Ahava, London 9/11 2010

Ahava 9/11 2010

Ahava 9/11 2010

There are not many times that you can say that anti-Israel activists are outsung and outnumbered, but yesterday they were.

The usual mob of nothing-better-to-dos turned up outside Ahava in London’s Covent Garden to vent their hatred for the Jewish state.

Only one person brought along an Israeli flag. She said she came as she was worried that as it was Jewish New Year there would be no one around to stick up for Israel. Apart from her and a few others the pro-Israel pen was looking pretty sparse.

A lone protester

A lone protester

Then as the small pro-Israeli contingent were deciding where to break for lunch twelve Israeli tourists who had seen the protests outside Ahava came into the shop and then marched out again, filled the pen and sang Am Israel Chai, David Melech Yisrael, Hatikva and Hava Nagila (see first two clips below).

The anti-Israel mob became less interested in handing out their leaflets and more interesting in demonising the Israeli tourists, with some directing shouts of “racist scum” towards them (see beginning of third clip below).

The next lets-all-demonise-Israel (and anyone who supports it) event will be at midday outside Ahava on 25th September from midday.

Subdued activists before Israeli tourists arrived:

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  1. Jonathan Hoffman

    Wonderful. The expression on the fat Irishman’s face is priceless.

  2. 1 : 0 for Israelis

    they sing better, they look better, they know better

  3. The fools were out-vocalized by the Israelis that time. Perhaps future counter demos should include song

  4. Shana Tova

    Jonathan, hate to burst your bubble but your fat Irishman, is actually a fat South African. Which in itself is a disgrace for him to protest, when he is more than likely very guilty of treating his Black workers very badly

    Am Yisroel chai

  5. Jonathan Hoffman

    How come a South African has a thick Irish accent?

  6. Jonathan Hoffman

    And what is his name since you seem to know him?

  7. Hey don’t get shirty, it sounded like a SA accent to me.

    It is… I just re-listened, I am referring to the guy with the jacket and glasses. Believe me, you may not have too many SAs in the old country, but we have plenty here and I am more than familiar with the “exccent”

    Anyhow on another note. This is posted by a pro-Palestinian group, in response to the excellent documentary from Panorama on the Mavi Mamara
    Please give it a thumbs down and pass it on to as many people as possible. If you can, make some comment to counteract the that coming from these “people”

    I just listened to the first video again and he asks if they can sing it in Afrikaans. Probably Jewish too

  8. Jonathan Hoffman

    He is Irish. Your comment was a time-waster.

  9. So to be Israeli is to be ‘racist scum’ now? Good to hear what the latest thinking of loons is. (And oh the irony.)

    Still, the contrast between the joyful Israelis and the peculiar antis is very clear.

    I want to say thanks to the antis though, I never knew Ahava had a branch in London until they started demonstrating there. I shop there regularly now: http://www.oyvagoy.com/2010/07/15/all-you-need-is-love-and-eye-cream/

    Oh, I think I spoke to the initial ‘lone protestor’ at the Gilad Shalit vigil earlier this year. Nice lady.

  10. Shirl in Oz: I am ex SA and I have had numerous conversations with the Irish man, including about SA, and I can assure you he is in no way shape or form South African. He is, as he proclaims himself, prouldy, an Irish man.
    I first encountered him at Irwin Cotler’s talk and after his usual Tourette’s cries of genocide, he was trying to ingratiate himself with a Jewish human rights person afterwards by saying how Jews like Ronnie Kasrils who were at the forefront of the apartheid struggle were now leading the anti apartheid Israel struggle. I intervened and gave him a mouthful of how Kasrils in no way represented us Jews who had been in the struggle and told him in no uncertain terms what I thought of Kasrils. He is totally ignorant about SA and his limited repertoire is to recite names like Kasrils in an appeal to authority.

    Actually, seeing him yet again in these videos I am struck that he seems a lonely person who has found something more stimulating than bingo to occupy his empty hours. I am probably just as wrong as you are with this speculation about him. He must be very disappointed that the Irish report on Israeli war crimes has not had the bombshell effect he was eagerly promising me. In fact the only reference I could find to it online was his own comment on this blog.

  11. “when he is more than likely very guilty of treating his Black workers very badly”
    This, as Jonathan says, is rubbish which distracts from the issues here. I have had to put up with this kind of rubbish for most of my life. By spouting it, you are making yourself no better than the unthinking stereotyping smear merchants in the anti Israel movement: I write of my experience of this here:

  12. Amie, I have loads of S.African friends and truly most are of a different opinion to you, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

    Please listen to the first video again, he does a good impersonation.

    These BDS lunatics have started this nonsense here too with “Seacret” they are now being watched by the Federal Police

  13. Great video clips – those Israel-bashers didn’t know what hit them!

  14. Jonathan Hoffman

    At the last demo this piece of shit accused me of having an affair with Cliona Campbell (a pro-Israel Irish student who is on Facebook) in order to provoke me and get me into trouble with the police.

    He is beneath contempt.

  15. this piece of shit: Is that Irish man? How was he planning to get you in trouble with the police? If he is racist, he demonstrates this can be achieved without the benefit of a Safrican pedigree.
    Shirl in Oz: what is “Seactret” all about.?
    Have listened to the video again. It is not possible for a non expert to form an opinion either way from the short clip about the accent of the man. To my attuned ears, it is clear that the dipthong “ng” in “sing it” has a non SA intonation and that the “i” in “it” is distinctly non Safrican.
    But this is beside the point point scoring by me to disprove your identification. I wish that you would rather hear my heartfelt message about smearing by association with country of origin. I wish you would do me the courtesy of reading my post, linked above, to understand why I am so pissed off and weary with this kind of thing.
    For what its worth, here are the links to my recent posts mentioning Irish man.


  16. Both sides are as bad as each other. It’s pathetic. Time the Arabs and the Israelis grew up and sorted the problem out once and for all.

  17. Richard, you might add that the first song on the first video is Gesher Tzar me’od, Rav Nachman’s proverb, that the world is a very narrow bridge, and the important thing is not to be afraid.

  18. Jonathan Hoffman

    He wants to provoke me enough so I lose it and smack him in his ugly oleaginous apology for a face.

    The police at the demo would then arrest me.

  19. It was really nice to meet the Israelis ( who were tourists from Tel Aviv on a cruse around Europe ) & have a chat with them about Israel .
    I bought some AHAVA shaving cream to add to my AHAVA products collection .
    Shana Tova to everybody reading Richard’s blog .

  20. Is it just me, or does it seem as if the cops were actually smirking? 🙂

  21. .. and of course, just a tad ironic to ask “how many kids have you killed today,” when their suicide bombers have no concern for their potential targets.

  22. Ilene you’re quite right. The anti-Israelis are not worried about the deaths that Hamas causes, nor do they care that factories like Ahava provide work for more Palestinians than they do for Israelis. All they care about is that they hate Israel and they attempt to destroy that country.

    Notice too that as usual the Israeli attitude is positive and upbeat – there’s no hatred or enmity on their part. What a contrast with the whiners & haters.

  23. I enjoyed watching these videos. Enjoyed the positive singing of those Israeli Tourists .
    Like ” Chaz” post i didnt know about the Ahava shop until these so called protests started, I don’t like being screamed at where i can & can’t shop in my own country, which is still a free society.
    Now I find I love these products & all our family make it a point of specially stopping at the Ahava shop when we are in town to ” fill up” .
    The so called ” pro Palestinian ” protestors do themselves no credit at all – they come across as bunch of nasty rabble – no intelligent debate – their behaviour is a real turn off to whatever they are intending to “protest” about.. Lost me .

  24. I really want to know why people like Shirl have to comment on a subject that is neither the subject of the videos nor are of her concern. She dares adds the comment, ” he is more than likely very guilty of treating his Black workers very badly”. Did you also want to comment on the aboriginal genocide?

    • You too are off topic Rob and yes I would like to comment on the genocide of the Australian Aborigine, but at another time in another place. Which was another time and another place….and you in Britain, before commenting on who killed who, should take a look at your colonial past, including the genocide of the Australian Aborigine.

      Read what I wrote and maybe you may have the sense to see what I meant. If you can.

  25. Please have a look at this and hopefully give it a “thumbs down” and add a comment It’s a video attacking the Panorama programme about the flotilla incident.

    It’s inaccurate, as a few people have pointed out

    Amie.. “Seacret” I thought was the brand name of an Israeli skin care company. On doing some research, I find it’s Australian owned, but made in Israel. They and a couple of other companies, have small retail areas in the centre aisles in shopping complexes here. http://www.seacretspa.com.au/corporate/index.html

    Here are links to the first two ”protests” of the Brisbane branch’s BDS group
    They are now being monitored by the Federal Police. A guy in a group I subscribe to, went to the second one. He had printed out his own leaflets to hand out, but the police told him it would make their job easier, if he stayed out of it. He’s now sorry that he did.

    What upsets me more than anything, is an openly Jewish woman protesting loudly about Israel and Zionism in the 2nd video.

    17 July

    14 August

    By all means given them a thumbs down, but forget comments. They only choose to post what suits their agenda

  26. While on the subject of songs, here are a couple for you to sing:

    (Sung to the tune of Hava Nagila):
    Land grab, Ahava land grab, Ahava land grab,
    Ahava land grab

    A-ha-va, land grab Ahava, land grab Ahava,
    Ahava land grab

    Ahava, land grab Ahava, land grab Ahava,
    land grab, land grab, land grab

    Now let’s all have a sing-a-long to the tune of “Deck the Halls”:

    Ahava, we all can see the folly
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    Of profit from an illegal colony
    Fa la la la la, la la la la

    Boycott now Ahava’s products
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    We can also boycott Starbucks
    Fa la la la la, la la la la

    Ahava’s caused suffering beyond measure
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    By selling apartheid treasure
    Fa la la la la, la la la la

    Steal away the land of masses
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    Boycott Ahava now; don’t be arses
    Fa la la la la, la la la la

    Think of Gaza, walled and tethered
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    Heed us and we’ll win together
    Fa la la la la, la la la la

    See the empty shop before us
    Fa la la la la, la la la la
    Customers, they couldn’t ignore us
    Fa la la la la, la la la la

  27. Jonathan Hoffman

    Duvid Crockett on CifWatch: “The idiot who shouted, “Can you sing it in Ofrikons” is one Tim Horgan, an Irish-born ageing South African time-waster who is, as Richard Millett perspicaciously observes, one of the “usual mob of nothing-better-to-do’s.” He is often to be found at Israel-related events gabbling incoherently about South Africa, where he himself clearly at one time helped to prop up the apartheid regime.”

  28. Thank you very much Jonathan,

    I knew I wasn’t losing my touch, I can pick a SA accent anywhere.

  29. Follow up to Richards piece!


    Richard so pleased you caught all this!! I watched it back so many times and got so much pleasure from it.

  30. Do you know, Shirl, that some people think our own Aussie Mark Regev is South African?!
    Anyway, Richard, I couldn’t resist posting a little blog about this – with a punning title – and naturally referring back to this blog for all the details.

  31. Shirl: You have responded about everything else, while avoiding responding to my comments about your smearing by national association and how this drags the discourse down to the level of the anti Israel people. It has also caused me huge discord over the years. I invited you to read my post on this. YOu choose not to do me the courtesy of a response.

  32. Thanks Daphne, I enjoy your blog, I am subscribed to it.
    Many people don’t know an Australian accent. I think here we know, but in the UK maybe not. I am Englsih by the way..Born and bred in Stepney. I find the Kiwi one is similar in many ways to a SA one.

    AMIE, I don’t know what you want a reply to.!! I wasn’t smearing anything.

    All I know is/was that guy had a very distinct SA accent to me.
    He says very clearly “Can you sing it in Africaans?” and I am aware of the histry of SA and have had many an argument with Jewish SA friends about it about it.

  33. Shirl: You were. You are smearing every white person with South African roots as being very likely to have treated Black servants badly.
    I am referring to my comment at 9.52 a.m on 12th which I repeat below for your convenience. I strongly object to the kind of lazy attack on someone on the simplistic basis of their country of origin. Aside from the fact that I personally have been affected unjustly by this kind of thinking for most of my life- please read my post at the link below to see how and why-
    it drags you down to the same level of knee jerk discourse of the anti Israel mob who deem that to brand something or someone as Israeli is ipso facto enough to demolish Israel and automatically to hang the Nazi/racist tag around Israel’s neck.
    I wrote:
    “when he is more than likely very guilty of treating his Black workers very badly”
    This, as Jonathan says, is rubbish which distracts from the issues here. I have had to put up with this kind of rubbish for most of my life. By spouting it, you are making yourself no better than the unthinking stereotyping smear merchants in the anti Israel movement: I write of my experience of this here:

  34. As I commented on the cifwatch crosspost, the Irish man is perfectly capable of achieving his status of a-hole without benefit of any SA link.

  35. amie
    come off it
    every Brit has to live with being “smeared” of and on as “imperialist”
    every German has to live with being constantly suspected of being a closet-Nazi
    every American has to live with being constantly suspected of plotting world domination or does that apply to only the Jewish ones?
    every South-African has to live with being associated with apartheid
    every French is suspected of being all about l’amour
    and so on and so on
    so where’s the big deal?

    btw South-Africa’s official Two-Letter-Code is ZA!!!
    SA is the one for Saudi-Arabia
    why don’t you go campaigning to get that into the public conscience?

    • Thanks Silke.. I agree,

      Being an ex-Brit in Australia I have had my fair share too.

      I know what the country code is, but here and probably elsewhere in the world too, people use SA for South Africa. Like we use OZ for Australia

      • Shirl
        my proposal to campaign for the correct country-code is meant as a proposal of diverting amie’s passion and energy to something worthwhile

    • Thanks Silke ..it has given me a bit of a smile at least.

  36. Gee touchy. Won’t comment further.

    There was no offence intended.

    As I said I know many SAs and many have brought servants and nannies with them here. I have had a fair few arguments in the supermarket, when I see these people being spoken to rudely

    I am also aware that white people in SA, didn’t know any different in the main, as that was the way of life.

    I come from a very different background to most. My father was friends with the Kenyattas.

  37. Thanks, Shirl. I’m flattered. Sorry you’re being given such a hard time – you don’t deserve it.

  38. No probs Daphne!!! Heard that one lately.?

    I had intended writing to you once, but it went by the wayside..Sorry

    Hoo roo !!!!!!!!!!

  39. Silke: “where’s the big deal?” If we follow that line, then why bother to fight at all against the unthinking knee jerk conflations of American/imperialist/neocon/zionazi etc etc. Give up the uphill battle for rigourous thinking and clear distinctions and insisting on each our own humanity.
    Why constantly challenge, as I and many others do, the dismissal by STWC or JSG tendency of everything America or Britain does as motivated by colonialism/imperialism/Jewish/Zionist lobby?
    On the individual level, how often has the imperialist tag intruded in your day to day life? Less often then the SA tag in mine, I would guess. If your life and those of your children were ever under constant threat from the very regime you are now being linked with by smart alecs, you might feel a little pissed off.
    But aside from my own hang ups these things have consequences, both on the macro political and micro level of human relationships.
    If Shirl can assert, without a smidgeon of evidence that Irish man is “very likely” to have treated his black servants badly, why should anyone respect any other statements she makes, including the pro Israel ones.
    Maybe its cos I am a lawyer, that I still think insisting on some rigour in basing assertions on some foundation in truth is something worth fighting for.

  40. Silke; and the fact that you throw French=amour into the mix of otherwise toxic associations you give as examples, each of which do have consequences, just highlights the shallowness of your response.
    As those here who know me could tell you, my passion and energy is gainfully occupied without need of your facetious suggestion.

  41. amie
    I am German, born in 1942, and so what getting smeared means is familiar to me from meeting my first foreigner of the same age which must have been around 1960
    (and the kindest I met was a British lady when I was ten to do me the honour of holding a conversation with me in English teasing out all my history of maybe four or five lessons had to offer)

    There are differences to be made and “we” should give eachother some slack and no that does not diminish or invalidate our other arguments – we are not in front of a court, we are in a conversation trying to stimulate creativity, sounds pompous but that’s why I am in it.

    and no, not everything is the same, degrees do matter – if a people has a long history of murderous persecution, even if you leave out the Holocaust, a smear in their direction is much much different from my getting smeared as a Nazi.

  42. amie

    I can’t count the times I have come across that French expertise at l’amour makes them flighty inconsequential people whose opinions are not to be taken seriously. I think currently the fashion is ridiculing them for their philosophers’ lofty thinking. It is always about hitting below the waistline whether by ridicule or by slander, the effect is the same both times.

    I was most emphatically not being facetious

  43. And as my father was a Jew stranded in France as the war loomed, I am more of a French=collaborationist cheese eating surrender monkey person myself.

    Shirl if you read my post, you will see it was a British person whose foul mouthed racist anti SA tirade to me in a supermarket upset the ethnic minority staff.
    Silke: without any evidence whatsoever, i would be inclined to locate you as typical sneering dilettante Brit for whom languid sardony is the aspirational state, and for whom passion is so boring and unamusing. I am sure I am wrong, though.

  44. amie

    after having “confessed” to being German, let me confess to having slept altogether one night on British soil and none on any other Anglo speaking country

    that said you may imagine my delight at learning that you still take me for a Brit. I’d never have rated my ability to write correct English as being that high. I’ll be walking on stilts of pride at least for the rest of this month especially since the compliment is coming from a lawyer i.e. a person who should be better at language than the rest of us.

    (just to be clear, I am native German speaker living except for 2,5 years always in Germany, I had about 6 years of English at school, learned French in Paris as my first foreign language and then slowly slowly got my Anglo into shape by listening to AFN and borrowing books from US-soldiers – there were almost no English books on sale pre-Amazon – this just as an example of what love is capable of achieving;-) )

    and btw in my book nothing illustrates better that passion and amusement go very well together than the chanting and singing Israeli tourists in Richard’s marvellous videos – if they lack in passion I find it hard to detect

  45. Cheers Silke, I appreciate your taking the time to respond in the detail you did, and sharing your perspective as a German.
    I love what the Israeli singers did, and I also embrace ridicule happily, but still maintain that ridicule is only effective when it is well aimed and well targeted. Unsubstantiated playground jeers about treating servants is not only lumpen (forgive my German) but ineffectual and discredits the genre (French just for balance) of satire and ridicule.

    Anyhow, enough. As you say, time to give some slack.

  46. You must realise that what Ahava needs is less noise. When people pass, they don’t register whether the chants are pro/anti Zionist. They just hear noise instead. This damages Ahava. Further, all noise is going to anger the adjacent shops, heaping further pressure on Ahava to close (something that in all likelihood will happen sooner rather than later). Pity that people like Hoffman don’t appreciate this. He’s eating out of the palm of the boycotters’ hand by reacting to them with his infantile songs. To think that the British Zionist Federation has fallen from Chaim Weizmann to a moronic hooligan such as Hoffman makes my heart bleed. Shame on him.

    • richardmillett

      Jonathan Hoffman wasn’t even there this time. The pro-Israeli group don’t make any noise usually. What happened on Saturday was spontaneous singing for 10 minutes by twelve Israeli tourists, including calls for peace, something the anti-Israeli activists should learn from.

    • suetonius you do have a point but the people who need to take action are the police to stop this bullshit.

    • Actually, what Ahava needs, exactly what Ahava needs, is sympathisers singing Hebrew songs.

  47. the Israeli tourists’s singing was just noise?

    I am a lousy singer but love to be tolerated by a choir – would they have tolerated me joining in before giving the economy a leg-up with more spending?
    I’d bet that I might have been welcome and that they had suffered the abuse of their eardrums with grace.

    also I probably wouldn’t mind witnessing two groups vigorously shouting at eachother provided I didn’t feel threatened by it.

    what I would mind though is getting insulted by screaming imbeciles because I dare to like a shop they are against. If I had my wits upon me, I would take a mirror out of my handbag and apply Ahava to my face right in front of them admiring the effect of making me look even more ravishing than I do already.

    If Hoffman does the wrong shouting according to Suetonius I can only repeat my suspicion that Suetonius is jealous of Hoffman’s exceptionally good looks which are a delight to behold for any lady capable of discretion (no irony intended with that one)

  48. Michael Plosker

    We sadly retain a British reserve, whilst our Israeli brothers are less inhibited. It is noticeable at concerts in Israel that the audiences really know how to let their hair down. By the way Jonathan, if somebody accused me of having an affair with an attractive 19 year old I would be extremely flatterd and my wife would have a good laugh!

  49. To be frank, I don’t have a clue whether Hoffman is in a relationship with some Irish girl, and I couldn’t care less if he was.

    But he is accelerating the demise of this shop. Ask the manager of Ahava what she thinks about him. She will tell you in no uncertain terms what she thinks of Hoffman’s strategy (or should I say lack of).

    And of course, I am more than a little jealous of his good looks.

    • richardmillett

      She is very happy with Jonathan. Ahava is doing ok. Instead of worrying for Ahava I am sure there are some other really very important issues in the world today that you could be helping out with.

    • Suetonius:

      RM wrote:

      Instead of worrying for Ahava I am sure there are some other really very important issues in the world today that you could be helping out with.

      He’s right, you know Seutonius: like him you should dedicate your whole life in defense of a racist, murderous ideology, in defense of the further colonisation of ‘Judea and Samaria’, all the while claiming those who oppose it are ‘nothing-better-to-do-obsessives’ and calling yourself ‘not-a-Zionist’. And, erm… ‘journalist’! Well, he does prance around with a camera on occasion…

  50. Brilliant videos Richard.
    The look on the face of the Israel-haters was priceless.

    Life-affirming Israelis versus non-plussed hateful, death-cult supporting useful idiots.

    Remember that ‘ahava’ means ‘love’. Maybe the anti-Israel pot-faces missed out on some in their life.

    Am yisra’el chai. Shana tova to everyone.

  51. Jonathan Hoffman

    Pity that people like Hoffman don’t appreciate this. He’s eating out of the palm of the boycotters’ hand by reacting to them with his infantile songs. To think that the British Zionist Federation has fallen from Chaim Weizmann to a moronic hooligan such as Hoffman makes my heart bleed. Shame on him.

    Every time I am on the end of an ad hominem attack I am that much more convinced that I must be doing something right. The more you smear me, the happier I am. Keep it coming “Suetonius” (what a stupid poncy name…)

  52. Bruce Levy
    basic marketing rule no 1:
    get the brandname to become familiar and you sure are working hard at it

    people buy what sounds familiar – I wonder whether what has been provend again and again to work on supermarket shelves works also online, if yes Ahava sales should be booming.

    other than that – even only silently reading the words you want to match the melody grates on my nerves
    get yourself some better poets or sloganeers please!!!

    it is so pityful that even I as a non-native English speaker could easily top you

    I’m tempted to offer to lend you a hand or rather a mind but alas on principle I refuse to make money working for dubious people.

    no matter how you boo and bray
    Israel is here to stay

    (and prosper and do well and is cherished as an example of exemplary behaviour in the face of aggression by every keen on sapere aude person in the world)

  53. Get off your high horse, Hoffman. You know full well that you are doing harm to Zionism. What will you do after the next ZF elections?

  54. Jonathan Hoffman

    Keep it coming, anonymous creep with the poncy name! Every ad hom from cowardly jerks like you proves I am getting under the Hate-Israel rabble’s skin!

  55. When are the next elections JH?

  56. Jonathan Hoffman

    “When are the next elections?”

    No idea – why don’t you join the ZF and see – then you could have a genuine impact on ZF policy instead of whining from the sidelines.

    On second thoughts nothing satisfies intellectual pygmies like you more than whining from the sidelines …

  57. And here I was thinking you don’t tolerate ad hominem attacks.

  58. I don’t wish to get in a mud slinging match with you, but your tactics seem so inchoate, so lacking in direction, that I fear you are unwittingly contributing to the demise of Zionism.

    • Give it a rest, Pseudonius. Your recently discovered sympathy for Zionism rings more than a little hollow in the light of your previous pronouncements.

  59. Jonathan Hoffman

    As well being a coward, you are a verbose old fart.

    Come back when you have something constructive to say.

  60. Verbose, how so?

  61. Suetonius reminds me that Sebastian Haffner claims that Hitler’s thugs had an easy task of picking off the “left” one by one because the then “left” was more interested in finding the “right path” to combat the Hitlerites than in uniting to defeat the SA’s baton and worse wielders.

    I therefore suggest that Suetonius lines out the kind of path he wants to be taken, if it consists in nothing else than leaving the BDS-screamers at the AHAVA-shop alone, that doesn’t seem much of a strategy. In the past leaving evil-doers alone has given too many the time to effectively organise. Some have petered out because nobody could be bothered but that doesn’t seem to be the case with the “anti”yellers.

  62. It seems Jonafun Hoffman can’t get enough of behaving unbefitting of his position as co-Chair of the ZF (despair they must!)… If this guy is the poster boy of The Righteous Zionists then G-d help us all…

  63. I don’t get out much so I bought some nice toiletries and stuff from here: http://www.ahava.co.uk/index.html

  64. Richard, I miss you over at Press. Seems they now prefer the smoother but even dumber Charlie Wolf.

    Charlie’s one of those Meircans I’d like to plead with: ‘can’t you quietly go back to Amewikah? Here, I’ll even slip you a few bucks, money well spent I feel. Blow some hot air on the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ flap? Or go join the fray in the Zionist Thingy? Pah-leaease??? For peace? Or for Pete’s sake, whatever…’

  65. Is the guy in white shirt and glasses mocking Hava Nagila with pseudo-Hebrew words in clip no. 2? I thought he looked above that kind of thing.

    The Israelis have Hebrew songs, which is love. All the other lot have are slogans, which is hate.

  66. richardmillett

    Z, look at the comment at 6.10am above. That’s him, Bruce Levy. An ever present at this event.

  67. Richard
    Bruce Levy, a guy who writes such lousy non-matching lyrics to beautiful music is really below consideration, not “satisfaktionsfähig” – heck there must be a better translation than not capable of giving satisfaction or is that what the English said if a man was not gentleman enough to be worthy of fighting a duel with?
    and is he really Jewish, the last one I got “close” to who prided himself on being one turned out to have had just one grandfather and no conversion anybody had heard of.

  68. The guy with the glasses Zhakarya, is Bruce Levy.
    He is known to us as their token Jew.

    And what a token he is! Quite the cuddly toy mascot is Bruce. I believe he hails from New York.

    He was one of the group of four recently acquitted on charges of tying themselves in the shop. He is mentioned here http://www.thejc.com/news/uk-news/36704/charges-dropped-ahava-anti-israel-activists
    He comes out with the most bizarre comments always in this comments section demonstrating ignorance to make an “out of control rabid gorilla” pale in comparison (yes Bruce, your signature ignorance and moronic comments are always so clear to see, that regardless of what you call yourself, we always know it’s you)

    Self loathing does not even begin to describe it.
    Loathes himself, loathes my friends and family, loathes Israel, loathes you, loathes me.

    Loves all things keffiaish though, don’t you Brucie?

    You can see it in his posture. He is a little hunched over if you look (he is the one in the clip spluttering to show his unwashed stinkies that he also knows that little Jew song and he can change the words all by himself! Clever boy is Bruce). Yes he hunches over and does not walk and stand tall. The self loathing and lack of confidence is there in the body language. He never engages with the public and NEVER ventures out alone to talk the public handing out fliers like some of his other stinkies do. He will only be sandwiched in between the haters and chanting like a monkey (oooh, how racist scum am I?!). This is because he does not have confidence and could not point to the West Bank on a map even if it was flashing red. Bruce doesn’t do debate! Monkey chanting yes. Debate no.

    Bruce is not content to just stand there and chant little horrors with his stinkies. Oh no. Bruce is always willing to go the extra mile to show them just how much he is willing to hate Israel. Shouting at the Israeli tourists in the clip repetitively “racist scum” for singing and dancing about love and joy. I believe this is what we call in psychology “Projection” (Bruce ignore the long words for now dear)

    I have detected early on with him alarming attention seeking tactics. I suspect he was a little ignored as a child and still craves attention today. He seems to be willing to do anything to get it.

    He also is a little competitive with his stinkies. Whilst he is not the leader type, he always wants to demonstrate that he is an obedient little demonstrator and he tries to innovate.
    He has painted the Israeli flag red all by himself! Blue Peter eat your heart out! And he once woke up very early at around 5am to make it early to Westminster with his stinky friends and a toy boat. Don’t worry if you’re confused, we’re not too clear on that one but at least he shows willing! A toy boat I tell you!

    I suppose as he dedicates so much time to hating his own people and demonising Israel, he doesn’t work much and probably can’t afford therapy. Therapy is very much needed. (Bruce if you’re reading this is what you might call a “shrink” in the states, I don’t want to use the longer word so not to confuse you)

    If anyone has time for fundraising out there reading this, you may want to launch a campaign of raising money to afford Bruce the ability to go into therapy to help him understand his anger and aggression towards himself and his people.
    We can call it “The Bruce Loathing Appeal”
    Any takers?

  69. Pingback: Peace and love in Covent Garden « Ray Cook

  70. Gert, why don’t you go back to Waffle land?


  71. therapy for Bruce sounds like a good idea but we should think of the poor therapist who’ll have to wade through the muck.

    Much better to have Bruce try Eliza – this is only Wikipedia’s take on it but last time I looked the original Eliza was still online somewhere. With the info Wiki provides it should be easy to google even for somebody as challenged as Bruce. And I think a poet so lousy that it amounts almost to excellence would not content himself with anything less than an original.

    Alternatively of course I can offer talks with Mommie me – if Richard opens an extra thread for it I promise to be willing to dip deep and thoroughly in Bruce’s needy soul and help him to find out what his real longings are, I am a specialist in helping people find their innermost secret wishes (ask my lovers of times gone by they all got starry eyed). And I don’t tell and I am sure that everybody else on this blog will have the decency not to peak.

  72. What is the matter with you all?

    I have grown to expect the kind of behaviour that is exhibited here, on other forums. This is disgraceful

    How about a discussion without insults? Who the heck cares what a person’s screen name is just for one example?

    What is the matter with Britain.?

    This BDS nonsense started here in Australia a few months ago. However they are being carefully watched by the Federal Police and are not permitted to stop and harass , blockade etc.

    As stated earlier we have a skin care company in Australia called “Secret” They don’t have shops, just small retail “islands” in the aisles in shopping centre.

    The funny thing is that they think it’s an Israeli company. I did some research in the Business Names Registry and checked out the web site.

    The owner is Jewish, but it’s an Australian owned company, having its products made in Israel.

    This was their 2nd attempt at “demonstrating”

    Please give it a thumbs down if you watch it

  73. this is the European site of Seacret where one can shop for their stuff

  74. Shirl in Oz.

    I make no apology for insulting a person who contributes to the killing of my people and the demonization and destruction of my country. Look, he is even attempting to demonize one of our beautiful, uplifting and soul soaring signiture songs. How disgustingly gut wrenching.

    I do insults, I do comedy, I do debate, I do ridicule, I do the friendly approach, the unfriendly approach, the helpful approach.
    And much more.

    I tend to find it is far better than the Ostrich approach adopted by the majority of British Jewry.

    Are you also on the front line with these campaigns? What is your first hand experience of the people on the other side? How do you deal with them face to face?

    (BTW I also felt others were a little harsh with you earlier. Glad that’s over!)

  75. Rutytutty
    Love it – you are spot on about Brucie!

  76. Rutytutty
    Spot on about Brucie!

  77. ******I tend to find it is far better than the Ostrich approach adopted by the majority of British Jewry. *****

    I agree there 100%, being an ex-pat. In Australia we are much more pro-active and community minded
    Lowest rate of intermarriage
    Highest rate of people making Aliyah
    70% of Jewish children attend Jewish day school

    I wish I could get more youngsters involved though. No one seems to have heard of the JIDF. (With which I am involved)

    I did speak to a young person in shul on Roshashona, who is very involved with the youth group Hineni. I also managed to write my email address for her, one row behind the rebbetzin!!

    ****Are you also on the front line with these campaigns? What is your first hand experience of the people on the other side? How do you deal with them face to face? *****

    INVOLVED ??? ME ????

    I sure am, to a great extent, which I can’t broadcast. If I could pass on my address in private I would.

    ****I also felt others were a little harsh with you earlier****

    No big deal, but thanks. She was RATHER over the top and I stand by what I said.

  78. Shirl you sound like my kind of girl!
    And i did not know those statistics for the Jewish community! Very good.
    We are on a similar mission with getting the youth involved. Had a very good result on Saturday will tell you about.
    Totally agree re disclosure on here, I have asked Richard to send you my email address off blog.
    lila tov.

  79. Great thanks

  80. Jonathan are there really elections coming up or is he talking s**t?

    Can you let me have details so I can make sure that we vote for you (all my family)

    I am in the privliged position of knowing hundreds of my contacts and no doubt hundreds of their contacts who would like to vote for you and ensure you stay in this position.

    I’ll email you for details and get the word out.

    Why didn’t you bloody mention it before!?

    We’re right behind you! Keep up the great work.


  81. @rutytutty: With a name like that, it’s hard to take you seriously. Thanks for your amusing commentary, I’ve never laughed so hard in my life! You’re just showing yourself up.

    I shall never refrain from the struggle until there is peace with justice – as well as equality for both Palestinans and Israelis

    Zionists like you make our job that much easier. Thanks!

    • ‘Zionists like you make our job that much easier. Thanks!’

      Well, if you’re happy, I’m happy 🙂

    • I have found Brucie, that even when I call myself Rutytuttyfruity, I can be taken very seriously indeed.

      Brucie as you go through life you will find, that if you have substance and can put forward a good honest debate, you will be taken seriously regardless of what you call yourself. You could even call yourself Bruce The Fruitcake and it would not matter.

      Good debate vs incoherent monkey chanting?

      I know what you always choose Brucie but for me, debate reigns supreme every time.

      Whilst I can’t take back anything I said as you and I know that I have hit a nerve there (your response confirms it) I can apologise for embarrassing you in a public forum. I would be lying if I said I did not mean to embarrass you. I did mean it. But still, embarrassment is never pleasant. All I can do is wish you a full and swift recovery for your condition and say a silent prayer to Hashem for you. I promise to do this for you.

      After all Bruce, I, unlike you love and do not hate my people.
      I, unlike you Bruce, have anger and passion for my people but no hatred.

      If you had any insight (which you don’t, you’re blocked), you will acknowledge that it was very wrong to scream “racist scum” at those lovely bubbly singing tourists singing songs of peace. They did nothing wrong to you and you do not know them.

      Why do you think you get so upset when Israelis talk/sing of peace? Is war more exciting for you? I don’t get it. Can’t you find something less destructive that floats your toy boat other than war? Instead of war mongering Brucie, can’t you maybe go and build an orphanage somewhere?

      I know that’s not very sexy, does not involve chanting and is therefore pretty boring but hopefully you’ll at least think about it?

      I am afraid I will be unable to apologise for letting you know that your behaviour towards the tourists was shockingly racist. You behaved like a barbaric-foaming-at-the-mouth numbskull skinhead. It doesn’t suit you. It appears that you are trying to create a persona that is not yours. I would put it to you that your desperation for acceptance and admiration in your group is what pushes you to take such extreme measures. Also because on some levels you know that you are the token Jew that is paraded around like a lucky mascot, you know you have to work harder than others for their acceptance. Desperation is so unattractive but like I said, I will pray for you.

      Please think about your behaviour over Yom Kippour.
      I cannot urge you enough to seek therapy for your own well being. There are some excellent therapists out there.
      Gmar Hatima tova lecha.

  82. Oh yes, if you’re that keen on taking up a collection for me, rest assured we’ll put the money to good use and buy another ‘toy boat’, as well as some red paint.

  83. September 13, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Suetonius introduces himself with a childish personal attack on Jonathan Hoffman.

    “To think that the British Zionist Federation has fallen from Chaim Weizmann to a moronic hooligan such as Hoffman makes my heart bleed. Shame on him.”

    September 13, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Jonathan replies, giving the wanker a taste of his own medicine. It transpires that our friend likes to dish it out, but has something of a glass jaw. He has a bit of a cry and whines:

    “And here I was thinking you don’t tolerate ad hominem attacks (sob sob).”

    September 13, 2010 at 3:43 pm

    Twelve minutes later Suetonius attempts to have his cake and eat it:

    “I don’t wish to get in a mud slinging match with you, but…:

    To say pathetic would be totally unfair to all the pathetic creatures shouting slogans outside Ahava.

    To think that the anti-Semitism has fallen from Joseph Goebbels and Ayatollah Khomeini to the likes of Suetonius. Shame on him.

  84. @ruttytutty
    email me offline, thru facebook or via ZF

  85. richardmillett

    Bruce, why be so ideologically driven? Why shout “racist scum” at people just because they are Israeli? “Peace with justice”, which is what we all want, will only come about via a two state solution, not the one state that you are after.

  86. Bruce
    claims to have a sense of humour
    and proves to be good at parroting pompous slogans –

    I shall never refrain from the struggle until there is peace with justice

    WOW – I am impressed, such nobility, such high-mindedness, such otherworldliness

    and then goes and spoils it all by feeling the need to explain …

    as well as equality for both Palestinans and Israelis

    poor sod, he deserves pity (but no mercy)

  87. Shirl: what is it exactly that you stand by in what you said? That its OK to make evidence- free gibes solely on the basis of the stereotype of the target’s alleged country of origin? Do you still not see how this puts you on the same level of the evidence- free gibes of the anti Israel mob who make assertions on the basis of their baseless preconceptions?

    I have no problem with gibes or ridicule which is well targeted: In fact unlike you, it turns out that Duvid Crockett on this crosspost at http://cifwatch.com/2010/09/12/ahava-london-911-2010/#comment-32612
    has good grounds for his apartheid gibe at Irish man Tim: see his comment there at 6.15pm 13th Sept and my response.

  88. zkharya:

    The Israelis have Hebrew songs, which is love. All the other lot have are slogans, which is hate.

    Welcome to Zak’s wonderfully Manichean world…


    Haven’t you got some burgers to flip? Don’t forget the relish!


    Bruce, why be so ideologically driven?

    Writes the man who’d gladly have these demos made illegal if he could. RM: not an ideologue, oh no! Not even a Zionist (he just runs a Zionist cesspit by accident!)

  89. rutytutty, your long blog was wonderful! Very enjoyable.
    Richard, could you please give the e-mail addy I use here to Shirl in Oz – tell her it’s from Daphne. Many thanks.

  90. Ruttytutty et al re: what animates “assagjews” like Bruce (I am thinking in particular of Canada’s own Naomi Klein, who ran to commiserate with the citizens of Gaza after Cast Lead, but never once set foot in Sderot or Ashkelon to visit the Jewish refugees from Morocco and other Islamic nations who were on the receiving end of Hamas’s bombardment)

    One upon a time, Jews “one upped” each other via the way they expressed their religious devotion/observance. In our secular age, this has given away to the expressing of certain moral superiority, which turns a complete blind eye to one side of the grievance, ostensibly in favour of the other, without a whit of understanding of how damaging it is to the Palestinians to relieve them of any agency for any wrongs they have committed.

    The Bruces of the Jewish world see the Palestinians as the “righteous oppressed” and any act of wrong is “contextualized” by a presumption of greater wrong on the part of Israeli Jews. And by siding with the “righteous oppressed”, he manages to validate any sense of victimhood he believes himself to have suffered.

    • @Lynne totally agree with every word.
      Their Naqba day (or whatever it’s called?) epitomises it all perfectly. It’s a celebration of self-labelled victimhood.
      Oh the oxymoron of celebrating victimhood! Do they not get it?!

      And very interesting to look at how it has evolved in this secular age. Very good food for thought.

  91. how damaging it is to the Palestinians to relieve them of any agency for any wrongs they have committed.

    Lynne it is not only damaging it is RACISM pure and simple and unadulterated. Sylvia who is commenting at Yaacov Lozowick says the first source for this take on their patronizing insufferably snobbish behaviour towards their protectees is found in Franz Fanon – think of that.

  92. It is exceptionally fitting that the Anti-Israel Crowd would be against Ahava.

    (for those who do not speak any Hebrew, Ahava means LOVE.)

    They are against Ahava indeed!

  93. Is Bruce the little porky one?

  94. I’d bet on the anemic tall one with the saintly half-smile in his face

    one must understand these guys

    without subscribing to her heinous world view they would have had a chance to spend time with such a smashing looking woman.

  95. In response to Bruce Levy on September 14, 2010 at 1:03 am:
    Who said … “”@rutytutty: With a name like that, it’s hard to take you seriously.””

    ……….well Brucy baby. I for one, feel very sorry for you, if you get your kicks out of life, by being rude to people,. Truly pathetic

    What a sad person and what a sad life.

    After all as Shakespeare said

    “”What’s in a name?””

  96. Daniel was right Silke.

    For the record that is his words of description not mine.

    I’m just going on the assumption that Daniel is not referring to the darker one (yes chill out, I am totally racist or whatever you wanna call it) nor the tall pale one.

    Nor the girl for that matter.

  97. “For the record those are his words of description not mine.” – Rutytutty
    Are you denying his porkiness?

    Shirl In Oz,

    I understand that you’re “on my team” and therefore I shouldn’t challenge anything you’ve said, however, I’ve never been a great fan of the fake pity for one’s opponent, as in:

    “…well Brucy baby. I for one, feel very sorry for you, if you get your kicks out of life, by being rude..”

    You don’t really feel sorry for Bruce and certainly not very sorry. The “I feel sorry for you bit” was to make him feel pathetic, but just in case he had still missed the point you then added, “Truly pathetic.” Then on the off chance that anyone had not yet picked up on the sorry that were feeling for Bruce you concluded with:

    “What a sad person and what a sad life.”

    I would just advise you to leave something for the readers’ imagination. Let them infer a bit.

    Finally, I do think that we should be more polite and less agressive towards these kinds of people, otherwise they’ll go away. I’ve always believed that one on one is a fair fight. If you see a Zionist arguing with an anti-Zionist and he/she seems to be holding his own, leave them alone.

  98. Daniel, sorry you saw it as “fake pity” I saw it as sarcasm, but I will heed your words in the future.

    Must be all the years being “upside down ” !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. The fat guy is not South African ( I am South African). He says can you sing that in Afrikaans (pronouncing it incorrectly) as he is trying to portray Israel as Apartheid S.A.

  100. Bruce, I note your admission of your little slip regarding the red paint used on the recent attack on the Ahava shop and I will be forwarding the evidence given here to the police.

    Maybe the ISM and their loyal subjects are due a raid by the police Brucie?

    I guess from your perspective the damage you caused to Ahava of tying yourself up in the shop like a little gimp, is no different to throwing red paint at the shop eh? Well, if I enter into the mind of someone involved in such activity like you, then I guess it makes sense to me.

    So you guys are into buying red paint are you….? Is that what the International Shitty Movement use their funds for? Very very interesting Brucie.

  101. Daniel, Yom Kippour is coming up and I have enough to atone for without you adding to the list and forcing my position to say something or agree with something that I shouldn’t.
    You can’t make me. So there.

  102. Rutytutty (or can I call you just Ruty?)

    As is invariably the case with the very best of your postings, I have no idea what you are talking about, but have no doubt that you are right. That is just one of the wonderful things about having a friend like me.

    If I have said or done anything to offend anybody on Richard Millet’s excellent blog, (particularly the porky, little, self-hating scum in the photo) I apologize most profusely and wish everyone a good final signing (or sealing)

    G’mar Hatima Tova!

  103. It would seem someone else got there before me regarding praying for the self loathing brigade this Yom Kippour.

    Read from paragraph 14.


    At least Brucie can know that I am not the only one who will pray for him. Apparently there are others.

  104. I know I shouldn’t but I could not help myself.

    If the singing and dancing in Richards clips choked them as it did, then they’d have no chance of survival watching this youtube clip! Far far too much happiness and joy for them to handle.


    Everyone else Gmar Hatima tova and enjoy the clip.

  105. My goodness, this video is sure making its way around the world

    Two Hispanic families singing a Jewish song, great.