conflict are you referring to anyway? As far as I can see, we are looking at a unilateral campaign of robbery, violence, looting and murder by a horde of Muslims (rage intrinsic), blacks brainwashed by hip-hop/rap to hate whitey (rage intrinsic), far left anarchists who hate capitalism and everything else (rage intrinsic), plebeians and proletarian uneducated white trailer trash types brainwashed and brutalised by the media, tranquilised by the trivial, impoverished in every way but certainly not financially (they’ve got Blackberries), products of dysfunctional lone parent families and fatherlessness( see Melanie Phillip’s latest post on her blog), and so on. What we are seeing is not a conflict but a collective vacuum exploding. So restraint? Forget it. Tear gas, water cannon, plastic bullets should do the trick…just to show these animals that there is an authority in control after all..just like the good old days. And it would be good for these errant guttersnipes anyway, as that is exactly what they need to see.

    • Absolutely.
      And Brendan needs to learn to read simple English prose.
      But maybe he is really McIntyre.

  21. McIntyre is a ******, but anti-Muslim comments above are equally offensive, given that 3 Muslim men were killed yesterday, and some of the most intelligent comment has come from leaders in that community. Shameful

    • don’t be silly. PC is out of place here mate. A considerable number of the rioters are Muslims.

  22. Hi Roger,

    I can only reiterate that there is little to be gained by continuing to perpetuate this cycle of violence or denying its legitimate roots. The young activists will only be forced into responding causing the police to adopt even harsher methods of repression, etc.

    Neither are we talking about an even-handed and fair use of force. On the one hand we see unarmed youths who have so long been discriminated against and denied many of their basic human rights, such as the right to well paid employment, and standing against them are the full force of the British police force with talk of introducing the army too. This together with the introduction of water cannons in mainland England can only lead to a further escalation of the situation which is surely in nobody’s best interests.

    It ought to be clear to all parties to the conflict that further violence is not the acceptable way ahead and nothing will be solved by adding further fuel to what are, without a doubt, genuine grievances.

    Lastly, without a doubt only the extremists of the extremists on both sides can be served by attempting to solve this problem by force alone. To this end we can only hope that an English peace camp, similar to the one we have in Israel, will emerge and seek to influence and moderate the policy of Her Majesty’s government. We the English diaspora, English Jews no longer living in the UK, are desperately concerned about her future and the image of England being broadcast every day in the media will do all that we can to facilitate such positive developments. When the UK government acts in a heavy-handed way it causes us embarrassment and shame, only yesterday I heard my wife sniggering while watching the BBC, and it is uncertain as to whether this key factor was fully considered by the UK government before deciding on a suitable response to this precarious conflict.

    In this hour of challenge let us all learn from the words of a great British statesman:
    “We should seek by all means in our power to avoid war, by analyzing possible causes, by trying to remove them, by discussion in a spirit of collaboration and good will…”

    Where are such leaders today?

    • “I can only reiterate that there is little to be gained by continuing to perpetuate this cycle of violence or denying its legitimate roots.”

      Bollocks on stilts. It has no ‘legitimate roots’. Smashing up corner shops has NO legitimate roots.
      These animals understand one thing, and one thing only: heavy policing.

    • Daniel, you forgot the “recruiting sergeant” cliché.

      • Could there be a cliche I’m not familiar with? Please enlighten me.

        Actually I rarely use cliches. Now my mate Goldman is a different kettle of fish. He can talk in cliches till the cows come home.

  23. Michael Goldman

    I feel I must support Daniel’s wise words.
    It is obvious that while we cannot condone the violence, that is only half the picture.
    These people have lived in poverty for too long.
    A solution must be found that gives them a bigger slice of the cake.
    Some of us are organizing a demonstartion flotilla on Tuesday 16/08 down the Yarkon river to demand that the British government show restraint.
    For details mail me at

    By the way Leah , now that you have been sussed why don’t you revert back to Yoni, or perhaps find a new alias.

  24. Michael Goldman

    I fear you have missed the point.
    Your racism will only cause more violence and hatered.
    Why are you so antagonistic towards other peoples culture?
    Surely you can find a way to live together!

    • Mad and stupid in equal measures.

      • Leah…I think we’re dealing with some pretty sharp satire here from those ‘terrorist illegal settlers’ Daniel and Michael ‘ down in the ‘ occupied west bank’.

  25. The flotilla is taking shape and our plan is to sail down the Yarkon, and if we don’t run out of beer or fuel and someone brings a map, hopefully reaching the Thames.Our mission is to bring much needed moral support to the young English activists.

    Our intention is to transport a completely a humanitarian cargo of baked beans, basic medical equipment such as condoms and “the after pill” and boxes of matches (wink, wink). Any dodgy foreign organizations wishing to contribute to this worthy cause can either make contact at the mail above or turn up on the day with brown envelopes full of oncers (do they still exist?).

  26. Jonathan Hoffman

    don’t forget the essential Nike trainers and I-pads, needed for humanitarian purposes …

  27. activists? LMAO Repression? ROFLMAO Poverty? Get me a drink! Just cottoned on to your brilliantly sustained sarcasm therè Daniel. Are you the CEO of the Onion? Or on the board of Latma?

  28. kol hakavod Richard for your intrepid investigatory sleuthing, which you manage to achieve without resort to phone hacking.

  29. Michael Goldman

    Daniel is of course being a little optimistic of our sailing abilities.
    The Thames is probably slightly out of range.
    We will, however have many renditions of the popular song:
    From Plymouth to Orkney (Islands) Great Britain will be free!

  30. indeed indeed how true how true

    if things continue this way it will not be long before the world will consider the cradle of modern democracy to be a pariah state

  31. Hope someone will withdraw his disability benefits.

  32. I don’t think from his comments you could reasonably conclude that he meant setting fire to London literally. However the more recent comments are a different matter all together.

  33. Hi Mostly,

    Here’s a word of advice from an old man. If somebody says he wants to set your house on fire, assume that he means it. Forget about idiomatic usage and allow him no poetic licence. Just take every word that he says literally. Either you’ll be ready for the worst or you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

    Otherwise intelligent people often seem to manifest an irrational weakness to “reasonably conclude” that all kinds of nutters and extremists are basically decent people, who are just misunderstood. Likewise, they often seem to find it hard to imagine that there really is evil in the world in which they live.

    If somebody says he wants to set your house on fire, reasonably conclude that that is just what he means.

  34. History has been crawling with the likes of McIntyre….watching various upheavals and atrocities from the sidelines, egging on the evil. He was there during the Inquisition near the pyres, there when they stormed the Bastille, with the Reds taking the Kremlin, enjoying the spectacle of Kristallnacht, gleefully lapping up the Cultural revolution in China. Let’s call a spade a spade and stop pussyfooting around with this tyke. He is dangerous. Seditious. Racist. Totalitarian. He is a practitioner of Terror. An enemy of freedom and civilisation. Any culture with self respect and a redidual.testicular fortitude ..and in the case of the UK that’s almost gone completely……would have him arrested immediately for treason.

    • testicular fortitude sounds nice but it makes me feel so excluded

      my English isn’t up to suggesting an equally nice but including me image, is yours?

  35. fallopian fearlessness?

  36. with great sadness I have to report that reality seems to have out-satirized Daniel Marks.

    By now I have seen two bloggers fisking high-minded MSM pieces which worry about the lack of understanding the British “establishment” has for the rioters i.e. the brillant minds who think the fist is permissible only with the hands of the “underdog” are at it in full speed.

    The world has gone mad …

  37. “I say this at a time when people across the Arab world are setting alight to themselves in protest against their governments. We must take inspiration from them this year when we set the streets of London alight.”

    The man attacked in the Ealing riots has just died.
    Report McIntyre for inciting violence and call the Metropolitan Police on 0300 123 1212 demanding action.

  38. richardmillett

    Sadly, Roger, one can get away with this type of blood curdling rhetoric as long if it is confined to an anti-Israel meeting. It is par for the course.

  39. There’s a Facebook page/group that can be joined called ”Lock up Jody McIntyre for inciting the London Riots”

  40. Daniel Marks

    “The world has gone mad …” – Silke

    Hi Silke et al,

    Maybe mad, or maybe post-modern. I heard a teenage looter interviewed on the BBC explaining that as a first time offender he has no chance of being incarcerated. He can just keep on looting until he gets caught, then the judge will warn him and he won’t do it anymore. Nothing mad about that.

    He has been brought up in a world in which people are judged solely by the material possessions that they own. He has been educated that the reason not to steal is lest one gets caught and punished. Now, if he can gain further material possessions without fear of punishment, isn’t that what he’s been taught? Why is that irrational?

    The Jews among us will read the Ten Commandments on Saturday. Thousands of years ago we were told never to steal, under any circumstances, full stop. I recommend the non-Jews among us to read them too, they are so simple and antiquated. There is no world in which what was forbidden yesterday is allowed today and sins of today will be permitted tomorrow – just a clear timeless instruction – everywhere, always.

    That is not to say that no believing Jews, Christians or Muslims steal, some of the worst crimes in history have been committed by them (especially the latter). However, I hope that they always know that they are wrong when they sin. It is that understanding by the individual that there is absolute good and bad, absolute right and wrong in the world that gives us all the chance to return and repair.

    English society has much to clean up and repair after the events of the last few days, but it would be a tragedy if this repairing was once again limited to rebuilding businesses and glazing shop windows.

    Shabbat shalom

  41. Janet Clifford

    @ Roger Is there one for tar and feathering?

  42. Michael Goldman

    Sorry that my English isn’t quite up to scratch but unlike Leah\Yoni, who found living in Israel too tough and went searching for greener pastures in Great Britain, though English is my first language, I have found my home in the holy land and therefore have a tendency to err when faced with the more subtle nuances of the English tongue.
    I am however in the middle of an off blog discission with Daniel who claims that your name change on this wonderful blog is only a symptom of your androgenous bent.
    Could you please put rest to these ugly rumours.

  43. We are saddened to announce the temporary delay of out flotilla. The reason for this are technical and connected to an unexpected trip to the North of Israel by the Marks family and a previous family engagement on the part of the voluptuous MIchael Goldman. We belive the SAS, Spooks and possibly 007 may be involved in both of these, but are still unable to prove these suspicions.

    Please keep the contributions coming!

  44. Before Leah/Yoni spots the missing e, I know, “i before e, except after c”. T’was merely a typo.

    • delay of out flotilla

      and what was this? a secret message. If I do one of my free associations on it it is full of potential for very very deep meaning.

  45. Thou mightest beter meten the myst on Malverne hulles
    Then geten a mom of heore mouth til moneye weore schewed!

    • since it is summer I am into reading “airport” novels. Right now I am enjoying Lord Peter Wimsey – now what would he have made out of my stumbling on a post about mumming when looking for a translation for the above?

      Deep, deep, deep – what a pity that I am no academic it might make such nice thesis material

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