“They should dig Gilad Shalit up and kill him again”

After the previous Saturday’s attack on Ahava’s Covent Garden store the Metropolitan Police upped their presence to guard against further similar disruption during last Saturday’s anti-Israel protest.

There were about 25 officers.

The anti-Israel activists were there in their usual numbers, about 45, while the pro-Israel counter-demonstators numbered about 15.

Despite being outnumbered it wouldn’t be hard to figure out which side was making the more compelling argument to passers-by.

Police were not letting anyone into the store without prior approval.

As I approached the door two officers menacingly blocked me before looking round at Rita, all of 5 ft tall and alone in the shop, who gave them the nod to allow me in.

I wondered whether the heroic men who attacked the shop the previous Saturday would have done the same if there were two burly male members of staff present in the usually unguarded shop instead of just one or two females.

I doubt it very much being cowards to the core.

Still the leading organising activist told me that such violent action against Ahava will continue until the shop has to shut.

He also went on to tell me that Gilad Shalit, the Israel soldier abducted by Hamas four and a half years ago, should be dug up (assuming he is already dead) and killed again because that is what he deserves. Nice, eh?

That, if anything, is a reminder of the hateful ideology behind this specific protest for those who think that this is just a legitimate protest against Ahava’s presence on the West Bank.

The protest went off smoothly for once, albeit loudly due to Deborah Fink turning up to sing her dreadful Boycott Song to the tune of Hava Nagila for the instant, captive audience that the protest provides her.

Don’t forget to come to the Zionist Federation’s Ahava Buycott on 20th and 21st November and get 10% off all goods in time for Chanukah and Christmas and also shop at the other stores on Monmouth Street, which are also under pressure because of the repetitive and disruptive anti-Israel protests.

Ahava is at 39, Monmouth Street, Covent Garden (Leicester Square tube). Alternatively, go to www.ahava.com to order online.

Here are some clips and pics. of the day:

31 responses to ““They should dig Gilad Shalit up and kill him again”

  1. any person with a remnant of a “socialist” or “class” conscience should listen to the nutter in the Rhiannon clip, the one at the end, where this low-down says without a hint of a blush that he wants to destroy jobs. That is unforgiveable and quite enough
    after all there still must be a number of us stupid ones left who make a living from actually working for private companies and who don’t subsist on hand-outs and “tax-exempt” projects, all of those should, regardles of their opinion of I/P go after the BDS-nutters, they are job-destroyers/thiefs/patronizing parasytic snobs

  2. They are open about the following:

    * They want to run the Ahava shop out of business

    * They do not care that neighbouring stores are also being driven out of business by their antics

    * They want Israel destroyed, as they put it: “from the river to the sea”

    * They think Gilad Shalit should be killed

    These people are scum.

  3. Jonathan Hoffman

    If I want to see photos of the pulchritudinally-challenged Israel haters, I know where to go — and it isn’t here. Can you ease off on the free publicity for them please?

  4. Jonathan
    I can’t stand to look at their websites for any length of time, so this here or over at CiFWatch are the only hang-outs where I can make sure that I despise the right people i.e. THEM

    … and you look quite pulchritudinous in action in profile also – that fact alone must drive them insane

    can you imagine any gal or guy or dog or cat wanting to kiss that pontificator in the Rhiannon video? I doubt even a camel would stoop that low

  5. I am delighted to announce, that due to my detailed character assassination about the token self loathing Jew Bruce Levy (as featured above in the clip) here


    He decided to take the brave steps towards venturing out of his pen and handing out flyers to some passersby! He even one or two times we think attempted to speak to some! Well at least his mouth seemed to be moving. It did admittedly look a little muppet like (before you say that’s unkind see the clip above of him and tell me I’m wrong!!). I tried to strain my neck to see if someone had their hand up his backside making him talk but I could not get a good look. I’ll get a better look next time and let you all know if we really do have a muppet in our midst.

    Next time Brucie baby if you’re reading, I will be charging you for my flawless psychological analysis of your condition. You should be paying me for my services you cheapskate!

    I can also give advice on how to be less of a pompous w*nker if you’re interested?

    Lots of love


  6. Two weeks ago Bruce Levy pretended to be a reasonable person when I spoke to Him & told Him that the mainstream Zionist
    Counter-Demonstrators had all moved away from the penned area when the large EDL group turned up .

    I said that I hoped that His organisation were not going to put more misleading information on Their website claiming that We are linked with the EDL . Levy said that He didn’t have responsiblity for the website but that he recognised that We had distanced Ourselves from the EDL .

    Twenty Four hours later Their website had the usual lies that We are linked with the EDL together with the usual hysterical & abusive propaganda . I put a couple of polite comments on Their website saying that I was disappointed that once again there were lies on Their website . Two days later the comments had been removed – are the Demonstrators that cowardly that They are are scared of a couple of remarks put as a right to reply ?

    I noticed that Levy on Saturday again spoke on a Youtube clip insinuating Counter-Demonstration links with the EDL .

    Together with Levy’s evil & hatefull remarks about Gilad Shalit I am left in no doubt about the lying & deceitful nature of these vile people !

  7. Ian
    but still you let them force you to empty the pen so you can’t get fotographed in the proximity of the EDL?

    Is there no better solution for the dilemma?

    • No sorry My mistake – My comments are not listed on the front page of Their website but They seem to be visible if You click on the Reports section of the website – a minor point but We should correct inaccuracies if We make them – unlike the Anti-AHAVA crowd Who just say anything about Us even when They know it’s not accurate .

  8. Jonathan Hoffman

    No self-repecting camel would give Brucie the time of day. Waking up to that face would drive a dromedary to drink.

  9. I just saw a recommendation for this movie http://vimeo.com/3127963
    bear with the trailer and enjoy what comes after the guy says “she’s a woman how hard can it be”

    somehow it reminded me of Rhiannon …

  10. Empress Trudy

    I wonder what would happen if you inserted one’s self among these ijyuts and starting screaming for the extermination of all Jews everywhere? I seriously doubt they’d object or try to stop you.

  11. attilathecricketer

    So that’s where the police were rather than kicking the footballers off my local cricket pitch like they should have been. 1 police officer for 2 demonstrators – someone wanted overtime pay! We only got four to deal with 25 footballers.

  12. Anyone who says they wish a 19 year old could be dug up and killed again is so consumed with visceral and irrational hatred, and so lacking in any decency, that they are actually ill.

    But then most obsessive Israel bashers are.

  13. as improbable as it sounds I don’t manage to give up hope that Gilad Shilat is alive and doing as well as humanly possible and that he is treated with some genuine human kindness – thinking anything else is too painful

  14. Adam I know you live outside of London but pleaaaaaaaaaasssssee one time only join us at this counter-demo! We would love to have you there and I have a feeling those on the other side would not like you very much for all the right reasons. (admittedly you would need to deal with a bunch of sheep bleating about mud for two hours, I’m not sure if they want us to throw mud at them or not, it’s never too clear, maybe we should try?)

    I totally agree with you BTW. No decency. See here in this comment. The same person who made that comment to Richard on Sat was one of those who laughed at this man. https://richardmillett.wordpress.com/2010/06/05/saturday-in-london-no-place-for-a-zionist/#comment-1356.

    If ok with you I will ask Richard for your email off blog. (we have communicated before here and there on this blog) I would like to be in touch.

    • Rutytutty, thank you – but it is really imposible to me to get to London on Saturdays. I will however try.

      Can Richard vouch that you are a pro-Israel person?

      • Adam. I am Miss Pro-Israel herself.

        Richard is a friend (a 3D one at that). I will ask him to give you full security clearance on me off blog 🙂

        No problem re Sat but if ever you happen to be in the area…..swing by and see the greasy haired brigade bleating like retarted sheep. It is a truly glorious sight to see.

    • Thanks very much Rutytutty! I’m sure you’re the real thing and Richard can give you my email off blog!

  15. Adam’s “turd in the bath” comparison, used as a simile in respect to Gert’s level of wit, has sparked a lively and healthy debate on this uninspiring subject.

    The casting of aspersions as to Gert’s personal level of hygiene is the latest patha-psychological twist in the tale of this shallow, one-dimensional, maniacal mind.

    But here I must uncharacteristically leap to his defence. Gert’s personal hygiene has never been in question and I have no reason to believe, other than malice, that he has ever compromised his cleanliness.

  16. I have no first hand knowledge regarding the level of hygiene of anyone on this excellent blog, with the possible exception of our friend Gamil. However, my experience of chemists has always been of their adhering to a higher than average standard of cleanliness. They generally labor in a relatively sterile work environment in close proximity to all manner of soaps and shampoos, toothbrushes, flannels and know well how to make regular and efficient use of the aforementioned.

    Though I have no empirical evidence to substantiate the hypothesis that early exposure to such items has a positive impact on cleanness of unemployed chemists, it does not sound like a unreasonable assumption.

  17. As to Gert and hygiene:

    Shit, I just pissed myself laughing… at 4:17 pm
    Face it, I wet my pants but you were caught with your pants down… at 7:39 pm

    Of course I know that when fresh the stuff is supposed to be sterile – so all I can do is hope that he wore diapers and thus didn’t wet his chair. Also I hope that he managed to change them during the more than 3 hours interval

    So not to be misunderstood I stress that any of my former colleagues showed any signs of having anything remotely similar happening to him.

    I don’t know how it is with men of course but for women who start to leak there are special courses paid for by the public health service available. I hope that men afflicted with weak apertures are equally well provided for.

  18. I hereby propose that we point out again and again around here that Gert is trying to establish connections to Pyro-Enthusiasts now that he seems to have abandonned his Gaza-obsession.

    By pointing it out again and again we hopefully motivate at least one intelligence service who cares about its co-citizens to keep an eye on the endeavour. I think this would be wise, since Gert’s attempt at reaching out to lovers of explosives seems to include the promise to provide them with material not readily available to the general public.

  19. “Face it, I wet my pants but you were caught with your pants down…”

    As we all know the word pants in UK English refers to underwear, whereas in American English pants are what we Brits call trousers.

    Though I’m not certain, I think that there is something of a mixed metaphor at play here, in the sense that “I wet my pants” refers to underwear, while being caught with “one’s pants down” surely conjures up an image of trousers, rather than underpants being down. Were being caught with one’s pants down to mean your underpants down, but your trousers up, it would admittedly be uncomfortable, but far less embarrassing, than the expression seems to imply.

    The writer of the above mixed metaphor seems to reveal a preference for urinating in his clothes to momentarily having his undergarments exposed. Here he and I must part ways as this poster would without a moment’s thought prefer the latter.

    Thus, I must concur here with the lovely Silke and the brilliant Nick in their contentions that this (between-jobs) chemist may be less hygienic than I had lead our readers to believe. I apologize for any misunderstandings that may have resulted.

  20. Daniel
    no need to apologize –
    I only remembered this little info-bit by Gert because I have reason to assume that Gert is sitting on very expensive furniture and so, at the time, worried about the expenses occasioned to that by the leakage.
    Getting worried makes my memory store things – my concentration on the money angle is a deformation professionelle from my working life which I can’t seem to get rid off in my much more hedonistics dominated life now.

  21. Notwithstanding Silke’s gracious gesture to excuse Daniel from making a public apology, I have to admit that I do feel misled.

    I stuck my neck out and put my head on the line for Gert when I countered Adam’s “turd in the bath” contention – and stated for the record, that Gert’s personal hygiene had never been in question.

    Daniel’s sudden “u turn,” the exhaustive analysis of which leaves one with no doubt as to Gert’s deplorable hygienic habits, now leaves me with pie on my face, for having come to the defence of a stinking second-hand condom salesman who masquerades as an out-or work anti-Zionist chemist.

  22. here’s an urgent request by Yaacov Lozowick for the BDS-sers to get into action.
    I second the motion – you guys shouldn’t miss that unique chance to do some real damage:

    Boycotters, where are you when we need you?

  23. “Cleanliness becomes more important when godliness is unlikely.”

  24. ah Daniel
    finally I’ve got an explanation why my hot water bill ruins my finances year after year

    but seriously I think that cleantech stuff is great news

  25. ‘He also went on to tell me that Gilad Shalit, the Israel soldier abducted by Hamas four and a half years ago, should be dug up (assuming he is already dead) and killed again because that is what he deserves. Nice, eh?’

    What is the guy’s name?