Israel boycotter flies EL AL!

Aboard Irene

Aboard Irene

You probably won’t have noticed, there’s been no press, but this week a small boat with nine Jews left Cyprus to try to break the “siege of Gaza”.

Why anyone would risk their lives doing this after what happened on the Mavi Marmara is beyond me, especially after Israel recently agreed to lift restrictions on goods entering the Gaza Strip.

The Irene‘s cargo included what was termed “symbolic aid” and included toys, musical instruments, textbooks, fishing nets and prosthetic limbs.

Richard Kuper, of Jews for Justice for Palestinians, said that the Jewish Boat to Gaza is a symbolic act of protest against the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and the siege of Gaza.

Here is all the information, and more, you need to know about the Jewish boat to Gaza.

(Jewish Boat to Gaza takes me back to Night Boat to Cairo by Madness.)

I digress.

The “Jewish boat” left Cyprus at 13.32 local time on sunday.

On tuesday the boat was boarded by the Israeli navy and taken to Ashdod port.

Again, Richard Kuper: “This boat and its fate are a symbol of the chances for peace in the region. The way it is being treated by Israeli authorities indicates that they have no real intentions of reaching peace.”

He then called on worldwide support for the boat.

By wednesday, Glyn Secker, Irene’s captain, was on his way back on EL AL flight LY315 and arrived at 13.35 at Heathrow airport.

At Heathrow the “worldwide support” that showed up to greet Mr Secker consisted of eight people from Jews for Boycotting Israeli Goods (JBIG).

Heathrow: Mr Secker's welcome home party (Jewish Chronicle).

Heathrow: Mr Secker's welcome home party (Jewish Chronicle).

And making him fly EL AL? Someone in the Israeli authorities has a sense of humour.

Surely, they could have saved Mr Secker some face and put him on a British Airways or an Easyjet flight.

I can imagine his clenched fists on the flight home.

But then again it may have allowed Mr Secker to reconnect with his Jewishness in a more positive way.

When the kosher meal came did he choose chicken or beef?

There is no problem with Jews not expressing any form of Jewishness or with them protesting Israeli policy.

But the average Jewish anti-Israel activist only seems to employ his or her Jewishness destructively; by tearing down Israel in toto.

There are a plethora of anti-Israel organisations that all use the prefix “Jews” or “Jewish”.

Surely, in the fight for peace and jusice one’s religion is irrelevant. We all want peace and justice whether Jew, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, atheist etc.

Anyway, I hope that EL AL gave Mr. Secker bonus air miles so he can fly them again soon.

El AL: Israel's favourite airline (

El AL: Israel's favourite airline (

17 responses to “Israel boycotter flies EL AL!

  1. the infos about that Katamaran I liked best were that men and women are usually segregated and that the women-half has the toilet while the men-half has the kitchen…

    as to their symbolic goods they are said to have consisted of three backpacks full of stuff

    other latest news is that the easing of the blockade has led to wreckage of the tunnel economy in Gaza with the exception of about 15 tunnels which are still doing well by EXPORTING stuff into Egypt. I wonder whether the toys in the backpacks were good enough to be exported to Egypt.

  2. Outstanding post Richard -Love the Humour

  3. Glyn was told to fly on that airline, or else he had to pay for his own tickets. The murdering Israeli vermin confiscated most of his possessions and money, leaving Glyn with very little. El Al is an airline of an apartheid police state.

    No decent person of conscience will give EL AL their custom. They are even ashamed to have a visible presence. Why then is their London office hidden away on a second floor of a plain office building?

    • Israelinurse

      In the world in which the rest of us inhabit, no decent person of conscience will give their support to terrorists by attempting to break a naval blockade aimed at preventing them from obtaining explosives and weapons.

      But I guess the word ‘conscience’ is lost on someone so obviously drunk on their own dim rhetoric, meaningless slogans and racist bigotry.

      • thanks Israelinurse
        reading fast I had taken his dirt for satire but you are right it isn’t

      • “…so obviously drunk on their own dim rhetoric, meaningless slogans and racist bigotry” Do you mean like yourself and other Zios?

        BtW, you still haven’t answered my question Israeli Nurse. Maybe you can’t.

  4. Do airlines ever downgrade passengers–duct-taping them to the wing, for example?

    Just a thought….

  5. Michael Plosker

    Symbolic aid, prosthetic limbs? Pull the other one!

  6. Ruth
    now you’ve mentioned it
    I dare to confess that upon reading Richard’s lovely piece my inner eye feasted on these – I can even conjure up moving pictures like them slowly creeping out of the seat’s upholsterings while the seat belt gets tighter and tighterßzwecken&oe=UTF-8&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=633

  7. Nice One Richard !
    Wish you weren’t a Leeds supporter tho !!

  8. Ah Silke, the old reißzwecken up the old Gesäß! How delightful.

  9. Michael Plosker that is hilarious!!! Ha ha!
    I told your son when I saw him recently that you crack me up and I couldn’t tell if his look was agreeable or more “what the hell is she on about”. I hope your children appreciate your humour.
    I dedicate this ditty to you:

    There sailed a boat full of Jews,
    to Gaza, what could they lose?
    They packed useless things
    Like prosthetic limbs,
    Now Gazans can chop their legs off rather than refuse.

  10. Daniel Marks

    I would have put the SOB on a Bulgarian Airlines flight. If anyone’s ever flown with them he’ll/she’ll know what I mean.

    BTW as the cell phone was developed in Israel by Motorola, which has its largest development center in Israel and were most Intel chips, I call upon all red blooded boycotters of Israel to turn off their cellphones and chuck out their computers. That will really show us.

    As far as Belgian inventions are concerned, there aren’t too many, but after reading Gert’s latest barrage of crap our kids have suggested that we stop buying Brussel sprouts. I shall keep you all posted.

    • Daniel

      how about renaming Brussel Sprouts?

      RosenKohl = cabbage resembling roses –

      it doesn’t translate well into English but with all the languages available to you and yours it should be easy to find an appealing translation that besides doing justice to this tasty vegetable would eliminate all references to the work place of Baroness Ashdon and Mr. de Gucht

  11. Hi, Rich,

    Having been away on leave I have missed out on everything about Ajava and I was shocked on returing to find this scandalous situation of the EDL consolidating their position in Covent Garden. Were you there and what is your view on all of this?

  12. Hi Israelinurse,

    Off-topic, my daughter-in-law’s (Reut ) told me that her uncle knows a wonderful Israeli nurse, might you be her?

  13. Philocetes
    pray why should Isrealinurse feel obliged to comment on the choice of office space by an air line ?

    Is she an employee or a share holder or in any other way connected with that airline?

    I think if you want a reasonable person, as I happen to know Israelinurse is one, should even consider answering that question it has to be asked in a more precise and comprehensible way.

    Other than that I am really glad you showed up on this blog. It makes me hope that you will finally finally be the playmate our man from Bridlington so desperately yearns for. Keep it going and we may all witness the beginning of a wonderful friendship.