MEMO, MCB and Richard Falk eviscerate Israel.

Daud Abdullah (right) presents Falk with his award depicting the end of the Jewish state.

Daud Abdullah (right) presents Falk with his award depicting the end of the Jewish state.

Richard Falk pulled no punches about the existence of “the Zionist project”, as he referred to Israel, when he addressed a Middle East Monitor audience at the University of London’s Senate House last night.

Falk is the UNHCR’s Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in the Palestinian Territories and was here to speak about The Israeli Assault on Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories although, last night, “Occupied Palestinian Territories” included Israel itself.

Falk denies he is biased despite having compared Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to the Nazis’ treatment of Jews.

The pro-Palestinian lobby has adopted the view that too many governments and organisations are still behind Israel so now it is up to the ordinary citizen to take a stand.

Michael Mansfield QC told us that when he goes on the BBC he is “not allowed to say certain things about Israel”. On the Today programme he wanted to “put the flotilla episode in the overall context of the ongoing illegal occupation and settlements but was told to move on”.

Mansfield said it was “time to stop mincing our words” and to speak about “ethnic cleansing, Israeli apartheid and murder”.

As for Falk, he sees the current peace process as a “deceptive effort to impose an inadequate solution” on Israel and the Palestinians and it was now time “to invoke the legacy of the anti-Apartheid campaign.

He said that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the last remnant of the colonial era and that the Palestinians have suffered oppression and ethnic dispossession from their historic place of residence making it impossible to ever implement proper justice.

He, therefore, saw only two possible outcomes:

1. “A unified democratic secular state that respects the rights of all people within its borders,” or
2. “An intensification of the exisiting apartheid situation.”

He said that the two state solution “presupposes the capacity to reverse the injustices over the years, which will only lead to civil war in Israel.”

He spoke of the cumulative effect of settlement building in breach of Article 49(6) of the Geneva Convention, the Judaisation and ethnic cleansing of east Jerusalem which makes the Palestinians feel insecure and the subjugating of the indigenous Palestinian population to separate roads and unequal access to water as being a form of apartheid.

Furthermore, as apartheid is now a crime against humanity then it follows that the occupation is “a continuing crime against humanity”.

He also spoke of Operation Cast Lead as inflicting on Gaza Israel’s high technology war machine against a defenceless population where only 13 Israelis died “mostly to friendly fire” against 1400 Palestinians who were “mostly civilians”.

He equated OCL to collective torture on a par with Abu Ghraib: “Torture horrifies us due to the vulnerability of the victims and the impossibility of retaliatory capability,” he said.

During the Q&A someone challenged Mansfield’s thesis on the illegality of the security wall (Mansfield had earlier read out paragraph 159 of the International Court of Justice’s opinion on the wall).

Falk countered that the wall was built in occupied Palestinian territory and, anyway, had “no security role”, “did nothing to stem penetration” and “was just an inconvenience to the Palestinians who have had their land divided”.

He said that if the Berlin Wall had been built one foot inside the west there would have been World War Three and that Israel has just taken land on the pretext of security.

During the talk someone shouted “This is nothing but anti-Semitic lies” before walking out and leaving Falk a bit open-mouthed.

If anyone was in any doubt about Falk’s, MEMO’s and the Muslim Council of Britain’s true thoughts on the peace process Daud Abdullah, Deputy Secretary General of the MCB, then presented Falk with an award: an inscribed miniature of a unified Israel, West Bank and Gaza.

Finally, in case the audience hadn’t heard enough hate and lies there were booklets on offer on a range of topics:

Isn’t it time for America to re-evaluate its “special relationship” with Israel?
The Cultural Genocide of Palestine.
Europe’s role in strengthening and protecting Universal Justice.
The Judaization of Jerusalem.
Israel’s Domestic Ticking Time Bomb.
Universal Jurisdiction Against Israeli Officials.
Palestinians in Israel’s ‘democracy’: The Judaization of the Galilee.

Israel’s discrimination against its Arab citizens.
and, finally,
Israeli Racism in theory and practice.

Falk's award: Bye bye Israel.

Falk's award: Bye bye Israel.

46 responses to “MEMO, MCB and Richard Falk eviscerate Israel.

  1. I counted 10 egregious lies without even breaking into a sweat.

  2. I am so angry!!!!
    I switch on BBC TV to try and find some balanced reporting about the evil zionist entity and there terrible treatment of the poor defenceless peace loving Palestinians.
    NOTHING !!!
    I storm of to shepards bush to complain and am confronted by a “checkpoint” at the entrance to television centre.
    I guess that behind that BBC separation Barrier there lies The neo-Orwellian Zionist head of the snake spouting out the same carefully controlled Israeli propaganda.
    We don’t stand a chance !!!

  3. Well, yes, Al Beeb became the Ministry of Truth many years ago.

  4. Richard Tebboth

    A good account.

    I estimate that there were c.250 people there; Clare Short and ICAHD only attracted about 30 on Monday.

    Other comment: ‘someone challenged Mansfield’s thesis on the illegality of the security wall’ – ‘someone’ = Jonathon Hoffman.

    Mike X (unwilling to give surname – something beginning with U?); tall, balding) was also vocal but left before Falk could respond to his challenge about Hamas; a pity as it was not then answered.

    To Yoni: [From Wikipedia ‘Yoni (Sanskrit: योनि) is the Sanskrit word for female genitalia, the source of all life’]
    Perhaps you would enlarge on the terminological inexactitudes you detected.

    I am sure that the HJS/CFI meeting on 13th December somewhere in London will present an interesting contrast.

    Meanwhile, Happy Chanukah to all RM’s readers.

    • Jonafun was there? Blimey, he’s a busy boy, innee?

      Did Falk really pronounce ‘presupose’ with one p only? You learn something new everyday…

  5. Jonathan Hoffman

    Can anyone read what is written on the trophy and transcribe it here please?

    • Isca Stieglitz

      Presented by the Middle East Monitor to Prof. Richard A. Falk, United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR) Special Rapporteur on human rights in the Palestinian territories, MEMO Middle East Monitor.

      ‘From the River to the Sea’ could have been added by the looks of things!

  6. If anyone was in any doubt about Falk’s, MEMO’s and the Muslim Council of Britain’s true thoughts on the peace process Daud Abdullah, Deputy Secretary General of the MCB, then presented Falk with an award: an inscribed miniature of a unified Israel, West Bank and Gaza.

    If a united binational state (‘the Secular and Democratic Republic of Israel and Palestine’ has quite a ring to it…) ever does come to pass, blame Zionist stupidity: if Olmert and Barak (also Reuven, Knesset Speaker IIRW) can see that ‘Israel is sleepwalking into de facto Apartheid’ then the Zionutzies that frequent this blog may also learn to understand that the ‘status quo’ is ultimately very bad for the Zionist Entity.

    Millett by contrast, stays carefully in the vacuum of his own bubble…

  7. Piss off, Gert, like the disgusting nonentity you are. Anyone who resorts to Nazi terminology is an antisemite, and those are not wanted here.

    Yoni is short for my given name. It’s common in Israel for Yonathan and Yokhanan.

    You want terminological inexactitudes, Richard? No shortage of those:
    Item: ethnic cleansing – there is none.
    Item: ‘illegal’ occupation – there is none.
    Item: Judaisation of Jm – it was Jewish before Arabs were invented.
    Item: the wall (which is mostly a fence, so that’s at least half a lie) has ‘no security role’ – manifest lie.
    Item: last remnant of the colonial era – Jews lived there 1500 years before the Arabs invaded and colonised.
    Item: 1400 Palestinians who were “mostly civilians” – Hamas has admitted that this is a lie.
    I could list another 6 or 7, but I think that’s enough for now.

    As to ‘eviscerate’ Israel, that’s hardly true. No doubt they would have loved to do it, but it’ll take more than these creatures to achieve that.

  8. Piss off, Gert, like the disgusting nonentity you are. Anyone who resorts to Nazi terminology is an antisemite, and those are not wanted here.

    Yeah, I’m guessing the use of ‘Nazi terminology’ is your sole prerogative. That and your imbecilic friends, genre Mickey, Danny boy and Nick K. …

    As regards me being a ‘non-entity’, you however are? The Queen of Sheba? Piss off yourself.

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  10. You wish, little antisemitic waste of space and al-Husseini wannabe, you wish. We are not going anywhere.

  11. So have you joined the Jewish wing of the English Defence League yet?

  12. I was there last night and purchased some of the books. A lot of what is in them makes sense. It makes one wonder if perhaps there is some truth in what Richard Falk says.

  13. Gert, you rabid deranged unemployed hater, YOU piss off. Using Nazi terminology to Jews – what a class act you are.

  14. Whenever I scroll down the comments and see Gert’s name, it’s like pulling back your duvet and discovering a turd.

  15. Maybe that’s why Gert feels such sympathy with Falk – they both like comparing Jews to Nazis.

    • Lill’Adam:

      You should get out more often: if anyone specialises in comparing their opponents to the Nazis, it’s Zionists and their fellow travellers like you. You yourself immediately in our first ‘encounter’ brought up Flemish Nazis.

      Menachem Begin (and this really is just for starters) almost obsessively compared Arafat to Hitler.

      Recently some Sephardi Israelis called some Ashkenazi Israeli protesters Nazis and served them with the Nazi salute. IN ISRAEL!

      In your world Jews have the right to compare anyone who disagrees with Israel’s foreign policy to the Nazis, but heaven forbid anyone would point to Naziesque behaviour by Zionists.

      You are a GROSS IMBECILE.

  16. It is amazing that as fires rage across the Carmel mountains heading for Haifa, Israel, a meeting is held in London to rage off against Israel not being humanitarian towards its people. I could at this time write much of what I have found out on this trip here as I sit smelling the smoke waft over the house I am visiting next door to Taiba and Tira, peaceful places living in harmony with its neighbours in Kochav Yair and Tzur Yigal, but then I would be as guilty of ignoring this humanitarian disaster as are they. I do not expect the likes of Mansfield or Falk to have heard of these places let alone the poor ignorent sods in the audience, as they do not fit their view of Apartheid, but for there to be any meeting concerning the region when such a fire is raging and for there to be complete silence about the deaths left in its wake depicts the callibre of hatred spewed by all those who attended. That people are unable to put aside their political hatred at a time of great humanitarian need tells us all much about them that their words do not portray. To sit there as this humanitarian disaster unfolds and not call for its government in London to send aid as has Turkey, Greece, Spain, Azerbaijan, Russia, Jordan, Egypt and Cyprus tells us all about these bigots and their agenda. It wouldn’t surprise me if these noble caring fraudsters are silently wringing their hands in glee in the hope Israel will burn down altogether!!

  17. SharonKlaff; thanks for your dispatches from Israel- they are appreciated.

  18. So do tell us, “Yossi”, just how exactly is Israel worse than the Nazis again? What? I can’t hear you.

  19. Yoni

    It is hard to compare Israel to Nazi Germany as Germans are nice people who apologized to entire world for atrocities done to people during Nazi rule and moved on as peace loving, free country.

    Israel still continues their occupation and atrocities after 60 years and they’re getting more and more greedy and violent by the day. It seems that even Nazi Germany would draw a line somewhere, unlike Israel that is as blood thirsty as it gets.

    Yoni, this link will answer your question much better than I can.

  20. Yossi
    while the fire in Israel is raging, I don’t have the nerve to follow this thread but your perception of us Germans is completely wrong. The right one is that the kids of the perpetrators are keen on telling the kids of the victims how to behave which I find more shameful and disgusting behaviour than I have words to express.

    That said I guess you are either German or try to behave like one.

  21. richardmillett

    At least Yossi is honest about his anti-Semitism, unlike many of the anti-Semites on the far left. Thank you, Yossi, for illustrating that you are an anti-Semitic Holocaust denying brainless idiot.

  22. Yossi, the Nazis “would draw a line somewhere”? Israel “as bloodthirsty as it gets”?

    That’s one of those posts that is so outrageous, so offensive, so far from the truth and so insulting to millions of victims, that the only course of action, rather than debate it, is to say *********** (fill in the blanks yourself, let’s just say it involves your mother and a goat, you cretinous racist).

  23. So just to educate me, Yossi: how many death camps with gas ovens has Israel installed so far?
    I think that care in the community doesn’t work. Deranged people like you should be in a padded cell.

  24. If one just showed up in an SS uniform screaming for the extermination of all Jews, would they even throw the person out? I give it 50-50 odds at best. Then I would show up in Hezbollah green and scream the same things. One in 7 odds they toss you.

  25. Gertiebabes, it’s funny how defensive you got about the Flemish SS volunteers who murdered their way across Russia. Almost like it struck a personal note. Got some family history, have you? Your frequent labelling of Silke as Nazigirrl – very sophisticated Gert .

    Jews comparing others to Nazis? Well, they would know firsthand, wouldn’t they?

    And you can’t see any difference between calling obsessive Israel haters motivated by antisemitism Nazis to calling Jews Nazis? Really Gert?

    You are an insensitive stupid jerk.

  26. Yossi is your fellow traveller Gertie – how proud you must be.

  27. Jonathan Hoffman

    Thanks Isca

  28. Michael Mansfield on Desert Island Disc
    or for iTuners here

  29. “So just to educate me, Yossi: how many death camps with gas ovens has Israel installed so far?”

    A better question and Yoni is very much right allso because not all ovens are gassing . Sometimes electracity , sometimes camel dungs! The Zionists are using also sunshine electracity with big mirorrs on the rooves to make water warm called ‘dud’.

    But Yossi is the Zionist dog but is prendding to educating Yoni. Yoni is very clever and knowing all the Aramaic and also Bible!

    Best wishes,


  30. Richard,

    Just as all prisons seem to be filled with innocent victims with unblemished pasts, almost all modern-day anti-semites would claim they haven’t got a Jew-hating cell between them.
    Even many German national socialists (excluding Hitler) claimed they were not anti-semites – rather they were merely opposing International Jewry dragging Germany into a war.
    David Duke vehemently denies all charges of anti-semitism, he just takes issue with Zionism (and Talmudic Judaism).
    I recall the National Front’s official platform in their heyday in the 1970’s as being anything but anti-semitic.
    From the turn of the last century to the outbreak of World War 2, it was fashionable for each country to field at least one openly anti-semitic party. But today, most mainstream anti-semitic parties would never admit to anti-semitism. It is not the politically correct thing to do. Anti-semitism seems to be the conspiring and fictitious invention of those damned Jews trying to gain sympathy and power for their nefarious ploys on the world stage.

    Wiki notes that historians have broadly and traditionally recognized four forms of anti-semitism: political/economic, religious, nationalistic and racist.
    But more importantly, many claim to have identified a new anti-semitism, with roots in the far-left, far right, and radical Islam. It tends to focus on opposition to Zionism and a Jewish homeland in the State of Israel…
    This sounds as if it were taken verbatim from the mouth of Gestapo Gert.

    If Gert can plaster on your blog, his agenda-driven canards about the crimes of the Jewish State without editorial sanction I would like my contention to receive the same reception and go down unedited: that I believe Gert to be a clear and unambiguous (edited – RM).

    It is time you, me and everyone else, should stop trying to reason with that Belgium festering piece of pus. Such attempted reason is not only futile, it is ultimately disrespectful to ourselves. I recall how some patriotic German Jews filed official complaints with the authorities after Kristallnacht. It was as futile, risible and pathetic as trying to reason with Gert.

    Moreover I would like to take it up a notch and list for public record his home address in Bridlington, as well as other interesting personal information we have on hand. I would like to explain the implications of disability allowance and benefit fraud. And as I would do to any Nazi bastard, I would like to drive him off to develop his web presence elsewhere, or retire him off to more exotic pastures to play tennis with some overweight and out-of-shape Jewish tennis players with false moustaches.

  31. As is true of most other sporting endeavors, I never excelled at tennis. Looking back I was quite a lazy player and tried to play the game as if it were table tennis, running around very little and leaving my right wrist to do most of the work. Not unlike Yoni’s reputed love life. As our readers may have guessed I wasn’t much cop at ping-pong either.

    I did have some vicarious tennis success one year, in the mid 70s, backing Roscoe Tanner to take Wimbledon and was elated when he knocked out the favorite Jimmy Conners. There was only the unknown Bjorn Borg to beat in order to reach the finals and he was injured and could hardly move.

    Therefore, there was every reason for optimism when the US fastest server in the world met the largely incapacitated Swede. Sports history, however, records that on that hot summer afternoon back in 76 Borg brilliantly turned the tables on Tanner and I could only mourn further failure.

    However, while acknowledging my limitations both in playing the game and predicting its winners, I do believe that I can stick out my neck and doubt, together with other readers of Nick’s otherwise brilliant posting, whether it is indeed possible to play tennis whilst sporting a false mustache.

    I would be particularly interested to hear the opinion of Silke, Jamil, Gert and Yoni in this matter.

  32. I understand that watching Tennis in real life is bound to keep your neck muscles nimble albeit only from right to left and back – also I have found on visits to local Tennis tournaments that the imbibing afterwards exceeds my liver’s abilities.

    also I have a kind of misformed knee which when I turn too fast makes a bone pop out of its socket and alas in my time alternatives like this one weren’t yet available or if so, unknown to me and anyway they would have been too expensive and I don’t think that even our back then very generous version of NHS would have paid for one of them for somebody wanting to play the game on my level.

    In case anybody is interested in Gert’s whereabouts:
    all one has to do is read up his early blog when he was still trying to find friends based on his fluent in 4 languages computer geekdom and then play around with Google Earth.

    On the other hand it needs to be considered that, if we can continue to satisfy his basic needs for human contact around here, we may keep him from intensifying his efforts to educate people on pyrotechnics.

    The recent days have shown me that besides what I already knew about pyrolovers, Israel seems to have an ample supply of the basic arsonism kind whom Gert may be indiscriminate enough to teach some sophistication.

  33. With Pulitzer dexterity, Daniel has steered the heavy thread towards a nostalgic look at the game of tennis.

    But he has put us all in a lose-lose situation, akin to the proverbial “Have you stopped beating your wife?”

    Were I to agree with Daniel and concede that he was a terrible tennis player in particular, and a very poor sportsman in general, I would be casting aspersions as to his overall athleticism, and deflating the proud image that the Marks’ children hold of their father’s sporting prowess. Were I to counter his claims, I would be calling him a liar.

    I was also saddened to learn of Silke’s misformed knee and hope it does little to detract from her shapely Marlene Dietrich legs mentioned by her good self on a much earlier posting. I for one am eager to see these legs at the appropriate juncture in time to ascertain the degree of accuracy in the comparison.

    I also found it funny to see that the term anti-semitism, when I used it in relation to a wretchedly horrible contributor on this fine blog, got the thumbs down and received the R.M. initialled editorial cut. But while I bow to Richard’s better judgement on the laws of libel and defamation of character I was delighted to see that he gave the thumbs up for “Belgium festering piece of pus.”

    And on that heartening thought I bid you all a good night.

  34. Kopaloff is one of the greatest strategic minds of this generation and undoubtedly teaches his chess students to answer flank activity with a central thrust. The GOM adopts this stratagem in blog confabulation and nimbly avoids the question as to whether it is indeed possible to play tennis whilst sporting a false mustache by refocusing conversation on the anti-hero of this blog Dr. Gert Meyers. He is encouraged to do so by the lovely Silke, who like him sincerely believes that if only this arch-villain can one day be silenced world peace and prosperity will ensue.

    However, Gert is to my mind just a symptom of the problem. There were countless Jew-haters before him and there will be no less after he is gone. Despite his best efforts, his contribution to the anti-Semitic tradition has been no more memorable than his attempt to develop his web presence, dabble in chemistry or indeed to conceive poultry recipes that do not require skinning before sautéing the unfortunate bird. In an early posting Gert jested that there is only one person of whom is afraid. I sincerely hope that individual is not I, and let him be assured that there is no man (or woman) on this blog who respects him as much as I. Some might say in there lies his misfortune.

    I have challenged him together with Sike, Nick, Gamil and the celebrated Aramaic atheist and Biblical scholar Yoni to weigh in with their opinions as to whether it is indeed possible to play tennis whilst sporting a false mustache.

    Naturally, the judgement of the author of this excellent blog in the matter would be more valued than any other.

  35. Daniel
    ah these questions you make me ask myself …
    here are my first answers:

    the Chinese are said to say that a trip of a 1000 miles begins with one first step

    the Dutch are building dams to keep out the sea (it seems that in its early times Venice has used the same techniques to get itself enough land in an improbable place to build a magnificent city on it)

    BTW I’ve advanced in my reading on the history of Venice to its getting looted by Napoleon – while slowly imbibing the history book I noticed that bashing the powerful Venice of old for its shortcomings is still very much en vogue while, except in my history book, nobody cares to point out how remarkably ahead of her time as compared to the rest of christianity the republic was through most of her history and how left alone by the rest of the “west” when the Turks went after her. I always get told about Casanova’s sufferings but never that they didn’t burn apostates. I am not comparing, I am just baffled why people (in this case historians) even apart from headline grabbing news are so much more interested in making others look bad than in telling a more truthful picture.

    As to the false mustache at Tennis –
    I understand it is a making one sweat profusely sport and I understand that the place between upper lip and nose, where mustaches tend to be located, transpires especially generously. Therefore my question: is there any glue that withstands for any amount of time the water pressure? If not, how to fix the mustache? by tieing the ends to your ears? I think that tends to pull the thing uncomfortably upwards impeding your breathing through your nose

    – so after thinking really hard about it I propose to discuss first the question of whether you need your nose for breathing during a tennis match

  36. Since writing my last posting, I have discovered the fact that according to foreign reports Mossad agents are of to use the “tennis player with a false mustache” disguise, the assassination of the Hamas military Commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh being just one example.

    “As he arrived at the al-Bustan hotel, the “tennis players”, one of whom appeared to be wearing a false moustache and glasses, got into the lift with him and followed him to room 230.”

    Kopaloff’s whereabout during this operation are unaccounted for.
    I didn’t say anything.

  37. ‘He said that the two state solution “presupposes the capacity to reverse the injustices over the years, which will only lead to civil war in Israel.”

    So forcing Israeli Jews to live in a Palestinian Arab Muslim and Christian majority state will make less civil war?

  38. And ending two states directly contravenes UN recommendations in the first place. The PLO only accepted the principle of partition in 1988, 40 years late, having waged a war of elimination against Israel. Hamas still does and is.

    So is the UN now trying to dissolve the one Jewish state in the world into the sea/desert of Arab, including Palestinian Arab, apartheid states and societies?

    If Israeli Jewish society is apartheid, so is pretty much every Arab and Islamic state and society, including the Palestinian, at the very least with regard to Jews.

  39. “many claim to have identified a new anti-semitism, with roots in the far-left, far right, and radical Islam”

    And many claim to have identified a tendency for the sun to shine during the day, but rarely at night.

  40. “the celebrated Aramaic atheist and Biblical scholar Yoni ”

    As I have told you before: go fuck yourself.