The Egyptian Revolution comes to Holborn.

John Reece shows off his photos of his trip to revolutionary Cairo.

John Reece shows off his photos of his trip to revolutionary Cairo.

Just before last night’s Stop the War Coalition’s meeting in London in support of the Egyptian Revolution began I turned to Jonathan Hoffman and asked him how long he thought it would it take before they mentioned Israel.

“Immediately”, was his grim response.

And he wasn’t wrong. The first speaker up was Bernard Regan of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (see clip below).

Next was Daud Abdullah, not known for his pro-Israel sympathies. Referring to events in Egypt he said there will be casualties but “the greatest casualty will be Israel.”

Lowkey, a rapper best known for his tune Free Palestine, couldn’t help himself either, ending his speech with the cry, “The path to the liberation of Jerusalem runs through Cairo”.

The finale was left to George Galloway who described Mubarak as a “murderer, torturer and dictator” who would “be lucky to avoid being strung up from the street lamps”.

But when Galloway met Saddam Hussein, also a murderer, torturer and dictator, he said to him: “Sir, I salute your courage, your strength and your indefatigability.” (Galloway claims he was addressing the Iraqi public, not Sadaam.)

George roused an already buoyant crowd further by saying that “the Palestinian hand will be immeasurably strengthened by an Arab Egypt.” (see clip below.)

Two Egyptian activists were eventually allowed to speak. Their cause wasn’t totally hijacked (no pun intended) and they didn’t mention Israel once. They just wanted to be free.

We also heard from two Stop the War Coalition activists who, while 30,000 Brits. are trying to leave Egypt, actually flew in to Cairo for the weekend especially!

John Reece showed us his photos (see background above) and informed us of the massive under-reporting in the British media of the people on the streets of Egypt.

Although, Reece said, the Egyptian army reported one million in Cairo every one he knows spoke of two million. He estimates that the figure was somewhere between four and eight million for Egypt as a whole.

Judith Orr said the demonstrators told her that “we are not Muslim, Christian or Jewish. We are all Egyptians!”

But George Galloway told her, and others, what he thought of that:

“We have no need to go round saying this is not a Muslim revolution. Egypt is overwhelmingly a Muslim country and there’s nothing wrong with that. There are Christians and Muslims, Socialists and Communists, Liberals and Centrists, and non-political people, who just want freedom who are involved in this Revolution. But a very significant number of the people of Egypt support the Islamic Movement of Egypt and that Movement has no need to hide itself under a bushel.”

Egyptians should heed George’s words and put all notions of freedom to the back of their minds for now just in case the Muslim Brothers are, indeed, eventually successful.

Clips from last night:

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  1. “Two Egyptian activists were eventually allowed to speak.”


    Great post.

  2. Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble

    (Nethanyahoo goes to see the three witches)

  3. We are all Egyptians now – is this the slogan of the day? My what a wonderful world!! Where were all these people last week or last year or last 30 years? Suddenly such concern for the Egyptians makes my heart bleed.
    So its not so much what Israel does to the “Palestinians” but about Israel itself after all! What a bunch!!

  4. a kind of prescient commenter at Yaacov Lozowick’s offered this which made me link to your post to prove her point.

    and as always and not as a routine Thank You

    People are always more in favor of violent radicalism the further they live from it.

    btw note to Jonathan Hoffman: I saw they’ll have Spyer next. There is one of Michael Totten’s interviews wonderfully long interviews with him at pajamas?

  5. George Galloway is a freaking psycho. Every time he opens his mouth he continues to amaze me with a. what he says, b. that he can get away with it.

  6. Zahava
    how dare you – our most beloved commenter on this blog has just eulogized dear George on his who fortunately is visited only by charitably minded people.

  7. ‘Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble’

    Indeed Gert. That is what Egypt will face if your beloved ‘Brothers’ come to power. Still, at least it will bode well for Hamas. And Hezbullah. And Iran. And Bin Laden. Oh and all the other useful idiots of this world……

  8. Gert
    Double Double toil and trouble etc
    The Egyptian people are about to jump from the frying pan into the fire of Islamist fundamentalism just as the Iranians in 79

  9. I’m sure it has escaped nobody’s attention that “From the Jordan to the sea, Palestine will be free” has rather lazily been adapted to “From the Nile to the sea, Egypt will be free.”

    This is all well and good and doubtless “From the Thames to the sea, England will be free.” is only a matter of time. The question as to how the Islamic revolutionary singers will handle more inland countries such as Slovakis or Belarus is, however, more tricky. Doubtless, they’ll be left to last.

    Even landlocked Austria be no proverbial piece of cake, but I may have a cunning solution:

    “From the Dan-ube to Ger-man-y, Austria will be free!”

  10. may I suggest in honour of the HoHoHoTchiMinh of my younger years this one:

    No No Germany, AUSTRIA will be free!

    miracles happen – a comment on Egypt that reads sane and informative to me without mentioning Israel, let alone Israel should or if only Israel would

  11. shall we bet whether Gert will show up or whether he will continue to post in a fever of jerking off trying to develop you know what?

    no need to visit it is all on a level that to call it childish would be to praise it.

  12. A quiet low whooshing sound… like tumbleweeds through the Nevada desert… That’s what it sound like in here. Not much talk about Ahahahahava now, eh?

    T’is the winter of our content.

  13. Hallo Gert,

    Perhaps you could explain to me what all this business about throwing Arabs to ovens is about.

    Where on earth did you hear about it?

  14. Now there’s a wager! Bet he’ll never give her a straight answer to that simple question – the scoundrel that he is.

    Double or nothing Silke?

  15. let’s first agree on the basic amount and then it’s triple or nothing

  16. Okay, you owe me a drink.

    If Gert cites a genuine source in which a known Israeli leader, rabbi, etc called to “throw the Arabs to the ovens”, you owe me nothing and I buy you a drink next time I’m in Europe, not Germany.

    If he doesn’t, you owe me two, which you’ll buy me next time you’re here.

    Fair enough?

  17. I’m all in favour of buying drinks back and forth etc.

    But how can I bet against what I believe to be true? i.e. that Gert will have no credible source to substantiate what he is working so hard at to establish as an urban legend.?

    How about switching to whoever’s home turf it is where the meeting takes place has to buy the drinks?

  18. He might produce a credible source. You never know. Can we just assume that he lies about everything?

    Okay, I’ll give you 10-1. If Gert proves that he’s not a filthy liar within 48 hours, I buy you ten drinks and contribute to the Bridlington Community Mental Health Team too.

    All he has to do is to find one credible first-hand source for his allegation that Israelis are increasingly shouting, “Arabs to the Ovens”. He’s allowed to get help from Greenstein too.

  19. in all fairness I must point out that the “increasingly” may be hard to prove because I doubt that as of now any serious study by sociologists or whoever would be competent on something like that is available.

    So maybe you should make your demand more specific and demand proof for x incidents at x different places, also I’d like to insist that proof is needed that the shouting, spraying or whatever was done by non-loony Jewish Israelis or whatever other criteria you deem appropriate to make sure that Gert is not allowed to pallywood his claim.

  20. Michael Goldman

    This is our chance to get a couple of free drinks off Marks
    I’ll shout “Arabs to the ovens” , increasingly and we’ll split the drinks.

  21. Michael
    Gert is presently totally committed to developing friendships via excessive fawning with eminent thinkers like “Angry Arab”. By fawning I mean that he makes serious efforts to come up with a sentence or two of his own.

    – don’t google Angry Arab trust me I read quotes from the nutter on blogs operated by people who can think and put it into writing as well.

    – our needs are nothing compared to the rosy future he envisages for himself in their company.

  22. It’s the strangest thing, but how every time someone mentions the Arabs to the Ovens fiasco our Bridlington brother buggers off. Wonder why.

  23. lemme guess

    he is trolling the internet finding proof

    he is on his way to Israel to find proof

    he is consulting with his admirees on how to fabricate proof

    I vote for the latter …

    • richardmillett

      About 2 months ago he told me that he was going to put on his blog a thesis with evidence proving that Israel had summarily executed many Palestinians foraging for scrap near the security wall. Please can someone tell me when it is posted…..

      • Richard
        I follow his RSS-feed and once in a month or so check whether he has attracted any commenters hitherto unknown to me.

        What you are asking would mean that I’d have to read more than the headlines but even those are usually such weird clever à la Gert stuff that I don’t get it.

        He copies and pastes exclusively from sources which have been proved over and over and over to be at best so biased that they become indistinguishable from propaganda or are outright lunatics salivating for murder.

        I’ve just ctrl-f-ed the feed – the word Palestinian doesn’t show up in the above context.

        Question: will he next claim that Israelis have installed Ovens at the security fence?

        I just checked his blog aimed at Pyroenthusiasts. It is still under construction – could it be that your authorities have wagged a finger at him about that one?

        I sincerely hope so and don’t feel paranoid one instance if I do. All this peeing into his chair must have afflicted his brain by now.

  24. Where oh where has our Gerty guy gone?

  25. Daniel
    he is devilishly busy posting on his own blog trying to be witty and slangy and insiderish to the point of incomprehensibility hoping for commenters to show up. In the meantime one of his close buddies from times past is pontificating on CiFWatch and pays no attention whatsoever to my advice to go visiting his old pal Gert an wallow in friendly companionship.

    I guess one of these days I should have a look whether his friendship with the pyroenthusiasts is coming along and this new blog activity of his is just his way of throwing fog candles.

    Or come to think of it, he can’t show up because he can’t find his proof – probably his spies are now all over Israel trying to find the reliable sources.

  26. Richard can you or somebody else remove the last shadow of a doubt what the asterisk in the travel ad poster stands for?


  27. Hey fellas,
    I can’t believe that no one has better things to do with their lives than duel with a nutcase.