The Siege of Ahava Continues.

The Siege of Ahava.

The Siege of Ahava.

Considering that Ahava is due to close at the end of September, due to the relentless bullying by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, there was no let up in the verbal attacks on Israel as about 15 activists harangued shoppers going in and out of the shop in London’s Covent Garden today.

Even PSC Chief Sarah Colborne made a rare appearance to rally her devoted followers. Maybe next time she will bring along her new best friend Sheikh Raed Salah, who has just been let out of prison on bail after having been arrested for entering Britain despite being on an exclusion list.

As soon as I arrived I, myself, was mindlessly haranged as you can see in these next two clips.

The first clip shows a PSC activist standing in front of me literaly flashing away (warning: flash photography) and in the next clip I am surrounded by three people filming me while the police are called because I was, apparently, the one doing the intimidating! (warning: flash photography also)

But (it gets better) in this next clip PSC activists are complaining to the police that I am filming them without authority. The clip is comedic. Off camera I was told I was a “Murdoch journalist”.

In the next clip we hear the old familiar song “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” for those who think that this is just about “the settlements”.

Even the literature handed out by the activists, which is printed by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, reads “Don’t buy Ahava products, Israeli or Settlement Goods”.

Proof, if any were needed, that this is a racist boycott of a country, not a political one about “settlements”.

The next clip shows PSC Chief Sarah Colborne singing her little heart out and the final clip shows how loud and intimidating the anti-Israel activists are when outside Ahava.

There were three people (myself, Jonathan Hoffman and Martin) making the case for Israel but soon there will, hopefully, be news of where and when Ahava is due to re-open. Maybe all is not yet lost for Ahava.


Martin making the case for Israel today.

Martin making the case for Israel today.

Some pro-Israel resistance.

Some pro-Israel resistance.

PSC activist reporting yours truly to the police for "intimidation".

PSC activist reporting yours truly to the police for "intimidation".

PSC chief Colborne (in green) rallies her troops.

PSC chief Colborne (in green) rallies her troops.

84 responses to “The Siege of Ahava Continues.

  1. I like that umbrella with the flowers and I like the street paving – very nice – what I don’t understand is why they don’t want you to film them? You make them better known and that is what they should be after if they had any brains. Bad press is better than no press, don’t they know that? It is 101 if you are into attention grabbing.

  2. Jonathan Hoffman

    The lippy one with the floral umbrella told me that Hamas was elected democratically. “So was Hitler” I said. She went quiet for a while and then told me that no, Hitler was never elected.

    That’s the way with the Israel haters: if history doesn’t suit their case then it must be falsified. ….

  3. Technically, she’s right. Hitler wasn’t elected. He became Chancellor only because of the split between the Socialists and the Communists and the help of the centrist and moderate conservatives. In the Nov 1932 elections, which led to his being made Chancellor in January 1933, the NSDAP lost quite a few seats in comparison to the previous, July 1932, elections.

    • Stephen Franklin

      By that logic the Lib Dems in the current government were not elected either. The Lib Dems lost seats too. Hitler came into power as a result of right-wing anti-Semitic parties getting a majority of seats in the Reichstag in the January 1933 election. I would not call von Papen, an open ant-Semite, a “centrist and moderate conservative” (

  4. As best I know no German chancellor was ever elected. Elected get Members of parliament and/or parties which then form the parliament that votes the chancellor into office. If you want to say Hitler wasn’t elected then you have to say that Ms. Merkel isn’t elected.

    Hitler was appointed in a perfectly legal way in accordance with the laws of the tumultuous time i.e. in popular parlance shorthand he was elected.

  5. Silke beat me to it.

    BDS: “If the facts don’t support our Jew-hatred, woe to the facts”.

    I trust the police laughed at the complaints of the pondscum and/or told them to fuck off.

  6. Yes, but the Palestinians should have another election ages ago, anyway, so its no longer very relevant that they were elected. Especially as they forcibly got rid of all their opposition in Gaza.

  7. What I really wanted to say was thank you, Richard, and the others, for going out in the rain on a Shabbat to stand up for a small company under attack. It’s really wonderful of you.

  8. If the Arabs lay down their arms, there’s no war; if Israel lays down their arms, there’s no Israel.

  9. Jonathan Hoffman

    The 43,9% for the NSDAP in the 1933 election was the best result any party had ever had in the Republic of Weimar from 1919 to 1933 (second best was 37,8% for the Social Democrats immediately after WW One.

    And then in March 1933 the German Parliament passed a law that allowed the Nazi/Deutschnationale Coalition to govern without the consent of the parliament. That this was in fact an unconstitutional law is a mere technicality – it was passed with a vast majority that would have allowed to change the constitution in any case, so the parliament skipped a step.

    So,since Hitler and the NSDAP had more votes than any other party during the Republic of Weimar and governed on the basis of a law that had been passed by the absolute majority of the parliament it is correct to say that he was democratically elected.

  10. Daniel Marks

    It does seem a bit strange to go to a demonstration and then ask people not to photograph you. Isn’t the whole point of a demonstration to attract attention?

  11. Good job Richard; from top to bottom you caught all the properties of dictatorship in the BDS movement.
    The guys with the cameras are behaving like thugs from Middle Eastern regimes. They are interrupting journalists and bystanders from taking pictures. In their eyes, like those regimes, only they are authorized to take pictures, or to say who is allowed and who isn’t.
    The umbrella lady that doesn’t want to be filmed: typical thinking for a member the ruling party in a one-party state. Giving orders to civilians and the police.
    “From the river to the see….” Ultra-nationalist ideology. The excuse used by all repressive regime in the Middle East.

  12. What is the point of continuing demonstrating against AHAVA? BDS won. AHAVA has to leave. What extra value will be generated by the demonstration.

    BTW Photographers can photograph whoever they want in the public space. Distribution may be another matter. You could argue that the harassment is not the photography but the standing in your face. Next time bring a lawyer to argue your case.

    It’s not for me to say, as I face no physical danger or financial risk from this suggestion but getting charged would be the best thing to happen. It would severely inconvenience the mob when subpoenaed (sp?) and forced to display their photographs in court. You would, of course, counter sue for harassment – and win!

  13. Jonathan Hoffman

    The point of the counter-demo is to counter the lies communicated to passers-by by the haters

  14. richardmillett

    Thanks Imshin and Dvar Dea. You make an interesting point, Daniel. I should actually charge them for my services. Next time i will take along an invoice book and bill them individually if they have appeared on this blog. They are so ungrateful.

  15. Jonathan,

    You’re so wasted fighting for cosmetics. Run for knesset! You’ve got my vote.

  16. Jonathon,
    Your “Hitler was elected, too” response was not the most effective.
    1) It catches you under Godwin’s Law. The first reference to the Nazis loses the argument, even if correct and relevant,
    2) It involves you in tangential discussions about the pre WWII German election system of little interest except to historians.

    May I suggest an alternative response? “and so was every Israeli government from 1948 to 2011, all 18 of them and the pre 1948 Jewish government known as the Yishuv”. Then follow up with, “Hamas made it clear before it’s one election that it would go to war, at the first opportunity. Don’t Arab voters have any responsibility for their choice”?

    • I prefer John’s response, it’s far catchier and obviously did its job of stumping the opponent. You don’t start talking to a goy about “the yishuv pre-1948”, this is not a Habonim leadership course.

      Jonathan’s comeback was perfect, with time to think I might have said:

      “Yes, they did. That was their stupidity then and that their tragedy today. If you go electing a government that believes in destroying our country and killing us all, don’t come crying when we get angry.” – but, I’d very be happy with the original answer too.

    • “It catches you under Godwin’s Law. The first reference to the Nazis loses the argument, even if correct and relevant”

      Only if you believe in that idiotic law. I don’t.

  17. By Historyman’s logic the Lib Dems in the current government were not elected either. The Lib Dems lost seats too. Hitler came into power as a result of right-wing anti-Semitic parties getting a majority of seats in the Reichstag in the January 1933 election. I would not call von Papen, an open ant-Semite, a “centrist and moderate conservative” (

  18. Joy Wolfe

    In my view if anyione has any sense, the least publcity given to Ahava, new location and the less activity outside it the better. If the counter demo is continued there it will fuel the others and it will achieve absolutely nothing.
    The domonstrators will be less effective and outnumbered anyway and their venemous literature will be less well received.
    It would be far better to have some supportive peceful activity at random times to tell the truth about Israel

    • Roberta Moore

      Joy, this will only happen when Jews start organizing themselves.
      While most of you are “terrified” of being seen with the EDL, you won’t go nowhere with your protests.
      The EDL is a proper Zionist organisation with people who are not afraid to take to the streets also on Shabbat. Our Jews go out on Shabbat because they know how important it is to make a stand.
      Shabbat is “our” weakness. There should be no shabbat in times of war. And make no mistake, this is war.

  19. Djneal betar

    Ah this takes me back to my betar counter m an s demos well done lads me and my lads may make an apoerance one sat afternoon id love to see those mumzas faces when we turn up! There would be no one in our faces snapping away thats for sure . Kahane chai

  20. Roberta Moore

    I am sorry for not coming yesterday.
    It was absolutely pouring down and Zeus was going to get covered in mud, as I never go round to get him a rain coat. I will try to come in 2 weeks time if the scum is still there.
    I am hoping Ahava will move to Temple Fortune or Golders Green. This way we will crush any pathetic attempt from the Code pink backed PSC.

  21. Really sorry i could not make it yesterday . Wife, shul ,foot and down won the day .
    These reptiles are so wide of the mark. For the most part Israeli s are dismissive of all this posturing . It is unfortunate that ahava is the lightning rod as the most highly visible example of Israeli enterprise . The reality is that israel is exporting highly desired products and services on a global basis in total disproportion to its size.
    The idiots believe that by harassing a few shoppers from going into ahava they are helping Palestinians . The irony is that each of them use Israeli technology every day of their lives .
    Israel and its supporters are slowly waking up. The flotilla was bushwhacked and metaphorically sunk without trace , although you would never know that over at mondoweiss where somebody called Annie is crowing over the flotilla ” victory ” in some bizarre flowery poetry . Visions of some mad old hag who still thinks shes manning the Paris barricades .
    UCU is about to be hit with a law suit and at last a vile Islamist preacher is about to be deported .
    I hope ahava manages to open again on home turf so to speak . I’m sure consultation with police and council will reduce the effect of the Bds . Maybe one person , one hour once a month .

    • Roberta Moore


      The Ahava manager failed to appear in court to deliver his evidence against the scum. They must start working hard to stop this or the bullies will keep mounting on them. And it’s not as if Ahava hasn’t got the money to take these evil twats to court, is it?
      They got to get their act together once and for all, and be firm.
      There is freedom of speech but there is harassment and bullying, and this is what these twats are doing. We need to get aggressive.

  22. Hi Roberta
    Our comments crossed . How right you are . Shabbat can be tricky especially if the other half is shomer Shabbat and you once went to watch Southend united play on Friday night with your mates and tuck into prawns and pickled onions on the way home . Don’t ask it was another life time ago . Yesterday was one Of those days when I was on the leash like Zeus , except I was the one being led – to Shul !

  23. Wow dj Neal and Roberta together . Just imagine the children they would make . A modern day legacy of mount Olympus and they already have Zeus on board .

  24. Here is some info that might be suitable to play offense against the BDS-nutters.

    Scroll down and marvel at all the Israeli products Gazans apparently enjoy (why else would Israel supply them?)

    Now shouldn’t they go out an teach Gazans something about what to boycott? ;o)

    Nazi-era Germany inflicted WW2 on mankind and you want to ban it from arguments? Why not the Roman Empire, Greek culture, the Renaissance, the Mongol invasions and so on and so on.

    An argument free of all historical allusions sounds like just the kind of conversation we should all aim for.

  25. Here’s a video we did, interviewing 2 of the Ahava London bullys:

  26. The first interviewee says what I have suspected all along, lots of them “activists” are trying to relive a youth remembered as much more glorious than it was. And the more of them 68ers retire the more of them will show up. A recent radio report on our current vacillating between riots and party protesters in Stuttgart claimed that a more than sizeable number of them are such have-it-all-again-ones.

    The second is cute, first he “bravely” refuses to be interviewed by holding a leaflet to the camera and then he pipes up after the “seasoned” campaigner has shown him the way. It is Bruce isn’t it? So he needs someone he can follow before he can react other than prescripted?

    Some brave teflonized gal or guy should flirt with Bruce and post the conversation on the net. (I hope Bruce reads this and from now on is adequately cautious should anybody anywhere ever show even the mildest inclination to get interested in him.)

  27. No not Bruce silke . Bruce prefers to dress up as an orange and his face is invariably contorted in hate . He s also very short

  28. Nothing against short men, usually they are much better at walsing (right and left), especially when they have a little belly that enhances their spin, than the more fashionable ones.

    But now I am confused, I thought I knew what Bruce looked like, like dough about to go bad instead of puffing about nicely.

  29. Silke
    I’m fascinated by your unique command of English syntax .Ever so slightly surreal but highly entertaining and quite impossible to second guess the direction a comment will take at the outset . Have you lived in the Uk or the States

    • LOL
      neither – I spent a total of 3 days and one night in London on two different trips. That’s all.

      I had some years of normal school lessons up to 16 when I quit, half a year of Berlitz and after that it was AFN and trying to get hold of a book here or there (pre-amazon times were tough times)

      And my favourite word to be misused in German is “and” … just like in English. ;o)

  30. I haven’t heard much about the whole Ahava situation. Can somebody sum it up for me?

  31. Tlozuk
    Israeli owned cosmetics shop , the target of a toxic amalgam of Islamo fascists and the far left with a fair sprinkling of anti-Semites to give it flavor
    Long term protest outside shop to cause nuisance thereby closing the shop . This tactic has succeeded and it remains to be seen whether Ahava will open elsewhere.
    Meanwhile Israeli companies including telecoms and hi tech etc are doing tremendous business globally , which is doubtless being used by these air heads every day

  32. tlozuk
    this is a sampling of Richard’s reports of the happenings at Ahava

    the nutters had themselves tied up to concrete barrels in the shop, got arrested, went to court, all kinds of things and the Ahava management didn’t show up at court. Due to a hint by EoZ I assume that US Ahava had fears of brand name troubles coming up.

    The most laudable event btw made it into EoZ’s Hasbara contest 2010 i.e. a group of Israeli tourists showing up and just singing the idiots into silence.

  33. Daniel Marks

    While not disputing anything that Silke has said, I wish to offer a perspective on the Ahava struggle from the point of view of someone living in Israel. I’ve never attended one of the demonstrations and even if I did, G-d forbid, live in London, I suspect that Shabbat observance would make doing so well nigh impossible.

    From an Israeli point of view whether the shop stays open or closes has less significance than the ultimate fate of the excellent Jerusalem sushi joint that I patronized yesterday. Ahava is just another highly successful Israeli international company, and its sales from that particular store represent a negligible part of its annual turnover.

    Furthermore, the company is an unlikely choice of West Bank industry to be made an example of either by its attackers or defenders. Its products are made from minerals taken from a part of the Dead Sea has been Israel since 1948, before that British Mandate and for 500 years before was part of the Turkish Empire. They are processed in the West Bank, but in one of the most Left-wing of “settlements” whose residents have long ago expressed a preparedness to relocate tomorrow in exchange for peace. Finally, to the best of my knowledge, the company itself has consistently asked the counter-demonstrators to leave them alone in what seems to have turned out to be a accurate forecast that more noise and fuss would be bad for business, especially in the eyes of their neighbors.

    However, all that is as nothing. There is, to my mind, a clear and obvious reason why the struggle was both justified and moral, even if hardly anyone in Israel knows of it and even if Ahava themselves opposed it. The battle was not for the future of Ahava or Judea and Samaria or even the State of Israel – paradoxically it was a fight for the future of Anglo Jewry. It was the chance of the scores of British Jews to stand up and be counted and to show that they still cared. In the 30s their grandparents had heroically turned up in their thousands to stop Oswald Mosley and his Black Shirts from marching through the East End, they had been beaten and scarred but emerged victorious, on that day “They did not pass!”. Years later in the 70s their parents had also been arrested and beaten fighting to free their brethren imprisoned in the Soviet Union, again it was proved that right is might.

    And in this generation the torch was passed yet again. Halting Fascism, opposing Soviet oppression or preventing anti-Semitic boycotts were never what the struggle was really about. It could be argued that it was Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt stopped Fascism – not East End Jewish barrow boys. Likewise, it was more likely Ronald Reagan and the Afghanistan guerillas, not us, that caused the collapse of the Soviet Union and it will be Almighty G-d with the IDF and Israeli security services that will guarantee the future of the State of Israel, not biweekly demos in Covent Gardens.

    But all these demonstrations and all these struggles are crucially important as a barometer of the strength and vitality of Anglo-Jewry. If a community can’t be measured by its synagogues or even its demographics – let it be assessed by how many people care. Let it be measured by how many people bother to turn up to once again fight for what appears to be another hopeless cause.

    I am indescribably proud to consider as my friends and acquaintances some of the final handful of truly decent altruistic British. However many or however few they are, they and not the OBEs they and not the bankers, they and not their “leaders” are the elite of Anglo Jewry today.

    They may all be collectively desecrating the Shabbat every fortnight, but I believe that in so doing they are sanctifying the name of heaven in ways many times more profound than I who am observing it.

    • richardmillett

      Wow. What a piece. Thanks for that, Daniel.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

    • Daniel

      there must have been another memorable time for Anglo Jewry shortly after the war. Vidal Sassoon who was 17 by then and an apprentice at a hairdresser’s i.e. washing ladies’ hair by day while in his off time patrolling the streets in heavy boots which he claimed he used to keep fighting off the remnant and/or resurgent British Nazis. And he wasn’t alone, he said others used knifes.

      I think it must was in here that he told the tale:

      And just to complete the picture, here is a must-read piece on activism which Daniel omitted to link to.

  34. Daniel Marks

    This Judah fellow seems like a terribly good writer. He’s a bit arrogant though and I’m not sure he’s the kind of person I’d want to get to know.

    • As much as I admire Orwell and Churchill and Robert Graves I’m quite convinced that being around any of them for any amount of time would have been quite taxing.

      But then there is also Jane Austen …

      and I may be all wrong and it may be the other way around.
      Nobody knows unless one has dared to face it in real life. Me thinks Judah lives not far away from you – give it a try, he might surprise you.

  35. Question:

    Those BDS-sers pride themselves on their cultural sensitivisness, right?

    Thus if they time their yelling parties on Saturdays it means by implications that they don’t care about the cultural sensitivities of observant Jews, right?

    Now why would they do that, since I am pretty sure that they’d never time an anti-any-Muslim-country-yelling-party during Friday prayers?

    I have but one explanation: Cowardice!

    (Harvey, please not how well I abstained from using “and” this time.)

    (Daniel, don’t miss Harvey’s tale of Bobby Fisher in Iceland the other thread)

  36. Silke
    I would not dream of correcting your English . Syntax , content, mistakes .it’s perfect . Who else could find a way of including Robert graves , Jane Austen in a blog on an Israeli cosmetics company

    • If you like my erratics/power of association you should chat with women more often. You know of course that the connection between our left and our right brain has been found to be more highly developed than yours.


      • I forgot, Robert Graves visited Israel back in Ben Gurion’s days and wrote a report about it, I’ve got it scanned and as soon as I have solved the mystery of the web I will post them somewhere for all to see. It is quite a lovely read with nice pictures.

        If somebody wants me to send him the huge pile of data as e-mail attachments so he/she can post them for all to enjoy, let me know. If Richard vouches for the person, I’ll send the stuff.


  37. True
    But we have our uses . I have yet to meet a woman who can read an A to Z road map of London or can navigate a short distance without the aid of a sat nav .
    But then I suppose we men are quite ill disposed to speaking on the phone for hours . I guess that is down to our underdeveloped left/right hemisphere connection .

    • When I was in demand as a co-pilot map-reading was still done on paper. I was quite in demand ;o)

      In my first mixed school class at the age of 16 no boy matched us girls in math, physics or chemistry. The gender distribution in the class was about 20 boys to 6 girls. And that despite the fact that none of us had ever tried hard because everybody told us it was useless anyhow we didn’t have the brains for it anyway. All we could strive for was to do well by girl standards. The times back then had gotten so enlightened that it was an accepted fact that we’d do better in languages. (languages need training, the phone is ideal for practice it limits destraction – on the phone even Bruce of that interviewee might serve as a sparring partner)

      When I did some PR-work on the side I quite often got photos to accompany the piece with no names of the depicted. If I could identify a woman on the picture and ask her about the others, I could have written biographies on them. Ask a man the same and you’ve wasted your time.

      But yes you’ve got your uses, undoubtedly!!! … and most of you are rather sweet and becoming to the eye.

  38. Daniel Marks

    And who exactly do you think your wife is talking with on the phone “for hours”? And why is she forever arriving home ridiculously late and telling you that she got lost with that A to Z map you bought her?

    I’m no detective, but I think you may have less “uses” than you think.

    Wake up Harvey, mate, and smell the roses!

    • Gee wizz, another proof that you guys can be really mean with eachother

      and what do you do to cover it up? (at least in offices you do) you put the spot light on us when we get bitchy with eachother and harp on about it endlessley.

      Which reminds me that I have recently heard a quote from Mrs Thatcher after she had had to sit through an endless row of men delivering speeches. She got up and said something like: men crow but it is the hen who lays the eggs.

      When it comes to getting things done a.k.a. throat cutting – at least in offices – it’s the other way around. If two men go for eachother, one of them will soon be gone while gals’ fights can drag on for decades.

      Harvey certainly was inspired solely his underpaid over-harassed (by her boss) secretary.

      • You haven’t discovered yet that Marks is a nasty SOB to both genders?

      • Leah

        I admire Daniel but that would in no way keep me from disagreeing loudly with him would I disagree (it has happened). But most of the time I enjoy his style, his feints, his maneuvers and his quirky thinking and recognize him as somebody from whom I enjoy learning things.

  39. Daniel Marks

    In fairness to Harvey, if anyone was mean, it was me and me alone. I’m sure that he understands it was all said in jest – but will keep those eyes peeled, just in case.

  40. Well that was an interesting evening . Unlike high profile Richard and Jonathan , I was able to buy a ticket for the London Jewish cultural centre comedy evening starring Ivor dembina. I was one of around 20 people who showed up for probably the most excruciatingly unfunny event its been my misfortune to attend . Words simply cannot describe how bad the act is . He tried to elicit a response after each lame anecdote by raising his hands but without success .
    Around 30 minutes in , he gently eased into a tame discourse on his visit to the west bank . At that point I asked him if he could explain to the audience why the purpose of his visit to the west bank was to work with and support the international solidarity movement . This is an NGO that is closely aligned with Hamas and other terrorist networks . Their core manifesto is the dismantlement of israel and it’s replacement by a single state of Palestine .
    Without a prepared script he was lost for words . There was total silence which prompted me to ask why he puts out a tame act for a Jewish audience and launches into the full on israel hate for a more receptive audience which he usually plays to . This time he started to explain that yes he did support the ism
    By this time I was asked to leave and on the way out I implored the audience that if they had israel in their heart they would reject this poseur fraud and vote with their feet . In any case his act was the pits . No idea what happened next . Wish I had been around to hear how he tried to explain himself .

    • richardmillett

      I bumped into deborah maccoby after and she told me that “jonathan hoffman sabotaged the act and that Ivor was very upset”.
      Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device

  41. Daniel @5.48
    Wife ? Why do you assume there is a mrs Harvey ? Do I give off an Internet friendly” married pheromone” .

  42. Daniel you really have a febrile imagination . Have you ever thought of ghost writing for Mills and Boon
    ( image of silke frantically googling m&b)
    No take that back . I should not underestimate silkes encyclopedic knowledge .

    • Harvey
      how well you know me be now. ;o)

      Some time ago I kind of “investigated” Mills & Boon (after I read somewhere that they do exceedingly well in India) and read a number of their books. I found that the aristocrats of German immortal Hedwig Courths-Mahler have mostly been replaced by tycoons, some self-made, some inherited. Sheikhs and Italians seem to dominate the field because they are? most conducive to female day dreams.

      Since then I lobby wherever the occasion comes up for somebody to befriend a Mills & Boone author (somebody must know somebody who knows one) to introduce the public to Israeli heroes.

      When I was a teenager Israelis were quite successful at presenting themselves in cinema news-reels to us as the most desirable men on earth. Nowadays they seem to rely more on female super-models which IMHO is a mistake since we females tend to be jealous of super-perfect competition.
      It is also a mistake if it is true that females decide elections and by consequence dominate public opinion and supplying us with dreams is not a bad strategy.

      I notice that the German equivalent of Mills & Boon is read widely therefore as nuts as it may sound to more sophisticated minds I think it is a PR path to hearts and minds that should be pursued.

      • Harvey

        I forgot to mention that amongst the pile of to be read next before lights off is a novel by Louise Bagshawe who I understand is an MP by now and who has said something quite friendly about Israel not long ago. Maybe I can get her to support my plan, but first I must have read at least one of hers.

      • richardmillett

        Louise Mensch now. She just got remarried to a jewish man.

  43. Hi Richard
    Why does everyone assume I’m Jonathan ? He’s far better looking ! It also confuses the Bds numb nuts who think we are twins .
    I’m really sorry that the evening was sabotaged . I promise not to do it again , but frankly I think everyone there all 20 were glad that it was . It was like putting down a horse with a broken leg .
    Meanwhile apologies to Jonathan who once again gets the blame LOL

  44. “You haven’t discovered yet that Marks is a nasty SOB to both genders?” – Leah

    I consider this to be an unfair generalisation. Let me assure you I had absolutely no idea that the author of this comment is an Androgyny until today.

    Furthermore, my attitude to her is wholly a function of my need to defend against her stupidity, ignorance and the “periodic” attacks to which I am subjected and totally unrelated to her sexual identity.

    • What’s this idiot spluttering about now?

      • Leah
        are you really as reading-, understanding- and irony-teflonised as you try to convince us you are?

      • No, darling. Unlike you, I am not an IQ-challenged lickspittle groupie of a disgusting twerp who thinks it’s terribly witty to make fun of my sexuality and my periods. If you think such a man is a fit object for your fawning admiration, you need to look in the mirror more often and reflect on your own reading comprehension shortcomings, not mine.

      • Leah

        thanks for enlightening me to the deeper meaning of “periodic”. ;o)

        Being a veteran of times when boys greatest fun was to threaten to throw us into the pool when they suspected we were menstruating I am quite inured and consequently probably deaf to guys alluding to my gender owed bodily functions.

        (what a relief it was when finally finally it came about that our virginity was not so precious and that we could thus use tampons without having to fear to become unmarriageable. Staying away from the piscina was of course not an option since that was where life was)

        What a pity that women during my last office years seemed to be more and more willing to tolerate all kinds of subtle put downs from men and now you get squeamish about such a move, that if you are right about it, would open heaps of delightful possibilities for retaliation.

      • I am not being squeamish. I am simply refusing to tolerate sexist put-downs from a sexist and boorish pig.

  45. Daniel Marks

    Harvey 6:53am Israel Time (fasting)

    Please forgive my being presumptuous. It seemed inconceivable that someone with your obvious charm and charisma, not to mention being almost as handsome as Jonathan Hoffman, would not be snapped up in an instant.

    All I can say is, that one day Mrs. Harvey is going to be one very lucky supermodel.

  46. That’s ok . I am married . It was your presumption that I felt needed addressing ,

  47. And yes I confess , the bit about Jonathan being the better looking was false modesty on my part which was unnecessary . Having been falsely accused of being me , I thought that Jonathan should have something kind said about him

  48. Yes and my uncle had camel which is ‘both genders’. Be carefull it makes big kicking sometimes.

  49. Gamil
    You’ve given me the hump

  50. Gamil so glad to read you again.

    How’s the camel business going?

    Has science discovered anything new as to its health benefits? or is its urine still the latest big thing.

    Also I wish you’d be more forthcoming as to its culinary possibilities. Ever since I read that Lawrence of Arabia sustained himself on camel meat during his raids I’ve been keen on learning more.

  51. but really important – here’s the latest flotilla news from the IDF – may all the heavens protect the soldiers who have to deal with the nutters.

  52. Jonathan Hoffman

    @Harvey – an honour to be mistaken for you
    @Daniel – great writing, thanks for backing me as an MK, I need to move there first though
    @David – thanks for the suggestion on an alternative response to the harridan

    Here she is again, vile animal

  53. Silke
    That’s really nice of you to offer up a prayer for members of the IDF . Thank you .

    In every synagogue every sabbath , there are special prayers for the royal family , for the state of israel and its armed forces and another for the sick and bereaved .

  54. Michael Goldman

    Don’t have the prayer for the Royals over here …..pity I kind of miss it.

  55. Maybe that’s because we don’t have a royal family.

  56. Michael Goldman

    I hadn’t thought of that