Anti-Israel hatefest season kicks off.

Last wednesday I went to hear two pro-Hamas supporters give a talk to a group of revolutionary communists at a London pub. The subject of the talk was “Ten years of Intifada – What Future for Palestine?”.

I cleared it with the pub manager beforehand so I wasn’t barred as happened to me when I tried to attend a Middle East Monitor meeting at the House of Commons in July.

Seems our pubs are more democratic than Parliament.

When I entered the room the front table was adorned with a “Victory to the Intifada” banner and the banner next to me read “Boycott Marks and Spencer”.

The chairperson opened the meeting by telling us how M&S was closely entwined with the growing of the Zionist project and how past M&S directors had made many racist statements.

The two speakers, Ghassan Abu-Sitta, a Palestinian surgeon, and Manal Masalha, a Palestinian activist and PhD student, spent the next hour basically telling us how Fatah/PLO had sold out to the racist imperialists and Zionists.

Fatah had, apparently, now conspired in the Zionist project via the Oslo peace accords and will eventually either agree future landswaps with Israel so that Israeli Palestinians will be transferred to a new Palestinian state or there will be an outright ethnic cleansing of Israeli Palestinians.

What was needed was a national liberation movement and although Hamas was far from perfect (Abu-Sitta acknowledged that Hamas demolishes Palestinian houses which don’t have permits) it was the only organisation capable of doing what was necessary to free the Palestinian people.

We were told that during the Oslo peace process the Palestinians were offered only 42% of the West Bank and 60% of Gaza and that Israeli Palestinians live in Israel under laws reminiscent of the Nazis

During the Q&A a Sri Lankan man asked whether Hamas should be either more democratic in its behaviour or step aside. He compared Hamas to the Tamil Tigers who, he felt, had caused chaos in Sri Lanka and that Sri Lanka was now benefitting from their demise.

Abu-Sitta disagreed and told us just how democratic Hamas is and how it had gone along with the Oslo Accords until Fatah had finally sold out the Palestinian cause.

I didn’t want to complicate issues by mentioning Hamas suicide bombers walking into Israeli restaurants to blow up families who were at lunch.

I kept it simple and asked:

“If the Palestinians were offered 100% of the West Bank and Gaza for a Palestinian state and the Israeli Palestinians living in Israel could stay put, wasn’t peace better achieved that way than continuing the Palestinian struggle?”

Abu-Sitta said that is impossible as Zionism is incompatible with peace.

Some of the audience then praised the smashEDO protesters in Brighton and the protesters that constantly harass Ahava but United Against Fascism came in for criticism for their statement on their website that “‘UAF does not have a position on the question of Israel and Palestine’ when it should have”!

Ok, so this meeting was above a pub and there were only 20 people there but the statements made are not too disimilar from those made at the many anti-Israel events that take place throughout the year.

This meeting kicked off the post summer anti-Israel hatefest season with conferences galore already arranged where anti-Israel activists can devote disproportionate amounts of their time to giving a good, hard kicking to the Jewish state.

Next up this tuesday is a Palestine Campaign event at the House of Commons entitled Ending the siege on Gaza – Eyewitness reports from the Viva Palestina convoy, Parliamentary delegations, and Westminster University Architects.

Then on 20th and 21st November there is a disgraceful two day conference at the Law Society, of all places, entitled International corporate complicity in Israel’s Violations of International Human Rights Law, International Humanitarian Law, and War Crimes.

Hilariously, the conference is taking the form of a jury trial. I wonder whether Israel will be acquitted or not. Answers on a postcard please.

And on December 1st Middle East Monitor is presenting Professor Richard Falk, United Nations Special Rapporteur for Palestinian Human Rights, who is going to speak on The Israeli assault on human rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

All this before Israel Apartheid Week in the new year!

There really are few places like the UK it when it comes to the amount of opportunities to express one’s hatred for the Jewish state.

These organisations would, no doubt, offer an invitation to President Ahmadinejad if our authorities would only allow him to come to these shores.


13 responses to “Anti-Israel hatefest season kicks off.

  1. I have applied for Tuesday’s event and for Falk on December 1. If I am barred I will blog about it. Tuesday’s event is in the Parliament building.

    We know what happens at these meetings.

    Shame on you, Jeremy Corbyn MP, for hosting these meetings.

    Shame on MPs for tolerating these hate sessions in their building.

    • richardmillett

      It is a total abuse of our democratic institutions to advertise public meetings at the HoC and then refuse entry or not reply to people they dislike.

  2. once again thank you Richard

    on a lighter albeit very sad note, I read that A’jad played some kind of game with Morales but I could find no mention that Morales had been up to his favourite? trick again which I find highly lamentable.

  3. Let them slag us (Israelis) off and Israel – we have our land and our country. We are busy living in Israel and they are busy moaning about us! Good – it warms my heart to hear them complain. As for the talk on Israel’s breach of human rights.. pot kettle black.. But again – I dont care – I have a country 🙂 (A great one!)

  4. Wow we are all so spoilt for choice. Which one to attend- anyone no if one can get an Israel hatefest seasion ticket to all these events?

  5. I probably would have broken out in the Horst Wessel song, just to count how many would join in.

  6. Empty vessels sure make a lot of noise…
    Thank you Richard for this work & article that you do.

  7. I think it’s remarkable that there are still English ladies who can break into the Horst Wessel song. Tragic, but remarkable.

  8. Jonathan Hoffman

    Please protest to the Law Society, especially lawyers. I’m sure they do not know what kind of “conference” they have agreed to host. They are risking their good name, they need to be informed of the background. They have been duped.

  9. Dear Richard ,

    Please be careful when You go to these meetings – some of these Extremists have the potential to turn violent .

    This meeting seems to have been organised by
    The Revolutionary Communist Group & Their newspaper
    ” Fight Racism-Fight Imperialism !” .

    The Revolutionary Communist Group had a position of total support for The Republican Movement in Northern Ireland –
    ie a completely uncritical support for The IRA & INLA .

    Funny how the Anti-AHAVA Demonstrators smear us regarding completely untrue links with the unwanted EDL Gatecrashers
    yet They seem to have no problems Demonstrating with members of a Stalinist Group which basically supported Terrorism against Great Britain !

  10. Orna S. you do indeed have a great country – and more supporters than you know.

  11. Richard,
    Sad to see how Hate is your drive.
    Not using objective resources to find out more of the true, more of what values Israel hold or those held by the our haters.

    Your time on earth will be better spent not by increasing hate but minimizing it.

    We Jews/Israelies are safe where we are and with what we do.

  12. Adam – Thanks. There are so many haters I do forget. 🙂
    Jonathan – please send me an email with details of the Law Society event and I will forward to all the Jewish Lawyers I know. Plus details of how to complain so they can just directly got to where they can place a complaint without having to research where to send their complaints to. I can get hold of all the Jewish firms easily.