Daily Archives: December 23, 2010

PSC frontman arrested outside Ahava.

One of the main campaigners for the Palestine Solidarity Campaign was arrested outside Ahava last night. After being taken to Holborn police station it was decided that no further action would be taken against him.

Pro-Israel activists went to Ahava on hearing that anti-Israel protesters have been congregating outside the shop for the past week without informing the police.

The protesters have been handing out anti-Israel leaflets, discouraging shoppers from entering the store and pressuring the employees.

Normal procedure is for the protesters to inform the police of an upcoming protest.

The Palestine Solidarity Campaigner approached the cameraman (me) and tried to stop him taking footage of the protest.

There is no prohibition on public filming and, as you will see, the cameraman (me again) was the one who was approached.

Then the campaigner inexplicably threatened to knock the camera out of the cameraman’s hands (20 seconds into footage).

The police asked to see the footage after which they felt there were grounds for the arrest:

The campaigner has never been camera shy before. He frequently allows himself to be filmed handing out anti-Israel leaflets outside various establishments that sell Israeli products.

He recently chaired a Palestine Solidarity Campaign meeting with Ben White and in the summer gave this interview where it is blatantly obvious, when he talks of 63 years of occupation, that his main concern is not “the occupation” but Israel’s very existence as a Jewish state:

Anyway, a very Merry Christmas/Festivus to everyone, including the Palestine Solidarity Campaign and the other anti-Israel lobbies which, while claiming to be concerned for the Palestinians, just want to tear down the only Jewish state in the world.

You can try but you will be wasting your time, just like all those that have gone before you.