Hezbollah supporters marching through London tomorrow

Hezbollah flag (gun included) - to be paraded through London tomorrow

Hezbollah flag (gun included) - to be paraded through London tomorrow

Ever noticed how many campaigns against the Jewish state commence on Jewish holy days? Examples:

Yom Kippur 1973 – Egypt attacks Israel.

Saturday (Shabbat) 8th May 2008
– Thousands of people marched through the streets of London calling for an end to the siege on Gaza, the right of return for Palestinians and an end to Israel’s occupation.

Every other Saturday 2009/2010 – The now infamous demonstrations outside the Jewish Israeli owned Ahava shop in London’s Covent Garden.

Saturday (Shabbat and Yom Kippur) 18th September 2010 – A new overland convoy, Viva Palestina 5 – a global lifeline to Gaza, is leaving for Gaza from London.

Saturday 4th September 2010 – Al Quds Day
. As the website says: “Every year Muslims and non-Muslims from different walks of life unite under the banner of Quds Day to show their solidarity with the oppressed of the world and in particular the suffering people of Palestine. Founded by the late Imam Khomeini, it is an event that symbolizes the undying spirit to eradicate injustice around the world.”

So, Al Quds Day, brought to you by the Iranian regime that wants to show “solidarity with the oppressed of the world” and “eradicate injustice around the world” while executing thousands of its own citizens every year for such “crimes” as committing adultery (women only though), being gay and, of course, disagreeing with the general policies of the Ahmadinejad/Khamenei regime.

As ever Hezbollah and Hamas flags will be paraded in London along with the now ubiquitous “We are all Hezbollah” and “We are all Hamas” banners and this just a few days after four innocent people, including a pregnant woman, were slaughtered by Hamas near Hebron.

The public statements of Sheikh Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, are well known. Jews are descended from pigs and apes being one while another is if Jews all gathered in Israel it would save the problem of going after them worldwide.

And so go after them worldwide they did.

In 1992 Hezbollah blew up the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires killing 29 people.

And in 1994 Hezbollah blew up the Jewish community centre contained in the AMIA building in the same city killing another 85 people.

Argentina has warrants out for the arrest of the suspects who are all now fully protected in Iran, which instigated both attacks.

So while tomorrow’s Al Quds day march is taking place Londoners should hold their noses tight as the stench of hypocrisy reeks across the capital.

Meanwhile, it would be nice if anti-Israel demonstrations could sometimes take place on a Sunday so Britain’s 280,000 Jews could at least come out en masse for once to tell the protesters what they think of them.

And in case you missed it here for your delectation is a clip of last year’s Hezbollah/Hamas Al Quds Day London love-in:

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  1. Jonathan Hoffman


    Of course the PSC is promoting this Israel hatefest completely unashamedly

  2. Hi Richard,

    With your legal background this should prove most interesting. The Irish Defence Review-An Cosantoir- today launched its latest Journal at McKee Barracks in Dublin. The Irish Army Chief of Staff, General Sean McCann attended.

    In his paper Col.Travers has reviewed the submissions made since the publication of the Goldstone Report and is adamant that war crimes were committed. He focuses on the Dahiya Doctrine and names Generals Amos Yadlin and Gabi Eisenkott in connection with this.

    It is only a matter of time now before we hear the squealing of Dore Gold and his lackies from the Jerusalem Centre for Public Affairs.

    Know any good hotels in the Hague!?


    • richardmillett

      Thanks, Inky_Flag, I think everyone has Travers’ number by now. He would be demolished in cross examination in 5 minutes. It would be fun to watch also, so I’d happily book a hotel so I’m there to see it (and blog it of course).

  3. Last night Press TV (that heroic distiller of truth) broadcast to the voiceless George Galloway’s live program “Comment” .
    During his one hour rant George let it be known that last year at the London Al Quds Rally “extreme Zionists” Linked arms in solidarity with the EDL who he claimed flew British flags in public but Nazi flags at home. Is it not time George won the Hugo award for best fantasy.

  4. You Zionists will get what’s coming you you!

  5. “You Zionists will get what’s coming you you!”

    Gosh, I sure hope we do–it’s about time we got some peace and quiet.

  6. just subscribing

  7. ‘Ever noticed how many campaigns against the Jewish state commence on Jewish holy days?’

    Err how about because it’s the weekend and people generally have the day off. I suppose you could always arrange another demo the day after?

  8. Stanley Victory

    I saw the terrorist rally today in Grosvenor Square. They flew a verbal plane into the American Embassy with all of their hate. What makes it sad also is that it was families, small children, mothers, all there waving their terrorist Hamas and Hezbullah flags. A fun day out for the family calling for the death of Jews. Also there to lend their support were the useful idiot communists and a few other granola munchers.
    When the embarrassing joke of a journalist Yvonne Ridley got up on the stage, she cheered for Hamas and Hezbullah and the crowd cheered with her following with shouts of alahu akbar!
    Has she not crossed the line into treason?
    They also chanted their usual “from the river…” chant.
    One by one the speakers got on stage and took a giant s**t on Israel.
    This happens on the streets of London and no-one does anything. This is beyond protest, they are openly supporting terror and murder.
    Today London should hang it’s head in shame as it bends over and takes it from the islamofascists yet again

  9. What I find most disturbing is that the media just won’t show this stuff going on. This is just as offensive as an Islamist parade through Wooton-Bassett and it’s going unreported. Hamas & Hezbollah are enemies of the UK. What a bloody muddle and what a bunch of misguided fools, marching happily to support people that would enslave them.

    Do no journos read Richard’s Blog? Come on guys, what gives?

  10. Stanley,
    You omit to mention the large number of Rabbis who were present to support al Quds Day which is a day where everyone is asked to stand up for the oppressed across the world, whoever they may be. This is not a hate fest at all.
    The only hate element I saw was a rather bizarre group of individuals coralled in to a pen by police comprising of EDL supporters, a couple of Israeli flag-wavers spewing anti-Iranian rhetoric and some football hooligans … very strange bedfellows indeed. Birds of a feather and all that.
    As for accusing me of treason – you really are a very silly, silly little man. BTW Stanley, I was rather confused when I did see you – were you with the EDL or the pro-Shah supporters?
    Kind regards, peace, shalom, salaams – Yvonne

  11. ” A fun day out for the family calling for the death of Jews.”

    I have no doubt that the response of the Anglo-Jewish establishment will be swift and terrible. Those Hamas and Hezbullah supporters have already earned my pity. Do they have any idea what they are up against?

    Thank heavens that at times like this we have the Zionist Federation!

    When I ask my Jewish acquaintances in England why they stay behind in the galut, rather than make aliyah, I’m often told that only thus can Israel’s interests and those of the Jewish people be defended overseas.

    Now we’re really going to see some serious ass-kicking!

  12. @ Yvonne “You omit to mention the large number of Rabbis who were present to support al Quds Day”
    By Large amount of Rabbis i assume you are referring to Neturei Karta -please give us all a break.
    Even among Charedi, or ultra-Orthodox circles, the Neturei Karta are regarded as a wild fringe ” loony tunes”there split into two distinct groups, a larger and more moderate faction led by Rabbi Zelig Reuven Katzenellenbogen, and a smaller and more radical faction led by Rabbi Moshe Hirsch in Jerusalem and by Rabbi Yisroel Dovid Weiss and Rabbi Moshe Ber Beck in New York. The latter branch, though it is significantly smaller than the more moderate branch, is more widely known and often referenced to as “Neturei Karta” about 100 members of the community take part in anti-Israel activism going on marches like Quds Day and other anti-Israel Demos. There the Jewish version of
    Anjem Choudary’s Islam4UK

  13. @ Yvonne Ridley

    You neglect to mention that the Rabbis belong to the Holocaust denying movement Neturei Karta, who were walking alongside supporters of Hamas, Hezbollah and other terror groups. If there were ever strange bedfellows it would be that.

    And speaking of Holocaust denial, how is that you can work for the propaganda arm of a nation that has state endorsed Holocaust Denial and supports the liquidation of the Jewish state? How dare you come on this forum and express your indignation. Shame on you.

  14. Jonathan Hoffman

    They are not “Rabbis”
    Not every Jew who wears a black coat and has a beard is a “Rabbi”
    Ramadan mubarak, salaam

  15. Stanley Victory

    You are a traitor to your own country and you should be tried for treason. You looked ridiculous up there in your Halloween costume. You are lucky that you live in a place where those you hate fight for your freedom.
    Your little hate fest was just your own lot preaching to yourselves as you always do while the rest of London just walks idly by.
    As for the “large” number of rabbis, they were actually quite small and they are a tiny fringe radical group who have no part of the Jewish community. Not worth a mention. You lot always like to big up your numbers.

  16. Yvonne Ridley ‘You omit to mention the large number of Rabbis who were present to support al Quds Day which is a day where everyone is asked to stand up for the oppressed across the world, whoever they may be. This is not a hate fest at all’.

    How wonderful Yvonne. The BBC states that upwards of 350,000 people, men, women and children, have lost their lives in Darfur over the last 5 years. Were you standing up for those truly oppressed people too or do only things relating to the one Jewish Zionist Democratic state ‘concern’ you.

    You should hang your head in shame and admit to yourself what you really are.

  17. Jonathan Hoffman

    Aron Cohen has never taken Semicha from a recognised body. The anti-Zionists call him “Rabbi” and he never denies it.

    That behaviour speaks volumes

  18. Hello Tiddley Ridley.

    Why do you always quote the rent-a-Jew brigade, as if they legitimise whatever hate fest you tag along to?

    Hawkeye, Jonathan, don’t expect her to answer intelligibly. She’s too far gone and is basking the specious celebrity given her by her hatred of Israel and its Jews and her questionable alliances with terror supporters.

    And Clap, that’s a fair question – of anyone other than Tiddley. Again, she is too far gone, too obsessed to view anything else than hatred of Israel and its Jews as being remotely important. In other words she, and Booth and so many others, are hypocrites of the first order.

    Tell us, Tiddley, what do you think of Nasrallah’s statement about getting all the Jews together in Israel so that they can be more easily wiped out? I expect you agree with it, being a supporter of Hezbollah and all.

  19. Yvonne Ridley speaks the truth. You Zios, should stop being so ignorant. To JH: You should know that many of the “Rabbis” ordained by so-called “recognised bodies” are some of the biggest fakes, phonies and frauds who promote ideologies, such as Zionism, that are against the teachings of Judiasm. Rabbi Cohen has a conscience, which is a lot more than I can say for many people who call themselves religious.

  20. @Daniel Marks – no one called for ‘death of Jews’ least of all the many jewish people and their welcome organisations who turned up and marched alongside everyone else.
    @ Stanley – my Hallowe’en costume? I’m sure the manufacturers of Barbour jackets will be quite amused by the description. I assume Stanley you are referring to my hijab … oh dear, sounds like Islamaphobia to me.
    @ Clap Hammer – I only deal in facts and I suggest you do the same with regards Darfour (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6951672.stm). Wild exaggeration undermines your whole argument. To quote Stanley “don’t big up the argument”.
    What I do find amusing is there are more of you who chose to respond to my little email than bothered to turn up to the event to protest … assuming that is you don’t want me to lump you along side the EDL.
    @ Hawkeye, I’ve never been a Holocaust denier – and if Richard Millett does not want me taking part in this forum he can always pull the plug. perhaps you don’t like debates and prefer a one-sided narrative.
    @ Jonathan – I’m glad your a columnist and not a journalist because there’s no excuse for your shoddy reporting. You did not interrupt a broadcast but we do have a full account of our exchange and I’m afraid in your report J you’ve been a tad selective. I did not say Neda was “just one person” what I asked you J was why don’t you mention the names of the other 50 or so who were killed in the violent riots in Tehran? Neda was undoubtedly beautiful and captivating and extremely photogenic but that does not make the life of the others worth anything less. Shame on you for being so shallow.

  21. @ Jonathan -Ahron Cohen states that the holocaust did indeed occur At the “Holocaust denial” conference in Iran he stated that millions did die in gas chambers “but that they may have deserved it.”
    A charming man this so called Rabbi.

  22. Stanley Victory

    I see you pull the islamaphobia card. If you are the representation of islam, then maybe there is a good reason for the phobia

  23. @ Stanley – well what were you referring to re hallowe’en costume? I was making an observation – please answer the question and then we can all understand what it was about my dress that prompted your ridicule. I apologise unreservedly if it had nothing to do with my hijab.

  24. I’ve googled Yvonne and have a question:

    the colourful headgears she wears, are those called a hijab in the UK. In my country they’d be called a either a headscarf or a turban or a combination of both and they remind me vividly of that adventurous 19th century British?traveller who dressed as a man but remained quite a woman underneath. I can’t remember her name, something like Isabella … or so. I seem to remember that that Isabella preferred them rather young.

  25. Why not keep our comments civil and on topic?
    Yvonne is polite and is debating the issues.
    i for one want to hear what she has to say even if i disagree with her views.
    Can we not debate the issues without the need to resort to insults ?

    • It’s par for the course here Micheal.

      • @ mostly harmless “It’s par for the course here Michael.”
        May be it is -however i sometimes think that resorting to insults suggests our argument is weak. It also gives the other person ammunition to bad mouth us

    • Michael, I’ll come clean I would be of the ‘them’ variety! Nonetheless I agree with your point regarding insults, it does shows the argument is weak, whichever ‘side’ you are on.

      It was an opportunity missed to engage with Yvonne, I think if the exchanges had been more civil, she would have hung around for longer.

  26. As to Yvonne’s politeness I’d suggest a re-reading of Jane Austen’s Emma – as far as I remember Mr Knightley had a lot to say about it and by those standards Yvonne doesn’t quite qualify. She is good as pushing the boundaries so I show her that others can do it too.

    As to the debate, I at least have read a lot of comment threads waiting to witness an “open visor” style “serious discussion” – it never materialised. Whenever a pro-Israel-one entered into it all he/she achieved was opening the chute to have dreck of half, quarter, one eight, one-sixteenth lies and insinuations spilled out.

  27. Stanley Victory

    Yes, what I was referring to was a white British born woman (I suppose now you will pull the race card, I myself not white) wearing the clothes of a Middle Eastern woman. It looks silly on you and just makes you appear to be taking your appeasement a bit too far

  28. @ Stanley – I was wearing a Barbour jacket, a pair of Armani trousers and some shoes from Russell & Bromley … now that you know my shopping secrets I think we can all agree these are not the traditional or cultural clothes of a Middle East woman. So once again Stanley, what prompted you to ridicule my dress? Let me make it easy for you – using my powers of deduction it must have been my hijab. You have exposed your own prejudices to one and all, so let’s move on.
    Kind regards as ever – I have to leave now, but thank you for giving me the chance to talk. Salaams, shalom, peace.

  29. Ms. Ridley – Even you must know that Hamas and Hizbollah are dedicated to murdering as many Jews as possible – and please don’t bother pulling the ‘resistance’ card here – there are no Israelis either in Gaza or Lebanon and neither confine their aspirations to the Middle East.
    Do you think it moral to support such organisations which perpetuate and glorify violence in their campaign for ‘Greater Palestine’?
    Do you subscribe to the Islamist imperialist idea of the Caliphate which these organisations seek to advance on behalf of their Iranian funders?
    Do you support the idea of Israel being annihilated and the creation in its place of yet another colonial Muslim majority state?

  30. @Yvonne Ridley

    “Hawkeye, I’ve never been a Holocaust denier”

    If thats the case, do you unreservedly condemn the Holocaust denying conference sponsored by Iran in 2006 at which “Rabbi” Aaron Cohen and Ahmadinejad were present? Yes/No answer please Yvonne.


  31. @Yvonne Ridley

    “Hawkeye, I’ve never been a Holocaust denier”

    How interesting Yvonne. You claim not to be a Holocaust denier yet you engage in Holocaust inversion in this article.

    And since I assume you to be completely ignorant about Holocaust inversion here’s how Manfred Gerstenfeld, one of the most preeminent experts in antisemitism, describes it:
    “Another manifestation of Holocaust inversion is comparing the situation of the Palestinians to that of the Jews in concentration camps.”

    Holocaust inversion is a form of Holocaust denial Yvonne – its not just about the numbers – its about distorting history which is what you did in the article above. What disgusting antisemitism. Shame on you.

  32. Yeah, these people are scum, but we allow them to let off steam. Better than feeding their persecution complex and letting them turn into a far greater threat. And having seen their soaring intellects in action, I’m not too worried tbh.

  33. @”my conscience” – what????????????????
    Tiddley Ridley no they are not, are they? You’ll be for stoning once the black flag flies over Downing Street, won’t you? Why aren’t you dressed more appropriately and covering your face in solidarity with your Muslim sisters? Why are you still so attached to western excesses or is this part of the Islamist massage of their image? (Thinks: No, even they wouldn’t be so stupid as to enlist the help of someone with your credentials).

    And Tiddley Ridley, I think we all know (except you apparently) that Stanley is ridiculing YOU and quite rightly too. You are a hypocrite like so many of the people you associate with. And you are the stuff of which satire against Islamism is made and you are about as much use to its message as a fish on a bicycle is.

    And I see you can’t stand criticism either. Ho hum. Well done everyone, you’ve seen her off! (I’ll bet she can’t answer your questions Hawkeye).

  34. “What concerns me now is the genocide of 1.4 million Palestinian men, women and children who are unfortunate enough to live in the world’s largest, open air prison known as Gaza.” says Yvonne Ridley in the article she links to above.

    OMIGOD Genocide? When did that happen? As far as I know the population of Gaza is growing at a rate of about 3000 per month. If that is genocide then we need to find a new name for what Hitler’s Germany accomplished with the Holocaust – let us accept that you don’t really understand the meaning of what you said and continue.

    ‘Open air prison’ is another misnomer I’m afraid, since in Gaza the guards live among the prisoners and the prisoners and guards are armed and very dangerous and attack innocent civilians who live within their dire reach. They also have a free exit to a friendly country called Egypt whose inhabitants live a much more financially restricted life than those in the ‘open air prison’. The kind of fiction that you buy into Ms Ridley is very odd and takes quite a bit of acrobatic thinking to accept. I wonder why you find it worth your while, indeed.

  35. Tiddley, see my comment about not wanting to be associated with people who support terrorists. That is why I wouldn’t go anywhere near you unless to protest against you.

    Pray tell, why should any intelligent person give a monkeys what you think of them? You couldn’t carry an argument in a bucket, could you, and you associate with very dodgy people. If some like you began to value what I think I would be very uncomfortable indeed.

  36. The “We are Hamas” banners are particularly telling. Hamas after all have just ordered the murder of four Jews (one a pregnant woman) and have hailed the murderers themsleves as “heroes”.

    It is these racist murdering bastards that Yvonne Ridley proudly associates herself with. When we see Muslims and their fellow travellers gloating over the bodies of dead Jews, is it any wonder that ordinary decent folk are disgusted by their brutal inhumanity? And is it any surprise that Islamophobia is on the increase in the general population?

  37. Yvonne Ridley – ‘ I only deal in facts and I suggest you do the same with regards Darfur (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/6951672.stm). Wild exaggeration undermines your whole argument.’

    OK. The figure I used was from the pro democracy BBC and your link moots a figure of 200,000. (Whats in 150,000 dead?)

    So the question still stands. Have you involved yourself in opposition to the Sudanese Government concerning the huge slaughter going on in Darfur? Or, once again I ask, is your only interest in trying to denigrate the one Jewish Zionist democratic state in the Middle east? The one state where all its citizens are equal before the law, where women are equal and homosexuality is not illegal. Bearing in mind the above, why are you not agitating for the President of Sudan to be brought before an international tribunal because of the very large number of deaths in Darfur. (Or do you accept the Sudanese government number of 9,000). Whichever figure you accept, the 9,000 figure far outstrips the total number of people killed in the I/P conflict since 1967.

    Are you lulled by the fact that Muslims are killing Muslims in Darfur? There are those Muslims who accept this without outrage. The outrage only appears when Muslims are killed by non Muslims. For whatever reason. Even if the Muslims are terrorists, murderers, women killers. It doesn’t matter to this type of Muslim. What, to them is unacceptable is that non Muslims are killing Muslims.

    Hafez Assad killed 20,000 of his own population in the 70s. Doesn’t this concern you?

  38. Yvonne, you write: “The only hate element I saw was a rather bizarre group of individuals coralled in to a pen by police comprising of EDL supporters, a couple of Israeli flag-wavers spewing anti-Iranian rhetoric …”
    I assume Press TV pays you handsomely to spout Ahmadinejad’s propaganda, since you can afford those great designer clothes – but surely your conscience must prick you when you see the way that Iran treats women accused of adultery and how, in order to enable the regime to carry out the death sentence on unmarried female prisoners, the said prisoners are brutally raped by male guards the night before those scheduled executions?

  39. It really sucks that we Jewish people could be focusing our time entirely on worthwhile things, but instead have to spend a significant portion of our lives trying to ward off lunatics like Hamas, like Hezbollah, people like Yvonne Ridley, neo-nazis, etc.

  40. Yvonne Ridley: Fuck Press TV. And fuck all the Israel-hating, Jew-hating psychopaths.

    Hope that helps. Leave us alone.

  41. “Daniel Marks – no one called for ‘death of Jews’ least of all the many jewish people and their welcome organisations who turned up and marched alongside everyone else.” – Yvonne

    I apologize, I was quoting another poster. What were you guys calling for exactly?

  42. @Notgert -Why not get off the fence and tell us what you really think

  43. Ridley knows that the EDL gatecrash pro-Zionist events just in order to provoke Muslims.

    She knows full well that the “birds of a feather” insinuation is completely out of place – and is simply a baseless slur.

    • Not so sure pretzelberg. I was at a ZF meeting not so long ago when alliances with ‘certain’ groups were being openly discussed.

    • Howdy pretzel – you got it right of course and “mostly” wears sheep’s clothes

      as to discussing “openly” at a meeting that one is joined by another group or person I think even kids do it while in school. I’d hope that the ZF is smart and adult enough to discuss new developments in depth.

      But that “mostly” was at a ZF meeting combined with her message to Michael that she is of “them” quality makes her/him interesting. She is trying to establish herself as the smart undercover agent infiltrating the potentially evil group and then alerting the public to it in the most polite and balanced terms.

      It’d be fun, if “mostly”‘d be good at deception, as it happens she is dreary, dull and transparent.

  44. pretrzelberg, very true but she’ll have a go anyway won’t she? The woman would be an utter disgrace even if she were not a hypocrite who can’t remember her own lies.

    She must be good for something though… the “repentant” former alcoholic who is now addicted to hatred, the convert who is paraded at hate fests, rather like the warm-up comedian before a radio show, to get the other haters cranked up.

    Tiddley, even if I were inclined to support Hamas or Hezbollah (which, being of sound mind, I am not) I would think long and hard before I did so along the lines of the late Groucho Marx, (a witty Jew, Tiddley!) that I wouldn’t join any club which had you as a member.

  45. It was an opportunity missed to engage with Yvonne, I think if the exchanges had been more civil, she would have hung around for longer.

    This is one of the sentences I’ve read so often by now that I’m convinced there must be a website from which one can copy and paste that holier-than-thou-saccarine-stuff.

    and on another note “who in his/her right mind would have wanted Yvonne to hang around longer? She realized that she wasn’t up to people around here and so she quit. Very wise, I think, cowards tend to last longer than heroes.

  46. Jonathan Hoffman


    “I was at a ZF meeting not so long ago when alliances with ‘certain’ groups were being openly discussed”

    Utter nonsense. You’re lying.

    • You would say that wouldn’t you Jonathan being the vice chair of the ZF, although for how much longer is debatable.

      • mostly harmless

        you sound so intriguing, all these hints at superior knowledge, you make me tremble all over with curiosity – please spell it out, spell it out, I can’t take it any longer – not knowing will drive me nuts.

  47. @Yvonne

    I know you’re tracking this thread because of your narcissistic streak. So why not answer my question up-thread?

  48. Jonathan Hoffman


    So how come your gentle husband threatened to poke my eyes out?
    Is he that way inclined with you?

    • It wouldn’t have mattered if he did poke your eyes out, Jonathan, you’re as blind to reality and common sense as it is.

      Maybe it would of been an improvement.

      and YES, I was also at a ZF meeting when alliances with certain groups were discussed. It is as true and as real as a certain photograph.

  49. Ridley has the bare faced gall to to cavil at the figures on Darfur because she only deals in “facts” all the while bigging up her argument with utterly spurious and risible assertions of 1.4 million Palestinians killed in a genocide.

    As for Inky Flag: You seem to be the gentleman who has been promising me in our encounters at various talks and demos, with increasingly uncontainable excitement for some time of the forthcoming bombshell of this Irish report on Israeli war crimes. You reverently cited Col Travers and were so acquiver with admiration for him at the Ahavah demo recently, that you clearly were not concentrating when I advised you not to make a fool of yourself by citing Travers, and referred you to my evisceration of his evidence in Goldstone on Harry’s Place. Richard has done similar demolition work, and as he has indicated above, Travers’ evidence is not worth a bucket of warm spit.

  50. Hear is a clip from this years washington Al-Quds day-listen to the speach
    ‎”9-11 was done by the plot of the Zionists”
    The guys is obviously an academic -apart from his immaculate command of the English language a lot of care must have gone into his painstaking research

  51. Hiya Yvonne,
    I’ve just been painting my fingers at the end of my Zionist tentacles a bright red! You my sister with your appreciation of good fashion labels and fine taste in womanly things would love how they look! Tentacclly fabulous!

    I just watched a clip of you on Harrys Place blog. I must admit that it is 10minutes long so I managed to get to the bit about Zionist testicles or it could be tentacles? I guess if you said testicles you meant it’s the way that we are so annoyingly fertile and reproduce and can be found everywhere! I know! Even I get sick of us sometimes. You think this taking over the world business is easy sister? You try it and see how exhausted you get. Anyway I admit I could not get through the whole 10minutes as your voice was a little on the shrill side but you may have just been very angry and uptight that day? I had a very hard day today so I’ve put on some of what we call “chill out music” which is admittedly easier to listen to. If it’s any comfort to you, I am also not very good at public speaking so we’re on equal footing there.

    On the bright side, you have inspired me to write a little ditty dedicated to you because you’re worth it. (Do you use L’Oreal? What colour hair do you have under the wrap? I use Elvive on my own luxurious locks. Fabulous stuff)

    There was a woman called Ridley
    Whose importance was quite piddly
    Her speeches rather drab
    So she donned the hijab
    Which wearing was quite fiddly

    She had no love for Zionists,
    But plenty for filthy terrorists,
    Spewing her hate
    For the Jewish state
    Boy is she tentacally pissed

    She bangs on about Gaza
    But cannot produce an answer
    Explaining her hysterical screeching
    And hate filled preaching
    Pleasing to her Islamic masters

    Declared insignificance to Nedas life
    Ignoring Muslim women’s deadly strife
    Could her tunnel vision be,
    Due to Hijab positioned obscurity
    Her disease of hypocrisy is rife.

    By the way did you get your Russell and Bromley shoes in the sale? I went in there in the summer sale but I refuse to pay £70 sale price for another pair of shoes! Do I sound like a sucker to you?! I ain’t no sucker.

    I went through a short phase of buying designer labels. But then I learnt it’s how you wear something and how you carry yourself as a woman that matters. If you have class and poise from the inside out, then trust me you can wear a sackcloth and still look good. No charge for that tip sister 😉

    Must go Yvonne.

  52. “A hydra headed monster which calles itself Zionism!” BRILLIANT! Why didn’t I think of that? Zionism is indeed like a monster or a rabid gorilla out of control.

    9-11 was an indirect result of the US’s support of Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Thats an undisputable fact backed up by the worlds greatest scholars and historians.

    Get that through your heads.

    • richardmillett

      I don’t think OBL even mentioned the Palestinians in his first speech after 9/11, did he?

    • myconscience, I am guessing you were at the hate fest. I came across this posted by SarahLeah at CiFWatch, which would apply to the challenged barely formed creatures who were there. It’s from a classic WWII propaganda cartoon movie which starred Donald Duck (whose intelligence I rate far more highly than yours or Tiddley Ridley’s, but then most of you guys are cartoon characters aren’t you)?

      Do watch the video. It will give you an idea of how others see you which should help your social development immensely

      See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iumEGAUceDg&feature=player_embedded


      (With acknowledgement to Spike Jones & His City Slickers)

      When Hizballah says we is de master race
      We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in Nasrallah’s face
      Not to love Nasrallah is a great disgrace
      So we heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in Nasrallah’s face

      When Hizballah says Israel is Muslim space
      We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in Nasrallah’s face
      When Hizballah says they’ll never bomb dis place
      We heil (pffft) heil (pffft) right in Nasrallah’s face

      Is we not the supermen?
      Islamist pure supermen?
      Ja we is the supermen
      Super duper supermen
      Is this Muslim faith so good
      Would you leave it if you could?
      Ja this Muslim faith is good
      We would not leave it if we could (we have to spread the da’wah)

      For we bring to the world da’wah
      Death to Israel and the da’wah
      Every one of every race
      Will come to love Nasrallah’s face
      When we bring to the world the da’wah

      When Nasrallah says we’ll murder all the Jews
      We heil (pffft) heil (pffft), although this is not news
      While Nasrallah brags and rants and lies and raves
      We heil (pffft) heil (pffft), and spread da’wah to our graves

      When Nasrallah yells, “I got to have more shells!”
      We heil (pffft) heil (pffft), and so we make more shells
      If one little shell would blow him right to hell
      We will heil (pffft) heil (pffft), and wouldn’t that be swell?

  53. Might I suggest that we behave more politely to Yvonne?

  54. Might I suggest that we behave more politely to Yvonne?


  55. amie “Why?”
    … so Yvonne comes back and Daniel can have some fun with her being exquisitely polite

    Yvonne of course will not take up the glove – way too much of a coward for that, at least that’s my bet

    Though I’d enjoy nothing more than to find an issue where Daniel and I could go for eachother’s “throats” I think Yvonne is much too delicate a soul to dare to venture out of her cocoon. Also I am pretty sure that she, measured exclusively by alertness of mind, could never be a match for Daniel.

    Heck, even I’d have to really struggle and most likely would go under but boy would I have had fun in the meantime.

    and maybe that’s it, Yvonne smouldering under her making her head look larger than it is (big wig anybody?) gear is way too serious a person to dare to hone her arguments in an encounter with Daniel.

    Does anybody know why she choses that bulky model of head scarf? Mustn’t she look like she’s having the worst imaginable bad hair day when she takes it off or does she maybe never?

    • “..Does anybody know why she choses that bulky model of head scarf? Mustn’t she look like she’s having the worst imaginable bad hair day when she takes it off or does she maybe never?…”

      It’s a big improvement, believe me, on the garish makeup and the glittery hijab thingie she used to wear. I thought she was the warm up for a comedy show.

  56. Daniel I rather thought I was most polite considering she funds terrorist groups who kill my people. If I was not such a lady, I could turn this page blue with the language I could use to describe her. What she does is evil. Evil and arrogance are such a deadly combination don’t you think?

    Anyway Daniel, onto more serious stuff, are your own tentacles reaching into the media, the banks or American government? Or all of the above?

    My tentacles are too perfectly manicured to be reaching around the globe and getting all chipped and messy.

    Over on CIFwatch this comment came in that I thought rather interesting. I guess it is applicable to many of the haters.

    Israelinurse, I wouldn’t rule out Stockholm Syndrome. However, Tiddley Ridley was an alcoholic before she made common cause with the Taliban, and was therefore psychologically shot to pieces. The Islamists did what they do best, and as they do among disconnected and emotionally compromised youngsters at UK universities now, they ensnared her much as the Moonies ensnare people, by pretending to care about her but at the same time reminding her of how little point her life had, and then offering Islam as the only answer to her emotional and other problems.

    This is a creature who has no “self” to speak of, therefore she takes on the persona of whatever group with which she is affiliated. I have written elsewhere about the emotional deadening from which such people often suffer, and hatred of Israel probably makes her feel more alive. She certainly has an addictive personality and this sort of visceral hatred is like a drug that she can’t do without.

    And name me a loony left or Islamist spokesman who can distinguish fantasy from reality in respect of Israel, or even knows what truth and reality are!

    She probably couldn’t remember who Neda was.

  57. “We can judge a man by the company he keeps”
    My Conscience-what do you know about “out of control rabid gorillas”? Do you hang out with them? Do you think they may have shared their affliction with you which could explain your odd yet very simpleton comments?

    If you have noticed some excessive foaming at the mouth of late which is not due to under eating, then I think you’d better go and get yourself checked. I wish you all the best and a full and swift recovery.

  58. You people are all alike.

    • I guess we are, conscience.

      We’re also very clever too, good company, pleasant and we contribute to our society, which is probably much more than can be said about you.

      I mean, what have you done this week apart from supporting Tiddley Ridley and other juvenile mouth breathers who are all Hezbollah now?

  59. My conscience

    don’t cry, here mommie has a Kleenex for you

    She remembers well from her early days how it hurts when one tries to compete with superior wit and can’t make it and all of a sudden realizes that everybody is having great fun and enjoying him/herself at one’s expense hugely.

    Mommie advises threfore, stop providing such a good punching ball and you may learn to do a bit of it yourself

  60. Your lack of conscience, “you people”?

    Jews, you mean?

    Racist scum.

  61. “Anyway Daniel, onto more serious stuff, are your own tentacles reaching into the media, the banks or American government?”

    Regarding banks, not only am I not part of the international conspiracy, but actually am quite inept at banking a keep forgetting my pin code. As far as the US government, I have complete control over them and even had my second choice (after McCain) elected for president.

    Tentacles, actually I have none, but had I would not be broadcasting over the net where I’ve put them.

    Regarding Yvonne, she is a respected journalist who has seen more than many and one hardly has to agree with her opinions to respect her intelligence, integrity and depth of insight. In other words, Silke is quite right.


    • “A respected journalist…”

      By whom, pray?

      And as for “intelligence, integrity and depth of insight…” I think you must have confused her with someone else.

  62. Daniel
    actually am quite inept at banking a keep forgetting my pin code.

    having just finished reading John Lanchester’s Whoops and combined it with my totally irrelevant personal experiences I must say that that confession makes you more than anything else eminently suitable for a job as top notch leading banker (the time when you’d expect a “leader” to know something about the business itself is older than yesterday’s newspaper. I’ve checked that de Gucht guy’s CV and found that he is in charge of Trading now because he has no experience of it whatsoever and may at best have had been buying or selling stuff as a kid at a flea market.)

    So go for it – pick your bank and grab it – show it to them what Israelis are capable of – in all likelihood you’d do more good than bad.

  63. Me
    you forgot in your list of our unsurpassable unquestionable virtues the fact that we are INTENTIONALLY funny with ease, something that eludes them completely, whenever they try it sounds like somebody with lead feet clunking over a stone floor

    (thanks for the laughs! in your last series)

    never mind Daniel he has a very peculiar way of luring people into a conversation – think of Ka from the Jungle Book – that gets you close