Sheikh Raed Salah: “I was on Israel’s assassination list.”

Last night at Conway Hall: Hassan Sanallah (translator), Sheikh Raed Salah, Sarah Colborne (PSC), Daud Abdullah (MEMO)

Last night at Conway Hall: Hassan Sanallah (translator), Sheikh Raed Salah, Sarah Colborne (PSC), Daud Abdullah (MEMO)

Sheikh Raed Salah made it to Conway Hall in London last night to give a talk on The Arab Spring and its effect on the conflict in Palestine. The event was sponsored by the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, the Islamic Forum of Europe and Middle East Monitor.

Salah had been reportedly excluded by the Home Secretary. Detectives also reportedly arrived at last night’s event, but left after thinking he wasn’t there.

Salah is the leader of the Northern Branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel and is accused of having used the blood libel, which he denies. He served three and a half years in prison after having confessed to financing Hamas.

Not only was Salah there last night, he will also be speaking this Wednesday at the Grand Committe room of the Houses of Parliament alongside MPs Richard Burden, Jeremy Corbyn, Yasmin Qureshi as well as Lord Alf Dubs and the Palestinian Ambassador, Dr Manuel Hassassian. Ben White (anti-Zionist polemicist), Hind Khoury (Sabeel), Diana Neslen (Jews for Justice for Palestinians) and Ismail Patel (Friends of Al Aqsa) are also due to be speaking on Wednesday. The subject under discussion will be Building Peace and Justice in Jerusalem.

But last night Salah played to a pretty sparse audience. There were about 100 people making Conway Hall, which is owned by the South Place Ethical Society, an educational charity, about a third full.

He welcomed the Arab Spring, and particularly the Egyptian Revolution, in playing a supportive role in the Palestinian cause as well as the Nakba Day and Naksa Day clashes on the Israeli border in May and June respectively. He also called for a Million Man March towards the Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on 21st August.

He said that this march will confirm that the Mosque is Palestinian despite Israel’s declared intention of demolishing it in order to build the “so called Third Temple”. He said that Israel must realise that there is a limit on its designs on the Mosque or it will be the equivalent to a declaration of war on the Islamic World.

He went on to berate Barak Obama for defining Israel as a “Jewish State” and said that “a significant number of free voices from London told us that they know the truth on the issue of Palestine, but that they are suffering under the pressure of the Israel lobby here”.

He said that the “Arab Uprisings showed him that the Palestinians have support within the wider Arab family and we don’t feel alone”.

He then went on to describe what happened on the Mavi Marmara, which he was on last May, along with Sarah Colborne of the PSC, when it was intercepted by Israel:

“The ship was attacked while we were at Morning Prayer. While I was praying bullets were fired from the sea and air, killing nine peoeple and wounding many others. The attackers had a list of names of people who should be assassinated by the Israeli forces. My name was on the list along with people from the IHH and Israeli Arab MK Hanin Zoabi. One of the Israeli soldiers killed an individual who looked just like me. We were then imprisoned and we faced charges that were enough to send us to prison for decades. We were only released when Erdogan intervened. Despite all the attacks we were asked to come back again and we will continue to participate in the flotillas until Palestinian independence is realised.”

Next stop is the Houses of Parliament this Wednesday, that is unless British detectives can catch up with him in time. Watch this space.

Sheikh Raed Salah speaking at Conway Hall, 27th June 2011


19 responses to “Sheikh Raed Salah: “I was on Israel’s assassination list.”

  1. Are you planning to go on Wednesday, Richard?

  2. believer in justice

    In the late 1980s, the Israeli Shin Beth, or domestic security apparatus, inserted a few grams of hard drugs, I think it was Hashish, into Sahlah’s pocket in order to fabricate criminal charges against him. But the camera caught the agent who tried to do it.

    The truth of the matter is that Salah is telling the truth about Israel; it is a fascist society that is trying to institutionalize oppression, racism and apartheid under the rubric of Jewish state.

    I think this is not going to be a good thing for Jews, who had suffered discriminaton for centuries.

    • Have you tried looking for your brain at London Transport’s Lost and Found office, idiot?

  3. Reply to Believer in Justice>>Hashish is now “hard drugs”???Heroin is hard drugs. Crank is hard drugs. Hashish is akin to an anaesthetic, like POT. It will mellow you out, not rev you up to possible violent behavior. I think you are a gullible tool of Palestinian terrorists. But just for the sake of argument….what compromises would you like to see the Palestinian side make in order to create a real peace with israel – please be specific. Thanks.

  4. Please SaraBoca, do not feed the trolls.

    It is quite obvious that “believer in justice” knows zilch about Israel except what (s)he has been told at the mosque or in the Guardian. It is an irrational hatred that best reflects the inadequacies of the bearer’s own life.

  5. Richard Joachim (Australia)

    Israel doesn’t have “an assassination list”, and it’s a self-defeating claim, for if such a thing existed then ‘Sheikh’ Salah would be dead, not traipsing about the UK spreading his malicious propaganda. I wonder how many of his ‘followers’ actually believe their own propaganda? I once had sympathy for the ‘Palestinians’ but having actually lived there for a time and seeing the thuggery and vile oppression that their supposedly Islamic leaders and henchmen impose upon the ordinary Palestinians, and hearing the insane and bloody, violent rantings of the so-called Islamic ‘clergy’, as well as knowing now, by direct experience, of their long history of criminality and uncivilized behavior, I haven’t the slightest trace of empathy left for them.

    Palestinians should thank their god everyday for Israel, because it is only under Israeli governance that they can be safe and subject to the rule of law and not the whims of psychotic ‘wannabe’ dictators.

    What’s up with you British (and we Australians for that matter) that you can allow such hatefests to undermine your hard-won freedoms and democracy? Are the courts and police afraid to act? Much of what is thrown out by ‘British’ Islamists is actually treason; why are there not mandatory deportation for those who would attack the very nation and people who allowed them to settle in freedom and relative comfort? This isn’t about religious but it has everything to do with a vile ideology which hates Western Judeo-Christian values and ethics.

  6. Sharon Klaff

    What’s up with the British? As with all of the so called free West, our leaders, police, press and even most ordinary people are too afraid to tackle these hate filled imperialist terror mongers who aspire to create the United States of Islam across the world. We are all cowered by their threats because they carry them out. And so those elected to protect us behave like the ghetto Jew – head down, sight averted in the inane hope they won’t be noticed. The only problem is that such a tactic doesn’t work. Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) will not work as it did in the cold war between the USSR and the West when it was accepted that a balance of nuclear capability kept the balance of power, each side recognising the resultant utter destruction should one or the other tip the nuclear apple cart. So thirsty are these Islamic lunatics for the return of their 12th Imam that there are no holds barred to the chaos and violence they will provoke to achieve their international caliphate. Their toadies of course are the stupid MP’s, journalists and activists who don’t understand that a nuclear holocaust means total destruction and not just that Isreal will cease to be the national state of the Jews. It is amazing how Jew hatred mushes any brain cells they might have had for their own self preservation.

  7. Sharon Klaff

    I meant to compliment you Richard on getting about and telling us about it all. Ta so much for being our roving reporter!!

  8. Not only was Salah there last night, he will also be speaking this Wednesday at the Grand Committee room of the Houses of Parliament alongside MPs

    I don’t understand how this can be allowed to happen. If Salah was excluded by the British Home Secretary, presumably on the basis of his being a terrorist-enabler, how can it be permissible, or even legal, for him to be hosted in the Houses of Parliament and for him to speak in public? Isn’t that akin to MPs meeting a convicted criminal in Parliament?

    As if his entry into Britain hasn’t already made a mockery of British law, this just compounds the injustice and idiocy.

  9. Sharon Klaff

    I would say it is illegal!! Write instantly to Theresa May demanding action against PSC, those who participated in the meeting last night and those who are about to host this person at the House of Parliament:
    She needs to get the message loud and clear so I sugget you copy your email to as many journalists as possible

  10. Sharon Klaff
    Well done Richard – the media failed to get to the Conway Hall so but for you we would not have known about his presence!

  11. Ynet (Hebrew) is reporting that Saleh has been arrested. I heard the same just now on Israel radio who reported from al Jazeerah.

  12. There’s a famous Arabic folktale of an old man who wishes to sleep one afternoon after lunch, but is forever disturbed by the young children in his house who are running around and making a noise. Finally, he has an idea and lies to them saying, “Go to market. The sellers are giving out raisins and nuts free to everybody. The children are delighted and run off to the market shouting, “Nuts and raisins, raisins and nuts, the old man can finally return to sleep.

    Then the strangest thing happens. Our hero is unable to doze off. The same thought keeps running through his mind, “They’re handing out raisins and nuts in the market and I’m still here.” He gets up and runs off after the children shouting “Nuts and raisins, raisins and nuts!” too.

    That is one of the curious phenomena of these propagandists who tell tales of soldiers with assassination lists quite randomly bumping off people who look like others from their lists. I believe that they stand in a room of a hundred gullibles and tell their absurd lies, then, suddenly faced with a hundred people who are all sure that the story is true, start to wonder whether a so many individuals could be wrong, and eventually begin to believe their own lies.

    I wish that Israel did take out more barmies who want to destroy us all, but unfortunately we don’t. Not only would doing so make our lives more comfortable, it would be the best thing that’s ever happened to the Palestinian people. At the beginning of the first Intifada I was in Rafiah. Our orders were to chase stone throwers with sticks, but shoot nobody unless our lives were in immediate danger. On the other side of the border in Egyptian Rafiah the Palestinians began throwing stones at Egyptian soldiers too. Our Egyptian counterparts took out machine guns a sprayed. The stone throwing stopped. Eventually, the IDF had killed more than a thousand with its “wait till you see the bullet coming at you” policy. In their brutally oppressive way the Egyptians had killed less than a dozen and had sustained no losses to their own troops.

    I wish that Israel had hit lists and I wish that many of the lies I hear about us were true, but they’re not. Instead we have a mainly Left-wing free press that would long ago have gleefully exposed such a list. We have a high court most of whose members have views closer to those of Salah than to mine and we have soldiers who all carry cameras in their cellular phones and most of whom are incapable of keeping a secret. Our world feared Shin Bet is under constant scrutiny by everybody and its members on retiring sell their memoirs to anyone who will buy them.

    On the other hand, if Salah wants to go round the world telling our enemies that we have hit lists and anyone trying to hurt us may get wasted, why not let him? Maybe he will scare them straight. Hell, if he believes it, maybe he’ll deter himself.

    Come to Israel! Nuts and raisins for free!

  13. Sheikh Raed Salah arrested in UK

    Head of the Islamic Movement’s northern branch, Sheikh Raed Salah, was arrested on Tuesday night in the UK, the Al Jazeera news network reported. According to the report, Salah was cuffed and taken to jail.

    Salah was invited by Labour Party legislators to a pro-Palestinian event at the British Parliament. The authorities decided last week to prohibit Salah from entering the UK, but he landed at Heathrow Airport in London on Saturday.,7340,L-4088655,00.html

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