Jody McIntyre: “We will set the streets of London alight”

The Neturei Karta picking up some tips on Tuesday night.

The Neturei Karta picking up some tips on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night there was yet another of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s rallies to try to delegitimise Israel’s attempts to defend its citizens against Hamas’ rocket attacks.

Unsurprisingly, the PSC called the rally “Remembering Israel’s War on Gaza”.

First, Hugh Lanning, the PSC Chair, recited his poem (below). Then we rose for a one minute silence to remember the “1400 people slaughtered in Gaza”. Murdered Israelis were ignored:

They stole my land,
Burnt my orange trees,
Destroyed my house,
Took my water,
Bombed my country,
Killed my mother,
Took my job,
Starved us all,
Humiliated us all,
And I am to blame for I shot a rocket back.

So they stole more of my land,
Burnt my orange trees,
Destroyed my house,
Took my water,
Bombed my country.

Tony Benn (see clip below) then told us that “what we have in Palestine is an Israeli state which is, in effect, an American colony” and gave us this synopsis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

The Palestinians had lived for thousands of years in Palestine.
The Balfour Declaration was to bring America into World War One.
“Rich Jews came in and they bought farm and land off the Palestinians”.
“The Jews settled in Palestine and then in 1948 they declared a state, got recognition and the Palestinians were driven out of their homes.”

From Jody McIntrye (see clip below) we got fighting talk.

McIntrye is the new darling of the far-left. He was profiled in the Observer recently in an article on internet radicals and was, inexplicably, pulled from his wheelchair by the police during the violent student riots in London, which gained him even more media exposure. He blogs at Life on Wheels.

He pulled no punches:

“Whether you are fighting against Millbank or Mubarak, if you are fighting for freedom, we are with you.”

And with reference to the recent self-immolations in the Arab world: “We must take inspiration from them this year when we set the streets of London alight.”

The far-left loves McIntyre, but not as much as they love the rapper Lowkey.

Lowkey (see clip below) gave us a lecture on why you should be proud to be an anti-Zionist and how anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism.

His reasoning was that the French resistance against the Nazis was not because of anti-German feeling and objection to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan was not due to anti-American or anti-British feeling. Similarly, anti-Zionism does not mean you hate Jews.

But he told us: “Israel today is every bit the supremacist state that Theodore Herzl intended it to be.”

It was Lowkey who played the meeting out with his rap anthem: “Free Palestine, Free Gaza”.

Sadly, George Galloway (who was in Beirut), Gerald Kaufman, Ghada Karmi, Jenny Tonge and Caroline Lucas, who we were promised, were absent last night but they sent messages of support.

Mohammad Sawalha, of the British Muslim Institute and who organises the Gaza flotillas, updated us on plans for the next flotilla, which is due to be launched from London to arrive in Gaza for the anniversary of the Mavi Marmara tragedy in May.

Meanwhile, this Friday night at the Trinity United Reform Church from 6pm to 10pm is the 6th Camden Festival for Palestine. Frank Dobson MP is due to be joined by Roger Lloyd-Pack, who played Trigger in Only Fools and Horses, and Ivor Dembina, who is described on the flier as “Jewish stand-up comedian”.

And Ahron Cohen, of the Neturei Karta, is speaking at LSE on 1st February (room E171, East Building, 6pm-7.30pm.)

Cohen will talk on, surprise, surprise, “Are Judaism and Zionism incompatible?

Harry’s Place recalls that Cohen stated that the Holocaust would never have succeeded “if the victim did not deserve it in one way or another”.

Feel free to go and express polite disapproval of Mr Cohen.

30 responses to “Jody McIntyre: “We will set the streets of London alight”

  1. What a shower of losers.

    I never thought I’d type the following, but George Galloway, Gerald Kaufman, Ghada Karmi, Jenny Tonge and Caroline Lucas had the right idea , didn’t they?

  2. What is saddest about all this is the way that lies are expected to be believed as truth. Difference of opinion is fine, and normal. Debate is healthy. But nasty fabrications about Israel will never help matters.

    These people show their true colours in such speeches as these. It’s terribly sad that they are so concerned with attacking Israel that they become blind to reason.

  3. What does he mean by “‘set the streets of London alight?”.

    Near the beginning he said “Occupied since 1948”, so what does he propose to do with the Jews that live there now and those that lived there before 1948?

    • Send them back to Poland, of course.

      You don’t expect ignorant, barely literate, barely sane losers like these to either know history or give a flying ***?

  4. Lowket says Israel is a supremacist state. But Abbas has said he doesn’t want Jews living on Palestinian land. And other Arab countries like Lebanon subjugate Palestinians.

    • That was the supreme moment of madness, innit? Herzl wanted Israel to be a supremacist state!
      Care in the community is really not working.

  5. This simply proves that Israel is the weapon of mass distraction for the Left.

    From Lowkey we get the favourite argument of the antisemites “Arabs are Semites too”.

  6. Tell me with a straight face that these people, from Benn to Lowbrain, are sane.

  7. Do they favour orange trees in London?
    are orange trees the new symbol?

    German radio gives me the impression that it is all about olive trees?

    Are olive trees out of fashion now because the latest “outrage” proved to be a normal pruning operation?

  8. I never eat falafal, but I’m sitting in the Ma’ale Adumim mall eating one, and wondering how to comfort my galut friends who seem so upset about all these terrible speeches.

    Let’s begin with Neturei Karta. Within haredi circles they are generally regarded as a bunch of attention seeking nutters.

    About a year ago I went to my local non-kosher Russian deli to buy some beers and noticed that there was a haredi collection box by the cash register. I was amazed, “How can you have that?” I asked, “Don’t you know that they’re the guys who throw stones at you when you drive on shabbat!”

    However, the store owner was far wiser than I and simply replied, “Look, someone has to do it!”

    All of a sudden I realized how right he was. There is a “conflict” and there is a “peace proces” too. We all know that the conflict will carry on for the foreseeable future and those of us with eyes in our heads know that the process will continue, like a ship sailing forever with no destination.

    We need mad rabbis and Tony Benns. We need well meaning liberals and fanatical supporters of both sides too. We need people to believe in a two-state solution and a one-state solution and a no-state solution.

    The ship can’t stop as too many people are making their livings sailing in it, and luckily for them, it cannot reach its destination, because there is no destination to reach. Why are we still sailing? Because someone has to do it.

    This is a message of hope and comfort, telling you all not to take a few barmy speeches too seriously and not even to get too excited if we win a vote or two in some irrelevant debate.

    The guys who are doing the real work are the son of the Russian storekeeper who joins the army next year on the same say as my daughter. The real facts are another house built in Hebron, another page of gemara learned in Mizpe Yericho and another falafel fried in Maale Adumim. All the rest my friends is just vanities.

  9. Roger Lloyd-Pack also played the Sexton (priest’s assistant) in Fiddler on the Roof. Must have heard too many sermons.

  10. Building another house is fine. Eating falafel (even though you have just said you never eat it) is wonderful – I had some just now for lunch, and then bourekas. But a page of gmara is, indeed, vanity when (just for instance) a vital piece of military hardware cannot be made in Israel and an embargo on its export to Israel is imposed by a nutter in the FO.

  11. ‘Murdered Israelis were ignored’

    Sorry refresh my memory, but how many Israeli’s were ‘murdered’ during Cast Lead

    • richardmillett

      Mostly, tell me, how many should have been murdered before they are worthy of being remembered? Please give me a figure.

      • But it’s the official role of Joos to be murdered, innit. To complain about it is to be ungrateful, to fight back is the height of chutzpah.

    • Plenty at Sderot were.

      And do try to make an effort to learn how to spell.

    • They weren’t just talking of the period of Cast Lead, Mostly. They were talking from at least 1948, and arguably earlier.

      However you cut, Palestinian Arab Muslims and Christians have Resisted Jews’ living in the land in other than tiny numbers since the late 19th century.

      Whenever the imperial power was removed e.g. Mehmet Ali’s throwing out the Ottomans in 1834, local ‘Palestinians’ ( to use an anachronism) proved quite capable of murdering, raping and robbing ‘their’ local Jews, Sephardi or Ashkenazi.

      Israeli Jews have killed more Palestinian Arab Muslims and Christians than vice versa. But the latter have killed as many of the former as they thought they could get away with.

      Not that you’d know that from Tony Benn’s ‘history’ (silly ignorant toff).

  12. even one terrorized child is one too many …

    if the idiots would decide to behave they could have the good life but then their top notch would have to stop access to all kinds of funds for free

  13. Don’t talk to me about those bloody Germans Silke. The Marks family has just survived a German attack – believe me, we came in on a wing and a prayer.

    The German Cockroach is smaller than its more commonly known cousin, but every bit as ugly and attacks electrical items of all things. We threw out our old food processor and it almost reached the motor of the fridge.

    The exterminator came yesterday and did his gruesome work, with a foul smelling spray. How ironic that almost seven decades on I should be paying an Israeli to be gas Germans.

    Before the idiot once again calls me a racist, let me make it quite clear that I do not believe that all Germans are cockroaches or that German cockroaches are worse than any other type. Nor do I have anything per say against the beasts unless they try to destroy my house.

    I do, however, not believe it is too much to ask for one tired old Jew to be able to live out his twilight years without German cockroaches invading his settler home. Tell me Silke, am I asking too much?

    • Since I believe I am the only one who called you a racist, moron, I assume that sub-infantile dig is directed at me. So let me repeat: you are a racist, halfwitted little tosser.

  14. I’ve talked on several occasions with the highly trained and educated professional cooks/managers of my employer’s canteen and learned a lot about the cockroaches common in my country which I hadn’t recognized as such having met them before only in Greece where they were as big as German Maikäferäfer&aq=f&aqi=g7&aql=&oq=

    They told me that no public kitchen is secure from the plague and assured me that other than being disgusting to look at while one ingests food and possibly distributors of germs are quite harmless. I am sure had those insects been a danger to their electrical equipment they would have told me because we talked as colleagues and they could be sure that I’d not pass on to the press anything they wouldn’t want told.

    But I am really glad to learn that Israelis have found at least one way to vaunt their fury on us trusting that cockroaches care more about the treatment they get than having their “roots” mislabelled.

    Greek ants once ate holes into my favourite dress …

  15. Richard, can you please confirm the extent to which Jody Macintyre is disabled, please? He is in a wheelchair all the time? Or what?

  16. ‘“Rich Jews came in and they bought farm and land off the Palestinians”.’

    Note the Socialism of Fools: rich, capitalist-colonialist Jews exploit the peasants/working classes/third world.

    Silly English toff. It’s of a piece with this line in Al-Taji’s 1913 poem, ‘The Zionist Danger’:

    “Jews, the weakest of all peoples and the least of them, sons of clinking gold, stop your deceit.”

  17. ‘The Palestinians had lived for thousands of years in Palestine.’

    That’s like saying the Americans have lived for thousands of years in America. It’s meaningless. All it means is that the area now called ‘America’ has been continually inhabited for thousands of years.

  18. That is maybe a bit extreme. I don’t wish to deny his right and ability to form his own opinions. But he is being used.

  19. Hardly extreme. He has no ability to form anything, even a knot in his shoelaces. He is as stupid and ignorant as any chinless English twat I have ever come across. As long as he confines his stupidity and ignorance to growing orchids, he is welcome to them. But not when it spills over to deranged screeching about Joos.

  20. I must report that peace might still be possible . . .

    PS Talking of piss, what’s happened to the Dybbuk of Bridlington?

  21. Shh, let sleeping flea-bitten dogs lie.