Syrian Ambassador to UK: “Israel behind Syrian Revolution.”

Sami Khiyami: "Israel could be behind any bad thing in world."

Sami Khiyami: "Israel could be behind any bad thing in world."

It was an almost comic exchange on BBC’s Newsnight (the exchange begins at 17 minutes) last night when Jeremy Paxman interviewed Sami Khiyami, the Syrian Ambassador to the UK, over who was behind the plot to destabilise Syria.

It went like this:

“Ambassador: Syria is not a one party state, it is not a one family state. It is the nicest and most beautiful state in the Middle East.

Paxo: Ok, now you’ve got that off your chest, tell us about this plot, who’s behind it?

Amb.: I think all those who thought Syria is at a time when it will cash in on the result of the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. The changes that occured in the Arab world were about to help the Syrian position a lot towards Israel and the expansionist policies of Israel.

Paxo.: Basically, it’s the Israelis behind it, is it?

Amb.: I’m sorry?

Paxo.: Is it the Israelis behind it, is that what you’re saying?

Amb.: Well, the Israelis could be behind it. They could be behind any bad thing in the world.”

As ever, Paxman looked in on disbelief.

Then again Khiyami was only parroting the line of President Assad of Syria who spoke of an “Israeli agenda” in his speech yesterday about the violence currently taking place in Syria.

The Times reports that a 14 year-old boy was yesterday shot in the head while carrying an olive branch. And many dozens so far have been murdered in cold blood at the hands of Assad’s forces (has anyone seen Judge Richard Goldstone lately?).

Some claim that Assad is basically a reformist President, but one who is kept in a straightjacket by hardline conservative elements in his Ba’athist administration.

Nevertheless, Syria hosts Hamas, supports Hezbollah in Lebanon and will do anything that Iran commands it to, especially considering that the Assads are Alawite, an offshoot of Shia Islam. The majority of Syria are Sunni Muslims.

I would have liked to have seen Paxman ask Khiyami whether there could be a repeat of events in Hama in 1982 when Assad’s father massacred up to 20,000 of his own people the last time they were impertinent enough to attempt a revolt against Assad totalitarian rule (Here is Robert Fisk reporting on his visit to Hama in June 2000).

But then we know what Khiyami would probably have replied: “Israel slaughtered them!”

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  1. Like father like Son


    hey richard…the bdsers and jew hating neighbors of the ahava store have won

    what are you people in england gonna do about this????

    • Why are the neighbouring shops not blaming and complaining about the pro-palestinian protesters who caused the disturbance in the first place?

      That was a rhetorical question.

  3. Paxman is usually hard on the righteous and soft on the psychos. He’s lost his way.

  4. A child was shot carrying an olive branch? really? did he also have a white pigeon in his other hand? The syrian government is reformist, Syria has seen lots of improvements since B. Al-Assad took over, his entire policy is to keep peace in the middle east and modernize Syria while preserving its independence. But most importantly to correct false info, those 20,000 you speak of were not revolting against the president, they were islam extremists who were killing those who were symbols of modernism and wanted to take over the country like Taliban did Afghanistan.

  5. I wish Israel was anyway near as capable as accused.

  6. Biodegradable

    “…if the telephone is busy, if your bathtub springs a leak,
    if receipts don’t tally up right, if your lager tastes too weak
    if the cake runs out on Sunday, if the Prince of Wales is gay
    If the bedstead creeks at nightime, if your poodle’s stool is grey
    chorus: The Jews are all to blame for it!
    To blame, to blame , to blame for it!
    Why so, why are the Jews to blame?
    My child, don’t ask, they’re just to blame…”
    from German cabaret song 1931
    (to be sung to Habanera from Carmen if you fancy giving it a go, gentlemen…)

  7. I am waiting for Mostly to tell us that Assad is a humanist who puts up patiently with the Nazi Israelis.

  8. believe what you want.. it’s sad to hear this really, the middle east is being divided, it’s only to Israel’s benefit. Israel’s government is killing innocent children everyday, everyday, in their homes, in their land. what do you say to this? I’m making this up? What about the millions of Palestinians who are all around the world because their country has become purified from their race, just like the Nazis did the jews. ” Never underestimate the criminal minds of those who suffered crime”.

    • ”Israel’s government is killing innocent children every day”.

      Which sewer did you crawl out of?

      Richard….it looks like you have some hardcore Jew haters making themselves at home here. I appreciate your liberal moderating but this makes me sick.

      • richardmillett

        Sorry, Roger. I agree, but what can i do? I have news for you; Jew haters like “Laura G” are alive and kicking whether they post here or not. But, they are so full of hatred that they are miserable wretches.

  9. Dude, I don’t hate jews!!! I hate the israeli government. And yes they do, Gaza!!! Gaza, the homeland which was transformed into an enclosed starvation prison. the difference between us is that I’m an international person, I’ve seen and read and watched every source of information not just CNN.

    • I’ll let someone else deal with you. I’m not going to waste my time and energy. I know futility when I see it. Giving you the facts is throwing pearls before swine.

  10. It’s not hatred Roger, it’s what these poor arab societies are enduring, Palestine has lost 80% of its territory by force and has lost generations of youth, if you decide to turn a blind eye, that’s your choice.

    • richardmillett

      Laura G there never was a “Palestine”. It has never existed. You are just ignorant. Hey, being an “international person”, what do you think about the beheadings of UN workers in Afghanistan today? Israel’s fault?

  11. Which sewer did I crawl out of? How diplomatic, how civilized, isn’t this a free country, can’t I speak my mind without being accused of hating the Jews? What about Beirut, the rockets israeli children signed to bombarde lebanese towns and civilians? thousand, dead.

    • richardmillett

      Thousands of Israelis dead as well Laura G. What about them? Why are you so one sided? Arabs and Muslims are killing/have killed each other around the world en masse but all you seek to do is condemn the Jewish state. And you still can’t understand why people are suspicious of your motives?

  12. There never was a palestine? oh my god! there never was a united states should, it’s relatively a new country compared to the ancient middle east. So if the jews had historical evidence that they lived in this region that gives them the right to come back, kill its natives and take it? wow.. I’m out, I don’t what got me to this ridiculous blog anyway.. get an education & some history books.. please.

  13. thousands of israelis dead? really? please do some research and get back to me, during the Israeli/Hezzbollah war how many lebanese dead vs how many israelis dead? please emphasize on civilians, right? because the lebanese only targeted military while the israelis destroyed an entire neighborhood to dust on its inhabitants, thousands dead.

  14. The middle east is the oldest continuously inhabited place on earth. In all its parts its inhabitants are proud of this history, religious variety, cradles of civilization. When Europeans were killing each other, the arabs were inventing medicine. Jews, christians and muslims all have lived there for hundreds of years with no conflict until zionists took over the world. Until Israel came and transformed the whole region. The jews were thrown out of Europe, those who survived, and went there with the hope of living in peace in a land they had history in. But the people don’t kill their hosts, it’s governments and politics that decide what strategies to take for them to reach more world power with no threat what so ever, so they began their media-silenced genocide and it’s still happening, and it will keep happening because nobody says NO to Israel.

  15. to answer you r final question: since 1948? count the arabs man.. it’s 1000 vs one.. literally!

    • Muslim jihadists have carried out more than 17,012 deadly unprovoked attacks since 9/11, murdering thousands of people worldwide, including 1600 Israelis. Why are you not concerned about this?

  16. richardmillett

    And have you counted, Laura G?
    Out of interest when you say “zionists took over the world”, what do you mean by “zionists”? Would you mind defining the word?

  17. I am very concerned about this, those are criminals that must be punished. But what’s even more concerning is a criminal state that is globally allowed to kill people.

    • richardmillett

      But that description can apply to any state? Which country are you from Laura G? Has the country that you live in killed many people globally (not that Israel does that, but anyway)?

  18. Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, has supported the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland.

  19. Jewish political movement that, in its broadest sense, has supported the self-determination of the Jewish people in a sovereign Jewish national homeland no matter what or whom stands in its face. No matter the costs and casualties.

  20. I’m half french half american. But I lived in the middle east for 8 years.

    • richardmillett

      But where do you live now and do you vote there? And as for your definition of “zionists” are you therefore suggesting that these specific Jews rule the world? And how many of these specific Jews would you think that there are in the world?

    • And your favourite read is ‘The Protocols of the Elders of Zion’ I imagine. A bestseller in the Middle East. Or maybe Mein Kampf…another favourite in the Arab world.

  21. those in power.
    I live in Paris now, but I spent most of my childhood in Maine.

    • richardmillett

      And how many Arabs have the French and Americans killed down the years and what are you doing to stop it?

  22. roger you have so much hatred for arabs, why?

  23. the Arabs never killed the french people, we colonized them ,they defended themselves against our armies, had they done it to us, we would’ve done the same and worse. Americans that arabs killed? Americans launched a deadly war on Iraq to bring down their dictator but they also killed many, tortured many, war is the last thing they need. They need help to prosper and modernize help of organizations arising from good people not deadly government like George Bush’s government and Israel. The Arabs are not the enemy. The arabs are warm gentle people like you and me, with homes and families to feed in a time where their geopolitical situation on the map is costing them their lives for oil, for land, for power.

    • richardmillett

      I agree but Arab leaders have impoverished their own people despite their huge oil wealth. And do you think Hamas are nice despite it saying in their charter that the Jews should be killed (not zionists, Jews!)?

  24. Not in the case of Syria with Bashar though, he came into power surrounded by an outdated regime that he as a british educated doctor has news plans for. As soon as he was in office he hired the elite intellectuals of the country to direct the internal affairs of the country into a better future, the syrian people are just starting to see their country flourish, I mean everybody in Europe seemed to notice this incredible young president who was providing change bit by bit, whose popularity was outstanding amongst his people. It shows on the correctly transmitted news today. There is a conspiracy against Syria for sure, it’s the only Arab state whose lands are occupied by Israel still independent from it politically, economically etc.. The arabs DO NOT hate the jews, the muslim arabs as well as christians recognize judaism as the first religion and many jewish families still live in these countries and have the exact same mentality and opinion about Israel .

    • richardmillett

      Assad is murdering his own people. Can you not see that? His dad killed 20,000 in one city alone in 1982! You are very understanding of Arabs murdering their own people on such a large scale. How many Iraqis did Sadaam kill? How many did Bashir murder in Darfur? How many Palestinians did King Hussein of Jordan murder? Would you like to be a woman or gay in Saudi Arabia or Iran?

      You didn’t answer how many zionist Jews do you think control the world (as you stated)? And how many Jews do you think live in the Arab world today?

    • ”The arabs DO NOT hate the jews” ROFLMAO.

      And Hitler was a man of peace. And I’m Rumpelstilstkin. And Noddy and Big Ears went shopping together.

      Pull the other one it’s got bells on.

      Excuse me, while I call the funny farm.

  25. sorry I have early duties, perhaps tomorrow, this has been intense but what can we do, today the whole world is not making much sense. I feel bad for future generations who will have to study this hideous history we’re witnessing.

  26. Laura G, you spout antisemitic ahistoric bigoted claptrap, whilst defending a mass murderering dictator in Damascus, a man who is currently torturing people as you sit in your stupid little room typing your insulting and moronic crap.

    Assad is currently building four nuclear sites with North Korean and Iranian help (another two wonderful tyrannies) whilst he has forcibly expelled 300,000 Kurds in recent years from their villages and thrown them into camps in the south (whilst executions, mass arrests and torture are the norm)..
    Laura G, you are a degenerate.

  27. In addition, Laura G, Assad and his cronies regulalrly make the most disgusting antisemitic comments, whilst Nazi war criminals like Alois Brenner live in freedom under such a Nazi regime.

    You really have issues.

  28. Laura G, the Syrian Jews have run out of that country, chased ot by a Nazi regime. You really are full of crap.


    Arab news footage of the massacres taking place in Syria. WARNING!!! GRAPHIC!!

    Laura G: This is what your friend Assad is doing, ‘directing his country to a better future’.

  30. ” So if the jews had historical evidence that they lived in this region that gives them the right to come back, kill its natives and take it? ”

    The Jews ARE the natives, you sickening excuse for a slimeball.

  31. Jenin Jenin: 50 min of your day to watch the real genocide.

    • richardmillett

      Thanks, Laura G. At Jenin 50 Palestinians were killed and 23 or so Israelis were killed. Hardly a massacre. You really are just full of progaganda.

  32. thanks Richard and congrats to having attracted Laura G

    Has anybody ever taken the trouble to investigate why her kind always promises to leave “us” as hopeless and then comes back?

    • Either they are incorrigible suckers for punishment or have an unconscious desire and yearning for the truth.

  33. Simon pollock

    It’s hard for a non aligned uk person to credit just how demonised the Jews are by the Arabs.
    Equally hard to credit is the way Israeli troops and settlers treat Palestinians and Lebanese.
    It makes me vacillate between anger and despair. A plague on…

    • Equally hard?
      Equally hard?
      Equally hard?

      yeah it is equally hard for a person used to caviare to go without it than it is for a person used to barely sustaining food to go without part of it