Stand with Israeli (and Iranian) Goods.

Here is a nice video made by Stand With Us, which is an antidote to the racist boycotts of Israeli goods and people that parts of the left in this country have taken to.

It was made downtown Golders Green on 30th November, which was international BUYcott Israeli goods day.

The video is a bit cheesey but that will always be the case when people talk into a camera. However, cheesey is better than nothing these days.

Well done to the makers and to those speaking in the video. More please.

You can also pick up some Israeli food products in Hormuz, a nice Iranian shop in Temple Fortune.

They do good bananas and potatoes there (according to my mum).

Just don’t tell the mullahs.


23 responses to “Stand with Israeli (and Iranian) Goods.


  2. Phew! Close shave but Israel lives another day! Or as they say in ‘Judea and Samaria’: ‘another settelement, another day!’

  3. Oh “Gert”, as someone new to this blog, do you ever have anything positive to say? Most people who don’t enjoy reading or hearing opposing points of view, tend to be sensible and keep their blood pressure down by staying away from what upsets them. Obviously that sense is missing in you! Or could it be that you just enjoy winding us up and don’t really believe your own publicity.

  4. “Close shave but Israel lives another day”
    Much to the disgust and screeching frustration, wonderful to behold, of deranged antisemites.

  5. Sandra (and anyone else who hasn’t yet had the misfortune), here is an introduction to the Belgian (and his ilk) . . .

  6. Is it me or were most people just a little embarrassed when they mentioned Israel?

    • richardmillett

      well, that is how you would see it, mostly. People are maybe a bit embarrassed talking into a camera and also this isn’t a country where you outwardly express your support for Israel on film without being accused of being a fascist and racist by some horrendous people on the left who are themselves racists. The people in the film are brave to do what they did.

      • People are maybe a bit embarrassed talking into a camera and also this isn’t a country where you outwardly express your support for Israel

        Jonafun Hoffman doesn’t have that problem, he just puts his foot in his mouth every time he opens it. I can’t wait for his next apology. Mizz Phlipsy had to apologise too recently. Well, she apologised more in fine print but there you go…

  7. It’s you, mostly .

  8. Yoni, that’s what drives the haters crazy – that Israel is successful.

    I always make an effort to hunt down Israeli produce when i go for my weekly shop, and there is plenty in fresh fruit and veg, herbs, and sometimes the freezer and wine sections. That way, I can undo the “work” of several of the antisemitic boycotters.

    • Adam, I too buy Israeli wherever possible. Israeli herbs and other fresh items are often sold in big supermarkets…and we have to show we want them so they won’t change suppliers to others. If under pressure from boycotters outside shops..we just have to show that we will buy israeli goods, because most of the time shops are only concerned with profit. I think, judging by the boycotters pale and unhealthy, left wing complexions, they don’t eat enough Israeli herbs, fruit and veggies! 😉

  9. richardmillett

    The figs are lovely.

  10. Of course, Adam.
    We always buy Israeli produce, and not only because it’s the best. Sainsbury usually has quite a lot.

  11. I don’t think that the people who made this video would have found much sympathy for Israel or Israeli goods outside of Golders Green.

  12. I see ‘cheesey’ still stands uncorrected. Not sure why Conservatives prefer private schools: they can’t be that good if you come out unable to spell ‘cheesy’… Or ‘Finkelstein’…

    I particularly loved the girl in the middle somewhere; she really didn’t have the foggiest idea…

  13. OK, so you are an antisemite who can spell. I have no doubt that Goebbels could spell, too.

  14. But I’m not sure about Herr Lieberman, at least not in Hebrew.

  15. Gert, bugger off you sick twat.

    • Lill’Adam:

      There’s only one person that can make me go away and it’s not you. Just to give you an aneurism would be one reason to stay.

      Burger trade a bit slack or did you get laid off?

  16. Yoni, not just Sainsbury’s, Tesco carries a lot, as does Waitrose, Morrisons, Marks and Spencer, the Co-op, Asda…in fact, all the supermarkets do.

    Stuff that up your jumper BDS racists.

  17. One hears so much about anti-Zionists, it’s nice to know that there are people out there who are happy to support Israel, and that they’re not necessarily all Jews.

  18. Gertie – that was almost funny.

    Still out of work Gertiebabes?