PSC frontman arrested outside Ahava.

One of the main campaigners for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was arrested outside Ahava last night. After being taken to Holborn police station it was decided that no further action would be taken against him.

Pro-Israel activists went to Ahava on hearing that anti-Israel protesters have been congregating outside the shop for the past week without informing the police.

The protesters have been handing out anti-Israel leaflets, discouraging shoppers from entering the store and pressuring the employees.

Normal procedure is for the protesters to inform the police of an upcoming protest.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaigner approached the cameraman (me) and tried to stop him taking footage of the protest.

There is no prohibition on public filming and, as you will see, the cameraman (me again) was the one who was approached.

Then the campaigner inexplicably threatened to knock the camera out of the cameraman’s hands (20 seconds into footage).

The police asked to see the footage after which they felt there were grounds for the arrest:

The campaigner has never been camera shy before. He frequently allows himself to be filmed handing out anti-Israel leaflets outside various establishments that sell Israeli products.

He recently chaired a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting with Ben White and in the summer gave this interview where it is blatantly obvious, when he talks of 63 years of occupation, that his main concern is not “the occupation” but Israel’s very existence as a Jewish state:

Anyway, a very Merry Christmas/Festivus to everyone, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the other anti-Israel lobbies which, while claiming to be concerned for the Palestinians, just want to tear down the only Jewish state in the world.

You can try but you will be wasting your time, just like all those that have gone before you.

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  1. “You can try but you will be wasting your time, just like all those that have gone before you.”

    Amen. Happy holidays, Richard.

  2. Nice work Richard! Kol hakavod. Aggressive little sh*t isn’t he? Tut tut.


  3. I remember him from the Richard Falk lecture at Senate House, London Uni a month ago. He was giving out leaflets after the talk. When I walked past and didn’t take one, he called me a loser. Twat.
    After winning 4 defensive wars (’48, ’56, ’67 & ’73) against the odds, Israel is thriving. Losers? I don’t think so, buddy.

  4. I liked at the beginning of the video sorry little chubby Bruce, that was him, wasn’t it, filming away like crazy. So he operates a camera.

    I wish the sales woman could sue him for insulting her by “anti-semitic” staff.

    if only brand names were’nt such devilishly expensive things that their keeping them out of it supersedes by necessity all action these harrassing idiots deserve.

  5. Ahav…. Zzzzzzzzzzz. Sorry: B-O-R-I-N-G!

    He asks you to stop filming and you go on to take some close ups. Pulitzer Prize material it ain’t…

    • richardmillett

      I can film. This is London, Gert, not your beloved Gaza.

      • Richard
        tread softly on poor Gert, he still has to learn the difference between a real life documentary and artists’ videos like he imbibes them during his no doubt frequent visits to museums of modern art.

        I am sure Bridlington has a first class one on offer and if not he’ll roam the country in his no doubt super-green electric vehicle for the latest in art and sophistication.

      • And the difference between the UK and his beloved Third Reich.

      • You can. And it bores the pants off me. What you gonna do next: shove a camera in his eye, then cry wolf when he defends himself?

        It’s a pity in a sense I live so far away, or I could come down one day for a game of ‘filming you while you’re filming me’…

        You claim to be a ‘journalist’: what has your little film of one lone PSC protester shown? That some protest there without police permission? WOW: crime of the century, must get Millett on the case…

        You’re pathetic, honestly…

        Meanwhile in the Gaza strip: more evidence of the shootings in the buffer zone:

        Forces enlisted with Israel’s military have killed one youth and injuring three others, who were collecting debris in the north of the Gaza Strip.

        Staff at a local Palestinian hospital named the dead man as Salama Abu Hashish, 22, a shepherd, and said he had been shot in the back.

        Adham Abu Selmiya, spokesman for the Hamas-run medical services in the Gaza Strip, said one of the injured — a 14-year-old boy who was hit in the head — was in serious condition, AFP reported.

    • “You’re pathetic, honestly…”

      ROFL. So little self-awareness.

  6. Surely these haters won’t be celebrating Christmas – the birth of a Jewish settler in Bethlehem?

    • Apparently the Christian carpenters are not selling crucifixes this year so as not to provoke the Muslim majority of Bethlehem. The Christians may be the only non ratbags to miss Yasser Arafat. While he thought he could make political capital from Christmas in Bethlehem the local Christians had a little protection.

  7. Jonathan Hoffman

    It is so funny how they get themselves arrested when they are obsessed with getting us arrested. I love the cameo appearances by Michael Shagahan (“Where’s the Church in Gaza?) and ASHamed Renegade Jew Brucie (“Hamas should dig up Gilad Shalit then bury him again”). He looks even more stupid than usual in the Santa hat. He migh lack a foreskin but that’s about the only thing Jewish about him.

  8. Jonathan, that’s not all he lacks.

  9. “The 63 year occupation has to end!”–that statement is the give-away

  10. Why wish Happy Christman to scum?

    And one other tiny comment, Richard: it’s ‘pressuring’, not ‘pressurising’. You pressurise gas, pressure people 🙂

    • PSC = All hot air 🙂

    • Of course we wish a happy Christmas to scum.

      Happy Christmas our Yoni!

      • I didn’t realise a parasitic pile of turds could write English. Apparently so. DM has proved that he can.

    • Yoni

      “pressurising” may be incorrect English but I for one liked the image of “pressurising”

      BTW in past threads it has been Gert’s speciality to focus on English “mistakes”

      Are you following maybe Daniel in envisaging the “beginning of …”

      • Please, I thought we were friends! I don’t follow that scum in anything.

        Gert’s English is very poor. I haven’t said anything so far, since one shouldn’t mock the afflicted (you know: ignorant, illiterate, not his fault probably, blame his ignorant and illiterate parents for not bringing him up properly), but perhaps I should, if he really thinks he is in a position to lecture other people.

  11. He’s a bit like Julian Assange isn’t he.
    Leaks thousands of private documents and then complains his personal privacy is infringed when a document about him is leaked = Takes videos of trespass and harassment of shop staff and then complains of his right not to be photographed.

    • richardmillett

      He is! You’re right! The Julian Assange of the PSC!

      • Assange is said to be a great success with us females –

        this guy has a strange way of lifting his lips from the corners upwards, gives him a sneering smile resembling a dog’s snarling. Maybe he is a failed at application wannabe were-wolf, another artist manqué.

        He is at least on video a kind of good looking guy. His black garb reminds me of that Piraeus Orthodox priest who achieved world-wide fame recently and who is also kind of good looking.

        well, take it all together and then remember that there are women who prefer the off-putting kinky to the enjoyable …

  12. Well they all seem to be clones of Julian Assange- its a bit rich to spread anti-Semitism whilst at the same time shouting “don’t buy goods from shops that employ anti-Semites”!! Either the twerp is a Jew or he is not,but he cannot have it both ways – but then maybe that’s his choice!!

  13. The twerp is also a bit of a Finkler – ASHamed Jew causing anti-Semitism then crying when he feels on the reciving end of anti-Semitism!

  14. ASHamed Jew causing anti-Semitism then crying when he feels on the reciving end of anti-Semitism!

    My thoughts exactly!

    Accusing a Jew of killing Christ is school yard stuff compared to claims that Israel is committing genocide, murdering children, poisoning wells, cutting down olive trees, starving Gaza, and all the other modern day blood libels used by the Israel haters.

    • and it isn’t even sure how the remark came about – it may as well have been a parody

      unless they put up the full footage or they are rightfully called Slanderers. (Verleumder)

  15. He doesn’t seem to be having a lot of success getting people to take his postcards, does he? 🙂

  16. Funny these haters had no problem with the antisemitic play “Seven Jewish Children” being staged at the Polish Centre. THAT was OK.

    I wonder what Judaism really means to Bruce Levy. Is he observant? Or does his Jewishness suddenly become relevant when he is attacking Israel?

    What a bunch of hypocrites!

    • I wonder what Judaism really means to Bruce Levy. Is he observant? Or does his Jewishness suddenly become relevant when he is attacking Israel?

      Lill’Adam, what does his observancy or Jewishness have anything to do with this? Non-observant Jews should stay out of it? As lesser Jews? Zionists don’t realise just how racist they come across with their ridiculous attempts at categorising people as ‘self-loathing Jews’ or the even more risible ‘as a Jew Jews’…

  17. I like the way this nasty piece of work in the video looks like he’s about to become violent and beat someone up, then smiles meekly at passers by pretending to be Mr nice guy.

    What a turd.

  18. I’ve long suspected Gert of being not only mentally but also physically crippled oops disabled, but to learn that the affliction includes his vision makes me really sad.

    Richard did not “shove a camera” at anybody least of all that ridiculous screamer, just the other way around. I found the way that idiot “played around” with his cardboard thingy decidedly threatening.

    On another note I hope for Gert that Press TV as a minimum pays him a visit every now and then at his filthy drek of a blog. Last time I checked he found wonder over wonder two people who wanted to have a Gert-style “serious discussion” with him, one being his apparently addicted follower Emanuel.

    Understandable ain’t it when Press TV lays it on so much thicker and juicier than Gert who still has to prove however that the IDF ticker isn’t the multiple times more reliable outlet – but that of course is only for people who favour news over propaganda.

  19. Yoni

    Gert’s English is likely to be of Belgian/Flemish descent and he is a chemist by profession, but he adores a self-appointed Argentinian linguist who thinks Spanish is superior to English – that’s why he is so sure that he is the right one to lecture others. (if Flemish rings a bell in the history corner of your memory for you, you are right, also that EU-guy who recently bashed the Jews’ wish to win an argument is judging from his name Karel de Gucht Flemish.

    BTW how about pressurizing Gert, maybe a dose of oxygen under pressure inserted may help him in getting gainfully employed.

    As to “beginning of …” I continue to like you both and feel unable to give up on the dream of witnessing you two join forces (not forgive eachother, heaven forbid), what brothers in combat you’d make – fearsome, truly fearsome

    • Silke, meine Liebe,
      “a self-appointed Argentinian linguist who thinks Spanish is superior to English” – self-appointed experts are two a penny. There is that idiot Shlomo Sand. There is also a ‘linguist’ who thinks that modern Hebrew is ‘not a language’.
      “how about pressurizing Gert, maybe a dose of oxygen under pressure inserted” – LOL.
      “witnessing you two join forces” – won’t happen. He is a racist and totalitarian fascist (he reminds me more than anything else of 1920s and 1930s German rabble-rousers foaming at the mouth about ‘the traitors who stabbed the German nation in the back’, which means he is the traitor to true Zionism, which is neither racist nor totalitarian fascist).

  20. Looked like you were repeatingly hassling him, trying to provoke a stronger reaction were we Richard?

    • another case of distorted vision

      come on, here’s a potential playmate for you

      go for it, it’s now or never

    • richardmillett

      Err, yes, that’s right, Mostly. I was repeatedly hassling him. Maybe I have some magnetic Zionist power that was dragging him towards me so he couldn’t just turn around or walk away.

      • or it was your masculin good looks that “forced” him to court and/or woe you in this somewhat peculiar style

      • It sounded like he was being ironic when he said he would knock the camera out of your hand. Oh, BTW can we have the complete footage, this edited video doesn’t show us everything, we need some context here.

      • richardmillett

        Mostly or Philip or Adam, whichever one of you is speaking, well done. I am very pleased for you. So what?

        It is all there on the video for people to make their own minds up. I haven’t made any accusations apart from what you can see, unlike the other video you are referring to where a shop worker has been slandered as an anti-Semite based on what you can’t see.

        I have no doubt that you go along with that view, which, coming from a self-declared Hamas supporter, shows what a very confused person you are seeing that Hamas expressly state that they wish to kill Jews.

      • And you Richard are a supporter of occupation, oppression and injustice.

      • richardmillett

        Mostly, you’re hardly a credible judge seeing you support Hamas; a misogynistic, homophobic, anti-Semitic organisation that summarily executes its political opponents.

    • Been to SpecSavers recently, darling? Even a layabout like you could afford at least one pair at their prices.

  21. Its that Masonic connection!!

  22. “And you Richard are a supporter of occupation, oppression and injustice.”

    Yup, how unjust of Jews to defend themselves.


  23. Richard, you putz, you got what you deserved!

    Why don’t you do something useful? Do you not have a family?

  24. I guess like most self respecting Jews Richard has a very big family – its called the Jewish nation that is probably the oldest family in the world. So all of us like Richard are doing something very useful – looking after our family as it is threatened with extermination – yet again – even though the world finally grasped at the horrors of the last attempt to destroy our family a few years ago and built Holocaust Museums all over the place, but they failed to understand that the function of a museum is not only to record history but also to learn from it. Unfortunately as we see from this blog – and there are thousands like it across the internet – that those who demonstrate outside the Ahava store and threaten the very survival of the nation of Israel i.e. the Jews, have learned nothing from history and are racing back into the arms of totalitarian rulers in the name of religion. So I say Richard is doing something very useful with his life not only for his family but for the fools who kid themselves that they should get rid of us to get on in the world and in order to do so the reflect the horrors they are protecting onto us calling us the Nazis and killers when they know full well who the actual culprits are. More fool them and many thanks to Richard.

    • Yes, We is all one big family and Yoni – he’s like my brother. Just my brother is much more cleverer and not ugliy. (lol).

      Long lives Palestine!
      Yoni is a good man!!

      • Gamil
        that’s a lousy rhyme
        I am getting told all the time that Arabs are superb poets
        judging from that one that’s a gross lie

  25. Sharon, or whatever your name is, you should take your medication and sit in the corner somewhere.

    You’re meshugener!

  26. Mosche, either say something of substance or bugger off, you loser.

  27. דו ביסט אַ בינטל פון לאָווליוועס. ישראל ‘ס טעג זענען געציילט און איר וועט פוילן אין גיהנום.

    • it seems either Google or Mosche needs a little clean-up

      A double shift Wintle von Lawliooaas. Israel’s Teagi Air Azaenen Giacyelt little Pwelan On Hell no

      • Silke, the problem is it’s Yiddish, not Hebrew (Yiddish is written with Hebrew characters). I don’t know very much Yiddish, but since it’s about 80% based on low German (with most of the remaining 20% based on Hebrew, plus a smattering of Russian/Polish/other eastern European languages), if I transliterate it into English (and translate the bits I recognize as being from Hebrew), then YOU can probably tell US what it means.
        “Du bist a bintel (vintel? weintel?) fuhn [equiv. to the German “von”] Lavlivahs (??? “lovelies”?). Israel’s tahg zahnen gahtzeilt un eyer vaht Poylan [Poland?] in Gehinnom [Hell]”

      • OK, after all that I thought I’d see if Google Translate had Yiddish. Turns out it does, and this is what it says about Mosche’s contribution:
        You are a bunch of lovlives. Israel’s days are numbered and you’ll Poland in hell.
        Apparently there’s a verb missing before “Poland” (meet? join?).

        Lovely fellow, that Mosche (or should that be “lovlive” fellow?)

      • D’oh! Not “luvvies” but “low-lifes”!

        So it takes me a while… but I get there in the end.

    • Just another common-or-garden antisemite, then. Move along, nothing to see here. It’s just one of DM’s little friends.

  28. thanks cba

    I just wanted to give it another try and check whether Google has Yiddish

    Google translate sure is marvellous

  29. I couldn’t care less what “Mosche” says – no point wasting time deciphering the crazed rantings of a complete loon.

  30. Could I respectfully submit to Moshe ( sorry, no Hebrew keyboard)

    “Kish mir in tukhess” ?

    • I used to play chess with an elderly Hasidic Jew who would say that with noticeable glee every time he would win a game. The prospect was, understandably, quite revolting.

      Marks- Rude Hassidic Jew (Jerusalem, Around 1984)

      1. e4 c5
      2. Nf3 d6
      3. d4 cxd4
      4. Nxd4 Nf6
      5. Nc3 g6 (The much berated Dragon)
      6. f4 (The Levenfish, quite harmless against correct play. More usual is 6. Be3)
      6….…..Bg7?! (6…Nc6! is correct)
      7. e5 dxe5
      8. fxe5 Ng4 (8…Nh5 is much better)
      9. Bb5+! Kf8
      10. Ne6+! (Winning)

      This position dates back to 1950 (Pedersen-Zokrafakis)

  31. This character Mosche is clearly not what he wishes us to believe. We’re supposed to conclude that he’s a Yiddish speaking Ultra-Orthodox anti-Zionist, however, he’s nothing of the sort:

    * Everyone knows how to spell their own name and nobody spells Moshe Mosche. Furthermore, if he was Yiddish pronouncing, it would be more like Moishe or Moyshe.

    * Meshuguner is used in Englo-Yiddish as a noun. He would have said, “You’re a meshuguner” with the indefinite article.

    *His English was very modern and colloquial:
    “Richard, you putz, you got what you deserved!”
    Then all of a sudden collapsed and became pigeon-Yiddish.

    In short, our friend is to Ultra-Orthodoxy what our Yoni is to Aramaic Vegetable Zionism (IMHO).

  32. It’s late in the thread but I just noticed.
    PSC frontman arrested outside Ahava

    Did he ‘sing’ in custody?