A bad year for Israel in the UK has also been a bad year for many of those who have briefed so viciously against Israel.

Nick Clegg, who called for Israel to be disarmed during Operation Cast Lead in the wake of thousands of Hamas rockets hitting Israeli towns, became Deputy Prime-Minister in the coalition government but has since had his new found credibility shattered having reneged on a pre-election promise that had won his party the student vote; not to increase tuition fees.

Clegg and his anti-Israel Liberal Democrat party will find it difficult to be taken seriously in future, including on Israel.

Lauren Booth seems to have hit financial rock bottom with her bankruptcy and George Galloway lost his national radio slot on Talksport and was ousted from Parliament at the General Election along with Martin Linton, Chair of Labour Friends of Palestine.

Woe betide those who fall from power. The pro-Arab Lobby will have no use for them and will end up looking elsewhere.

So one man’s loss is another’s gain and the new anti-Israel voice on the block is Andrew Slaughter, who retained his seat in the election.

Although Slaughter is Labour’s Shadow Justice Minister that didn’t stop him recently meeting Hamas; the organisation that likes to send Palestinians into Israeli restaurants and discos primed with bombs to murder as many Jews as possible.

It has been a year where the picket of Ahava in Covent Garden has taken root, with the objective of closing it down.

In a way it has been a sad but fascinating experience to see the type of person that turns up to picket a Jewish owned shop.

Less attention has been paid to the regular thursday evening anti-Israel picket outside Marks and Spencer on Oxford Street whose objective is to stop people shopping there on the basis that M&S was a chief funder of Israel’s creation and growth; proof if it ever was needed that Israel-hate is not premised on concern for international law but on Israel’s existence per se.

It is also interesting to note how many of the Ahava protesters are loathe to be filmed, constantly covering their faces.

One must also question if they are solely concerned about human rights why they don’t picket Iranian, Egyptian, Russian, Chinese and Sudanese businesses.

If Ahava does close even the protesters will be disappointed as they will be forced to find another Israeli outlet to vent their anger against.

Other low points of 2010 were:

1. The EDO case, where a judge somehow found it within himself, during his summing up to the jury, to show admiration for those who had smashed up a British arms-making factory.

2. Phil Woolas losing his Parliamentary seat after his Lib Dem opponent ran crying to the courts accusing Woolas of lying about him, when lying on political leaflets is, sadly, a part of British election culture. There was also MPAC’s sinister intervention against Woolas.

3. Mick Davies, head of UJIA, using “Apartheid” in relation to Israel.

4. The Law Society allowing itself to be taken over for a weekend Israel hatefest in the form of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

5. Hearing “Spurs are on their way to Auschwitz” at Elland Road.

Thank you to those that have given their encouragement over the last year (including Oyvagoy, Jeremy Havardi, MelchettMike, CIFWatch, ModernityBlog, Harry’s Place, ElderofZiyon, The London Jewish News, The Jewish Chronicle and The Jerusalem Post) and many other individuals, including some incredible commenters from whom I have learnt more than I could imagine.

It has also been a year in which England retained the Ashes but lost a World Cup.

Ken Bates, Leeds United’s Chairman, summed up the World Cup debacle perfectly in his recent programme notes for the QPR game:

“FIFA finally lost all credibility when they handed the 2022 World Cup to Qatar. That idiot Blatter said the object was to take football into new territories. The Qatar episode should be fun with the Persian Gulf on one side and (a) million square miles of desert on the other. Don’t make me laugh! Money talks – but to who? If Qatar wanted to make a lasting impact on the world they could help their fellow Muslims in Palestine to end 60 years of misery and enable them to establish a Palestinian state. A few bob to help rebuild Afghanistan wouldn’t go amiss either.”

Finishing on a high note Israel has just struck gas; £61 billion worth of the stuff, which sent the Tel Aviv stock exchange to an all time high. This should give Israel energy independence for 90 years and could allow for exports to Europe.

As James Hider of The Times comments the old joke about Moses leading the Jewish people to the one place in the Middle East that does not have oil is not so funny anymore.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. ‘George Galloway lost his national radio slot on Talksport’
    Then got it back.

    • richardmillett

      I don’t think he has, Mostly. He used to have two three hour evening slots every week. Now it seems he is limited to just the occasional appearance.

    • Mostly Harmless continues linking via his handle to antisemitic websites – who’d have thunk?
      This time, it’s one that repeats the lie that ‘the vast majority of Cast Lead’s victims were civilians’.

  2. the old joke about Moses leading the Jewish people to the one place in the Middle East that does not have oil is not so funny anymore.

    Still is — They are squabbling in Israel about who gets the profits.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR & a few less ‘flame wars’/.

  3. Fewer, David – fewer! 🙂

    I see the vile Lennox has been deemed worthy of a gong.

  4. For us, one of the best parts of this year was finding this wonderful site. We have a new granchild on the way (March PG).

    Many new friends, Yoni seems to have calmed down a lot and is keeping his “foul mouth” under control, and most importantly my husband Lionel says that Richard’s writing is always like an island of sanity in a sea of madness!

    Happy New Year Everyone,

    • My responses are always commensurate with the vileness of the insults hurled at me, which you know perfectly well (or at least, should know). If I have ‘calmed down’, it’s because the katyushas have calmed down. Should they start again, I will do likewise.
      The highly unhealthy obsession with me on the part of some posters is very similar to the obsession with Israel exhibited by certain well-known haters.

  5. richardmillett

    Thank you very much to you and Lionel, Kathy. PG lots of Mazeltov to you in March. Yes, heard about Lennox. It will only encourage her in her own little delegitimisation campaign.

  6. The Armchair Jew

    Tonight, I’ll make a toast to the end of Israel!

    • When I make kiddush tonight I will think of you and feel sorry for you! You have all the wrong values in your life…HOW SAD!

  7. Armchair Jew,
    Make kiddush, it will do you more good! Besides, who eats toast on Shabbat?

    It’s a goyshe new year so I’ll wish everyone a happy one especially the goyim amongst us Adam, Silke etc. The Jews have plenty of new years of their own. I guess that for Tony it’s the first of May.

    I ditto everything that Kathy and Lionel said and wish the Olsons a mazal tov too. Thanks to Michael for the incredible progress, and to Nick for being an inspiration to everyone.

    But most of all thank you to Richard for providing this wonderful platform for debate. I’ve met many fascinating people discussed issues that I rarely get the chance to discuss here in the Holy land.

    Everyone of you has taught me something, and for that I thank you all.

    Shabbat shalom!

  8. a big big big Thank you to Richard for this blog

    and a return of all the good wishes above plus an extra load.

    May 2011 strive to be an uninteresting year and succeed at it.

  9. Michael Goldman

    I join you all in thanking Richard for his excellent blog!
    The upkeep of the blog is obviously a big task and very much appreciated!

  10. I’m a fairly new reader and commenter on this blog but I join in, all the way from Israel, with everyone’s good wishes and thanks to Richard for this wonderful and fascinating blog, and a Happy New Year for those celebrating.

  11. I am a new reader of this blog too. Thank you for the work that you do Richard. May you continue to go from stength to strength!

  12. richardmillett

    I feel a bit choked up by all your praise, I really do. Thank you very much and thank you for helping combat some of the nastier anti-Israel characters that have appeared here from time to time. Happy and healthy new year to you all and Shabbat Shalom.

  13. I’d like to join everyone in wishing each other a prosperous / happy / successful (delete the inapplicable) 2011, especially Richard with thanks for maintaining this blog. Having been involved in setting up websites, I know the amount of work he must be putting into it.

  14. I would like to add my voice to those of my fellow contributors and thank Richard (and his colleagues) for the wonderful work he is doing in terms of his inspiring lead pieces and not least, for all the confrontational legwork in the field.

    Many years ago, before we were fortunate enough to build our homes in Israel, we were doing pretty much the same thing on the streets of London.
    Perhaps we were less refined than Richard, and tended to break the law a little more often, but I think we were driven by the same passion.

    It was a passion based on the fight for genuine freedom for all peoples, and the Jewish people and the State of Israel were certainly not to be excluded.

    Shabbat Shalom and wishing all our friends a Happy New Year,

    Am Yisrael Chai!

  15. Richard
    Great blog .Look forward to seeing you as ever outside Ahava where we can rejoin the struggle with those naughty Jewish boys Brucie and Tony and not forgetting fog horn Deborah .

    Wishing you and yours a happy new year

  16. Nice post, Richard. Always good to hear some upbeat moments.

  17. Thank you, Richard for your blog and for your bravery among the benighted. You are an indefatigable warrior for Israel.

    The same message for Jonathan.

    I like Yoni!

    A very happy 2011 to all!

    And here’s a nice imam to encourage us.

  18. Well done Richard. You are truly a breath of fresh air and I wish there were more like you in the UK.

  19. Richard, thanks for a great blog. I only hope people of goodwill can concentrate their efforts in tackling the antisemites and haters, instead of tackling each other!

    Happy New Year to all people of goodwill!

  20. Richard, thank you. We, at CiF Watch, are big fans!

  21. Amie,

    Thank you for linking the JC rigged poll.
    I had heard the accusation but gave Tony Greenstein credit that even his integrity would never be compromised to that extent.

    I was wrong.

    “Compromise makes a good umbrella, but a poor roof.”

    It brings to mind the master of compromise Tevya from Fiddler on the Roof, who having compromised with matches for his first two daughters, wrestled with his conscience at the proposal that his third daughter Chava was to marry out.

    “Can I deny everything I believe in?
    On the other hand,
    Can I deny my own daughter?
    On the other hand,
    How can I turn my back on my faith, my people?
    If I try and bend that far, I’ll break.
    On the other hand…
    There is no other hand.”

    TG has been exposed yet again as a spineless scoundrel and scallywag.

  22. “as is as” are good colokquial English:

    yored is yored, camel is camel, as is as!

    Long lives Palestine!

    Youare owe me big time Yoni

  23. Gamil reads like he has been overindulging on said to be health enhancing camel urine.

  24. We are calling it the ‘piss process’

  25. Michael Goldman

    It is only right that Yoni should be congratulated for a posting with no profanities.
    Granted it contained only three words, but well done Yoni!

  26. I don’t accept congratulations from disgusting fascist scum.

  27. Michael Goldman

    Yes you do!

  28. Michael Goldman

    Your posting s are a credit to us all.
    How we manage here in Israel without you is completely beyond me.

  29. Michael,

    Like you I once thought that all of my people should live in Israel. I may even have had some small part in helping a few Jews to make aliya.

    However, with the passing of years I have learned to appreciate that there are some of our brethren who better serve the interests of the Jewish people and the State of Israel by staying where they are, or even leaving us to live abroad.

    If you read Leviticus 18:28 onwards, I believe the matter will become more clear.

    Good month to one and all,

  30. Daniel Marks

    Now I was talking to Michael, not you, our Yoni. Interrupting conversations is quite impudent. Unfortunately, your impertinence is only matched by your foul mouth.

    Think of something interesting to say and we’ll all be happy to listen. However, you can’t just keep saying “dickhead” or “mega-dickhead” and expect to be taken seriously by grown-ups.