Judge Bathurst-Norman: The Opera

Gilbert and Sullivan’s hilarious Operetta Trial by Jury, first performed in 1875, mocks the pompous english legal system.

It is about Edwin who goes on trial in front of a jury for breaking off his engagement to Angelina. She has sued him from breach of promise of marriage after he went off with another woman.

The court usher advises the jury to set aside any “vulgar prejudice” they may have but then tells them to “observe the features of her (Angelina’s) face, the broken hearted bride”. He then refers to Edwin as the “ruffianly defendant”.

The jury duly takes an instant dislike to Edwin while Angelina looks sweet wearing her wedding dress.

The judge falls for Angelina instantly: “Oh, never, never, never, since I joined the human race, saw I so exquisitely fair a face.”

The jury also falls in love with Angelina: “We love you fondly, and would make you ours!”

The trial proceeds and Edwin puts his case succinctly saying that “it’s not in the range of belief, to look upon him as a glutton, who, when he is tired of beef, determines to tackle the mutton.”

Nevertheless, Edwin agrees to marry both his current lover and Angelina to atone for his sins.

The judge thinks this reasonable but when advised of its illegality he offers to marry Angelina himself.

His offer is accepted and everyone is happy.

The fun of this operetta is that it is so illogical because such bias would obviously never occur in a British court. Or would it?

Well, 135 years later it did.

In a recent court case seven defendants were put on trial for causing £180,000 of damage when they attacked the EDO arms factory in Brighton during Israel’s war with Hamas in Gaza. They believed the factory supplied Israel.

They were acquitted when Judge Bathurst-Norman similarly fell for the charm of the defendants and also compared Israel to the Nazis. Here is the full transcript.

He said: “I am going to start with the background relating to Israel and Palestine and to the evidence which points to the war crimes being committed by Israel in Gaza, an area over which Israel has imposed a blockade. Now you have to look at the evidence coldly and dispassionately. It may be as you went through what I can only describe as horrific scenes, scenes of devastation to civilian population, scenes which one would rather have hoped to have disappeared with the Nazi regimes of the last war, you may have felt anger and appalled by them, but you must put that emotion aside.”

War crimes? Says who apart from the ill-informed Goldstone Panel that took evidence from residents of Gaza in open court with all the deadly repercussions that could entail if they told what Hamas didn’t like to hear.

Yes, there was dreadful loss of life during the fighting against Hamas but to compare this to the Nazis is crass.

And after this horrifically biased direction the judge then has the gall to tell the jury to “put that emotion aside”.

Bathurst-Norman would have done better to have saved the huge amounts of pubic time and expense of all the public bodies involved in this case and declared the defendants not guilty right at the beginning of the case.

For what it counts, Judge Bathurst-Norman has now been censured for his comments.

Although this will have little overall effect on the judge, and no effect on the defendants, it should stop this case being used as a precedent in future cases when other valid businesses have violence used against them.

Up until this reprimand there was the prospect of one’s political ideology being used as a successful defence in court.

Not so now.

Either you are guilty of aggravated trespass or conspiracy to commit criminal damage or you are not.

There is no room for political ideology in a court of law, unless, of course, you are in Iran.

But, hopefully, Iran we are not.

However, as a modicum of success as this might be, and full credit to Jonathan Hoffman and others who brought this case to the Lord Chancellor’s attention, there will be more legal battles to fight against those who choose to use violence in Britain to achieve political ends.

In the meantime we can all enjoy Judge Bathurst-Norman: The Opera.

The Judge (Leo Sheffield) in Trial By Jury (1926)

The Judge (Leo Sheffield) in Trial By Jury (1926)

Judge Bathurst-Norman in Trial By Jury (2010) (Daily Mail)

Judge Bathurst-Norman in Trial By Jury (2010) (Daily Mail)


63 responses to “Judge Bathurst-Norman: The Opera

  1. I agree with most of what you say.
    Elsewhere there is another literary re-enactment; this time of the loyalty oath saga depicted in Catch 22

  2. Jonathan Hoffman

    Click to access Bathurst-Norman-judgment.pdf

    Here’s the link to the transcript (your link does not work and in any case the transcript that the JC published was incomplete)

  3. Either you are guilty of aggravated trespass or conspiracy to commit criminal damage or you are not.

    It’s not that simple: motivation is of importance here. The defendants didn’t act for monetary gain or out of sheer spite (vandalism). You don’t agree with it but there was a humanitarian context to the ‘crime’… To claim that this should be merely about property is simply unrealistic…

    There is no room for political ideology in a court of law […]

    Hypocritical: if this crime had been politically motivated for another cause you wouldn’t even have peeped. It’s because Zionism is involved that you’re (politically) involved. And had the damage been done to a pro-Palestinian business you’d have rejoiced…

  4. RT:

    I agree with most of what you say.

    More interestingly, what are the parts you don’t agree with?

  5. richardmillett

    “And had the damage been done to a pro-Palestinian business you’d have rejoiced” – I don’t suppose you have any circumstantial evidence to support that comment, do you? Gert, when you have no argument and nothing constructive to add then, just like the rest of your peers, you resort to your default tactic; the smear.

    • I don’t suppose you have any circumstantial evidence to support that comment, do you?

      Nope. Call it an educated guess…

      As regards ‘smearing’, you’re up there with the best. Pot. Kettle.

  6. Richard, if you need a witness in a libel case against Gert, I’ll be more than happy to take the stand and vouch for you and your fairness.

  7. never mind Gert, Richard, in my experience any reference to “high culture” even if it is a delightfully silly sounding Opera with verses by somebody who obviously could write, it miffs him no end.

    There is a German comedy by Kleist “Der zerbrochene Krug” (Broken Jug) where the judge himself turns out to have been the culprit. Sadly I think it won’t take much longer for one of the “righteous” getting caught at that.

    BTW here is what I assume is the UKs valid public statement on Goldstone http://standpointmag.co.uk/node/3463

    • What you know about me and High Culture, dear Nazigirrrl, is absolutely nothing, nada, zilch. I’ll admit to seriously disliking Wagner but that’s about it. But your compatriots keep celebrating his genius… ‘Tear that opera house down, Mrs Merkel’.

  8. Gert
    I know that you consider yourself to be an expert on Orwell’s novels (it’s the last paragraph of this “gem”) and I know that you chickened when everybody was trying their keyboards at poetry …

    “As regards “Big Brother”: Orwell would be turning in his grave once again, even though “1984” was his worst book…”

  9. “poetry …”????

    Scatological limericks (at the very best!) dedicated to me?

    And what has poetry got to do with anything here? Or High Culture? Perhaps you also believe the multiple impostors that regularly show up here as a sign of their ‘acting skills’?

    Re. “1984”, ‘least best’ would definitely have been a better term of phrase. Incredible how you manage to judge an entire (and irrelevant) aspect of a person by these things. But then you also called me on ‘being a fan of astrology’ on the basis that I dared to fill the field of my star sign in my google profile…

  10. No matter how you boo and bray
    Israel is here to stay

    that’s scatological?

    and how truly daring of a “Director” to tell the world his Zodiac sign

  11. I forgot to ask, how many books by Orwell you have read?

    I’m taking bets!

  12. What education was that then? School of Charm? Hope you got your money back.

    Gert’s charm is so overwhelming that his attempts to find playmates on the web with his computer-chats didn’t succeed.

    So he turned to maligning Israel, a sure fire bet he thought, doesn’t look like he had a lot of success considering who visits.

    Now he’ll try to find some amongst PYRO-enthusiasts. I wonder about the connection to Oxford though …

    Welcome to Oxford ChemServe, a blog for chembuffs and pyroenthusiasts!
    In the coming weeks a range of base chemicals and pyrotechnical chemicals will be offered here, in retail quantities at competitive prices. Sigma-Aldrich, Merck or Riedel de Haen don’t want to sell to you? No worries, check out our inventory soon!

  13. Gert, calling Silke “Nizigirl” is truly disgusting – you make light out of the tragedy of WW2, simply to play schoolboy politics on a blog. Your bullyboy tactics are pathetic. You should be ashamed of your behaviour.

  14. Gert, breaking the law and vandalism are exactly that – they do not become acceptable because the perpetratos “feel strongly” about an issue. I feel strongly about lots of things, but I don’t go smashing things up because I don’t like them. No-one is above the law, nor should they be.

  15. Attilathecricketer

    I spotted the Telegraph complaining about this judge. He was a little OTT in comparing with the Nazis but I don’t think it deserved censure. Israel has committed war crimes according to the UN I believe and I don’t see why the jury shouldn’t think about that when considering the necessity of the blokes actions. Ideology as a defence – I seem to remember thinking that it should have been for Mandela and for the Chinese Nobel winner who were both justly sentenced according to your absolutist idea.

  16. Attila
    stop believing get informed

    the UNHRC is not the UN and Goldstone is Goldstone
    not that that makes much of a difference

    in any case should you ever be the victim of vandals just hope that your village priest or whoever hasn’t decided on flimsy evidence that you are bad and the judge adopts that opinion.

    • richardmillett

      Good point. Also the attack against EDO was perpetrated during Operation Cast Lead i.e. before the UNHRC had come out with its own dreadfully pieced together Goldstone Report that claimed Israel (and also Hamas, remember) had carried out war crimes. So at the time of the attack there was no ‘judgement’ of war crimes against Israel anyway. And knowing, as I do, my learned friend, Attilathecricketer, to be a lawyer, there is no way for one moment he would uphold the methods that Goldstone took to gain its evidence. I have blogged about this a few times before.

      • Richard
        Attila a lawyer ?
        – what has the profession come to

        Having worked most of my life as a paralegal for a number of them learning of such a decline makes me sad.

  17. richardmillett

    No, hold on, Silke, that’s not quite fair. If he is unfamiliar with the likes of Goldstone Attila hasn’t made an unreasonable assumption; an assumption the jury also based its verdict on after Bathurst’s biased direction.

  18. Richard
    the jury were professionals or laymen?

    look, I am a member of the “masses” and pundits express quite regularly their opinion that I should be able to detect an unlikelihood, a sham etc.

    therefore as a confessing member of the “lower” classes I expect that a professional should be subject to even higher standards than I am held.

    Also I am amazed that “comparing with the Nazis” is considered a minor “sin” by him – after everything we put you through, quite an amazing statement, but then I don’t expect a lawyer to know history

  19. richardmillett

    Well, I agree, I think the Nazi comparison was just unbelievable and not a case of “a little OTT”. If we were in a pub then it could just about be considered “a little OTT” but we were in a British court of law.

    Silke, you, yourself, put no one through anything and certainly not me anyway.

    The twelve members of the jury are all layman and have little or no knowledge of what happened during Cast Lead or of the history of the conflict. They would have been weeded out for any evidence of political bias to try to make it a level playing field for all sides concerned in court. That is why Bathurt’s direction was even more ridiculous.

  20. Silke, you, yourself, put no one through anything and certainly not me anyway.

    thanks Richard, but being a stickler for justice I can’t quite forget the difference in visible well-being between draftsmen from the North of England to draftsmen from the American zone of Germany. Even the Parisians looked like they had seen more affluence in their upbringing, while we were almost undistinguishable from Americans. I judge the amount of physical well-being by comparing skin and hair in the first half of the 70s.

    we lost the war and so I consider that unjust, it should have been the other way around.

  21. No matter how you boo and bray
    Israel is here to stay

    Yeah, I’m sure that was the only thing, huh? How more selectively can one read? Or are you effectively blind and someone chooses for you what to write…

    In itself it was another straw man of course: I don’t object to the existence of Israel. But you and your friends like nothing better than to equate criticism of Israel with a desire so see her destroyed. Millett’s no different: it shows severe poverty of thought, not to mention that by doing so you can rail road any semblance of debate into calling your opponents genocidal Jew-haters…

    and how truly daring of a “Director” to tell the world his Zodiac sign

    I was of course being completely tongue in cheek, imbecile. You’re the one who claims that because someone displays a star sign, he must be into astrology, not me… Astrology is tosh of the highest order but most people know their star sign…

    School of Charm? Hope you got your money back.

    I hope you’re not having any illusions about your own charm offensive. You’re a Zionist who denies being one, all the while taking the most conservative pro-Israel positions imaginable. The mind boggles…

    Not sure also how being/not being charming has anything to do with anything here. Perhaps you find Nazigirrrl charming?

    You’ve attracted here some of the worst of the Net, all of whom are allowed to run amok, just because they’re on your side. This blog has some of the worst comment pages I’ve ever witnessed and I thought The Brown Sauce (Harry’s Place) was bad enough…

    I forgot to ask, how many books by Orwell you have read?

    Probably most… “1984” is great but far from his best.

  22. Lill’Adam knows jack shit about anything. An airhead par excellence…

  23. Also I am amazed that “comparing with the Nazis” is considered a minor “sin” by him – after everything we put you through, quite an amazing statement, but then I don’t expect a lawyer to know history

    If there is a people that grossly over uses Nazi comparisons, it’s the Israelis and their supporters. But hey, that’s all hunky dory, because they’re on your side and you’re married to a Jewish man, isn’t it Nazigirrrl?

    • congrats Gert
      that’s an insult
      no man husband or not is going to interfere with my opinions in the sense you imply –
      if he is a wise man in synch with real life, like witty with a lovely sense of humour Richard, like honest and straightforward Adam, like stern and knowledgeable Daniel and so on and so on, then I will feel honoured to learn something from them but no matter how much I may admire them, in the end I make up MY mind by myself.

      Besides I’ve told you once before that I am a promiscuous Polyandric.

  24. – I seem to remember thinking that it should have been for Mandela and for the Chinese Nobel winner who were both justly sentenced according to your absolutist idea.

    … is of course spot on. But conservative people don’t like or want any context. Root causes? Probably dismissed as ‘root causism’… Retards…

  25. I forgot to ask, how many books by Orwell you have read?
    Probably most… “1984″ is great but far from his best.

    typical Gert “probably most” … come on give us a list and thanks for promoting “1984” from worst to great. Oh and while you are at it rate all the others and give reasons for it.

    If I were a betting gal, I’d bet that you haven’t read it.

    I don’t know whether I qualify as a Zionist but somebody I admire and value has just designed this for me and I hope that it will arrive in time so I can parade it around town during the last sunny hours of October.

    If anybody else likes it, it is of course on sale for everybody it is just that I nagged so persistently that I got him to do it.

  26. Gert
    claims to know something about “root causes” – LOL

    that he acts the way he does because that’s his only hope to find playmates that is until the Pyro-Enthusiasts will have relieved him of his loneliness is a by now well-established facts and it regularly gives me mommie-feelings towards him

    But what we don’t know to date is the root cause why nobody ever wanted to play with Gert for any length of time except of course types like me who take pleasure in pushing haters/slanderers/maligners around.

    Does the Root Cause maybe have anything to do with a pro bono lawyer who botched something? Is it his Zodiac Sign? or did real mommie prefer his little brother or even worse neighbour’s kid to him?

    So many questions and no answers …
    “The world is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.” (thanks Mr. Churchill)

  27. Silke, your shirt is exquisite, though it occurs to me that “Israelis Love Shiksas” might be more popular here.

  28. Daniel
    you men are the same everywhere thinking of only one thing (as my mother was convinced 😉
    when I was a teenager our girls’ hearts got broken each summer when during holidays all the boys were busy pursuing the Swedes who came down to learn the language.

    Funny isn’t it – we gals seem to be in favour of those more south from us, while for guys it seems to be the other way around.

  29. Another incisive, substantive post from Gert.

    gert, go out – at least once in a while – there’s a big world out there.

  30. Gert’s constant reference to Silke as “Nazigirl” is simply shameful. He makes light of the tragedy, and then accuses Israelis and “their supporters” (you don’t mean Jews do you?) of expoliting Nazi comparisons.

    He doesn’t seem to see the irony. But then, most haters don’t do humour.

  31. Gert, from whom is Judea and Samaria occupied? Still thinking?

  32. “…we gals seem to be in favour of those more south from us, while for guys it seems to be the other way around…” –

    I know what you mean. As teenagers (14 or 15) a friend and I met a couple of Scandanavian ladies, also prsuing language studies in London. We thought ourselves terribly cool inviting them out to the local cinema.

    Pride, however, turned to humiliation when my mother made me phone them up to cancel explaining that we were Jewish and probably about four years their junior.

    Regarding men prefering the North, I’m not sure. Again it was a long time ago, but if my memory serves me right most men seemed to focus most of their efforts on going “South” and if they had to go “North” first it was just a means to an end.

    As far as Bridlington on the North Sea is concerned, it is an area which is said to have the highest coastal erosion rate in Europe, could this be causing brain erosion too?

  33. Daniel
    As far as Bridlington on the North Sea is concerned, it is an area which is said to have the highest coastal erosion rate in Europe, could this be causing brain erosion too?
    that is an interesting thought – I am a strong believer in humans interacting with their environment much more than we realize to date. Like Hamlet said (my translation from German): there are more things between heaven and earth than the human mind can dream up.

    But I am a bit put off by your being so cruel on a guy whose daughter has told us repeatedly that things between him and his missus are not to the best. Therefore I think it is highly impolite to make such juicy remarks about North and South in earshot of a guy who in all likelihood gets a shot at neither.

  34. Lill’Adam:

    and “their supporters” (you don’t mean Jews do you?)

    Why, are you Jewish? I know you’re not. Non-Jewish supporters of Israel outnumber Jewish ones by a factor of AT LEAST 10. That’s a fact, numbskull…

    But then, most haters don’t do humour.

    Funny that, you’re one of the funniest things I’ve come across on the Net. With dumbos like you in your camp, we simply can’t lose…

  35. Nazigirrrl:

    Therefore I think it is highly impolite to make such juicy remarks about North and South in earshot of a guy who in all likelihood gets a shot at neither.

    North v. South. Sigh… Is there anything in the world that you haven’t got an prejudiced and unsubstantiated opinion (as in a silly ‘belief system’) about? Your age suits you: I know lots of women about your age that are full of bullshit and ‘old remedies’ that never actually work… You’ve definitely found your soul mate in Dannebaum: he’s a walking, talking belief system…

  36. Adam
    you’re one of the funniest things I’ve come across on the Net
    do you realize that Gert is trying to imitate all our best put-downs –
    he still sounds a bit forced though when he is doing it, I guess that’s due to the fact that he is lying while with you I can tell the kind of ball you have, the giggles practically flying off your keyboard
    Gert is funny in the way a drunk trying to find the keyhole is funny while Daniel and you others who are trying their keyboards at funny are witty due to having put their nimble brain cells into creative mode.

    But in this thread we must be a bit forgiving with Gert because Richard’s very smart use of that Opera hurts him from all I know to the core of his black little soul.

  37. Gert
    North vs South
    ah those were the days
    but some of these sweet memories must still show somehow because almost always when I chat with a male oldster he lights up, straightens up and begins to sparkle. (young men tend to like me also but in a different way, more like good to witness that there are oldsters who haven’t given up)

    Even without North and or South even contemplated it is always an exquisite pleasure when a man who genuinely likes women meets a woman who genuinely likes men and age and no-action-follow-up does nothing to destract from the delight of having been looked at as if one were a rare treat and been able to return the favour.

  38. There are only a handful of people I detest more than Gert.

    Adolf Hitler would be one.

    No other names readily come to mind.

  39. He’s harmless enough. You can’t really compare him to AH. The latter destroyed Europe, was responsible for the death of tens of millions and left a legacy of hatred which survives in many places still.

    The former has a blog.

    He was also kind enough to write:

    “You’ve definitely found your soul mate in Dannebaum: he’s a walking, talking belief system…”

    Leaving aside the anti-Semitic nickname, who can complain? I’m a walking, talking belief system and my soul mate is Silke!

  40. Daniel,

    When I enumerated those that topped my “most detestable” list, it was never my intention to compare and contrast Gert Meyers to Adolf Hitler. They are both worthy finalists in their own right – while their vile deeds are “lehavdil”.

    But, while you are so quick to point out the stark differences, it should also be noted that Gert seems to have much more free-time on his hands.

  41. I could not disagree more. It has recently come to light that the aforementioned has, in fact, the secret identity of Pyro.

    “Pyro is a mutant who possesses the power to psionically control fire and flame, though not generate it. He wears a flame thrower on his back to provide the flame which he then takes control of. His ability to manipulate flame emerged in his teens, but he was unable to find a practical use for it. After years of working in Southeast Asia as a journalist and novelist, Pyro met the mutant Mystique, who later recruited him to the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as a professional criminal.” – Wikipedia.

    That, and that alone is why he maintains an inconspicuous existence in Bridlington-on-Sea and gives ourtward appearance of having no gainful employment and so much free time on his hands.

    Beware! Those who underestimate Pyro do so at their peril.

  42. Silke,
    “..when I chat with a male oldster he ….. straightens up and begins to sparkle..” – What kind of euphemisms are you employing here?

    If they are “straightening up” and then “sparkling” that quickly, you must be one great chatter.

  43. I stand corrected.
    Pyro – Respect!

  44. Daniel, soul mate
    last night I read this – I assume you know all about it, but I like the way it is put and I think it should fit into your “belief system” even though it is coming from somebody deeply addicted to Byzantine mosaics and probably not much else.

    John Julius Norwich “A History of Venice” p. 80 the year is 1100: “Although Haifa was defended by a small Egyptian garrison, THE REAL FORCE OF ITS RESISTANCE CAME FROM THE PREDOMINANTLY JEWISH POPULATION who, remembering what had happened to their brethren in Jerusalem less than a year before, FOUGHT WITH A BITTER DETERMINATION to preserve their city. But the Venetian mangonels and siege machines were too much for them, and on 25 July – within a week of Godfrey’s death – they were obliged to surrender. Their fears proved to have been fully justified. A few managed to escape; the majority, Jews and Muslims alike, were struck down where they stood.”

    Norwich is a great fan of Venice, in all likelihood in love with it, and even though I believe he is no historian by training he is an honest man. So take the above quote as an example of how honest men tell history.
    As to Gert and believe systems – I think he is suffering from something that in English might be called “Engineer’s” mind (I’ve clerked for chemists, they tick no different from engineers) and which Ken Auletta in a talk about his book on Google very aptly described as being incapable of grasping let alone dealing with anything that’s not quantifiable.

    From which follows that they believe that everything is knowable and that their is nothing where they have to rely on belief. This kind of ignorant hubris makes them so boring, and no upgrade of mission statements from devotion to Pyro can remedy that.

  45. My Soul Mate,

    I also know a chemist or two. In Israel they’re often French and invariably manage to persuade me to buy a more expensive tooth brush than I had intended.

    I think you’re stretching it a bit describing that as an engineer’s mind. Actually, I think using the word mind at all is generous.

    However, as the season of goodwill nears, it seems that we are all flattering each other a bit, I am “a walking, talking belief system” so let him be an engineer.

    Still dying to know what it is that you say that makes old men first straighten up and then sparkle. I know a few oldies who would pay good money for just such a chat.

  46. Nick
    as to free time on his hand –
    I once read that AH liked to “entertain” his carefully selected house guests at his mountain thingy till the wee hours with monologues – I wouldn’t describe that as work, given that lots of ladies were present who at the time had no positions in government but were probably chosen predominantly for their stamina in staying awake under the onslaught.

    That said I think the verdict on who had more free time on his hands must be suspended until further evidence crops up.

  47. Daniel
    that Pyro’s lovely – what a pity I missed out on the art of comics as a child and thus never got the knack of it – and it proves how wrong I was when I suspected something sinister in Gert’s promising shoppers’ heaven to Pyro-Enthusiasts.

    I especially like this
    “St. John Allerdyce”
    – we really should start referring to a man with such an alias with all the respect that is his due. After all ancestry entitles one to certain treatments for ill or for good as Gert’s continuous references to me as NiceGirl prove beyond reasonable doubt.

    That said I still think he should do something about the part above his front door which looks in need of a bit of paint. Formerly I thought that was due to slovenness now I think it is due to a bit of careless use of the flame thrower.

  48. Daniel
    are you trying to double guess me again? tease me into saying naughty stuff?

    there are men who straighten their spine before even starting the chat, a female smiling at them is all it apparently needs for them to indulge in the same sweet memories I do indulge in when one of these kind of oldsters smile at me.

    BTW they are invariably of the kind who look like they take could care of themselves, well-groomed, well-manicured, well-ironed clothes etc. and that even applies to those who are depending on one of these electric wheel chairs which I think makes the feat very time-consuming to pull off.

  49. Daniel
    as to engineers I was quoting Ken Auletta from his talk about his book “Googled” where he told stories about Eric Schmidt and the others (I can’t find it again but I’d swear to it, that I saw Eric Schmidt on the board of J-Street before that story about the Hongkong horse better stirred their pot a bit. Last time I looked I couldn’t find anything on their board. Why do I always stumble on these secretive attitudes when I look at one of Israel’s self-appointed probation officers?) My own take on “engineers” would be something of a mixed bag. There are some who are aware of their limitations and thus behave with adequate humility and when those offer their often highly desirable knowledge it turns out it really is for the good of mankind if put into use by the likes of me.

    As to my flirts with oldsters wherever I meet them I must tell you that I mostly look into their eyes when I smile at them, say maybe Hello or n’Tag or even Guten Tag or if I am in a very chatty mood either “isn’t the weather great today” or “will it never stop raining” – that’s most of the time all there is to it and we part and at least I feel again assured that there is no woman on earth capable of bettering me in charms, desirability and looks. I sincerely hope that I succeed in making these in the true meaning of the word gentlemen feel the same about themselves.

    There is one of them living in the same building as I am. He seems to be a bit younger than I am and wears terribly looking orthopedic shoes. The electirc wheel chair down in the garage is his. Meeting him in the elevator is a special treet, he looks like so much fun, so smart and alive and his smile is so sweet I could get addicted to it i.e. he is the kind of guy one imagines incapable of ever violating the mores of polite company.

    I make it a point to never initiate a really flirtative talk with any of them, because most of them are married and I don’t want to be misunderstood.

  50. I just saw a recommendation for this movie http://vimeo.com/3127963
    bear with the trailer and enjoy what comes after the guy says “she’s a woman how hard can it be”

    I think I’ll cross-comment that on the Rhiannon thread


  51. Gert is about as funny as a turd in your bath.

  52. Gert, from whom is Judea and Samaria “occupied”?

  53. In fairness to Gert, he has never claimed to be funny or to even have a sense of humor. He would be the first to admit that humor is not his forte.

    However, Gert has plenty of other talents and when it comes to cutting a pasting anti-Israel articles, some of which he understands, he is second to none. Furthermore he shows considerable savvy at hanging round the blog all day being nasty to everyone.

    To each his own.