Anti-Ahava protesters boycott the Dry Cleaners now.

Yet another freezing day in London’s Covent Garden ended up with some anti-Israel protesters complaining to the police because they didn’t like it that their pen was positioned outside a Dry Cleaners instead of right outside the shop door of Israeli-owned Ahava.

Two weeks ago they complained that they were outside the Italian handbag and shoe shop.

Complaining seemed the way to go today though. I asked one protester why he wasn’t protesting outside the Libyan Embassy, seeing that Colonel Gadaffi was murdering, possibly, thousands of his own people. But the protester just asked a police officer to ask me not to talk to him!

Bruce Levy, their noble leader, for the first time actually turned up wearing a kippah to try to counter the accusations that this is an anti-Jewish boycott.

But Ahava itself was doing well with customers coming and going, although they were met with chants of “Shame on you” from the anti-Israel mob.

The pro-Israel activists did Israel proud. For two freezing hours they waved flags, sang and handed out leaflets to passers-by. And a carload of Welsh activists drove the three hours from north Wales to support Israel. If they can do it so can you.

In the words of Delia Smith…..”Let’s be ‘avin you!”

The pics:

Poor Bruce sets up alone.

Poor Bruce sets up alone.

"I'm the only Jew in the village."

"I'm the only Jew in the village."

Ahava does a roaring trade.

Ahava does a roaring trade.

"Oh no, now it looks like we are boycotting the Dry Cleaners!"

"Oh no, now it looks like we are boycotting the Dry Cleaners!"

"If you look very closely you can just about see Israel on the map."

"If you look very closely you can just about see Israel on the map."

Freedom for Wales!

Freedom for Wales!

Please take a leaflet, someone, anyone.

Please take a leaflet, someone, anyone.

Martin carries the flag for Israel.

Martin carries the flag for Israel.

Auditioning for Les Miserables.

Auditioning for Les Miserables.

Another Jew Against Zionism? You and whose army?

Another Jew Against Zionism? You and whose army?

Ahava inspires love and prayer.

Ahava inspires love and prayer.

58 responses to “Anti-Ahava protesters boycott the Dry Cleaners now.

  1. Sharon Klaff

    Shame on them – the entire Middle East bar Israel is being outed for violence by tyrannical leaders against their own people from Libya to Bahrain and all these stupid people can do is demonstrate against a company comprised of 50 employees in a remote area of Israel, a country in which Arabs and Jews, Christians and agnostics enjoy democracy and freedom without having to die for it. It’s a real shame their priorities are askew, blinded as they are by hatred and wilful ignorance.

  2. Is that sorry loser in the last picture putting his head down a drain?

  3. Void Prayer,
    Richard, you are failing your duties… Did anybody tell that idiot praying(on the last photo) that his prayer was void?, he was facing Jerusalem. Seriously good article and brilliants photos which I may borrow for my blog, thanks for keeping us updated.

    • Mohammed originally instructed his fellow psychos and misfits to pray in the direction of Jerusalem but after the Jews rejected him as a false prophet, he went into massive sulk mode, skidaddled to Medina with his tail between his legs, and changed the direction of prayer to Mecca. Sour grapes. The rest is history.

  4. Daniel Marks

    Interesting to note the Muslim in prayer, as the rival blog is featuring gentleman’s buttocks too, which they claim belong to no less a man than Jonathan Hoffman, Co Vice-Chair of the Zionist Federation. Can anyone corroborate?

  5. Thanks, I hadn’t been to Bruce’s blog before. Pathetic or what?

  6. Bruce has a blog?
    Bruce can type?
    Bruce is literate?

    this world is full of miracles.

    thanks Richard – great pictures, especially Brucie alone in the pen

  7. No need to mock someone at prayer, surely?

    Interesting post as always. I wasn’t aware of the rival blog either. I hope the whole thing doesn’t turn into a ‘dick-waving’ exercise.

    • Only one comment on the loser’s blog. No contest.

    • I agree with OVG’s point – We must always show Respect for Islam & Muslim People – remember that many Israeli Citizens are Muslims and participate in every area of life in Israel .

      For example Israel has a Community of Circassians –
      Who are Muslims Who emigrated fleeing Tsarist persecution from the Russian Caucasus in the 19th century – The Circassians serve in The I.D.F. at the request of Their Community leaders .

      • Why? Respect for Muslims is one thing, respect for a pernicious and murderous dogma is quite another.

      • Dear Leah ,

        Agreed – but what is ” Islam ” ?

        There is a vast difference between the vicious totalitarian political interpretations of Islam like Wahhabism & democratic reform-minded groups like the Ahmadiyya .

        It is also a fundamental part of Judaism to show respect for other Ethical Monotheist faiths – We are not a religion that demands that Non-Jews Convert to Judaism to have a share in the world to come – remember that Jews & Muslims were often allies & on very good terms throughout history – eg ” The Golden Age ” in Spain before the 1492 expulsions .

      • Golden Age? Really? Throughout the Muslim occupation of Spain jews and Christians were dhimmis, second class citizens who had to either convert to Isalm, pay the jizya ( protection money) or die. There was pogrom after pogrom, notably in Granada in 1066

        Maimonides, the great Jewish author and philosopher, was among those forced to profess allegiance to Islam for a period of time while in Cordoba. He and his family eventually chose exile.
        His Epistle to the Jews of Yemen provides an unflinchingly honest view of what Maimonides thought of the Muslim prophet Muhammad, or “the Madman” as he calls him, and about Islam generally. Maimonides writes:
        You write that the rebel leader in Yemen decreed compulsory apostasy for the Jews by forcing the Jewish inhabitants of all the places he had subdued to desert the Jewish religion just as the Berbers had compelled them to do in Maghreb [i.e.Islamic West]. Verily, this news has broken our backs and has astounded and dumbfounded the whole of our community. And rightly so. For these are evil tidings, “and whosoever heareth of them, both his ears tingle (I Samuel 3:11).” Indeed our hearts are weakened, our minds are confused, and the powers of the body wasted because of the dire misfortunes which brought religious persecutions upon us from the two ends of the world, the East and the West, “so that the enemies were in the midst of Israel, some on this side, and some on that side.” (Joshua 8:22).
        Maimonides makes clear that the unrelenting persecutions of the Jews by the Muslims is tantamount to forced conversion:
        …the continuous persecutions will cause many to drift away from our faith, to have misgivings, or to go astray, because they witnessed our feebleness, and noted the triumph of our adversaries and their dominion over us…”

        Golden Age? Hardly. You have been influenced by the likes of ghastly Islamonazi apologists like Karen Armstrong whose mission it is to whitewash the true nature of Muslim supremacism.

      • Roger ,

        I don’t want to get into an endless debate about Jewish/Muslim relations throughout history – obviously there have been historical periods in which Muslims have persecuted Jews but there have also been periods in which Jews & Muslims have had much better relations .

        My point was that Jews & Muslims faced a common enemy in Fundamentalist Christianity during the Crusades & against the Inquisition ( Jews fought alongside Saladin against Christian Anti-semites who had massacred the Jewish Communities of Europe on their route to The Holy Land , Jews & Muslims were both tortured & murdered by the Spanish Inquisition after 1492 ) I hope that Jews & Muslims can engage in Inter-Faith Dialogue and heal ill feelings between Our two Communities .

        I notice that You have ignored My point about Israeli Circassians in the I.D.F. or about other Reform Muslims in order to bolster Your view that all Muslims are the same .

        Your final sentence is just ridiculous – I am a National Council Member of The Zionist Federation – I don’t need any lessons from You in either fighting Anti-Zionism or Islamophobia .

        One final point – The AHAVA Counter-Demonstration was set up to fight against the Boycott Campaign & the Anti-semitism that it engenders – We are not Anti-Muslim & We will not tolerate Islamophobic prejudice on Our Demonstration – Islamophobia does not help Israel , it is deeply hurtful to Israel’s interests – if anybody is Anti-Muslim then They are not welcome on Our Demonstration !

      • So OVG must not be challenged? Is beyond criticism? Because he is one of the ‘Leading Non-Jewish Supporters of Israel in contemporary Britain.’ So what he says is always right? Must OVG never be contradicted because he is
        ‘one of the ‘Leading Non-Jewish Supporters of Israel in contemporary Britain.’? Puhleeeze!
        Stop calling my comments ridiculous and take a hard look at the absurdity of what you’re saying.

      • I am not a religious Jew.

        The ‘golden age’ is a myth.

      • Oh, dear – I see that the absurd ‘Islamophobia(TM)’ card has been played.

    • Prayer? Are you serious? This man with his head in the gutter is a foot soldier in the religious war against the Jews. His gesture is one of defiance. His warped consciousness is very far from prayer. He is immersed in an act of submission to a deity that mandated through Mohammed, an eternal hatred of the Jews and insisted on their subjugation or murder. His obeisance and surrender of will is no different from the Nazis overwhelming need to submit to and obey the authority of their Fuehrer.

      • Roger ,
        and Your reply to OVG was equally ridiculous – OVG is one of the leading Non-Jewish Supporters of Israel in contemporary Britain – please have the intelligence to work out Who You are unfairly criticising before You spout such stupid rubbish !

    • Islam and its appeasers and apologists are hurtful to Israel’s interests. Not Islamophobia, which is a term invented by Muslims to prevent criticism of their ideology. Who do you think has been attacking Israel since 1948 and murdering its citizens? Buddhists? Quakers? Israel is threatened existentially by Islamic jihad. And it’s about time Netanyahu told the world the truth and that the conflict is nothing to do with land but is in fact a religious war.

      Given this appalling situation, it is deniers and appeasers like yourself who hurt Israel’s interests.

      • Roger ,

        Not only are Your comments ridiculous – they are now starting to become grossly offensive – You don’t know Me so what evidence do You have to accuse Me of being a denier & an appeaser ?

        What sort of denier or appeaser is an office carrying member of the Zionist Federation ? or an Activist with Trade Union Friends Of Israel ? or somebody Who has campained against Anti-Zionism on many Demonstrations ?

        Zionism has nothing whatsoever to do with Anti-Muslim prejudice – Israel has a population of Muslims of nearly 20% – it is vital that We reject Islamophobia especially because the Anti-Zionists are desperately pushing propaganda that claims that Israel is Islamophobic .

        I accept that You are a Right-Wing Zionist & that You have political views that deserve Our attention but I wish You would respect the political views of other Zionists Who disagree with You – You don’t have to resort to insulting Zionists Whose views differ from Your Own .

    • Roger ,

      Of course OVG’s comments are open to criticism – and I’m sure He welcomes rigorous debate .

      What exactly is absurd about fighting
      Anti-Zionism & also promoting a responsible respect for Muslims in order to counter the Anti-Zionist propaganda that claims that Zionism is Anti-Muslim ?

      • A Zionist knows who his enemy is. The good folk who live in Judea and Samaria, for example, know who their enemy is. That’s why they have guns.

        I’m sorry Ian but I cannot and will not respect anyone whose sacred book claims that Jews are the descendents of monkeys and pigs.

    • Roger ,

      OK – Fair enough – I obviously deplore the Anti-Semitic passages in the Koran as well – but part of what Judaism teaches is that We have to strive to transcend the Hatred that has come from history – I want to reach out to ordinary Muslims so that They see Jews in a different light .

      Not all Muslims are enemies of The Jewish People – The Circassians & Bedouin volunteers in Elite Sayeret units of the I.D.F. are My Brothers in Israeli Society , so are the Arab-Israeli Diplomats in Israeli Embassies , and so are My Arab-Israeli Friends in The Histadrut – I believe that We must strive for ever improved relations between all the many peoples Who make up Israel’s Democracy .

      That said You are a Zionist too & I have a responsibility to You as a Jew – if I have said anything that has offended You in the heat of debate then I aplogise – I respect Your right to Your point of view even if I disagree with what You say .

      Best Wishes ,

      Ian .

  8. “I asked one protester why he wasn’t protesting outside the Libyan Embassy, seeing that Colonel Gadaffi was murdering, possibly, thousands of his own people.”

    If the protestor was wiser he would have asked you why *you* weren’t outside the Libyan Embassy, seeing that Colonel Gadaffi was murdering, possibly, thousands of his own people.

  9. la cumparsita

    Kol HaCavod to your lot. Now here’s a dilemma for the boycotters. Do they continue to drink London’s water as a large percentage of it is now monitored by Israeli software.

  10. Do they really think destroying a small cosmetics company, something they have clearly failed to do, would bring down Israel?

  11. Roger Waters of the Pink Floyd, and Pete Seeger, the folk singer, have joined the BDS movement.

    Waters said: ”The Wall is an appalling edifice to behold. It is policed by young Israeli Soldiers who treated me, a casual observer from another world, with disdainful aggression”

    A casual observer? I think not. He was being led around by Palestinian activists and accompanied by a film crew. So the Israeli soldiers response was understandable. Waters is not simply clueless. He is a malevolent dissembler.

    • He is another name in a long list of people who for some mysterious reason, think they can go to the country of the Jews and tell them what they can or cannot do – and will be treated with subservience and deference, tugged forelocks and three bags full.

  12. I’ve skimmed this blog and, much as I admire your actions and principled opposition to anti-Zionist extremism, there seems to be a lack of coordination and manpower. The BDS campaign is extremely well organised, generously funded and present in most EU countries. It’s time friends of the two state solution got together to form a group with some real clout. The presence of moderate, reasonable pro-Israel activists at every anti-Zionist event is a must in my opinion.
    Will you be attending George Galloway’s talk / hate-fest at the LSE tomorrow?

    • richardmillett

      Where and when is it? Was going to omar barghouti who is speaking about his new book on BDS.

      • Speaker: George Galloway

        Topic: “George Galloway: The Winds of Change for a Zionist State – A New Palestinian Intifada?”
Date: Monday 7th March

        Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

        Venue: LSE Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

        Hobsbawm was due to lecture on the relevance of Marxism to the present but the event was cancelled. Doubtless “gorgeous” George didn’t want to be intellectually upstaged by a 93 year old professor (and bona fide socialist).

        I should also mention that Haaretz’s Gideon Levy, in London for Jewish Book Week, will be speaking on invitation from the Middle East Centre.

        Double-whammy for the Pal Soc. They must be proud of themselves. Meanwhile, non-monomanical LSE students such as myself gasp for fresh air.

      • I very much doubt that a person who has been intellectually wrong on every single issue for the past 93 years, and is still spouting the same nonsense today about the ‘relevance’ of Marxism as he was doing in 1950, is going to intellectually upstage anyone, even Galloway.

      • I had a dream a couple of years back in which the name ‘Eric Hobsbawm’ appeared. I didn’t even know who he was and had never heard the name before. I checked him out and now consider the dream a message, warning me of this dangerous ideology in the form of multiculturalism and cultural relativism, menacing the free world, Israel and the Jews in its alliance with Islamic supremacism.

      • richardmillett

        Unbelievable. Thanks.

      • If I were in London, I would certainly join you at the abovementioned hate fest at the LSE, although with that nest of vipers, it is a daunting prospect. Nothing like that going on in my corner of cosy Switzerland. It’s frustrating not being able to participate physically on the front line and face these people. Having said that, most people I know here are severely prejudiced against Israel, as all they know is what they absorb from the MSM.

      • Well roger, I suggest to you that books are a far more reliable source of data than dreams! As for Hobsbawm being a advocate of “dangerous ideology in the form of multiculturalism and cultural relativism, menacing the free world, Israel and the Jews in its alliance with Islamic supremacism” I fear you’re a little wide of the the mark. As a dye-in-the-wool Marxist materialist Hobsbawm is consitutionally averse to any politics that smacks of liberal relativsm, religious doctrine or anti-Semitism. The closest Hobsbawm has come to writing anything offensive to Jews is his book “The Invention of Tradition” which argues that all nations (including Israel) are modern constructs which arose out of the French Revolution. Unlike the fraudulent Shlomo Sand, or the sadly biased Tony Judt, he stops short at singling Israel out as the most “invented” of all modern nations. Israel has a much of claim to being rooted in a deep historical past as any other country.
        He is, unlike Galloway, blessed with quite extraordinary powers of analysis and synthesis, hence my remark. I wouldn’t go as far as Leah, however, in suggesting that these intellectual gifts were present at birth (a theory quite in tune with Thilo Sarazzin’s racial theory of Jewish intelligence mind you)!
        Your focus on Hobsbawm indicates that neither of you really seems to appreciate how embattled Jewish and non-Jewish students strongly or mildly sympathetic to Israel are nowadays. It is shocking to me that at so venerable a uni as the LSE, hostility to Israel should reach such a fever-pitch, such a volume, as to drown out all other forms of political activity on campus and censor all those who would dissent from the Israel bashing obsession. It’s high time Jewish students reclaimed the space of public debate for rational, sober-minded conversation, and did so forcefully, by organising themselves into action committees, by seeking support among their peers and by brandishing the baton of the law when under physical threat. My posts here are a weak attempt at arousing some support for such an idea and not an apology for dialectical materialism in its hardest, Stalinist forms!

      • May I suggest that the LSE can no longer be regarded as a ‘venerable’ institution. Funded by Libyan and Arab blood money, awarding fraudulent doctorates to the likes of Ghaddafi’s son, and holding regular irrational and virulent hate fests against Israel while ignoring other genuine human rights violators. What’s to like? What’s to venerate?
        I recently spoke to a professor at Ben Gurion university in Israel, who attended a conference at SOAS in London in 1984. He was invited and sponsored by a department of the LSE. During the conference an Egyptian delegate objected to his presence because he was Israeli. He was asked to leave(!) and he received no support from a number of British Jews who were also present as delegates.
        He reported this humiliating and unjust incident later upon his return to the principal of the LSE, complaining about the discrimination and his expulsion from the conference…..and he, an eminent academic, received no reply. No apology, no regret, no support.
        So this bigotry and ugliness has been going on for awhile from the top down at the LSE, and is not a recent phenomenon. And it is rooted in cultural Marxism. For anyone with their heart and mind in the right place, the LSE lost its credibility as a morally and ethically respectable educational establishment some time ago. I personally, as an educator, would never recommend it as a place of study to anyone.

    • “As a dye-in-the-wool Marxist materialist Hobsbawm is consitutionally averse to any politics that smacks of liberal relativsm, religious doctrine or anti-Semitism”

      And the moon is made of mature stilton. Marxism has been at the forefront of Jew-hatred for a very long time, and despite its adherents’ claims that it is ‘scientific’, in truth it is more akin to a religious doctrine.

      Your deduction from my brief comments on Hobsbawm that I don’t appreciate how embattled Jewish and non-Jewish students strongly or mildly sympathetic to Israel are nowadays, is just silly.

  13. Daniel Marks

    I was interested to hear that the Libyan rebels have gotten their hands on many Soviet T55 tanks, but few know how to use them. I was a gunner in just such a tank in my youth and for a few minutes fantasized of getting the old gang together and heading off to the desert to teach them how to finish off the job.

    Then I remembered the mustached Sergeant -Major surprising his weary troops:

    “Good news men. Today everyone gets to change underwear!
    Bad news. Smith you change with Brown, Jones with Baker, etc.”

    I was neither jubilant nor did I mourn the downfall of Mubarak. I predicted that whoever replaces him will be either slightly better or slightly worse. Unfortunately, the same goes for Kaddafi too. I’m not talking about Israeli interest, but of those of the idealistic demonstrators. I suspect that many shall learn that they were better off in their own dirty knickers.

  14. I must confess i did want to approach poor Bruce and tell him he had got his Purim dates all muddled up. His poor florescent green, awkward cardboard cut-out yarmulke looked so uncomfortable on his head that I am sure it was praying for the wind to blow it away.

    Anyway, I don’t think you all appreciate how busy Brucie is kept by being the token Jew. Just one of his duties is going the extra mile(s) to prove his worth. This is why he gets there before the rest of the freak show arrive in the morning. It is part of his Token Jew duties.

    As a “token” of his comrades appreciation, they let him be part of their dedicated if somewhat oddball, group.

    There was once a time when Bruce felt more comfortable when the handful of the self-loathing brigade came to join him outside Ahava. However Bruce has really grown as a person and learnt to love and deal with his extra workload that comes with being the Token Jew. He has now banned any other Jews joining him on the other side and sees to it that the thunder is all his. Bruce is not of the thunder sharing kind.

    The token Jew must ram down peoples throat that they are indeed Jewish before discussing the issue at hand as demonstrated here by Brucie from 2mins 6 seconds.

    He has recently been in a panic that people overlooked his status as the Token Jew so this week he resorted to carrying a sign and to wear a green cardboard kippa as per pictures above.

    As the wonderful shawarma loving Mr Oy Va Goy correctly voices his concern above this about potential male genital waving contest, I am indeed concerned that with this slippery slope that Bruce is on, he may next time resort to willywonker waving to further prove he is indeed Jewish.

    Who knows how far he’ll go to secure his status?

    Shavoua tov.

  15. I love ahava shop (and i happen to love israel too). i did a curtsey and a wave and a “shalom shalom” to those anti-people after they gave me so many boo’s and “shame on u” and this made them extra mad-he he…love it. i have had enough with trying to argue wiv these anti-israel protestors (once leading me tipping over a table of “boycott israeli goods” leaflets) so im playing the super annoying card with them instead!!
    ps i want to be involved in the pro israel side protests!!
    pss whats with the wales flags???

  16. Yeah, Islamophobia is completely irrational, whoever is afraid of what Muslims might come up with next is paranoid. BTW the ones paying the highest price for this our appeasement in accepting a term like that in serious debate are in my view our decent Muslim neighbours, friends and colleagues.

    J’lem sanitation worker loses arm to garbage-bag pipe bomb
    03/07/2011 00:32

  17. Ruttytutty, I too thought that yarmulke looked like one chosen by soneone who never wears one.

    What a fraud.

  18. J’lem sanitation worker loses arm to garbage-bag pipe bomb
    03/07/2011 00:32

    Police say small pipe bomb placed in garbage bag in Gilo neighborhood; cops believe incident is capital’s first terrorist attack in a year.

  19. Daniel Marks

    Hi Silke,

    My daughter Dina is a counselor in a year-long-program preparing young Israelis for the IDF. They have received many visits by left-wing groups and have been pretty much adopted by “Breaking the Silence” who provides them with free busses for hate trips to the West Bank (funded by UK taxpayers, among others).

    Anyway, these kids are mainly secular and few are right-wing, but even they got sick of hearing one narrative and asked if they could hear the other point of view. We set off for a family trip to their kibbutz on Sunday morning, but on nearing Gilo were turned back, later it transpired that this was because of the pipe bomb.

    All was well that ended well. We chose a detour and had a most interesting morning, followed by a delicious lunch in Be’er Sheva.

    There are many tragic ironies to the story not the least being that over and over again innocent Palestinians are the victims of their brothers’ attacks on Israel. I’m betting that many terror victims have more in common ideologically with those who perpetrate their injuries and murders than with the paramedics and doctors who try to save them.

    I gave the group a barrel of German beer that I had bought on a recent trip abroad, both the trip and the beer were paid for by the German groups who visit Ma’ale Adumim. It will be drunk on Purim, which is the festival when we celebrate our victory over Haman who tried to destroy the Jewish People but was eventually hanged on his own tree, with a rope that he had planned to use against us.

    Happy Purim

    • Happy Purim to all of you Daniel

      and may the injured man adapt well to his new life.

      I think German beer is overrated. I like Danish beer not because it tastes different, but because the word for it sounds to German ears like oil and I like the idea of oiling my innards or fueling my energy while I indulge.

      By the way when I lived in Greece the beer that was sold there under a German brand name tasted flat, like nothing. We mused about it a bit and concluded that it must have been due to the different water. It was made and bottled on Crete. So make sure you get the genuine stuff and while you are at it increase the fee you charge the German government. Besides other stuff recent shenanigans by two of our ministers (Niebel and Westerwelle) in Israel are in urgent need of retribution.

      while I am at it and since you may have the right contacts:

      How about coming up with a snappy shoutable slogan telling them Holyer-than-though-ers that their always made excuses for Hamas-thugs insult the Red Cross with every day they don’t allow access.
      As best I know they may be squeamish about shouting “Free Gilad” but what about the saintly Red Cross getting disrespected?

      And while I am at it how disrespectful of you to celebrate Purim when Christians are in the midst of observing Lent 😉
      – religions should respect eachother more and for example not eat and/or drink where and when a muslim might watch during Ramadan …

      I kid you not. Members of our police in one city or another have been advised thus.

  20. Off topic, but:
    the census form has arrived. Unless I need to visit my nearest Specsavers tout suite, it doesn’t recognise Jews as an ethnicity.

  21. Israel Lover

    Bruce levy is a disgrace! Turning up wearing a kippah just makes him even more repugnant. Why does he always have that incongruous grin on his grubby little face? If they ever managed to shut down Ahava what have they actually acheived? Nothing! There are loads of stalls in shopping centres that sell similar products. BDS = bullys,dunces,self-hating.