Britain to spend £5m on “Arab human development programme”.

William Hague - "We say again that the blockade of Gaza is unsustainable and unacceptable." (

William Hague - "We say again that the blockade of Gaza is unsustainable and unacceptable." (

Foreign Secretary William Hague answered Parliamentary questions on the Middle East peace process yesterday.

Ben Gummer MP asked:

“I hope he (Hague) shares the excitement of many people in this country at seeing people stand up to one-party rule in Tunisia and Egypt. Will he explain what steps the Government are taking to encourage the spread of democracy—not just in the middle east, but in north Africa?”

Hague replied: “The spending I have announced in a written statement today includes £5 million for an Arab human development programme, which is intended to assist civil society and democratic development in the Arab world, so this will become part of the important issue my hon. Friend raises.”

With cuts across the public sector in this country, petrol prices up to 130p a litre and rising, university students being asked to pay up to £9000 a year and food prices rising is it really necessary to provide such money, especially when considering Arab oil wealth and multi billion pound Western subsidies.

Who is the money going to, how will it be used and what effect, if any, will it have? I thought this government was committed to cutting waste not adding to it.

Hague also seems to be under the misconception that there is a connection between democracy in the Middle East and a peaceful settlement to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

I would respectfully submit to Mr Hague that Middle East authoritarianism is down to countries like ours propping certain regimes up for our own interests. Don’t blame this one solely on Israel, please.

Hague also thinks that “the blockade of Gaza is unsustainable and unacceptable”. That’s very easy for him to say when thousands of kassam rockets aren’t pointing at his family.

He also stated that “we regard settlements as illegal”. Although, as ever, he didn’t explain how they are illegal.

Gerald Kaufman was on the war path again saying that the “situation of destitution, dereliction and malnutrition in Gaza is still appalling because of the blockade.” Has anyone seen evidence of said “malnutrition”?

And Richard Burden MP was convinced that “the Palestine papers have proved pretty conclusively that it is not the Palestinians who have not been prepared to compromise.”

Just another normal day in Parliament then.

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  1. So how Long Before Mr Hague gets his own program on Press TV ..?
    Perhaps it will be waiting for him when he is leaves goverment ..

  2. Does “Arab human development“ include acknowledging the right of the Jewish state of Israel to exist?

  3. I saw just a bit of his presentation in the House of Commons and, more than his words, it were the words of those two MPs the ones that shocked me. After all the analysis that went on the past week, I can’t understand how is it that the Pal papers are being treated as described by the Guardian. It is obvious that a lie, if said first, it will always have more value than a latter truth. We remain hopeless.
    I’m glad you mentioned this in your blog. Thank you, Richard.

  4. karen solomon

    I wonder if this 5 million will be towards educating the people in Gaza to live normal lives and not about firing rockets into Israel. William Hague is either very naive or his position on Press TV is getting very close.

  5. I guess I’m missing the point. Leaving aside what he said about settlements, what they always say, why exactly are we so angry about Hague spending this money?

    Surely as a fraction of the UK budget it is less than a pittance. It won’t do anyone any good, but it won’t really do much harm either.

  6. I suggest British aid to t’Zionist Project in the form of container loads of diapers. With so much crapping of panties going on there, they’ll need them. Dannenbaum and his brood must be holding on to their British passports at all times now…

    Meanwhile the tattered flag of Usrael in the Arab world is now flying only in Amman (shame on them)…

    Mubarak for President! Of Israel! They adore him there…

    Don’t worry, I’m not stopping, just a quick strafing run…

  7. “Just another normal day in Parliament then.”

    Very unlike your unhinged invert-o-world then…

  8. Hi Gert,

    A cynic might be excused for thinking that after being caught lying last week about us calling for Palestinians to be thrown into ovens, you are now avoiding the subject. You promised me links to prove your contention, but in a pitiable endeavour to dodge the issue, have now quite literally sank to the level of the Bridlington gutter. I guess that when a child has nothing else to say, he talks about what he does in the lavatory.

    You will forgive me, but I shall not be joining you there in your the sewer. However, as soon as you wish to climb out of it and talk like a human being, not a guttersnipe, we shall all be here for you.

  9. Dannebaum:

    Your Castro conspiracy theorette was a little too amusing to respond to.

    Meanwhile from some Zionist rag: Zionist pizza makers are getting certificates for not hiring Arabs. I kid you not:

    Worry not, so you lot will be begging on their knees to make these ‘concessions’, trust me…

    • Go on. Knock yourself out. Amusing or not, respond.

      You made a disgusting charge that Israelis are increaingly shouting, “Arabs to the ovens.” Is it true Gert? Do you stand behind that charge or not?

      If you do, then please provide documentation. If you don’t, admit it was a lie.

  10. ooops, ‘soon’ not ‘so’..

    • Dannenbaum:

      Far worse things have been said about Arabs by Zionists, Israeli Jews or their mindless supporters. I gave you some other links, forgot those?

      And if t’Panicking Project rejects my generous offer for diaper aid, perhaps the once coined term ‘shitty country’ will become en vogue again? Not nice…

  11. from afar this piece certainly sounds like you Brits are going a bit astray

    – the profile didn’t say what accomplishment she received the peerage for. She never won an election but whe was honoured. Why?

    Did she advise Cameron to call Gaza a prison while in Turkey?

    is her peerage a thingy like Obama’s Nobel? is the peerage now a thingy to get unelectable people into office? as best I know that European Baroness also qualifies.

    Brits as long as I can read I have trusted that you’ll keep the banner of sanity flying. Don’t disappoint me – and thanks Richard, thanks a lot.

    and to Daniel:
    as a contribution to Kindergeld i.e. as a support to the Arab plan to win victory through the cradle 5 mio is serious money. Just because the world now takes billions in its stride, it doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve a lot with 5 million. I for one could buy a second home both in Israel and in Greece with that kind of money.

  12. No lies here Dannenbaum. You saw the links.

    Next Thursday some of your plals will be in the limelight of ‘Louis Theroux: meets the Ultra Zionists’. There should be enough racism from your zealots to last me a life time. Thanks for that!

    It seems this blog isn’t it’s usual feisty self, even Nazigrrrrl looks a bit withdrawn…

    • Ooopsie: ‘pals’, not ‘plals’…

    • richardmillett

      Gert, if you use one more racist comment i really don’t want you posting anymore. If that is the way you wish to conduct dialogue then fine but go and conduct it elsewehere.

      • Oh c’mon Richard, so the guy’s a racist, what are you going to do?

        It’s people like him that do the most good for the Zionist cause. Anyone who reads his postings and was considering adopting pro-Arab positons is immediately on our side. He gives Jew-hatred a bad name, makes Racism seem uncool, and that must be good for us.

        I say, “Let the poor wretch be.” If he didn’t exist, we’d have to create him and where are you going to find that much garbage?

      • I am of two minds in the matter

        one is that while we occupy him here he can’t spread his poison elsewhere i.e. we sap his “anti-Zio-energy”

        the other is that he is a really nasty piece and has at times tried to wreck the comment thread of this blog

        as far as I am concerned he can call me all he likes I couldn’t care less, actually I rather like it, because there he does such a lousy job that even other “anti-Zios” are likely to coil away from him.

  13. “Nazigirrrrl” is waiting for Gert to be a wee bit more forthcoming about the sufferings of his ancestors under German occupation. This may seem callous to some but Nazigirrrl has met during her lifetime lots and lots of co-Europeans whose parents or grand-parents suffered from the deeds of my forebears. None ever amidst these dozens and dozens of people has ever been as delicate and reticent and mum about specifics as Gert.

    It may make me seem callous but I can’t help to wonder. I remember when I months ago asked Daniel how his grandfather or was it great-grandfather fared I got a very straight forward answer only our darling Gert is of so delicate and sensitive a nature that he wants to spare me the shame and the humiliation of the specifics?

    Somehow that idea sounds strange to me.

    • Hi Silke,

      You mention my great-grandfather whom I was named after him. I don’t know much of his story other than the fact that he was born and educated in England, but with the coming of the Second World War decided to see the war out in Belgium. Thankfully, his son, my grandfather David did not follow him or I’d not be here to tell the story.

      I do not blame him for his decision. At that time the gates of Palestine were closed and it was impossible to anticipate the treachery and cowardice of the Belgian people, or in the words of Wikipedia “Diplomatic considerations had led them to make very limited preparations for invasion and the attack was immediately successful.” The German army had already passed Brussels and surrender took 18 days altogether. Clearly, the Belgian army was no match for the German war machine but it should be remembered that three years later in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising a handful of weak, untrained, starved Jewish wretches were able to stand up to that same German war machine for three months.

      I have no idea whether my grandfather was eventually sent to his camp by a German or by a Belgian collaborator. Over the years I heard different versions from different family members and suspected that nobody knew the whole story.

      I have no grudge against the Belgian people and remember our family enjoying a delightful summer there back in 1972 (while Fischer beat Spassky). Nor do I in any way attribute Gert’s personality flaws to his national origins – indeed; I’ve met several very knowledgeable and pleasant Belgians. I would only say that in the light of their proven limited military prowess, Belgian’s recommendations regarding security issues should, to my mind, be taken with a pinch of salt.

      • Daniel
        you prove my point or rather my experience that those who tell their ancestors’ lives during WW2 tend to aim at being very accurate and very explicite, Jews and Gojs alike. If a German is vague instead of saying this I do know and that’s how I learned it, then my advice is have a closer look before you put any trust into what he/she says.

  14. Gert

    Still here? Still calling Jews Nazis?

    Israelis don’t “love” Mubarak – they fear the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood coming to power instead.

    How unreasonable of those awful Jews.

    • Yes, Adam, but I wouldn’t worry. There is no real “fear” that I have detected here. The rise of the price of gas seems to concern people much more than the Muslim Brotherhood.

      Mubarak is not loved in Israel, neither is he hated. It’s more a question of “Better the devil you know.” than anything else. It looks like he will not remain in power for long, but there are many scenarios that could play out, the Moslem Brotherhood being just one of them.

      If they do come to power, the likelihood is that at least initially they’ll carry on with the accords with Israel. These accords were a deal that was in Egypt’s interest and are important for her to observe for economic and diplomatic reasons

      There is, of course, also the vague possibility of a barmy Muslim leader seizing power and wanting to boogie. I consider this highly unlikely, but if he does, he’ll learn a short painful lesson, a lesson I’d wish on no man.

      More than anything else, the thought of my children’s generation killing Arab soldiers sickens me to my stomache. I pray that G-d will save them from having to do so.

  15. Gert, your use of the term “Nazigirrrl” is disgusting.

    You should be thoroughly ashamed – it is not only childish, suitable for the school playground – it is incredibly vindictive and nasty.

    Most Israel haters are.

  16. Silke – Gert is always very defensive about the role fo Flemish Nazis.

    He gets quite upset actually…

    • Adam
      one has to feel with those Flemish Nazis, the real and the Mitläufer (literally with-runner), as best I know they had to obey the orders of their German overlords and didn’t reach independence and prominence in synch with their devotion to the cause i.e. just like occupied people everywhere as Gert tries to convince the world.

      Is there any blog fitting in with Gert’s distorted reality where he is wanted and sorely missed, if he isn’t around for a day or two?

  17. Knowing Silke as I do, and I do, she is quite untroubled by Gert’s use of that term. He knows one single piece of information about her so he uses as best he can in a way that he thinks might upset her.

    Why, you might ask, is Gert intent on lowering the level of discussion to the gutter and now lower? This question is compounded by the fact that on several occasions he has shed tears about the lack of respect with which his arguments have been treated, forever whimpering about being made into a “Straw man”.

    Gert is the first to admit that he has absolutely no first-hand knowledge of the Arab-Israeli conflict. In his singular moment escape from total obscurity he says:

    “….having spent so much time exploring the conflict, reading about it, writing about it and debating it, I feel frustrated never having witnessed it with my own eyes….” – Gert

    The fact that after two years his interview in the Pakistani Spectator (another unknown blog) has yet to receive a single response is irrelevant. His poignant answer, however, gives us an uncharacteristically honest glimpse into the psyche of many anti-Zionist bloggers today.

    These are characters who speak neither Hebrew nor Arabic, understand nothing about either Judaism nor Islam and could not tell Tel Aviv from Tunisia on the map. All their “knowledge” is gleaned from the internet, often copying and pasting one from the other fantastic stories involving people they’ve never met, in places they’ve never been to, doing things they don’t understand. When challenged to substantiate one these tales, for example all Gert could do was either refer us back to another unfortunate blogger whose “cut-and-paste” he had cut and pasted, or offer to tell a different story in the hope that this one might actually be true.

    A friend wrote that I had erred in calling Gert a liar for claiming that increasing numbers of Israelis are shouting “Arabs to the ovens.” He didn’t intend to lie, he was just looking for disgusting things to write, found that on someone else’s blog and had no tools with which to authenticate it.

    This may be true, but I’d make two points to Gert. Firstly, if you can’t authenticate a statement, don’t write it. Go into any Israeli paper and you’ll find crimes committed every day, report those. Secondly, as you’re not that busy at the moment (“I’m currently ‘in between jobs’.” – Gert) use your time constructively. Get on a plane fly over to Israel or Palestine or Gaza or whatever you want to call it, and actually see what’s going on.

    Are people shouting, “Arabs to the ovens!” in our streets? It’s not hard to find that one out. Are Israelis upset about the situation in Egypt? What about the other side? Meet the Palestinians like we do every day, talk to them, they won’t bite. Talk to some Zionists too if you like. Go and visit a refugee camp, visit a settlement, visit Jerusalem. Get your hands on some genuine first-hand information. Don’t worry, you’ll still return to Bridlington with the same barmy views, but at least you’ll finally have some real knowledge and experience with which to support them.

    There is another alternative, which is to do nothing. To stay in Bridlington-on-Sea and fill your head with nonsense and half-truths copied and pasted. And then when you get challenged by those people, who actually have access to information and facts, you can crawl back into your sewer and make up nasty names.

  18. I offer another prediction: Gert will not show up on this thread again. By now it seems to be his habit to chicken out whenever he is up against hard questions which might disturb his Weltbild of “Ceterum censeo Carthaginem esse delendam”. I wish I knew enough Latin to be able to replace Carthage correctly with Israel.
    But this is what Gert is after, here on his own blog and during my long long ago encounter with him elsewhere. So he copies and pastes, copies and pastes and dissolves into thin air whenever he is forced to realise that he got it wrong.

    What a sorry in the literal sense of the word disabled man he is. I chose not to include mentally because by now I believe his is a case where the rot in the brain has spread and reached toes and finger tips.

    As to nasty slogan shouting:
    I’ve read that some of it happened in Jaffa recently, but oops that was Arabs shouting and they of course have all the right in the world to yell the stuff. Why? Because they don’t mean it? Because they only want to play? Because it is their culture to exaggerate? Take your pick. I vote for all three.

    Here is a translation of a report of a journalist working for the German monthly Cicero which in synch with its name aims to entertain the “educated classes”. The report is about a visit to a refugee camp. The post includes the link to the original for the Germanically unchallenged.

    • I heard of the shouting in Jaffa as well. Interestingly, Gert is not the only one under the impression that it is in occupied territories. Apparently, Ahmed Tibi, among others, was at the demonstration there and called Jewish residents of Jaffa “settlers”. When challenged about this in the Knesset he ingeniously explicated that he had, in fact, meant that some of the recent Jewish arrivals there had come originally from settlements. It’s incredible how one intelligent Arab can in a matter of seconds think up the excuse that has eluded old Gert for more than a year.

      Regarding your prediction, I suspect that it might have been a mistake. Time will tell but I’m guessing and now he’ll have to come back just to prove you wrong – a minor victory over Zionism. I have a sneaking suspicion that that even as we speak the faithful Google search engine is doing its gruesome work, soon to be followed up by the old copying and pasting – it must be exhausting.

      • wouldn’t it be fun, if there were a betting pool somewhere, where we could bet on the odds of Gert doing this that or the other and once a winner is declared he/she would be under obligation to donate the money to a Zionist cause.

        Of course Gert could manipulate the outcome but I think to do that successfully aiming at keeping the win low would take a master chess player. Is anything known whether Gert at least knows the game?

      • I am the Zionist cause so all winnings go to me. 200 Euros say Old Copy Paste (CP) will be back within 48 hours, in all his glory.

  19. Lill’Adam:

    Gert Still here? Still calling Jews Nazis? Israelis don’t “love” Mubarak – they fear the genocidal Muslim Brotherhood coming to power instead. How unreasonable of those awful Jews.

    With every comment you make here it becomes clearer and clearer that you are a brain dead zombie. Do you have access to television or do you still get your news from a telex machine?

    It is abundantly clear that the role TMBH has played in all this is minimal, to say the least. THMB has been Mubarak’s fig leaf for over 20 years: ‘Me (bad), or them (worse)’. It’s the kind of false dichotomy that lobotomised Westerners like you like you swallow wholesale. Even Dannenbaum seems to get it, trust you not to. I don’t think you’d get a C in GCSE Psychology. You are pathetically dumb as became clear from the moment you appeared here…

    For Israel what is at stake here is the peace treaty and how the new Egypt will deal with Gaza. That’s why there crapping their panties in TelAwashington.

    Just what a dictator Mubarak is must now be abundantly clear from the fact that the Zionist Entity’s best friend is now shooting Arabs. Why does that not surprise me in the slightest?

    • GCSE – General Certificate of Secondary Education – that was simple but it seems to be a wee bit parochial choice of words for a blog that has such international readership? but of course once an empire always an empire and why shouldn’t Belgian mega-mind-me not appropriate the light of its former grandeur for poor little Belgian me.

      TMBH – is a bit difficult – in German it stands for “Theater mit beschränkter Hoffnung” i.e. theatre with limited hope – which seems not unfitting in the above context – in English Google offers as best hits items concerning air conditioning and heating. Further proof that Gert is losing his marbles? or is he introducing us to the secret language used where he finds his preferred cut and paste material.
      Question for Gert: Do they ever thank you for the good work you do, spreading their stuff into nowhere?

      THMB (Terrestrial Hydrology Model with Biogeochemistry) – mysterious, can it be that Gert will be branching out from Pyroenthusiasts to Biogeo-enthusiasts. Ah all the entertainment that guy provides, loverly.

      as to TelAWashington, Gert’s latest amazing brain-child – last I looked Israel’s capital wasn’t on a tel at all but still stood on rock solid ground.

      and Adam never mind,
      Gert feels entitled to call himself a geek and proudly so just based on his knowing html-codes and nothing more.
      So whenever he comes across real solid knowledge he begins to sputter and spit, one must be patient with that little idiosyncracy of his. Megalomaniacs are just that way, it’s their nature and their culture even if they have otherwise unclean habits like pee-pee-ing on themselves.

  20. All those calling Mubarak a dictator (which he, like pretty much all his Arab counterparts are) and cheering those who seek to overthrow him should produce anything that they wrote to that effect before February 2011. Otherwise they are just like little children asking who won the match, and then cheering for him, whoever he may be.

    I care not a jot whether he survives or not and am confident that whoever follows him will be either slightly better or slightly worse. Either way, it isn’t saying much.

    As a child I always admired Lord Palmerston and we’d all do well to remember:

    “There are neither eternal allies nor eternal enemies. Only interests are eternal”

    Silke, you owe me 200. I’ll let you buy me a drink when you come and visit.

  21. I admit I lost but I never agreed to bet 200 and I never agreed that you were the kind of charity I had in mind 😉 though I might be amenable on that point.

    If I ever should visit though I’d be happy to make it more than one drink …

    do your winegrowers offer wine testing events ?

  22. Gert, none of your pathetic and self-aggrandising attempts to insult me detract from the fact that there is a real danger that the Muslim Brotherhood will control a future government, or that it will at least be very influential. You are quite happy with this, and indeed, gleefully proclaim that this may lead to the peace treaty being ripped up, and that Egypt may support the genocidal Islamist terror group Hamas.

    Gert, this would mean a huge war. That you welcome such a prospect of thousands of deaths demonstrates the emptiness of your faux sensitivities regarding loss of life in this conflict. You are simply a rabid bigot.

    And, I will say again, your cheapening of the word “Nazi” is despicable, and an insult to those who lost their lives under this regime. It is grotesque that you go around casually calling a German person “Nazi” – whilst you never lose the opportunity to indulge in narcissistic posing, proclaiming how your own family “suffered”. I doubt it Gert – if they did, you would be more sensitive to the subject. As it is, you have the sensitivity of a steaming turd.

    • Adam,

      I know that you mean well, however, before we conclude that the end is near, we may do well to analyze the situation calmly and rationally.

      Firstly, don’t get too upset about Gert’s celebrating Mubarak’s downfall. Besides having proved himself to be a liar over the “throw the Arabs to the ovens” fiasco, the guy is an appalling hypocrite and a bounder. You’ll not find one bad word anywhere in cyberspace that he had to say about the Egyptian dictator until a fortnight ago. It’s not an uncommon characteristic of underachievers to seek vicarious thrills in other people’s victories. If Mubarak had clamped down on day one and quelled the rebellion, Gert would be celebrating that too, doubtless telling us that the rebels were US or Israeli agents.

      Secondly, don’t worry about us. We’ve seen what the Egyptian army is capable of against a few badly behaved students. I don’t see them being ready for a confrontation with real soldiers any time in the near future.

      Lastly, don’t worry about the “..genocidal Islamist terror..”. Those guys are good at hitting each other over the head with sticks, but are years away from being ready to take on a regular army, let alone us. Israel’s problem in handling such crazies has always been trying to stop them without hurting them or “innocent” civilians too much. It’s not that we haven’t got the capability. I believe that one brigade of Israeli troops would be more than a match for that dirty rabble. That having been said, nobody should ever rest on their laurels and that’s why we have intelligence.

      As I’ve already tried to explain most Israelis are more curious than worried and with the passing of time other issues, like choosing a new Chief of Staff for the IDF and the price of gas seem to concern people no less.

      Regarding Egypt, all I can say is that the majority of the population there wasn’t having much fun before Mubarak, or during his long reign and I suspect that their life after he leaves won’t be a bowl of cherries either.

      Shabbat shalom from a rainy Jerusalem,

  23. Adam
    Gert’s latest is an eulogy to George Galloway

    – don’t click, you can trust me, he’s gone mental.

    I have always suspected those super-good-ones to be the lusting for the blood of others. Gert is another proof that my suspicion is justified.

  24. Hello All,

    We were in NY for a couple of weeks and I’ve obviously got a lot of catching up to do.

    What is the “throw the Arabs to the ovens” fiasco? It sounds quite frightful.

  25. Daniel,

    Please explain the story to me? How was Gert involved?

  26. Kathy
    it started with this thread and has continued ever since (as it should because it is such a perfect example of how the Gerts of this world operate)

    you may like best Daniel’s brillant investigation into the history of Gert’s falling for the slander