TravelPalestine advert banned by ASA.

The Advertising Standards Authority has deemed it “misleading” for TravelPalestine to advertise Jerusalem as part of Palestine. The same potentially applies to Bethlehem, Hebron, Jericho, Nablus and Gaza, which were also mentioned in this TravelPalestine advert:

TravelPalestine advert (click to enlarge).

TravelPalestine advert (click to enlarge).

The advert drew 149 complaints which challenged the advert on three grounds:
1. Palestine was not a recognised country.
2. It was misleading to describe Palestine as being between the Mediterranean Coast and the Jordan River, when Israel is also there.
3. It was misleading to suggest Jerusalem was part of Palestine.

The complaints were only made after this advert by the Israeli Tourist Board had to be withdrawn after complaints that Israel was misleadingly advertising Jerusalem:

Israel Tourist Board's advert.

Israel Tourist Board's advert.

In their Final Adjudication the ASA responded to the three grounds as follows:

1. Not upheld – The advert did not claim that Palestine was a recognised country and, so, was not misleading.

2. Not upheld – Not misleading because the description “between the Mediterranean Coast and the Jordan Sea” did not suggest the whole area was Palestinian-administered territory.

3. Upheld – The status of Jerusalem is in dispute. “From the famous cities of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jerischo, Nablus and Gaza…Palestine lies between…” was misleading because these cities are not universally accepted as being part of Palestine (the latter five cities were not the subject of the current complaint).

The ASA ordered that the advert must not appear again in its current form and that future adverts must not suggest that it was universally accepted that locations were part of Palestine when they weren’t.

It is a shame it came to this. Jerusalem is an increasingly impoverished city for all the people that live there.

Jerusalemites desperately need tourism but we now seem to be at the ridiculous juncture where neither Israel nor the Palestinians can advertise Jerusalem. Not only that but, unprompted, the ASA went further by making it difficult for TravelPalestine to advertise ANY of the cities that the Palestinians are claiming!

It just goes to show that those who try to tear down Israel will only be tearing down the Palestinians as well. But then again, as we know, most of them don’t really give a damn about the Palestinians. It’s the Jewish state, stupid.

Israel cannot advertise this!

Israel cannot advertise this!

21 responses to “TravelPalestine advert banned by ASA.

  1. “But then again, as we know, most of them don’t really give a damn about the Palestinians. It’s the Jewish state, stupid.”

    Well said.

    Ironically amidst all this tourism in Israel is booming with record numbers visiting. Which must be terribly disappointing for the BDS loons and other Israel-haters. But then I suspect most of them are used to failure and disappointment in their lives.

  2. I genuinely doubt the same people who complained about the Israel advert complained about the Palestine advert. It’s probably more likely that pro-Israelis complained about the Palestine advert, and you’re right they don’t care about Palestinians. I agree that it is sad that something seemingly so trivial like an advert is actually really political. But it’s sadder still that this conflict has still not ended and most likely won’t because of the hatred on BOTH sides as seen in the silly comment before mine.

  3. richardmillett

    I don’t think there is the level of hatred on the Israeli side that you are suggesting, Nadia. Pro-Israelis are also pro-Palestinian, just anti-Hamas and Islamic Jihad etc. I suspect anti-Israel people complained about the Israel ad and the pro-Israel lot, so to speak, complained about the TravelPalestine ad. But the former complained first. They should have stayed shtum.

    • I am pro-Israel and definitely NOT pro-‘palestinian’ , aka Arabs. It is not just about Hamas etc….. The ‘palestinians’ are all up to their necks in Islamic jihad because they are……except the few Christians left among them…….all Muslims. They almost all hate the Jews because that is what their deity and prophet has taught them to do. The I/A conflict is a religious war by the Arabs and the Muslim umma against the Jews. So to be pro-Israel and pro-‘palestinian’ must cause massive cognitive dissonance.

      • Absolutely. “Pro-Israelis are also pro-Palestinian” would be adjudicated even by the ASA as somewhat economical with the truth.

      • The ‘palestinians’ hate Jews, celebrate their death, martyr anyone who kills even unarmed Jewish children, names football tournaments and public squares after mass murderers of women and children, celebrated 9/11, celebrated the massacre of the Fogel family.
        An important observation from Augustus on MP’s blog:

        ‘Take the website of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, as an example. On the English section there was a short statement denying any responsibility on the part of Hamas for the attack, but on the Arabic section of the website an article was published praising the attacker
        as a ‘mujahid’ and deriding the slain Jews as ‘Zionist usurpers’
        and there were countless comments posted by readers all praising the attack and the attacker. And curiously, whilst the statement in English raised the possibility of the act being carried out by settlers
        even, in the Arabic article there was no doubt that the attacker was a Palestinian
        ‘mujihad’. ‘

        And this is the ‘moderate peace partner’ Fatah.

  4. The most silly comment I have seen during the time I have been visiting this blog, and the most hate-filled, is the one by Nadia.
    Israelis care more about the Palestinians than all their Arab so-called”brothers” and Western useful idiots put together, even though they have least reason to care.
    And it’s people like Nadia, who hate Israel pathologically, who complained about the Israeli ad initially. Here is some free advice, Nadia: if your hatred comes back and bites you on your sorry behind, don’t complain because you will make yourself look very foolish indeed.
    And to imply that there is symmetry in this conflict is just the usual Israel-hating lie.

  5. Let me quote Melanie Phillip’s latest brilliant, urgent and passionate post on her blog:

    The question now has to be asked of every person in Britain and the west who promotes the boycott of Israel, or wears the keffiyeh in solidarity with the ‘Palestinians’, or so obsessively demonises the ‘settlers’ or ‘apartheid’ Israel, or makes vicious comments at the dinner tables of the elite about the bloody Jews and shitty Israel, why these ‘enlightened’ folk turn a blind eye to the slaughter of infants as they sleep, and assist Jew-hating fanatics in their racist aim of destroying Israel and denying to the Jews alone the right to live in their own historic country – and all because Israel is reluctant to reward these fanatics by giving them the territory from where they can finally achieve their murderous aims. These ‘progressives’ need to be outed for what they are – the fellow-travellers of psychotic religious fascism.

    Israel is the signature moral issue of our time. Which side people choose to be on in the Arab and Muslim war against Israel tells us whether they are on the side of truth, justice and basic humanity – or the side of evil.

    Read it all and weep.

    • Weep indeed – at the flood of Nazi-like responses.

    • I think Mad (there’s a muzzie under my bed) Mel is the one whi is going to be weeping. She has been reported for hate speech.

      • The only people who report others for hate speech these days are Islamonazis or their hardcore multiculturalist PC appeasers. The irony being that the very essence of that sorry bunch is hate.

      • Don’t you feel really, really stupid for using that stupid label?

        I would love to see Mel make mincemeat of her opponents if it comes to a court case. Intellectually, she is like a thousand suns against a bunch of dim lightbulbs.

  6. Naida, as Oyvagoy says, “I have never met a happy antisemite.”

  7. Part of the problem is the official Israeli policy of avoiding tackling lawfare head on.
    Sure they appealed the ASA decision but they didn’t take them to court with an injunction demanding they run the ad.

  8. A real victory – well done.

    I am sure the character in this video will be proud:

    • richardmillett

      Thanks, Mostly.
      It is about par for the course for the anti-Israel mob. A bit like Seven Jewish Children and The Promise. See in all before. Next.

  9. “But it’s sadder still that this conflict has still not ended and most likely won’t because of the hatred on BOTH sides as seen in the silly comment before mine.”

    Lol! Bless you.

  10. Daniel Marks

    What is written in the tefillin of the Master of the universe? “And who is like Your people, like Israel, one nation on earth.”

    Every day of shiva Rami Levi, who owns one of the larger super market chains in Israel, comes by the shiva house in Itamar and fills the cupboards and refrigerator himself with food for the family and guests. Today one of the relatives expressed her appreciation to him and he said, “You will get used to my face. I have committed myself that every week I will deliver food and stock your home until the youngest orphan turns 18 years old.”

  11. the man interviewed in this piece was 15 when he took part in the

    Battle of Cable Street

    – it is worth a listen and notice how un-PC they were back then and how much support they got from all kinds of people.

    and thanks Richard …

    are Christians still allowed to advertise travel to Jerusalem? If yes, they should show their solidarity with their Jewish Elders by sneeking in the pictures. That is if they talk in the UK like they do in Germany about “unsere jüdisch-christliche Kultur”.

  12. Judeo-Christian culture, sure they do.