Palestine festival organisers call police to remove peaceful pro-Israel protest.

A small pro-Israel protest was held outside the “Celebrate Palestine” festival at SOAS today, but it wasn’t long before the organisers complained to security who called the police to have the protest removed.

While the pro-Israel protesters were outside arguing their case to remain, inside Lowkey was rapping to the students about Israel being an apartheid, supremacist, colonialist state.

Back outside the police eventually relented after realising how ridiculous it would be to remove a peaceful, static protest.

The protesters then moved on to Ahava in Covent Garden outside of which an anti-Israel mob had congregated for their usual Saturday hate-fest.

Ahava seemed to be doing alright and my friend, Ian, presented me with one of their Lavender and Chamomile Warming Pads as a belated birthday present.

When someone erected a placard with photos of the massacred Fogel family it was immediately surrounded and covered up by a Palestinian flag. Anti-Israel protesters were parroting the line from Palestinian Authority affiliated news agencies that the massacre at Itamar was committed by a Thai worker.

Well done to Stand With Us UK which produced the placards, leaflets and very eye-catching “We support a two-state solution” stickers.

Peacefully protesting outside SOAS before the police were called.

Peacefully protesting outside SOAS before the police were called.

Explaining Israel's case to a student.

Explaining Israel's case to a student.

Lowkey rages against the "Zionist state" in the JCR at SOAS.

Lowkey rages against the "Zionist state" in the JCR at SOAS.

Outside Ahava.

Outside Ahava.

Ahava besieged.

Ahava besieged.

Covering the placard of the murdered Fogel family with the Palestinian flag.

Covering the placard of the murdered Fogel family with the Palestinian flag.

Standing up for Israel and for all the oppressed in the Middle East.

Standing up for Israel and for all the oppressed in the Middle East.

20 responses to “Palestine festival organisers call police to remove peaceful pro-Israel protest.

  1. thanks galore Richard

  2. Sharon Klaff

    On this day when the UK and its coalition under the auspices of the UN (Useless Nations) and international law (whatever that might be) has launched into another war with an Islamic state (three on the go and counting) by bombing Libya (ostensibly killing civilians in Benghazi), when 10,000 freedom protestors are violently put down by the Syrian Asad and his Gestapo killing some 50 odd people seeking freedom from tyranny, where in Bahrain ordinary citizens are holed up in their homes under threat of death with government police launching into anybody who steps out of line and Saudi military prowling the streets, whilst in Tunisia there are more crack downs on democracy protestors, when 56 rockets were launched into Israel by Hamas the so called democratic government of Gaza, we in the UK have to deal with infantile idiots protesting against Israel that is currently the only state in the Middle East, across North Africa and right up to Turkey that is democratically elected with a free media uncontrolled by the state, where gays can live together openly, where woman have equal rights and children are not indoctrinated to hate and dress up as human bombs, where all citizens have social security, hospital care and equal rights in law regardless of ethnicity, where even when Arabs enter homes and slaughter Jewish children and their parents as they sleep there is no backlash or call for a crackdown on all Arabs who sing in the streets and dish out sweets at the success of their killings in the name of their god. It is really a poor statement of this nation that its wealth, vested in its youth, is so wasted on these silly fools and their elderly Jew hating cohorts who seem to regard their hatred of Jews as more important than protesting all the deaths and violence currently taking place in the name of Islam. Shame on them all!

  3. Covering the placard of the murdered Fogel family and laughing (the bearded guy.)
    But the woman holding the other end of his flag seems to have second thoughts about his conduct.

    • richardmillett

      I think they were husband and wife. She was adamant that the Fogels were killed by a Thai worker which is why she covered it, she said.

      • Adamant? That certainty is worth examining, isn’t it? The source for that information was Palestinian of course, via the craven self loathing arch-appeasers, Haaretz. So, in other words, the only certain thing is the complete unreliability of any news from compulsive congenital liars. This woman’s conviction that this is true is actually a wilful choice to believe a lie, an existential choice. To cut a long story short, she is mentally ill, deranged, as are her vicious twisted fellow travellers in hate. They are impervious to reasoned argument, facts and truth, in the same way as clinical psychotics. So sane communication with them is impossible. So I can only admire Richard et al for exercising so much restraint and not going ape and giving these morons what they really deserve. Not good for PR I know but that’s my fantasy.

      • Just looking at her husband’s grinning face is sufficient to know that he is deranged.
        What else would these creatures be? As middle class, smug Brits, they have chosen to be the sworn enemies of one tiny state far removed from anything they know, and to go out on a Saturday to vilify it with lies. Tell me that you don’t have to have quite a few screws loose to do this.

      • If that is the case Richard, then this is the marriage of sadism and denial. I think most anti Israel activists fall into one of these two categories.
        Anyways, thanks for everything you and your friends are doing there in England and in the rest of GB.

  4. richard,

    freilichin purim

    did you explain to her that no thai workers are employed in itamar?

    that when questioned by real journalists about the thai worker story, the police responded in the negative and added an expletive?

    not that it matters to the evil ones

    amalek lives….im gonna print out that pic to stomp on during the reading of megilas esther tomorrow morning

    • There are strong additional reasons for discounting the Thai worker theory. Think like a detective and ask the following questions.
      1) Where would a blood covered foreigner go to dispose of his clothes and the murder weapon? He couldn’t go back to his quarters (Yes, I know there were none). He would have been seen at least by his fellow workers and could not rely on their silence.
      2) How would he clean himself up? It’s not like he could throw the clothes into the washing machine and himself under the shower without leaving traces, bloody footprints, DNA etc.
      3) Is it even remotely plausible that a blood spattered, non Arabic speaking foreigner could have escaped to the territories? Who would hide him? Who would even understand him?

  5. A big thank you from this Israeli to everyone participating in pro-Israel demonstrations in the UK. You guys are just great!

  6. Jonathan Hoffman

    Well done guys – sorry I could not make it

  7. Sharon Klaff

    A pro Israel demonstrator was taken to hospital today when a Jew hater at the anti Israel hate fest at SOAS bit him on the cheek. I hope they have given Dean a tetanus jab! It seems the 4 reps from StandWithUs provoked the attack beause of their presence. We are at a situation in the UK that attacks are justfied simply because the attacker doesn’t like where you stand. Sounds a bit like all those Islamic countries that are falling apart at the seams!

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  9. Sharon, the UK is a fully signed-up member of Eurabia these days.
    To anyone who voted Labour since 1997: thanks a bunch for destroying my country.

  10. I am a Jewish member of staff at SOAS and I have sent e-mails to try and get SOAS to finally do something about this problem. The student union are allowed to hire rooms for external groups without any investigation. This event has changed the scale. They can no longer claim ignorance.

  11. richardmillett

    Thanks, Gershon. I did my Masters there a few years ago and it wasn’t as bad as it has got lately. It is out of control now. There is also a guy that actually works for SOAS (i think in the union) but also spends time helping to organise events for the Palestine Society. He has been doing it for years. Surely, this cannot be right.

  12. Albere Hanna

    Greetings, I went to check out the Palestine festival at SOAS. I did question to myself how considered, what looked like an emotionally loaded Israeli presence considering the use of the images of the children recently murdered, this protest’s presence at a Palestine festival. I did over-hear a couple of equally emotional and unproductive retorts of ‘Israel murdered hundreds of children in the ‘Cast Lead’ military offensive on Gaza so you shouldn’t be surprised’ to Jews suffered at the hands of Hilter and look what they do to Palestinians from passers-by and this substantiated my un-ease. On the way out I went to speak with the Israeli woman to ask what she hoped to achieve when a fight broke out between one of the Israeli men and a presumably Palestinian man and found myself prising them apart. I put my hand between the latters mouth and the former’s cheek to stop him being bitten and pulled the former away from the latter. I had not noticed, and thus did not know how the violent aggression started till my son relayed to me that the Israeli man (for some reason) was trying to photgraph the Palestinian man who objected and pushed the former’s camera-holding hand and the grappling fight ensued. I then left for the sake of my children.