Jewish state hate live from London today from 10am!

Click the above link (well, copy and paste it like the old days) to watch live coverage of today’s “Ongoing Naqba” conference brought to you by the Palestinian Return Centre.

It’s at SOAS (where else?) and starts at 10am and goes on through to about 5pm.

It’s the inaugural event of “Palestine memorial week”, which starts today.

Subjects will be the Palestinian “refugees” (that’ll be the mysterious seven to eight million of them worlwide many of whom are citizens of other countries with good jobs), Israel as an “apartheid state” (despite many Israeli Arabs attending Israeli universities and being in the Israeli Parliament and judiciary), the (self-imposed) Nakba and the media.

Introductions will be given by Majed Al Zeer, PRC General Director, and Irish Minister Tom Kitt, the Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, Manuel Hassassian, (Hamas meeting) Andy Slaughter MP and John McHugo, Chair of Liberal Democrats Friends of Palestine.

First session will be chaired by Daud Abdallah. Dr. Salman Abu Sitta will speak on the Mechanisms of Expulsion. Professor Ghada Karmi will speak about bringing the Nakba to an end.

In the second session, Chaired by Jenny Tonge, Mads Gilbert will talk about Gaza and Ben White will speak on “Forceful displacement and expulsion in Israel”.

The third session, chaired by activist Ibrahim Hewitt, will be on international law and Palestine.

Hosam Hafez, Legal Expert (What the hell is a “legal expert” anyone?), will focus on Palestinian Rights under international law. Dr. Paul Larudee, founder of Free Gaza Movement and a human rights activist, will talk on strategic outlines of the solidarity campaign.

Former Labour MP Phyllis Starkey will focus on Lobbying for Justice and Rights. Rawan Al Damin, filmmaker, will speak about her documentary, “Al Nakba”.

PRC senior researcher Nasim Ahmed will take part in conference sessions (thank goodness for that as it wouldn’t be the same without Nasim!).

18 responses to “Jewish state hate live from London today from 10am!

  1. What a den of lions! A nest of vipers! Don’t forget to take your psychic protection kit with you Richard. I recommend a good spraying of crab apple Bach flower remedy for that sense of uncleanliness that you will feel at the end of a day of such demonic vileness. The spirit of the Nuremberg rallies lives on. I mean it doesn’t just go away to another planet.

  2. Thank u Richard, i will give the live cam a miss.. i read the listing of speakers & i just can’t stomack that endless crap.

  3. A live show, broadcast on the internet, for the benefit of w**kers. Hmmmm, where have we heard the likes of that before?

  4. richardmillett

    The recent Russell Tribunal on Palestine at the Law Society?

  5. This is truly surreal, fantastical and bizarre! These “experts” are delivering papers based in illogical untruths that are so blatant one wonders how anyone can give them credence. Example: The Al Dura boy’s lack of blood after the supposed shooting by the IDF (now exposed as fantastical film making propaganda in a French court of law) explained away as his blood freezing from fear before the shooting – Jenny Tongue, medical doctor how can you go along with this rubbish! You shame not only the medical profession and the media, but all those women who fought so hard that you, a woman, could be free to study medicine, to be a representative in government and to walk the streets openly and unrobed as a person.

    It is clearly based in the furtherance of Islamic global influence on the part of those who adhere to that belief system and ignorance, intolerance and race hate on the part of those who lobby for an ideology that is totalitarian, anti-democracy and illiberal. A suicide note if ever there was one, as what do these liberals think will happen to their liberalism once the fundamentalist theology based in Sharia law replaces Her Majesty’s Government? What a turn around since the days when France called for Liberty Equality Fraternity; when the constitutional monarchy of the UK was established on the principles and ethics of the Jewish Old Testament and its Ten Commandments of truth, love, respect and consideration of the other.

    What we have here is a group of Jew hating (for Israel read Jew in current times when it is not PC to admit to Jew hatred) liberal secularists who have teamed up with a group of Jew hating fundamentalists to disseminate illogical untruths and inversions based in a replacement theory as expression of that hatred to maintain the aim to exterminate the Jewish nation that began with Mohammed when he ordered the plunder and murder of the Jewish tribes of Khyber (Khyber Khyber they chant – ever wondered why?), culminating in the Holocaust and now continuing in this attempt to destroy Israel as representative of the Jew.

    They will not succeed. Why? Because right always triumphs over wrong and it has nothing to do with wings!

  6. Just all the usual scum of the human race, then.

    You can’t have a ‘Palestinian ambassador to the UK’. There is no such country as ‘Palestine’.

    • Yoni
      but there must be something close to it. I recently read that their representation in Washington has been allowed to fly the flag

      piece by piece they hope to get there and since “we” like ourselves best, when we are respecting and considerate their chances are pretty good.

  7. “Hosam Hafez, Legal Expert (What the hell is a “legal expert” anyone?), will focus on Palestinian Rights under international law”

    A ‘legal expert’ is someone who failed to obtain a law degree. A bit like John Game. It’s also someone who falls for the canard of ‘international law’.

  8. “Dr. Paul Larudee, founder of Free Gaza Movement and a human rights activist”

    Richard, please put mendacious terms like ‘human rights activist’ in quotation marks.

    • Jamal and Awid’s last covers the “human rights” angle

      and here once again is my recommendation for my latest and to date most informative piece on human rights – read it and marvel at how new it all is (I didn’t know I would have bet on Versailles) but Gray convinced me.

      John Gray condemns Human Rights said the NL

    • richardmillett

      Sorry, Yoni, i agree but i was going by what they stated on their site. I did my best to spot everything.

  9. “The end of the Jewish State” that got the biggest round of applause from the “human rights activist’s’

  10. I just found a funny 2.5 min poem by John Cooper Clarke to decribe these people. It’s called ‘Twat’.

  11. Probably Cooper Clarke would like these people. He was a leftist and I’m sure no lover of Israel. I think the poem was aimed at someone who may have been far from being a twat. Thatcher maybe? Funny poem though.

  12. Hey Richard, I’m not sure if you saw this about PRC’s Hamas ties.