Watch the Russell Tribunal on Palestine farce live.

If you want to watch the Russell Tribunal on Palestine farce being held this weekend then please click on this link:

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See and listen for yourself to the ignorance of Israel’s enemies beamed live from the Law Society in London (although don’t forget that this weekend is also the Ahava BUYcott where you can get 10% of Ahava products at the store at 39, Monmouth Street, Covent Garden).

Transmission starts at 10am on both Saturday and Sunday. Here’s the schedule for both days:


Day One: Saturday 20th November

113 Chancery Lane, London WC2A 1PL

09:15 Doors Open
10:00 Pr. Pierre Galand (Belgium) will open the London session in the name of the International Organising Committee of the RToP.

Introduction to the Second Session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine by Ambassador of France Stéphane Hessel (France) and Michael Mansfield QC (U.K.).
10:15 I. The Legal Framework Relevant to Corporate Conduct

Legal experts, Richard Hermer QC (UK), Yasmine Gado (U.S.A.) and Dr. William Bourdon (France) will set out the tribunal’s legal framework. Each expert will discuss the details of U.K., U.S.A.and French law respectively, their relevance to the application of international law as well as their relevance to this session’s focus upon corporate complicity.
11:30 Coffee Break
11:50 II. Implications of Corporate Activities In and Around Settlements (Part 1)

Dr. Dalit Baum (Israel) and Hugh Lanning (UK) will provide an overview of the issues relating to business practices in relation to settlements and the settlement industry.

Fayez Al Taneeb (Palestine) and Wael Natheef (Palestine) will speak about the direct impact this is having on Palestinians as workers and residents in and around settlements.
13:30 Lunch
14:45 II. Implications of Corporate Activities In and Around Settlements (Part 2)

Adri Nieuwhof (Netherlands), will speak as the lead expert on public contracts regulations and the French multinational, Veolia, and its business practices in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Ghaleb Mashni (Palestine) will offer an account of the impact this has had on Palestinians.

John Dorman (Ireland) will round off the session with an account of the relationships between Cement Roadstone Holdings and the construction of the wall.
15:50 III. Trade and Labelling of Settlement Goods

A Representative from Al Haq (Palestine) will offer an overview of the legal issues relating to the trade and labelling of settlement goods.
16:10 Coffee Break
16:30 Christophe Perrin (France) will follow with an account of the business practices of agricultural producers, Carmel Agrexco.

Nancy Kricorian and Rae Abileah (U.S.A.) will discuss the cosmetics company Ahava and its production of spa products.

Phon Van Den Biesen (Netherlands) will discuss issues relating to labelling of products from Israeli settlements and the day will be closed by Genevieve Coudrais (France), who will speak about Soda Stream.
18:00 End of Day One

Day Two: Sunday 21st November 2010

113 Chancery Lane, London. WC2A 1PL
10:00 Doors Open

Pr. Pierre Galand (Belgium)will open the second day in the name of the International Organising Committee of the RToP.
10:30 IV. Financial Services Sector

Merav Amir (Israel) Will offer an overview of both Israeli and international finance companies and their connection to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

Mario Franssen (Belgium) will speak on the Dexia group.

Saskia Muller (Netherlands) will speak on the PFZW Pension Fund.
11:40 Coffee Break
12:00 V. The Security Industry and the War Industry

An overview of the security industry and the nature of corporate involvement will be set out by John Hilary (U.K.).

Maria LaHood (U.S.A.) will provide information on Caterpillar and the use of its equipment in Israeli military practices.

Josh Ruebner (U.S.A.) will follow with additional information and evidence relating to Caterpillar’s business practices.

Merav Amir and or Dr. Dalit Baum (Israel) will follow with an account of British private security firm G4S .
13:30 Lunch
14:45 V. The Security Industry and the War Industry

Shir Hever (Israel) and Jamal Juma’a (Palestine) will speak about Elbit Systems and their role in security practices by the Israeli state.

Paul Troop (U.K.), will discuss recent court cases against UK based arms manufacturing companies EDO ITT and Raytheon.

The final speaker, Ben Hayes (U.K.) will give details relating to EU subsidies to the security industry.
16:10 Break
16:30 Speaking time for corporations**

Wrap up questions

The Tribunal may want to ‘recall’ experts from the session itself or other international legal experts to ask for clarification on legal issues in light of what will have been heard throughout the two days.


Round up and overview of the two days, what has taken place and the way forward.
17:30 End of Day Two
19:00 The jury withdraws for deliberations

Day Three, Monday 22nd November 2010
10:30 Press Conference

The Amnesty International Human Rights Action Centre will host a press conference setting out conclusions from the second session of the RToP.

**All corporations whose business practices will been interrogated during the session have been contacted by registered post and invited to attend the session.

34 responses to “Watch the Russell Tribunal on Palestine farce live.

  1. I will be watching -however i fear i will end up throwing brick though my computer screen!

  2. from all the names on there I remember only Stéphane Hessel because he toured German radio stations promoting the Goldstone report as the one and only essential truth

  3. Rich's Brother

    I wrote to the Law Society complaining they were hosting this. They say they are just providing the rooms although they have asked the Tribunal ( so-called) to remove reference to the Law Society from its materials. Shame on them. Hope they get picketed.

  4. Not online, but Frank Barat coordinator of the Tribunal responds to Alderman’s criticism in previous JC.

    “Mr Alderman should know that there is no need for us to hold an;y kind of investigation into Israeli war crimes (let alone a kangaroo court).
    These have been PROVED [my emphasis] several times over by mainstream human rights organisati9ons such as Amnesty and Human Rights Watch, not to mention numerous UN resolutions and the UNHRC Goldstone report.”

    He goes on to say therefore the investigation will be into corporate complicity.

    This is the whole reason these proceedings are an abomination! I can just about accept some gormless street protestors saying this, but this is a concept of PROVED which I cannot fathom how all these legal participants can betray their legal integrity by buying into it, when which militates against all legal norms they adhere to when for example they act for their clients and seek compensation from the British gvt.

  5. When I say not online, I mean Barat’s letter is in the paper JC today.

  6. Amnesty, let alone HRW, are Jew-haters to the core. The Goldstone report has already been proved to be a complete lie by Hamas’ own admission (not that we didn’t know this already).
    These people are all, to various degrees, stupid, evil and mentally ill, like all Jew-haters down the years.

    • “stupid, evil and mentally ill”..This sounds like the rantings of a certain regime that murdered quite a few million civilians not so long ago..

  7. Do you suppose they will do much more than dismiss as ‘exaggeration’ this?

    ‘Novemeber 5th 2010 pronouncements by co-founder and leader of Hamas, Muhammed Al-Zahhar, on Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV channel, concerning the ultimate goals of Hamas with regard to Israeli (and possibly other) Jews:

    “On this occasion, dear brothers and sisters, we cannot but recall the crimes of these criminal [Jews] throughout history. Today, we present the world with a bunch of questions, and we challenge it to answer them honestly, for today, interests overshadow moral values, elections overshadow principles, and Zionism has overshadowed the truth.
    “We ask the people of the world today: Why did France, in 1253, expel and uproot the Jewish entity, which was represented by the ghetto? Why did they expel them? Because they sucked the blood of the French, because they shed the blood of the French, slaughtered them, stole their money, and conspired against them. At the end of the day, the French had no choice but to expel them in 1253.
    “The [Jews] fled north, to Britain, and lived there for only 27 years, until the English realized the criminality of these people, who murdered them, sucked their blood, and stole their money. So they slaughtered hem, and expelled them in 1280.
    “We ask the French and the British: Why did you expel them? We ask Germany of pre-Hitler times: Why were the [Jews] expelled in 1384? We ask the [Jews] why France expelled them a second time, in 1360, why Hungary expelled them in 1360, and why Belgium expelled them in 1370.
    This was not something new – it started even before 1253, on the day that Pharaoh the tyrant expelled them because they had shed the blood of the Egyptians, and had conspired with their enemies against them. So [Pharaoh] expelled them, after they lost their religion, after the time of Joseph.
    “Was this series [of expulsions] anything new? No. After the Czechs expelled them in 1380. Austria expelled them in 1420, Holland in 1444, and Spain in 1492. Russia expelled them after they conspired to assassinate the Czar in 1882, and Germany expelled them once again in 1945.
    “The series of expulsions continues to this day. Blood continues to be shed, martyrs continue to fall, our sons continue to hoist the banner high, and Allah willing, their expulsion from Palestine in its entirety is certain to come. We are no weaker or less honorable than the peoples that expelled and annihilated the Jews. The day we expel them is drawing near. […]
    “The nation that opens up its doors, its hearts, and its homes to the [Jews] who were expelled from all corners of the earth was the Islamic nation. […]
    “We extended our hands to feed these hungry dogs and wild beasts, and they devoured our fingers. We have learned the lesson – there is no place for you among us, and you have no future among the nations of the world. You are headed to annihilation.”

    Clearly such pronouncements lend credence to those who assert that Hamas’ goals with regard to Israeli Jews, if no others, are either expulsionist or even eliminationist.

  8. GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY! The finger of guilt points to Israel and the cabel of criminals who govern the Jewish state.

    ‘Peace with justice’ means that Israel’s government will pay big time for their crimes.

    This honourable tribunal will be another nail in Israel’s coffin.

    • richardmillett

      Cabal not cabel, Shulteiss? Maybe not as cabal is usually used by anti-Semites and I am sure you are not one of those.

    • ‘GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY! The finger of guilt points to Israel and the cabel of criminals who govern the Jewish state.’

      I think you’ll find that Mahmoud Al-Zahar has just pointed the finger at, among other things, the Hamas government of the de facto state of Gaza.

  9. Not so long ago Itay – Syria, Turkey and Iran are doing it now to the Kurds as we speak.

  10. “This honourable tribunal will be another nail in Israel’s coffin”

    More deranged wishful thinking from deranged Jew-haters.

  11. “This sounds like the rantings of a certain regime that murdered quite a few million civilians not so long ago”

    So you don’t think that your beloved Jew-haters are stupid, evil and/or mentally ill, then?

    • Yoni you should deal with the issues..this is like me saying all Jews are mentally ill…sweeping judgements tend to lead to atrocities

  12. Shulteiss reveals the true agenda of supporters of such “tribunals” – the eradication of Israel and her people.

    Nazi scum.

  13. What is Itay babbling about now? Anyone knows?

  14. what is a matzo ball?

  15. Watching now, thanks Dick.

  16. You’re right Itay – that’s why Hamas and Fatah need to stop propagating Jew hatred.

  17. You are of course aware of the irony that Dr Dalit Baum is a very out Lesbian.

  18. Ah yes, but she is a member of a group calling itself Queers against Israeli terrorism. This proves that any idiot can become a PhD these days.

  19. Yoni
    do you know how the Iranians treat lesbians? Do they hang them from cranes also? or do they consider them to be “curable” by a bit of physical “persuasion”?

    in view of the latest watering down of protection for them that might be interesting to know (I got the link from a commenter at EoZ but alas forgot which one)
    But this year, Morocco and Mali introduced an amendment on behalf of African and Islamic nations that called for deleting the words “sexual orientation” and replacing them with “discriminatory reasons on any basis.”

  20. Yoni
    as to PhDs – they have always been suspect to me since my first boss who must have been born around 1910 or so told me that for quite some years he lived the high life on writing them for other and of course charging for it. Since then I have always judged whether people are worth to read or listen to exclusively on what they say and what they write and not on their titles.

  21. Sigh … And what is Itay burbling on THIS time (re NGO Monitor)?

  22. Silke, note who voted for and who against. All the usual medieval hell-holes on one side, all the civilised nations on the other.

  23. since NGO-Monitor comes up
    here is a most edifying speech by Human Rights Watch Robert L. Bernstein which I got via EoZ

    it is a long speech but a wonderful read, the man has a way with words unlike some around here 😉
    to give you a teaser, here he says what is so obvious that even I had it figured out all by myself at the latest in 2006
    I was particularly concerned that the wars were stopped but not ended – so they became wars of attrition.
    and for everybody who has a little globe at home it is clear who is attritioning whom.

  24. Yoni
    it is time for me to protest the maligning of the medievalians. They weren’t as stupid, as dumb, as evil then as our prime-nutters of today are.
    They may have slaughtered and tortured then but they also produced great works of art and advances in technology.
    Do “they” have anything to show that might even come close? read the Bernstein speech and compare the count on patents? oh its all the fault of the imperialists? no, it is their fault because they can’t sit down and get to work.

    Robert Graves of I, Claudius fame taught at a uni in Cairo after WW1 and complains in his memoir “Goodbye to all that” that the students wouldn’t do their homework excusing themselves by saying that they had been too busy with their religion. As Tariq Ramadan’s grandfather al Banna came to Cairo at around that time I wonder whether he was the one who seduced them to take the (easy) pious way out.

  25. Silke, you don’t have to convince me. More books are translated into Hebrew in one year than have been translated into Arabic ever.