“Please Allah, kill all the Jews.”

It is amazing what you hear at some universities these days.

Last night the SOAS Palestine Society showed a new film called, bemusingly, To Shoot an Elephant, which is an almost two hour documentary about activists helping Palestinian paramedics in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead.

The title seemed apt in that it was like watching tourists on safari trying to film a kill, except in the film’s case the kill were to be only young Palestinian children.

There was lots of tragic footage of dead Palestinian children moments after they had passed away in hospital. The footage was heartbreaking but inexplicable in its lack of respect for the privacy of the dead and injured.

We were also shown dead children in the hospital morgue.

Tragic scenes of dead and mutilated Israeli children used to occur regularly in Israeli hospitals until Israel built that so-called evil “apartheid wall”.

Israel also builds shelters to protect its children. Hamas doesn’t. That was very apparent from the film.

Although the lack of protective shelters was obviously not mentioned in the film as one of the main causes of civilian casualties it is so obvious that a biased audience is bound to miss it.

Before the film started we were warned that we will hear the term “Al Yahud” quite a few times, but although it means “Jews” in Arabic we should understand that in the Palestinian context it means Israelis.

This is because, apparently, when the Palestinians see a Star of David on an Israeli soldier’s uniform they see him as Jewish eventhough he is Israeli.

I tried to be open minded.

I accepted that explanation even after seeing one Palestinian, who had had his fruit stall damaged, refer to Jews as “dogs”.

However, then we came to a funeral where an Imam was saying prayers not for the souls of the dead children but for the murder of every Jew.

When, at the end, I objected to this scene I was merely accused of playing “the anti-Semitism card” or taking the words out of context.

Judging by the flags in the background the funeral seems to have been arranged by Hamas and, possibly, Hezbollah. Here are the words of the Imam and the clip:

Allah is the greatest.
He who thanks Allah will be rewarded.
Oh Allah, loosen your power and strength on the Jews. (Amen.)
Please Allah, kill them all…
And don’t leave any of them alive. (Amen.)
Oh Allah, with your great power. Allah!
We are asking you with your infinite power, dear Allah. Allah!
Please dear Allah, take revenge for our martyrs’ blood. Allah!
Please Allah, get rid of the Jews.
Bring them down.
They are not as powerful as you.
Please Allah, make the earth shake and destroy the pillars of their civilisation.
Please Allah, cast fear and terror into their hearts.
Oh Allah disperse them so they become lost once again.
Oh Allah, show us a sign.
Oh Allah, surprise them in a way they don’t expect.
Oh Allah, cast fear and terror into their hearts.

To Shoot an Elephant is coming to a university near you soon.

Remember, when you see the above scene that, despite what he is saying, the Imam only wants all Israelis dead, not all Jews.

And whatever you do don’t play “the anti-Semitism card”.

You have been told.

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  1. Orwell is Saint George to me – to misappropriate his words is … I like the English for expressing it properly

  2. “The footage was heartbreaking but inexplicable in its lack of respect for the privacy of the dead and injured.”

    Would you say that the 1980s footage of starving Ethiopians that prompted the world to raise money for famine victims was also an invasion of privacy, or a good thing?

    “Before the film started we were warned that we will hear the term “Al Yahud” quite a few times, but although it means “Jews” in Arabic we should understand that in the Palestinian context it means Israelis.”

    Israeli friends of mine frequently use the term “Arabs” when they mean specifically the Palestinians. Linguistically, isn’t the above just the same thing in reverse?

    • richardmillett

      I just don’t know what showing dead children achieves. Ideally it would be nice to think that showing those bodies, as in Ethiopia, will end all the carnage but we know it won’t in this instance.

      Linguistically, maybe it is the same, i don’t know but when you call for the death of innocent people, whether they be Jews generally or just Israeli Jews then it is racism in the extreme but no one in the audience last night could bring themselves to condemn these words. In fact they defended them.

      • It’s SOAS, innit? The very bottom of the antisemitic sewer which the UK’s so-called educated classes have become.

      • they don’t want to kill all israelis as presumably the muslim ones will be spared.

      • Yes, that’s a good and entirely accurate term.

      • There was lots of tragic footage of dead Palestinian children moments after they had passed away in hospital. The footage was heartbreaking but inexplicable in its lack of respect for the privacy of the dead and injured.

        … is the typical fake sanctimoniousness I’ve come to expect from Millett. Western sensitivities regarding the face of death cannot be compared to, or imposed on, different sensitivities held by other peoples. It’s the kind of parochialism that this blog has started to smell of a long time ago. Do try, for once, to see things through the eyes of a different culture, other than that of the leafy suburbs of Londinium.

        Re. ‘Jews/Israelis’, it’s also typically petty, especially if you consider that those here in the West that try their hardest and darnest to distinguish between the adherents of a racist ideology (Zionism) and Jews constantly get called ‘anti-Semites’, ‘Jew haters’, ‘self-hating Jews’, ‘Israel haters’, ‘Israel bashers’ and worse beside that. In Israel/Palestine both sides, inaccurately, refer to each other as Jews/Arabs, but in the grader scheme of things that’s hardly a big deal.

        And perhaps Millett would also care to report on the increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens’? No, thought not.

        I remember having had a conversation with you regarding ‘Big Ideas’: I’ve yet to see the first of them being discussed here… But hey, at least you’ve acquired Yoni, well done!

      • richardmillett

        Well there are references in the film to “Israelis” also, so not all the Palestinians just use the term “Jews”. But if i am wrong then i apologise, Gert. In your eyes it is then obviously ok to call for the killing of every single Israeli; man, woman and child. Diaspora Jews are exempt. Phew. Thanks for the correction.

        As for comments like that from Israelis i denounce them unlike you who cannot even condemn murderous rhetoric from an Imam. Au contraire, you actually defend him.

      • Do tell us, ‘inbetween jobs’ illiterate chemist, how the national liberation movement of the Jews in their own homeland can be ‘racist’? Perhaps you don’t even know what the word ‘Zionism’ means. That would be hardly surprising, of course, in a gibbering, nerdy ignoramus like you.

    • Except that there isn’t such a thing as ‘Palestinians’.

      • Millett:

        Well there are references in the film to “Israelis” also, so not all the Palestinians just use the term “Jews”.

        You’re a hypocrite. You’ll be the first to defend Israeli demands for the recognition of the state of Israel as the ‘Jewish State’, yet when someone refers to its citizens as ‘Jews’ (for very banal reasons) you suspect antisemitism. Talk about cake and eating it.

        In your eyes it is then obviously ok to call for the killing of every single Israeli; man, woman and child.

        A barefaced lie. I never said or wrote anything of the sort, not here, not anywhere. Keep the straw men coming…


        By calling the Palestinians ‘fakestinians’, you indulge in the worst possible racism. You’re the living incarnation of Zionism as racist and supremacist.

      • Yoni
        where did you call fakestinians fakestinians? – all I can see is that you approved the term which given the fact what a recent invention Palestinians are has at least some justification. If I’d claim a self invented nationdom I am pretty sure our Bridlington master of PC would find all kinds of words for me.

    • “Israeli friends of mine frequently use the term “Arabs” when they mean specifically the Palestinians. Linguistically, isn’t the above just the same thing in reverse?”

      Interesting – when I talk to Israelis, with no exceptions, they refer to Palestinians as those who live in Gaza and the West Bank and Arabs for those who live in the Arab countries. These are Israelis who live in Israel. Are you telling Me that the Imam does not know the difference between Jew and Israeli ? Or maybe because there are are Muslim Israelis he does not want them killed ?

    • There is no ethnic, cultural or linguistic group called Palestinians. They are an invention. There is no such thing as a Palestinian people. They are Arabs. So it is accurate to call them ‘Arabs who are occupying Gaza and Judea and Samaria.’, though that’s a bit of a mouthful. I rather like the term ‘fakestinians’.

  3. PS – I’m obviously disgusted by the sentiments in the film, and I’ve obviously never heard an Israeli call for the killing of “all the Arabs”.

  4. Richard Tebboth

    ‘Israel also builds shelters to protect its children. Hamas doesn’t.’

    Not entirely unconnected to the constraints imposed on the importation of building materials.

    • just divert some of the concrete from the white elephant projects and you’re sorted. Better still, don’t risk an Israeli retaliation unless you have a decent chance of winning. Otherwise, it’s all just masturbation.

    • The ‘shortage of building materials’ hasn’t stopped the construction of new shopping malls and and a spanking new Olympic sized swimming pool.

    • You got it back to front, surely: don’t build tunnels in order to smuggle materials designed for rockets with which to murder Israelis, and there won’t be ‘constraints’, eh? Simples.

  5. “I just don’t know what showing dead children achieves.”

    Historically, footage and images of such horrors have helped educate the world about some terrible events. I do not doubt that these filmmakers’ agenda was insincere, but I am speaking in terms of the broader principle.

  6. Crumbs, Richard. Excellent reporting.

  7. Isn’t the title an allusion to Orwel’s Shooting an Elephant?

  8. I thought this very interesting:

    ‘Oh Allah disperse them so they become lost once again.’

    It alludes to the traditionl Islamic belief, often elided in western discourse by selective amnesia, that the Jews are a people exiled and dispossessed for their rejection of Jesus and the prophets, to which state Hamas wishes to return them, having vigorously Resisted their reversing that state.

  9. It wasn’t only Christians who believed in a Jewish exile and dispossession, it was Muslims too.

  10. How often to representatives of Hamas have to express eliminationist intentions towards Israeli and other Jews before it is acknowledged they constitute some kind of existential threat, short, medium or long term?

    • Well, you did mention selective amnesia. If you are talking about non-Jews, it’s selective amnesia towards the fact that there is a white elephant in the room, he who must not be referred to but instead repressed. Not PC to do otherwise, don’t you know, old boy, eh, what, har, har.

  11. “Comfort, O comfort my people, says your God. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem..”

    There’s a lot to be said for a good old Jew hater, a bloke who looks you in the eye and tells you that he wants to kill as many of us as he can. No “two-state solution” twaddle, no “I’m not an anti=Semite, I’m an anti-Zionist” claptrap, to paraphrase Horton the Elephant, “He means what he says and he says what he means.”

    I’m sure that there are Palestinians who genuinely want to see the success of the peace process. I doubt that there are many among them who, had they won the war in 1948, would be creating a Jewish state for us. However, there are plenty of pragmatists who don’t see the State of Israel disappearing in their lifetime and are happy to take what they can get. There may even be some who think that after Israel (G-d forbid) withdraws to the pre-67 borders, they’ll have a better chance to finish off the work.

    Then there are the impatient ones who always believe that however much Israel offers, if they just hang on in there, they may get more. Paradoxically, it’s often Israeli and European Left-wingers who encourage them in this belief and are unintentionally responsible for them “never missing an opportunity to miss an opportunity (Abba Eban).

    Then there are the good old Jew haters, perhaps the only truly honest ones. They always appear just at the right time to remind us that there is no new Middle East and if there is it’s far more radical and dangerous than the old one. They also remind any of us who have forgotten that their hopes are nothing new. In every generation there are those who rise against us to destroy us, but the Holy One Blessed be He saves us from their hands.

  12. Attilathecricketer

    I’ll disagree with the imam, agree that the wall has served a selfish purpose well and I rather suspect the difference in firepower rather than in shelters accounts for most of the difference in death toll.
    When do we get a blog on the Guardian’s revelations? Seems to me that Israel should learn to compromise.

    • Saving hundreds of civilians from mass-murder is not ‘selfish’.

      Israel has compromised and compromised and compromised. Ever heard of the evacuation of the Gaza strip? Remember the outcome?

      It seems that you are another one who thinks that Joos should know their place.

    • “I rather suspect the difference in firepower rather than in shelters accounts for most of the difference in death toll.”

      Whatever the reason, thank G-d that the Hamas terrorists were able to kill so few. It certainly wasn’t through lack of trying.

      According to foreign sources Israel has, since the late 60’s, had the capability to do to Gaza what the US did to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If we don’t, it’s not because we can’t, but because we choose to exercise restraint. I remember in the first intifada chasing after stone-throwers with sticks. They threw stones because they were all they had, we put our M16s aside and used sticks as not to kill them. When they got guns, we had no choice so we shot back. When they developed rockets we shot ours back. You’re right our rockets are better than theirs and our soldiers are more skilled – thank G-d.

      The fact that the Hamas leadership chooses to use their children as a political pawn to gambit in order to reap diplomatic dividends is a fact. What other reason could there be for them using school playgrounds to launch rockets from, without even bothering to evacuate the children first? It’s hard to maintain a symmetrical death toll when your enemy sees every Palestinian child killed a martyr and a victory for his cause.

      I believe that every life is a world in itself and off infinite value, no matter if the person is a Jew, Moslem, Christian or whatever – but does the Hamas agree? They demand the release of hundreds, perhaps a thousand of their own brothers in exchange for one Jewish soldier Gilad Shalit. One thousand Arabs for one Jew! Can there be anything more racist than that?

      Finally, we are not a warlike nation, we hate war and we despise killing. Jews traditionally debate each other and write articles opposing each others views. Cases of Jews killing each other in the name of Judaism, Zionism or anything are so rare that the whole nation goes into mourning when it happens. Our enemies are forever at war either with the whole civilized world or with each other. They kill their sister if she dates a boy they don’t approve of and their brother for stealing their parking spot. Not all of them, a minority, perhaps a tiny minority – but enough.

      Please G-d let there be no death toll. Let nobody shoot rockets at us or blow up building in New York or airports in Moscow. Let us beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks. Let nation not take up sword against nation.

      But if our enemies choose the way of violence, may there be a great and wonderful “difference in the death toll”.

      • Very well said Daniel.

      • thanks Daniel

      • G-d bless you both, and the author of this excellent blog.

      • Attilathecricketer

        Daniel’s more likely to win me over than Yoni! Yes Gaza departure was a rare moment of recent compromise and Israel was not given enough credit for that. However, it strikes me that Israel should use Obama to get a sensible compromise now with Abbas (what with Hezbollah electoral success in Lebanon, relative decline in US power etc) or else make damn sure China is on their side. Hamas are out of order and do not value life equally (nor do I if push comes to shove) and I’ll choose even a Zionist over them but 1400 v 14 (roughly)? I’m not sure I agree that Israel is not warlike (frankly it has to be) – the last line is right in a existential conflict but that difference is gonna cause Israel more problems than it is worth in small conflicts.

    • You are still unable to answer all my points, so saying that I ‘won’t win you over’ is just self-indulgent claptrap.

    • “I’ll choose even a Zionist ”
      As I said, you don’t like uppitty Joos who think that their nation is entitled to a free country in its own homeland.

  13. “The footage was heartbreaking but inexplicable in its lack of respect for the privacy of the dead and injured.”

    It’s not inexplicable at all. It is intentional propaganda. Hamas teaches its children from the time they can speak that Jews are the enemy and that it is desirable to die in Allah’s name fighting them. It’s taught in all of their schools. Hamas militias use schools, private homes and public buildings as their munitions depots and they use their women and children as human shields. They fully expect that some of them are going to die, and they willingly use those dead children to gin up more hatred for the Jews from the gullible audiences who watch these films.

    Hamas knew that if they fired enough bombs into Israel that the Israelis would eventually retaliate. It was intentional provocation, and they knew that they couldn’t win a military war – but, they CAN win a propaganda war. Everything they did and do is geared towards that end. Hamas’ charter calls for the destruction of Israel, and they know that they can’t achieve that by themselves. They are counting on the naive and willfully ignorant observers to turn against the Jews.

  14. Not entirely unconnected to the constraints imposed on the importation of building materials.

    And building materials are, as we all know, absolutely integral to the drafting and implementation of, say, a basic evacuation policy or an emergency policy?
    To have steps in place to protect your citizens when you’re busily blasting other peoples’ isn’t beyond the capabilities of Hamas. It’s just beyond their wishes.

  15. Gert @ 8:59 pm

    complaining of parochialism in others – that surely is the laugh of the day.
    one must take a liking to that guy, he is so pompous, so overblown wannabe righteous that I have to like him because there aren’t many who can give me such a good laugh.
    here he is describing his knowledge of the world

    I knew when he was mentioned on the other thread that it wouldn’t take him long to show up again – sigh! – giggle giggle

    • “My blog started out as a support site for a small Internet advertising and marketing company I owned up to recently”

      How the hell do you ‘own up to’ a company? The man is illiterate.

  16. Moral depravity in the Guardian, endorsing the murder of Israelis.


    • As I have said before, it is perfectly possible to be a ‘professor of philosophy’ at London U and be an ignorant twat of the first magnitude. In addition to being a racist moral degenerate, of course.

    • richardmillett

      Thanks, Roger. Yes, I saw the letter this morning and was going to mention it (honest, huv). Unbelievable that a British newspaper can publish it. Hating Israel is one thing but publishing a letter that supports the murder of innocent Israeli men, women and children is another.

  17. Hi Gert,

    “And perhaps Millett would also care to report on the increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens’? No, thought not.”

    Well I would like to comment on that. I have lived in Israel for over three decades and I have never heard, “Arabs to the ovens” once. I’m going to stick my proverbial neck out here and say that I do not believe that you’ll find one direct quote by an Israeli politician, thinker, rabbi or community leader who uttered those words. If you do, I shall apologize to you and attack him personally and violently in the Israeli media. If you don’t I expect you to retract that shocking statement.

    Truthfully it sounds like the kind of thing that Israeli soccer hooligans (yup, we have them too) might sing at a match especially if Hapoel Sachnin are beating Betar Yerushalayim. I also remember 7th or 8th graders chanting “Death to Arabs” in between lessons during the second intefada. Naturally, they were punished.

    Either way, I walked to synagogue this morning and back and heard nobody shouting anything about ovens, so I’m pretty sure that the “increasing incidencents” bit is wrong. I googled the statement and found various well known lovers of Zion like my friend Tony Greenstein making a similar claim, but nobody seems to be able to put their finger on one person who really said it.

    For the record, we have no “ovens”, other than those used for cooking etc and we don’t bake our matzot with Christian babies’ blood either.

  18. Hi Attilathecricketer,

    I enjoyed reading your thoughtful comments. You write:

    “..it strikes me that Israel should use Obama to get a sensible compromise now with Abbas..”

    This is an interesting point that I hear often in Israel, especially in the media. The logicis that Gaza has already fallen to the Hamas, who want to obliterate Israel, so you can’t negotiate with them. Lebanon is under Hezbollah control, the guys who want to drive us into the sea, so not much to talk with them about. Abbas is so weak that if we wait any longer he’ll be gone too, so let’s make a deal while he’s still here.

    Regarding Abbas being fragile, it’s difficult to argue the point. He was elected until 2009, but has unconstitutionally extended his own mandate rather than face elections. That’s what people do when they’re sure they’ll lose an election.

    However, there’s a limit to how long he can delay and after that everyone’s expectation is that the Hamas will take over and renounce all his “sensible compromises”. We’ll be back in a state of war but with shakier borders and nothing left to negotiate with.

    Of course he may possibly win the election riding a wave of popularity resulting from his “sensible compromise”, but that’s a hell of a risk to take, when the stakes are the existence of the State of Israel and in many ways that of the Jewish people.

    It seems to me that the fact that the area is less stable than it was a decade or two ago should be reason for added prudence – not for taking irreversible risks.

  19. Hi Gert,

    I notice while the author of this excellent blog is a “hypocrite: (January 27, 2011 5:16 pm) and our Yoni is a “racist and supremacist”, you have as yet to respond to my request that you might corroborate your claim of “the increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens”.

    As you may recall I asked you to provide a direct quote by any Israeli politician, leader, philosopher, rabbis general who had so called that I might attack him/her personally and violently in the Israeli media.

    It is, of course, your prerogative to prefer to beat up on poor old Yoni, however, there is some irony about the fact that you charged Richard with ignoring the matter:

    “And perhaps Millett would also care to report on the increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens’? No, thought not.”

    And then when I relate to it clearly and directly, you suddenly go quiet and adopt a similar hypocrisy to that of which you accuse others.

    To suggest that there are increasing incidencents (incidence? incidents?) of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens” is a shocking charge to make about the grandchildren of the 6,000,000.

    Though we have nothing in common politically, I believe you to be a sufficiently honest enough man to acknowledge that it is not true, if that is the case.

    • Dannenbaum:

      Far worse has been said by various Israelis, including some in authority. You’re an extremist nationalist who will deny ANY Jewish wrong doing on the basis that you haven’t heard it yourself.

      I suggest you consult perhaps this post here:


      I also suggest you search a little yourself, it doesn’t hurt and doesn’t cost much time.

      There is horrible rhetoric coming from BOTH sides. Your point blank denial of what I say says a lot more about you than it does about me and indicates a phantasmagorical view of Jews as beyond any moral reproach.

      • Hi Gert,

        Thanks for taking off time to get back to me.

        “extremist nationalist” is not the way I’d have put it, but you’re not a million miles out. I certainly wouldn’t argue that point.

        As far as “who will deny ANY Jewish wrong doing on the basis that you haven’t heard it yourself.” I’ll deny any wrong unless having seen evidence of it, Jew, Arab, Martian – it’s called being innocent unless proven otherwise.

        Now nobody loves Greenstein on this blog more than I, ask him I’ve been condemned by many (our Yoni included) for loving him, but it seems a little far-fetched to cite him as the Israeli politician, leader, philosopher, rabbis general who called for Arabs to be sent to ovens. Neither does he actually cite anyone himself.

        So back to my question, who are these “increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens”?

      • sorry Gert just linking to Tony Greenstein won’t do, you made a very precise accusation so you need to come up with equally precise proof when called out for it and not just promote a known fabricator’s website

        and no an obscure blog written by a known nutter doesn’t qualify as proof. It may qualify as your source proving the fountain you use for mushing your brain

        until you come up with proving your claim I consider you to be a coward and a chicken to boot

        btw as best I know some soccer club (German or English?) has used the epithet as stadion song but named Jews as the ones to be sent.

  20. Gert? Honest? ROFLMAO. His entire stock in trade is to lie his head off about Jews and Israel. If he doesn’t have that, he has nothing.

    Did he really say that I am a racist and supremacist? That’s two lies for the price of one to start us off with. You want find it hard to find scads more without breaking into a sweat.

    Even TG is miles more honest than Gert.

    Oh, and I don’t regard myself as ‘poor old Yoni’. You may have noticed that I have never had the slightest difficulty responding to your mudslinging.

  21. Gert
    I don’t remember your having answered Daniel’s very well worded question concerning your statement re “Arabs to the ovens”
    I’d be very interested also in seeing that link of yours proving your claim. I know you are into shifting and enhancing and juggling facts. But outright fabrication would be a new step towards total depravity for you.

    So please supply proof and save yourself from being rightfully called a coward.

  22. Cuba-Brighton- Bridlington, the new Axis of Evil

    After much research I believe I have found the source of this item. I searched the link and found some crap about a certain Rabbi Yousef Falay from Yitzhar. Checking the phone book he didn’t exist, but I assume the confusion was with Yosef (Yousef being an Arab name and F and P are often switched in Hebrew) Filint is a right wing extremist, not a rabbi and made no such statement, however, he was involved in military and civilian charges for refusing to expel settlers, whilst in the army.

    I then googled “Arabs to the ovens” in English and got Arab and anti-Semitic sites copying the same story from each other. I tried in Hebrew but found mainly advertisements for Arab bakeries and oven repair workshops. By now I had concluded that the whole thing was a figment of some nutter’s imagination and was about to return to bed.

    Then on a whim I exchanged “crematorium” for “oven” in Hebrew and got hits galore – bingo!

    Our tale begins three months ago in Havana of all places:

    “Castro: Swastika has become Israel’s banner

    Former Cuban president slams Israeli raid on Gaza-bound flotilla, says Israel ‘would not hesitate to send 1.5 million Palestinians to crematoriums’ ” (6,11,2010)

    There were 296 responses to the Hebrew item. I didn’t read them all but they were mainly of anger against Castro. Some wits swore never to drink cuba soup again.I’ll let our readers judge for themselves the extent of Israeli surfers’ racism.


    So there we have it. A barmy statement made by a probably senile Cuban ex-dictator. It was mysteriously mistranslated and then accredited to a Rabbi Yousef Falay, who was neither a Yousef nor a Falay, nor a rabbi, not even a Cuban dictator.

    It was then picked up by a Jewish Communist from Brighton who put it on his blog and many others. From there it was read by a Belgian blogger from Bridlington, looking for damning proof of Israeli racism, who copied the misquote, didn’t know who had said it but added his own interesting addition that there have been “increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens”? – Doubtlessly by the Israeli branch of the Castro family.

    That’s it. I’m off to bed. Have to bake for shabbat tommorrow.

  23. richardmillett

    Shabbat shalom.

  24. Shalom to y’all and may it be a delightful and very uninteresting day

    and just as a final word

    Gert, when cornered slinks away

    if he had any honour left he’d admit defeat after Daniel’s last – that or put up a spirited fight

    Shall we take bets what his excuse will be?

    my offering is: I have better things to do than to read all that’s written on Richard’s blog.

  25. Gert cannot answer Roger’s points, or cba’s, or mine. Of course he slinks away, or else lies his head off.

  26. Right now I am predominantly interested in Gert debunking Daniel’s investigation into Gert’s claim of
    “increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens”

    I think it has the advantage of being a comparatively narrow and precise claim on Gert’s part and a lovely piece of history by Daniel.

    Therefore I am sitting on the edge of my chair awaiting Gert’s apology

  27. Had Dannenbaum actually read Greenstein’s page, he wouldn’t have fallen into my little trap and would have noticed also the following links on that same page:

    Exterminate Palestinians says Lubavitch

    Arabs to the ovens

    I quote also from The Hasbara Buster who lists a number of deeply racist incidents, documented with links (links in source text – not replicated here) to JPost, Ynetnews, Ha’aretz and Richard Silverstein, incidents that aren’t quite in the same league as for instance Lubavitch’s but are indeed telling of an increasingly racist society:

    • On 17 Oct 2010, rabbi Ovadia Yosef, a senior Sephardic religious figure and leader of the Shas party, declared that “Goyim (i.e. Gentiles) were born only to serve us (i.e. Jews). Without that, they have no place in the world – only to serve the People of Israel.”
    • On 31 Oct 2010, a Jewish mob gathered outside of an Arab students’ residence in Safed, chanted “death to the Arabs,” hurled rocks and bottles at the building, shattering glass, and fired a shot at the building before dissassembling. If Jewish students had been thus treated elsewhere in the world, we would be talking of a Kristallnacht.
    • On 7 Dec 2010, a group of 50 state-paid rabbis signed a letter instructing Orthodox Jews not to rent or sell houses to non-Jews. The letter was later endorsed by some 250 other Jewish religious figures. In a move reminiscent of darker places and times, a hotline was opened for denouncing those Jews who did intend to rent out to Arabs.
    • On 12 Dec 2010, the rabbis of the Israeli Jewish city of Rosh Ha-Ayin, including the chief rabbi, declared a ban on hiring Arabs at stores which employ Jewish girls.

    Continued below.

  28. • On 19 Dec 2010, a demonstration was held in Bat Yam, close to Tel Aviv, against the “assimilation of young Jewish women with Arabs living in the city or in nearby Jaffa.” One of the organizers, Bentzi Gufstein, declared that “the public is tired of so many Arabs going out with Jewish girls.” One of the protestors called out, “Any Jewish woman who goes with an Arab should be killed; any Jew who sells his home to an Arab should be killed.”
    • On 20 Dec 2010, a group of five Arabs, including a Druze IDF veteran, were driven from an apartment in Tel Aviv after their landlady was threatened with the torching of her house if she continued to rent out to Arabs.
    • On 21 Dec 2010, a gang of Jewish youths was arrested in Jerusalem after carrying out a large number of attacks on Arabs. A girl aged 14 would lure Arab men to the Independence Park, where they were savagely attacked with stones and bottles and severely beaten. The teens confessed to nationalistic motives.
    • On 27 Dec 2010, the wives of 27 top rabbis signed another letter calling on Jewish girls to stay away from Arab men. Echoing the “they want to take our girls” theme so common in supremacist societies, the document went: “there are quite a few Arab workers who use Hebrew names. (…) Don’t date them, don’t work where they work and don’t perform National Service with them.”

    For more ‘cosmopolitan’ examples of Israeli racism, see (for instance) Max Blumenthal’s encounters with horrible racism directed at Barack (Hussein! Hussein!) Obama. Reports of Palestinian property, notably in Hebron, being daubed with swastikas and stars of David are also a plenty and not exactly hidden from view for anyone who cares to see them.
    Dannenbaum claims to know Greenstein’s blog but I doubt that very, very much. Danny strikes me as someone who doesn’t get out too often, preferring w/o doubt the company of likeminded people and the reading of anything that glorifies Israel, Judaism or Zionism.

  29. Gert
    you should be ashamed if these sources are all you can come up with. Daniel beat you by innumerable length.

    and warning to all the others: don’t start debating on the linked by Gert HASBARA BUSTER – Ibrahim Ibn Yusuf alias Albert José Miraya alias I-as-a-Jew is a blog-world-wide known impostor and faker and fraudster who should just be ignored. During the past weeks the guy has been all over my favourite hang-outs trying to whore or rather pimp his blog by making outrageous and unsustainable statements thereby hoping to get his google ratings boosted again after a mercifully long period of abstaining from pushing his Jew-Hating-Maligning-Slandering-Agenda

    Gert is lurking in the shadows hoping that another honest commenter will take the bait and try his/her skills at the Fake Ibrahim’s Hang-Out where Gert then can pounce on him at have what he calls an honest open visor debate.

  30. Gert
    as is his wont has waited for Sabbath to arrive before he posted his garbage

    disgusting and irrelevant, evil smelling as was to be expected of a guy who enjoys peeing over himself.

  31. “He that respects himself is safe from others; he wears a coat of mail that none can pierce.”

    Hi Gert,

    Thank you for your reply and also for your kind off-blog correspondence, which, unfortunately, I will not have time to reply to this week.

    I also Thank you for your interesting documentation of demonstrations in Bat Yam, Druze IDF veterans in Tel Aviv, randy Arab men in Independence Park, the wives of top rabbis, etc – a truly a delicious mosaic of cut pasted postings from other blogs. I read them all with great interest. Some of them I know to be fundamentally correct, some I haven’t yet heard of, like the Independence Park one, however, I would say that nothing about Israeli louts surprises me anymore. As to the one about the wives, I think a number of their spouses would be flattered to hear you describe them as “top rabbis”. But we stray.

    My specific request was that you substantiate your now infamous challenge that the author of this excellent blog relate to:

    “increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens”

    The idea that any Jew or any Israeli, could talk in such a way shocked me and I asked you to document your claim. First you referred me to our good friend from Brighton’s unequaled blog, but it could only cite a “rabbi” from the Jewish settlement of Yitshar, who though doubtless no angel, had said no such thing.

    As far as I know the only politician to have spoken about sending Arabs to ovens was Fidel Castro and the only Jew was Tony Greenstein. If you know of any Israeli politicians, rabbis, thinkers, writers, community leaders who have called for, “Arabs to the ovens” tell me about it. If not acknowledge that you got it wrong and published facts without checking them, apologize to Richard for your cheeky:

    “And perhaps Millett would also care to report on the increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens’? No, thought not.” –

    And we can all move on.

    There are plenty of wicked individuals here in Israel, the Messiah has not come yet. Sadly we have wife-beaters and rapists, child molesters, pimps – you name it. There are Jews who hate Arabs and Arabs who hate Jews. If you look for filth to throw, you’ll find plenty without having to make it up.

    Common decency and intellectual honesty now require that you either prove your claim, or you acknowledge you were wrong when you spoke of:

    “increasing incidencents of Israelis calling for ‘Arabs to the ovens”

    If you are unable to rise to the occasion, it will say nothing about either Zionism or anti-Zionism, but everything about Gert Meyers as a self-respecting human being.

    Let’s just say that I’m not overly optimistic this time.

    Either way, have a great week!


  32. “Gert Meyers as a self-respecting human being”

    I looked up ‘oxymoron’, just to make sure, and what do you know: it’s a perfect example.