Ahava Four guilty of aggravated trespass. Judge: Ahava “trading lawfully”

Four anti-Israel protesters were today found guilty of aggravated trespass by District Judge Ian Baker.

They were each given an 18 month conditional discharge (as long as they are not guilty of any further offences in that time no further action will be taken).

Costs of £250 were awarded against each defendant.

The convictions relate to two separate occasions at Ahava in Covent garden, London.

The first occasion, involving Gwendolen Wilkinson and Matthew Richardson, was on 2nd October 2010.

The second occasion, involving Jessica Nero and Christopher Osmond, was on 22nd November 2010 (this was the view from outside Ahava on the day).

Both occasions involved similar actions by the defendants. They entered Ahava and locked themselves onto a concrete block leading to Ahava having to close down and lose business.

However, both occasions led to slightly different charges.

In relation to events on 22nd November the District Judge found the defendants guilty under S69 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994 for knowing that a direction to leave land had been given under S69(1) and they failed to leave that land as soon as practicable. For the direction by the police officer to be valid the prosecution must prove that he had a reasonable belief of the commission of aggravated trespass or obstruction of a lawful acvitity.

The District Judge found that the direction to be valid as the officer “saw a shop apparently trading as shops should do”.

Also, as the defendants had created a situation where their own leaving was “impracticable” the test of practicability did not apply to them. Otherwise, trespassers could take “ever more extreme steps to frustrate the powers of the police under S69”.

Events on 2nd October were prosecuted under S68. The elements of the offence were:

1. a person trespasses on land
2. where persons are engaged in a lawful activity
3. and does anything intended to obstruct or disrupt that activity.

The DJ said that as there was no suggestion that Ahava or its employees were occupying the premises illegally the case against the defendants was made out.

He said that the employees were “acting lawfully in accordance with their terms of employment” and could not be considered accessories to any alleged offences. The defendants disrupted the normal activities of the employees by what they did and so the case against them was made out.

The DJ did consider alleged criminal activity by Ahava, which could have made even the employees’ activities illegal, but could not come to any proper conclusions as follows:

The defendant’s claims of illegality because “everything Ahava does at the shop is unlawful because of its actions in the OPT” is behaviour “in relation to which the Metropolitan Police have declined to take action…At this statge, it constitutes little more than a line of reasoning…Until such time as Ahava UK is prosecuted….I can do no more than accept that its a shop trading lawfully”.

And on labelling the DJ said that “The goods come from the Dead Sea and are so labelled. The Dead Sea is not a country….I am strengthened in this view by the fact that no law prohibits the sale in the UK of goods produced in the OPT by Israeli companies”.

Even if he was wrong on all this the DJ felt the defendants acted disproportionately citing that we are a democratic country with many democratic procedures available but “they are not free to act in the way they did on this occasion”.


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  1. Excellent news.

  2. At last a Judge with some good common sense . thank you for keeping us all posted Richard

  3. thank you Richard

    am I allowed to hope that they offend during the probation time and thus will have to spend time locked away or is that too un-PC?

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  5. Read with the biggest fat Cheshire cat smile on my face. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))

    Do you think they’ll have a whip round to raise funds to pay for these unwashed, no doubt unemployed losers to pay their fines? Look out for a hat being passed around next time.

    Made my bloody night.


    • richardmillett

      Two are unemployed with not a penny to their name apparently and one is working for Corporate Watch as a freelancer earning very little. They were asked to pay £5/week. The judge asked how the two unemployed people lived and they said they ate leftover food from markets. Another of the women works in a bookshop though and was asked to pay quicker. The judge did say that the defendants seemed to have found plenty of money to travel to “Palestine” on quite a few occasions though. One of the unemployed people answered that he cycled to get there!!!

    • They don’t in fact have the money to pay the fine. They say they live off the leftovers from supermarkets. This is interesting. They are obviously not only socially marginalised but also psychically. Hence, the desperate attachment to the ‘palestinian’ cause……the perceived underdog. These guys are immersed in victim consciousness and hate whatever is stronger and powerful even if it is benign (the US, Israel, capitalism, the west) and side with the apparently weaker faction, even if it is malign. These are the criteria of losers and misfits.

      • Losers indeed. They scrounge food, but find plenty of energy for boycotting Israel. What filth.

        At last, however, a sane British judge.

  6. Yes how did I guess they would be unemployed? Hmmm….

    This is a particularly great victory as I just watched a moronic clip from the scene of the crime. Their stuttering spokesman said they are doing this on the basis of proving to the court that they are allowed to tie themselves up like little gimps with a concrete block fetish as Ahava is operating illegally. So they were pretty sure of being acquitted. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!! Arrogant f***wits got it so wrong.

    Justice reigns supreme.

  7. ‘They said they ate leftover food from markets.’


  8. Sharon Klaff

    Rather fat for leftovers!! At last, a judge who can judge. I hope Bathurst Norman will take note how to judge without bias, with intelligence and with an eye on the issues.

    Made my day!!

    Thanks Richard for keeping us all informed.

  9. Israelinurse

    Excellent news. Thank you Richard for taking the trouble to report it.

    ‘They said they ate leftover food from markets.’
    There’s a whole philosophy behind this – I believe it’s known as ‘freecycling’, although some supermarkets, when confronted with people going through their bins, have been known to use the non-progressive term ‘stealing’.

  10. Sharon Klaff

    What a giant step forward. And so the tide begins to turn.

  11. richardmillett

    The judge also said that they all looked fairly well despite their poor means. He had quite a sharp eye but was quite lenient on them when demanding their payment terms.

    • maybe the judge hopes to spare thereby the authorities the trouble of having to hunt them down for the money regularly and or didn’t want to offer reasons on which they could base an appeal.

  12. As Sharon (above) so aptly puts it

    “a giant step forward. And so the tide begins to turn.”

    We had a victory here in Marrickville too, where we had a local Council pass a motion to boycott Israel

    I’m sure the JC must have carried news on this, if not Richard, has my permission to pass on my email address, or I am happy to relate the saga, for him to write up, 0r I can do that myself

    • Shirl
      the happy news about Marrickville have been all over Elder of Ziyon

      your success has been noticed! and been properly rejoiced over

    • Sharon Klaff

      Please tell us as it was not widely reported here.

  13. Firstly have you seen this?

    For once…….well done BBC
    http://justjournalism.com/bbc-focus/%E2%80%98death-in-the-med%E2%80%99-findings-of-the-bbc-trust/Silke, there is more –much,much more

  14. Oh dear that was a boo boo above. The last part should have been removed, as I am writing something else !!!


    • Fantastic news but is that the best the judge could hand out . A custodial sentence was surely warranted .
      This demonstrates that their perceived ‘victory’ is founded on causing a nuisance
      They are no better then petty street terrorists which is appropriate as they are in cahoots with the real deal in gaza .
      Last week outside ahava several of them started frothing at the mouth after a few fairly innocuous comments were made regarding arrigoni s fate . The police has them pinned against the wall and should have arrested them for threatening behavior but no such luck

      • richardmillett

        Three of them were of previous unblemished character but one of them was very, very lucky. This offence was committed while he was already on a previous conditional discharge for other protest related offences and also some train ticket misdemeanour. The judge wanted to know if any of the other protest related offences were anything to do with Ahava. If they had been then the sentence would have been much harsher.

  15. JanSuzanne Krasner

    Mazel Tov…But, I can’t stop wondering if this be a shimmer of light and hope or just some anomaly in the world of Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism?

  16. Joe in Australia

    This is a very interesting result and quite different from the last one. Previously the onus had been placed on the prosecution to demonstrate that the shop’s behavior was in fact legal. This is a huge burden and subject to any amount of quibbling about potential illegality, but the test is now whether the police officer making the order thought the activity was legal. And as the learned judge says, the shop appeared to be trading legally. Furthermore, the protestors locked themselves in the store in order to claim that they weren’t deliberately failing to follow a subsequent order to leave the premises. This tactic will now be ineffective: the judge said that the defendants can’t claim it was “impracticable” to leave when they put themselves in that position deliberately.

    One matter of concern is that the learned judge said he had considerable hesitancy in calling Ahava’s business legal. This wasn’t technically part of his decision, and I don’t know why he chose to make the remark.

    Anyway, it was, with respect, a wise decision that cuts through a lot of silly beliefs about the law and I hope it will be adopted generally.

    • richardmillett

      Yes, good point. In his judgement he said that “The UK Government subscribes to the international view that Israeli settlements in the OPT do not form part of the territory of Israel” and “The international view is that the area where Ahava’s goods are produced lies within territory illegally occupied by Israel. It seems that only Israel disagrees with this analysis”.

      He could afford to say that as it was never made an issue by the prosecution as the prosecutor didn’t need to make it an issue. The prosecutor just did what was necessary to get the convictions. The judge did recognise though that allegations of breaches of international law constitutes “little more than a line of reasoning…”. I think he was just sharing his political views, but legally he could not really find that much fault with Ahava.

    • Sharon Klaff

      He chose to make that remark as he was really hinting that the protest should be to change the law and not break it!! A hint that he could only have arrived at this conclusion given the nature of the crime. At least this is a judge who upholds the law and at the moment that’s all we have until people who love freedom really grasp what is at stake if these stupid ignorant protestors are always let off.

  17. Deborah Fink

    Actually, it was their barrister who said that one of the defendants had cycled to Palestine, which made us all laugh.

    ‘Losers’ is the opposite of what they are. They are brave and principled and acted because the police, customs office, Trading Standards etc. have failed to act. No one wants to upset Israel or its supporters, which is why Israel gets way with so much and why these defendants were convicted (the judge could not legally find them not guilty until Ahava had been prosecuted. It’s too bad that none of us have the means to bring a private prosecution against this Little Shop of Horrors).

    But it’s not all over yet…..and don’t forget that we’ve scored a victory in making the company move (also an own goal from Hoffie and friends who also helped to drive away customers and annoy the neighbouring shops).

    • Sharon Klaff

      In fact Ahava has been looking for better premises given that their lease comes to its natural end in a few months. This is how business works. And thanks to the protests putting Ahava firmly on the map their sales have increased so they can afford to upgrade! Until the protests Ahava products were sold 2 for 1 in bins outside tacky shops at Dead Sea resorts. So thanks to traitors and Israel’s vibrancy its GDP is up by 7.8% this year whilst here, where too many anti-Israel protesters are living off our taxes, we have a 3rd world GDP! So even though we say no thanks because the protesters promote Jew hatred we also say thanks for the free promotion of Israeli goods!! And the local Arabs in Israel say thanks as well as their standard of living is rising whilst their neighbours in Jordan Egypt Syria Lebanon are rapidly falling.

      • Well said Sharon! It is that Israel shines so damn brightly that kills em. Forces of darkness are obsessively compelled to try and stamp out the light. Have you noticed how these types are always so miserable? Their hysterical compulsion to bring darkness to the world makes them obsessive, unbalanced, miserable and causes rapid brain cell decline which in turn cause a lot of incoherent s*** to come out there mouths.

    • Oh, look, here is the little fink with her black-is-white because I-as-a-Joo say so.

      “They are brave and principled”

      Yes, I suppose in the world of psychopathis haters, they can pass themselves off as that and little finks buy this crap.

  18. Yes, Richard. There’s a lesson to be learned.

    Debbie is correct. Its not over yet. What happened to Ahava will be duplicated again and again all over London and throughout the UK. Every Israeli entity in the UK will feel the wrath of BDS until Israel ceases to be a racist, apartheid state.

    For the benefit of your fellow “Zio-nuts”, especially Johnny Hoffman who helped us SO MUCH in helping to rid Monmouth Street of this retail rubbish heap, here’s a statement from the Ahava 4:

    London, 21 April 2011

    Although these proceedings have resulted in our convictions, no one should be in any doubt about the real criminality in this case. During the three-day hearing, we demonstrated that Ahava cosmetics are manufactured on stolen Palestinian land. Ahava’s trade is not only immoral, it is illegal. We believe that our action was lawful and justified.

    Today’s judgement illustrates the complicity of the authorities in allowing companies to profit from the occupation. Throughout the trial, neither the Judge nor the prosecution challenged the assertion that the settlements are illegal in international law. Irrespective of today’s judgement, campaigners believe that they are still the victors.

    As a result of the collective efforts of activists, Ahava’s flagship Covent Garden store will close this September. This demonstrates the efficacy of grassroots action in creating real and tangible change.

    We call for mass participation in the campaign for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions, building a movement that can directly challenge Israeli apartheid and occupation.

    • Bruce if you don’t like racist Apartheid states I have some candidates for your attention.

      One of them has a population of over 400 000 Palestinians who have been there for three generations but who still live in miserable refugee camps & are still not granted citizenship or admission to the educational, justice or health systems of the country.

      Prove your principles by protesting against Lebanon.

    • “Every Israeli entity in the UK will feel the wrath of BDS until Israel ceases to be a racist, apartheid state”

      And talking of psychopathic losers and haters, look, here is another one.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Just as well that the learned judge disagrees with you as you are all indoctrinated by a hating cult, not dissimilar to Hamas. The majority of you will follow anyone so long as you can get a free meal. If you were a real Jew you would know the Pesach story and how the Jews survived stronger onslaughts than your band of thugs shouting in the street and devising childish attacks on innocent shops, factories and the like.

  19. Bruce, thanks for contributing.

    You write: “Every Israeli entity in the UK will feel the wrath of BDS until Israel ceases to be a racist, apartheid state.”

    So this is not about settlements, but Israel itself?

    • Well, of course.

      “the wrath of BDS” is a phrase that could only have been written by a total dreg and loser living a lonely and useless life in a bedsit, who thinks he is some sort of a revolutionary hero and has no clue how ridiculous he is. You really have to laugh.

  20. Levy and fink
    You are in danger of believing your own hype .Your drones were found guilty of a criminal offence.They now have a criminal record.Your so called victory is based purely on your nuisance value rather then anything to do with ahava s legality. Ahava trades legally here and abroad and hence the actions in this instance have been deemed as criminal trespass.
    However ,we all know that in reality this has little to do with ahava . Ahava is merely a symbol of your campaign to delegitimize and ultimately dismantle israel per se.
    Each time I have the distasteful experience of confronting your band of reprobates outside ahava I pose the million dollar question one state or two . Purely rhetorical as we know the answer. It may also come as no surprise that on numerous occasions I have been subjected to antisemitic abuse from several of your number .
    Perhaps you should think twice about donning your ahava kippah levy
    On a separate note I spent the last few days with an Israeli telecoms company who concluded a 60 million pound contract whilst here and there is more to come
    Your hollow ‘ victory ‘ should be judged against that

    • But they do believe the hype, Harvey. These are psychotic types with no connect to reality. That’s how they make sense of their useless lives.

  21. Levy
    The ‘ Wicked Son ‘ is wheeled out twice a year not 365 .

  22. Harvey, quite right!

    On April 1, 1933, a week after Hitler became dictator of Germany, he ordered a boycott of Jewish shops, banks, offices and department stores. But the boycott was mostly ignored by German shoppers and was called off after three days. However, the unsuccessful boycott was followed by a rapid series of laws which robbed the Jews of many rights.

    At least nobody voted for the Ahava criminals but perhaps Trades Union members would like to check on their Executive to make sure it isn’t on a similar path through exploiting its uninformed membership.

  23. There were four f***wits
    Tying themselves down like gimps
    They all got convicted
    And thought in their thick heads
    I hope our fine is paid by our pimps (ISM, PSC)

  24. Sharon Klaff… I will tell you over the weekend, Just been out for shabbos dinner. I have just been involved in four months from hell with this GDS mob………….. but WE WON !!!!!!!!!!

    The BDS in this country, from now on, I think will be a toothless tiger, theyhave even lost most of their Union support

    • Sharon Klaff

      Can’t wait to hear. Maybe you can share your approach as well? Sorry that you had this hell, but how sweet is victory, somethings these idiots will never savour!

  25. somehow I seem to remember that once upon a time the “downtrodden” as these perpetrators evidently are, had the courage to “lobby” the really powerful i.e. the ones controlling and directing their life, for a better life. That took courage, perseverance and stamina.

    These days the best they can come up with is slandering Israel.

    What has happened?
    is it the dole that turned them into such sorry caricatures?

    • richardmillett

      courage? courage! what’s that, silke??? these people have so much “courage” that the best they can do is invade a shop which has one, and at most two, female staff working there. They know full well that if the staff were male they would be unceremoniously bundled out onto the street before their pathetic home-made concrete block could even hit the floor. Truly……pathetic.

      • Richard
        you remember that James Bond movie where Lotte Lenya all of a sudden ejects knifes from her shoes? (From Russia with Love – can’t find the scene on YouTube)

        maybe Ahava should get those for at least one of her employees i.e. there must be gals who would be an easy match for that sorry bunch.

  26. Daniel Marks

    While, on this occasion, I commend the British legal system in reaching such a sound judgment, one can’t help whether the punishment will be sufficient to deter similar felonies in the future. Had I have consulted, I should undoubtedly have recommended cutting off their goolies.

    Let the punishment fit the crime.

    All the best.

    • richardmillett

      Bit harsh. If they do it again this case might well set a precedent and it might be difficult for them to plead S68 and S69 again as a defence. If Ahava has no prosecutions against it then their case seems to be hopeless. Who knows though. The law is a funny thing. chag sameach.

    • what makes you think that they have such body parts? and weren’t there some females also, what to cut off from them?

      How about a bit of Cat o’nine tails? – Women’s equal rights must be respected.

      Alternatively I can suggest reviving the beloved by Prussians custom of running the gauntlet. They being Brits keelhauling doesn’t sound bad either.

  27. There has never been a legal case against ahava .
    These street terrorists have scored a phyrric victory through intimidation , creating a nuisance of themselves , and an unfortunate general apathy within the wider community
    I very much hope that ahava chooses to reopen on home territory so to speak . I’m sure that the ism/ psc thugs will not have such an easy ride
    in that eventuality.

  28. First of all I would like to say something regarding the comments on this thread. The concept of ‘freecycling’ I have no problem with. Some supermarkets throw out an incredible amount of edible food due to dented tins, out of date art on the packets, spelling and labelling errors. If someone is hungry and needs food then supermarkets should give this food to people.

    In the case of these protestors it would seem to be a typical case of trying to survive without making or producing anything and trying to justify it through humaniatarian and environmental causes. They also have a great deal of time at their disposable to be a general nuisance to people who are doing something. Their view of this particular conflict is through rose tinted glassed. Following the murder of the Italian man in Gaza and the mixed race Jew-Arab man in Jenin, they are blind to the fact that they are trying to free a people who are not used to freedom or who really want it. It would seem to me that the boycott of goods produced in the West Bank is not their goal or intention but the boycott of Israeli goods full-stop and the removal of Israel full-stop.

    The likes of Bruce and Deborah drop into these threads drop lines such as ‘racist, apatheid state’ and try and imply that people are too afraid to protest Israel and then dissapear and ignore any posts or questions that do not comply with their opinion.

    The judge was too lenient in my opinion and if these guys can afford to travel to the Middle East then they can pay the money due.

  29. Please can we have some details of Merricksville? I had heard of it, and would be interested to hear what has been happening. Thanks.

  30. You beat me to it Steven
    The likes of fink (such an apt name ) and levy post their hit and run comments without ever engaging with the rebuttals they know they will encounter
    This is in keeping with their squalid attempts to bully and intimidate a couple of female shop keepers
    However their position is based on multiple falsehoods and self delusion , much the same as the Arab world in general . It is why they will always remain 20 steps behind israel and why their cause is ultimately doomed to failure.

    • Sharon Klaff

      “…without ever engaging with the rebuttals they know they will encounter….”
      They have probably been ordered by their supreme leder to shut up and so they obey, indoctrinated as they are.

  31. Only just noticed brucie boys ‘ wrath of Bds ‘
    Straight from the Old Testament
    Maybe he thinks he’s Moses
    Being pesach and all that

    • As I said before, this loser deludes himself that he is a courageous prophet and revolutionary. You do have to laugh.

      • The Wrath of Bruce. Sounds like a potentially good film script about a man who never wins. But then as the psychiatrist once said about Basil Fawlty, there’s enough material there for a whole conference.

  32. Ah well, I am sure his mother loves him.

    • Are you reading this Bruce? Get help now! It’s not too late. Redemption is always an option. Come over to the right side mate.

    • really?
      it’s hard to imagine, because if she truly would, he surely couldn’t be the guy he is, unless of course his mother has a very peculiar taste.

  33. A few people wanted to know what happened here in Sydney with the BDS. I will attempt to keep it as brief as possible.

    I can’t understand why the JC or at least one Jewish blogger in the UK , other than ‘Daphne Anson,’ who I must admit, I keep informed, didn’t pick it up. European, American and Canadian bloggers did ??

    On December 14th 2010, Marrickville, an Inner West Sydney suburb of Sydney. Passed a motion, by 10 votes to 2, to boycott good and services, sporting, academic and cultural ties with Israel. They are sometimes referred to as the “inner-west bank”

    You have to understand the demographics of the area. It is a hippy/arty/alternative lifestyle/Gay/Bohemian very left kind of area. The Council have five Greens Councillors. They did a deal with the Labour Councillors. I am aware of the ins and outs of what happened, but I’m not at liberty, at this point in time, to say anything,.

    Many people got involved. A group I am part of, must have written at least 1000 emails the day the story broke. So many people became involved, it was amazing.

    We had a State election coming up and the Mayor was the Greens candidate !!! She was a sure fire winner…except she lost!! She actually signed her own death warrant. She wrote an article in which she said she had no intention of taking the BDS to State level, nor had she ever said she would… Only I obtained a sound bite where she said she would and I passed it to a very good radio station!!!! http://www.2gb.com/index2.php?option=com_newsmanager&task=view&id=8454

    Public opinion was very much against the Council. The print media got stuck in with a vengeance, . There were posters, stickers and flyers everywhere.

    The Labour people were threatened with dis-endorsement. The Federal Greens weren’t too happy with their State counterparts for going against Federal policy. The new State Premier threatened to sack the whole Council if the Motion wasn’t rescinded

    Whilst all this was happening, by Council passed a Motion against Marrickville and support of Israel. One of my Councillors who I was helping in his bid for the State election, sent me notification, but the Greens had put a Rescission motion up, which meant it would have to be voted on again.
    Here’s a link to an article I wrote, though some bits you might not understand.

    The night of the meeting for the vote at Marrickville against the motion was horrendous, The BDS, nor any of the pro-Palestinian groups had done anything for 4 months. A few days before the meeting they sent out a call.

    OMG , the most vile filthy, unwashed, loud mouthed scum were there. People truly only fit for the sewer. We had cries of aluha akbar. One Councillor who is an Egyptian Copt was threatened in Arabic. A few people were physically removed. There were fights in the street which the police broke up. It was a real eye opener for me and these people think that by acting the way they do they will gain support

    I think they should think again.

    All I know is that I have had four months of hard work and so have a good few others. It was a great result all round and I think the BDS will think long and hard now before doing anything else, in this country at least. They were well and truly defeated. Even Unions that were backing the BDS have pulled out

  34. Thanks Silke. I used to subscribe to the Elder Of Zion site, but let it go because I had to many subscriptions. I have re-joined.

    I came away from that meeting on Tuesday completely drained. It has been months of hell

    There people are pure trash. One terrific blogger/journalist/political commentator said after receiving vile letters, because of is siding with Israel on the Mavi Mamara incident

    “Receiving this kind of vile email, only heightens by belief that I chose the right side to support”

    I was asked to where a t-shirt on Marrickville, with “Say no to Green” on it. I couldn’t, as I was committed to my electorate

    In the middle of this BDS rubbish, I had four weeks of electioneering. Two of those weeks were near enough full time at a pre-poll booth. I was also doing letter box drops. I worked all day on polling day and then I was a scrutineer at the count.

    I’m at a bit of a loss. Though the site owner of J-Wire said “No problems you’ll soon find something else !!”

    I just found something I thought I’d tossed

    A SIGN OF THINGS TO COME: Aspiring lawmaker Fiona Byrne admits theft


    • thanks Shirl
      I hope and keep my fingers crossed that the effect will be for a long long long time to come and that it will reverberate elsewhere i.e. that all the good things that can be dreamt of will materialize out of it.

    • Sharon Klaff

      You are amazing. May we all the same success – is the tide turning – I would say it might just be!!

  35. Every Israeli entity in the UK will feel the wrath of BDS: YOu beat me to it Harvey. Except Levy exhibits all the symptoms of believing he is God, rather than Moses. A god, that is, whose vengeful wrath is roused exclusively in the case of Israel. A god who can look on the massacres in Misurata, slaughter in Syria and remain unmoved and indifferent.

  36. Thanks, Shirl. Well done!

  37. Hi Shirl and well done for the amazing effort to help sink the greens campaign
    I have to admit to only being vaguely aware from a cursory glance over at E of Z
    One can never get a true appreciation of the intense effort that goes into countering the vile hatred that emanates from the Bds / ism/ psc movement from one blog post
    Here in the Uk there is a fairly apathetic approach to these street terrorists with only a few front line activists the most prominent and prolific being Richard , the hoff and Chas over at oy va goy who are out there on the street
    On the contrary , a quick glance at the Bds website sees a well organized cross network of activists
    On the bright side , the Israelis I work with are barely aware of all the crap out there . It barely registers a .05 on their richter scale . They are far too busy inventing producing and living life in the fast lane to give a toss about these malign reprobates
    Bds crowing over intimidating a shop or making a nuisance of themselves on a Sunday afternoon in tescos is not going to turn the lights off in tel aviv – not even brucie the as a Jew in his bright yellow ahava kippah can do that

  38. In celebration I bought 100 GBP worth of Ahava products yesterday.

  39. Will the decision deter these or other BDS activists from disrupting stores selling Israeli goods?

    @Shirl in Oz: Congratulations on a job well done.

    I’ve been following the Marrickville case and will blog about it soon. I think the thing that destroyed Byrne’s candidature was the report that BDS would cost the council almost $AUS million. This is the first time I saw that approach being used and hope that it won’t be the last. Most people don’t really care about Israel or Palestine but they do care about the effect on their pockets.

  40. Toda rajah Chaverim- Thank you friends
    Thanks too David. Richard has my email address and I’m happy for him to pass it on to you, should you need to know anything

    I know Richard, Jonathan Hoffman and Chas

    It was a great result, with so many people involved and help from quarters we never knew we had friends, even the pro-left media, including our dear and beloved ABC. ……..but let’s not get complacent.

    Our BDS movement at this point in time, is quite small and so far has been restricted to “Seacrets” another Dead Sea mineral company. I made myself known to the guy who imports it and have been helping him. I’ve managed a few times to foil their exploits, by notifying the police.

    They’ve done one at Max Brenner too.

    As you’ll see in this video, the Seacret outlets are all in shopping complexes. In this video, you might see the police hand one of them, a revolting creature she is, a piece of paper. I later found out that she was given an order not to enter the CBD. For what period of time I don’t know

    Things are going to change here, a few of us have got together and have organised a weekend of meetings and speeches, in order to discuss how we can get more people interested and involved, instead of wondering where they are going to buy their next cup of coffee!!.

    It’s good to see that AUJS (Australian Union of Jewish Students) have become more active and had a visible presence during the Marrickville campaign.

    I think we need to educate our high school kids, at school. Our community here, in the main, is more close knit than the UK, possibly because we are smaller. In Sydney and Melbourne, we are all pretty much living in ‘the ghetto’

    It should be easy to get into the schools ,but we need young people to do it. Around 60% of Jewish children here attend Jewish Day schools, which unlike the UK, are all private schools. We have, I believe, the two largest private Jewish schools in the Diaspora. Just in Sydney with a population of around 35, 000, we have 6 schools.

    I think our leadership will come on board. I was asked last week if I would consider moving to Marrickville, in order to get elected to Council!! I also have 4 of my local Councillors driving me meshiga to stand next year .!! Everyone is anxious to rid this country of the Greens, they are doing a pretty good job of self destruction at the moment !!

    No thanks, I grew up in politics. My father was a Councillor, for 25 years, in what is now the abominable Tower Hamlets. Yes guys, I’m a Cockney !!

  41. I just noticed something on the video that I haven’t before and had a chuckle, they walked right passed Magnolia !!!

  42. The two singing the Christmas Carol are Jewish

  43. Good item on J-Wire


    J-Wire is an on line Australia/NZ Jewish news service

  44. Yes, Tower Hamlets, aka Londonistan, where the once free and proud Brits are allowing themselves to be bullied by Moslem immigrants because they are not wearing burkhas. And the police simply pooh-pooh this.

    • Psychotic rant indeed. And no paragraphs….always a sign of derangement. So Richard….run along now like a good boy and read your Edward Said! LMAO

  45. to save you all the trouble of reading Mr. “Nice”, here he is ranting away – I could stand less than 10 minutes of it but maybe one of you has stronger ears:

    Mr. Edward Said lecturing 1:39:01 on “Money, Inequality and Power: Palestine and the Universality of Human Rights”
    to be fair it is likely that he isn’t lecturing all the time but that part of it is devoted to Q&A

    btw I can’t remember having ever come across a lecture about “Israel and the Universality of Human Rights”


    • Oh, Said was a disgusting charlatan. I can’t stand even 5 seconds of him. The world is better off without him.

      • I agree – the audio was my first encounter with the original though and since Christopher Hitchens to this day insists the guy is an eminent superlative whatever

        and all I knew was that he ranted on “us” depicting “them” in a patronising way which has a certain plausibility given the travel reports I read on an area where I once lived. So I thought I give it a try.

        But he is an incontinent ranter into spouting maximum hatred possible. If there is some serious scholarship in it worth my time it has to be distilled for me to become ingestible. But all “distillations” I read are hugely exaggerated wholesale condemnations. On the other hand I have read book reviews by Hitchens which I liked and give him a certain credibility.

        Ah, the dilemmata a devoted readeress has to cope with … 😉

  46. I am teased by the hyperbolic language used by Debbie and Brucie, but not at all surprised that they are furious because they lost. It must be almost earth-shattering to think that you are almost as powerful as the Almighty, only to come to grief in such a fashion. It’s hilarious reading Debbie trying to salvage something out of this excellent verdict to justify her lunatic opinions.

    Delusions of omnipotence, deluded misattribution and mindless thinking, paranoid splitting and projection, cognitive distortion, perseveration – all are evidenced in Debbie’s and Bruce’s posts and that’s just for starters.

    And boy are those florid, particularly when they have been thwarted.

    Deborah you should stick to yowling. You’re better at that and you give the cats a good run for their money.

  47. The following is typical of Bruce’s mindset:

    “Ahava was initially shy of assisting the police in prosecutions fearing scrutiny of the legality of their business”

    Cognitive distortion, indeed.

  48. And more from the so-called mind of this sorry specimen:

    “Except that on the 29 April, the group is booked to play in Tel Aviv – capital of Apartheid Israel”.

    • Bruce ,the eternal adolescent, is a case study in arrested development and juvenile dementia. Displacing his Daddy hatred , rather like Hitler, and stuck in the same vile projections. I don’t know what to recommend really. Shock therapy maybe? Or some mind altering substances would help to dissolve the rage.

  49. I hope at some point in the near future executive members of some of the pro-BDS organizations are hauled into civil court by organizations like Ahava and successfully sued. There’s genuine systemic apartheid — ethnic and religious practiced in most of the states in Israel’s neighbourhood and not a regime of security measures necessitated by 60+ years of resorting to violence instead of accepting a political settlement could have long ago resulted in the creation of a Palestinian state on lands formerly governed by Egypt, Jordan and Turkey.

  50. I’d also like to see the governing bodies of some universities and colleges go after the same BDS organizations that create such hostile, toxic environments in what are supposed to be institutions of higher education.

  51. Daniel Marks

    During the intermediate days of Pessach I relived childhood memories and wasted some time watching old episodes of Star Trek, Mission Impossible and the like. How reassuring it had always been that the good guys were consistently better looking, nicer and better at fighting. I think I was about nine the first time I saw an episode of Zed Cars when the criminal was more handsome than the policeman. “Could this be?” I had asked my father, “He is neither fat nor bald and he never laughs at his own jokes. How can he be wicked?”

    About now is the point that I risk being labeled patronizing, but I have always sought to educate my children and students into believing that our rivals and enemies, though they may be in our eyes wrong or even evil are not necessarily less clever than us or even uglier. Believing otherwise is not only factually incorrect, but can lead to underestimating one’s foes, which is never judicious.

    For all these reasons I say that I have no reason to believe that Bruce has “juvenile dementia” or “Daddy hatred, rather like Hitler” nor am I sure that he is a “sorry specimen”. I am not certain about Debbie’s “Delusions of omnipotence”. I don’t think that our opponents “rant” while we discuss, and I consider the determination that failure to correctly use paragraphs “always a sign of derangement” to be dubious at best. Furthermore, I would question whether we can always be sure that our supporters hygiene surpasses that of our rivals and if not should think twice before labeling them, “the most vile filthy, unwashed, loud mouthed scum were there”

    I shall say it again like a scratched old record. Our arguments are very strong and what’s more we have truth on our side. When we engage our opponents using carefully researched facts and cold reason we invariably emerge victorious. However, when we get into slanging matches exchanging personal insults, it’s anyone’s game. And even if we do get the last word in and call the other guy, dirty or stupid or mad and he can’t think of a good reply, other than letting off steam what exactly have we achieved?

    • ”And even if we do get the last word in and call the other guy, dirty or stupid or mad and he can’t think of a good reply, other than letting off steam what exactly have we achieved?”


    • I only know a wee bit about mobbing and over the decades I never ever witnessed a mobbing victim get anywhere with good facts and reason.

      Mobbing is German and means getting harrassed by a mob who most of the time has gotten a non-explicit green light from the boss to open the hunt.

      • Daniel Marks

        Though my German is rudimentary, I am familiar with the word mobbing. I have a mob of 25 of your countrymen (Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung ) visiting next month all armed to the teeth with ignorance and stereotypes. As usual I shall mob them all with facts and reason.

        As you well know, my dear Silke, the truth has a strength of its own – far greater than that of mere numbers. It also bestows a satisfaction far in excess of anything that might be felt through name-calling.

      • I beg to differ Daniel. The sweetest satisfaction is a judicious mix of facts and name calling. The last thing I want to be is sanctimonious. And part of truth is calling a spade a spade. If your interlocutor is an ignorant cretin, a bigot, a hypocrite and a racist,like…er…Bruce, shall we say…. then tell him. Why? because they are also facts.

      • Mobbing is a good English word. No idea why you think it’s German.

    • Daniel Marks

      I suspect that this interesting discussion may have run its course. I see your point Roger, though I still believe that insults are the great leveler that affords anyone an equal chance in an argument just by virtue of his knowing more one-liners and curse words.

      I could easily match Einstein in a slanging match. He’d explain relativity and I’d say something about his hair cut or the size of his head. He’d then have to either continue with physics or make a comment about my smelly feet. That is why; if I think that my case is stronger I’d rather not give the other guy the chance to take the discussion to the gutter.

      However, as I said I do see your point and it is well taken. By the way, Goldman really does have a very big belly.

      • Daniel
        it depends whom you are mud slinging with – if the other person puts up a good fight in the trying to be witty department and you know you can win that competition that’s different from somebody who goes straight to the gutter without any detour. There the number of words and strategies available is so limited that opting out and taking the high road of being the better mannered is probably the most promising.

        A guy like Bruce presents a special problem because he is no match in any competition. The only thing he seems to be good at is impersonating a wailing waif. So maybe he needs a build-up of the kind “come on man, remember you are of the superior sex” might help unless the feminists should have gotten to him first. If that has happened I have nothing else to suggest.

    • Someone like Bruce using phrases like “the wrath of BDS shall pursue you” is sufficient proof of psychological problems in my book.

  52. Attilathecricketer

    Seems about the right decision – occasional one off blocking of businesses should just be viewed as exercising a right to protest but what Ahava has suffered is a long running disproportionate campaign. However reading the comments of the triumphalists above makes me annoyed. From working in a court £5 a week about standard repayment rate for a variety of debts. Silke, Roger et al I know we the lowly paid or unemployed do not deserve to exist in your eyes. I don’t like generalisations but I could come out with stats to “show” what an elitist self centred (and admittedly “acheiving”) Jewish community we have in this country. Not all of us can get a leg up from daddy using the old boy (or should that be synagogue) network.

    • sorry Attila but having once been on the dole myself I know from experience what a disempowering influence the institution has – it is them who make you feel unworthy – therefore my question was full of compassion …

  53. Anjem Choudary is on the dole. He gets £25,000 a year in benefits and he doesn’t feel disempowered. You just need something to believe in. Like Allah or BDS.

    • all I could believe in was myself –

      it was one of the more ridiculous experiences of my life – the main reason I went there was that I needed medical insurance for a gap time but I was also honestly looking for a suitable job.

      So the one told me that I was a fake and a fraud who had made it beyond what she deserved during the good years. I said OK, then maybe I should go to one of your education programs. Sure enough I got a date and the one there told me that I was way too qualified for anything she had on offer.

      I kid you not …

      and that happened when the good years for the labour market were still pretty much on …

  54. Michael Goldman

    Though it is self evident that the ugly guys (or girls) are not always the baddies (Menachem Begin being the case that always springs to my mind) and the good lookers aren’t always the goodies, it is no less true that Mr Levy is both fat and ugly and has a horrible nature.
    Now don’t get me wrong.
    I’m not claiming for one moment that there is any correlation between Brucey’s ugliness his fat belly and his nasty nature.
    It is just that he seems to be so well endowed with all three.

  55. Daniel Marks

    When it comes to bellies Mr Goldman I would only paraphrase a Jewish lad who lived in this neighborhood many years ago and say, “Let he who has no belly cast the first stone!”

    I, for one, shall cast nothing and might advise you to follow suit – oh big belly of Givat Zeev.

    • Daniel
      I hope you let them tourists have it and mob them all you can (that’s the scenario where you are the boss. Have you ever considered reporting them to the Bundeszentrale, if they get unruly? I guess not, but hinting a wee bit that you might, may work wonders.) Why do I think that? Because the Bundeszentrale suggests to me that they are on a trip paid for by that institution and so they suffer from just a bit of free-loader guilt. Harp on it! and good luck. (and keep in mind, that they want to remain eligible for the next trip, so they should be easy to discipline. If your military experience is no help, watch some old movies. Remember, we are the people who are constiutionally incapable of walking on the grass in the park. Don’t get fooled by those who do it these days. It doesn’t come natural to them, it makes them feel like courageous law-breakers and pirates.)

      – but that was not what I was talking about and honestly I have seen so many competent people, full of truth, excellent facts, first class arguments and beautiful manners go under

      I don’t know if any could have turned the tide by playing dirty – it wasn’t in their nature, but I’d sure loved to have seen one try it.

  56. Daniel Marks

    Don’t worry Silke. I can play dirty and I have a ace or two up my sleeve.

    What a treat it would be to actually meet the great Silke in person one day. Think about it. I know all your excuses, but, all the same. Paraphrasing that bloke again: “In my house there are many rooms.”

    • how about Denmark?

      and I am not great, I am short and in person tend to alternate between very mild-mannered and meek

  57. Thanks ruttytutty

    My ‘copy’ hasn’t arrived yet

    I haven’t had a chance to answer your email

  58. Leah

    Mobbing is a good English word. No idea why you think it’s German.

    because around 20 years ago the word was introduced into German, was quite a media hype for some time and soon a whole consulting industry around it came into being and prospered because lots of people had to attend work-shops in fancy hotels in order to be schooled to read the signs correctly with the help of check-lists. (before that everybody recognized victims of office feuds without the help of psychos)

    If something like that happens, foreign words quite often acquire a different meaning and since I can’t remember having read it in English in context I thought I’d rather be careful.

  59. Definition from the Oxford English dictionary

    Please note the last line

    1 a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly and intent on causing trouble or violence:a mob of protesters
    British informal a group of people in the same place or with something in common:he stood out from the rest of the mob with his silver hair and stacked shoes
    (the mob) the ordinary people:the age-old fear that the mob may organize to destroy the last vestiges of civilized life
    2 (usually the Mob)North American the Mafia or a similar criminal organization.
    3 Australian /NZ a flock or herd of animals:a mob of cattle

    verb (mobs, mobbing, mobbed)
    [with object]

    *crowd round (someone) or into (a place) in an unruly way:he was mobbed by autograph hunters
    * (of a group of birds or mammals) surround and attack (a predator or other source of threat) in order to drive it off.


    late 17th century: abbreviation of archaic mobile, short for Latin mobile vulgus ‘excitable crowd’

  60. Sharon Klaff


    Get this organisation banned from using PayPal to collect money to organise an international march on Israel on May 15th. PayPal cannot allow organisations who incite terrorism to use its services. Just go onto the PayPal website and go to complaints and enter the section for non account holders. You will have to write a reason and it doesn’t give you many words, but keep writing something at every prompt and eventually you will get an email address to write to. Use words like complaint, terrorism, breach of contract and so on. You can make a complaint even if you are not an account holder. DO THIS NOW

  61. Daniel Marks

    That was very interesting Shirl. It had never occured to me that the words mob and mobile are of common origin.

    • and what is mobile may be easily swayed …
      (Like in La Donna è mobile)

      I have a scaring the wits out of me audio by Elias Canetti reading from how a mass behaves once it starts moving – the image that remained in my mind is like water swirling into the drainage but it starts so very unnoticeably at the fringes and then gets into that spiralling/swirling (no pun intended) movement towards the center

      btw the most memorable example of what may happen to an English expression when it gets imported and why it is advisable for me to be careful with the use of those words in their “home”-language is this:

      it’s what in German is called a body bag – I guess that during the importing procedure they just shortened body hugging bag …
      zillions of people have pointed it out, it is still called body bag …

  62. Neither did I Daniel. Is also a verb ???

    • in German to get an army ready for war is “mobilisieren”
      I’m pretty sure “mobilize” in English means the same thing.

      Also NGOs talk about “mobilisieren” their adorers.
      You, Shirl, asking for us to do something about PayPal (I will) is you are aiming at mobilizing us (at least in German you would)

    • Sharon Klaff

      Please make sure you take action now to get PayPal to remove this customer from their list.

  63. Sharon I have sent it to about 80 people, most of whom have extensive lists

  64. Mein Deutsch ist nicht gut. Ich habe vergessen, aber ich kann verstehen… most anyway !!

    Did you see this video of a very gutsy young lady in Germany.?

  65. I asked the group I like best who she is. She isn’t known to them but guessed to belong to another one which is called PI (Politically incorrect) which I looked into back in 2006 when I got “enlightened” to how much “they” had left the fringes and I didn’t like them i.e. I want to continue to be able to meet the Turks I knew and worked with over the years with an honest mind.

    The event where she had her say was abominable on all counts. Pierre Vogel, the “leader”, showed up on my radar also in 2006 or 2007 as the perfect guy to be ridiculed, a perfect non-entity (he is a convert, a former boxer and talks with a very gemütlich – cozy – sounding Rhineland accent).

    Right now his group “Einladung zum Paradies” (invitation to paradise) is establishing a center in the (minor) city of Mönchengladbach and has the burghers in a turmoil because they don’t want burqa-clad women on their streets (I am against burqas on the ground that face-showing is regarded a virtue in the culture I love) and now he managed to have this event in Frankfurt of all cities, now German’s banking capital, but historically the place where emperors of the Holy Roman Empire were crowned, Goethe lived and though they have behaved no better with their Jews as the rest of Germany the place were Jewish jokes (in disguise or maybe by now openly again) are everyday fare i.e. no obscure place it is

  66. I was at a meeting on Tuesday night, which is a new anti Islam group that is just being set up.

    At the half way mark break, a young man stood up and said that as a German, he went along with everything that was being said, but that he would not support Jews and Israel. He said he knew many people that felt that way

    • in the mindset I “confess” to it translates into either

      Dead Jews are preferred i.e. we build memorials for them, hold conferences, readily and so eloquently confess our Nazi-time guilt, that the whole world congratulates us on it and makes us into the poster-child of dealing with past guilt (Aufarbeitung)
      Living Jews are so complicated that they just don’t meet up to the standard set by the above.
      It is our solemn duty to prevent that the victims of our genocide do not relapse (i.e. rückfällig werden, which in German suggests a criminal under probation). Or: we the former perpetrators must do our all to prevent the former victims from becoming perpetrators, because as former perpetrators nobody knows better than us what makes a perpetrator.
      Germans will never forgive the Jews for Auschwitz. (which is a quote that is ascribed to several people.)

      All of the above “thoughts” are most eloquently and prominently put to really good and beneficial educational use by Henryk M. Broder (alas mostly German only)

      • “he would not support Jews and Israel”.

        Then he is a common or garden antisemite.

        The world generally prefers dead Jews, that much is obvious. They fulfill their proper role of being victims. Live Jews who stand up for themselves are often seen as impertinent.

        I don’t use Paypal, I have had very bad experiences with them (and they are an offshoot of the very reliable and entirely honest eBay, of course). There are better services out there, moneybookers is one.

  67. Sharon- oh noes- I arrive in Israel on May 15th. I hope security on arrivals isn’t going to take longer owing to this march.

    I am sorry to say the young man who announces this march looks quite presentable in his photo and not at all fat or ugly

  68. Leah
    Controlling isn’t English?
    I’d never have guessed since the first Controller I met was in an American Company and that was his proper job title – how “creative” we are …

    I guess Handy derives from “Hand Held Device” …

    I am far from being against assimilating new words but why when we invent our own we have to base them on Anglo stuff eludes me.

    But even worse is the habit our talking heads have acquired of “embellishing” their German with lots and lots of Latin i.e. they don’t “confess” to being too lazy to translate but instead pose as sophisticated educated in the classics users of Latin.

    I first noticed this trend when progressiv became all the rage some decades ago which is a bad choice because we haven’t introduced with it the ability to distinguish between the adverb and the adjective and so the once well known distinction between fortschrittlich and fortschreitend is blurred quite often.

    • Not in that sense, no, it isn’t. In German it means ‘management accounting’. In English it means other things entirely.

  69. Daniel Marks

    Hi Silke,

    I’m sure that I am not the only commentator on this excellent blog who is intrigued by fact that the distinction between fortschrittlich and fortschreitend is “blurred quite often”. I have read that while the former is variously translated as “advanced, forward, progressive and progressively” the latter is “advancing, onward, onwardly, preceding, preceding and progressing”.

    Could you give a couple of examples of cases in which they are synonymous and a couple where one is wrongly confused for the other?

    • as long as you use the German words the distinction is perfectly clear, but our talking heads being in favour of Latin words, since it makes them sound “brainier”, use progressiv for both and progressiv is thus a synonym for modern.

      I don’t think I could come up with examples in snappy sentences without context and its quite some time ago, that it was all the rage so I can only vouch for the result of my observing it for some time at the time. But I’ll sleep on it.

      Ah one thing is probably still in fashion: progressiver Wahnsinn = fortschreitender= constantly increasing madness. But there is also progressives Wachstum=growth, but there it probably signifies that the growth is getting bigger every year like in our tax system where the percentage you have to pay gets bigger the higher your income and that’s called SteuerProgression, but that’s been in use for ages, long before the hype for Latin words got fueled by the wanna be gentlemen/ladies of the world.

  70. Please make a comment on Daphne Anson’s blog
    Especially in answer to Gideon!!

    Louis Farrakhan’s Judeophobic Rant at Howard University

  71. I tried, but it didn’t work.
    Gideon isn’t important, he is just one more deranged loser. Farrakhan is the one who should be exposed wherever he goes.

  72. Leah it does work but it has to be approved because she’s had too many issues!!