Pro-Israel activist brutally attacked at “Celebrate Palestine” festival.

(Updated on Monday morning)

As many will be aware by now a pro-Israel activist was brutally attacked at the “Celebrate Palestine” festival at SOAS today.

Allegedly, the activist was told by a festival-goer that the Jews were cowards for walking so meekly into the gas chambers, that it was a shame the Nazis didn’t finish the job and that it is a shame it can’t happen to the Jews now living in Israel. The activist was then, allegedly, bitten on his cheek by another festival-goer.

The attack drew blood from the pro-Israel activist’s cheek and there was blood around the alleged assailant’s mouth.

Film will eventually be released of the attack as well as of the aftermath. Arrests were made and the pro-Israel activist went to University College Hospital to be treated.

One would like to say that the “Celebrate Palestine” festival lived up to its name, but, as stated in my previous blog, one of the introductory speakers was more concerned with viciously tearing down Israel and Zionism, instead of celebrating Palestine.

This is some of what Lowkey had to say to the students at SOAS (the actual audio is at the end):

“If we understand Palestine, first we have to understand Zionism. And what is Zionism? Zionism was never about self-determination. This is a myth and this is a lie. Zionism is about colonialism, Zionism is about supremacy.

When we talk about the struggle of the Palestinian people, we are talking about the struggle of indigenous people, of native people. This is about indigenous people resisting a foreign occupying presence.

When we look at the aboriginal people of Australia, over 500 nations were genocided (sic) to create one. We look at Christopher Columbus, we look at Captain Cook, they have a brother in Theodore Herzl, a brother in supremacy.

Why are we allowing this settler ethnic cleansing entity to continue to wreak havoc on the world? As much as that may pain some of us to admit, this is the case.

We are not talking about a normal country when we talk about the state of Israel, we are talking about a state which has invaded and occupied every single one of its neighbours from Syria to Lebanon to Egypt. Why is this ok? Why is this something we are allowing to happen, that this government is fully supporting? From the Balfour Declaration to now, why is it supporting this colonial conquest?

All the European states are in full agreement that the settlements that currently house over half a million illegal Israeli settlers on Palestinian land, all of them are in agreement that the settlements are illegal. But why is there this continued collaboration of the EU with Elbit Systems, with the weapons manufacturer of unarmed drones that wreaked havoc on the Gaza Strip?

Everyone knows the settlements are illegal. This state is expanding. It is an expanding state in the middle of the Middle East. It is an expansionist state. It is a state involved in expansion.

What is the price of this expansion? The price is the seven million Palestinian refugees worldwide. That is the price of this experiment, this racist experiment.”

Lowkey at SOAS

(Lowkey begins at 2mins 50secs. Before that is Karma Nabulsi finishing her talk).


41 responses to “Pro-Israel activist brutally attacked at “Celebrate Palestine” festival.

  1. Richard, did the polis cage this animal?

    • aparatchik
      wasn’t it you who had that video of them tearing in to living chicken? Maybe they have a training camp for stuff like that in London also.

  2. Good to read it is on film. Let the world see the sort of deranged scum pro Israeli activists are up against

  3. I’d advise to check the assailant for rabies and hopefully he is HIV-positive.

    • Sharon Klaff

      Why would you want him to catch HIV from this piece of rubbish who has demonstrated who the perpetrator is of the blood libel – who is the blood sucker now?

      • isn’t assailant a synonym for attacker and/or aggressor?

        and no of course I don’t want the victim to catch anything, but I suspect such a vile character as the attacker as being capable of anything and thus want him to be checked carefully for anything transferable.

        The attack is weird enought to make me feel very alert

  4. lowkey is a functional moron, who would be digging ditches had he not stolen the black man’s music and put out bs hate raps

  5. Michael

    So what if the world sees it? How does that make us stronger? I used to have faith in humanity, like you. I do not anymore.

    My initial reaction is “He was bitten – freaking bitten!” After sitting back swallowing this type of reaction to the sight of Jews, it remains to be seen if this incident is embarreaing enough for the local police to consider charges against this man.

    I cannot wait to see the video.

  6. Daniel Marks

    Might I suggest that you guys organize an anti-cannibalism week on campuses?

    Interesting to note that Mike Tysons infamous ear-biting of Evander Hollyfield also followed the former’s embracing of Islam.

    • commenters at Elder of Ziyon recently posted 2? different videos of military training in countries predominantly adhering to the muslim faith which showed cruelty of animals, like puppies, snakes and chicken (as best I remember)

      I looked only at the beginning of one but was assured that the Syrian? trainee actually bit into the very much alive grown up chicken tearing out bits of flesh through all the feathers, just as if he were a dog.

      • Silke, I have a still from a video of the fakestinians eating the organs of the two murdered Israel soldiers, the episode where there is the picture of the cannibal waving blood-soaked hands outside the window of the room they tore the soldiers limb from limb. It is on the internet and real. Forget chickens, they do it on people!

  7. Lowkey is a real cretin, isn’t he?
    And I am never surprised any longer by the sheer bestiality of ‘Palestine supporters(TM)’. They sing from the neo-Nazi hymn book.

  8. Bring back the 43 Group! We need a group like this in London. We need tough Jews on the streets of London to stand up to this s**t!

  9. No sign of this video yet?

  10. richardmillett

    I think it is a matter for the police investigation so it won’t be out for a while.

    • yes that’s what I read also, that the police took the video for investigation

      – could the fact that it takes them a while to go through it mean that there is actually something to be seen on it? – not that I doubt the reports, far from it, but I want to see the mad biter pay for his deed, the more the better.

  11. richardmillett

    It is all standard stuff that takes time. The police have a lot to deal with.

  12. And if they dealt with all the rabid ‘anti-Zionist’ thugs at all UK universities, they’d never have time to deal with real hate criminals, like Melanie P.

  13. Guys

    We dont need more tough guys on the street, why? so we look like animals! one thing about British Jews, is the fact that they are civil and peaceful, and keep good relation with all other communities in the UK

    I hated all these street arguments, they take us no where. They only create further confrontation …… We should not follow their acts. I still dont understand to why Stand with US went there? I mean 4 members to confront a large pro-Palestinian crowed! What was the objective? to convert them.

  14. One thing about British Jews, they are meek sheep except that they have less backbone than the average sheep.

  15. These anti-Semites are savage cannibals and vampires, they need to be treated as such. Would anyone walk into a crocodiles cage without a weapon? They are also cowards: they need to be physically smashed and destroyed. It’s the only way to get rid of them. Lowkey the half Iraqi scumbag is an uneducated schmuck. @Mark, do you really think these animals will just go away if we are nice to them? Grow up!!

  16. I’m with Stan! Seriously! We have the brains AND the brawn, they are just cowardly bullies who get away with it!

  17. Daniel Marks

    Stan, Mark, Leah,

    You’re all right, but the point is academic. The 43 group were retired British Jewish paratroopers, dock workers or barrel boys from the East End before that. Those guys were tough. At the same time Jews dominated many boxing titles in the UK too.

    How many Jewish paratroopers have retired from the British army recently? The grandchildren of the 43 group are chartered accountants, doctors and lawyers. You’re not going to have the Moslem hooligans doing a runner when they see a couple of Yiddo dentists coming down the road. Anglo Jews don’t box, at best they play golf or table tennis – very scary!

    Now there is a group of Englishmen who don’t like the Moslems too much. I’ve never met them, but I bet that that gentleman of Eastern descent would have thought twice before taking a bite out of a member of the English Defense League. They look ugly and unwashed and I’ll bet not too many of them won scholarships to Cambridge, but isn’t that what you need?

    Far be it from me to give my Anglo brothers any advice, especially after I refuse to listen to theirs regarding Israel. However, next time you pop over to the SOAS, why not pay for a taxi to bring a few tattooed EDL lads along too. If all goes well, you can claim that you never knew they were coming, if it doesn’t, you might be pleased they’re there.

    • Daniel
      do you happen to know when boxing as a sport for the destined to be high and mighty got out of fashion?

      Robert Graves, one of the famed war (ww1) poets and as an author most well-known for “I, Claudius”, tells that he got his nose broken at Cambridge? while seriously indulging and I got the impression that the sport was highly popular amongst the then presumably “better” classes as were other once considered to be manly feats like roof climbing.

      Do economists box while at uni?

      I don’t know about the EDL as an organisation but establishing connections to the “lower” classes/getting them on board IMHO is highly advisable. I find “them” in my occasional chats much more amenable to down to earth reasoning than “educated” ones who tend to blather on in the style which can be witnessed in this panel discussion at the latest JStreet conference – panel starts at about 43. I summarize the blather of the eminences on the panel and the cheering them on crowd as “Israelis don’t bleed like us.” Listen out for the cheering crowd. I assume most of them have the benefit of a thorough education.

      but beware it is depressing in its callousness, its ignorance and its vacuousness and its distortions of truth which amongst us commoners is called lying. The one I “know” is not only a columnist at the NYT but apparently also commands some executive power there.

      • The NYT – a disgusting rag much like the Guardian. I already know what he said without bothering to click on the link.

        I am very much in favour of taking some EDL lads along, and see no reason for anyone to pretend that they didn’t know about them coming.

        As to Jewish accountants: yes, that’s what I meant when I mentioned sheep.

      • Leah
        come to think of it, sending Roger Cohen on a little tour through the bars with them tattooed EDL-guys might be nice – it might make him even more convinced that orientals are angels and occidentals are brutes but the fun watching it happen especially if a kick in the groin should be included.

  18. I agreed, until you got to the tattooed part!

  19. I don’t like tattoos myself, but everyone has them these days, including Sloanes.

    • when I was young only sailors (merchant and navy) had them – quite fascinating stuff – more often than not crudely done and fading – the habit seemed very mysterious to me, why would men in far away cities subject to such unpleasantness.

      But these days once they get out of fashion as everything does eventually, cosmetic surgeons will find an additional market – and what is good for jobs, is OK by me.

  20. Daniel Marks

    While the discussion seems to have side-tracked somewhat to the, albeit fascinating, subject of tattoos and some of Silke’s conquests of yesteryear, I think that we have reached a broad degree of general consensus.

    However, if anyone is still convinced, these harmonious gentlemen ought to help win you over – note the lovely flag.

  21. I was surprised at the distortion in this Evening Standard report- not typical of that paper. Note that it is the pro Israel protest which is reported as becoming violent! Would any of the pro Israel people there characterise what happened as a scuffle?

    Police detain two at pro-Israel protest
    23 Mar 2011
    Police are investigating after a pro-Israel protest outside a “Celebrate Palestine” event became violent.

    Two men were arrested following a scuffle outside the School of Oriental and African Studies in Bloomsbury.

    The Palestine Society at the college hosted three days of activities as part of Israeli Apartheid Week to highlight “the Palestine struggle for freedom”.

  22. for the 3rd day now “Your comment is awaiting moderation”

    Be fair

  23. The director of SOAS is ignoring emails. Just be patient, old boy, and those Jews will go away …