Campaigning for Truth in Golders Green.

Passers-by in Golders Green studying pictures and the petition.

Passers-by in Golders Green studying pictures and the petition.

On Sunday a small group of activists took to the streets of Golders Green to launch a new organisation called Campaign For Truth (

The aim is to Petition the BBC to report the full nature of organisations that have adopted an agenda of genocide against another people.

Hamas has adopted such an agenda. Its Charter expressly calls for the killing of Jews.

Yet, when the BBC reports on Hamas it uses phrases like “the Palestinian militant group Hamas” (see here) ” or “Israel regards Hamas as a terrorist organisation” (see here).

It states Hamas to be one “of the two main Palestinian factions” (see here) or it states, somewhat euphemistically, that “when Hamas won an election back in 2006, they kicked Fatah out of…Gaza” (see here).

Hamas is far more sinister than a “faction”. It is also far more sinister than a “militant group”, which gives the impression that it fights other military organisations as opposed to targeting innocent Israelis out for lunch with their families, queueing outside an Israeli nightclub or on the bus to work.

And to state “Israel regards Hamas as a terrorist orgnisation” is playing somewhat loose with the truth. It is listed by America and the EU as being a terrorist organisation.

As is stating “Hamas kicked Fatah out of …Gaza”. They murdered them out of Gaza. They tied Fatah activists hands behind their backs before shoving them head first off the tops of buildings.

How Fatah can now reunify with Hamas after having been so brutally dealt with by them is beyond me.

Fatah are obviously feeling the backlash after Palileaks exposed their negotiations with Israel. They know that any Palestinian that agrees a peace deal with Israel will find themselves swinging by a Hamas rope in the middle of the nearest Palestinian town square.

But I was amazed when on May 4th a Channel 4 newsreader, not Jon Snow, read out that the Hamas Charter is dedicated to the destruction of Israel.

Shouldn’t that be the form adopted by the BBC; to tell the licence payer what Hamas actually stands for? I cannot see Auntie Beeb declaring, while everyone is having supper, that Hamas desires to kill Jews but, as with Channel 4 News, stating that Hamas is dedicated to the destruction of Israel must, surely, be a minimum.

And on BBC Radio 5 Live the day after bin Laden was killed even David Cameron gave an interview showing just how out of touch he is with the true nature of Hamas. He said there are three things necessary for “a more peaceful world”:
1. Get bin Laden and roll up Al Qaeda.
2. Make sure the Arab Spring is a success and
3. Bring a historic peace deal between the Palestinians and the Israelis. (listen here: David Cameron on BBC 5 Live on OBL, torture and Israel.)

So while it is ok for Britain and America to “get bin Laden and roll up Al Qaeda” Israel has to keep its own civilians under constant fear of terror by signing a deal with Hamas, an organisation that simply wants all Jews dead. An organisation that expresses a desire to kill Jews does not want peace. Hamas is Israel’s Al Qaeda and should be dealt with as such.

If Cameron wants “a more peaceful world” it will be one without both Al Qaeda and Hamas in it. To talk of a historic peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians without mentioning the true nature of Hamas is nonsensical.

But getting back to the signature collection last Sunday, at first I was a bit sceptical but there was a real apetite by many passers-by to express their disgust at the BBC’s leniency towards Hamas by signing the petition. Many also expressed there disgust at Channel 4’s The Promise.

Meanwhile, the petition should soon be online and there will be further street signature collections. For more info. contact

Another signature for the BBC.

Another signature for the BBC.

And another.

And another.

And more.

And more.

The Fogel children who were murdered while in bed by Palestinian terrorists.

The Fogel children who were murdered while in bed by Palestinian terrorists.

67 responses to “Campaigning for Truth in Golders Green.

  1. Interesting initiative – good luck.

    It’s true that sometimes when you do things like this you can be pleasantly surprised by the reaction on the streets. I spent three days on the Gilad Shalit vigil in Whitehall last summer. Was so amazed (in a good way, a wonderful way) by the responses of passers-by.

    Loved the photos, gotta love Golders.

  2. Tremendous idea. I wonder if it would work outside of Golders Green, or can we expect only ‘our own’ to back it?

    • richardmillett

      Initially, the idea was to get some signatures and test the waters so GG was a good start. No reason why other areas can’t be tried.

    • Shirl In Oz

      You would be surprised

      We had a local Council in Sydney pass a motion to boycott Israel. I can tell you every call back radio programme, every newspaper article and comment was in favour of Israel. The response nation wide was amazing

  3. Sharon Klaff

    Surprisingly a majority of non Jews readily signed up and some even offered their contact details to join our group. Indeed, it was disappointing how many Jews simply walked on by!! We must never underestimate the sense of the people on the street. When you stand there and chat to them you realise that our politicians are too high and mighty to come out and test the waters amongst the general public. Of all the signatures I took, only one was virulently against the petition, not becaue she felt the BBC to be fair and honest, but because she felt that the more powerful Israel should be making more concessions. She clearly did not wish to read the Hamas Charter we had to hand as she disbelieved it any way – thanks I would guess to the dishonesty of the BBC or maybe to Mrs Tongue who stated in the House of Lords last week that the Hamas charter is a relic!
    So yes there will be other venues. If you care to send your details to Richard via his contact above we can email you the location of the spot we will be at on 15th May – this coming Sunday – once we have it. Please join us.

  4. thank you Richard

  5. Richard Joachim

    Hello and shalom, UK Richard. Here in Australia we have been fighting the Left, Green and Labor Councils which are pushing a ‘pro-Palestinian’ (HAMAS) stance and anti-Israel boycotts, disinvestment, etc. May I send your material to a website called Menzies House which has published articles by me and others warning of the foolishness of allowing any of our political parties to ‘get in bed’ with these people?

    J-Wire (the Australian-New Zealand Jewish on-line News Service) has been keeping watch and giving the truth here, but more great articles such as found on your site would be even more helpful. We don’t just have a fight on our hands in the UK and Europe, it’s happening in all Western nations and be assured the fight down-under is really heating up.

    Love and blessings, Aussie Richard (Richard Joachim)

  6. Sharon Klaff

    It seems finally we are all coming together. Feels good and will end up good! Love to all

  7. Daniel Marks

    “Surprisingly a majority of non Jews readily signed up…..Indeed, it was disappointing how many Jews simply walked on by!!”


    I am stunned that you were surprised. I was recently attacked quite viciously for characterizing Anglo-Jewry as dwindling, aging, assimilating and apathetic – but that’s still the truth.

    I look back at my school year and pretty much everyone who cared about Zionism or being Jewish sooner or later moved here (Israel). The ones who stayed behind in Golders Green (for the most part) didn’t do so for reasons of altruism or because they wanted to get involved in pro-Israel campaigns.

    Now the English goyim are a wholly different kettle of fish. They are often patriotic and noble and are usually devoid of the hypocrisy exhibited by so many of their countrymen of the Mosaic persuasion. If they see a cause worth supporting, they’ll do so. The Jew is already calculating that if he leaves contact details, you might call him and then he’ll either have to make excuses or do something for someone else without being able to send in a bill afterwards. So much easier to “simply walk on by”.

    There you go. Now you can call me an anti-Semite too.

    It goes without saying, that all of you who ” small group of activists” – the exceptions that prove the rule – have of our unreserved respect and admiration.

    May G-d be with you and may you continue continue to sanctify His name.

  8. Richard Joachim

    Could someone please e-mail me a good English translation of the HAMAS ‘charter’ with any additions or changes made in recent times. I’ve tried to pull it off the internet but for some reason my computer disallows it, saying that there is an embedded virus. Have anyone else found this problem? My e-mail address is and I hope that UK Richard allows people in the UK to send me information. We are all in this together and I fear that we may be in the situation as it was in the late ’20s and early ’30s. Hopefully we are now more alert to pending threats.

  9. Richard Joachim

    Sorry, please see the address above as There is no dot in bigpond which is the Australian Telstra (Telecom) server.


      We use the Yale University one (although one nasty from the other side said “well yea, that is a Zionist university isn’t it?!”)

      • Shirl In Oz

        Hi Ruty

        I wrote him and email last night with this link, which is a good one.

        Click to access Hamas_covenant.pdf

        I have just started a group. For want of a better name have called it
        “Action for Israel”

        We have an action planned this weekend at the University of Technology in Sydney. Sat & Sun, where there is a BDS Palestine Forum

        I am also organising a ‘long distance’ one next week in Melbourne, where they have an Apartheid Israel thing going

  10. Sharon Klaff

    Jews who walk on by are mostly still in a ghetto mode, afraid to be involved. Not all are lazy and hedonistic. The reason we started this group is that we do not like to hide who we are simply to blend in and have a quiet life when the bigger picture is so dire; because we feel those bodies that represent our community and indeed those who represent Christianity as well as the secularists who have no belief system are afraid to name the game. They function on the pretext of being liberal and all inclusive when the end result is a diminution of the Judeo-Christian Western Civilisation that has made this world the great place it is today. Don’t be mistaken though. This is not a disease that that avoids Israelis. On my visits to Israel I am stunned at the ignorance many people have as to what is happening. They seem to feel Israel is apart from Eurabia, that if we all made Aliya all would be well! So you have them too!!

  11. Richard Joachim

    Thank you Sharon, your translated charter came through OK. It’s horrific reading. If I may express myself; I am old post 60, and I thought my fighting days were over. My mother came here as a ‘reffo; (refugee) in 1946. Sh espent her teenage years in the Polish camps. Like so many Jewish Australians, (we have the largest percentage of Shoah survivors and their offspring outside of Israel in this country), I thought we’d reached the ultimate safe haven but the fight goes on.

    My five children and 10 grandchildren don’t really have much idea of what their Bubba went through and I’m told to ‘leave it alone’, but I cannot. As one born Levi there are certain obligations I feel I have. If you look up google you’ll find that I’ve been fighting for years, and I’m getting tired. I suspect that you UK people are young and still full of aish (fire). More blessings to you. Much love and an old Levite’s blessing to you. Barakhah, ha’amim.

  12. Sharon Klaff

    Hi Richard
    I feel as you do. I grew up in South Africa where most of the Jewish community emanated from refugees – either the Russian pogroms or the Nazi’s. My parents thpough were born in SA so we didn’t have a direct link to the terror of those times. I had an idyllic childhood and like you never thought I would still be in this fight. Mt father used to tell me it would never end but as a youngster myoptimimism of youth made me believe he was nuts. But so he wasn’t and here I am also worrying about he future of my grandchildren. What legacy have we left them!!
    Be well and keep up the good work.

  13. Hi Sharon
    I agree with your comments regarding attitudes in Israel. I spend much of my time working with Israeli companies here in the UK . I too have noticed a lack of concern bordering on arrogance regarding the ongoing multi faceted attacks on Israels very legitimacy . They are fairly insulated from it all .In a sense it is understandable . After all ,us getting het up outside Ahava every couple of weeks and preventing the bad guys from trashing the local Tesco store as we did last week is important to us but needs to be put into perpective of business achieved by Israeli companies week in week out across every type of industry globally . I see just a small part of it and it is truly awe inspiring .
    To coin a phrase ,the Bds brigade are simply “peeing in the wind ” with all their shenanigans
    The stock answer when I express my concerns is that I always have a home to go to if if things get too hot which I guess is true .
    Anyway back to reality . Hope to see you manning the barricades on Saturday as usual !

  14. Shirl In Oz

    Where are you at now Harvey?

  15. I find it quite hard to believe that Cameron is out of touch with regard to the true nature and intent of Hamas. This conflict is pretty high on most agendas given the coming possibility that the now loved-in Fatah and Hamas coalition are seeking to declare a state in September. How can the Prime Minister of the UK make any useful comment on this matter in public when the time comes if he is not informed?

    There seems to me to be something else going on here. I have read Cameron’s speeches at various Jewish events before he became PM and he seemed very sincere in his support. The Jewish vote in the UK is not big enough to cause him to make opportunistic speeches, so I would very much like to ask him what has changed between then and now.

    Why not request a group meeting with the local Tory MP and put the question to him/her? Individuals approaching politicians or writing to them are easy to ignore , but when a group – preferably one with a name and a rough constitution – make such a request it’s far harder to brush them aside. Especially if they think the local Press might be involved in any way.
    (I used to be in local poltics so I’m speaking from some background knowledge!)

  16. Penny, it’s quite possible that what has changed is that now the FCO tells him what to say.

    I imagine he would act in accordance with FCO diktat and not with what he might have believed in his PM days.

    Great initiative in Golders Green.

  17. Sorry: in his pre-PM days.

  18. Daniel Marks

    Hi Sharon,

    “Jews who walk on by are mostly still in a ghetto mode, afraid to be involved.”

    I’m not sure you’re right here Sharon. Start a campaign the Jewish blind or the Golders Green Gruesome Guinea Pig Gang, ask those same Jews for contact details and I’m betting that you’ll get exactly an identical reaction. As I said, the existence of the possibility of making aliya leads to a kind of natural selection process or “survival of the greediest” which ensures that each generation of (Western) world galut Jewry gets smaller and richer, but also more assimilated and less caring and involved.

    That is why it is so wonderful that there are still people like you guys – however few – who the Midrash calls a “Roses among thorns”.

    Good luck in all your endeavors!

  19. Richard Joachim

    Yes, Daniel, it’s pretty much the same here in Oz. My wife and I have visited Israel and stayed a while but we chose not to make aliya because we didn’t wish to be a burden on Israel (we are now getting elderly and am not in the best of health) and whilst our Australian pensions are transferable , and would be worth about 8,000NIS a month, which is livable but we wouldn’t live luxuriously, our medical and care costs would be far greater. Instead we have chosen to do an aliya of the heart and we support a number of Israeli charities. The strong Oz dollar means they get more now than when we began.

    We fight and defend Israel and Jewish interests by responding to anti-Semitism whenever it raises its ugly head here, and we have previously been subjected to vilification. But here in Oz, our general attitude to Islamists and anti-Semites who wish to attack us, is “Bring it on; you want a fight, you’ll get a fight!” What does concern me greatly is that those of our State and Federal politicians who are Jewish (secular) don’t stick up for the Tribe and ignore the Labor and Green Parties’ anti-Israel stance.

    I teach biblical Hebrew, Torah and Talmudic studies to mixed classes of adult Jews and Christians and I’ve found that it is many of the Christians, especially those who call themselves “evangelicals” are stronger in defending Jews and Israel than many secular Jews. How sad, perhaps we’ve become too comfortable here and foolishly think that persecution cannot happen here in this advanced and prosperous Western nation.

  20. Shirl In Oz

    I am in the process of getting like minded people together, both Jew and non-Jew, to form groups in order to protest.

    I have opened a new email account, for any aussies here who might be interested.

    Last week in Sydney we protested a BDS group. This weekend we are rallying at the University of Technology, in Sydney, where there is a 2 day conference advertised as “BDS Palestine Forum”

    This will truly be a hate fest. We’ve had posters made and a non-Jewish friend of mine, who is not from Sydney, and is very strongly pro-Jewish and pro-Israel, has paid for them for us.

    In a couple of weeks we have a Council bi-election, in the ‘ghetto’. The eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We plan to do there what we did in Marrickville, to make sure the Greens don’t take the seat.

    I am also doing likewise in Melbourne, long distance !!

    There is a vile “Boycott apartheid Israel” at one of the University Campuses there. I think I may have a sponsor there too to pay for posters

    The poster by the way come from the Stand With Us site, but we have had then mounted on polystyrene type of board. They are waterproof and are reusable.

    We have to stand up and be counted and ignore it when people say we are radical, because if we don’t help ourselves, who will.?

    This BS movement is definitely shades of pre-war Nazism

    The pro-Palestinian groups are gaining ground as they are so well funded and SO active.

  21. Richard Joachim

    Well funded is right. Stupid Rudd announced that the Oz government is giving $285million to ‘the Palestinians”, doesn’t he know the Palestinian Authority has more or less wound up and that HAMAS is the power player now. $285million!! And this to people who have already said that Australia is a ‘legitimate target’ for the Islamist terrorists because a) the liberation of East Timor by Australian troops from Indonesian Muslim control; b) our troops in Afghanistan and c) because we, Australia, Britain and the US, were / are the major allies in the Iraq war.

    Was our foreign minister drunk at the time – he seems to have an alcohol problem and makes Oz a laughing stock on the world stage? His title should be changed to Minister for Foreigners and Enemies. Wake up Australia, and you Brits too, Israel is the only real friend we have in that region.

  22. Shirl In Oz

    Richard it was very evident during the Marrickville BDS debacle that the majority of the country was on side.

    Have a look at this and have a good look around the site. I write for this too.

    “I’m Kevin and I am here to HELP”

  23. Shirl in Oz, you’re probably way ahead of me, but if you haven’t checked out the wonderful Elder of Zion blog, you really must do so. He has some terrific posters (his recent Apartheid? series and This is Zionism series are real winners). Be sure to photograph the posters in situ and email the photos to him!

    • EoZ did “this in Zionism” in cooperation with or rather for SWU – so it should be available on their website also

      and Elder of Ziyon is terribly offended if he is called Elder of Zion ;-))))

      don’t go there right now, Blogger as a whole is down and pretty little works but you can go to the “pure” website (ending with com) and then click on RSS and should find the posters there if you ctrl-F for apartheid.

      just in case you are in a hurry – they are great stuff

      • Oops, my bad… yes of course, Elder of ZiYon.
        As for the site being down–I was wondering why I was only seeing the posts from Wednesday (some of the later ones are back now). Glad it’s not just me, I hate being discriminated against 😉

  24. Shirl In Oz

    Yes, I noticed Blogger was down when I went to the Daphne Anson blog

    I don’t know there will be time for photos. This could be quite dangerous and we have been warned. A friend of mine, is bringing an Islander friend, who is a security guard. Like all the Islanders, he’s a big guy, so that should put the pallis off.

    This is a large conference and al the well know Jewish antisemites will be there. Abominable creatures that they are. There are also going to be a number of well known agitators.

    There have been emails flying about all day from our leadership, saying they don’t approve.

    Big deal. We know they don’t approve and are all full of their own self importance.

    The New South Wales – Jewish Board of Deputies is having kittens, but the Zionist Council of NSW, has forked out quite a bit of money for posters for us. Huge one taken from the Stand With Us Site

    I suggested that we alert the police and we have been told that we could be asked to move on, as we don’t have a permit. We will plead ignorance. Unless there is trouble I can’t see there would be a police presence. Well I hope not anyhow.

    The one I have been organising, by remote control, in Melbourne, looks as if it will have huge support. The Melbourne Jews are much more pro-active than Sydney. Brisbane needs to get its act together, they are being taken over by the BDS

    • Shirl
      not pictures from the nutters, pictures from his posters in situ with a bit of context if possible is what the Elder is eager to receive –

      he collects them and I think you and yours will be very proud on the day when he feels that he has enough and can demonstrate the “evil worldwide conspiracy” of those pesky Zionists.

      I can easily envisage it to become a new and very lovely version of the “protocols”.

      • Shirl In Oz

        It didn’t turn out too well Silke

        Still it was our first attempt. The Board of Deputies ‘forbade’ us to do it, the State Zionist Council is behind us 100% and paid for the posters.

        We didn’t have many people there and we should have been in situ when they arrived, as it was an indoor conference. However they were aware of our prescence as a few came out for ‘discussion’

        I told everyone not to get drawn into discussions, becasue these ‘ferals’ have no brains and believe all the garbage they have been indoctrinated with.

        Of course it happened

        Ever known a Jew able to keep his/her mouth shut??

        The posters the Elder already has the posterson his/her site as they are from Stand With Us

  25. Daniel Marks

    Hi Richard Joachim,

    I wish you and your wife long and healthy years together. I wanted to reply to what you wrote about aliyah, but as it is not the subject of this page I will do so, if you so wish, off-blog.

    Regarding, your “.. State and Federal politicians who are Jewish (secular) don’t stick up for the Tribe and ignore the Labor and Green Parties’ anti-Israel stance…” I would only urge you not to judge them too harshly. If they have chosen Australia as their home and have been elected by Australian constituents, it seems only right and fitting that they should be putting Australian interests, as they perceive them, above those of foreign countries. If they do not do so, their fellow countrymen should justifiably charge them of having mixed loyalties. I would be furious were I to discover that an Israeli politician of Moroccan descent was sacrificing our national interests because he though that Morocco was in need of suppport and he was sticking up “for the Tribe”.

    If you feel that Australia’s interests are served by pursuing a more pro-Israel policy, then your demand to so act ought to be directed at all politicians, Jews and gentiles alike.

    In short, while I’d love all Jews to live here, until they do, I believe that they should first and foremost be good and patriotic citizens of the countries in which they live.

    Have a shabbat shalom,


    • Daniel
      sometimes you have a way with words that makes me smile very happily – have a nice Shabbat etc until we meet again.

  26. Shirl In Oz

    Our Labour Party ( I refuse to spell if without the u, though there is I believe a reason behind that) is pro-Israel in the main , so I’m not sure where Richard is coming from there.

    The issue in this country is the NSW Greens, who are totally going against their own party policies, especially at State level. I had a huge run in with the Greens at my local Council. NSW State Parliament has just passed a strong motion condemning those who attack Israel.

    Our leadership is now pushing to oust the Greens at local level and putting up its own people. I for one and being pushed by a few of my local Councillors with whom I am friendly. I have also been asked by one of our national leaders, if I would consider moving to Marrickville, which is a “red/green” hotbed, in order to stand.

    I am resisting. I have been approached many times over the years. I grew up in a political household. My father was a Councillor, on what is now the dreadful Tower Hamlets, for 25 years.

  27. Richard Joachim

    In reply to Daniel and Shirl in Oz; point taken Daniel, and I thank you for that, my ‘concern’ wasn’t a condemnation, rather a fear that political parochialism, even on a national level, can make one lose sight of trends and social mobility in the sense of what is ‘swaying’ people. As an am-shoah (or more accurately bene-shoah) I am acutely alert to signs indicating a return to a public ‘acceptance’ of persecution of Jews in whatever form. I now see that clearly in the BDS campaigns and the Islamisation of formally free political entities such as the Labo[u]r Parties in both the UK and Australia.

    A few days ago, the Senate (for the benefit of our UK readers, the Australian Federal Senate is our ‘Upper House’, a bit like, but not the same as, your House of Lords) passed a motion introduced by Senator Abetz (Tas. Lib.) 32/30 condemning Labor, Greens and Unions for their support of BDS campaigns and anti-Israelism.

    Yes, my dear Shirl in Oz, there was a time, in the ’60s and ’70s, when Australian Labor was supportive of Israel, but it was a short-lived thing and now they have appeared to have reverted to form. Now this is not a criticism of you personally, but as a (probably) first-generation recent immigrant to Oz from the UK, you may not be aware of the horribly anti-Semitic history of the Australian Labor Party and the Unions.

    Please see article at or go to for further details. Whilst at Mensies House, you might also like to see the two articles I wrote re the Marrickville fiasco and what a Sharia Law Palestine would look like.

  28. Shirl In Oz

    Richard, whilst there may be elements within the ALP that are opposed to Israel. I can tell you from personal experience, that the leadership is very pro-Israel. Unions is a whole different kettle of fish but even they are being swung around now.

    I am very actively politically and am being urged from a number of different sources at least to run for Council

    As for Marrickville, there is nothing that you can tell me about that. I was involved in the debacle from day one and it consumed four months of my life.

    I even missed 2nd Seder night to go to the final meeting. I think Hashem has forgiven me, as it was important and I saw it as the 2nd Exodus from Egypt..

    Just a small part of the Marrickville saga, you wouldn’t be aware of and there is more much more, which is not for publication

  29. The concept is an excellent one but the page layout, spelling etc is appalling and gives an impression of amateurishness which does us no favours – I give you “embessy”. Am I the only one for whom many of the links don’t work?

    Do these people know that by allowing access only by Facebook they are excluding many who wouldn’t touch Facebook with a ten foot barge pole? Why not facilitate email access?

    Believe me, I don’t want to sound so negative, but after Cast Lead, when there was much criticism of the poor standard of spokesmanship of the IDF and the Israeli government, I would have thought that these excellent people would have learned a thing or two.

    Richard, shalom. Do you happen to have an email address for these people so that I can make my points directly to them?

    Many thanks.

  30. Richard Joachim

    As this article was on ‘Campaigning for Truth’ – not just in BBC reportage but now rightly, also deals with the untruths in the BDS campaigns around the world, which are only thinly disguised latter-day versions of anti-Jewish hatreds. What is happening in the UK is also happening in Australia which used to pride itself of being (probably) the least anti-semitic Western nation.

    I must register an interest; on my father’s line the family has been in Australia since 1790. At one time in Oz history, roughly 50% of the colonies’ population was Jewish and many of the interesting Australian colloquialisms are of Hebrew and Yiddish origin that come from the period 1790-1850.

    So here I must take issue with ‘Shirl from Oz’ in which she comes to the defense of the Australian Labor party because, sadly, this Party is increasingly becoming – and with its ‘Green’ alliance – has become both anti-Jewish and anti-Israel, and they make little distinction between the two. Shirl says “the [ALP] leadership is very pro-Israel” – perhaps that’s what she hears from their mouths, but their actions tell a very different story. I plead with Shirl and others like her not to be naive and misled. I urge anyone interested in the direction and path the Australian Labor Party / Movement has taken to read the resignation letter by Barry Cohen, a former Cabinet Minister in the Hawke Labor government, which was published in The Melbourne Age (a quality broad-sheet here) on October 25, 2004. The article is entitled ‘The Anti-Semitic Labor Party’. That was 7 years ago and the situation has got far worse since.

    Foreign Minister K. Rudd, in the Australian budget of only a few days ago, has gifted the ‘Palestinian Authority’ $A285million (nearly 200million UK pounds). As Foreign Minister he knows, or should know, that the PA is now defunct as a separate entity and is controlled by HAMAS. $285million buys a lot of weapons and hate.

    I can’t blame ‘Shirl from Oz’ not being well versed in Australian history or politics, as she is an English migrant to these shores and may be making the same mistake as many of the English (the English are regarded as an ethnic minority here) of equating Australian politics and Parties with British models. They hail from very different origins.

    Our Constitution and political systems are more closely based on US and French models than British (Senate, States etc.), though our law codes and judiciary are basically British in character but even that’s changing as citations in Case Law are now just as likely to come from US rulings as from the British courts.

    • It a total mystery to me where your “at one time in Oz history, roughly 50% of the colonies’ population was Jewish” information is from?

      Australia has rich history of Jewish culture but I think you’re over stating it or maybe confused with Melbourne being “residence to the largest number of Holocaust survivors of any Australian city, indeed the highest per capita concentration outside Israel itself”

      Re: ALP being anti-Israel
      Tanya Plibersek (who is married to a convicted drug smuggler)
      “I can think of a rogue state which consistently ignores UN resolutions whose ruler is a war criminal – it is called Israel and the war criminal is Ariel Sharon.”

      Greg Combet rarely expresses opinions but look who he shares his life with, MP Melissa Parke.
      8 years at the UN in Beirut and Gaza. Were she was involved in the Serge Brammertz lead investigation into the Rafik Hariri assassination, that achieved nothing in 2 years.

      On seven Jewish children:
      Her response to a cancellation of the anti-Semitic play “Seven Jewish Children” at Amnesty International ARTillery Youth Arts Event (noteworthy for it’s violent name).
      An Open Letter to Melissa Parke
      “I am acutely aware that there are relatively few avenues in Australia for the Palestinian perspective to be voiced and heard. If not at Kulcha, then where?”

      To top it all off she’s a favourite of the toxic Antony Loewenstein.

      A few more ALP names.

      • More on the 50%
        In 1828, there were only 100 Jews in Australia. That number increased to just over 1,000 in 1841 and, as a result of the Victorian gold rush, 5,486 in 1861.
        The Sydney congregation worshiped in houses and shops until 1844, when the growing community built the first synagogue in Australia.

      • Richard Joachim

        Thank you, Ian. I found Wiki to be unreliable, my first indication of the 50% mark was in a book entitled ‘Star of David’, Jews in Australia, published by Angus & Robertson back in 1954. Years later I was researching origins of Australian colloquialisms and found so many of Hebrew and Yiddish origin that I wondered how this could be so.

        As I knew my lot – a single ancestor – had come over in 1790 (second fleet) I started looking to see if the early convict records indicated the religion and birthplace of the transportees. In some records they did and there was a higher than statistically expected number of ‘Hebrews’ of both British and non-British origins (more than likely escapees / refugees from the various European pogroms. The non-British transportees I found listed under nationality only, which I thought was interesting. So a bit more checking was required. It seems that during the period late 18th century – early decades of the 19th century poverty-stricken foreigners and the unemployed were seen as a great drain on parish resources so there was a determined effort to clear parts of the cities – many of those sentenced for poverty crimes (stealing food and the basics of life) came from East London and other ‘traditionally Jewish areas of the British cities. Shapardi Jews were never listed as ‘Hebrew’ or ‘Jew’, just their country of origin, so then it was down to name research.

        I hit the ‘mother-lode’ when I came across the colonial correspondences of the Anglican chaplains who frequently complained about both the number of Irish Catholics and the number of Jews in the colony/ies. Neither Catholics nor Jews were permitted their own places of worship until about the 1830/40s. When the colonies became self-governing anti-Jewish sentiment became common in the ‘newsletters / papers’ of the day and once free settlers started to come in; at first a trickle and then a flood, arrival lists were published that often gave a short bio. I found this quite fascinating.

        The records of the colonial assemblies (parliaments) was also most revealing. At one time the NSW parliament had to close during the Jewish High Holy Days as the Speaker and many members were Jewish and didn’t attend parliament. I found it useless to rely of early synagogue records as most, if not all, Jewish convicts, were non-observant or only very limitedly so. There was also deep social divides between ‘the classes’ and Jews were afflicted with this as well. ‘Respectable’ Jewish assemblies (in private homes or wherever) didn’t welcome convicts or the children of convicts; and Shepardi didn’t mix with ‘Orthodox’. And then there were even Jewish bush-rangers.

        So I did the arithmetic for the period 1790-1850 and that’s how I arrived at a figure of near 50% AT TIMES (but remember this figure was fluid as with such a small population anyway, the arrival of a new fleet always altered the statistics). I’d love someone to do full and proper research on this, not just my own amateur fumblings. My research was primarily aimed at linguistic origins, the population stats were just a by-product.

    • Sure wiki isn’t the gold standard for information but it’s a lot better than “my first indication of the 50% mark was in a book entitled ‘Star of David’, Jews in Australia, published by Angus & Robertson back in 1954”. I think the Jewishvirtuallibrary has decent summary of early Australian Jewry.

      But if you want something academic.

      BTW This might be your book.
      Jewish Settlers in Australia – Charles Price (Canberra, Australian National University,1964)
      “The 1841 census shows that at this time, New South Wales Jewry counted for 65.3 % of the total Australian Jewish population, and 0.57% of the total Australian population.”

      I think you misremembered.

      Given the 80’s fashion of claiming convict descendants and the current genealogy craze, there should be ample public information available to support even a claim above 1%.
      I still think there is 10% chance you’re pulling my leg.

      Anyway I had fun reading up on early Australian Jewish history, it’s always nice to come across an early Christian Zionist.

      SA Governor George Gawler.

      • Simon Sebag Montefiore said either in his book talk or in that interview I heard that Moses Montefiore was an opponent of Zionism – so maybe Mr. Gawler got himself the wrong travel companion …

        (it was probably in the interview he gave the BBC History magazine but of course it should be also in the book)

  31. Daniel Marks

    Richard and Shirl,

    Do either of you have anyone coming to Israel, preferably Jerusalem, in the near future as my children are missing Vegemite very much. It is known to be very healthy and a (large) jar would be an important contribution to strengthening Israel in these difficult days.

    Okay the race is on! Who between the two of you is the greater supporter of Israel?

    • Daniel
      knowing you as the great cook you are you made my mouth water and so I looked up vegemite, first at Wikipedia and then at amazon. Amazon says this is it

      But before I even consider trying the stuff one question:

      the stuff is for eating? really? how high is the survivor rate?

      and no I don’t hold the usual prejudice against British cuisine. I had the privilege of eating one English breakfast once in a hotel, kidneys and kippers alone would be reason to migrate.

      • Daniel Marks

        I was brought up on Marmite, which today I can take or leave, but usually leave. In recent years I’ve used it more to flavor onion soup or occasionally gravy than I have spread it on bread.

        Both of my elder children taught in Australia for short periods in recent years and toured New Zealand afterwards. During the latter periods they both ate much Vegemite and learned to love it.

        Regarding kippers, I miss them greatly – not to mention fresh grilled herrings and decent cider. “Memories, may be beautiful and yet, much too painful to remember…”

        Anyone noticed that this discussion of smoked Australian yeast is much more stimulating than Aussie politics? Why is that?

        Maybe it is time to discuss Australian philosophy.

    • Shirl In Oz

      Daniel I can send you some Vegemite if you’d like me to. Just holla !!!

  32. I’m sorry Daniel, Vegemite has got nothing on’s progenitor. And even better, Cenovis, the Swiss version.

    • Shirl In Oz


      Vegemite is similarish to Marmite. Marmite being milder, they are both a vegetable extract

      Marmite is gluten free, whereas Vegemite isn’t !!!

      • Shirl
        I’m sorry –

        I was trying to make fun of Daniel and Roger who, if Wikipedia is to be trusted, are willing to spread yeast paste on their bread. I eat according to smell, taste, lust and/or greed and thank heavens I don’t suffer from anything that keeps me from indulging.

        I am also very curious and willing to try almost anything …

    • No not that. Cenovis is another yeast and vegetable extract like Marmite and Vegemite. I grew up on Marmite, but Cenovis is the best I’ve come across. I find all these yeast extracts particularly delicious spread on good wholemeal bread with peanut butter.

  33. Silke…here is the Cenovis website. It’s better than it looks. In fact I’m just going to savour some on toast with peanut butter…and it has to be Monki crunchy peanut butter from Holland.. Yummy.

    • thanks Roger
      now I know why the stuff is so completely alien to me – it derives from beer and I have just lost another romantic idea about Brits i.e. that they drink their beer as every sane person does. 😉

      Peanut Butter of course is great – our shops offer not much choice, I am already happy if a shop has both crunchy and normal. My favourite is with Apfelmus (apple sauce) plus a generous sprinkle of a mixture of cinnamon and sugar on top.

      Ein weitsichtiger Bierbrauer aus Rheinfelden war es, der sich Gedanken darüber machte, wie man aus den anfallenden Brauereihefen mit ihren bekannten gesunden Eigenschaften einen wohl schmeckenden Genuss machen könnte.

  34. Shirl In Oz

    Count me out guys. Cenovis Australia is a vitamin company only

  35. Richard Joachim

    Is this levity? Vegemite is proof that Australia didn’t need the Greens, we have found ways of recycling our industrial waste for many years – it’s called “Vegemite.” (On a serious note, Daniel, you can get Vegemite in Israel, we found it in a supermarket in Kfar Monash (which was founded by former Australian soldiers!) and, I’m told, the Oz Embassy keeps an emergency supply for registered addicts.

  36. Daniel at 5:50

    to restore the reputation of Australia as to philosophy I recommend this podcast which is a gem in my collection

    to further damage the reputation of Australia as to manners I recall that it was a table of merry Australians who frightened unintentionally the owner of a restaurant on the holy island of Patmos out of his wits by climbing on the tables and chairs and baring their bums to the world – it was a fashion at the time, also indulged in by sticking one’s rear out of car windows.

    As to cider – I feel your pain especially in the summer, Apfelwein isn’t on sale in the north and so I have some bottles sent to me every year at exorbitant cost because without it a certain kind of summer evening outdoors just doesn’t taste right. And that feeble sugary French Cidre stuff that is available here makes me doubt French prowess in the cuisine.

    I know two addresses around here where they fry herrings (turned in flour before frying) as well as my grandmother did. The idea that one could grill herrings never occurred to me and the packets of deep-frozen herrings available don’t come with a grill-me advertisement also.
    haben sie den Willen zum Grillen ?
    I think for this one they have imagined themselves as Vikings which is an honor that belongs to our Danish neighbors, but since it has a herring feel to it …

    I’ve read up Wikipedia on Vegemite and Marmite. Amazing we really seem to know nothing similar at least not as a mass market product. I think Bio-shops have yeast pastes on offer, maybe that comes close. I must look at their labels.

    But while reading it up I read that Vegemite is kosher, is Marmite not?

    • Daniel

      I cure my food nostalgias by remembering that when I lived in Paris I yearned for grandma’s variation on Irish stew (cabbage and sheep), when back home I yearned for Gigot roti, a heavily garlicked roasted roastbeef style lamb.

      When in Greece I yearned for a good apple, black bread and butter, back in Germany I yearn for a decent orange, not to mention tomatoes and the smell of herbs all over the place.

      Greek restaurants are a poor substitute, the air and the sounds just don’t fit. So I try to concentrate on the delight of apples and other stuff that is good around here, secure in the knowledge that I would miss it dearly should I change location again.

    • Shirl In Oz

      Silke both Vegemite and Marmite are Kosher

  37. Shirl In Oz

    All these books are available at the National Library in Canberra, if you are in Australia.

    You join, they send you a card and then you order your book at your local library

    Chosen, the Jews in Australia / Hilary L. Rubinstein

    The Jews in Australia : a thematic history / Hilary L. Rubinstein

    The Jews in Australia / W.D. Rubinstein

    The Jews in Victoria, 1835-1985 / Hilary L. Rubinstein ; with an appendix by W.D. Rubinstein

    Jews in the sixth continent / edited by W.D. Rubinstein

  38. Great pictures. Thanks. Anyone has seen pictures of the Paris Nakba demonstrations yesterday?

  39. “It (Hamas) is listed by America and the EU as being a terrorist organisation.”

    As far as the BBC is concerned, antisemitism trumps even brown-nosing the fascist EU.