Robbie Williams hearts Israel.

Take That are currently touring the UK and during a recent concert at Wembley national treasure Robbie Williams approached a group of screaming teenage girls who were sporting cheesy Israeli head-wear and took away one of their Israeli flags, promptly kissed it and then took it on to the stage with him (see clip below).

It is, at least, a bit of welcome respite from the vicious antics of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement, which solely desires to kill off the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, the evil single Freedom for Palestine has, so far, reached number 79 in the charts. It is actually higher than I thought it would be. I am not sure how many purchases that equates to, but it would be interesting to find out.

Anyone in the UK who bought a copy should be ashamed of themselves considering its anti-Semitic/Holocaust-denying undertones.

Luckily, there are decent people around like Robbie.

(Thanks to oyvagoy for this)

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  1. I love Robbie, and I love him for doing this.

    I personally wouldn’t read too much political motive into his gesture at this stage.

    It’s still lovely that he did it, though.

  2. richardmillett

    Very true but considering the worldwide fan base that Take That and Robbie have compared to the idiot bands and musicians that boycott Israel it was an important gesture.

    • Important, yes. Important too that we don’t twist it, or attritbute motivations to it that there is no evidence for.

      We don’t want to discourage this sort of gesture by pretending it meant something it didn’t.

  3. and there are more,1209101.html

    And Der Spiegel had it yesterday in German that German Defense Minister currently in Israel wants to increase military cooperation. I keep my fingers crossed that this guy who strikes me as a sober minded protestant in favour of upholding some (oh so old-fashioned) values will win German hearts and minds against all evil looneys,1518,druck-774076,00.html

  4. That was really nice! Thanks for posting this, which I am sharing too.
    I always loved Robbie’s songs. And now he has proven himself to be a very decent guy. Sweet.


    • Howdy, Roberta –
      (if you are the Roberta I think you are)
      glad to read you again. I keep my fingers crossed for you personally.

  5. I expect the BDS brigade will be drowning Robbie Williams with emails expressing outrage

  6. Hi Silke,

    Yes it is me!! Oh, no need to have your fingers crossed. All is perfectly fine and well! How are you my dear?
    I am sure many people here have heard the latest but trust me, it’s never as black and white as it seems. I am enjoying some much deserved time off and finally stopped neglecting my friends. Soon enough is back to business as usual, and the JC will got mad again! hahaha
    Hope everyone is well.

    • That’s what I guessed, Roberta, I never doubted you’d be the one who’d come out on top of whatever it is but I feel better to get confirmation from you that you are taking it in your stride – it’s the motherly me that can’t help itself.

      BTW do you have any advice on how to deal legally and effectively with a guy who displays the most hair-raising anti-semitic “exhibition” on a public place in Cologne?

      Here is a picture of his latest to give you an idea – the courts have labelled it “free speech”.

      • Roberta Moore

        You know what is like. The media always exaggerate things and defame people. The truth is, the show must go on, and the fight is still hot out there, so people must focus instead of wasting their time with in-fightings. Will let them cool their heads and get their act together. I want soldiers, not cissies ๐Ÿ˜‰

        Regarding the anti-semitic stuff, it seems this is in Cologne, Germany. Right? We have a strong German Defence League there and I will approach the leader and ask him to do something about it. Will give him the link.

        I only managed to read from Google translate as I don’t speak German, but from what I have seen it seems that the German police is “tolerating” this Nazi scumbag’s right to be a Nazi. That’s outrageous!
        Let me see what I can do. The GDL may have to start a campaign to highlight this. Thanks for the link! x

      • As best I know the case has been at court with the courts ruling in favour of the agitator, maybe rightfully maybe wrongfully, with courts who is to fully understand their reasoning.

        I assume that leaves the police not much of a choice other than to tolerate the guy. It is the courts that are absolutely incomprehensible to me.

  7. Michael Goldman

    Sorry to piss on everybody’s parade but is this really what the chosen people have come to.
    Getting excited because some rock star was generous enough to kiss our flag or getting angry coz some politician said something not nice about Jews or Zionists.
    Can anybody imagine any other nation so desperately craving acceptance.
    No self respecting nation would really give a toss.

    • Roberta Moore

      .You are right Michael, but we are just kind of talking. No one is “getting excited”. We just made an observation on the topic Richard wrote.
      But I totally get your point. We need to be better than that.
      When “the chosen” people decide to get up from their backsides and start speaking out in the streets things will change. No one loves the weak.
      They need to re-learn self respect indeed, and that can only come by being strong and making strong decisions.

    • That’s not how I have understood it hithertoo, I have understood it more like joy that somebody is punching the BDS-sers on the nose.

      And if those who perform in Israel get as much heat as they claim, a bit of encouraging applause for those who “dare” doesn’t seem ill-placed to me because if I were a BDS-ser I’d gnash my teeth.

      Anything that makes those flotillistas and flytillistas and their co-molesters lose more of their sanity doesn’t seem ill directed to me.

    • Earth to Goldman, earth to Goldman … take that chewing gum out of your ears, Goldman … are you receiving? Goldman, push the button marked RECEIVE/TRANSMIT. Ah, you are there and not lost in the asteroid belt?
      So how come you haven’t heard about the BDS and about the significant numbers of people signing up to it? You have heard? So how come you don’t understand that it’s nice to see a pop star who is a mensch and supports Israel publicly?
      Nobody is getting ‘excited’ except you.

  8. Roberta Moore

    We care too much about what the Islamofascists’ lovers, such as BDS think.
    We should focus on elevating ourselves and start ignoring these ranting mad dogs. They only bother us because we let them. Maspik!

  9. Roberta Moore


    Then we should target the courts and these judges made to resign. It’s all about who to target, lock in and job done!

    • Judges are highly independent under German law. Unless they become criminals there is practically no way to get at them.

      The system allows cases to go to higher courts and from thereon to still higher ones depending on the case in question and the higher court may send the case for example back to the lower court to re-negotiate. It is all very complicated and it normally works pretty well. But there is practically no way to get at the judges and or in this case the prosecutors.

      It is one of these cases where gut feelings and the law don’t synch.

  10. Hi Roberta
    Think before you take that easy jet weekend to cologne or at least leave the stiletto heels behind . He’s an ugly character but I do fear for him.
    I read your series of exchanges with some of the EDL Neanderthals . You certainly know how to mix it with the boys . It made the ” fight Club ” look like a sedated version of Blue Peter
    I just wonder if things would have been different if you had put on the Laura Ashley dress instead of the knife belt on your Bat Mitzvah

    • Roberta in a Laura Ashley dress would probably have been even more devastating, getting all the boys into a swoon of “oh what a pretty girl” and while they are really deep into their phantasy world hit them with her loaded hand bag.

      From what I have seen of her on video she could pull of that one again and again. Isn’t that what Margaret Thatcher did – enjoy the second of the three videos

      • Silke, you are too kind! But yes, men tend to think we are “fragile” in a dress, when in truth it gives us great movement. Excellent for kicking power too, if you do not care about your modesty in the process ๐Ÿ˜‰
        War is war. Last thing I think of in a fight is modesty. But I will think about nice outfits for the occasions though.

    • Hey Harvey! I hope you are well!
      Ah, don’t worry I have plenty of uses for my stilletos ๐Ÿ˜‰ and let’s face it, you need to dress up to go to war. Even in war we must have good taste!
      Oh, so you did see some of my exchanges with some of the boys? ๐Ÿ™‚
      You know, most of the group is sound, but there is a small group of like 30 people who are very vocal and sometimes can influence many people. I have figured that if I trash them in style and expose them for their divisive intentions, they will have a harder time convincing anyone with even half a brain from then on.
      I am not afraid of their huffs and puffs. I have been threatened by some but they are so pathetic that I have to laugh. I don’t really mind their threats, and to me it is obvious the majority doesn’t even know what’s happening so they jump on the wagon to demonize me. I can be forgiving too. But some of them truly wish to carry out their threats I say: “Bring it on!” In fact I would be grateful for the opportunity to floor one of them and make an example of.
      The EDL is a Zionist organization and they will learn this the hard way if they have to.

      LOL, Laura Ashley dress! Don’t think I even own one!!
      And I quite like the idea of the “Athame” knife belt. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Roberta
        no matter how unafraid you are I wish you’d promise me to take them seriously – nutters must always be taken seriously …

        Take good care of yourself.

        says mama me

    • The EDL are vastly more civilised than the neanderthals laughingly known as the intelligentsia in the UK.

  11. Daniel Marks

    Hi Roberta,

    Welcome back. Where has the sexiest Brazilian/Israeli/English rabble rouser on this blog been? We’ve heard rumors, but would love to hear it all from the horse’s mouth. Any chance.

    I join you in completely agreeing with Goldman’s excellent comment and though I’ve known him since an extremely tender age, that isn’t something I’ve said to often. That having been said, it was G-d who promised us that those who bless us will be blessed and who am I to argue with the big man upstairs.

    If we are going to have increased military cooperation with Germany, shall that include dividing up Poland between us? Not that I’m complaining.

    Okay, were nearing the middle of the month, which is usually an angry period for at least one commentator, so I think I’d better lay low for a bit.

    • Shalom Daniel!! How are you?
      Well, I have been having a much needed rest these days, and literally enjoying myself in the beautiful city of Strasbourg, with very good company at that! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Oh yes, the rumours! They are quite amusing, arent’ they?
      Truth is I have resigned “temporarily” from the leadership of the Jewish Division for a reason. I was trying to figure something out and now I have done it.
      But I have been criticized for leaving as well, so doomed if I do and doomed if I don’t. But I never really left the post and I would never abandon the fight either, principally now that G-d has sent me some real strong players! Can’t let G-d down now, can we? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      No surrender means just that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Daniel

      I am a meek girl – I asked Roberta for expert activist advice of what other meek Germans could do – When she suggested military cooperation I swallowed hard and tried to contain my fear.
      Oh I see you are referring to the German Defense Minister coming out for once as unambiguously partnerly with Israel – After all these shenanigans of our Foreign Minister trying to not put the pictures of him shaking hands with Lieberman too prominently on his website (and that’s the least of my complaints) I breathed easier after one of ours for once said decent stuff and showed himself on his website in front of the IDF (in a terrible looking suit though)

      I wish it wouldn’t have to be Germany and I don’t know how we did it but it seems we bumbled our way to the top at least amidst the EU again (believe me while working the real work you don’t come across many examples of the virtues Germany is said to have)

      And of course I hope that that de Maiziรจre guy has enough clout to put some sense into that Ashton-woman.

      “increase military cooperation” in my understanding means for example occasions for training in kinds of terrain and weather Israel doesn’t have and maybe one far away day even vice versa and of course doing business, buying stuff from eachother with Israel hopefully getting the fatter end of the bargains i.e. what you do with Greece also and what you did or still do with Turkey.

      • to sum it up I am firmly convinced that Churchill got it right when he said that you have us either under your boot or at your throat.

        One thing is the public display but I sincerely hope behind closed doors it continues to be firmly under your boot as Lieberman much to my delight showed ever so subtly and unmistake-ably during his press conference with our clown of a foreign minister.

  12. Israel is not alone. The International counter-Jihad warriors are becoming more vocal now. We are going to push this hard from now on.
    Berlin 3rd September…expect Geert Wilders to be there with a bunch of his counter-Jihad friends. Unfortunately I cannot make it for that day as we are having our own demo in Tower Hamlets on the same day. And I have also informed them that I am not going, so hopefully Pamela Geller or Robert Spencer will speak for us.
    Will be with them next time after this demo.
    We are organizing a major gathering of counter-Jihad leaders for sometime in the autumn. Watch this space. Perhaps Richard will have something to write about? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Will keep you informed. x

  13. Daniel Marks


    Gosh, it’s as if we never parted!!

    “ tend to think we are โ€œfragileโ€ in a dress, when in truth it gives us great movement. Excellent for kicking power too…”

    Just a thought, but for your next hot date you may also want to try just staying fragile for the evening, without kicking him anywhere, and seeing how things go. You might be pleasantly surprised later on.

    Anyway, I hope the EDL has a decent pension scheme, and now that you have more free time on your hands why not come over and visit? I’ll get some of the lads from the Israeli EDL lads together and we can all go out, have a few drinks and try and find someone to duff up, maybe the Neturei Karte boys – they’re usually in even worse shape than we are.

    Do we have a plan?


    I was only kidding. I love the idea of military cooperation as long as you guys promise that they’ll be no crafty Barbarossa this time.

    • Daniel,

      Hahahah!! Yes, we have a plan!
      And don’t worry, I can also be “fragile” when I choose to be. Nothing better than that to confuse the enemy, or simply just because I want to be.

      I like the duffing up idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Maybe we should organize a conference in Israel?

  14. Roberta
    Strasbourg ha ha . More like Piraeus harbour with a wet suit and a hack saw .

    Put Roberta down and remember those vows you made to silke . Also you could lose a hand .

  15. Daniel, Silke.. jealous? Lose a hand…?
    Hmmm am I missing something here? ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Higher up or in another thread Daniel and I have specified what and why we like things about eachother.

      That seems to have fired up Harvey’s imagination to the point that he is now trying to get you and me into clawing it out.

      There isn’t much that would make me happier than to learn that you and Daniel spent real quality time together in Israel.


      • Silke,

        LOL!! I wouldn’t want to step on your territory my dear! ๐Ÿ˜‰
        (pulling your leg now) No chance if us clawing it out on this one. hahah

  16. Ok Strasbourg it is , but somebody was sure busy . The value of second hand propellor shafts doubled since the floptilla . My guess is the boat yards are already licking their lips in anticipation of next year .
    Roberta , don’t forget this Saturday outside ahava 12 – 1 pm and then tesco metro Bedford St wc2. 1-2pm . The Bds always politely ask after you . Give them a photo op .

    • Is it this Saturday? I have to be at the hairdresser at 4:30pm, so will try my best to be at the Ahava at least, so that I can return in time for my pampering…
      I think we should make some nice T-shirts for ourselves. I will think of something good for the next time and get some made!

  17. we’ll, we are not teenagers… and politics is irrelevant here. we wrote him a nice banner, we made some noise and he appreciated it, so he made us all happy by talking our flag, thats it, really…

  18. Daniel Marks

    I believe that Harvey was referring Psalm 137:5.


    The idea of organizing a conference of all the various European far right organizations that support Israel is just too delicious to imagine. I would envisage everyone, especially the Likud, falling over themselves to stop it taking place. Let’s do it!

    Now regarding your:

    “I can also be โ€œfragileโ€ when I choose to be. Nothing better than that to confuse the enemy…”

    I think you may still be misunderstanding my point. While I have no doubt that acting tender is an excellent ruse to adopt, in order that you might be able to catch your date off guard and surprise him with a swift Karate blow to the groin, you may find that by not confusing him at all and by not kicking him anywhere an equally good time might be had. You may even discover find that that self same unkicked groin may come in handy later on for all kinds of extra-recreational activities. Furthermore, while nobody will award you a black belt for such actions, they are no less enjoyable than beating men up and burn up a similar number of calories – always a consideration after the excellent food of Strasbourg.

    Anyway, give it a go and let us all know what happens.


    • Daniel,

      We are already mobilizing to arrange the conference. The wheels are set in motion but.. one correction my dear: We are NOT far-right, we are just purely and simply RIGHT. And that means in everything regarding the counter-Jihad.

      As for the the “date”… don’t worry. I have no intentions of damaging the tools I need.
      I am not as bad as you think. I can be quite charming when I want to be. hahah
      In fact I have followed your advice when I was in Strasbourg and burnt enough calories ๐Ÿ˜‰ enough said.

  19. Silke,

    no matter how unafraid you are I wish youโ€™d promise me to take them seriously โ€“ nutters must always be taken seriously โ€ฆ
    Take good care of yourself.
    says mama me”

    You are a sweetheart!! I do take these things seriously despite my joking nature which is 90% of the time. I promise I will take care of myself, “mum”!
    Just remember that no matter how much care we take, fate is fate, and mine is no different. Whatever is reserved for me I shall accept. This business includes sacrifice for the greater good. If one is not prepared to make sacrifices, whatever they are, they are not prepared to succeed. xx

  20. Daniel Marks


    “In fact I have followed your advice when I was in Strasbourg and burnt enough calories enough said.”

    Ye, the “The weather was amazing and the company even better.” kind of gave that one away. I just hope he wasn’t a skinhead…..anywhere.

    Regarding your political identity why be shy? I’m far right and flaunt it. Avigdor Lieberman once said that there was nothing to his right, except the wall, that was when I decided to vote for him. It’s the good looking, amazingly articulate extremists like yours truly who give the Israeli far-Right the excellent reputation that is has.

  21. Roberta
    This Saturday
    I’ll introduce you to number 1 ” as a Jew ” Bruce levy , an American who spends his time outside tesco dressed as an orange . Cannot imagine there is either a mr or mrs levy as vegetative reproduction seems to be his thing .
    He’s tame but they have a few hot heads so watch your back as silke sensibly points out .

    • Harvey,

      I will see if I can bring Zeus with me (my dog, remember him?) He usually adds glamour and “distraction” to our demos. The scum love him as well.
      Is this Bruce Levy on our side? If not, Zeus can munch on his orange too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Roberta
        prepare yourself, veil your eyes – judging from pictures looking at Bruce in real life may result in damaging a gal’s libido for a long time.

        Your dog’s name is Zeus? – how sweet – I’ve always loved the story that he morphed into a bull and abducted Europa – I hoped though as soon as I knew about the birds and the bees that he morphed back into a god before the extra-recreational activity got started.

      • Roberta
        I just remembered a good method to avoid harm by looking at Bruce

        Perseus slew Medusa whose look could turn people to stone or jelly or some such thing while using his shield as a mirror. That saved him and was the end for her.

        This is a very modern depiction which of course makes her snails look as unthreatening as possible but nonetheless I think the mirror is a good idea.

  22. Daniel,

    Haha, don’t worry not a skinhead at all. But I can’t give the game away as he might be reading this thread ๐Ÿ˜‰
    On the political sphere, I am not shy, I just don’t consider myself far right. These labels are all wrong. We are right for sure. Right through and through.
    Love Lieberman and also love Moshe Feiglin.
    I hope that they can be awarded their righful place in the knesset pronto.

  23. Daniel Marks

    “might be reading this thread…” – You’ve already given the game away. I just hope that the English Defense League was fully protected, and not in the manner to which Silke is referring.

    Regarding politics, Lieberman is doing fine and while Feiglin isn’t in the knesset, his supporters had a profound influence on the make-up of the current Likud knesset faction. There are several other excellent Israeli politicians; Hotobely, Akunis, Danon, Ya’alon, Eldad, landau, Ben-Ari, and I could go on.

    Regarding the other matter, if you’re serious, mail me. I have my doubts as to whether it would actually happen, but it would be bundles of fun to try.

  24. Daniel,

    We must make it happen. I will email you as soon as I get the details.
    Please start thinking of who you would recommend to join us in this conference as well.

  25. Roberta
    The” As a Jew ” label should have made it clear which side of the fence he is on
    He is a full on Bds scum bag . The orange get up is his pathetic link to ” blood oranges .
    He looks a prat . Most passers by think it’s a lame version of Mardi GRAS . Scroll through the London Bds web site to see him in technicolor

    • Harvey,

      Sorry I did not pick up on that. I am doing several things at the same time so I did not really read into your words.
      I bet he is a pathetic little twat!!
      They are such idiots! Maybe my dog may piss on him with any luck! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • do you have a link to a picture of that dog?

        I once had a huge Danish Dog mixture cuddle up to me and then lift his leg ever so unnoticeably – it was quite an amount of liquid he had available.

  26. Daniel

    reading these quotes I understand why you call yourself proudly far right.

    In German context it is a bit different. Ours are skin-headed (on top only). Though recently I am told they have taken up wearing suits also. And they still go for all the vile old slogans.

  27. Daniel Marks

    It’s one of my jokes with the German groups that visit Ma’ale Adumim. I explain that the politics of our city are what I call soft Right. The mayor is Likud, the opposition is Likud, etc. I also explain that there are a few left-wingers and, of course, a few extremists like myself. At that point I’m often asked why I define myself as an extremist. Apparently, it is hard for most people to imagine someone calling himself an extremist, as everyone is supposed to imagine that he is center and moderate.

    I believe that by presenting a reasonably rational and thoughtful attitude in the name of the extreme Right it gives the center Right a good name – “if he’s an extremist, the moderates can’t be that bad”. In truth, I am against any further territorial “concessions” at all and by Israeli standards that does make me an extremist.

    I had my hair cut today, but though short, I am not a skinhead. Jewish law forbids us from shaving our sideburns off, so I couldn’t be one even if I so wanted.

  28. Daniel Marks

    Only yesterday I wrote:

    “Okay, were nearing the middle of the month, which is usually an angry period for at least one commentator, so I think Iโ€™d better lay low for a bit…”

    I should have heeded my own advice – the fool that I am.

    The last seven comments of this excellent blog appear to suggest that this time it’s as bad as ever. I’m going into hiding and I’d appreciate it if nobody tells her that I was here, okay?

  29. Daniel
    What the hell are you on about
    Shabbat is tomorrow but I think you started the kiddush wine early

  30. Daniel Marks

    Shh! I’m not here.

  31. Roberta Moore


    I also love the photos of Boris Valejo! ๐Ÿ™‚ (The medusa one was one of his)

    I found a link to a photo of my dog, from the media.

    He is the only dog there. Look to the right. I am standing near him with the Jewish Division flag and he is carrying a red rucksack.

  32. does he wear a muzzle or is it his colour.

    He looks like a Husky to me I know nothing about how fearsome they can get. For your sake I hope he is good at snarling if asked to (and good at cuddling in case I should meet him)

  33. Silke,

    He is an Alaskan Malamute + wolf dog. He is definitely not a Husky. Huskies have blue eyes. Malamutes have brown. My dog has caramel / yellow eyes.
    Huskies are also smaller in stature.
    He is (or shall I say was) good natured, but lately as he is growing up into a teenager, he has become quite nasty to people. He used to be good and play with everyone but now he won’t have anyone touching him, only when he is in a good mood. He is a bit temperamental and definitely a rebel.
    Wolves have no interest in obeying humans, so they do what they want, UNLESS there is something in it for him, so bribery is a must.

    But he is also a very good dog with great personality. He howls a lot though, and sometimes it is quite annoying. Perfect for cuddling as he is aways warm. These dogs can withstand temperatures of -70 C
    I am sure Demotix has better photos of him somewhere..

    He is not (never) muzzled. That was a head collar. If I don’t put that on him, he will be the one taking me for a walk. He is extremely strong, so I need to make sure I remain stronger. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • my oh my, you sure like a challenge ๐Ÿ˜‰

      long long ago a guy named Konrad Lorenz (he got a nobel but not for this one) wrote a book about the dogs he had. As best I remember they were half wolf, forgot the other half. Here it is, looks like Chow.
      and amazingly enough is still in print. Lorenz has gone into a bit of disrepute after his prime, apparently he didn’t do all his experiments himself but didn’t mention it and there is some suspicion about his relation to the Nazis.

      And under the title Man meets Dog it seems to be available in English. Anyway one of the things I really like about that book is that all through it he had the most elaborate thesis how dogs that stem from wolves are different from dogs that stem from hyenas? and at the end he says very nonchalantly that it has turned out that all that is wrong since they all have the same ancestor.

      As long as your dog lets nobody get near you whom you don’t want near you I am content. No matter how mousy Bruce looks I trust his kind just as little as anybody else with a screwed up mind.

      • Roberta Moore


        The chow chow is cute but not my type of dog. I don’t know a lot about dogs that came from Hyenas but Hyenas are beautiful and I wish I could have one! In Nigeria people have them as pets. Zeus is very protective of me. And jealous. ๐Ÿ˜‰
        He would take anyone’s hands off. x

  34. Richard head bubble
    How on earth did my Robbie blog morph into Crufts

  35. May I remind the gentlemen above respectfully that we have had gentlemen go on here at times at length about all kinds of food matters. Apples is what I best remember. Also I remember that from time to time chess has crept up plus a whole number of other unrelated subjects have been pursued here with expertise, love and passion.

    But once girls dare, what happens? A guy complains and another rushes to his aid.

    • Roberta Moore

      Don’t you just love “our” boys?
      I do!

    • richardmillett

      That reminds me. A new film came out today about chess called Bobby Fischer Against the World. Can’t wait to see it. He was a Jewish chess grandmaster who psychologically destroyed Karpov in Iceland in 1973. He then became an ardent Anti-Zionist and ended up mentally insane. I’m sure if it wasn’t Shabbat Daniel could give us Fischer’s story in full technicolour.

      • Richard
        as always you haven’t disappointed me – the above is a move I assume any chess player would be proud of.

      • while I am at it – one question I recently heard an audio about Fischer. Why is he pronounced Fisher in English and not Fisker like in school. The verb to fisk didn’t yet exist in hey days. Did he ask for it like that and did he ever give an explanation?

  36. Hi Richard
    Interesting that you should mention Bobby Fisher .
    As a teenager , I developed a life long passion for chess playing in congresses across the country and occasionally abroad . In 1972 , I flew to Iceland to watch the Spassky- Fisher world championship decider . I stayed for about six weeks managing to get in most of the games and linking up with an international band of players and reporters . We toured Iceland on some of the rest days and had an amazing time .
    Initially fisher refused to play claiming all sorts of problems , seating , lighting , proximity of cameras etc . He forfeited the first game but eventually a chess enthusiast and business man put down another 50 k and Malcolm slater put another 50k on the table , an offer fisher could not refuse .
    Fisher came to the match on the back of unprecedented 6-0 wins against the Russian taminov and the Dane bent Larsen before beating another Russian petrosian 5 1/2- 2 1/2 in the semis
    Fisher was not just an antizionist , he was a pathological antisemite even though his mother Regina was Jewish
    I should have a game with Daniel across the net . We could regale each other with fisher anecdotes

    • richardmillett

      Wow, you went to that? Astonishing. Yes, against Spasky (I think I said Karpov). Fisher’s forfeiting of the first game was want mentally destroyed Spasky, I understand. Was it intentional? I went to watch Kasparov v Short in 1993 in london. Did u go? I’ll take u on at chess.
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  37. That should be Jim Slater

  38. Richard
    Just had a closer look at your comment . As mentioned it was Spassky in 72 to claim the crown . In 1975 he refused to defend his title against Karpov making impossible demands of the chess federation . He never played another game until he played an unofficial rematch against Spassky for a winner takes all million dollars . Unfortunately he chose to play somewhere off Croatia which was off limits to American citizens because of the war at that time . Eventually the US seized his money which sent him totally crazy and convinced that the jews had his money .
    He never played again , although it was rumoured that an incredibly strong player would sometimes turn up on the Internet chess rooms and wipe out the strongest grandmasters at speed chess 5 minute each per game . Our strongest Uk master at the time Nigel short was annihilated and is convinced he was playing fisher by his aggressive style .

  39. attilathecricketer

    quiet week in Israeli politics then! Anything to say about hacking scandals or a certain financial crisis?

  40. No one will ever know what was in fishers mind in forfeiting the first game . Slater upped the ante and also supposedly called fisher a chicken .
    Anyway most of us were convinced he would not show for the second and were starting to book return flights . The clock was started for the start of game two with only Spassky at the table . Eventually fisher came out to thunderous applause . He proceeded to make the most bizarre of moves as black sacrificing a bishop on h 2
    He lost the game but went on to play game after game of the most sublime chess many of which remain or at least the character of the game remains imprinted in my mind
    Yes I was at the Kasparov short match
    Man against boy
    Love to Play easiest is you to join yahoo chess site
    And we can meet up in one of the rooms
    Or we meet outside dembina on Monday and play eachother blind fold
    That’s guaranteed to separate men from the boys

    • richardmillett

      Ok. I will bring a board to Dembina and we can go to the bull and bush after and have a game over a pint.

  41. Apologies to atilla . Thought he was a random wind up merchant . Who do you play cricket for . My son plays for radlett seconds on Saturdays and harrow weald on Sunday’s but they are always short .
    Great idea for Monday . Look forward to it